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  1. I hope we start using more 2 TE sets. The Jonnu Smith pipe dream is over for me but I thought a healthy (I can't remember his name, who's the Florida Gator QB turned TE we signed from the Eagles) really made our O run smoothly. I think a good flex TE, though maybe not a need, is definitely on my want list. 

  2. Now that I've had a day to digest this I still like it. Foles sucks, but he did have some good moments. Tru sucks, but he had some good moments. Why?  Because we have a lot of talent. We didn't have to give up anything in the draft or any players and we still upgraded the QB position which is not easy to do. Sure it's not a big move but we know Nagy likes to throw the ball and Dalton is a rich mans Foles.  He's proven he can be a middle of the road QB which is an upgrade, and he's done that on Bengals teams with no where near the talent. If he grades out in the 20-25 range among QBs to me that's what we want based on reality.  If he's the worst QB in the league then we didn't really even take a step back.  This allows us to reload and not rebuild. We also have the ability to resign Robinson and be players in FA.

  3. Just now, WindyCity said:

    I was saying every QB Pace has acquired SUCKS.

    The message never changed.

    Look at that list... it is obvious.

    So far yes. He's also really only went 0/1 imo.  We knew Glennon was just a place holder for Tru.  Foles was a bandaid that fell off. Everyone wants to cry over spilled milk. We upgraded the QB position whether you like it or not. Wilson and Watson don't seem to be available.  We can't kidnap a QB. 

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  4. 1 minute ago, WindyCity said:

    No, but 2 of those guys are Super Bowl champs and MVPs.

    So, yes it is better.

    Are you sitting on your keyboard or are you trying to say something?  Did you really just list QBs names for no reason other than to just list their names?  You weren't trying to say that since Pace acquired them that their is some similarity? 

  5. Just now, beardown3231 said:

    I'm still lost

    His point was the quality of the QBs.  Now he's changing his point to make it seem like he was just listing their names. It's hard to make sense of it if you change your point.

  6. 16 minutes ago, WindyCity said:

    What? The point is he has made 4 real moves at QB and they have all been garbage.

    Should I get some crayons and explain it?

    Please do. 

    Is this one better. Favre Rodgers Love. Love is a guaranteed SB champ and first ballot HOFer then right?

  7. 40 minutes ago, RunningVaccs said:

    Dalton and Foles are statistically very similar, and Dalton at his peak was not as good as Foles. Add all the weapons you want, Andy Dalton was never that good.

    Career stats mean nothing and what these guys did at the physical peaks mean less. Foles has aged worse than any QB I can remember. He can barely get it over 50 yards. He's also much more of a gunslinger than Dalton. Foles' mind and body are light years apart. I love Foles' confidence but he physically can't get it done. Dalton is better at everything. We also have a good QB room to groom our draft pick. 

  8. Minshew even as a solid backup is worth an early day 3 pick.  The unknown bumps him up a round imo.  If he can be had for a 4-5 I'd jump on it and see who's avaliable in round 1 or if we want to risk the possibility of waiting til next year we could try to wait for a reasonable trade up spot with our 2nd.

    I'm very happy we didn't pay more than the Colts did.  We don't have their cap space to figure out if Wentz is a former MVP candidate or less mad Mitch.  

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  9. 3 hours ago, topwop1 said:

    Ya which is why I said they should try and sign a legit LT in Trent Williams or Russell Okung if those guys hit FA and then draft an OT in the first 3 rounds.

    Did you even read my original post man lol??? 🤔

    Ya. You said what everyone says. Sign the best FA and spend an early pick. Cool. What I was commenting on is why you have players playing positions they're not good at and benching our one new bright spot. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, WindyCity said:

    All of those guys were on the roster.

    They are all better than the guys who currently hold their positions.

    Wow are they not better. Cutler and Foles is a wash. Forte is so overrated. Montgomery can actually run the ball.  Bennett is a headcase who was regressing. Marshall was old. Jeffrey proved he wasn't worth resigning. Allen Robinson is better then either was is 2014. Bushrod and Long were guys we needed to replace. We had a good offense for one season when the Canada coach was here. Leno is better than Leno?

  11. 6 minutes ago, beardown3231 said:

    So because the roster stunk in 2014, Pace gets a pass for sucking s*** in 2019 and 2020? Alright

    He loved Mariota. He liked Glennon. He LOVED Trubisky. It's apparent his eye for the position stinks

    The defense is not only aging and expensive but they're getting worse. The OL leaves a lot to be desired. The WR's, as a group, aren't good. What am I missing? Why does he get a 7th year?

    Our D got worse two years ago. Playmaker aren't making plays on D. Sacks and ints just aren't there. Also when Pagano came in. Yes Pagano is Paces fault but he also turned around a team with the arrow down and moved it up. 

    It's hard to evaluate our O with Mitch at QB. Everyone is worse when he's in the game. Coincidence maybe but it appears that we can have a running game, we can have receivers and TEs make plays when we play bad Ds.  When we get something out of our QB we have playmakers.

    Yes he drafted Mitch and Mitch is the reason why we want to fire everyone cause he's embarrassing this franchise.  I'd rather address the QB position than just say let's fire everyone else and upgrade every other position.  You can't do that. Our team is still close. We aren't going to blow it up unless we need to and we don't. You don't blow up a team that's a competent QB away. 

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