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  1. If Ifedi takes the minimum again I'd have him back as a swing guy. LG Daniels. C Must. RG Whitehair. The OTs aren't on the roster right now.
  2. What did the roster and staff look like pre-Pace? Ya he missed on the QB position but lots of teams do. This isn't a NE drafting WRs thing yet. Id let him swing away again before we cross our fingers and hope the next guy will get it right like we've done ever since this team was assembled.
  3. Move Ifedi to a position he can't play? Move Daniels back to a position he's much worse at? Bench our now 2nd year C who played well? Good call.
  4. 2 years to late but great. Crossing my fingers Danny T follows him.
  5. When you think you can build around Mitch Trubisky.
  6. Mingo needs to fold Lizard in half there
  7. Down our 2nd and 3rd CB it's nice we at least had a successful last to D drives.
  8. People are finally calling about Pagano who should've been fired last year
  9. Woodson is hall of a few good years. Not HOF. Is he the most overrated player in NFL history? Maybe.
  10. Trubisky playing is the same thing.
  11. Without timing and spacing you don't have an offense. This is the stupidest thing I've read in a while.
  12. I want Curtis Samuel on our team. Also the 4th qtr of the panthers chiefs was incredible.
  13. 24-13 Bears. Tennessee is overrated on offense.
  14. Seems like having capable receivers, TEs, RBs and OL helped the QBs. Not sure what system is great with no talent anywhere.
  15. Like wait another 50 years patient? 100 years like the Cubs? QBs aren't easy to find. Kicking the tires on a guy while using a late round pick to do so isn't the worst idea and you typically find out what you got a lot sooner. We watched Tru play like a bum for a few years now after investing a lot in him. Doing the opposite could work. Might not but you don't spend much to find out.
  16. So basically you love Trubisky. All his mistakes are everyone else's fault and every other QB sucks. Got it.
  17. Sucked until we were down 3 scores and benefited from prevent D to even keep a job. The trade wasn't bad but when we resigned him it was a decision that set the franchise back 5 years. Good in Madden.
  18. It's crazy to me how Pace thinks this is how you build a RBBC. We're a retweak by Montgomery from only having a returner at RB.
  19. I don't feel like Mitch has been that bad. He's been better than avg Mitch today. If you liked him before you should like him a smidgen more now. Don't let one overthrow change that.
  20. I hate that common sense can't override the exacts in these BS calls.
  21. Our talent level isn't going up but at least for the players their salaries are.
  22. We ran the ball 25 times for 125. 0 turnovers and only 1 sack. You can win that way. If we can continue to win the TO differential we will compete against most teams. We can't expect to win down 2 scores late in the 4th often though. Mitch needs to come out the gates a bit faster.
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