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  1. 5 minutes ago, beardown3231 said:

    As depth, sure, but not to start. His skill set didn't allow EJ to do what he does best. I'll take my chances with Gipson

    I feel that was more on the coach. HHCD wasn't bad against TEs.  I agree Gipson is a rich man's Haha

  2. On 9/3/2020 at 5:29 PM, dll2000 said:

    HHCD just got released.   


    He played OK here but teams must really not like his lack on consistent physicality. Still 200x better than Bush so I'd love to have him back on a vet min.

  3. 20 minutes ago, .Buzz said:

    Worst OL in the league is a bit much, especially as a run blocking unit. 

    Well, when Ive watched Fournette I've seen a guy that lacks much burst, has questionable vision more often then not, and a guy that doesn't make anyone miss. To go with that, for a guy that's built like he is, doesn't use it. Look up how many tackles he's broken in his career and compare and it's even more eye opening.

    I hope Arians somehow unlocks something with him. Maybe Brady/that much talent around him will hide some things, but he's been average at best in the NFL imo. If you want to blame everything on the OL I guess go ahead, but I can promise you the Fournette that I've watched the last few years isn't where he is because of the OL.

    Edit: To go with this, the guy also can't run out of shotgun. The year is 2020 btw.

    Why can't he run out of shotgun?

  4. 2 minutes ago, SLCbear said:

    Marion Barber comes to mind when thinking about adding LF .. I like it  ! Cedric Benson also comes to mind when I think about adding LF because of how well he CB did over a 5 yr stretch or so after leaving here  ! sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference in the world, either way LF is SIGNIFICANT  upgrade to what we currently have ........rent him for a yr at 4m and see how he develops here, LOW risk  glaring opportunity to make our running game significant alongside Monty 

    Another benefit of renting him, like we should, is its a win win. If he has a good year a comp pick becomes a possibility. If he doesn't at least he's quality depth if Monty becomes something.

    Also these player comps are terrible and no udfa is gonna be better.  Fournette is very unique in the fact that he has elite long speed for his size, one of the top mph speeds by any NFL player multiple times.  He can block at an elite level.  He has very good hands despite not being a great route runner.  Solid check down option.  We want to run the ball more but we have no RBs especially with Monty hurt. PFF says he can't break tackles but the same day says he's 8 in the league in YAC.  Fournette doesn't have to be a world beater to be a good pickup for us now. Joe Mixon just got 12 per and I'd say his baggage is 10x that of Fournette.  

  5. 2 minutes ago, topwop1 said:

    I have to agree with you that Fournette is probably more talented than Monty but he comes with a buyer beware.  It's not every day that a team just gives up on a 4th overall pick that easy.  Heck Bears haven't even done that with Mitch yet lol.

    The Jags are getting rid of everyone who can cause them to not get the #1 pick and they know Fournette wouldn't resign with them.

  6. 14 hours ago, The_Romen said:

    I don't see why it's so funny. He's basically Steven Jackson or Michael Turner, but younger. He was a solid RB that got a ton of usage and had average stats... Monty is just as good, if not better. I don't see what Fournette would ever bring to the team.

    How is he better?  He's done nothing and is hurt. If Fournette is Steven Jackson (stop making comparisons) why wouldn't we want him?  Because Cohen and Patterson excel between the tackles?  How much experience does Patterson have picking up blitzes?

  7. 1 hour ago, The_Romen said:

    No reason for Fournette... He's a plodder that doesn't truck people or make anyone miss. He's gotten a big amount of carries and that's the reason for his production. If he came cheap, sure. But there's no reason to believe Nagy can't get his production out of a UDFA... Especially behind this line.

    Add in his issues and it 99% won't happen.

    Which UDFA?  This post is good for a nice laugh. Let's not just say anything now. Fournette would be the best RB we have by a mile and when Monty comes back we'd our best committee of RBs since the SB.

  8. 52 minutes ago, topwop1 said:

    I would not claim Forunette due to his high price tag of ~$4M.  If he clears waivers and wants to sign for a cheap 1-year prove it deal then I'd be open to that.

    If we get the chance to sign him off waivers I'd give him those peanut's. 

  9. 10 minutes ago, ET80 said:

    This is a binary stat though - was a tackle broken? Yes or no? How can you really mess that up?

    I don't like PFF when they start creating math to create some new stat that allows for grading or ranking players, but this is pretty straightforward...

    Are you being serious?  

    You commented about how he's not effective out of the backfield. Maybe they watch games in a similar way. 

  10. 16 minutes ago, beardown3231 said:

    I'd definitely be interested in Fournette if I was Pace. He's tough and can catch a little bit. Rumors are his attitude sucks, but if anyone can whip him into shape, it's this locker room. No one mentioned his attitude when they were good. He also may be pissed because he was playing for an awful organization

    He's never been arrested. For the amount of time's he's carried the ball and team his whole life even I wouldn't love overpaying him on his 2nd contract. He's loved by his teammates. If the coaches can't handle him then they shouldn't be in the NFL or D1.  He's gonna sign a 1 year on a contender.  Tell 49ers would make sense. Patriots and Packers are my dark horse teams to sign him. 

  11. Our running game is based on hopes and wishes. We don't have the OL. We don't have a passing game to get 8 out of the box. We also have next to no depth at RB, a position where you're gonna see guys get banged up even if they're not injured. 

    This is the 2937374th straight RB who is for sure gonna break out in year 2. I like Montgomery but he just looked like a solid 1b or 10+ touches #2. Also if he gets hurt defenses get to put safeties at LB for Cohen. 

    Our O is gonna look the same as last year. We all want to run first but when it's not successful it's hard to be a good offense and sticking with the run doesn't always work. 

  12. Blocking aside I see a little Martellus Bennett in him. Great size and lower body strength. Can run after the catch. He might not be elusive but at 260 which can be 270 he's gonna make you feel him when you tackle him. I also like pass catchers with big hands. He has all the tools to be a pro bowl caliber TE. He may never make it cause he isn't the sexy flex TE but he's gonna be help our run game now with better 2 TE sets and we have him in year 2 when we can get rid of Graham's contract. 

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