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  1. It's round 5. He looks like he can be a possible replacement for Skrine and getting out of his contract asap makes this a potential win.
  2. No. It shouldn't have to be. Everyone knows that.
  3. Bro you need to shut the **** up. The pick wasnt even in.
  4. If we want to add playmakers I'd love Mims and Claypool to play flex
  5. Our offense blows be our QB blows. When Mitch played well the O looked great. I agree we have bigger holes on O
  6. That's all well and good. I'm not saying let's pay a SS $25 per or trading up to #1 to get him. We need a starting caliber SS though. Bush sucks. We've seen that outside of the preseason. We also have no depth at safety either. I dont even like Bush as a backup.
  7. I disagree. Team defense. You're as good as your weakest link. Especially at safety. Safeties that make mistakes give up TDs.
  8. Yes. We have starters and some depth at wr and CB. This Canadian CB we signed could be a top 4 guy on our depth chart. Were locked into starters at OT. We have absolutely nothing at SS.
  9. They're not on our team though. We have a massive hole at SS that should be our #1 priority.
  10. Leonard Fournette is being shopped apparently. Superbowl.
  11. This would be awesome. It's not realistic but still. Who likes Mitch more than Tua? If we got Tua for just that and a decent draft after, I'd be happy
  12. If the dude with the slides on had the stop watch I get it.
  13. I hate this. Hes terrible outside of the preseason
  14. Were getting older, worse and more expensive at another position. Looking good Pace.
  15. I love this signing. We needed a real edge rusher.
  16. He plays the same position as Burton and our 2 TE set is not going to be able to run block. Are we gonna spend an early pick on our #3 flex TE?
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