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  1. 2 minutes ago, Sugashane said:

    Safeties have lower value than other spots on defense. Look at franchise tags for example, they're top performers are values at the 3rd lowest of all primary positions (ahead of only TEs and RBs). Every defensive position is rated higher.  Having a stacked front 7 makes it much easier to field average DBs, especially when the SS is the lowest priority of all the starters on the defense IMO. He basically is an undersized LB or a CB who is physical but can't be trusted with major coverage responsibilities. 

    That's all well and good. I'm not saying let's pay a SS $25 per or trading up to #1 to get him. We need a starting caliber SS though. Bush sucks. We've seen that outside of the preseason. We also have no depth at safety either. I dont even like Bush as a backup. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, WindyCity said:

    No matter how massive the hole is at SS you are still talking about the 11th player on a stacked defense.

    Our offense flat out sucks.

    How many offensive players on this team are in our top 10 most talented players? 1 or 2












    Our team is super unbalanced in terms of talent.

    I disagree. Team defense. You're as good as your weakest link. Especially at safety. Safeties that make mistakes give up TDs. 

  3. 1 hour ago, beardown3231 said:

    I'm getting pretty sick of these tapes that agents are putting out. The Mississippi State CB's 40 time improved by 0.3 and now Raegor's by 0.2 with one of the fastest 40's ever? Come on. He does look good but that 40 and that 3 cone are among the best ever. GMAB

    If the dude with the slides on had the stop watch I get it. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Epyon said:

    A bit of a random (and admittedly completely unlikely scenario), but Jonathan Taylor-RB fell to our first pick in the second round on one of these draft sims, and I was curious as to whether we like Monty enough to not jump on that.


    I probably couldn't pass on his talent there. 

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