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  1. Pace is embarrassing himself with these DT and Graham contracts and even signings.
  2. I think they would be playing different roles. In 1 TE sets Walker gives us a quality 2 way option and like Pace likes, it doesn't change TE BPA in the draft.
  3. Is there an option between the 2nd round tender and original round tender?
  4. Does anyone know if we pull the option, would we be able to possibly get a comp pick? On Floyd
  5. Delanie Walker and Cordy Glenn should be looked at hard.
  6. Pace is looking like he got chumped out big time. How can we already get ourselves out of this horrible contract?
  7. 8 mil a year would be an absolute horrible contract.
  8. I hope it's not for a lot. He looked old and didn't play as well with Roquan. I prefer him as our #3.
  9. I dont like that Floyd is old for his experience. Hes hurt or knicked up more than I'd like. His pass rush is non existent and even when QBs and chased into him they always seem to evade him. Hes not good in coverage. Hes ok for an edge rusher but not good. His run D is good but I'd rather see what's behind door number two. Edge is a very expensive position and Floyd can get paid. I'll take the comp pick and wish him the best. We can draft someone and save 10+ mil.
  10. Her hooked up with a burner and caught the itch haha
  11. Does anyone have the metrics for the type of RBs we like?
  12. Leonard Fournette deleted everything off his Instagram. I'm trading a 4 for him right now.
  13. I think the small school kid ran a 6.8-6.9. Shaheen actually ran 7.1
  14. The safeties didn't look great outside of 2 guys that might not be available.
  15. The replacement probably isn't on the roster. We can add a min contract FA or a draft pick and the fall off won't be much.
  16. Dalton is better than Mitch. Glennon comparison is stupid.
  17. Its guaranteed only for injury. If we cut him it's all off the books.
  18. Coach em up. This isn't the best draft. We need starters.
  19. Its still early. Maybe a team that misses out in the draft/FA could want him. I'm not signing Floyd long term unless he has a big statistical year. Put it on paper and we will too.
  20. This mentality is why we need another real RB. We have no depth at a position it should be easy to have depth at.
  21. My Jonathan Taylor pipe dream is over. We need another real RB.
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