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  1. I was just giving you ****. You're right so far. I'll still take Fournette though. Just realized Fournette also had 76 receptions this season.
  2. Henry is overrated. He won't do it again.
  3. Cohen has value. He has to be accounted for in different ways so as a Sproles type of guy I still like him. He's that flex guy who should be our #whatever RB/WR/returner. We need 2 real RBs though. Montgomery is either good or just a guy. I see him one way others may see him another way, but at the end of the day we need another RB who can do it all.
  4. If you box score scout yes. He's been playing the 87 technique. Coming off the edge from the sideline basically or dropping in coverage. There's a reason our entire D looks worse. Bad D play design.
  5. If you're a RB1 I'd like to see you make the OL look good every once in a while. I don't think he did that. He's just a guy. Patterson has looked better than Montgomery. If Montgomery is our starter then our RB rotation looks meh imo. If we get a quality starter with Montgomery as our 2 and Cohen taking Pattersons return duties and being our #3 I'd be much happier with that.
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees we could use a RB1
  7. Fun fact. You can't comment on Charles Leno's instagram. Wonder why.
  8. I want to see what Nick Williams, Bilal, and RRH can do with starters reps.
  9. Why would anyone even compare the two
  10. Eason is this drafts Josh Allen. Every draftnik hates him but he's got the tools. He's the anti Hurts.
  11. Let's see if Hurts can prove he's worth a trade down with our last 2nd or trade up with our 4th today.
  12. What haha Should we use a draft pick on a non player?
  13. Why don't you like Fromm? Also what offense doesn't require accuracy, timing and reads?
  14. Hurts on day 3 I'm fine with. Kind of a less athletic Tyrod Taylor. Might be OK in the pros for a few games but not ideal. It's hard to think he's gonna be good in the NFL consistently when he could only do that in the big 12 at Heisman U. With all the talent at Alabama he still didn't look like an NFL QB.
  15. As much as I love that almost every player on our D has magically regressed. I don't think they actually have. We need to use our guys to their strengths and our DC isn't doing that. I hope we see more than just a shake up on O.
  16. I don't love any option. For me to really be excited I'd trade for Evan Engram. Could cost us a 2nd and a resigning but it could be worth it
  17. The second we spent a 2nd round pick on him I knew it was a bad pick. Everyone shouldve.
  18. At least KC called the dogs off in the 3rd qtr like the Saints did. I think good teams truly pity us.
  19. This is not the first game where a team appears to be pitying us. First down after first down after first down. Our D play calling is so bad.
  20. That's a short drive for our new D. Please fire him.
  21. No one cares what you say. Stop posting. You're dumb.
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