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  1. At this point I believe in him lol until proven otherwise
  2. Santos right down the middle. Nice to have a good kicker again
  3. They did have some success putting him out wide in the red zone one on one vs Jalen Ramsey in the Rams game. I'm surprised they haven't tried that again since.
  4. Good Lord! When was the last time you saw two 30+ yard competition by the Bears in a game much less a single drive!
  5. Quinn coming alive this season! Big time play in a big time situation.
  6. Another DB slipping on the field. EJax this time.
  7. I was really wondering where you were going with this, but you brought it all together. And I agree that was some unproductive last 3 hours. Hindsight being 20/20 I would have rather done some voluntary homework.
  8. Are we trying to help the browns set the single game sack record going for it on 4 and 10, 3 minutes left in the 4th?
  9. There has been no WR separation and a Dlinemen touching/in the face of Fields less than a second after the snap. Not helping our boy out at all.
  10. Whoa, Waffle House is pure tackling fuel. Everything a southern boy needs for peak performance.
  11. Geeeezzzz they are crushing it. Jenkins is a violent monster with a face of a preteen.
  12. Pat, why would you embarrass me infront of my virtual friends like that??
  13. You are telling me they could get no trade value out of this? Will this count toward compensatory pick for next year, when he signs else where?
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