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  1. Who would you take... Hankins or Francois

    It will come down to $$$. If Francois will sign for lower money, then do it. He’s 31 years old. Hankins on the other hand will cost more, but well worth it.
  2. Wednesday looks like the day if Quinn is going to make a Free Agency move to optain a DT. The question is, will he make a move or sit pat. The two players available are Hankins & Francois. Who would you take. In the perfect world, sign them both. But Quinn likes to hold onto cap money for a rainy day, so possibly we can grab one. My pick is Hankins. Would bring stability to the D-Line. But still in the back of my mind.... Get’em both!! Dreaming https://apple.news/A2kbSRvdaQlCs-YofB_AFVw
  3. Draft Day 2

    I went into tonight thinking our picks were going to be quite, almost sleepy. Never excepted it to be freaking Coma!!
  4. Round 1, Pick 20: Frank Ragnow

    Ragnow is likely pegged as the Lions’ center now, with Graham Glasgow potentially staying at left guard. Ragnow is ridiculously athletic, posting the fourth-best RAS at center of all time:
  5. Round 1, Pick 20: Frank Ragnow

    Patriots also had interest in him. He can play multiple positions on the line. He’s another piece to build our running game. Not disappointed at all.
  6. Draft Discussion 4.0

    I’m from Detroit, but follow the Browns also. I think with the Browns first pick, they should take Saquon Barkley. This guy is going to make any QB better. This type of runner only comes around every once in a while. He gets the tough yards to get 1st downs, catches the ball well & keeps defenses off kilter to open the passing game. You can still get a quality QB with #4. I actually think that Mayfield will fall to #4. You already have a proven QB, but picking up a Dangerous running back could really take the offense to the next level. Just take a look at the Lions. Stafford is a good QB, but we have no running game what so ever. All the pressure is on Stafford & it doesn’t help that every defense out there knows it. I say, go get that dominate runner first & your QB fourth.
  7. Pre draft workouts

    Here is a link to get the list: https://apple.news/Apn9ceQIEThm-xEiWUC0-fg
  8. Tre Boston--Should We Pursue Him?

    Agreed. I think moving Killibrew to LB makes sense. Bring in Boston & make the move. We saw what Patricia did with VanNoy. I’m sure he’ll find the fit for Killibrew.
  9. Mock Offeason/draft.

    If you want to get Crazy, offer Cleveland our 20th, Ameer Abdullah & Tate for there 1st 2 picks in the 2nd round (#33 & #35 ) & their 3rd. Cleveland will probably get their QB & RB with pick 1 & 4, now they will need to fill the void of losing Thomas to retirement. Tate will be the prize, giving there QB a top notch target. Freeing up the 2 salaries, gives us more cap space to work with after the Draft. Usually some top rated talent gets released after the draft.
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    So far he is the only RB the Lions have talked to. https://247sports.com/nfl/detroit-lions/Bolt/NFL-Combine-2018-Lions-meet-with-Royce-Freeman-115712384
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I’ve been on the Freeman band wagon from the start. Visited my sister in Oregon & got to go to a game & see him in action. He’s the real deal. The highlight videos don’t show his power. They need a video showing how he hits the line & pushes defenders back or runs over them. Great hands for catching the ball, looks like a WR/TE. After a great play or TD he doesn’t make a scene, ala Barry Sanders. He would be great with Blount. All I know is Quinn has met with him, which is a good thing. Hope we get him. He’ll be a stud.
  12. Lions sign Ricky Jean Francois

    As far as Ebron goes, everyone is talking about his catches & drops... blocking & non blocking. Here’s one that goes under the radar. I have the luxury of being a neighbor of a local sportscaster who said Ebron was repeatively running the wrong routes & missing blocking assignments, which made either Stafford throw the ball away or take a sack. He said a lot of Staffords frustration & finger pointing was directed towards Ebron. There was an incident with Stafford & Ebron after a game last year in the locker room. If we are going to run the ball, we need blocking & i’ll Take a TE like Wilson who is a good blocker all day long, over Ebron.
  13. Lions sign Ricky Jean Francois

    The pick up doesn’t bother me, it’s depth. As far as Davis goes, I wonder how much the coaching staff played into his up & down year. I think you are going to see progress across the board when it comes to out younger players. Caldwell & company didn’t know how to develop talent... they couldn’t even develop a good game plan! Every year they were here was time wasted.
  14. The Lions Den: Visiting Free Agents

    I’d like to see them pick up RB Mike Davis too. Him & Blount would be a good combo to wear down defenses. Not worried who they got so far & who they didn’t get. After the draft, more players will be released & we’ll have cap space to make some moves. Also, something that hasn’t been talked about, i’m Not so sure we already don’t have some players on this team who can be good players if they were taught better. I always thought Caldwell & staff didn’t do that great of a job developing talent. Let’s see what Patricia & staff does in developing players and putting them in better situations. We maybe sitting on undeveloped talent already & Matt can see it.
  15. Lions Hybrid Defense

    When are people going to face the fact that Quinn came from a system that produced lack luster Free Agent signings, drafted players with little fan fare & picked up players that had fizzled on their respective teams. There was no flash & bangs, they just quietly went about their unorthodox style of creating Super Bowl wins & years of Playoff appearances! Just chill out & wait to see what happens. And don’t forget the Patricia effect. Everyone is assuming he will be 100% the coach he was in New England. His mind is always scheming & planning. I’m sure he’s already watched tape on the Lions & visualizes what course of action is needed to fill holes. We should be so lucky if Quinn & Patricia build a team here with stability & the capability to make playoff runs for numerous years. We are so hungry for a consistent winner that we are in a hurry to grab every big name out there, either in free agency or the draft, thinking it will help deliver the Super Bowl. How many players on the Patriots over the years were no name players or old veterans, but guess what.... they produced and they all have rings. Take a breath & let’s see where this goes.