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  1. CARLOS MONARREZ of the Free Press out to get Patrica

    Now I see that a writer from the Free Press is throwing Carlos under the bus! He’s calling out the ridiculous article & making very good counter points. Now this whole thing stinks of an inside set up by the Free Press! First the Monarrez column which runs nationally for a few days and when it cools down, 3 days later another columnist from the Free Press goes off on Carlos & his stupid insight, which will probably going to get national attention. Looks to me like the Free Press is running a Good Cop.... Bad Cop scenario!!! Anyone ever heard the phrase: Fake News! If this is the Free Press way of covering the Lions, I would hope the organization would ban them from entering the property & covering any non game coverage. These guys don’t deserve to get a media pass, because they are not journalist. Why not let a novice like me, sit watch the practices and report what I saw. Give the truth & let each person reading it come to there own conclusions! https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2018/06/11/detroit-lions-matt-patricia-shawn-windsor/689243002/
  2. CARLOS MONARREZ of the Free Press out to get Patrica

    It’s not only us Lions fans who feel that Carlos Monarrez is out of his mind! Now other Journalists are starting to chime in on how stupid his column was. Hopefully the Free Press is paying attention, and takes action. Fire the wanna be journalist or at least move him to a beat writer for the elementary school flag Football leagues.... on second thought, scratch that too! Kids don’t deserve to endure Monarrez’s BS either!! Just send the bum packing!!! https://apple.news/AZjmyq4XKT7O4qGuzslTKVg
  3. The Detroit Free Press needs to fire Carlos Monarrez. He has written nothing but negative articles about Matt Patricia. He is so off beat about the Lions in general. His remarks & therory’s are so negative & his predictions fall flat! He writes about missing Caldwell & how the team will fall apart under Patricia. In the last few weeks he has ran a campaign on his own to discredit everything about Patricia. Monarrez is nothing but a Trolling reporter who trying to get his articles published nationally. Too bad that he can only get recognized by writing crap. This guy couldn’t write for a school news paper. The Lions & Patricia haven’t even really got started yet & this guy has already figured out everything all by himself. Can’t wait for the day that this dead beat writer is given his walking papers!! https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2018/06/08/detroit-lions-matt-patricia/684073002
  4. The Lions finally got this one right. Bill Keenist was a major problem in the organization. Fans were always upset by the lack of info from the Head Coach & Staff, but that’s how Keenist (The Puppet Master) handled things. He controlled everything said. I was involved with a commercial shoot for the Lions back when Schwartz was coach. Keenist tried to tell the production company how to run the shoot. After filming a practice for footage, as the team was leaving the field, Keenist was all over Schwartz telling him how to approach & answer media questions for the daily Q & A. Keenist was at every practice & games (Home & Away) making sure to control any question. If you ever noticed at half time of a game, if a lions coach was interviewed by someone, Keenist was right by his side & is seen walking with the coach to the locker room. The guy was a controll freak. Either Quinn or Patricia wanted him gone. My Money is on Patricia! https://apple.news/AIMYS-lBiSBy01fO7B7tcIQ
  5. Who would you take... Hankins or Francois

    It will come down to $$$. If Francois will sign for lower money, then do it. He’s 31 years old. Hankins on the other hand will cost more, but well worth it.
  6. Wednesday looks like the day if Quinn is going to make a Free Agency move to optain a DT. The question is, will he make a move or sit pat. The two players available are Hankins & Francois. Who would you take. In the perfect world, sign them both. But Quinn likes to hold onto cap money for a rainy day, so possibly we can grab one. My pick is Hankins. Would bring stability to the D-Line. But still in the back of my mind.... Get’em both!! Dreaming https://apple.news/A2kbSRvdaQlCs-YofB_AFVw
  7. Draft Day 2

    I went into tonight thinking our picks were going to be quite, almost sleepy. Never excepted it to be freaking Coma!!
  8. Round 1, Pick 20: Frank Ragnow

    Ragnow is likely pegged as the Lions’ center now, with Graham Glasgow potentially staying at left guard. Ragnow is ridiculously athletic, posting the fourth-best RAS at center of all time:
  9. Round 1, Pick 20: Frank Ragnow

    Patriots also had interest in him. He can play multiple positions on the line. He’s another piece to build our running game. Not disappointed at all.
  10. Draft Discussion 4.0

    I’m from Detroit, but follow the Browns also. I think with the Browns first pick, they should take Saquon Barkley. This guy is going to make any QB better. This type of runner only comes around every once in a while. He gets the tough yards to get 1st downs, catches the ball well & keeps defenses off kilter to open the passing game. You can still get a quality QB with #4. I actually think that Mayfield will fall to #4. You already have a proven QB, but picking up a Dangerous running back could really take the offense to the next level. Just take a look at the Lions. Stafford is a good QB, but we have no running game what so ever. All the pressure is on Stafford & it doesn’t help that every defense out there knows it. I say, go get that dominate runner first & your QB fourth.
  11. Pre draft workouts

    Here is a link to get the list: https://apple.news/Apn9ceQIEThm-xEiWUC0-fg
  12. Tre Boston--Should We Pursue Him?

    Agreed. I think moving Killibrew to LB makes sense. Bring in Boston & make the move. We saw what Patricia did with VanNoy. I’m sure he’ll find the fit for Killibrew.
  13. Mock Offeason/draft.

    If you want to get Crazy, offer Cleveland our 20th, Ameer Abdullah & Tate for there 1st 2 picks in the 2nd round (#33 & #35 ) & their 3rd. Cleveland will probably get their QB & RB with pick 1 & 4, now they will need to fill the void of losing Thomas to retirement. Tate will be the prize, giving there QB a top notch target. Freeing up the 2 salaries, gives us more cap space to work with after the Draft. Usually some top rated talent gets released after the draft.
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    So far he is the only RB the Lions have talked to. https://247sports.com/nfl/detroit-lions/Bolt/NFL-Combine-2018-Lions-meet-with-Royce-Freeman-115712384
  15. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I’ve been on the Freeman band wagon from the start. Visited my sister in Oregon & got to go to a game & see him in action. He’s the real deal. The highlight videos don’t show his power. They need a video showing how he hits the line & pushes defenders back or runs over them. Great hands for catching the ball, looks like a WR/TE. After a great play or TD he doesn’t make a scene, ala Barry Sanders. He would be great with Blount. All I know is Quinn has met with him, which is a good thing. Hope we get him. He’ll be a stud.