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  1. Paul Pasqualoni and Jeff Davidson--Out!

    I would like to see the Lions interview Brent Venables -Clemson & Phil Parker-Iowa. Also would wait to see what happens in Philly & Dallas. Rumors are that an early exit from playoffs could mean Jim Swartz will be let go & if a new Head Coach is brought in for the Cowboys Rod Marinelli maybe will be released. Just hoping Patricia doesn’t rush his selection & for gods sake, no Patriots or old buddy’s!!
  2. Very Sad! Prayers for the Jones Family

    Feeling pretty sad for the Jones family. Just another crappy way to end a already bad season. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2019/12/28/marvin-jones-son-dies-marlo-detroit-lions/2766583001/
  3. Williams will be cheaper than Ramsey & without the drama. As far as Decker goes move him to the inside or to the right. Or if Decker is playing well, Williams can & has played right side. He would be an upgrade over Wagner. Pass protection has been good, but run blocking is not there. If you watch any video on him, like the one they played last night on MNF, they showed how he gets out & moves around to block down field for runners. He’s big strong & smart. He is what we are lacking on our OL. Wait till we play Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago & Dallas. We’ll see where our OL ranks after playing some really good defenses. Then we can come back to this discussion & say should of, could of. Can’t hurt to see what it would take to get him.
  4. Forget Ramsey.... Let’s work out a trade with Washington for Trent Willams and get some help on the offensive line. I think he could be the deal, like Snacks that could help solidify the offensive line & improve our running game.
  5. One easy fix, two words... Trust Me!!

    Stafford may have hit the nail on the head. After Bevell calls a time out that cost us a 1st down & the game, a frustrated Stafford is shown pacing the sideline yelling Trust Me!! He evidently audibled out of a Bevell play and delivered the first down they needed to clinch the win, but for the lack of trust to believe he could deliver, Bevell calls the time out. Any quarterback who has played this many years & had played a pretty damn good game should not be questioned on what he sees by a defense. They need to let him run this offense.
  6. Raiders just released Brandon Marshall. Should the Lions take a look. Would help shore up our linebacker group & bring in a veteran to help with the younger players.
  7. Trade: TE Michael Roberts to the Patriots

    Green Bay just picked up Roberts.
  8. Lions sign a wide receiver

  9. Lions Select LB Jahlani Tavai #43 Overall

    Shannon Sharpe, Bo Jackson, Terrell Davis, Adalius Thomas, Robert Mathis Brent Celek, Kam Chancellor, Trent Cole, Richard Sherman, Antonio Brown. Just a small group of 5th round or later talent over looked in the 1st four rounds. Don’t judge until they play!
  10. Lions Select TE T.J. Hockenson #8 Overall

    Ask Montez Sweat how good of a blocker he is. Senior vs Junior, Outback Bowl. Watch the highlights of that game. Hockenson owned Sweat. Worse game Sweat had all season. One of the reasons Hockenson numbers receiving were down, he was a monster blocker & was out there to stop the best defensive player every game. He is going to elevate our running game. Can’t wait to see him against the best defensive players in the league.
  11. Lions Select TE T.J. Hockenson #8 Overall

    Sure the dream was Josh Allen falls to us but that didn’t happen. Picking Hockenson to me was the right move. Still plenty of defensive help can be picked up in 2nd & 3rd round and we may move to get an extra pick in one of those rounds. Picking A.J. at 8 works for me for 3 reasons. He will bolster our run game, he is a middle of the field threat that will keep defenses honest and finally & most importantly.... he’s a Red Zone threat! I am tired of kicking field goals and leaving points off the board.
  12. Lions sign RB CJ Anderson

    CJ Anderson was signed for $1.5 million with a $200,000 signing bonus. Not bad for a running back who won’t get a ton of touches but is capable of making a difference in short yardage plays.
  13. Lions sign RB CJ Anderson

    He’s 28, 4 yrs younger than Blount. Did quite well in the playoffs against top teams every week. Did well the final 2 games of the season. We got him cheaper than most. What’s wrong with this deal. Every year people over evaluate every little thing. And when he plays this season and has 80 plus yards in a game, no one will step forward & admit they were wrong. Just wait and see before condemning. I actually think we did well in FA across the board & still have plenty left to spend when after the draft teams start cutting more players. So relax
  14. With all the talk that Arizona looking to move Josh Rosen, should the Lions throw they’re hat into the ring. I think he would make a good back up to Stafford & won’t be rushed into a starting role, allowing him to study & learn. If the price was right to pick Rosen up, would want to pick him up??