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  1. Sorry guy's it's been a hell of a day! You know I'm usually available the timing was just bad!
  2. At 3.8 TR Renegades selects Damien Williams, Chi RB @nagahide13
  3. Not me, I can't remember the last time I turned my phone on....It probably needs a charge? I don't need to be available 100% of the time to everybody I know. I like my down time!
  4. Kicking off the 5.11 Pick in the draft, Major Shootout selects: Sea K Jason Myers @HvacRaider is OTC
  5. Don't pick my guy!!!! I only have 12 pk's before I can select him!
  6. Yes there is, After the keeper deadline the ESPN site is locked until the offline draft is entered, If a team is over a limit on a position I can't enter the draft. I need to leave out the last player(s) drafted that put them over the limit so the draft can be entered. The site automatically makes all players not drafted a FA & starts our first waver wire for the year. It's the GM's responsibility to know the league settings & his/her roster. We have 96 players that are drafted that needs to be entered into 16 rosters correctly, lets not make it more difficult than it ne
  7. Sorry @winitallThis is my league, I inherited the Dirty Doz league With Sammy & kept the old settings.
  8. If it wasn't caught until the draft was entered He would be a FA but that's not the case here, He will have a chance to keep him if he chooses.
  9. Here we go again.. @winitall Has 9 WR's on his team putting him over the limit of 8 WR's. He selected WR Kadarius Toney with Pk 2.4 that put him over the limit. He needs to draft another player at another position or trade a WR & redraft Toney. Toney is still available to draft.
  10. I have 4.8 who are you looking at, at 4.12? 😳
  11. In the League pole-down tab then hit settings Glad I caught it before I started entering the draft he would have been a FA.
  12. At this point ZW not yours do to your error, you can trade a QB at this point then redraft him at any point in the draft as long as someone doesn't draft him before hand. The 3 Qb's were your Keeper You can't drop a keeper you can only trade them. Correct, drafted players after the error belong to the GM that drafted them. The draft doesn't stop.
  13. No, your still on the clock with 2.5 & welcome to draft another player or trade a QB then draft him anytime. Because you drafted a player that put you over the limit he or other players can be drafted as the draft moves forward.
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