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  1. At 4.12 Major shootout selects Bal Def. @Sllim Pickens is OTC!
  2. At 3.4 TR R. Selects: Pit Def @Foooooooootball is OTC (drunk at 10am) LOL!
  3. Took Ind WR Parris Campbell at 3.3 He should provide me pt's this year, next year Hilton should be gone as he will be 31 and his contract up.
  4. With pk 3.3 Major Shootout selects: Ind WR Parris Campbell @SaveOurSonics is OTC
  5. Looking to trade one of: Andy Isabella, Miles Boykin, or Dante Pettis For a draft pk.
  6. I'll double check om Monday unless I find some time before Vac, but I'm sure I duplicated all the settings. Another odd item I thought in the settings... the Def doesn't get two points for a safety??
  7. My 3.4 & 4.2 are available Looking for a 2021 2nd rd pk for my 3.4 and/or A 2021 3rd rd pk for my 4.2 I only have 3.4 & 4.2 left in this years draft.
  8. With PK 2.2 TR Renegades @WE-R-Lions is exited to welcome: Cin WR Tee Higgins to our team!! @Karnage84is OTC
  9. Hang in guys 2.2 is available just waiting on some responses.
  10. Glad your back!! I was a bit worried as your last post was on May 2nd. Life Is Good!!!!
  11. Yes, but I can't replace him unless he misses two 24 hours in the draft, but we can start looking for a replacement to save time.
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