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  1. Last year he checked in on May 2nd, I'm hopping he's back also.
  2. @X_Factor_40is the last GM needing to check-in at this point. I will give him until May16th just in case he's on vac or something? The fact that the last time he's been on the Forum was Oct 11th makes me believe we may need to replace him??
  3. Superflex would still be a no for me, for a 12 team league is to clunky with only having 32 NFL starters available to pick-from for 24 FF starters only leaving 8 QB's for back-ups for bye wk's & inj's. If your two starting QB's have the same bye wk that's a real problem needing 4 QB's on your roster to fill a roster that wk. considering you could have other players that wk with bye wk's needing to be addressed would multiply the problem.
  4. Good find I forgot about that suggestion. I'm open to discussing adding an additional TE bench spot.
  5. I just re- sent invitations to all team's that haven't joined In case teams didn't joined up when I open the new year.
  6. Good point! We have 33% more teams than a Std 12 team league, If we do FAAB, it should be $133 vs $100 If that's an option on the site it could end up at $130 - $135 - $140???
  7. My roster assessment after Rd 1 Cin, T Higgins - His ceiling takes a hit, but Chase will command double coverage so I feel Higgins will still get his overall & will be fine. I think T Boyd & TE D Sample will take the biggest hits as they will be the 3rd & 4th options. Chi, D Mooney - QB J Fields has a canon & is accerate, mooney has wheels.... He gets a bump. Last year several times he was open but the QB couldn't get him the ball. NE, N Agholor & TE J Smith - both get a bump with QB M Jones under center. Big upgrade over Cam with his acceratcy. NO, QB
  8. I think FAAB could engage all the GM's to be more active throughout the year, I've not played FF using FAAB but I feel it will be more interactive for the GM's needing to decide on how much to spend on a player, & when to spend it? A playoff team may feel the need to save some $$ for a playoff run, a building team mite want to spend it on players to build for the future, or filling bye wk's? Definitely different strategies can be used in determining how to spend the $$. The downside with rolling wavers....if you don't have a low wavier pk It's almost a wast of time.
  9. Still needing @X_Factor_40&@CalLionsFanto check-in at this point. Items that will change for the 2021 season: 1. The extra 3rd IR spot added last year for Covid will be removed after keepers are set. 2. Adding an extra wk to our Sch. to accommodate for the NFL's added 17th wk. Items I'm considering changing for the 2021 season: (looking for feed back) 1. Changing from rolling waivers to FAAB $100 for bidding ($100 seems to be the standard amount) 2. Changing the Stafford Div name to? 3. Open to other thoughts/improvements?
  10. It's Draft Week!!! So it's time to check-in for the 2021 FF Season!! Thank you for all the GM's that checked-in early. For the rest of the GM's You need to check in so we can get the season stated!! @X_Factor_40 @winitall @The Gnat @CalLionsFan @LionsRock @TL-TwoWinsAway @nagahide13 @Lions017 @Foooooooootball
  11. First I'd like to say I'm more of a traditionalist when it come to FF football & the NFL, but I also want FF to be fun. #1 This would be a go for me. Neither rolling waivers nor FAAB is true to what the NFL does, I think FAAB would be more fun? #2 Not a big fan, I'd say no, I would rather consider looking at our scoring for QB's, but good if we leave it as is. (12 teams x 2 QBs + 1 back-up for inj & bye wk's = 36 QB's. The NFL only has 32 starting QB's. This doesn't work well for 12 team league's). #3 As this was only a temp change & Covid seams to be moving in the
  12. It could be telling if he's cut at final cuts. But he did come cheap.
  13. I like the signing of the X GB's QB Tim Boyle, is there a better way to understand GB's coach's play book & thought possess than to sign one of his back-up QB on the cheap?
  14. Ya, I was very pleased for a day before the Hunter signing. It did put a damper on it but NE has made it work in the past...We will see! They didn't sign/pay both of them without having a plan.
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