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  1. Thx, It can be difficult selecting your best roster each wk let alone the Championship wk. I looked at a lot of FA's before selecting Berrios..... He helped me win the Simi's as well but I dropped him after that game, I later picked him back up for the Championship game. He was a calculated risk that paid off twice for me. That said, it was hard to start him two weeks in a row. It was a ballsy move for sure. Hunt also came with risk but he also has the upside your looking for in a championship game. We both had good runs! Hope we get to play in the Championship next ye
  2. Championship K's...... I dropped Tyler Bass that would have scored 3pts for Greg Zuerlein who scored 1pt 😲 My opponent Save Our Sonics played Nick Folk, he scored 3pts. That's all you need to know about K's........ UG!
  3. Cool beans!!! You have a very solid team after Michael Thomas returns!
  4. LOL!!! The real deal I don't have your second last 💀 But someone mite??
  5. My Team will have the 2nd & 9th pk's! 🥳
  6. Here is our final 2022 draft order (without trades) 16 - House Tako - @SimsZilla 15 - Lions Pride81 - @Karnage84 14 - OD's Orcs - @Oregon Ducks 13 - King's Pride - @LionsRock 12 - Buffalo Bulldogs - @Lionized 11 - Sandy Creek Patriots - @CalLionsFan 10 - PDX Dirtbags - @nagahide13 9 - Old Man Jeb's Shady Taco Cart - @TL-TwoWinsAway 8 - Playing For Keeps - @Foooooooootball 7 - Team X - @X_Factor_40 6 - The Murder Mitten - @Irish Ninja 5 - Detroit Styles - @Fureys49ers 4 - Prairie Dogs - @winitall 3 - Hoth Tauntauns - @Lions01
  7. Another great year of competition this year!! Although, I wasn't expecting Covid to have a greater impact this year vs 2020. My list of FA MVP's that help me win the 2021 championship: WR Braxton Berrios WR Byron Pringle RB Sony Michel RB Rashaad Penny Congrats to: Save Our Sonics, My Luck's Run Out, & Long Beach Bobcats for having a great run. Looking forward to the upcoming off-season & some R-n-R
  8. Yes, Great competition & a fun year dodging covid & inj's. Thx to ALL!!
  9. Congratulations to @SimsZilla for his 5th championship in row!!! Way to go out on top! Good luck with that little one! Cheers!
  10. It's looking like a Major Shootout type of game......
  11. Truly a baby boom!!! Congrats!!!! You were/are a very good GM we will miss you, your always welcome back. Thanks for the kind comment.
  12. At halftime I thought you had me, but MIA was able add to their score in the second half that helped me keep the lead. I do feel you have the better team overall than mine...between the holidays & covid I was able to squeeze out a W. Good luck next year!
  13. WOW!! Double Trouble! LOL Congrats! It's a Fun time of your life, enjoy it! My kids are having kids Good to be a Grandpa!!
  14. @Bigbear72This has been a fun & interesting Simi finale match to watch & play out. Both of our teams are missing key players & we both missed the late ARI RB change with Conner out (You having Conner, & I having Edmond) I through two dart throws with Braxton Berrios & Byron Pringle both paid dividends to my surprise! That said, you have a good chance to pullout a W the Saints D tonight. Who knew the Simi Finales would come down to a D score. With the Saints using a 3rd/4th string QB, I'm not sure if that helps MIA have more scoring chances or the Saints
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