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  1. Works for me. Sooner the better tho. Not anticipating this group being very fast this year.
  2. Feels like I’m stuck with a middling team: QB - RWilson / LJackson RB - DFreeman / JMixon / TColeman / TCohen / KerryonJ / KBallage WR - KAllen / THilton / CKupp / JRoss / MBryant / PRichardson TE - JReed / MGesicki
  3. I don’t know what the picks are but give me Cardinals D/ST and Mason Crosby
  4. You have 3 QBs including a young Mariota. I’m sure you’ll be fine haha.
  5. He was my #2 as well. Seeing as I don’t anticipate competing for a championship this season and the fact I have to select K/Defense with my next two picks, the perceived steep price tag to move up was well worth it to get my guy. I saw Honolulu with nothing but Andrew Luck at QB on his roster so it felt necessary to jump him.
  6. SoS 2018 Draft Class (next two picks have to be K & D/ST) 1.04 Detroit Lions RB Kerryon Johnson 2.16 Miami Dolphins TE Mike Gesicki 3.28 Miami Dolphins RB Kalen Ballage 4.37 Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
  7. Was bummed to miss out on Baker Mayfield by 1 pick but pretty stoked to see Lamar Jackson fall as far as he did as a consolation prize. I don't see Flacco suddenly resurrecting his career and Jackson has star potential as a dual threat option for fantasy purposes. I would have taken Baker in the 2nd round if I didn't already have Russell Wilson in his prime. Kids gonna be special.
  8. No worries. His last PM to me was “post and I’ll accept”, so I’m confident he’ll follow through on that end. I’m not gonna be able to login for the rest of the day so didn’t wanna hold things up any longer. If my assumption is wrong that’s fine.
  9. With the first pick of the 4th round, SoS selects: Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson @WE-R-Lions OTC
  10. I’m gonna speed things up and assume JagsCrazy is still down for this trade since our latest PM correspondence indicated as much. SoS gets: 4.1 6.10 JagsCrazy gets: 4.4 5.4
  11. With pick 3.4, SoS selects: Miami Dolphins RB Kalen Ballage @USMC_PackFan OTC
  12. My bad. Like Sammy said, thought he and I had agreed to a trade that would’ve taken me off the clock. Pick will be in shortly.
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