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  1. 2020 NFL Draft

    Guys... thats not the question... Obviously. EVERYONE here would trade down if able. You aren't able to (lets say) and now you have to pick and you're running the Lions. What do you do? Just passs on Burrow?
  2. 2020 NFL Draft

    Yeah that's the obvious solution, but for conversation. I'm just asking people... Would you passs? Pick and stash? or what... What would you actually do if you couldn't trade out of the pick and Burrow's at 3?
  3. 2020 NFL Draft

    Hasn't been discussed much... but... What if Joe Burrow falls to 3 for some weird reason? Brother said he heard it on the radio (The topic) and I thought I'd just translate it onto here. I pretty much think this is a moot point, Cincinatti is drafting Burrow but for fun... What would you do if Joe Burrow fell into the Lions lap at 3? Would people be upset if they passed on him? Even if it's a trade down? I would feel strange passing on Joe Burrow even with Stafford on the team. I honestly don't know how I feel in this situation cause... I like Burrow, but I dislike the staff, and think they'd miss manage the whole situation and ruin Burrow. So, I guess I'd be ok with them trading down and going a different direction. It's at least giving this staff a shot for success vs continuing a rebuild.
  4. 2020 Free Agency

    Maybe Andrus Peat is a more acceptable comparison? Doesn't leave a sour-taste in your mouth? I get the point though that at 3, Lions should be drafting a franchise type player not just a solid player along the offensive line. And if you really wanna walk that line the only acceptable players right now to consider franchise altering are Burrow/Young/Tua. So. It's basically trade out almost at any(low) cost.
  5. 2020 Free Agency

    Tristan Wirfs- OL( Riley Reiff ) Jonathan Taylor- RB ( Ryan Matthews ) Laviska Shenault- WR ( Anquan Boldin ) This actually wouldn't totally piss me off. Not perfect but not a train wreck. I think all three will be long-term NFL players. People around here will definately want to see defensive players though. It's almost a crime to suggest they're not drafting Simmons or Okudah. Simmons won't make me mad. I think there is a shot he has a HOF type career if he's used right and able to move to all three levels on defense(DL/LB/DB). If he can rush the passer, player LB and S above average then yeah, especially in coverage.... I think he's a game changing talent possibly with HOF type career possibilities. I'm not sold on him but dang-it he intrigues the hell out of me. I mean if you plug Simmons in over Kennard in the post above then... It's like holy crap... They're actually getting/becoming crafty here.
  6. 2020 Free Agency

    If they kept Kennard, Lions/Patricia could of really done some solid fronts in that traditional 3-4 set with both Collins/Kennard on the field opposite sides and Ragland/Davis in the middle. That seems like a lost opportunity/vision. Team could of thrown 2 different style defense's with solid front 7's.
  7. 2020 Free Agency

    Not a bad move with Ragland but still... I'm dying for some legit Oline love. Been crying for two years... Basically every year! I really want Cordy Glenn. I think he could play multiple positions on our line at a probowl level. I know he's not a spring chicken but imo he's the best linemen available right now and we've got a gapping hole at RG right now, or LG, which ever... Glenn can walk and do more than just plug the hole up. Maybe he wants a boat load of cash but this is a move Lions can make, cheaply, and get soooooo much better as a team with just one person. It's like a huge ripple effect. Upgrade the Oline upgrades the Qb play which upgrades the WR/TEs/RBs. The line also upgrades the running game making RB's better, controlling clock and the game. Idk. It's just such a huge important part of the game to me, for the life of me I can't figure out why these guys are ignoring the position essentially for 2 years now. I mean honestly, if I was captain of this ship at this movement. I'd be signing Jason Peters and Cordy Glenn, and then focusing on the draft, look for any cap casualty moves teams usually pull right after the draft.
  8. 2020 Free Agency

    Me personally. I'm not pegging Ragland into any mold right now. I like him in the middle but he might be used as a back up at all three LB positions depending on the down and situation(Short yardage, pass rush, etc. ) Ragland/Davis seem pretty similar is skill set to me, so moving both around a lot also wouldn't surprise me.
  9. 2020 Free Agency

    In my little head... This group can cover a lot of field quickly.... Jarrad Davis - Reggie Ragland - Jamie Collins. Just in my head right now, this is what I would toss out and see if teams could handle. Lots of speed but Davis/Ragland aren't particularly great in coverage... idk. LB's can run side line to side line fast though in this situation.
  10. 2020 Free Agency

    A good player comparison for Dennard imo, that people are familiar with maybe is former Lion... Nevin Lawson. They play a similiar game where they're best matched up man to man but aren't skilled enough to be a lock down type CB or a teams best CB.
  11. 2020 Free Agency

    He can man up. He played man all through college, his best skill set imo, is man to man coverage... That being said. He'd be 4th/5th option here. Still not terrible, allows the team to be flexiable with Colemans contract next year( Cut/Keep?)
  12. 2020 Free Agency

    I actually like the Ragland signing. Not like a over the top move or anything but he should see the field alot, push for a starting role even, Davis isn't that good at MLB. He'll prolly make the biggest impact on special teams and as the main back up linebacker imo. This is a Patriot-like move imo, where the team got better, maybe not much, but enough to where it'll make an impact on the field and people will remember this signing(IMO) and the team didn't break the bank. Recycling a former 1st rounder into a different role.
  13. 2020 Free Agency

    http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=548171&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=45 So... Five years ago with a different regime Lions organization makes the same mistake as last year taking Hock... Feels like ground-hog day no matter the regime. At the time of the Ebron selection, I didn't like it but was willing to give them the benefit of doubt, but I learn my lessons, and am not doing that with HOCK. Not fair to the player, but he's not the one who decides the selection. To be fair... in my mocks pre-draft I wanted Gilbert followed up by... Jimmy Ward. So... Idk. This comment is from a draft thread though in real time. I don't even really like going back and looking at things cause the sad, sad reality is, there are a handful of posters on this bored, who consistently pick good players in mock drafts and real time suggestions after picks are made. These posters are CONSISTENTLY better than the actual organization/coaches. When people sit an act like the brain trust of the lions organization is actually smarter than the average fan... in football... I LAUGH, hard. Maybe in business and the nuances of football life/business but there are about literally 4-6 posters on this site that could, imo, replace the Lions scouting staff right now and be more effective lol. Unfortunately, I am completely serious about it. The only picks so far in my life they've completely proven me wrong on(Lions) was the selections of Ziggy Ansah and Darius Slay. DIdn't like those picks and had other players in mind.
  14. Wrote a few thousand words on “Quinn’s plan”

    I don't want Brown at 3. You have to take a player with Suh/McCoy/Sapp pedigree which I'm not sure he has. He's going to be good prolly but I don't think Derrick Brown will be a top interior pass rusher in the NFL, which is the only reason you'd pick him at 3. I like interior pass rushers a lot, but I wasn't suggesting drafting one at 3 in this draft.
  15. 2020 Free Agency

    Cordy Glenn.... RG! 2yr/7 million Get it done!