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  1. I'm not sure it's his success as much as Darrell Bevel's accomplishment. Depends who you think is asking for the players in the draft/FA and making the calls in practice/on field.
  2. Well the only thing I see keeping this team competitive imo is a really good Oline and Matthew Stafford. DL, LB'ers, CB's, TE's, RB's, WR's, all being completely average or worst outside of Golladay. Seems to me a couple things are really holding this teams head above water right now and without these strengths they'd be really bad. Need more Swift he's just a better runner imo, and maybe save AP for the short yardage stuff. Give Johnson some shots even.
  3. SUPER BOWL!!!! OMG! Best pass rush in the league now! #1 defense. Quinns the greatest GM. Such a brilliant move. Genius. Seriously now, 😁 It's not a bad cost. Just depends if you like giving up future assets for someone that won't be around in 1 year attempting to save another guys job for at least 1 year. This move ALONE doesn't move the needle for me much in terms of superbowl contention. But it does make the Lions better just not bringing to the next level yet, imo. With the schedule, maybe just being a little better will squeak these guys into the playoffs.😲 Be cool to see Griffin make a huge impact on the pass rush, ripple effect will be huge for Lions defense! We'll see what happens.
  4. Idk if I'm going to change my tune completely here ove a 1 point lucky win over a bad ATL team, or a win over the Jags. I'll take them, yes, but not changing my opinions on Quinn/Patricia. IF Lions go pull some of this stuff vs a team like TB or GB. K, we'll talk about progression then. Cool to see them win, I have been gambling at the casino on Sundays so, Lions won me $ actually this week! So yeah, good for them to win but doesn't change my thoughts on Patricia/Quinn. I'm not patting someone on the back for something they're suppose to do. I expect them/Lions to beat these trash teams. When they do something I don't think they're capable of then, yes, full praise and a nice pat on the back with maybe even a slight rub is in order. They're likely sick of me, but the same fans pull the same lines/crap after a win like. "Great coached game" when Patricia hasn't been a good coach. Idk, You can't change the narrative of the guy on one win over a bad team lol. How about when they went for and it didn't get it causing the whole game to be much closer than need be? I didn't understand why you go for it early vs just accept the 3 point lead but whatever, good coaching I guess. Aggressiveness is good if it works but, meh? It'll get brushed aside cause they won. * Only thing I praise coach for this game was the legit challenge he pulled today that I don't think I've seen the whole time he's been here. That was...! actually a good challenge. * They are also SOOOO LUCKY Stafford is a good QB and can hide things and win them games.
  5. Well I don't think that's right because the salaries of those three specifically are more than the dead money they'd be owed so the cap for them would have to increase. * Edit, nvm you mean for THIS season on Julio. Got it, and yes, they would have to do that but they're capable... If they had a GM. I mean Gurley/Neal are prolly easy releases/trades prior too, right now if you are dead set on moving from Julio in ATL.
  6. You are right, but they've got three guys they can release/trade that'll free up alot of caproom. DL Allen Bailey, S Ricardo Allen, and G James Carpenter. Around 15 million. They are though, essentially in a two year rebuild with the contracts they've thrown around recently and the dead money those players carry. I think the biggest question for them... is, will they get more later(next year) by waiting to trade Jones. IDK, tough answer really, really tough when they don't have a GM/HC right now.
  7. I think Julio Jones cost any team at least a 2nd round pick. An Jones is top 5 at the position, arguable the best/most talented. IDK, the other trades with Cooks/Fuller don't move the needle for me cause they just aren't the talent Julio Jones is. Jones is also 31. So maybe 1 or 2 more really good years... but that kind of correlates with Stafford too? So, yeah like I said it's not that I would do it, but if I'm trying to win, like right now and the next couple years, yeah I go for this move cause it's there and it makes one part of my team really dynamic. Its why I'm worried GB is going to make the move. For the record though, no I wouldn't do a trade for him. I'd sell. SELL. SELL. The rebuild isn't here but it's knocking on my front door, you know? But If I'm serious about winning this year it's the move I make.
  8. I can agree with that. I mentioned Julio Jones because he's a dynamic talent, and for a good offense already he'd prolly firmly put the Lions in the top 5 passing attack. Honestly. Jones/Jones/Golladay/Hock/Swift/Stafford/Oline. That's honestly a great offense. Scoring a ton of points. Defense would be what it is, but Julio is that type of move where you're going for it this year, next year, and the year after. Pretty much lines up with Staffords window to win with this team. I'm also not saying these guys will do that because they've basically shown they don't have the coconuts to pull that type of move. Same with ownership, but if I'm trying to win, like really win, that's the move I pull. But, yes, Of coarse the defense needs way more talent. I just don't know there is 1 player or guy that'll shift things as much as Julio Jones would for this team. Even with him being on the offensive side of the ball. What I'm actually really worried about is that GB is gonna go for it and grab Julio Jones or A.J. Green for one last hoorah run with Aaron Rodgers. Jones more than Green spells sustained success for GB.
  9. I would sell: WR Marvin Jones/ WR Danny Amendola/ RB Adrian Peterson/ OG Joe Dahl/ DE Romeo Okwara/ LB Jarrad Davis are who I'd be shopping. Nothing serious for any of them mid to low round picks. Stash up the draft capital and maybe hit a gem or two late rounds. Ownership needs to get a Kenny Golladay deal done, like now, or you might as well just trade him too even though I don't want to at all. Can't say I'd be a buyer, if they make a deal that's extremely cheap like conditional picks, or a player swap, I could understand that I guess but imo it doesn't matter much. Outside of like... Julio Jones, which would cost big, there isn't a deal to be made I see that'll swing the pendulum in our favor in a big way.
  10. That's what I said about the Jags game and it should be the game plan for the next 2 or 3 games. It's a simple strategy that I think plays to Lions team strengths. Need to send the MLB more often on the blitz. Teams will start to run/bootleg/move the QB opposite of Jamie Collins. TL, I think, Mentioned a good starting line of Flowers/Shelton/Penisi/Hand. I like it, that'll be a tougher run defense. Davis or whoever is at MLB needs to come more often on a blitz. Play Swift more. Realize the offensive line is pretty good and use it to force team will. Frank Ragnow is a really good player. Jonah Jackson and Big V are really good looking guards right now. Keep being physical. Keep winning the special teams battles.
  11. This week will be a quality showing if Coach Matt Patricia is a good or bad coach. He's had 2 weeks to prepare for an extremely average team. The defense is not good. The offense is average with only a couple play makers and the QB doesn't have a strong arm. It is away, but that's hardly an excuse right now. Game plan should be stop the run, man up, blitz the line. Offensively it'd be the game to air it out.
  12. I mean it's a made up argument. I think what the people are saying is the Lions might of just been better off rolling with Caldwell for these last 3 years vs essentially hitting the reset button on the team with Stafford in his prime. Caldwell/Quinn seem to have better drafts/signings than Quinntricia. For the record I wanted to move on from Caldwell too, cause I wanted playoffs wins/super bowl and the Lions publicly sold that idea to the fans. Logical to think they'd of went after a clear upgrade in coaching but they rolled the dice on a first timer! I expected a move like the Pistons/Red Wings made to get Brown/Bowman/Babcock. A clear upgrade, cause Caldwell's in game management was honestly really bad. His players played though, and they had good game plans most of the time, though they never adjusted in time. Those teams did beat who they were suppose to beat though. This next rebuild I think will be a little more exciting and I'm not sure it'll be a 4 year process like people are suggesting. Couple right signings, a good draft, and the teams gonna get competitive year 1.
  13. Saddly I thought this too but it's a little too early. I mean to get these guys fired this year would take a couple more losses in a row and I don't trust Quinn trading Stafford. Maybe when they're both fired, Quinn and Patricia but it's not happening till the domino's start to fall, and a Stafford trade isn't the first one to fall, imo. Dallas is a good landing spot though, not sure 1st's are a guarantee to come back our way with Stafford's play, age, money, and injury history now(back). I'd settle for multiple mid round picks in multiple years though.... Keep an eye on the Steelers/Saints this offseason. Saints could trade for and plug'n'play Stafford with a Superbowl ready roster/team. So, who knows what'll happen! Idk who the next hire(s) will be but they'll need alot of help/support. Multiple draft picks will be a solid start. It'll be like taking over an expansion team basically.
  14. Really, out of those names? I mean I'd package Okwara/Davis together for a 7th even from... idk someone like Dallas or another team dying for defense and in the playoff run/chase still. Dahl/Jones seem like easy moves if a GM wants to move them. Don't really have to hit home runs if you're an interim Gm, you've just gotta do something to give the new GM tools to use... and maybe ownership approval. You'll be considered a success for an interim hire and maybe get legit looks at other positions/organizations.
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