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  1. Hmm... How do you feel about BYU/Notre Dame? I feel like they're good and quality institutions for society.
  2. I mean his rush stats should be taken into account a little too not just his throwing.
  3. Yeah Willis has had a couple back to back rough games throwing the ball but the team also had some injuries at WR. I think 3 or 4 guys so... Idk, I can see things being off. What I actually hate more than the INT's are the sacks his given up through the year. It's just bad... Agree about the influx... I mean I'd of signed SOMEONE this offseason but they signed place-holders and wanted to see what they have. Which is a lot of nothing, so hopefully they spend, move guys, and draft really well. Next year will be more telling than this year. I think we all expected a disaster. It's just toug
  4. I was thinking the same thing (very last sentence you said.) This game sucked, these games kind of suck, there isn't one player on the team fans can connect with. Love, buy jerseys, make plays, etc, etc,etc. This seems to be by design, Lions had chances to sign players at WR/LB/S and they've chosen who they choose to bring in. I just hope one year I can enjoy the season/play and not wanna look forward to next year by the end of October.... * Cool thing is Bengals have become my step child franchise and I root for them often cause of personal friendships/relationships within that or
  5. Yeah I'm not sure there is one. I'm with you. Hard Pass basically on everyone and Willis(imo) is the only dude maybe capable of changing my mind. Neal is a huge man. He might have a better/longer career at LG. I'd easily draft Neal if my favorite defensive players aren't available. Also, it's early but proofs in play. What are we going to do with Sewell. He looks really bad quite frankly. Do we as fans have to hope now he works out at RT, LG? It's looking pretty shaky. The pile of evidence/moves this staff is starting to string together might even look... bad you could say at this mo
  6. Dang, big hit. Just hope he comes back really healthy.
  7. Unlike most, I'd take a QB any year you think you have one or have the ability to get one. He's certainly raised my eyebrow. Playing well, looking like a Donavan McNabb 2.0. Same knocks on both guys when they came out playing in/with small schools. I know everyone wants to build a team and plant a QB in here like we'll be able to just find one when the team is good. People have to ask who's gonna be the better player and who has more impact. If anyone thinks Willis will be a top 10 for his career you're crazy, literally crazy to pass on him. That being said, he's look good, but
  8. Dang, thought he was becoming a useful guy at the position when Lions basically have no one. Raymond is trying his hardest but at best he's a 5th wr option with return ability on 26 other teams in the league. Sign John Brown, Bring in Golden Tate. Give Goff/Swift/Oline/TE's something to work with so they can develop offensively.
  9. Real bad game for both teams. Lions made it exciting but that rush 3 prevent stuff. Idk how many times I've gotta watch it.
  10. Hard to not like watching WR Chris Olave and wonder if he'd be there/ worth it with the Rams pick. Good looking WR.
  11. Cowboys released LB, Jaylon Smith. https://www.nfl.com/news/cowboys-planning-on-parting-ways-with-lb-jaylon-smith Lions should really go hard after him. He's young and could really thrive/stick with us. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2021/10/jaylon-smith/ https://www.si.com/nfl/lions/news/lions-must-sign-jaylon-smith
  12. Oh yeah I been watching. First two games I really thought he looked great. Ravens he looked like a rookie, nothing terrible but nothing in the game to hang his hat on. Then this last game against the Bears he looked flat out bad. Nothing to write home about. The comment was more in reference to games moving forward rather than the first 3(when posted) now 4. I wasn't suggesting go back and watch him, I'm sure you've been paying attention the whole time.
  13. I think this was Sewells roughest game honestly. Last game he was getting a lot of blitz action on his side, dudes barley beating him 1on1. This game. He gave up a lot of pressures plus the big sack and a penalty just without going back and rewatching. He's suppose to be able to handle a guy like Quinn on the outside. It's was a really bad performance from someone I've been supporting but, growing pains are expected, he just didn't look good at all. IDK if Jared Goff dropping back helps him but still, Or taking reps at RT in practice while actually playing LT. No excuses though, Gott
  14. Easily take the points cause Goff is Goff. And you weren't rushing for 6 yards in the endzone. And... cause it's still the 1st half. Two drives within scoring distance and no points. Can't win games like that.
  15. THIS game is bad on so many fronts. Showing how far away we really are right now.
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