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  1. The Lions Release CJ Anderson

    Not much to add honestly. Agnew should prolly be next. Lions need to look for a better option at KR. Not sure what Paul Perkins can bring to the table. Looks to be his replacement. Also brought in Jeff Driskel as our back up QB. He's better than anyone we've signed previously so, not a bad move there imo. Nothing earth shaking and we're in a bit of trouble if he comes in but he'll give the Lions a punchers chance vs guys like Josh Johnson, etc. https://lionswire.usatoday.com/2019/09/17/jeff-driskel-scouting-report-detroit-lions-backup-qb/ https://lionswire.usatoday.com/2019/09/17/the-lions-have-claimed-rb-paul-perkins-and-released-c-j-anderson/
  2. Right... True, why we scared to pay players then? Right now or in the future? All's my point is... Why not spend the money if we're really, really trying to win? Next year is always our year as a Lions fan... Though Honestly the last two years I'm pretty tuned out compared to my normal self...
  3. 1. He's a cancerous type of guy imo, if you're winning things are fine, if you're losing... well... Not on T.O. type level or Brown imo, but yeah... better not be a loser with this kid on the squad. 2. Pretty sure they can afford him. 3. Lions have 18 million or so in cap space, (what are they saving it for in season?) and have 47 million next year. Whats the point in saving any cap space outside of a couple million for emergency if you're actually trying to win? It's not our money? Why are we saving 18 million? Why do fans think it's cool we saved or have 18 million un-used in cap space with holes on the team still? 4. Something really fishy went on with Antonio Brown. KGB like moves by the Patriots and him and maybe even the Raiders, I'm not sure how a full blown investigation isn't going on with that sitaution. A normal respectable franchise would of drained Brown of his money, suspended him, and made him sit till he felt like playing again for an attempt to be traded again or something. 5. You'll never win if you don't pay good players big money. Even the Patriots do it occasionally and when they don't, they have a plan in place.
  4. Week 1 Take Aways

    Well being that Lions have 47 million in cap space next season IDK, not really... Only two players that might deserve bigger contracts soon are Golladay/Johnson. They can also cut Ricky Wagner and maybe Marvin Jones and save like 13-14 million on top of that 47 million. It prolly depends on the contract extension you gave Williams, 5 years 75 plus is too much 3 years 50 million front loaded is the sweet spot. 25 million hit the first year followed by something like 12.5/12.5
  5. Week 1 Take Aways

    I watched the replay and for the most part I didn't understand the hate... Till the 4th quarter when it was just typical Lions stuff. To be honest the team was good enough to win. Coaches blew this one for the team imo in the 4th. Decker... had a bad game. Really bad, the Trent Williams trade ideas don't sound so dumb now cause well... we need him. Lions won't do what it takes because people still show up to Ford Field but... Hey at least everyone knows it now and can stop calling me crazy. It doesn't get easier for Decker with Chargers/Eagles coming to town with better players he'll face than Suggs. Defense wore down, and Flowers isn't worth all that money.*(So far). An maybe most concerning is the RUN GAME WASN'T GOOD! Coleman actually did make some plays(he also got plays made on him too but it looked like the Cardinals avoided Slay for the most part and picked on the other DB's.) Walker had an up/down game. I actually think he can get a lot better! He surprised me. Hock looked really good! I mean really good. No one could stay with him. Dude looks like a complete mis-match every game. I would design the offense around him right now. I think I heard somewhere he wasn't even in for that many plays...(less than 20) and still came up big with those huge numbers receiving and a TD. Very concerning though to be honest. I don't think they'll fix the Oline play, I've been worried all off-season about our O-line and they're proving why we need to be worried. I don't expect this team to be anywhere near .500. I expect them to go 0-6. Honestly, and not get a win till they play the Giants in late October... If that does happen I hope ownership does the right thing and just hits the puke button and regurgitates the whole front office coaching staff out of her mouth like a bad night of drinking. Do the interim thing and look to the off-season for a real GM/Coach, and what to do with Stafford. He's still got value, I'm not sure we can ever milk it properly here in DET. I gotta believe a lot of teams around the league would give up a lot to get him still and it could really jump start a rebuild. It's not his fault at this point the team literally can't put anything around him(coaches/players/line). Dude looks to be doing everything he can. It's not his fault. IF the next GM comes in and decides he can build a winner real fast, then I'm ok with them not trading Stafford too. A lot of my faith in the Lions are going to be about who they hire next, who's the next group of fellas. I have no faith in who's currently here, and haven't. They came here with essentially no experience and all Patriot hype.
  6. I guess we do not have a week 1 GDT:

    Didn't watch the game, can say I'm suprised! A TIE! Sheesh I've never seen a tie in my life while watching football. Really, never, so I'll have to catch it on FSN replay or something. Worth watching. Idk what to say about the season because I didn't see the game and get a grasp on what they play like, but it's week 1. On the road. Teams change, rise and fall, throughout the year a bit. I became gravely concerned with the whole staff after last years JETS game. I questioned the Patricia hire from the start. (Didn't mind keeping Quinn). I didn't like the TE selection AT ALL, AT ALL. *From everything I've read/heard today he had a great game though* Would of easily taken Ed Oliver. Idk, just a lot of what these guys are doing, isn't what I would be doing or expect other teams to be doing so to see/hear them fail like the Lions always do doesn't surprise me when I never agreed about the road they were going down to begin with. I just pretty much have hoped I am wrong * Sounds like I am so far about HOCK which is totally fine with me * See how they play against the Chargers. They're a pretty good team imo, better measuring stick to judge the Lions against, imo.
  7. I guess we do not have a week 1 GDT:

    Well, Hoping to hear about a great D-line/Defense. Improved offense too, hopefully, I need questions to be answered along the line. Some sort of validation for Hock plus the money on James. Kerryon to continue to look good. Hear about a win. Prolly not going to watch the game though honestly, I've spent too much time over the years on this team to give them much attention till they do something.
  8. Left Guard--Do We Make A Move For A Legit Starter

    I mean you guys are right, that's what they will do. No way would they actually pay a guy and go get one of the best LT's in the game. That's never been the Lions, EVER! It's cheaper and more profitable to wait for another teams garbage to pick up, that's just good enough to compete on our team. An if we draft a guy then we'll keep him but we're not reaching out for a guy beyond UFA/draft. Lions gone this route before with limited/mild success. I think the best move they've made was for Sims when they gave up only a 5th rdp to Seattle for a guy that started 5 years and every single game! Literally two guys that can't crack the starting lineups on good lines... people will accept trading a 7th rdp, guys who've proven nothing to come in compete for a job vs trading a 1st and 4th plus signing Williams to a 15 million dollar deal annually. Like... why idk. Draft capital maybe? All's I do know is you have to have players to be good. I know the Patriot way is to find diamonds in the rough, but GEMS like Williams don't exactly become available often in the NFL if we wanna use analogy's. Decker could be a top five LG, Willams is prolly a top five LT, and Ragnow could play at pro-bro type level at C imo. Idk the extent of his injury or whatever, but whoever pointed that out has a real legit point. The teams have doctors though and if I ran the Lions he'd have to have some test and get ok by my doctors, etc. I knew posting, that's not what the Lions are going to do. It's just what I would do, It would(IMO) create a dominate line from C to LT with two above average players on the other side. IMO, again, they'd have or should have a top 5 OLine with that unit. Helping out our most talented players on offense/maybe the team(Stafford/Kerryon Johnson.
  9. Left Guard--Do We Make A Move For A Legit Starter

    Been concerned all offseason on why they didn't address RG or LG, or just Guard. Could do a deal with the Red Skins, Bring in Trent Williams, and just slide Decker inside. Good look in theory...
  10. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Yeah I mean that's the dream. An owner like Cuban or something along those lines comes in, steps up buys the Tigers and pulls the strings to turn things around. I have no faith in Avila. His signings are crap, trades are pretty crappy, and he's not drafted/developed anyone really in-spite of whatever Sllim is saying. Guys come to the Tigers and they don't exactly become better hitters/players. I mean If we sit and think, and keep the team out of the way. This dude traded away the best pitcher (arguably) of some of our life times ( Justin Verlander ), paid half his salary too, and essentially is getting crap for him...(Holding hope for Rodgers but hey... ) That's not even mentioning the terrible contracts, The Zimmerman signing and letting others go. Justin Upton, etc. There is a lot reason to question Al Avila. An I'm not even a big baseball dude. Like I look at other teams when they trade guys (White Sox/Tampa bay) and they get players/return for there really good starting pitching when they've traded them in the past. Tigers aren't doing too well. The best guys they've gotten in trades are Dawel Lugo and Candelario. Both of which have the ceiling of being average everyday players imo. Nothing great. Cats still out of the bag on the other guys we got this year. I just don't see them pulling out of this rebuild nicely unless they literally draft someone with real quality hitting. Who that is IDK but they need a Trout/Harper type player prospect to rise up.
  11. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I don't even remember the last time I watched a full Tigers game. lol. My baseball knowledge on players, etc, has gone out the window. Tough game to watch when your favorite team is bad imo. Anyone can say that about every league, but baseball is extremely bad imo. Basketball is a solid second though, both leagues, half the teams aren't even trying to win at all. NHL/NFL it's more of a get in a the playoffs and anything can happen sort of thing. (STL this year, Giants vs Pats, ATL NFC run) The on going "Rumor" forever has been that the Tigers are going to be sold eventually. Family pressure, operating at a loss, high valuation, not as favored as the Red Wings by the Family. There has been a lot of smoke around this rumor and with the team not really adding long-term contracts and playing out these bad ones my theory is it's looking like they're shedding payroll/cost, to be more profitable, and looking to sell to a new owner once Avila's contract is up or almost up. IF... They buy-out Miggy this summer and come to terms with him, Zimmerman comes off the books after next season... The Pay roll drops 55 million in those two players alone. The team looks more sell-able, imo, if they pull those moves, and keep signing fringe players/veterans at 2-10 million per year for 1-2 year deals. I think the days of the Tigers going out and being a bidder on the top UFA's are over for quite awhile. Tigers will need to rely on an in-house Super Star talent to jump-start a real rebuild to make us competitive.
  12. Detroit Lions Training Camp Thread

    I honestly don't take much stock in this stuff. I just hope they all come away healthy and fit for the season. Obviously the big question is who will play LG now that they've decided Ragnow is C and Glasgow is RG.
  13. Lions Cut Theo Riddick

    I think league wide, people knew what was going down when he was on the field with the Lions. Might literally be better just converting to WR imo. (As a Lions). I expect him to sign with KC or someone like that that'll use him out of the backfield in multiple roles.
  14. Detroit Lions sign DT Mike Daniels

    Very good signing for them. Dline is tough, Run defense should be great. Lb's should benefit with all the big nasty's up front.
  15. Slay and Snacks

    I tell you what, adding Daniels is actually a really nice move. 1 year deal. Motivated for another contract. Dline is surprisingly deep up the middle. Should help the LB's and boys outside. I'm slowly seeing the vision on defense and raising an eyebrow cause it was improving last year and added peieces this year. Still worried about the offense, yeah we added TE's and RB's. But, Not happy with the WR additions really(just personally) and definately not satisfied with the biggest need I seen going into the offseason outside of pass rusher.... RG. Total question mark at RG right now, a collaspe of the OLine imo can ruin our whole season. But the defense for sure is shaping up, it'll be a tough one to play against week in and out for almost every team in the league it seems. The run defense, with my mid season review(lol), should be like a top 5 run defense. I think 8-8 is the line. Coach needs 8-8 with his dudes, etc, to show progress. We need to see progress in wins. I don't want a "competitive team" that goes 6-10/ 4-12. I've sworn to not watch these guys though till mid season to see if they deserve my attention/ratings. lol. But if they're in the hunt mid season I'll be tuning back in, if not, I'll tune in during the off-season.