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  1. Old Mocks (Brag Space)

    Oh memory lanes!!!!
  2. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Just read David Stern passed away! Weird feeling to read of his passing... He did a lot for the NBA, players, the game itself.
  3. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I prolly wouldn't hire the guy I wanted till the end of the year, firing him is strictly on principle type thing at this point being we're a -70 in goal difference which is HUGE, more than just a few empty net stat pads. There are games where 2-4 goals are scored within 10 minutes. Zadina should realistically be looking at 15-20 mins a night, he's one of the more talented players on the team at this point. There isn't a reason to play him 12/13 minutes a night, around 4 minutes a period... Even less even strength time per period if you wanna account his PP time. He should go to Grand Rapids if he isn't going to get legit ice time. It's not a new concern of mine, the roster is bad, I give him that but they're way too many epic breakdowns week in an out. There isn't a coach I'd want to replace him with right now anyways that I think could even make a 6.5 game difference( thats how far back we are; 13 or 14 points) so, firing him and replacing him doesn't worry me about our draft position really. The way he's using players kind of worries me. Even still gotta temper expectations, luckily Red Wings have 2 players that look solid at 1 and 2. All the worst team is guaranteed in the NHL is the 4th pick or better. It's only a 35% chance we actually get the 1st or 2nd pick and are able to draft one of the two.
  4. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Well, I just feel like he's not doing a ton of favors for the younger players in the development department. I mean even Zadina is getting low minutes, likely will increase now with AA/Mantha hurt but still... Not been a fan of his line ups, and constant line blunders. Most of all though, they're not competitive... I mean it's fine to be bad like last year... but to possibly historic bad( literally a Larkin injury away from that) is one thing... If you threw the question back, who would I rather have? Idk, Maybe Peter DeBoer? They'll be more available at the end of the year. I'm just not comfortable with Blashill riding out our rebuild anymore based off of his body of work up till now. He's not been very good imo as a NHL coach.

    Very worried, but, this team is a Stafford injury away next year from being able to draft Trevor Lawrence 1st overall with a brand new regime! These guys can have all the cap space, and the highest picks, imo, they just don't sign or get the right guys and put them in the right spots. I can almost guarantee now they're trading Slay and drafting that CB from Ohio State at 3. They've done a magnificent job of targeting needs in the 1st round over drafting true talent. (Hockenson/Ragnow/Davis/Decker) All might be solid players but were/are basically drafted on need, passing up other more talented players each draft We paid 24 more million dollars to Flowers than what Zadarius Smith got. Think about that. An I'm not even mad at Flowers, he just did what he normally does. Like he posted a career average year this year, it's Quinn/Patricia/Lions fault for paying him like he's DeMarcus Ware or someone like that. He's a 50-65 million dollar player getting paid elite, top notch money for his position. They did the same thing with Jesse James, who was just a average starter/good back up TE they paid as a starting TE. Also DT Mike Daniels who provided basically empty stats for the Lions this season. It's these constant miss allocation of resources along with ignoring others(OLINE, RB Depth, TE in previous years, DE depth, QB Depth, .) Three hand picked guys that were counted on to make significant upgrades and underwhelmed big time! Who they going to pay this type of money to next? Not to mention they'll most likely trade Slay and idk how we'll actually recoup the value, but we'll see what happens. If we're out of the playoffs and they move him at the deadline, sure get that and I'll like it better, similar to Golden Tate trade. Didn't make us better but I understood the move if they weren't willing to pay him again and you're out of the playoff hunt and milked something for the future out of him. It's not really guys like Flowers though or Stafford I point my angry to anymore.Stafford could be successful, really good, but the Organization from coaches to GM don't surround him with the right players and use the wrong resources to fulfill needs and holes on the team. Quinn, imo, has been this weird reactionary type GM who isn't proactive with his drafting or signings. The most proactive move I seen him do was the Golden Tate trade. Pressure on the QB has been an issue for this team since the constant Ziggy injuries and signing a guy who averaged 7 a year prolly wasn't really, or shouldn't of been the only answer to the solution. An running back to running back depth has been an issue since Jim Caldwell. Not signing a RB or drafting one early prolly cost Caldwell his job and the Lions a playoff birth quite frankley. The next 3 RB drafted behind Tabor were Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, James Connor. Not to mention he didn't bother signing a guy and trotted out Abdullah/Reddick/Green/Zenner all flamed out hard when not on a Lions roster.
  6. *RUMOR* Bezos interested in buying Lions

    I believe the silver dome site in Pontiac has plans to be an Amazon distribution center. Other than that I can't think of anything? It's more than just a connection, I bet Bezo's is interested in any NFL team that becomes available. The influence you can make from owning one of these franchises is tremendous business wise. How I feel about it. Meh? Idk, depends how competitive Bezo's is with his franchise. Idk if it'll be a marketing influential, profit machine for him or if he'll actually wanna build a winner. I don't know Bezo's demeanor enough to know if that's really what he'd wanna do.
  7. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Pff had Diggs rated really bad as a Lion right??? Don't get me wrong. I use PFF too, just in context. Like you said it's not the end all be all. You guys are forgetting Jenkins is the best CB on their team, and for the Lions. He wouldn't be. He'd just be another solid player. Slay is better than him. Slay would still be on teams number 1 no matter where. It'd be up to Jenkins to just down the TE or the other outside guy depending on what Lions coaches thought Coleman matched up well with. (This staff or the next). It'd really be a neat move for this staff actually cause it'd look towards the future, and help out the organization anyways, like Nnivolcm pointed out... If the next guys just hated him cause of salary, it's an easy cut in the off-season. If you think about Minnesota alone it's a good match up with Slay/Jenkins/Coleman vs Theilen/Diggs/Rudolph.
  8. Giants release Janoris Jenkins; claimed by Saints

    Hmm... Eagles/Vikings/Rams/Packers/Seahawks/Cheifs/Saints/Steelers/Ravens/Bills/Patriots could all use him... Wonder where he'll land.
  9. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Should Lions pick up Janoris Jenkins? https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28290276/giants-waive-cb-janoris-jenkins-offensive-tweet-fan Doubt it happens cause for us it's a move for the future (next year) and the current regime shouldn't be apart of the choices for the future so. I think this will just pass us by and we'll see him on a team like Philly or even Minnesota/GB.
  10. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    C'mon Eli! Get those Eagles! We need Chase Young, Help us out a little over here!
  11. Mock offseason

    I mean better names/players for the pass rush. Phillips is having his best year/break out season. I don't trust his 7 sack production as the normal vs an anomaly. Same with Josh Uche who didn't get a sack vs a quality opponent. Idk, piling stats on teams like Illinois/Maryland/Rutgers/Indiana or Middle Tennessee really don't impress me much. Fackrell is the same player (IMO) as OLD Devon Kennard so I don't see where his expanded role is on our team. It's an attempt to upgrade our pass rush but you need to concentrate on the 4-3 set DE more than another OLB 3-4. Or a DT5-34END/NT that can line up and apply pressure inside. If Lions aren't going to blitz they need to find and interior player that can shoot gaps and beat double teams or find a guy that can line up three downs on the outside and beat a tackle inside or out. Flowers is (Ok), not going to say he's bad, but he's on an island when we're talking about quality pass rushers, Lions really lack a guy that applies consistent pressure/threat throughout a game. In a round about way/reasoning I'm just saying I don't like the players you chose to upgrade the pass rush based off what I think the Lions lack as a team and why the pass rush sucks. I wouldn't mind a more traditional 3-4 look with Fackrell but you run into a situation as to what you do/how you utilize your 90 million dollar signing in Flowers... Not sure most people are comfortable with him as a 3 down OLB or 3 down 3-4 End. Flowers is a more versatile player in a 4-3 set playing both end spots and maybe inside on long downs, so Lions should use his 90 million dollar strengths in a way that he's able to contribute more, imo, which is 4-3 sets more than 3-4. Leatherwood was solid, is solid, Nice add but I think Lions could/should legitimately look for upgrades at LG/RG/RT and possibly LT (Maybe a 2 for 1 by getting a new LT, sliding Decker to RT, and cutting Rick Wagner and using his cap money elsewhere. ) Idk, Something like draftint LT Andrew Thomas, T/G Alex Leatherwood, cutting RT Ricky Wagner and signing RG Brandon Scherff would of gotten me excited. Not saying your wrong or anything just things I'd do differently.
  12. Mock offseason

    Really like Byron Jones and the Ohio State CB pick. Solid tandem there. Good RB Depth with the Howard signing. Johnson/Scarbough/Howard is more depth at RB than they've had in the last 10 years... maybe 15-20. Don't love the trade but like the value you got for Slay. Solid stuff. Would love a teams 1st and 3rd. Eason might be a solid Joe Flacco type selection in the 2nd round. I think he'll be a good not great QB so I like the selection in the 2nd, condition/season him for a year or two behind Stafford. Isn't going to hurt Eason or the Lions to slow roll things. Not in love with a few things. Didn't really address the pass rush and didn't really try hard to improve the Oline. Big no no's in my personal philosophy on how to build a team.(There are many ways to build a team) I just personally believe in a strong Oline with a defense that can pressure the passer. Didn't love trading Marvin Jones in the off-season...I feel like he'll help us for a playoff push if we're in the mix for that or he'd be a deadline move like Golden Tate. Teams can turn things around quickly in the NFL and I feel like you need to give the Lions/Jones a chance to play for something before just moving on. It's not like you replaced him with a better player. Not in love with trading a good WR to double back and draft one in the 1st round. Just not a fan of trading away talent to just double back an redraft the position(s) you traded the talent off in(CB/WR). Like resigning Glasgow but it'll be amazing if I see him catch a 5 million dollar per contract. We'll see but he's not that good and a interior linemen don't get paid like that unless they're elite company. Really good effort and nice job though, I like the CB tandem, just wish you spent some time/more resources on the Oline/Dline.
  13. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    The papers and Lions media love writing stuff for you to buy up my man. Keep on spending that money and watching these losers. I'll tune in when they're some actual change happening. So people will pay and buy hope cause they've got no other choice I guess. It's definitely not logic lol. It's just a running joke to read a lot of you post imo at this point.
  14. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    AH! There you are Karnage, now you are seeing a glimpse of the light that is the Lions organization. They'll almost surely play solid football now to draft 12 and pick a WR. Idk though, They're in prime position to get DE Chase Young possibly or LT Andrew Thomas who I think personally is the 2nd coming of Jason Peters. I like Chase Young, I do, but I love my O-line and think it's got a ripple effect through the team more than just a pass rush. A good line supports the run and pass games while keeping the defense off the field and fresh. We've got a QB who can do things, They're collecting some RB with Scarbough/Johnson, prolly should draft or sign another guy though. The TE's are set for better or worst, WR isn't an issue. Top 5 Oline in run/pass protection makes this team a playoff contender easily, improvements to the defense could make them a division winner. Now, this won't happen with the rag tag fellas we've got running things. I think Bevell has done a good job but the HC hasn't been good, defense has been bad, and special teams has been bad. I hope the Fords are just riding out the season and wanna look at who's available at the end of the year but... IDK, Fords love money, and firing these guys will cost an additional 15 million or more upfront to fire Quinn/Patricia this season so, IDK if it'll happen unless they get embarrassed and people stop showing for games.
  15. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Red Wings need to fire Jeff Blashill man. I can't really think of a reason to keep him around. It's not like he's playing young guys heavy minutes... I'm not sure he's developed players really well. I know they've got major injuries but man... Offense to defense is terrible. Robby Fabbri trade has worked out well for us. He's at least a 2nd line threat that was sorely lacking, though he's been playing on the 1st line a lot with Mantha injuried. Need Mantha back badly. Team can't generate many goals without him. We're firmly entrenched for the Lafreniere and Byfield sweepstakes! Really need to target a 1D and a really good 2C with some of the assets we do have like AA, Prospects, Earlier picks outside the 1st round. They're going to lose some people like they did with the Tigers if they go on a 3-5 year rebuild plan with no significant improvements early.