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  1. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Cost him millions for sure! But... Career not over. He'll play again. Idk why people get so completely outraged when something like this happens on the field. Do I like it or think it should be tolerated... NO! But, I'm just not surprised. At all. Not because I think he's a bad dude or anything it's just a violent sport with some serious testosterone flowing through these guys who are aggressive in nature.(Cause football is aggressive!) Its like Hockey or any other sport... to a degree, I expect something to happen sometime. It'll boil over. Tempers flare.... I expect him to be suspended 2 games or so next year as well. I just wonder if the Browns actually release him or not. My guess... is no. An I really wouldn't either if I owned the team. He made a ridiculous mistake but, if he does his time then he's paid for the crime as far as the league is concerned.... I need him to win games. His endorsements and parading him in front of cameras would be done/avoided but... Hey, he's got skill. Frank Clark punched a women and got drafted and signed a 100 million dollar contract...
  2. The Shake it up, Mock Offseason.

    I mean with the support of former HC Dan Quinn on the defensive side I think it's a solid staff. McCarthy knows the division at least he's only a year removed. More motivation to beat Green Bay! I didn't have a perfect OC to replace Bevell so I just left him... Maybe Jay Gruden? * Really the Like the Oline for Stafford and the run game.
  3. Should we tank?

    I think the GM has a lot to do with everything and it trickles down. Gotta use resources correctly, and draft talent in the early rounds and get some steals late. Gotta sign the right players not just the right position. I'm just hoping one of these times the Fords hire the right guy and the GM pulls it all together. Coach, Draft, Signings.
  4. Lions fire GM Bob Quinn, HC Matt Patricia, and the Special team’s coordinator and defensive coordinators. Lions hire Elliot Wolf as GM. Lions hire Mike McCarthy as head coach. Lions keep Darrell Bevell as offensive coordinator. Lions hire Dan Quinn as defensive coordinator. Lions hire Ben Kotwica as special team’s coordinator. Draft: 1st – AJ Epenesa, DE. Iowa. ( 6’5, 275lbs. ) 2nd – Solomon Kindley, G. Georgia. ( 6’4, 335lbs. ) 3rd – Mekhi Becton, RT, Louisville. ( 6’7, 365lbs. ) 4th – Chase Claypool, WR. Notre Dame. ( 6’4, 225lbs. ) 5th – Michael Ojemudia, CB. Iowa. ( 6’1, 200lbs. ) 5th – Mitchell Wilcox, TE. South Florida. ( 6’4, 245lbs. ) 6th – Mason Fine, QB. North Texas. ( 5’11, 190lbs. ) 7th – Kohl Levao, RG. Hawaii. ( 6’4, 340lbs. ) Lions cut RT Ricky Wagner. Lions sign OG Brandon Scherff to a 5 year deal worth 55 million dollars, 15 million dollar signing bonus, 8 million dollar salary, 35 million garaunteed. Lions sign CB Eric Rowe to a 4 year deal worth 20 million dollars, 4 million dollar signing bonus, 4 million dollar salary. Lions sign ILB Corey Littleton to a 3 year deal worth 15 million dollars, 3 million dollar signing bonus, 4 million dollar salary. Lions sign DT Vernon Butler to a 3 year deal worth 15 million dollars, 3 million dollar signing bonus, 4 million dollar salary. Lions sign RB Kenyan Drake to a 2 year deal worth 8 million dollars, 4 million dollar signing bonus, 2 million dollar salary. Lions sign QB Blake Brotles to a 2 year deal worth 5 million dollars, 1 million dollar signing bonus, 2 million dollar salary. Lions resign OL Graham Glasgow to a 2 year deal worth 5 million dollars, 1 million dollar signing bonus, 2 million dollar salary. Lions resign DT Mike Daniels to the league minimum. Lions resign CB Rashaan Melvin to the league minimum. Lions sign OL Jordan Mills to the league minimum. Lions sign WR Pharoo Cooper to the league minimum. Lions sign Kemal Ishmael to the league minimum. Lions sign Tramaine Brock to the league minimum. Roster: RT: Mekhi Becton, Jordan Mills RG: Brandon Scherff, Kohl Levao OC: Frank Ragnow, Graham Glasgow LG: Solomon Kindley, Joe Dahl LT: Taylor Decker, Tyrell Crosby RB: Kerryon Johnson, Kenyan Drake, Ty Johnson QB: Matthew Stafford, Blake Brotles, Mason Fine WR: Marvin Jones, Kenny Golladay, Chase Claypool, Pharod Cooper, Marvin Hall TE: T.J. Hockenson, Jesse James, Mitchell Wilcox DE: Trey Flowers, Austin Bryant DT: Vernon Butler, Da’Shawn Hand, Kevin Strong DT: Damion Harrison, Mike Daniels DE: AJ Epenesa, Romeo Okwara OLB Christian Jones, Jalen Reeves-Maybin MLB: Corey Littleton, Jahlani Tavai OLB: Devon Kennard, Jarrad Davis CB: Eric Rowe, Tramaine Brock, Rashaan Melvin Nickle: Justin Coleman, Michael Ojemudia S: Tracy Walker, C.J. Moore S: Will Harris, Kemal Ishmael CB: Darius Slay, Michael Ford LS: Don Mulbach P: Sam Martin K: Matt Prater Not too realistic on the front office stuff but hey a guy can totally dream right?
  5. Lions vs Raiders Takeaways

    That was you!!! And that was me in the same thread. I'll pat you on the back... We both knew. We've seen this before. This was all before coach even really got started.. We've seen this "act" before with Rod Marinelli and the Tampa Bay way.
  6. Lions vs Raiders Takeaways

    Well it's mostly for the fellas that liked your comment. They couldn't see through the trash like me and you did... Of coarse Lionized and Karnage won't like that I've said I told you so when they've been waiting for 2 years for something to happen. You've known my stance for awhile I don't need to rehash things with you. Everyone but Slimm has been holding on to a reason to be a fan boy when it's a lost/nonsense regime.
  7. Lions vs Raiders Takeaways

    You just need to recognize then, Some people are fans boys and some can see things for what they are. I don't need to read a paper and be told how to think, or what to think. Like you. Old fart. Now go turn on FOX news or CNN and get all angry about something they tell you is important.
  8. Will they be on the roster in 2020?

    I fully support you taking over as long as you hire me as just an adviser or something. Win, lose, doesn't matter we'll have a great 4-5 years together!
  9. Lions vs Raiders Takeaways

    Lol, My take away is... I told you all. I told you. They suck, this coach sucks, and the GM is a phony. They deserve to be fired. Let the excuses rain in fellas, I've heard it for awhile now... TE at 8 was such an amazing idea, the OLine guys where nice journeymen who would compete(pfft). Blah blah blah blha balh.... It's mind numbing to come in and see you guys rationalize losing.
  10. Will they be on the roster in 2020?

    Honestly man... Who frickin even cares... Like really... It wont' matter if they let Ricky Wagner go or save some cap space. These guys( Patricia/Quinn ) are idiots... Straight up. Arrogant A-holes really. No sugar coating it. Fords/Martha... doesn't care, Stadium sells out, people still watch, money still flows... Idk. You'll get it one day. The guys at the top just sucks on top of that so, any conversation like this is truly a moot point, waste of time. They need legit coaches/coaching, and a guy that knows what the hell he is doing. I sat here 6 months ago and told you they'd fail miserably if they drafted a TE at 8... An well... He's not even the best TE drafted.... He's not even a good blocker at all. They could of had Ed Oliver at 8. Made a real difference... instead we got a TE who right now is pretty average and not helping the team much. GREAT! A dude posting on the internet is smarter than the scouts and guys running the organization... Whippdy frickin do!
  11. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Lmao..... What?
  12. You see the Kyle Van Noy trade? WR Jeremy Kerley for OG Brandon Thomas, who never seen the roster an was a practice squad player? Nonsene moves for Banks/Bostic...(didn't hurt us or help us) His crowing move is the Harrison trade that everyone recites as gospel and the norm vs just being the best of a bunch of moves that don't/havent mattered. Also liked the Golden Tate trade. Idk how to feel about Will Harris though(the guy they selected with the pick.)
  13. We're building something guys... C'mon now you'll see after next year, or the year after that... or the one after the previous... No one deserves to be fired... They just signed him and traded him like this on purpose. It's all apart of the plan, the Patriot way fellas!
  14. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    I'm just a dude that'll see through the hype, the junk talk, and evaluate players/coaches/GM's/Ownership myself. I don't need a sports writer or media machine to tell me what I don't know. I get they left because of stadium issues, but it boils down to money. MONEY. MONEY! If they got tax payer dollars for new stadiums to significantly raise the value of the franchise then all those teams would of stayd. Believe that. You can't convince me the Chargers specifically are drawing a larger crowd in LA. Jarrad Davis, Flowers, etc, are Patricia/Quinn guys. They've kept enough and gone through enough players over the last two off-season's that they should be better quite frankly. But they rinse and repeat the same mistakes for a team with not a ton of talent. You can't sign a lot of the average players they have and expect them to turn into pro's or great players just cause it's the Patriot way. You also can't sign guys to big money and not have them perform( James/Flowers/Wagner) The best signing so far is Coleman, imo. On top of it Patricia wasn't brought in for a complete overhaul/rebuild in spite of how you'd like to explain his short comings. I could understand better if that's what I was sold but I was sold he's going to make/build a better team that Caldwell and... pfft, it's just not true. They sign Diggs to big money... and turn around and trade him. Ha! Just another laughable move they made like signing Flowers to a zillion dollar that a certain poster tried to say he'd never live up to. Just like TJ Hockenson's draft position, Just like the hire of the coach to begin with. They're just rolling a bunch of complete non-sense moves together and... well... you get nonsense as the product my man. If it walks, quacks, and looks like a duck... it's prolly a duck man.
  15. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    Stop believing in Quinn after the Patricia hire, supported firing Caldwell but hated the Patricia hire from the start. You're not going to hurt my feelings firing this guy being as I've never believed in him. These are pretty privileged people that live good lives that know the job is short lived. I'm not a bleeding heart for Coaches jobs. If it's not all about money than winning is the results of a mans work in sports. Unfortunately it's all about the money pretty much. We see coaches get an extra year or two... It's why Chargers leave SD. Rams too, Oakland... Blah blah blah. This team won't fire anyone. They literally don't have to. They'll sell a bunch of tickets again, people will pay attention. The bought and paid for Lions media machine around here will have people believing in them again by the end of next year's draft. No matter the moves they make... Right or wrong... Passing on guys like DT Ed Oliver... LB Devin bush... Tisk tisk. I mean Hock looks like a solid kid, but Idk how much better the team got with him on the team when they has James signed prior. Ed Oliver or Devin Bush would of made real impacts imo, on the defense. Ignoring the G position has imo hurt the line and run game.