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  1. Definate downside if... IF, IF!!!! You draft a QB this year and he's better than Goff and next year Lions can't use that extra money to build around their cheap QB, just cause the caps rising doesn't mean it's awesome Lions don't get to use Goffs money when they have a young franchise QB better than him. Not really a big deal unless you think with a franchise QB, and tons of dollars Lions could of been Superbowl contenders...( Maybe with QB/picks/money. It's all maybe's, if this, prolly, might happen. At least Lions went with a direction here and can still draft a QB if they love one at 7
  2. I'm pretty stubborn on who I like at this point and the Lions don't walk away with a OT at 7. I'll be upset. Sewell/Slater are both potentially better than Decker. Having a Oline that can create a run game and protect covers a lot of warts on a team. Back to back WR's just killed it for me... sorry. Don't believe Brown is starting RT over Crosby.
  3. I think it'll get interesting with June 1st cuts this go around and Lions are looking to capitalize on... "someone" idk if they have a specific target even. Kinda of just waiting/hiding in the bushes, is the best way I can articulate what I think they're(lions) doing with the extra cash.
  4. Great draft guys. I like every single pick. FFMD first I think. It'll be fun to look back in a year or two and see how many hit for you guys, I literally like every single pick and think they can have long-term success in the NFL. Very nice job!
  5. I'll care again when they actually "Try" and spend money on really good players again instead of just 1-2 yr deals with average/below average veterans. Bad baseball is just the worst to watch idc what anyone says. Also, it's a huge bias on my part but the league should help in anyway it can to get Mike Trout in NY/BOS/CHI/ATL. Gotta get him on a good team/into the playoffs. Angels are blowing it.
  6. Yeah I like it. Rarely do I like coughing picks for WR's but IF Williams is around long-term I like it with the Sewell/Davis selections. Think Moses can step in and start at OLB too. So, Three starters and traded for a #1WR. I like it.
  7. I actually think the draft you guys are doing this year is way better, like x10 already just based off the first three picks. Aiyuk and Kinlaw were solid selections though. I really... wondered about Aiyuk too but great pick. This year draft is just stout though, Sewell, Samuel Jr., Basham, all starters imo. Mond has a chance to develop into a starter. The WR seems more like John Ross than Cole Beasley but I'm willing to give the guy a chance cause he's a freak athlete. Good shot so far the forum has hit on every single selection so far, imo. vs last year where idk Okuda
  8. I mean honestly, it's a serious discussion Elder might of been more effective last year. I suppose you're right maybe though, doesn't mean he'll be better than Coleman overall or next year, just maybe he'll be better than when Coleman was here with the Lions. A lot was put on Coleman with the contract here... At times he had to expand his role outside of being just a "nickle" back type DB.
  9. Lions cut Trufant/Coleman... Sign Dunbar/Elder for way less cash and actually got better. (arguably). Quinn-Tricia was an epic regime to say the very least.
  10. Nice signing. We've got some depth/average starters now. Okudah can develop. Not a total train-wreck on the back end. Lions cut Trufant/Coleman and bucu-bucks with'em. Signed my boy Corn and now Quinton, and tbh. I'm not sure they're in a worst position, maybe even... an upgrade!
  11. Yeah, they're just taking a different direction. I understand why they don't value him, Flowers is more for a team trying to win the next two years not building something like Miami. An for the Lions, he'll get 5-10 sacks with some pressures. Average, I don't think he'll ever have a repeat performance from last year. He'll also never live up to the contract. It's also just cheaper to play it out this year and figure out his replacement next year if you find one. I might of done Parker for a 3rd though, maybe even 4th if it came with that defensive back.
  12. He's kind of young, and I'll be honest I don't know much about Needham. Why's he so available? Is he bad? I'd see what type of pick mostly is attached to Parker. That's the caveat of the whole deal, *IMO.
  13. I was about to post I like a Parker/Flowers deal but I'd have to see what it looks like. Pass rushers are just straight up worth more than slot WR's.
  14. Yeah, even had he not been traded it still would of been wise to draft Samuel Jr.
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