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  1. Potential Personnel Moves

    I don't think I'd mind this addition. Idk what they'd want for him but he could provide a little depth on the outside. Lions, if they're serious about a run, should make a move for some sort of pass rusher/ D-linemen.
  2. Bye Week Review

    I don't think much to be honest. No surprise to some people but we've beaten up on injury riddled teams and when a full squad comes to play us we've lost every game. I thought they played "nice" games in S.F. and DAL but results equaled losses still. Nothing the Lions have shown me since the Jets games leads me to believe we've got everything turned right around and we're going to make a run at the playoffs. I do like Kerryon Johnson though. Kenny Golladay should get paid soon, The offensive line is looking pretty good. There are things to like but I'm not sure I can elevate them past CHI/MIN in the division, and LA/PHI/TB/ATL/NO/CAR all look like better teams to me.
  3. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    Do you guys actually think the Lions will draft or sign linemen/pass rushers? Haha... Seriously though, not a terrible game by the offense but man, Lions need D-linemen, and pass rushers. They got a bit of a rush at times but a consistent threat on the outside makes things so much better/easier for the other players. Tough road ahead for sure, Mock draft scouting central time again for sure for the Lions. At least they're becoming interesting slightly, What I saw the Jets game had me almost in a heart attack.
  4. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Idk I don't got much to say really. I can't help if you think Drummonds really good. Idk what metrics you're pointing too. I'm not saying he's bad, but for what he does he's not a building block worth 20 million plus. If I could I would dump his salary and essentially start over.
  5. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    Lol, he was out when I posted. Idk what really happened though I'm listening to the game. Head to head or something?
  6. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    I don't wanna jinx it but Stafford and the Oline are actually playing pretty well. Whole lot of game left still.
  7. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Gotta spend money wisely, just cause you're scared over Dumars signings doesn't mean that's a rule to live by. An nah, I'm not going rounds with you over Drummond. He's not that good, he's a tip up re-bounder so his numbers are inflated, especially his offensive numbers. T'wolves finished in 8th because Jimmy got hurt, when healthy they via'd for top 4 in the west, and won them enough games when he returned with like three games left to get them into the 8th seed. You clearly just don't watch Jimmy Butler. Drummond's also not a top C in the league. I can literally name 10 or more that are better. The only thing he does do good is rebound and that's not worth 20 plus million. There are literally tons of C's doing more with less cash. 1 nice stat that fans don't know.... The last two years with Andre Drummond on the floor, Pistons have been outscored by 7.1 points per 100 possessions.... Even if we wanted to trade Andre Drummond, Fans around here don't realize that no one else wants him even.
  8. Patriots placing RB Rex Burkhead on IR

    Lions still have Ameer Abdullah if Patriots wanna send a conditional 5th or something.
  9. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    It'd free up 25 plus million in a year is why I would do it. You just said the paragraph before this core isn't winning anything. If you could dump Drummond's money plus Jackson's in another year and essentially start a rebuild with lots of money why wouldn't you do it? Also you're giving Drummond way too much credit. Jimmy Butler makes DET much better with him on the team over Drummond alone. Jimmy Butler is prolly a top 10 player and definitely a top 5 two way player. Drummond is lucky to top the best 30 players in the league. Bos/Tor/Phi/Was MIGHT be the only teams in the east better than the Pistons with Butler over Drummond. T'wolves with Jimmy Butler where a top 4 team in the west, without him they barely tread enough water to make the playoffs.
  10. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Stole this from someone else on a different site but still a good idea imo. Keeps the T'wolves semi competitive with picks, Kings get a major player to pair with Bagley down low and move expirings for a guy they likely can't sign in the open market if given the chance and Pistons well they get Jimmy and a rotational C. Dont' mind giving up the picks/Drummond for the short or long term. Even if Jimmy doesn't resign, or opts out right away, it free's up money to go out an sign someone. EDIT*
  11. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Jimmy Butler is available. Has requested trades to the NY teams and someone else forget who. Still... Should Pistons reach out? It'd make trading for Blake Griffin a lot more sensible pairing those two together. Don't know what they'd have to do to get it done but financially they're limited...
  12. Week 3: Patriots vs. Lions

    Most aren't even flinching... This is just giving two posters who looked foolish the first two games a week to stick their necks/chest out... and then SOL will appear against the Cowboys when we can't stop the run! If Lions burst out into a 9-7 or whatever I'll be happy. What was awesome about last night was Kerryon Johnson. I'm going to like him. If he can stay healthy, I think he'll continue to run well improving basically everything on this team(Time of possession, scoring, defense, a load off Stafford shoulders. ) I watched the game. Patriots pass rush is about the worst in the league I'm almost sure. An it pains me to say this cause it means I'm getting old but Tom Brady looks... well, old now. Not even Flinching. I can't get on the wagon when I've always been off, I'll have to see where we are at near the bye week for me to become real passionate about the Lions again this year. Still though, if your a football fan, there was nice things from the Lions that can translate week to week.
  13. Week 2: Lions @ 49ers

    Bills are driving the bus for the 1st pick prolly, but we're sitting shot-gun for sure at this point. Anyone that "sees" something else is most likely delusional, and will have no real evidence as to why the Lions will turn it around. This team doesn't have one significant thing they can point to as a strength to win the game or a game. Outside of the staff... the conversation is going to get ugly... in like... what do we actually do with Stafford? Just as a sports franchise even, the Lions aren't in a good place right now. They're seriously lookin on par with the Cleveland Browns/San Diego Padres/Milwuakee Buck organizations. Even when we get great players/transformational type players, the organization can't build a winner around them, even with X players individual greatness.
  14. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    130 some amount of yards, 14 catches, 2 TD's.
  15. Ground Hog Day (let the mocks begin)

    Yeah well you also have to sign decent players when you sign that QB. Lions are essentially wasting 28 million with Lang/Ziggy Ansah so it's not all Stafford/his money. Lions just don't know how to spend money/who to pay. Easily. and I mean Easily would I have traded for Mack and "Found" room by dump players. Everyone thought I was crazy cause of cost but I mean. I don't know what people really expected from certain guys. People thought Ziggy was going to be dominate, even while switching schemes, and he's essentially been a flash in the pan for 3 season's in a row. He collected like 6 or 8 garbage sacks last year and everyone wanted to act like his double digit sack production was actually something to brag about or look at. I don't think he had a sack vs a playoff team last year but I haven't facted checked that someone just "told" me that stat so who knows. This is excuse time, time where Lions fans reason why we're bad instead of just looking at the facts and saying yeah, thats why they're bad. Does it help that Stafford takes up a lot of cap, no it doesn't, it's worst though that they sign bad/average/non-playing players big money to be productive around him. I mean I think most people would say Ziggy/Lang are 2 of our best 5 players maybe outside of Stafford. An they don't contribute at all. *Huge Problem* Then we get onto drafting... and See what little Davis/Jaleen Revis-Maybeen/Tabor/Robinson are providing right now... Our best players on defense weren't chosen by this GM, and everyone he did "chose" is average/terrible. They're plan at TE was comical and disastrous, Only the Lions would make a fan base want a 1st round bust back on the team because they actually got worst without him. Finally, the money we've had the past two season's has literally been wasted on bubble roster players, (Depth), half of which where cut this year. I think the best signing in two years literally is prolly Kennard. *Lions just have to look at ATL and see how they built things and succeeded if they wanna see a model to copy. Matt Ryan has been paid and just played in a superbowl under that contract.