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  1. Lions Patricia Indicted for Sexual Assault in '96

    Yeah, I mean, I didn't say it like that but that's what I meant by being too traumatic. We're all here saying what we think about Patricia and this women when it seems like to me, all this women wants at this point is the attention, story, situation, to completely go away and move on with her life. Sad this was brought up all the way around imo, from both sides. (*Unless of coarse they're true then... Light does need to be shed on Patricia. )
  2. Lions Patricia Indicted for Sexual Assault in '96

    Huh, well, disturbing for sure to read about. Are they completely true, etc, who really knows. REAL Gray area for sure but we live in a society that says innocent till proven guilty so I WILL give him the benefit of the doubt. Unbelievable that this story comes out now, and what's unknown to most is when the DET journalist tried to contract the women about this story she didn't want to talk about it... (again), so it's either A. Not true, B. Too Traumatic still to talk about, C. Somewhere in-between maybe? But basically my point is if she still doesn't want to talk about it why would you write the story still about her, highlighting it in a national way? Very disrespectful to her feelings. To me it's a disturbing story, and a agenda driven story for someone making a name for themselves. I wonder if this had come out before his hire would the Lions, or other teams consider hiring him as a head coach still? That's that sad part. I run a business with young women around and I can confidently say I'd hire someone without these concerns with the same credentials vs someone with these concerns if I knew about them without specifically saying that's why they're not hired...
  3. Who would you take... Hankins or Francois

    Hankins, easily, he's better imo, and can play longer-term with A'shawn Robinson bring stability along the line for years down the road. Quinn has thrown away this season essentially by his lack of free agent moves imo, so he'll sign the cheaper option, which ever this is, more than just likely it'll be Hankins who's more expensive so we'll get Ricky-Jean Francois touted as a NFL pro-bowl run stopping machine by local media that are in the good graces of the Lions organization.
  4. DEN Broncos will be wishing they had a 30 million dollar QB when they miss the playoffs again and waste all that defensive talent lol. I've never watched a team that refused so badly to become super bowl contenders. Pay one guy, they've literally paid worst players more... ATL had to do what they had to do. With Rivers/Big Ben/TB and a few others retiring sooner rather than later, Matt Ryan will more than likely be a consistant top 5 QB for a LONG time. Tough road still with the Saints and Carolina in town. They need playmakers on the D-line, through the draft for the foreseeable future. I can see Rodgers getting a 5 year 175 million dollar deal. That he definitely, totally deserves. Don't forget the organization he works for makes BILLIONS. An since he's been there, the money they've(GB doesn't have an actually owner but you get my point) made has been mostly as a direct result of Rodgers more than anyones else, just like it was Farve before him. Any an all players in entertainment need to imo, absolutely grab as much as they possibly can without remorse.
  5. 2018 NFL Redraft

    Isaiah Wynn, LG Darrius Guice, RB Ronnie Harrison, S Josh Sweat, OLB/DE Tim Settle, DT/NT Justin Jackson, RB. Just what I've of done... but whatever.
  6. Offseason trades and signings

    He was average anyways, and was in real danger of getting cut. I'm glad we got something for him. Maybe we can flip a RB for something productive like a project WR/ 3-4OLB/ or even just another rotational NT.

    Little early to tell honestly. If you think Ragnow/Johnson/Blount means running success then Lions have a good shot to do a lot of things. Stafford literally hasn't had a solid rushing attack since... Idk... Reggie Bush?
  8. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Red Wings fall to the 6th pick, one spot from where they were slotted. I'm looking at LW Filip Zadina hard. Really hoping for some luck, though it's not entirely unreasonable to think he'll be there at 6 enough you can reason his selection at 3.
  9. UDFAs

    Allen Lazard, WR. Skyler Phillips, OG... (I know.) Holton Hill, CB. Kevin Tolliver, CB. Joe Ostman, OLB/DE.
  10. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    I mean I don't look that cool with a bandana or fist pumping like that.
  11. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    Idk, smart player, solid blocker with ability to catch. If you wanted a good blocking fullback I think he's a solid one with some ability to catch. It'll depend how well he can do things on special teams vs the other guys. It looks like the front office watched what the Saints did last offseason with their line and players and are trying to do something similar in the run game. At least it's not another long-snapper...
  12. Round 2, Pick 43: Kerryon Johnson

    I mean honestly, the better question would be how many make it through college with no injuries??? That's a super-duper unfair question to ask a football player or hockey player man lol. I mean you can ask pitchers that question if their arms injuried every year, that's clearly a problem, but different injuries that don't side-line him for a season are idk, typical, a lot of times for RB's or players that touch the ball ALOT.
  13. Draft Day 3

    DT Hurst, NT Settle, DT Fatukasi, DE/OLB Josh Sweat are the guys I'm leaning towards with the Lions first selection. Next to no depth at NT in a 3-4 looks... so Settle is my favorite, Hurst Is likely the most talented, and Fatukasi can provide solid depth year 1. Sweat looks like the edge rusher that can play both stance's without leaving the field. Can also really benefit by sitting behind Ziggy/Kennard. I'd take a flier on WR Allen Lazzard with our last selection. Just love his size/hands. These last rounds they should forego needs and just look for who they actually think the best football players are. Guys who can contribute even just a little, long-term.
  14. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    Idk man, rabbits still in the hat with this guy to me. Hopefully he press for a starting role. I'm just hoping he can contribute year 1 and doesn't ride the bench and look lost like Tabor.
  15. Draft Day 2

    Yeah I hope he lingers around till the 5th...