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  1. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    What do you think should happen if they are a 6-10 team next year?
  2. last mock before draft

    I like the first three picks. I don't think Davenport will make it to 20 personally so getting him that late would be great! If it played out this way I'd be thrilled.
  3. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    They're doing very vanilla already. It shouldn't surprise people based off who they play that the Lions will be out of the playoffs by week 8. I literally expect 11 losses next season. It's why all my post seem unimpressed and irritable lol, but it's the truth in that I've already lost hope for next season based on how they acted this offseason, and last offseason. Bob Quinn is not building a roster to win... Patricia is my only hope...
  4. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    Ha, Yeah I can buy that I mean I thought it too a little bit, especially how this front office acts, like, it's clearly a rebuild/evaluation year based on EVERYTHING they've done but they'll tell the fans the teams was close, and is good but they're just not going for it. I think the team is in significantly worst positions this year than last year for a playoff birth. The only real hope I have is Patricia turns into something like Mike Zimmer or McVay and players have career years under him. An that's just a complete unknown... there's nothing but faith to lean on there which, faith in a Lions organization...LOL, someone might be crazy literally to have that.
  5. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    Possibly, It helps that somewhere someone pointed out Whitney Mercilus has been a top 15 3-4 olb the last couple seasons; And he's signed for two more years, making losing Ansah next season or mid season if Lions aren't good and we trade him, easier to take. Ansah could be trade bait in this scenario if Lions are way behind the playoff picture Mid October.
  6. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    Doesn't hurt the team in anyway to sign Dez Bryant in this case though, and no WR wasn't particularly a problem but it's not a problem to continue making it a strength either... Prolly realistically don't have a chance at Dez Bryant but if it was possible and the cost was just money for 1 year and cutting TJ Jones are you really saying you wouldn't do that? This would likely be the best most talented WR core in the league for 2018, I don't get why it's "bad". Or not viable. His addition can make Tate better too allowing him to play the slot a lot more often where he does really well. I thought this signing could look like something similar to what the Colts threw out with Manning in Harrison/Wayne/Stokely in the early 2000's. With Golladay being versatile/good enough to step in on odd downs for all three guys, at certain points in the game. The match up problems those three can create by moving Dez/Tate inside or outside really gets interesting. Seriously, if they keep Matt Cassell on the roster week 1, This staff is doomed before it begins. I'd bet you real good money, or at least your favorite drink, that he won't be there. I thought you'd hate the Houston trade mostly. Or Malik McDowell... which is just sort of me thinking the organization might dip their toes in the hot water to see if they can stand it. It's a cheap option to collect D-line talent to just claim him off waivers if Seattle releases him or whatever.
  7. Lions release: 10.5 million estimated. RB, Dwayne Washington RB, Zach Zenner OL, Emmett Cleary OLB, Cam Johnson DT, Christian Ringo DL, Cornelius Washington DL, Jeremiah Ledbetter DT, Akeem Spence QB, Matt Cassel WR, TJ Jones Signings: - Lions sign WR Dez Bryant to a 1 year deal worth 7.5 million dollars. 3.5 million dollar signing bonus, 4 million dollar salary. - Lions sign DT Jonathan Hankins to a 1 year deal worth 4.5 million, 1.5 million dollar signing bonus, 3 million dollar salary. - Lions sign RB C.J. Anderson to a 1 year deal worth 4 million, 2 million dollar signing bonus, 2 million dollar salary. - Lions claim DL Malik McDowell. Trade: Lions trade the 20th pick. Texans trade DE/OLB Whitney Mercilus and their 2019 1st round pick. Draft: 2nd- Billy Price, OL. Ohio State. ( 6’3, 310lbs. ) 3rd- Frank Ragnow, C. Arkansas. ( 6’5, 315lbs. ) 4th- Tim Settle, DT. Virgina Tech. ( 6'3, 335lbs. ) 5th- Kevin Toliver, CB. LSU. ( 6’2, 205lbs. ) 7th- Allen Lazard, WR. Iowa State. ( 6’5, 230lbs. ) Roster: Offense: OT: Ricky Wagner, Joe Dahl OG: T.J. Lang, Kenny Wiggins OC: Frank Ragnow, Wesley Johnson OG: Billy Price, Graham Glasgow OT: Taylor Decker, Brian Mihalik TE: Luke Wilson, Levine Toliolo, Michael Roberts WR: Dez Bryant, Marvin Jones, Golden Tate, Kenny Golladay, Al Lazard RB: C.J. Anderson, LeGarrette Blount, Theo Riddick, Ameer Abdullah QB: Matt Stafford, Jake Ruddock Defense: DE: A’ Shawn Robinson, Ricky Jean-Francois DT: Jonathan Hankins, Sylvester Williams, Tim Settle DE: Malik McDowell, Kerry Hyder, Anthony Zettel OLB: Ziggy Ansah, Devon Kennard ILB: Christian Jones, Jalen Reeves-Maybin ILB: Jarrad Davis, Nick Bellore OLB: *Whitney Mercilus* Jonathan Freeny CB: Darius Slay, DeShawn Shead, Jamal Agnew S: Glover Quinn, Miles Killebrew S: Quandre Diggs, *Tavon Wilson* CB: *Nevin Lawson*, Teez Tabor, Kevin Toliver Special Teams: K: Matt Pratter P: Sam Martin LS: *Don Mulbach* KR/PR: Jamal Agnew
  8. Lions Pick at 20

    Why would you compare him to Ziggy Ansah who basically played one year of college ball and only had 4.5 sacks? Davenport has about three years of college football history. His pass rush instincts shouldn't really be in question based off production of the last three years in sacks/TFL. It's fair to wonder about his technique and moves, hands, etc, but NFL coaches can prolly get a lot more out of players than Arlington Texas coaches(no offense to them.) Not to mention this year he'll basically be second or third fiddle depending on how people feel about Hyder/Zettel. Lots of 1on1's or opportunistic opportunities(3rd long) for his transition year. I'll admit at the time the Ziggy Ansah scared the heck out of me and I wanted to avoid him that early. Great pick by the Lions, good thing they didn't listen to me. I wanted Star Lotulelei or Chance Warmack.... Ansah was prolly the best pick in the top 10 of that draft and should of gone 1st overall or Hopkins.... Lions prolly have the best 1st and 2nd round selections easily with Ansah/Slay. Sucks we followed that up with Ebron/Van Noy/Swanson... None are on the team anymore lol and Ansah/Slay are the core of our defense.
  9. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Yeah not good, reading the details.... Sounds pretty rough. Wouldn't surprise me to see something serious happen with him through the courts.
  10. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    * Double *
  11. Lions Pick at 20

    Davenport easily. He won't be here in the real draft.
  12. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Yeah I don't know, I supported Kaepernick, I never liked him as a person though, for awhile but this is just blatant stupidity/ignorance to not answer that question. He's good enough to be a back up but you don't let a back up QB disrupt your fans/business. I mean you do have to act and be a certain way for basically any employer and the more prestigious the job the more requirements/ higher expectations of conduct usually. Saying he won't knee anymore to his employer is like a lawyer telling the firm he's not going to rise for the judge in court anymore. At this point I don't know what his problem is and now his case seems silly. I really don't think he even plans on playing football again honestly. His protest weren't really against the NFL but now he's got a case against the NFL because they won't hire him in a private league, cause his actions are deemed bad for business, and he wants to the business to suffer for his actions which idk, I can't get behind really when I think about it in a small business terms. Funny how he gets a job offer now though, lol. This case gets more complicated as I keep reading about it. I like what Kaepernick first stood for, police brutality, etc, etc, etc, we all know. But now it's turned to him vs the NFL and he kind of seems like a jerk about it to me, making himself to be a sacrificial lamb imo but clearly he's trying to be that lamb. If he chooses to use the league as a podium for his cause that is his choice but it is the leagues choice to not hire him if he's bad for business/ratings/etc. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23135580/seattle-seahawks-postpone-visit-colin-kaepernick-say-stop-kneeling-anthem
  13. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    No sympathy over here. Glad Lions passed on his dumbass. What a joke, complete moron honestly why would you ever touch a women like that unless she's trying to literally kill you first?!?!? Anyways, Hope he enjoys prison for awhile. I really want him to sit in the cell for awhile. I hope the team doesn't provide any influence through courts/attorneys. This is a bad dude, a really bad guy, and Jail/prison are made for people like him. People Just like him.
  14. Browns sign Jarvis Landry to 5 year extension

    This is too much... I don't know if they could of brought someone in from the open market but it's tough watching them trade for him and sign him like he's great. I'm a lions fan, and I'm not sure Landry is better than either Jones/Tate and he's getting paid almost double!!! At least you can say Browns went out and got their guy at WR.