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  1. This is fair, you're just willing to risk it. I understand this.
  2. Dorsey made a move for Alex Smith his first year with the Cheifs...
  3. Well, I can't make you give credit to teams that make the playoffs consistently in the hardest sport to make the playoffs, so, if you wanna discredit those guys/teams there isn't much conversation to have. I see it a little differently, you're welcome to slight it. I'm just not going to when 10-6/9-7 teams can/have won Superbowls.
  4. Yeah, idk, It's just philosophy I guess. Who do I tie my career to if I'm the Lions brass? If you pick a bust at QB with rookie staff. Idk, that spells disaster early. I'd prefer the known player vs unknown unless it's Trevor Lawrence. That's just if I'm actually running the show. I also personally don't mind that idea of gambling on Kyle Wilson/Justin Fields but I feel like now we'll have to move up and give up assets for one of those guys. Either way Lions approach this I'm excited to watch it unfold.
  5. Fair enough about this year with Cheifs/Bills. But it's a tough sell suggesting they're gonna fall off because they paid those guys. Wilson has kept the Seashawks teams competitive through a rebuild. They've replaced their secondary cause guys got older, or retired, Shermans the only noteable that left really for money and I believe some personality clashes might of also had to do with something(Sherman/Russell) Really, the point of our argument here should be. How good is Dak Prescott? Top 5? Top 10? An can you win with that guy when you have 66 million the next offseason, an
  6. Mahomes/Rodgers/Wilson/Allen/Goff/Roethlisburger all have big contracts and those teams make playoffs consistently. An I do get your point too. Way easier to build a team with a good rookie. But thats always the risk right? Picking the right rookie and him being actually good. Just something I'm personally rolling around in my head.
  7. Does anyone think Lions should be a player in the Dak Prescott sweepstakes after moving Stafford? Guys, 27. 5-6 year deal lines well with this current Staff. Not as much of a gamble as trading up/drafting a rookie either. Likely will have to break the bank, but tons of money can fall off the following years so not a huge deal outside of just this season. Stafford trade will bring in solid pieces to draft with, assuming at least another 1st rdp. Just an idea, could get this team competing in 1-2 years for a playoff spot, imo. I mean I might bend the knee if they could pull off Da
  8. Already talking about the Dan Campbell coaching tree. Love it.
  9. He pulled the Roy Williams trade to Dallas. But... Owners the owner. Who knows what Snyder will do. Mayhew was alright in trades, made solid ones, good/average signings. 50/50 drafts. But botching the Suh situation, rolling through crappy RB's and drafting Ebron not Aaron Donald might of really cost him his job here. He was better than Quinn/Millen.
  10. Hello Red.... Uh uhm! Washington Football team and Daniel Snyder!
  11. This does seem fair imo. I'd take 12th and a 3rd. Almost anyone with a top 25 pick and a third. What's disturbing for Washington/Den/NE/SF is they all are likely willing to give that price,(1st+3rd), so who's gonna sweeten it up? Not sure NE will pony up but the other three are capable. Just my opinion though. Seems like a bidding war about to start up.
  12. Not so bad players, confused about how you got all the picks though.
  13. Man, I really want this guy to do well now that ESPN is trashing him and the hire.
  14. Yeah I feel this way too. An the experience raises an eyebrow for sure, the good thing I hear about EVERY hire so far is that other organizations liked them or thought highly of them(GM/HC/DC). It's not just the Lions. They might be early to the party sure, but honestly they might not come here if they had better offers/situations.
  15. These aren't home runs but they're instant plug and plays that improve over what we have and won't break the bank. DT, Delvin Tomlinson DT, Jaleel Johnson DE, Dawuane Smoot LB, Neville Hewitt WR, Josh Reynolds
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