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  1. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I mean dude, the battle lines are pretty much drawn. You're either like me and totally skeptical of everything they're doing and want a complete overhaul... Or You're like Idog and Louis Fiend to where everything is sunny side up still for next year and a coordinator hire/off-season with big money signings plus a draft will fix things around here.
  2. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Not a terrible idea either. Deep guards, with that trade. Offense still prolly runs through Blake. Idk what you do at C really, maybe a buyout candidate works out but yeah. Not a bad move moving forward for next season even given our cap situation.
  3. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Man I want the Pistons to go after Bradley Beal so bad. Idk what it'd take to get him, Something like. Idk if that'd get it done but might get the wheels rolling and a conversation. Idk though, Pistons need a serious threat from their guards to give the bigs some space. Jackson just isn't the guy and Bullock&Crew just aren't even starters. Kyle Krover would of fit like a glove but that's passed on... Griffin/Drummond/Beal would be a solid big three for Pistons to really work with if they're willing to cough up the pick or possibly PICKS.
  4. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    I don't care if he's an NFL scout, he's not been watching the Lions/Stafford clearly the last ten years. Way to come up with a solid opinion Jrry32 over 1 game you watched. You see the Jets game? How about about the Bears? You see 2016? 2015? Any of it? Or just stat checking and noticing who we don't have right now vs who we had at the start of the season. Have you seen him choke against every playoff, hell even non-playoff caliber team in the last 10 years when it counts? Or what, none of that is his fault and they just need to flip the script on him again? Nothing against you at all, I'm just being a little sarcastic but seriously man, at some point what gives here? 10 years time and a come back victory against the Browns is the signature win? WOW. I mean I'm not sititng here and calling him complete trash either he's just not the QB people are sold to believe. He's more like Andy Dalton/Jay Cutler than Aaron Rodgers, believe that. He needs ALOT of talent around him, like a lot. Ok fellas, unfortunately for me we all know I won't get my wish of a total rebuild from FO/HC/QB. I'd literally settle for new FO/Coaches which is what I think Jrry32 originally said, but that't not happening either, I think we'll be here again next year asking our self's why Stafford can't win against good competition. It's not that he's totally the problem, he's not, the FO is too, but at the same-time he's not the solution either. He needs to be milked for assets for a rebuild imo. Stafford's just one of those guys, if I could surround him with top talent at a reasonable price for his talents then fine, but he's getting top money to perform average. People tell me to get over the money... I never had a problem with the money till he's literally proven he's not near top 10 QB material... If you're not that guy then I need that extra 8-12 million to get you a top notch weapon/protection. Spent wisely a good Gm can get more than 1 guy with that money. * Brady, Breese, Big Ben, Rivers, Rodgers, Wilson, Ryan, Luck, Newton, Mahomes, Wentz. * Like he's more similar with names like Dalton/ Goff/ Carr/ Jimmy G/ Watson/ Trubisky/ Cousins and more so, the problem is he's not getting better. Those guys have chances to get better outside of Dalton imo. * I sound combative often... I just want you guys to know how bad I want you to be actually right so I can enjoy watching the Lions. Theres nothing like Sundays when the teams in the playoff hunt/race.
  5. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    I agree though honestly man. When I look at Hacketts history with QB's... What the heck, Stafford would easily be the most talent guy he's ever coached at QB. Talk about always getting a raw deal as a coach, lol.
  6. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Idk man, Lions are a gutter franchise I get it but where does the standard of decency begin and end for the sake of wins/money? The owner is also a WOMEN so... Idk, I think it's more far-fetched than likely just for that reason alone. I expect some slimmy teams like the Bengals or Bucs to pick him up.
  7. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    Bengals will prolly pick this guy up. Not a slight either, just their history, etc. Wow... Andy Reid man. Not putting up that ish.
  8. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    Lol, So Stafford would be on his fourth HC, third GM and I'm suppose to expect something different? Don't let Stathew Padford fool you man. Dude's pretty good, I'm not saying he's a loser or anything but 28 million? Teams best player type dude... You're clearly in trouble and not a playoff contender if thats that case. Honestly if he was signed anywhere from 22-15 million per year I don't think we're having the same conversation.
  9. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    For the Lions it seems either or. That the way it is when your the worst organization in sports. The best and most proper thing to do is both... You do both at the same time... No way you trust BOB QUINN to Trade Stafford for future value, you don't trust him to draft those players, and absolutely no way I give him a chance to muck up my cap with or without Stafford( He's going to mess up the Lions cap situation this off-season signing a bunch of people to save his job. ) A real organization would trade Stafford, for what you said, and give the keys to someone else to spend all the cap money that'd come off the following year. Trading Stafford now and firing everyone and bringing in a whole new crew is way, way, too pro-active for these loser owner we have. Lions haven't ever really since MIllen even cleaned out completely, they promoted Matt Millens under-study... lol. (Though the Roy Williams trade was impressive by Mayhew.) Everyone everywhere in our organization right now guys, they are in over there heads. GM/Head Coach/ All coaches actually... EVERYONE execpt possibly our president who's doing a good job running/managing the "business." Guys, it's so terrible. We're literally the worst organization of all sports. Point to any team you wanna compare to and you'll see the sun is setting a little better than it is here, even in Cleveland with the Browns... I sincerely wish, and people say, Nah dont be like that, but honestly I wish the Lions where one of the teams to move to LA. I'd gladdly adopt another franchise and look for expansion even(yes expansion in football within Canada/America should happen. ) I respect people that seem to find some light with hope of a new coordinator and better supporting cast of talent but... Man. IDk, I don't trust Quinn will bring in the right guys. He's a liar... I don't trust Patrcia knows what he wants in guys. There's not much they've done since the Matt Patrcia hire really that I've agreed with or looks right. I mean most reasonable people realized things were fishy when Quinn hired a 1st time head coach to lead a team higher when it was a fringe playoff team three years in a row... Set your new coach up for failure almost immediately if he didn't make the playoffs lol... And whats happening, worst, they're regressing and the coach looks just as bad as the last. It's tough, I like football alot, but man... The Lions, our Detroit Lions, literally act like we are all stupid constantly with the football moves they do and the reasoning they give behind it. Some of you buy it up as soon as the beat writers print it. Like the Dave Birkett story saying we can't trade Stafford... yeah you can, Lions just won't because it's a spineless organization. You aren't winning anything next year anyways, so get proactive, move the guy, speed up the inevitable rebuild by a year or two... sheesh, we're not winning a Superbowl with Stafford . Instead of selling a stale fart next year with Stafford and crew Lions could sell the Fans hope and a rebuild. They won't even want to or will do that though. Lions have no guts, they'll roll the dice with Stafford cause he's a known commoditty to them and the organization has no skill/confidence in replacing/looking for someone better than Stafford. They're worried already about replacing Stafford 5 years from now... Not to mention fan boys like me and others will love the free agents they're about to over pay this off-season.
  10. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    Moving on from Stafford almost guarantees your worst next year not better. You'll not be able to spend money, You won't get a better QB in the open market anyways, and as far as drafting one, I think Ryan Finley can be something but who know's how good really. I think his ceiling is Matt Ryan more likely to turn out like Derek Carr or Andy Dalton his floor, imo, is he's just a career back up. To me he's a guy that needs time anyways so you'd have to bring a veteran in on top of that. Finely though, Not a guy you just trade Stafford for and take the cap hit and the chance on. You trade Stafford if you get multiple early round picks in multiple years or if a team offers it's first four picks in the 19 draft. No one's going to offer something crazy like that so yeah, the Stafford trades are kinda "meh". As far as reality. Should they trade him, outside of money, yeah. This is real life though and yeah no one can ignore the money.
  11. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    Well, for a struggling Matt Ryan he's got a 70% completion percentage, 24tds to 5 ints, 6 fumbles, 110 passer rating, high QBrating(above 70). Idk man... Really they're not comparable at all and ATL struggles don't have to do with Ryan as much as the run game falling out on them and the defense being worst than ours. One is for sure struggling, and the other is struggling to win games for his team. Not to mention he's Statthew Padford.... He's putting up numbers late in games when nothing matters and defense are basically in prevent. The comparable play, right now - this year, for Stafford outside of arm strength is Ryan Fitzpatrick as a Bill/Jet/Texan. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not saying that's who he is, but, i'm at that point to where he's like Alex Smith. Good enough to start, not good enough to be my teams best player and take tons of money. * Scary comparable career's with Jay Cutler...
  12. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    I'm not salty or anything I'm just tossing it back at you like... Whats your point with that question? Most people except Detroit fans will say Matt Ryan is a better QB than Matt Stafford. Which for perspective outside of Detroit, I said ask other forums...
  13. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    How about you go ask ATL fans who they rather have, then general football fans, and based on those two answers you'll see how relevant your question even is. I mean idk, I don't think people realize Alex Smith was about to lead three different teams to the playoffs. Winning playoff games on two of them and Staffords only been to the show twice period... That been said two organizations basically also gave up on Smith while fans here and still clamoring/defending/hailing Stafford as something... great, and none of the losing is his fault.
  14. Turkey day Chicago@Detroit

    Just stirring the pot old friend. As far as you're last sentence... Why didn't they just fire him when they got rid of Caldwell too then? What did the organization owe him as a Caldwell hire? Whats more upsetting to me as a fan is that they were/are rebuilding this year, and last offseason and they fired a good coach because they said they are better than 9-7. That's the most disappointing thing of all really. They pumped up the firing for playoff hopes and then screeched the brakes on all fans basically when free agency started. They set the picture up like they're trying to improve and fans bought it up, includding me, but when the New England coaches came out as rumors then the type of signings they kept making, I could tell with the offseason moves, etc, signings, that they had no real intent on winning anything this year and seem to be weeding through who they like/dislike on the roster and freeing cap. It's not a problem to rebuild on the fly with Stafford, but it's a huge problem when you lie to the fans or over-estimate the roster/scouting so much that they are basically forced to have to rebuild because you spent money wrong or didn't want to spend it on the right people. Lions organizational move is to pump you up in the off-season and feed hope during the season... and anything else including playoffs is gravy. I'm serious too, as a Detroit Lions fan, half of your attention or more is spent on the draft/offseason alone vs watcing the Lions I'm guessing. I'm not buying anything they're trying to sell us right now. Results, results, results speak less but prove more than guys that are paid to cover and promote sports for a living, especially locally. For crying out loud if Bob Quinn went out and just got Caldwell a legitimate runner on this team we'd of been a legit playoff team... Think about that. Prolly 10 RBs or more that were available, who are better than Ameer Abdullah in 2017 prolly gets the Lions into the playoffs. Thats not even mentioning trades, or exploring one.
  15. Turkey day Chicago@Detroit

    Most people recognize they need more than just a coordinator and they've been setting up JBC as the scapegoat basically... since week 4 or 5. Was it the offense/coordinators fault they went for 2 for no reason... lol. Serious though, IDOG, I think there problems run way deeper than just a coordinator. I really think this HC is over his head.