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  1. Slay and Snacks

    Pay Snacks. Trade Slay and a 2nd rdp for OLB Jadeveon Clowney. Pay Clowney.
  2. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Oh wow, https://www.blessyouboys.com/2019/7/5/20683850/detroit-tigers-al-avila-contract-extension-poll This makes me cry, an Al Avila extension? For what? Bothers me because he doesn't deserve it in any way. He's pretty much proven nothing and if anything, proven that he's less capable than others... But... Idk I'm convinced they're going to sell the Tigers eventually here so keep the same crew in town till it's sold is the typical strategy. We seen it with the Pistons when Mr. Davidson died and his wife basically let the team just roll on till she sold it to Gores who, I thought at the time, would be a decent owner but clearly he's top 5-10 worst owners in the NBA right now. It's not on a Pheonix/New York level yet but we're getting right on par with the Magic/Kings.
  3. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Tigers needs to quit messing around and go out and grab the prospects they've been rumored to want/asking for. Cough up a little extra if they have too the future young hitters are more important than today's everyday players. Tucker in RF and Brohm at 3B or 1st. I know people aren't fans of Miguel Cabrera but... These two playing with one of the best hitters EVER could learn somethings. An if the Tigers become semi competitive the next season, not division winners or anything but something close or a little north of .500. Miggy will help more/be more engaged imo. Both players above could settle in to the middle of our batting line-up as well with good power/average.
  4. Pretty sure the house needs to be cleaned and started over if the Lions come with a 4-12 record. I can't even think of 1 legitimate reason to keep the FO/Coaches if they pull a 4-12. Stafford? Eh, might as well trade him too at that point. New FO, new coach, they'll need assets and likely want a different QB. To be honest with everyone I'm counting on something like this to happen, straight up expecting it, so, I've been peaking around the corner and looking around the league for top notch FO people that deserve a chance to run a team. Not that it matters, I don't get to hire them, but I just like seeing how incapable the FORD'S are when a guy on his computer can think about hiring better candidates to run my fake team than they can do in real life. I don't mind being cynical anymore, I completely understand the Lions are just pumping the cow for cash/money vs actually committing/committed and trying to win something. They're no better than the Pistons currently. I don't even plan on watching them come Sundays because... why? I'm expecting 4-12 lol. I'll wait to be pleasantly surprised before I waste my Sundays again this fall.
  5. Grade your teams draft night

    Sekou Douyoumba (15th) - The Pascal Siakam comparison is lazy but accurate imo, at worst I think we're seeing someone like Al-Farouq Aminu. I think Siakam is who he's going to turn into. Good feet for a post player, little outside game, He'll be able to give Blake a lot less minutes and responsibility next season. I'd like to play him in the G-league for a year, but, I think he'll be too good to stash and Pistons will play him behind Blake. He should help keep Blake healthy by playing a lot of minutes(20-25mins). A good owner would look to move Blake if Douyoumba proves to be any type of quality. I think Portland would be in serous consideration for Blake if he's made available at the deadline. Deividas Sirvydis (37th) - Traded back with Cleveland(for cash and 3 future 2ndrdp), then moved up with Dallas, Think I would of rather just stayed and picked Porter Jr. but word on the web is this kid can shoot, shoot well, is smart and has a good shot to make the NBA without being a great athelete. I think we're seeing a ceiling of someone like Kyle Krover/Mike Miller and a floor of someone like Kyle Singler. Might look great if he turns into a 3 point threat/sniper off the bench and we netted some future 2nd rdp's while securing him. Won't surprise me to see him stay in Europe a year, or come over and play in the G-league. Transition year for the young fella. Jordan Bone (57th) - Good player, imo, that was picked too low. He's got some Jarrett Jack/Ish Smith/Monte Morris in him. I think he can play for the Pistons this year but they've signed him to a two-way deal and look to be planning on developing him in Grand Rapids. Questions about his strength, length, and ability to actually run a teams offense. I think he'll answer all those questions early in the G-league and ends up as the Pistons back-up by January. I'm not flipping my chair over, but it's a good draft imo for the Pistons. Solid B. Pistons drafted guys that can come in and help the team for a long time but aren't exactly game changing All-stars. Might take time, they aren't day 1 starters imo. * The most important thing as a Pistons fan at this point... Is to hope and pray Pistons can move/trade Andre Drummond and/or don't resign him. I don't think Reggie Jackson can be moved, so hopefully after this season they just let him walk and don't resign him. These guys are a complete disaster here and the fans, for the most part, hate these two players except for literally the diehards/crazy's(imo.) Fans have a real hard time relating to these guys. They would be better off in different situations imo. *
  6. I'm not even trying to be that guy. Honestly. I live in Michigan, Family in Windsor/London.... Yeah. Like, Canada is sweet, and if I could get a good job I might move to Toronto/Montreal but they're expensive. lol. Like, Idk, I feel like you're still not grasping my main argument. Maybe southern Ontario is a bit different but I'm not sure all Provinces play a local broadcast of a certain team and even more so if they did so of a team from a city in your own Province then I'd have to believe more fans would be draw in that either weren't before or just casually caught a game when they could. Like who does Quebec city, Calgary or Halifax watch? Whatever the national broadcast plays that week? Or is their a team that they specifically play every week so a fan base is developed? I gets Canadians like football. I just think they'd like it better if they had their own teams.
  7. Well yeah, I mean I'm pretty sure the Bengals are a local broadcast in the state. I might be wrong though. I'm not from either area. I'm not neccessarly saying they deserve a team or anything I'm just saying tapping into markets that already have fans that watch a team on local broadcast isn't maybe as rich as catching a whole new fan base in Canada. (Maybe it is IDK for sure I'm just thinking out-loud I guess. ) I'm not doubting San Antionio can support a franchise either but they fit my argument about cannibalizing whats already there vs tapping into Canada and creating new... Don't most those fans already support one of Houston or Dallas? Maybe both at times?
  8. There's no way to "factually" back my statement up other than just opinion, which, one other canadian fan sort of agreed with me. So... Maybe... the opinion or take... It's not worthy of nose bleed. It's ok if you disagree, I understand, there are fans in Canada of NFL teams, but I don't get the blatant condescending take like YOU know most are just as serious as American fans with teams in their city's/states and local TV channels... and I'm just acting like "that" ignorant American.... One guy mentioned a 14 hour drive from Winnipeg just to watch the Vikings or something... The above poster mentioned catching games on the internet(not hard, but still) Sorry if I think that's like, not normal in Canada. Maybe it is and you're all that committed. I just thought, through pure ease, it's easier for American fans to be more serious(or even more casual... lol) about teams than Canadian fans are. Not because we're better, or whatever, but because a Canadian has to jump some minor hoops to watch games or go to games, etc, that for the most part American's don't. I just thought/think it'd be easier for fans to latch on and stay on if Canada had it's own team(S) that they could locally broadcast every week.
  9. Oline, for sure. Can't add much on that front from what others have said already. Need protection need a better run game.
  10. Are we really as bad as people think?

    I agree completely. An why soooooo literal on that? Like there is a clear difference between guys that can move around the pocket and make plays running like Russell/Newton/Mahomes/Rodgers(at times), etc and guys like Rivers/Stafford/Brady/Ryan who make plays with their arms and in the pocket vs running around much at all.
  11. Are we really as bad as people think?

    The Lions lost the last three games to throw away the division and backed into the playoffs in 2016 in epic fashion getting blown out by Dallas/GB and not even scoring a TD vs the Giants. Stafford didn't will them in or anything like you're suggesting. So, yeah I'm not calling Stafford a loser or bad, but clutch... meh... He's losing quite a bit of games going into the fourth quarter vs teams Lions have no business losing to sometimes...(like the JETS this year.) I think the come backs vs the Bears/Vikings that season stick out (to you) when really Lions just beat bad teams and the bad team(S) had the lead most of the game. I mean I don't know he's not won anything of significance really when it matters. I'm not even sure anymore but does he have a road win now vs a team with a winning record? I guess that's what I mean about clutch and my standard is definitely only reserved for a few players in the league. A lot of these guys are good and can do things. Only, like you said, 5-10 players in the whole league (IMO) I'd consider, "clutch." You make a valid point in that he prolly should be credited for the limited success the Lions have had during his time. His play didn't really drop till this season, when it was more expected to fall when Calvin Johnson retired. I think he should be credited for the Lions success/playoff appearances too. As a Lions fan since 1993(5yr 1st game Silver Dome) He's the best QB I've seen on the team. Hopefully these freaking TE's work out for us man and our team does something great. I'm dying to see a playoff win.
  12. Are we really as bad as people think?

    When has Stafford been clutch in your opinion? What game did you see him just dominate and say yeah, that's what we need in Cousins. Especially this season. Curious because outside of whoopin on stinkers I can't think of one time when Stafford was "clutch" and his play resulted in a huge much needed win. Infact I think every time we need wins we've lost and he's been a bit of the reason why(not making plays. The 4th quarter come backs after being down double digits and teams playing prevent don't really count. It's why he's called Statthew Padford around here. *Now I'm not calling him the worst QB, but clutch? Clutch? I think he's an above average QB that needs protection to make plays, but I don't think he's a clutch player that makes things happen out of thin air and makes lesser players better/raise their game.
  13. I mean the interest is there no doubt. No doubts. But Canadian fans aren't quite as crazy about any team in the NFL as they are there own in the other leagues. They love the Raptors and Blue Jays when they do well. I think just as much or even more interest would hold for a NFL franchise in one or all the four city's I mentioned (TOR/MON/CAL/VAN). It'd be a new market for a franchise vs starting something up in like idk, Kentucky or San Antonio where there are also already football fans likely already watching football every weekend vs (likely) the Canadian who catches games when he can and is a casual fan. Starting a franchise in Canada, specifically TOR/MON, grabbing high T.V. ratings for a Canadian team would be a new market. Selling apparel, etc, all that would be new and growing in Canada. While the basis and want is there, It's not a developed/mature market for the NFL.
  14. Pretty cool. Rules changes are changing the way the game is played since I first started watching it but it's still pretty entertaining game right now, if the NFL can figure out how to really get Canada involved, with possible expansion. Cool. It's a brand new large market. I like the idea of inviting 2-4 Canadian teams to the league(Vancouver/Calgary/Toronto/Montreal). I wish Mexico city wasn't so far either because, to me, it'd be neat to involve our brothers from the south in one of the four major sports. Mexico is FULL of people, huge market even though the country is relatively poor compared to American/Canadian GDP. Still, it's a way sports could Unite the Americas, Involving all in, exposure, wealth, etc.
  15. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    That's the "rumor". Idk if these guys have real legs to stand on though. I might consider a 1 year extension with some kinda of signing bonus to make them feel better but they're both signed to solid contract that last two more years. Business is business though, can't totally blame these guys if they want paid more. They'd be cut in a second if they weren't living up to the money.