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  1. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    OMG, Is Dingler really that good? I literally know nothing about him outside the name and his school he's from. Going to cringe at that name for awhile till he's so good I just can't anymore! lol. Serious note, It'd be really good if he was starter quality at C. Tigers need someone like Slim mentioned cause Rodgers looks at best right now... a back up C.
  2. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Don't know much outside of the first round guys in the MLB to be honest. Least favorite sport, Hard to know teams full rosters all the time too... but, I still pay attention. That being said it's pretty damn hard to watch college baseball prospects! Some are in frickin highschool! It's like the hardest draft to follow! That being said I seen some of Torkelson. Dude looks sweet. I think he'll be up like, soon soon; Next year soon. Wild for a MLB prospect I think. (Outside of a pitcher) Dudes got an eye with some power and a sweet swing. He's going to hit for average, power, draw walks, RBI's. He'll be the first hitter I think I've seen Tigers bring up that'll be a Star.(IMO) I really hope they don't screw things up by moving him to 3rd! Just let him play his natural position, C.J. Cron is a UFA next year anyways, the ideal move is trade CJ Cron at the MLB deadline anyways!(if there is one this year even.) Now the rest of the draft... Who knows! I know they drafted a guy named Dingler which sounds iffy, even worst when he's from Ohio State, but I'll let that slide for now! I literally know nothing about the rest of these guys, just hope one or two work out. It's nice when you draft a guy like Skubal late and you can insert him with your top picks. I'm Really rooting for Deathrage over Dingler, and idk what Deathrage's position is but it's obvious why! It's just tough to think a Tiger can be a Dingler at the same time...
  3. 2020 NFL Draft

    Can't complain too much out of this draft overall. I think Lions pulled out with three starters(Bold), and four solid back-up/rotational players(underlined). Not sure I love Cephus/Cornell. Didn't love Okudah at 3 cause I'm not sure he'll be better than Slay but we'll see. I would of liked it better if they just kept Slay/ signed Trufant/ picked Okudah. Cut Coleman. ( Just me though, personal thing. ) Heavy critique usually of this regime and stuff. Overall. Not bad. B+ grade and I consider myself pretty tough on teams. I think the run game/offensive line is improved with some strategic positions/players selected defensively. (Top Cover guy/run defense). One of the easier things in the NFL to do is improve run defense with big bodies. Being able to stop the run and being able to run limits others and creates more options for our own team. It sounds simple but both those things are building blocks to a much bigger foundation for success. Controls clock, keeps defense off the field and rested, creates a mental situation for teams that can't physically stop you and enforces a team will, makes our offense less predictable and makes other teams more predictable. Stafford's already a strength, a really good running back combo will be the best thing Stafford's had since Calvin Johnson. They really sold me the 2nd and 3rd day trying to upgrade the run game/run defense/physicality/and mentality. This might be Quinns best draft to be honest.
  4. Round 6, Pick 197: John Penisini

    Man... He's built like a tree stump. Can't say I know much about him but just after a few looks around the web he's the type of NT I like. Didn't know much before the selection though. Like this pick. Surprising get by Quinn and crew.
  5. Round 5, Pick 172: Jason Huntley

    Classic gadget type player on offense, return specialist. I like this selection and thought it was a good one. Agnew is good/ok. I don't have gripes with him but getting fresh legs returning always seems to be a trend in the NFL, returners DO NOT LAST. He's got the ceiling of someone like Darren Sporles, Josh Cribbs, Tavon Austin. He should have a solid stint at least as a returner with potential for more if used correctly in an offense. * Personally, I think he'll just be a solid/above average returner. *
  6. Round 4, Pick 121: Logan Stenberg

    I really like this guy at RG. I think he'll start to be honest. I went through and read somethings others said and will just highlight what I like. Big. Mean/Nasty. Strong hands. Above average pass protector. I actually like him better than Jonah Jackson. But now.... Jackson looks pretty solid as a back up interior linemen imo. Prolly better than Russell Bodine as a back up C/G.
  7. 2020 NFL Draft

    Oohhhh man... I don't like this pick at all. Not sure he'll ever start in the NFL. Cushenberry would of been alot better, pick, imo. Dont mind the position though. Maybe they'll swing Dahl to RG and play this kid at LG.
  8. 2020 NFL Draft

    OOOHHH shooot! lol.
  9. 2020 NFL Draft

    I guess.... JOSH JONES... Come on baby!!!
  10. 2020 NFL Draft

    Dang. Lewis was a guy I felt like teams could plug in at RG day 1 and be fine with. Seattle just made a solid pick I think. Stil leaves Josh Jones available though. Idk what teams aren't seeing in this kid but I think he can easily handle his own at RT.
  11. 2020 NFL Draft

    Meh ok not bad. Brother with brother. Not hating it but thought Josh Jones was a slam dunk honestly.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft

    JOSH JONES. Day 1 RT! Upgraded RG with Viati. Full upgrades along the line. Easy pick... Enough talent though to where they wont tick me off if they pick someone else like Edwards/Baun/Elliot/Cushenberry/Okwara/Lewis.
  13. 2020 NFL Draft

    Dang, I like Davis.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft

    Long ways till our selections but I think DT Raekwon Davis, DE A.J. Epenesa, RG John Simpson, T Josh Jones, CB Trevon Diggs, and WR Bryan Edwards are my favorites at the moment. . We'll see what happens!
  15. 2020 NFL Draft

    Well, looking for a monster RG, a interior pass rusher, DE, or one of the talented WR's that fall in the 3rd. I'm fine with settling on who lands were when our picks come up in the third round.