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  1. Ya. Deal must be re-done for it to Make sense. Obviously we’re a long ways from 2022
  2. I’ve had a few cocktails, but I don’t think you can let a QB playing like this leave in 2022.
  3. Been thinking all along it’s not a forgone conclusion he’s gone next year in 12’s mind
  4. AZ almost lost to the vikes. They’re not invincible esp if Jaire is back somehow
  5. Comparing the wage gap to the Holocaust may be one of the single dumbest things I’ve seen on FF.
  6. I didn't even read the orginal quote of yours or comment on it. The gender pay gap one just rustles my jimmies because it's based on so much false information, especially the whole 77 cents "fact" of it that is preached like gospel. A gap does exist still, just not to the extent that some use it to for political purposes . Things like career/feild choice need to be taken into consideration. That was the point.
  7. Agreed. Thus, that person in medical school likely had more desireable and rare skills than me that are more highly rewarded.
  8. Yes. M.S., MBA, professional degree, and another M.S. Never stopped going because work pays for it. But guess what It dosent matter, surgeons make more because it's a much more scarce skill and people's lives depend on it. Maybe like how a RB will never make as much as a QB?
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