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  1. Too bad churches aren’t open to confirm?
  2. The needle really didn't need to be moved much or at all to contend tbh. They're a very talented and well coached team.
  3. Yeah I would not be happy about giving up those picks if I was a Seattle fan but they are going to be a super bowl level team with Adams.
  4. In his defense everyone was high on flipper that’s off season
  5. But the team paying their QB the most (GB) is likely in the best shape as of right now 🤔
  6. Hopefully Jerry Gray can also help out with some pumping in fake crowd noise he was familiarized with in MN.
  7. Fair Take. He has had premium defensive talent much of that time, however. Will be interesting to see how his defense performs over the next couple years as some established talent departs his defense and some players are aging.
  8. Obviously no one is privy to what went down and I don't follow this stuff closely, but with the whole family think Olivia seemed a little crazy.
  9. Well, good thing there are two drafts and Free agency periods before 2022?
  10. I agree. And while 2020 might not be the year, Bill will show everyone over the next few years that he played a larger role in their organization’s success than Brady. Bill just needs an adequate QB to be a good team.
  11. Matt Ryan Will crush most of Tarkenton’s achievements by the time he’s done
  12. You'd hate to get a NFL MVP, All Pro, multiple time probowl QB who went #3 overall in the 20s? I'm not fond of Matt Ryan ( mostly because he plays for the Falcons), but if we got his career out with some mobility of Love I'd be happy. That would be one heck of a QB stretch play for GB.
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