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  1. Week 6: Other Games

    Not really, facts don’t care about feelings. Statically GB has a league average defense so far and better than MN’s in most categories. Does that mean zimmer is bad at defense or that GBs is better? Not really, and I think going off one poor game to say Pettine is bad like capers just isn’t smart. much like I won’t go off 5 games to say Zimmer is suddenly bad at fielding a defense when he’s been one of the best.
  2. Bye Week Assessment Thread

    Ya I meant to apecify among TEs
  3. Bye Week Assessment Thread

    He has what, 80 career TDs and didn't he lead the league in TDs in seattle last year? I think it's safe to say no.
  4. There’s a high life there too for you
  5. I mean, the 30-33 game the Packers won last night was pretty much a shootout. The Rams are obviously a different animal, but the Packers offense put up ~500 yards. I'd call that consistent enough to win a shootout.
  6. Kevin King got beat early but he also responded with a INT, PD, and Fumble recovery.
  7. Extend Mike McCarthy

    I wouldn't laugh. If the Packers have a successful season, MM's going to get an extension. He's only got one year on his deal now.
  8. 2019 Murphy / Gute Off-Season moves

    If the Rookie WRs keep the growth up, I don't see us paying Cobb. I like the guy but he's just too expensive with the WR depth. Clay can come back for depth if he's cheap. Use that Cobb/ Matthews $ at EDGE/ Safety. HaHa is the only priority extension for me really.
  9. Bye Week Assessment Thread

    I don't think your assessment of being "thin" on the O-line is wrong, but relative to the rest of the NFL, we're not that thin there. GB has a good Oline. There is just a shortage of good Olineman in the league so its hard to be Thicc for the O line.
  10. @Outpost31 I think you may have to brush up on our rookie WR performance sig bet soon
  11. Week 6: Other Games

    Oh so Mike Zimmer sucks as a defensive mind if I cherry pick the Bills game? Defense had a bad half, it happens and doesn't mean the DC is trash because of it.
  12. Can the defense use the bye week to learn they have to play a whole game and not just one half per game?
  13. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Someone delete this damn thread.