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  1. Per capita isnt close and not sure what you're getting at with China vs what I stated.
  2. Don't you think there's a correlation there with GPD etc? The healthcare part is a different story, but when I lived in Europe ( I loved it) it always amazed me how little some countries worked and their high unemployment rates etc.
  3. I've spent time overseas and its great. But I don't really care what they like for sports. If i wanted to like sports based on what's popular in other countries, I'd go with soccer.
  4. While the bucks are great and I like Giannas.. NFL is king. NBA is nothing compared to it.
  5. Check your notes on his injured 40 and compares him to a slow Bubba at a different position. Got it.
  6. Unexpected? Funchess Basically everyone assumes he will suck or be cut.
  7. Both wonderful for similar and difference reasons (being on HBO advantage for example).
  8. He's making millions from ESPN for pushing their drama narrative that gets clicks and views from . It's the hole problem with the media at large.
  9. In all seriousness, it will be Parker Favre in 2035.
  10. Kind of a reach to assume the world is still going by 2035 tbh.
  11. Agreed on DL with Daniels and Clark but Keke will be another if he can not get concussions.
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