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  1. Just because they did damage control dosent mean it still wasn’t a bad decision to trade for him. Both can be true.
  2. Rodgers played like **** and everyone know it. he had his worst game of the season and worst in a long time. Same with the O line. But at least Rodgers looked he wanted to win.
  3. Seemed like to me the offensive line got punched in the mouth all day long after those drives. Not that Rodgers got soft after taking a hit ( which he got right back up from and a few more) Rodgers was also the only one talking **** back to Suh et al, while his OL was getting worked and he was getting hit. He may not have played well today but not sure he’s the one I’d call playing soft.
  4. Ya staying with a DC who perpetually lets you down is a MM move.
  5. To be fair, I had a few cocktails at that time But when some Rube like me can spot where the QB is going pre snap you defense is screwed. especially where the DB is playing several yards off the Offensive player on like a 3rd and 2.
  6. While the colts may match up well vs GB, The colts have lost to the jags and the browns. Let’s not crown them yet.
  7. That’s fine. But San Fran of 2020 isn’t the team of 2019
  8. Aikman or Buck said in the broadcast they heard it wasn’t long term but who knows how accurate that was
  9. I’ve stayed silent in this thread. Fire Pettine and let Jerry Gray take over the defense
  10. if you’re worried about the media dictating how you run your team, you’ve got big leadership issues
  11. Wtf was Rodgers even in the second half if they weren’t playing to win? I love MLF, but this was his worst coached game so far by a mile
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