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  1. Nah Packers reach agreement with Charles Woodson (espn.com)
  2. Say it after me, wins are not a QB stat. Wins are a team stat.
  3. If Kenny, Z, and Keke can get interior pressure that would be great.
  4. Yeah. His disorder factored heavily into his departure as GM and surely passing away at a youngish age.
  5. I still don't see it happening but sounds like Vea has more of a shot to play than originally thought.
  6. Has anyone done/seen a breakdown of personnel differences since week 6? For example GB: Lazard King Snacks Austin Tramon Martin No Mont Adams/ Shepherd etc Tampa: Brown Fournett No Cappa etc
  7. Wilde is an emotional dude but that’s hard to hear from someone who got to have that conversation with Ted in person that the Packers were his life.
  8. How did Tramon look for you guys this year in the few games he played?
  9. It's obviously not good sign, but I don't think him missing practice on Thurs means a vet like him is out.
  10. Gonna be even more of a bummer if he wasn't able to see them win another Superbowl by just a few weeks.
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