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  1. Perhaps but what did Jimmy G/ Sternbeger do with MLF? Early for stern but there’s no guarantee he’ll development like Tonyan who has really become a good player and Rodgers loves him.
  2. I don’t think we’re gonna have to pay Tonyan this off seas but if he keeps playing at this level for a couple years he’s gonna cost some coin to keep
  3. What happens to jones or did I miss that? Seems notable
  4. The solution is simple. Clone 3 more Elgton Jenkins.
  5. That draft and 2019 could turn out to be very impactful. People's draft expectations are impossible. Also agree that Gute is a keeper, although he has some areas to improve for sure. Namely fixing the run defense. Although that may be a coordinator shift too. IF Gutey somehow gets 2-3 more huge years out of Rodgers, convinces Love to stick around, and Love pans out, and trades Rodgers for something nice gutey will be all-time great.
  6. He and Jaire have been absolutely home runs by gutey
  7. Can definitely relate to that. do all you wisco guys around here still work at that Epic place? I got a chance to tour it a few months ago and it was crazy
  8. I don’t like to see a guy lose his job, but this needed to happen.
  9. Pettines defense gonna stop playoff offenses or is Rodgers going to go Godgers mode and score 40+ with Tavon returns for that to happen?
  10. They are.. Philly’s offense is worse?
  11. a fan wants their team to waste a 3rd rounder for entertainment?
  12. a fan wants their team to Burn a 3rd rounder for entertainment?
  13. Came in here for the Tavon Austin homer talk, stayed for the Peter Warrick talk.
  14. I’d think he’s more of a KR/PR..Get stills too and the crowd will go Wild
  15. Yes but the even better news is that his and Elgtons replacements are good and we can hopefully let him walk for a comp pick.
  16. I think this has likely been his worst game of the season. No? king dropping that pick so they get more points pisses me off
  17. Bet Jimmy G hates this game big time right now
  18. Damn Rodgers almost got the lazard king killed
  19. I know as well as anyone the Pettine collapse is coming vs a good team. but tonight the D got 3 turnovers a TD and 10 pts so far and people are still pissed lol
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