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  1. My first thought too, I am confident they will turn it around from that level of play. . Then again, Tampa has Todd Bowles and we don't. Lot of ball game left, and some young players need to step it up. but I don't like seeing GB ever play with that level of effort. Perhaps. Det recently seems to play GB pretty tough. Nice they have Goff and not Stafford now. The tough part is San Fran is after Detroit too. We all know their recent history vs GB.
  2. Ya I thought we were looking at basically a career ender the way the beat writers were talking on Twitter.
  3. It’s week 1. And likely a forgettable one. Everyone needs to chill out
  4. I’d take Jaire over Davenport by a lot. And id take Jaire and Savage over Davenport by a lot a lot.
  5. Could he turn out to be The one who got away?
  6. It’s gonna be a tough call. Would a tag and trade even be an option with adams?
  7. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/randall-cobb-green-bay-packers-nfl-football
  8. Fair, I may be overlooking how it ended/is going to end with the QBs more than I should.
  9. The Saints have a WR who’s name is literally Lil'Jordan Humphrey
  10. Texans trade starting cornerback Bradley Roby to New Orleans Saints (usatoday.com) But suspended. They have 2 other starting CBs on the injury update.
  11. You’re from SD too? usf and augie should also combine for one big school in SF since politics will never let usd leave Verm. Dumb ***** chose the state prison in SF over USD back in the day. 44 SD plate is good for hunting though? That’s where the residential growth is happening the fastest in the metro idc if people from SD hate Sioux Falls but sometimes the hate is a bit stupid. SF is like 1/3 of the states economy and lots of good things come to the state because of it. I just wish Sioux Falls was somehow where Rapid is located but then it would have no good jobs.
  12. SDSU last week on the other hand... USD is kind of a horrible town in general ;). USD should be in Sioux Falls. The business, Law, Medical School of the state in Vermillion? lol
  13. IDK how Barry will work out, but past failure with horrible players dosen't always mean someone won't succeed elsewhere. We all saw this when MM came from a bad SF offense to GB in 2006. And to a lesser level again when MLF picked Hackett for OC. I seem to remember a lot of hate around here for that hire. And the guy had been fired mid season the year prior. Before that, Hackett led the leagues 29th ranked passing offense in Buffalo before they were all fired. Now Hackett is loved by Rodgers and helped lead the best offense in the league. Obviously this isn't apples to apples as having R
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