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  1. More like Shefter may have intentionally ruined draft day weekend for me. Normally a top weekend of the year I look forward to as well.
  2. Here's the video. Don't forget, Aaron let JJ break his contract extension sorry awhile back. James Jones: Aaron Rodgers-Packers saga 'fixable,' A.J. Hawk 'hopeful' sides can work it out (nfl.com)
  3. Kuhn was pretty clear that it was about him wanting to control how his career ends. Aka his contract situation. What doesn't make sense about him rejected the reports its about getting Gutey fired? Some said he won't come back if gutey is there, Jones is saying thats not accurate.
  4. Looking more and more like the media blew it out of proportion and he’s not going anywhere.
  5. Which, to be blunt, has large been the track record of the front office for a decade.
  6. I see your point and agree to an extent, but you need your QB to be a star if your defense isn't amazing if you're going to compete in the playoffs.
  7. Shefter and ESPN are the worst. They have basically followed the model of regular “news” and think their job is to create **** content for clicks. I hate this term dearly, but they’re entirely “fake news”. That Vet QB report from today was a prime example of it. They tried to drum up a panic by reporting something Gutey said was going to happen anyway with a vet QB with no context just to get people Going.
  8. I think it more has to do with the QB situation driving discussion.
  9. I don't think this is really news, Shefter. Gutey mentioned this himself at his press conference and needing a 3rd arm.
  10. anyone with a membership care to share what Randall said?
  11. This may be far fetched but I think Favre should be glad Rodgers turned out HOF to a degree. It mad everyone forget what he did real quick and not be butt hurt about . He was a complete D bag but everyone forgot because Rodgers was tearing it up.
  12. Rodgers is trying to force his way to retire a Packer is what I gather from this and dosent want it. But who knows, prob something new tomorrow For now:
  13. It's obviously Corey Lindsley was the only FA he informd of his intentions. Raven Greene heard it though the grapevine.
  14. Bak too. Seems odd but him doing that would be pretty damn lame
  15. IF this is true that he told players not to resign in GB it’s time for the pretty girl to stop getting preferential treatment and trade him to Houston or something.
  16. Demo is saying the joint practices with Houston were loathed by Rodgers too... What?? They are digging back into stories for ANYTHING
  17. Like I said, idk what the truth is. But if it came from them, there's some lying going on.
  18. I don't pretend to have the details or information to know the situation... but based on what limited info we have Rodgers said he didn't want it public so this would contradict about the only things he's communicated.
  19. Could be. But again, I think there's a lot of conjecture circulating too for people that need to write stories/produce content, and I'll wait to sift through the BS. Hopefully 12 addresses it himself soon.
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