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  1. Fire Doug Pederson

    What offensive minds are out there to bring in? Purge someone from the Rams? Chiefs?
  2. Too much doom and gloom in here tho. A switch needs to just turn on and get our offense in rhythm. Defense suprisingly keeping us in every game. Rather go the playoffs and get some experience
  3. Im sure every coach in the league thinks they can fix a player
  4. WR Golden Tate to the Eagles for a 3rd

    Turkey looked like it did wonders for their chemistry
  5. We left some points on the board but saw a lot of things to be optimistic about. Golden Tate looking comfortable finally
  6. Week 12: Everything Sucks Eagles vs Giants

    We can't blame Schwartz for missed tackles. Like complete whiffs
  7. Anyone miss Jalen Mills?
  8. Richard Rogers Designated to Return from IR

    Forgot he was on the team
  9. Looked like the plan was a chuck to the endzone which was rushed due the pass rush