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  1. Eagles Extend Carson Wentz

    Dude said Dak is statistically better. U can have that W if you want
  2. New Packers HC Tears Achilles

    Torn Achilles playing knockout...lol Should the Packers considering moving on for a coach more durable? The Sean Lee of head coaches?
  3. DE Chris Long retires

    2 Superbowl rings is cool and all but he wasnt anywhere near the main reason those teams won the Superbowl. Citing it in this argument is invalid
  4. Biggest talent wasted on a team.

    Devin Booker for this era
  5. Eagles exercised Wentz's 5th year option

    Nick Foles played two great playoff games thats it.
  6. What are some of NFL's longest unresolved mysteries?

    The thought process behind that fake punt play the Colts ran against the Pats a few years ago
  7. Harden is well behind the three point line. Where exactly is Draymond supposed to stand?
  8. Eagles resign DT Jernigan (1 year)

    That DT rotation is sick. Go grab a stud Linebacker in the draft and lets have a parade in February.
  9. 2019 Eagles Schedule

    Go 4-2 within the Division at least. I think we can get 6 outside the division
  10. Seahawks extend Russell Wilson QB with a new Contract

    Exactly. Its a Non-Issue
  11. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Lmmmaaoooooo not at all
  12. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Im a Crunchyroll guy. Idk if it is
  13. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Have you guys watched The Promised Neverland? The first season just ended. It surged into my top 5
  14. Bears trade Jordan Howard to Eagles

    I don't understand how production in a predictable and one dimensional offense is a bad thing. All defense had to game plan for was that and he was hard to stop? If he can catch a screen pass he'll do just fine