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  1. The Champions Camp - Training Camp begins

    What's the chances Alshon plays week 1?
  2. I remember more fails than moments of greatness from Tony Romo. Starting with the botched hold on the FG attempt
  3. Every thing is gucci with Aaron Donald but hes not gonna report to camp anyway
  4. How great could the 08 Giants have been?

    If losing one guy in Plaxico completely derailed their season, they couldn't have been an all-time great team
  5. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    Is it me or was Cooks not that impressive last year
  6. NFL News & General Info Thread

    My favorite Eagles Running Back after Frank Gore
  7. Gotta look at the big picture. Ginger Jesus delivers a sport complex. Kids use this complex to discover they're really good at this sport, they put in 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, play professionally, make millions, and in turn bring more funds to Haiti #GodsPlan (And I'm willing to bet he's bringing food and water as well)
  8. Post Draft Roster : Current Thoughts?

    You guys are trying out S Jason Matovu, I went to highschool with him. Hope he can latch on to the PS at least.
  9. Bold Predictions Thread

    The Bucs will win the NFC South
  10. DAL trades WR Ryan Switzer for DL Jihad Ward

    Thought Switzer would take over for Cole Beasley soon. Seems like an odd trade for the Cowboys
  11. He needs the football in his hands...put him at TE
  12. Living in Boston I've been paying attention to the Pat's a lot this off season. How do you guys feel about the lack of picks so far, not used to address the front 7? From an outsiders perspective it seemed like the weakest area on the team
  13. We also have a redshirted Sydney Jones coming. The roster is looking great
  14. "Howie Roseman cant make good trades" - Jason Kelce 2019
  15. Offseason Rumor Thread

    No team should give a significant asset for Gronk