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  1. I'm SNORING on our LBs till proven otherwise
  2. Couldve been Taysom Hill before Taysom Hill
  3. But consider the lack of weapons McNabb had pre-TO and after only enjoyed a year or 2 of young Desean and Maclin
  4. its an interesting question but at the same time for some players a superbowl win wouldve changed career trajectories. Lets take McNabb. I think he definitely gets in the Hall. A Superbowl Win probably means TO and McNabb get along for a few more years and Eagles dont waste time signing guys like Kevin Curtis to be the #1 receiver
  5. where Jordan Love is on the depth chart is irrelevant. If Rodgers went down, theres no chance in hell theyre rolling out Tim Boyle
  6. I think what youre not thinking about is that the gun is registered in someone else's name. Whatever his intentions are, the optics doesnt look good in anyway
  7. Im shocked. He was clutch for the Vikes
  8. Would be an epic HoF speech
  9. People are upset with the compensation but are also convinced Wentz is an unfixable bottom 5 QB. Make it make sense
  10. Ill take 2019 Wentz as my QB any day. Wish him well in Indy
  11. how many people on the Bucs roster have played in a Superbowl? It might come down to experience
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