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  1. The thing about Chip Kelly and Doug Pederson, they were both playcallers. And anyone with eyes could see their offense/playcalling going downhill. Doug Pederson refuses to give up playcalling so he can go. If he was simply in charge of leading the team like a Mike Tomlin, then yea a good argument could be made to keep him around. But the playcalling and offensive scheme is garbage.
  2. The Eagles always seem to find a way when the situation looks bleak. after the Dream Team fail we bounced back. After Chip Kelly did Chip Kelly things we took one year of "rebuilding" and bounced back. I think were in for a down/rebuild year but 2022 could be the bounce back. Timeline really depends on the QB situation. But Lurie firing Dougie P is a huge step in the right direction
  3. Bring in a coach to fix Wentz, find a real #1 receiver, draft a linebacker, any linebacker. ChampionChip
  4. Sorry Doug for yelling at you to run the ball
  5. Lurie did it =') Rip the bandaid off. It had to be done
  6. *Carson Wentz vibing on the sidelines minding his business* "HES POUTING LIKE A BABY!"
  7. When that Jalen Hurts pick doesnt look so hot...smh
  8. Show me a quote from Carson being a "crybaby"
  9. Yall tripping over this Wentz is soft thing. Rehabbing injury after injury isnt soft. Wanting out of Philly isnt soft. If you were Wentz ud want to stay? BS
  10. If Wentz goes to the Colts, hes lighting it up. No one question
  11. In a tight game like that, I wanted to see what Hurts could. But aye we got to evaluate Sudfeld
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