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  1. You didnt win in regulation, you didnt win in OT, you dont deserve yet an extra chance to win
  2. You dont want to do that trade. Id rather have Case
  3. Official Cut Jalen Mills thread

    On a side note, Darby played fantastic last night
  4. That was on Bradham. Waited for the cut back and got destroyed with that acceleration
  5. MNF: Washington @ New Orleans

    Pats fan having a problem with stat padding? ?
  6. eagles v. vikings thread

    Pretty sure this whole rivarly started with the Skol chant at the Rocky statue leading to the "rubbing in" post the NFCCG. Eagles fans seem to be good to every other fan base outside the division. We won plenty of games last year with class. So yes we know how to be nice ?. You shouldn't be surprised you triggered a bunch of people by inferring they were raised wrong
  7. eagles v. vikings thread

    Also the defense let up 3 points in the second half? And 16 overall. Redzone offense needs to be better (Ajayi don't fumble). Carson looks like he's heating up as the weeks go on
  8. Official Cut Jalen Mills thread

    Only remembering one terrible play this game. Seemed solid after that
  9. eagles v. vikings thread

    We haven't seen the best 2018 Philadelphia Eagles yet
  10. eagles v. vikings thread

    Handful of plays coulda changed the outcome of the game. The team battled and never quit. We can quickly get over this loss on Thursday
  11. eagles v. vikings thread

    Soooo Sydney Jones on the outside?
  12. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    Why don't we try switching the sides Darby and Mills play if we insist on starting Mills or have em shadow based on matchup?
  13. Official Cut Jalen Mills thread

    Willing tackler in the run game tho