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  1. Taking the under tonight and Melvin Gordon's rushing prop
  2. Whats our primetime record in recent years? We winning this game boys. Big Trust. Lock in that +7
  3. And Id argue we'd be 2-1 with better play calling. There is no reason going into the Bengals game, that the gameplan isnt run the ball down their throats after what the Browns did to them. Mile Sanders had 11 carries into the fourth quarter IIRC averaging 7 YPC
  4. Yes. The supporting cast is terrible. We should feature Miles Sanders the way the Saints do Kamara and Panthers do CMC. But Doug Pederson calling plays like we got an arsenal at receiver. Has Carson missed some throws? sure but he's far from the issue right now. No quarterback is coming in and producing much more with the current state of things
  5. Why isnt Carson playing better with Greg Ward and JJ Arcega-Whiteside? Desean is a baller on the field for every snap. Dougie P called a great game. You pass the ball as much as possible against one of the worst Run Defenses this season. Carson has been put in great position to succeed and he's just fumbling the bag
  6. Whats the timeline for Alshon? the cure for this offense.
  7. Gashing these dudes with the run game. Doug wants to get cute with an end around smh
  8. Beautiful strike by Wentz. Hope that drive gets the Eagles offense playing with swagger
  9. We just need a real receiver on the outside. If Alshon can come back
  10. Got Joe Mixon over 69.5 Yards, Kareem Hunt over 41.5 yards, and the Under tonight. I expect both teams to be run heavy and chew tons of clock. More FGs than Tds tonight and wouldnt be surprised if theres a missed FG
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