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  1. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Tell me the compensation is something ridiculous. Help Foles trade value
  2. Anime and Manga Thread.

    I think you all should check out The Promised Neverland. About 5 episodes in with potential be an all time great imo. Trust me just make it past the first 10 minutes of episode 1 Also the Rising of the Shield Hero. Also 5 episodes in. Its based in a MMORPG world similar to Sword Art Online but actually good imo (didnt get past 10 episodes in SAO)
  3. Anime and Manga Thread.

    The appeal about Naruto is definitely the character progression. It gets real interesting around episode 10 or so
  4. Least Favorite Popular Movies

    Goodfellas - I was about an hour in and couldnt finish it. Dont hate me Thor Ragnorak - Tried waaay too hard to be funny. I hate the trend of making these Superhero movies funny. At least find a good balance
  5. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Thought you guys might get a chuckle out of this anime "freestyle"
  6. Seems healthy to me to be able to take criticism and use it to be better in the future. We'll forget all this when hes dropping dimes next year
  7. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    So what exactly was the Rams gameplan? Gurley should have gotten 25 touches
  8. You cant have technology throw a flag for taunting or get the timing right for roughing the passer etc
  9. Where does it end? Okay each team gets a possession. Team A scores, Team B matches, now its sudden death. Team A scores again. Fans of Team B cry that their team didnt get another chance to match. Like no, play defense. Football is beautiful because its the ultimate team sport
  10. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Hoping for this 5-4 Superbowl record I guess
  11. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Of course
  12. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Ball don't Lie!!!
  13. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Let's this call Stand!
  14. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    OMG a third down stop 😭
  15. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs