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  1. 2019 Eagles Schedule

    Go 4-2 within the Division at least. I think we can get 6 outside the division
  2. Seahawks extend Russell Wilson QB with a new Contract

    Exactly. Its a Non-Issue
  3. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Lmmmaaoooooo not at all
  4. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Im a Crunchyroll guy. Idk if it is
  5. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Have you guys watched The Promised Neverland? The first season just ended. It surged into my top 5
  6. Bears trade Jordan Howard to Eagles

    I don't understand how production in a predictable and one dimensional offense is a bad thing. All defense had to game plan for was that and he was hard to stop? If he can catch a screen pass he'll do just fine
  7. Bears trade Jordan Howard to Eagles

    Anyone got some stats on how often he faced loaded boxes due to the Bears lack of a fearful passing game over the last few years?
  8. Eagles acquire Jordan Howard from Bears

    Our offense looking sweeeet
  9. Owners vote to challenge all pass interference calls

    Too much overreaction in this thread. Coaches arent wasting challenges or their time on something ticky tacky. They'll only throw the flag for something they know theyll have a high probability of winning
  10. instead of an onside kick teams should try kicking it semi deep in the middle of the field and hope one of your guys get their first
  11. We play in a division with Saquan and Zeke. We're gonna need Linebackers to shut down strong running teams
  12. Ronald Darby returns on 1 year deal

    Having PTSD of his coverage against Amari Cooper
  13. Thats one hell of a hometown discount. Did his play regress that much in Tampa?
  14. Amazing how we've been able to maintain the amount of talent on the D-Line. Any other team got as much invested in the DLine as us?
  15. Miami Dolphins Tanking Plan

    Is tanking worth it in the NFL? Like intentionally fielding the worst roster possible. Personally as a GM id try to build a good roster, try to win games, if players get hurt halfway through the season and it isnt looking good yeah sure throw em on IR. But be a competitive 4-12 or something, trade up if necessary for the #1 Pick.