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  1. Pass rush slacking a little. Brady needs to be hit..HARD! We still good y'all. Let's get 3
  2. Pass rush slacking a little. Brady needs to be hit..HARD!
  3. Run the ball all day. They can't stop it
  4. JJAW is our secret weapon against the Pats. Can't tip em off
  5. The Myles Garrett incident

    He hit him with the bottom of the helmet. The "could of killed him" takes are an overreaction
  6. The Myles Garrett incident

    At least he didn't connect with the crown of the helmet. Interesting this stemmed from one of the softest tackles like one of the those spoof "how to tackle a QB in 2019" videos
  7. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    That's the Baker we wanna see
  8. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    I think the "PR" thing is overblown completely. Its not like Kaep was guilty or accused of a crime like the Hunt, AB, or Mike Vick. Imagine being a GM refusing to make your team better because...the media will talk about the signing? Ridiculous
  9. If it makes you feel better we beat them coming off a loss last time we faced in the regular season
  10. Feeling good about this game. Carson and the receivers are going to have their best game. The TEs will continue to do what they do. We'll average 5 yards a carry. And most importantly the DLine will come to hunt Brady.

    It must be so awkward to film these things. "Alright Russ, stand there and look cool...move your arms a little..yeeaaa thats it!"
  12. Remember that time the Eagles went to Gillette and beat the Pats with Chip Kelly and Sam Bradford? Anything is Possssibbbllleee I live in Boston I need this W
  13. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Saints and penalties smh
  14. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Gonna be so mad if the Saints don't come back