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  1. Biggest non-QB bust?

    Probably not the biggest bust but I have to mention Danny Watkins
  2. Birds of Prey

    In an interview Eminem stated that Revival was disliked the day the tracklist came out. So people didnt even give it a fair chance. So he dropped Kamikaze with no warning. I feel the same thing happens to DC movies. If the trailer isnt amazing people decide it sucks. The leaked script has 1 plot line they dont like, it sucks. There was reshoots? It sucks Be cool if they could drop a movie out of the blue with no advertising
  3. Birds of Prey

    Am I the only one who feels that when Marvel puts out average movies they get celebrated (Spiderman Homecoming, GoTG 2, Ragnarok) And then DC puts out a movie and everything about it gets picked apart instead of just accepting it for what it is...an average movie
  4. The Official XFL Thread!

    Sound like Stevie in Malcom in the Middle
  5. Remember that beautiful route JJAW ran in a preseason game for touchdown? Good times
  6. Reminds me of Tim Tebow, hyped but isnt actually great
  7. Should the Cowboys TRADE Dak?

    Break the bank for him.
  8. Birds of Prey

    Watched it last night and liked it a lot. Its definitely different. Closest thing to it (in terms of directing and storytelling) might be Deadpool
  9. Jimmy G is a bum and over rated

    is he wrong doe?
  10. They didnt want to punt. traditional kneel downs would have forced a punt with a few seconds left.
  11. Fitzmagic coming back for another year

    He didnt teach Winston to throw INTs?
  12. What is your favorite SB halftime show of all time?

    thread needs more Bruno Mars x Beyonce
  13. The pepe avatar makes this hilarious
  14. In what order (Colts QB options)

    has Brissett hit his ceiling?
  15. Mock Off-Season

    Is there any evidence at all Alshon is a cancer or just speculation still?