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  1. Vince Young Travis Henry Drew Bennet Tyrone Calico Courtney Roby Erron Kinney '06 Madden Titans were simply impossible to stop
  2. So basically this means that come next year the Saints are out of Cap hell. Sweet.
  3. I think he could have some great seasons again, but he's not going to be the #1 anymore.
  4. I think it's Calvin even with Edelman having 3 Rings, but I could see the argument being made for the other side. It's a matter of do you want to be known as arguably the best player at your position while you played, or that you were an pretty good player but in an amazing situation. Considering even the players at the end of the roster might've gotten multiple rings playing on the Patriots roster it doesn't seem to be nearly as impressive. Now if instead you were one of the driving factors for those rings, such as Brady and Belicheck, then that's different. I mean if Calvin had instead o
  5. if you are talking about FFMD this is the wrong thread, this is from last year. Also pretty sure the cost would be too much at this point of the process.
  6. Pretty sure he can play inside or out. Saints use a lot of different defensive packages in the front 7.
  7. Didn't he start 2 years at LSU? 1st year he and LSU were average then 2nd year Joe Brady came to LSU from the Saints and they dominated.
  8. Yeah, but Davis is in the last year of his contract so being able to possibly have 2 long term pieces... not to mention if we were to decide that the Saints should move to a 3-4 rather than a 4-3 then getting someone like Moses to fill the middle with Davis while Collins and Davenport are on the outside... would be pretty nice...
  9. I'd pass on the Dolphins' offer personally.
  10. I mean maybe even Dylan Moses considering how far he's fallen or is there something I don't remember? Would not take CB Shaun Wade, Ohio State unless you plan on him being playing almost exclusively in the slot. Not an outside CB IMO.
  11. Obviously people can't listen so I'll lock this up until there is new information to be added. Just send me a message if I haven't unlocked it yet and we can hopefully discuss things again.
  12. I'm only really mentioning because of the obviously sarcastic comment of "Sounds like excellent company." as there are many reasons someone could be considered carrying with a disability or whatever it's listed as. Several people have decided to start making references to individuals character/beliefs that are not known and we should refrain to keeping discussion to being based on what is known is all. As you mentioned the others weren't charged with possession of a stolen property, only Lattimore. That is obviously a big red flag in this case and puts him in an even worse spot both in
  13. I just want to point out that some of the comments have started to lean in a way that is not acceptable. You all know I'm not one to really bust down on what you guys talk about, but you must still make sure to keep discussions based on what has been reported or knowledge from individuals in the know. Making prejudiced or stereotypical comments will not be tolerated.
  14. So seems like there is more than just guilt by assossiation. Also just a FYI, but veterans with PTSD also fall under the disabilities that prevent gun ownership. It's one reason, among many, that some veterans will refuse to get treatment for mental health issues as it'll prevent them from being gun owners. So not saying the individuals with Lattimore were the same, but just generalizing everyone that fall into that category isn't something you should do.
  15. I'm not actually participating, too busy with work, but if @whodatOL doesn't put a pick in by the end time could you select Zaven Collins for us? I'm actually about to head back to work and won't be able to and since he's running this I don't want to step on his toes.
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