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  1. I actually figured all of the Rams moves this offseason to create cap was in preparation of extending Donald to a huge contract so getting Suh would put a damper in the money he will get. I think that Suh flew back to Oregon, even if he ends up signing with the Rams, is to be able to go home and let the visit sit for a little to be able to reflect on the situation with a clearer head than you do in the moment as well as probably talk it over with family/advisors which is smart.
  2. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    By literally .1 in the two fields, but then Brees also has the advantage in QB Rating and YPG. I also knew where they were and had been looking at them, just kept getting tired with you not bringing anything at all, at least now you are giving where you are looking. But also that's including Brees' 4 seasons in San Diego and Shotts' horrible offense, especially for Brees. Manning hasn't played anywhere where the offense wasn't tailor built around him. If you compare their New Orleans vs Indy time, their stats are almost identical and then Manning's 4 years in Denver with his amazing weapons, and yes anything other than calling them amazing is blatant bias, and a top flight defense to end out his career drastically overshadows Brees' 4 years in San Diego in an offense built around LT and downfield shots, something we both can admit isn't Brees' greatest asset though he could/can do. I'm not saying Manning is bad, but there is no real reason that Brees and Manning shouldn't be looked at as being on the same level.
  3. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    Really show me the rate stats. You say that but don't bring them to the table.
  4. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    You just said that career #s don't matter, which Brees will be passing with fewer games in the majority of them, and better peak season, there is only 1 season that really surpasses Brees' seasons that apparently had a "horrible supporting cast" for Manning which was 2013, so obviously Manning must be the GOAT because no one will likely touch his 2013 numbers, though Brees' 2011 season is the closest by any other QB. So really my point hasn't been changed or been conceded, you simply refuse to make a standard and stick to it. Oh it's about individual seasons, well Brees has been right there with Manning, in every season, but then that would put both Manning and Brees over Brady as Brady hasn't had a better season than either of them, not to mention every QB before this current era is worse than Joe Flacco who has better stats than guys like Montana. But wait it's about career numbers, which Brees has as well and is about to pass Manning in yardage and come within 20 TD more than likely in 1 fewer games than Manning this upcoming season. But wait, not it's about his impact on football. I'm done with you because you've done nothing to actually prove a point but relied on me to prove you wrong and then move the goal post again.
  5. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    So you are saying most likely all a little better than Brees which means you didn't even bother looking them up didn't you. I point out his record breaking seasons and just added the fact that he also this high level of play over a sustained period. So here is a season for you: 2011: 5476 Passing Yards, 46 TDs, 14 INT, 71.6 Completion % (Led league on Passing Yards, TDs, and Completion %) (Aaron Rodgers MVP with: 4643 yards, 45 TDs, 6 INTs, 68.3 Completion %) 2012: 5177 Yards, 43 TDs, 19 INTs, 63% Completion (Led in Yards and TDs again) . (Saints were 7-9 with a horrible defense and interim HC) (Adrian Peterson MVP with: 2097 Rushing Yards, 12 Rush TDs, 217 yards receiving, 1 receiving TD, for a total of 2314 totals yards from Scrim, 13 TDs) 2013: 5162 Yards, 39 TDs, 12 Ints, 68.6% completion 2016: 5208 Yards, 37 TDs, 15 Ints, 70% Completion (Led in Yards) So are these not amazing seasons themselves, including a few record breaking in regards to yardage. Those are some pretty amazing numbers... Either way, my point is simply that if Manning is a no-brainer top 5 QB, then Brees should be right there with him as he's had seasons just as impressive as Manning not to mention their career stats in the playoffs: Brees: 65.9 Comp %, 323.8 YPG, 29 TD, 5.4% of Passes for TDs, 9 INTs, 1.7% of passes as INTs over 13 games Manning: 63.2 Comp %, 271.8 YPG, 40 TD, 3.9% of Passes for TDs, 25 Ints, 2.4% of passes as INTs, over 27 games. If you only want to use Indy stats as it's closer in games and he always healthy Manning (Indy Playoffs): 63.1% Comp %, 283.6 YPG, 29 TD, 4% of Passes for TD, 19 INTs, 2.6% of passes at INTs, over 19 games. So even in the playoffs with 6 more games he only threw for 4 more TDs but 10 more INTs. Also your "By the masses" argument goes back to perception. Manning was the son of the great Archie Manning, surefire #1 overall pick, greatest prospect since Elway.
  6. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    I never got a response a month ago, I'm just trying to understand it, and I personally think the order of Manning/Brees is interchangeable but I think they should be put on an even keel not with one on a different tier. Manning had better offensive weapons than Brees having Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, and Dallas Clark for the majority of his time in Indy and then great weapons in Denver and although Brees has had some consistent players like Colston, Lance Moore, and Jimmy G(for a few seasons), outside of Jimmy G, none of them compared to the weapons Manning had which helps in putting up numbers for record breaking seasons. Also for every record breaking season that Manning put up, we can point to a record breaking season by Brees to include 5 5k seasons, the next closest is 1 5k season, 9 total, 3 of the top 5 season completion % including the #1 spot, 4 of the top 10, and he will be surpassing Manning's career yardage stats in fewer games, though Manning will maintain the lead over Brees in the TD department unless Brees throws for 50+ TDs(not very likely), though it'll likely still be within 20ish TDs. Brees also had a stretch of 9 consecutive seasons of throwing for over 30 TDs that included back-to-back 5k 40 TD seasons. You could also argue that Brees has been the Saints and without them they'd be and even worse team as they have had some historically bad defenses over the past few years. Also if we are going by physical tools, then Manning is > Brady as we both know who has the more talented arm there. You want to talk about changing how the game is played, Brees made it acceptable for a guy like Russel Wilson to be the starting QB without them needing to be super athletic like Vick. Brees plays the game at a high mental capacity just like Manning and even takes his disadvantages and makes them strengths by finding creative ways to move around in the pocket to create throwing lanes and avoid pressure. Oh and if you want to talk about changing the NFL offenses, Carson Palmer/Tom Brady with their knees getting destroyed by low hits and Brady with the tuck rule, and didn't Brady complain about the amount of contact DBs had on WRs and that ended up getting changed too, I forget this last one because it was awhile ago, to change the way NFL offenses operate.
  7. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    Honestly, what has Manning done that Brees hasn't that puts him so far ahead of him? Both have led prolific offenses putting up video game numbers, sure Manning has an extra Super Bowl win but Brees actually outdueled Manning to get his ring. If you argue that it's the MVP awards, well look at the seasons that Brees put up compared the ones that Manning won them in and Brees actually has several better seasons than the ones the ones that Manning won in just name recognition, overall team success (helped by playing in an abysmal division), and not as many competitors in those years got him the awards. I mean Brees has put up several All-Time great seasons only to have someone else in the same exact season put up a similar season only with slightly better team success/name recognition to get them the award instead.
  8. Better 3 Man Cornerback Unit?

    While I agree Lattimore is by far the best of the CBs listed, I think you are giving too much credit to Robinson and Crawley and not enough to Talib and Peters, Robey I don't know. I think it would be more likely that Robinson is a 7.25 and Crawley as a 7 with Talib and Peters a little better at 8.75 than 8.5. That gives the Chargers a 8.0 average and the Saints the 7.916 average which still puts it closer than people are making it out to be, but still with the Rams in the lead, especially considering I'd probably give them a slight bump as both the #1 and #2 CBs are better overall than the Saints top 2 CBs which is more important IMO.
  9. Saints sign S Kurt Coleman

    Vacarro was the 2nd worst safety according to PFF. No matter how bad you think Coleman might've been last year he was still better than Kenny. Hell Payton even benched him anf limited his snaps a few times last year because of his play. Now if you want to complain because of the other safeties that ended up hitting the market, mostly due to cuts that cant be predicted normally, and the price they went for compared to what we paid Coleman, I can understand your sentiments but dont think it fits with every other safety. Comparing him to Vacarro though would be like comparing Crawley to Devante Harris. Crawley might not be a stud, but the dude also isnt one of the worst at his position, same goes for Coleman but Coleman also brings leadership, experience, and professionalism that apparently thr Saints didnt think Vacarro had.
  10. Monster Hunter: World

    So funny/horrible thing last night. I took @DavidatMIZZOU's advice and farmed up the Flying Kedachi Bow(hardest part was finding low rank Tobi-Kedachi's to fight), took out the Bazelguese with relative ease, took out a Tempered Legia (huge pain finished it at 29:59 of a 30 min timer), then saw that there was a save exploit/bug that you could use to try and maximize your FIrst Wyvern melds... accidentally loaded up my saved game from before kiling Bazelguese and lost all the progress... Just goes to show that trying to beat the system is always going to cause some heartache. Oh well, I'll farm get back to where I was tonight.
  11. Monster Hunter: World

    To play pokemon with all the sets of armor/weapons.
  12. Ndamukong Suh - Hmmmm

    Gotta be honest, if the Rams somehow pull that off... Suh and Darnold is going to be ridiculous for teams to try and block inside.
  13. Monster Hunter: World

    Im not far enough in the game to do that yet... right now I'm trying to figure out how to kill the double tempered Bazelgeuse as they are bad enough normal
  14. Monster Hunter: World

    I think i saw that one. I'm running Odo 4 piece with the eye patch and Xeno longsword. Pretty good damage though I'll probably look to swap things around if i can hte lucky with some decorations
  15. Monster Hunter: World

    You get the Hazak Grosser? I skipped that and went strait for the Xeno Cypher in longswords.