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  1. Week 15 GDT - Jets (5-8) @ Saints (9-4)

    How has Lattimore looked? I don't have the ability to watch the games so I'm just going by comments
  2. Oh @bucsfan333, how little we knew thee.. your loss will be felt in the days to come as we lynch those we believe to be responsible for your untimely death. We will avenge you and punish those who caused you harm in the most painful manner possible, watching marathons of Justin Bieber concerts.
  3. I'm Raves... who else would I be?
  4. @EliteTexan80 Beef Supreme, would that be Italian Sausage possibly?
  5. 2018 Salary Cap outlook

    @Mid Iowa well I've still felt taht although Lattimore does great things for our defense, we do have a lot of other players that are playing well also, and as a unit they perform great, but without everyone doing their jobs Lattimore wouldn't look as good and neither has the rest of the defense without Lattimore
  6. Well it seems the main part is that each day is 24 hours, seems like the rest is the same. I'm in.
  7. How does this work compared to the versions I played on IRC back in the day which were live games?
  8. 2018 Salary Cap outlook

    He's only 27 y/o and the entire Patriots defense has been subpar so I would put it more on the overall product than just him seeing as how he's been more or less consistently good and you would expect him to be trying to ball out otherwise.
  9. 2018 Salary Cap outlook

    He's had seasons of elite and at the very worst he's probably in the top 15-20 of CBs which out of 64 starting CBs really isn't bad at all.
  10. 2018 Salary Cap outlook

    I could see the potential and the benefit of adding Butler to our secondary. Crawley has been good but the Atlanta game he was downright abused by Sanu and there are going to be more situations going forward where he just won't match-up physically even to another WR. I think another aspect that needs to be discussed is how this might affect our decision going forward in regards to Vacarro as well. Right now he is used and at his best playing the slot WR closer to the line, basically taking the place of our nickel CB, with Butler and Lattimore as our #1 and #2 this would put Crawley as out nickel CB and make Vacarro expendable if we decide he's not worth the money, effectively transitioning where we might be spending a similar amount of money, from Kenny to Butler instead. Also having 2 elite CBs help any and all pass rush talent we might be looking towards as it would give them more time to reach the QB so if we can't get an elite DE to sign with us, we could could still improve the pass rush/defense through Butler and look to build at DE through the draft which is normally an easier position to transition from college to the NFL.
  11. It's quitter season

    Because they were still in a job audition during the regular season. It is very rare for a single game to make or break a player's NFL position, especially in a meaningless bowl game against a meaningless opponent. If a player is already pretty locked into their draft position based on their play, then why play in a game that likely won't affect them? A bigger bowl game against a quality opponent and the playoffs are definitely a different situation as in those games there is a chance to show what you can do against better competition, but in a game of 2 teams that aren't great, nothing really to gain. Ohio State v USC, LSU v Notre Dame, Wisconsin v Miami(FL), Penn State v Washington, etc are games that could affect some players, Oregon vs Boise State isn't going to move someone up/down on the draft boards unless they have a historic performance.
  12. And in the playoff system, Alabama has been there 3 times and only won once. They never got embarrassed, but also each year is different. If we are totally honest, the one year that Ohio State deserved to get in while not winning the conference was 2015 when they lost against Michigan State, but were dominant and looked like the best team in the nation otherwise, much like the committee says Alabama has done this year, and this is from them coming off a National Championship, unlike Alabama. Last year Ohio State had the case based on resume and the argument it was just a single mistake, and they got put in over their own conference champ, not taking away from another conference, which is really the main reason I have an issue with Alabama making it in, not because they weren't a conference champ, but because we are losing out on a 4th conference. It's not even about putting Ohio State in over Alabama, just a 4th conference. Right now we've lost more of the "certainty" that we are crowning the best team because we are leaving out 2 major conferences and an undefeated Go5 school that has some good wins under their belt. With either of the major conferences or even UCF in, even though UCF might get embarrassed against a Clemson, who knows they did lose to Syracuse, they could also end up pulling off an upset like Boise State and Utah used to do after being snubbed for a chance at the National Championship game. Heck put USC in, they won their conference, weren't embarrassed in the playoffs in the previous year, and are part of the Power 5. This would be a better representation, especially when losses are only to conference opponents/playoff caliber teams, as there is so little overlap in conference play that it's hard to really say "Well Alabama is #1 because they beat all these SEC teams that we think are great as they beat other SEC teams," as the same logic then applies to a team like Wisconsin as how do we really know how good these SEC teams are as they primarily only played other SEC teams and those that did have big wins against other top conference teams, Georgia, didn't even play Alabama this year. So I will always be in favor of 4 conferences making it over a "deserving" 2nd team from a conference, even if it ends up leaving out my Buckeyes.
  13. Giants trade for Luck?

    If Luck was traded, I'm going to say that it will have some very interesting rules for what pick is conveyed, sort of like Favre trade to the Jets. The pick being sent over will likely be based on the % of snaps played to protect them from Luck being done medically, but still possibly get Indy a good return if he returns at 100% and they moved on from a franchise QB. Now granted I don't think the restrictions will convey such a limited pick but I could see something similar. Such as it starts out as a 3rd round pick, 50% of the snaps move it up to a 2nd round pick, 70% and playoffs means a 1st round pick, and 80% with the Super Bowl turns into 2 first round picks. If he goes to a team like Pittsburgh(if Ben retires), Jacksonville, Arizona, Denver, then it could very realistically end up being a 1st round pick, if not 2 first round picks as those teams already have good pieces in place but have a severe lack at the QB position, heck maybe even Minnesota could consider it. Granted for a team like Jacksonville the requirements might be even greater as they are a divisional foe.
  14. 🏈 Saints @ Falcons GDT

    Knee jerk reaction, Lattimore still held Julio Jones to 69.9 QB rating or something like that when targeted, which considering how much Atlanta game planned to try and get Julio open with all the drag/pick plays is pretty damn good.
  15. Browns QB situation can be fixed easily

    I'm just responding to your comment about Thomas retiring and how you would be fine with a QB and top 10 WR group and mentioning Russel Wilson. I don't think Thomas will retire unless after the injury and the constant losing, which IIRC he mentioned he was thinking of retiring because of before, he could decide to do so. I'm also a firm believer that you should draft an OL nearly every year, just how high you draft them varies. I mean look at my Saints, in the past 3 years we've draft 2 1st round OL, plus at least another 1 in the first 4 rounds over the past 5 years. Those picks have netted us Armstead, Peat, and Ramzcyk, all great players, though Armstead has injury concerns, and are/will be staples on our OL for many years to come. The Saints also have drafted guys like Carl Nicks, Jahri Evans, Jermon Bushrod, and many more, even when we didn't have an immediate need at the OL position, simply because it was great value, and they were able to all become great contributors on the Saints and be a next man up type situation when injuries or free agency created a vacancy. I can tell you right now no one though Ramzcyk would've started this year, or at least not much, as Armstead and Strief were expected to be our starting OTs, but Armstead started the season with an injury and Ramzcyk played well, then when Strief went out he moved to that side as Armstead came back and he's excelled. So even if Thomas doesn't retire, drafting an OL, possibly even in the 1st, wouldn't be a wasted pick as either it provides insurance if Joe Thomas wants to retire, you guys decide to trade him, or someone goes down on your OL and you have a player ready to step in. Honestly, you guys might be best off trading Joe Thomas, he's only got 1 year left on his contract after this year, his 10 mil is extremely well positioned for an OT of his caliber when healthy, and you guys wouldn't have any cap hit from it. Look to trade him to an OL needy team with a franchise QB that needs protecting, gain even more money to spend on resigning players in the Browns long term plans, and still be able to draft either a replacement/competition for the LT spot or run with who you guys have now in his stead. Either way Joe Thomas is likely done sooner than later in Cleveland, so you should start preparing.