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  1. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    good talk. You get a like.
  2. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    That's jsut in general complaints about horrible calls we see. We also admit when the other team got hosed. Oh and most of those comments probably came from me while drinking. We don't have these complexes where a specific ref crew is just out to get us. But hey 0-8, like I said, it might just be that the things you guys get called for are things you do more than your opponent, have you ever thought about that?
  3. Trevor Lawrence

    I think his only real competition for the #1 pick/1st QB is Haskins. Both have only 1 year of experience, but with TL being younger would definitely give him a leg up regardless of how you want to view them as players since I think both are more than capable of being legit franchise QBs with what they've shown.
  4. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    Or maybe, the things that the Vinovich team calls are just things that the Rams do more than other teams? Is there a stat about which ref groups call which penalties more often? I would suspect that a ref crew that is more prone to call PI would have teams that play a lot of press/man coverage have a higher number of penalties and losses in that regard? Also how does these stats impact home vs away teams? I mean just looking specifically at just one aspect of a stat doesn't give the whole story when there is likely more that goes into it.
  5. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    Well I know that I would consider Gurley contained the last time they played. Sure he broke a few big plays but he had a 6.86 standard deviation. Yesterday Ingram had a horrendous 11.42 stdev, while Kamara was better at 5.77 Stdev. If you add in their receiving attempts, the plays without penalties and incomplete passes Gurley improves to 6.46 standard deviation with yesterday Ingram improves to 10.35 while Kamara actually drops a bit to 6.62, mostly off of the 23 yard reception.
  6. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    Pretty sure he only took out the 24 yarder and that's it.
  7. Trevor Lawrence

    I think if Clemson is sitting that at 3 straight with TL at the helm, he might consider staying back for the 4th year to be the only team/QB that I can think of to win 4 straight. But yeah, he's gone after 3 years. I could see a couple teams that have young franchise QBs would trade down from #1, though obviously a young franchise QB means that the QB got hurt and would need to be from a 100% easily recoverable injury, but that's the only way. Only QBs right now that would fit that would be Mahomes and maybe either Goff or Wentz?
  8. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    Apple is good and although he looked poor for parts of the game against the Rams the first time, he also made some good plays and it was his first game with the Saints. Overall he's been a huge improvement at the #2 CB than what Crawley was doing and has continued to improve since that game, though still makes some mistakes. I thought McVey told CJA he couldn't eat in the locker room anymore, so no chance for Donald and Gurley to get hurt.
  9. A big part of what hurt our defense early on was our CBs once again playing 5-10 yards off the LOS where Allen has mentioned previously that both Lattimore and Apple are very good at jamming at the LOS and playing from there. We were giving WRs free reign to get into their routes and make cuts where any good throw would be an easy catch. If our top 2 CBs are good playing man and up on the WRs, we need to let them do it. Also the playoffs have shown that they are much more willing to allow handfighting between WRs and CBs, we need to take advantage of it like the Eagles and other teams are/will be.
  10. Well I figured he was the one in charge of the DBs and I hate how he keeps moving them away from their strengths.
  11. Davenport is still learning, but what he's showing is very promising. The 1st this upcoming draft might've been a higher cost than worth ATM but he'll show his worth starting next year and the additional 1st will look like a steal, especially since it's going to be a lower end 1st. Remember when Packers fans try to say we were gonna fall off with Brees not doing well and they'd get a top 10 pick?
  12. Most people made teh comment that Cousins isn't a great QB and just a guy that won't lose you the game, a definition of a game manager. I think Minnesota would've been better off with Alex Smith...
  13. I dont think losing Allen would be a big hit outside of consistency in system.
  14. Superbowl matchup you want to see

    Didn't realize that was a thing. But I do admit to my edits.
  15. Superbowl matchup you want to see

    well i made a mistake originally and had to fix it. Forgot the ravens and put Houston twice.