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  1. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    Well I have a good job and live a little over an hour away, so would be nice to be able to just drive in and not have to deal with lines ya know?
  2. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    Mkay I'll look into that too then.
  3. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    But also requires you to be in a line to get tickets/seats. As mentioned elsewhere, if you don't get in line early enough you can also purchase seats/spots. If it's not too expensive then I don't mind the idea of guaranteeing myself a seat/area and not have to wait in a line to hope to get the tickets. Yeah. Well I went back and watched a clip of the opening scenes on youtube. I worked by the airport for 2 years when I got out of the Army as a dispatcher for a Warehouse/Delivery company so I know how a lot of Cleveland and it's surrounding area looked as I sometimes had to do deliveries myself if no drivers were available. Also applied for an internship at one of the downtown tech companies when I was finishing up my degree.
  4. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    I can't even remember how it's portrayed in that movie anymore... I'll definitely need to watch that again.
  5. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    Depending on how much it costs to get tickets, if I can't get them for free, then I might try to go to it. Would be a fun experience.
  6. Top 5 AFC/NFC Teams post NFL Draft?

    That 2017 Saints draft was ridiculous, I can't think of another team to have such an impactful class as that one in recent years.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    No it's definitely who you pick. The Saints have felt strongly enough about players that we should trade up to get our guy, or stay put to get our guys rather than trading back and hoping to get someone we like. I think that the Saints FO have the mentality that they would rather have their guys that they have rated higher rather than trading back and getting a bunch of guys that they had rated lower, or even trade up for their higher rated guy than the lower rated guy. I mean would you rather have the player you have rated #17 on your board or the player rated #62 and #107? Not sure if dude was rated that high, just making a point. I would rather have the higher rated talent, than multiple lesser talents.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    There is not always room to trade back and get your guy. As others have mentioned, even if we think he's a 2nd rounder, someone else might have him as a 1st rounder so even if we just traded to later in the 1st, someone might've drafted him before you. If your guy is there and you feel his value is greater than the pick you'd be using to draft him, or the picks need to move up to draft him at that spot, then you draft him, plain and simple. The Chiefs knew that when they traded up and drafted Mahomes right in front of us. And where are both of those teams right now? The Rams are one of the best teams in the NFL and the Titans still suck. So much for trading back and acquiring all those assets that the Titans did...
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    Pretty sure at least one of, if not 2+ of Anzalone, Thomas, Bell, and Kamara were trade ups... how do you feel about those. I think Armstead was a trade up as well.
  10. Not saying it's the same, but there was enough evidence to charge Reuben Foster as well and we've seen how that's played out twice now. That's why I'm letting the legal system handle it all the way through. Not saying he's innocent or guilty, the claims or legit or not, just letting everything stand where it is until a decision is made one way or the other, all we can do. Good to know about his abilities as a player. Not sure why we offered him so much as an UDFA if that's the type of player he is regardless of anything else then. Seems strange.
  11. Better QB, Andy Dalton or Derek Carr?

    I would take Derek Carr. I think his ability is higher than he's been able to show in Oakland and if he is able to find his way to a better ran organization in a couple years he could really start to shine.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    Considering the production that we got from Davenport while he was limited in snaps as well as due to injury, I'm more than happy with the trade from last year for Davenport, especially since we were going to be picking so late in the draft this year regardless and Okafor was a big question mark due to coming off an injury of his own. I mean Davenport in 3 less games had .5 more sacks, 3 more QBHits, 1 more TFL, 2 more PD, and 1 more FF than Okafor. Granted Davenport had less tackles, but Davenport played surprisingly well against the run last year considering he was supposed to be a raw player that was supposed to be more of a pass rush specialist than useful against the run. Also we don't know if a 2nd next year is huge. If the center ends up able to come in and play at a high level so have not only no drop off from Unger but maybe an improvement, it's more than worth it. If we had our 1st round pick this year, who is to say it would've went to pick him anyways.
  13. We need to make sure we keep this from going into an off-limit discussion so please limit any comments that could lead to that direction. That being said I'll say the same thing that I have with every other incident that has happened recently regardless of team. Let's wait till the legal process has had time to run its course before we crucify him based on the allegations though if he's guilty he should have the full weight of the legal system thrown at him. I'm sure if the evidence starts pointing towards his guilt he'll be cut immediately so I don't think the Saints signing him is a big deal, nor the optics of it. Anyone know anything about him as a football player?
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    looks like a 2nd next year maybe?
  15. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    Yup they know the competition for the tank for Trevor is going to be intense so they getting a headstart on it.