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  1. Seriously was it TKN or Mwil that jumped on Orca late?
  2. So you think 2 scum were on Orca early on when they could've just waited and for a non-scum to get voted and pushed a majority? Thag makes sense. Also either Swag or KSJ is Steve Haines.
  3. I thought the math etc made sense, was slightly off, now I'm doubting I was wrong even though the math was. I mean either he's scum or the 4 people with me on Orca are scum. No other way that he wouldn't have been hammered home yet.
  4. What was his claimed ability? I've barely been able to keep this together.
  5. Down a bunch of coaches and some home cooking. I stopped watching at 17-0 and I'm gonna enjoy drinking at home now. Next week will be better.
  6. Well my math was off then. So I still think it's either that A) Orca is scum and him and his teammates are waiting to pounce on someone else with their 15 votes. B) There are not 3 scum with votes left to vote Orca which means there are at least 2 scum on the line for Orca right now.
  7. I though the person that got the 3 extra bullets got them at the expense of someone else. Or was that only the first 2 days?
  8. But 11 peopel in the game, each has 3 votes. That's 33 votes. Even if one person loses their 3 votes and you get them that's till only 33 total votes. So I did do my math wrong, there are 21 total votes left with 12 on your, so it would need to be 2 scum left with votes to for the lynch. So I'm willing to back off on my thinking as maybe the person you got your votes from was scum or I'm on the line with 3 scum against you and they need one more person to vote you for the last one to hammer it home.
  9. Is there 24? I thought there were 33 total votes and there were 12 on you already. Which meant 19 remaining, so just 2 of them voting you gets the lynch. Did I mess up the math?
  10. The thing is unless every single person that is on Orca right now is scum, scum would've hammered home a lynch on a town/cult already. Since I'm not scum that's obviously not the case so that means that Orca is probably scum and why he hasn't been hammered as the lynch yet giving scum the majority.
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