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  1. Week 11 GDT: Eagles (4-5) @ Saints (8-1)

    Oh yeah, still think of the as St. Louis not LA...
  2. That was just one option. I wouldn't offer up the house to get a QB this year, maybe 2nd this year and next to move up, but not sure a 1st unless Payton just falls in love with him like he did with Mahomes. I think that depending on who falls, I would definitely be in favor of trading our 2020 2nd with our 2nd this year to move up for the right player.
  3. Week 11 GDT: Eagles (4-5) @ Saints (8-1)

    What you mean? The Rams if they win tonight only have one other possible upset which is @Chicago so they could easily make it to 15-1 as well.
  4. Well there are reports that Dwayne Haskins, tOSU QB, might decide to declare early as this class is quite weak, and it will only improve his draft stock to not have to compete with Tua next year. If we had a chance to draft him, I think he would be an ideal fit in the Saints offense with Brees and Payton being able to help him overcome his shortcomings, dealing with pressure/sliding in the pocket, while he ranks in or near elite in size, arm strength, accuracy, etc. Teddy could be the answer, I was pushing to keep him at first, but with how even in blowouts the Saints have been reluctant to put him in and let him throw... not a great sign. Pretty sure Hill has thrown more passes than Teddy this season...
  5. So our team is rolling, we're looking at only having picks in the 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 7th rounds. Now obviously this is early for draft talk, but we also aren't doing much talking about anything else right now so let's bring up some different ideas on how to approach the draft/offseason. Our team currently has few holes to be filled. CB depth, but Apple is playing well, Safety position with Coleman/Bell debate, and probably linebacker are really the only areas that you could say the Saints could use some help as Davenport and the price we paid looks like it will be worth it in the long run. So the question is, do we sit back on our laurels, possibly with the #64 pick as our first pick, or do we look to pull another move and mortgage a 2020 1st round pick and the 2nd round pick to trade into the 1st round of this draft? Obviously it comes down to who is available and how we view them as a talent to consider it. Questionable Future Positions: QB - Is Taysom Hill really the answer? I'm on the side of no for the moment and I don't think Bridgewater is either but better than nothing if Brees hangs it up at end of the year. RB2 - Ingram is due to be a FA if I'm not mistaken, do we pay him or let him walk looking to draft a workhorse to pair with Kamara, if so who are options? OL Depth - Armstead is always missing a few games, Peat has been good but I think will need paid soon, and just OL depth in general is always good. TE - Still no playmaking TE but that's fine for right now. DT - Next to Rankins isn't a high caliber palyer right now, but a solid one. Maybe a potential area to address. LB - I'm liking Anzalone and Davis, but the 3rd LB spot is meh. Could use someone else there. S - Coleman is decent, Bell is decent, might need someone to put next to Williams. CB - I think Apple has really helped our secondary a lot lately, seems to fit in well across from Lattimore and our slot/nickel spot should be fine once Patrick Robinson comes back though as that will provide us a good trio at CB. Anything I've missed?
  6. Week 11 GDT: Eagles (4-5) @ Saints (8-1)

    I only consider the Pittsburgh team difficult between them and Dallas, but Pittsburgh will be at the Dome. I honestly think the Saints could finish 15-1... 14-2 if St. Louis loses a 2nd game before our season finale and we are sitting at 14-1.
  7. ESPN playoff machine

    Mostly because outside of the Houston game, the only game that I should probably have as a loss that I don't, it says more about what I think of the other teams. They get NY into Washington both at home before going to Dallas. I could definitely see them going 3-0 during that stretch. Then they have @ LAR, vs Hou, vs Dal. I currently have them losing vs the Rams but pulling it out vs Houston and Dallas. If you swap Houston to an L then you have an 8-8 record and tied with Dal, but maintaining the tiebreaker.
  8. MVP Race

    I've been saying that Mahomes > Smith, but the Chiefs are still a very good team and with Smith who knows how they would've performed. Smith with the Skins were 6-3 and although the KC schedule is tougher, KC also has a lot more weapons for Smith to work with and it's very easy to say KC > Washington without the QBs even being taken into account. With the schedule you listed, I would say the Chiefs would've beat the 49ers, Jags, Bengals, Broncos, @Cleveland, and Cards. That's 6-4. Maybe they lose the Jags game, but they would've had the same/better chances @Denver IMO. Mahomes is a great QB and deserves to be the co-favorite with Brees to win the MVP right now. If there is a gap between them for MVP then it's the size of a quark.
  9. I think the pressure is something you develop, but with his pure ability, and a coaching staff that can help put him in a better position to succeed, such as developing the offense around bootlegs if need be, better OL protection schemes etc, I think he would do well. Part of the pressure is that without a running QB the offense is too simple as Meyer just isn't great with the spread them out and sling it offense like the Pats and Saints run. If Haskins stays and is going to be the starter next year, Meyer needs to reach out to Sean Payton and get a clinic on how to build an offense for someone like Haskins. I do agree that based on how Meyer wants to run the offense, Martell is the better QB for the offense, but Haskins is the better pure QB/prospect by far. If he declares I could see a team taking the chance on him, even with his struggles with pressure, knowing that he has all the tools to succeed and he wasn't/wouldn't get the right coaching/development in the Meyer system.
  10. MVP Race

    You could also argue that the AFCW > NFCE right now as well. Not to mention without looking at the schedule, I would assume KC has had a tougher schedule so far.
  11. MVP Race

    That's because people thought that Case Keenum was an upgrade at QB for the Broncos and expected them to make a jump in play, that obviously didn't work out. Also the Chargers are overhyped every year, though this year they've definitely played well even with all the injuries. Also Mahomes had 0 actual gameplay to reference so they expected him to struggle to start. He's playing great, but I think Alex Smith could've had them in the playoff hunt quite easily, though they wouldn't be 9-1 and one of the top offenses with Alex Smith though. Probably around 6-4 or 7-3.
  12. I guess it works for now. Obviously it's too late in the year to put it into play long term, but I think implementing it for next year if they keep Haskins as the starter should be their priority. If they don't want to keep him as the starter and want to go with the more run heavy QB option in Martell, I hope they tell him early enough so he can transfer if he wants to as he's going to be a special NFL QB and deserves a starting spot somewhere next year. Heck I would possibly even consider drafting Haskins at the end of the 1st/beginning of the 2nd this year if I'm a team like the Saints/Pats/Steelers that will need a QB sooner rather than later but have an established starter for the next 1-2 years so Haskins can develop more.
  13. Which is fine, empower him to run if there is nothing there, the pocket is collapsing and he sees an opening, or better yet, run some bootlegs so that they are moving the pocket as he's not bad throwing on the run, but designed runs are just bad as that's not the type of player he is.
  14. ESPN playoff machine

    My Entire Scenario AFC 1. KC 14-2 2. NE 12-4 3. Pit 11-4-1 4. Ind 11-5 5. LAC 13-3 6. HOU 11-5 NFC 1. NO 15-1 (play starters last game to try and help Brees get MVP) 2. LAR 13-3 (sit starters last game) 3. CHI 11-5 4. PHI 9-7 5. CAR 10-6 6. Min 9-6-1
  15. MVP Race

    In most years I would agree with you that the Saints without Brees isn't a playoff team, this year... it really depends on the backup plays. Their defense hasn't been too bad lately and with Ingram coming back their running game is much better. Without Brees though they'd probably be 6-4 right now though, possibly 5-5, as he's done a lot to help get them to the 9-1 record including the big win against St. Louis. I think the fact that Alex Smith had the success he did last year means this KC team is definitely better than just run of the mill but for the offense to be playing at the level it is is a testament to how good Mahomes is. It's similar to the Brady/GOAT discussions that people like to try to dismiss when it gets brought up. Matt Cassell led the Patriots to a 10-5 record, 11-5 for the entire season missing the playoffs in one of the very rare times an 11-5 team misses the playoffs, but Brady took nearly the same team to 16-0 the following year. Obviously the Patriots were a good/great team with or without Brady, but Brady elevates the team to another level due to the difference between Cassell, who is trash, and Brady, who deservedly belongs as the top person brought up in GOAT conversations. It's unfair to Mahomes somewhat because we haven't seen the Saints without Brees in over 12 years so there is no way to make an educated guess on how good the Saints would or wouldn't be without Brees. Brees though is such a vital aspect of the Saints that we really don't know how much his presence will be missed when he is gone. Right now I still put it as a toss-up between Mahomes and Brees. If you look at both of their stats as of right now, 10 games in: Drew Brees - 76.9% comp, 2964 yards, 25 TD, 1 INT, 8.9 Y/A, 126.9 QB Rating, 89.3 QBR Patrick Mahomes - 67% comp, 3150 yards, 31 TD, 7 INT, 9.1 Y/A, 117.4 QB Rating, 84.8 QBR It's extremely close between the two and I don't think either is a wrong answer. Though I would slightly favor Brees obv.