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  1. I think you're underselling how good Allen actually is. More than likely they'll try to find a way to move Drummond though and look to keep Allen as a long term piece to pair with the young core since he'd fit the timeline age wise, though he'll need to get paid this offseason. Plus he's a low usage big which means he's that much more valuable to the Cavs than someone like Drummond who wants to have a higher usage.
  2. Tom Brady started off the season on pace to have the highest INT total of his career before he calmed it down. Pretty sure there was a stat that every QB has had one of if not the worst INT totals of their careers when Arians first arives. Example Arians & Palmer in 2013.
  3. Well the 2021 class will have plenty of opportunities to fight for and possibly win starting spots.
  4. So I was looking at the past few recruiting years and it seems like Ohio State hasn't brought in a lot of OL. They've gotten a couple of the top guys but never a consistent big haul of high ranked OL like some of the other programs like Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Clemson have recently. Is our OL development/recruitment just not what it has been in years past?
  5. I'll argue that a "tight window" doesn't really count when it's a jump ball to a dominant WR. I mean does a tight window mean the same thing when targeting CGM or Megatron as it does when targeting say Emmanuel Sanders or Robert Woods? Though the uncatchable rate is a good one to use IMO. But once again it's easier to do that when you aren't as rushed. Probably not. I mean the team has enough going on that unless I'm 100% sold on a QB I don't want to draft them in the 1st. Honestly I don't know if I would want Fields in the 1st right now if it means we have to trade up for him
  6. I'll give you Accuracy and Anticipation. Quick decision making? Not sure never really saw him pressured. Pocket Presence? One time Ohio State actually got pressure that I remember the ball was stripped. Ability to read a defense? Questionable as they had some pretty good play calls that got players that were constantly wide open and once again never really pressured to have to make a tough decision. I'll give you I'd take him in the early 2nd after a trade back, but I wouldn't take him in the 1st. IMO much closer to Leinart than he is Kirk Cousins.
  7. Ohio State's secondary was bad all year and their DL was missing 2 starters so not exactly a good comparison, especially since his WRs were often wide open. He did make some good throws but I wouldn't put him and the tools he has above others.
  8. Yeah Wade definitely isn't an outside CB. Malcolm Jenkins/CJGJ/Mathieu are all good examples of what Wade should look to be in the NFL.
  9. The biggest knock and one that's warranted for Mac Jones is that he was surrounded by exceptional talent and was almost never pressured. His abilities are 2nd/3rd round, his college career are a false 1st round due to having WRs that were always 5+ yards open or taking short screens for 20+ yards consistently. Drafting him in the 1st is a mistake. At least with guys like Trask and Lance you can see how they react to pressure/bad positions enough to know how'll they perform.
  10. I think Mac Jones is a 3rd round prospect based on what his tools are. Can't really determine an IT factor due to the talent so you have to go with what you know about him.
  11. And Kirk Cousins was rightfully drafted in the 3rd round. Just because one player of a mold worked out doesn't mean you should overdraft the next person that looks like they'd be in a similar mold. Mac Jones should be a 2nd/3rd round draft pick that you hope plays above their draft position. I mean Brady was rightfully drafted in the 6th round based on his college career/abilities, he just massively outplayed his draft position. It's like saying we should've drafted Lance Moore in the 2nd round because of what he accomplished in the NFL when he was rightfully an UDFA.
  12. If Hill was 25 or 26 years old, I would say he's a QB that you develop. But the dude is already 30 and has a long history of injuries, he's just not the long term answer at QB. He might end up being the starter next year due to a lack of better options, but I think someone else will be the QB the following year if he doesn't really prove himself.
  13. I wouldn't touch Jones until the 2nd or 3rd round at the earliest. Drafting him in the 1st is just setting yourself up for failure.
  14. It's not hoping they bail you out, it's making legit calls that should be freaking called. It's not like askign for a ticky tack PI, it's a legit holding that's constantly being missed by the same freaking player. Not even acknowledging the holding is happening is either willful ignorance or trolling.
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