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  1. There's a reason he went into last season as arguably the #1 QB prospect with Tua.
  2. I'd take him on the Saints to be the 2nd/3rd QB and eventual future. Good OL, at least 1 good WR, great dual threat RB, and playcalling that is closer to what he ran at Ohio State when there is a QB capable of making the throws.
  3. If that's your argument then it's still moot. Most would agree that Zekes is the better pure runner, I think so too, Kamara isn't also an elite runner and just because he doesn't produce as much as Zeke in the run game, which is also primarily due to the number of carries he gets, doesn't mean Kamara isn't close to him in it. I mean I could make the argument that since Zeke isn't close to as good as Kamara in the passing game it clearly puts him above Zeke. And to your previous point of Zeke getting 60-80 for 500 yards, well Healthy Kamara gets you 81 for 700+ yards. He's already at over 320 yards receiving on 30 catches this year as well as over 230 yards rushing on 50 carries. Sure Zeke has about 40 more yards on the ground than Kamara, but that's on 20 more carries... Zeke is great, I wished the Saints had a way to get him when came into the NFL, but Kamara is special with his ability to be a threat in both the passing and rushing game.
  4. Your "hypothetical land" doesn't even come close to being equivalent. It's one thing to make that comparison if Cook was on pace to hitting 100 receptions but missed time due to injury or was even getting targeted in the passing game to get close to those numbers, but the dude's highest season targets in a season was only 63 over 14 games, so unless he became Michael Thomas for the last 2 games getting 20+ targets he wouldn't even hit that benchmark. Kamara has averaged the required yards over a large enough sample size to realistically think that if he had the number of required carries to hit the 900 yard mark he would with ease. You don't magically go from over 4.5 ypc to dropping below 4 ypc in the next 10-30 carries it would need to hit 900+ yards. For example his second year he had 193 carries and 883 yards while averaging 4.6 ypc. Do you not think that he could've gotten those 17 yards in the next 7 carries which if it took him exactly 7 carries to hit 17 yards, that would've been put him at exactly 4.5 ypc, which is still a great mark for RBs to hit. -edit- Also just because you might've went to the same HS doesn't mean you have to like him. Maybe he picked on you, slept with your significant other, maybe you just thought he was arrogant.
  5. Forcing Fumbles is more or less pure luck the majority of time as well.
  6. Of course that's your opinion of Kamara. That being said he said that Zeke is a dual threat. He's just not as much of a threat in the passing game as the 3 in the Elite Dual Threats category who are dominant in both categories, not just dominant in one and then very good in the other.
  7. Is this really even a debate? It's Watson.
  8. That's how I see it. I think outside of exceptional play by a lower category or less than great play by a higher category I would rank them based on their categories with the rankings within the categories being flexible. Obviously I could see people putting players like Henry and Chubb above A. Jones as they are just exceptional players and Jones is more of a just really good Dual Threat. Kind of like Shaun Alexander, LDT, Priest Holmes, etc debates. Consistently I would've put LDT above the other 2, but there were those seasons where Holmes and Alexander were just so dominant that you put them over the dual threat.
  9. It depends on what else we can guarantee to be around them from coaching staff and talent on the OL, RB, and receiver position. If we can choose the coach as well as 1 pretty good group, average group, and 1 meh group, I'd probably pick Brees, Mahomes, Brady, or Wilson. Brees and Brady with their long time coaches with pretty good OLs, good running games, and meh WRs is the majority of their careers when they were successful. Mahomes and Wilson I think can get by with less talent at OL due to their mobility but would do well with a stronger RB or WR performance still.
  10. If your starting QB was decided by a coin toss between the two of them, you would be happy whether you won or loss the toss.
  11. Yeah that Giants team was something else. They had so many good edge rushers they had to start putting them at DT to get them on the field when it wasn't an obvious run down and even then they were sometimes putting them in trying to get penetration and blow it up in the backfield still. I think Washington could do that as well as Young is more than big enough to slide inside to get pressure as well as he did it for Ohio State as well when he was the 3rd DE on their depth chart IIRC.
  12. I think having Kamara out of the top 3 is a mistake. The top 3 RBs are both huge threats both running the ball and in the passing game when healthy while the rest of the top 10 are typically dominant mostly running the ball with their threat in the passing game is more of "oh yeah he can catch some swing passes and screens."
  13. Fumbles or Fumbles lost. Fumbles are basically just sacks taken, while Fumbles Lost are like Interceptions.
  14. As first RB, not first player right? Pretty sure QB would be first off teh board and then a debate could be made for a few dominant players at other positions. But I would take those 3 over any offensive skill position though.
  15. If it were set at 10, I would ask if they had to be accepted, then still bet the over regardless of the answer.
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