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  1. Exactly. Who thought we were going to be as good as we were last season. I bet a lot of teams had us penciled in as a win. Same with people doing the same with the Rams...
  2. It is slightly concerning the Saints haven't used him more, though we knew he was a project coming in, though considering how the entire defense has looked so far I'm not willing to 100% put it on Davenport just quite yet. Being only the first two weeks and knowing he wasn't going to be ready for a bigger role immediately, not to mention the entire defense looking poor including Lattimore and Jordan not playing up to expectations, I'm not as worried. I'll start to get more concerned by about week 6 depending on the state of our defense and his playing time.
  3. Show me the money!, say 20 Hall of Famers

    Not turning this political, also not quite exact, but after only 5 years Congress qualifies for their full pension. So that's one area where after a very short time you qualify for a full pension. Football being a more violent sport with a much lower expected career length, is understandable for it to only be 3 years.
  4. Actually we are seeing 1 first round pick on the bench. The 2nd first round pick wouldn't even be on the team yet so that can't be counted, unless you want to say we have a 3rd round pick sitting on the bench as well in Teddy Bridgewater. Heck at least Davenport sees the field sometimes, what were they thinking with that 3rd rounder, complete bust.
  5. Well isn't one a DT where we were thin at when Rankins went down and the other plays at DE where one spot is 100% locked down by Jordan and the other is him rotating with Okafor? Not surprising that our weak DT position lets a player get more snaps there than a player at a slightly deeper position.
  6. I think Mahomes is definitely not the "OMG I'mg glad the Chiefs took him and gave us Lattimore" situation that we thought it was, but I don't think having Lattimore is anything to scoff at either. Lattimore has been playing well, but it seems like the scheme and the lack of pressure from our front 4 have been hindering our secondary and linebackers quite a bit. Last year I remember Lattimore playing up on the line, locking the WR down from the line of scrimmage down the field. This year it seems like they are doing more zone coverage and having him play off the ball more, just not really his strength. Definitely doesn't help when our DL isn't getting enough pressure to make the QB even slightly uncomfortable. I'm not sure if it's just uncreated scheming up front or some other issue, but something needs addressed.
  7. Our kicker missed at least 1 FG as well. So then it should've went to OT at least as well
  8. Week 2 GDT - Browns @ Saints

    So we are going to start the season 0-3 then? Or that we always consider the start of each season as 6 preseason games so we'll lose to the browns?
  9. Week 2 GDT - Browns @ Saints

    Prediction: Saints 31 - Browns 53
  10. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    Ginn actually looked pretty good in the first half when I was watching. I mean he wasn't exciting but he seemed to be very consistent and reliable for Brees when he needed him to be.
  11. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    I mean I'm just happy we have receivers and Kamara who can catch. It was like 45 passes vs 8 runs, didn't even bother trying to continue setting up the run after Gillislee had the fumble returned for a TD. I mean for what the offense showed it was good, but I don't consider the lack of a running game a good offense since it will allow teams to start sitting back and just looking to pick off passes.
  12. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    I stopped watching after the first half. I did see a few good things from Davenport but it wasn't a consistent/great situation. The offense was super predictable with one pass after another. Didn't even try to setup the run for some reason. Just overall a bad game.
  13. Rate my DRAFT Thread

    That was pretty much my plan. I had the opportunity for a better 3rd WR than Funchess but I noticed that RB was part of the flex so focused on getting a better 3rd and 4th RB as they are more consistent. I picked the 3 TE to start so that i could take a wait and see how they they playout. OJ and Cook have potential to be big time weapons, OJ going into his 2nd year, and Cook with a new team though Rudolph should be very solid in general. I didnt see a better WR option late in the draft so i took the flier on Cook as well over a WR i couldnt find.
  14. Rate my DRAFT Thread

    10 Man Yahoo League: QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/(WR/RB/TE)/K/DEF QB: Tom Brady/Jared Goff RB: Alvin Kamara/Jordan Howard/Marshawn Lynch/LeSean McCoy WR: Julio Jones/Demaryius Thomas/Devin Funchess/Cameron Meredith TE: Kyle Rudolph/Jared Cook/OJ Howard K: Robbie Gould DEF: Saints
  15. Ray Lewis for the Saints... definitely need some more improvements at LBer and Lewis would be able to be the defensive leader and help bring some fire to them. Plus having a player at each level of Cam Jordan, Ray Lewis, and Marshon Lattimore at each level would be ridiculous.