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  1. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Conditional pick 3rd-5th round pick based on health and team success.
  2. Why did Reggie Bush Bust?

    He played a big part in helping the team win a Super Bowl. No matter any other "expectation" he had, that means that he is not a bust as ultimately every player you draft/sign you do so with the expectations that they will help you win a Super Bowl.
  3. Can we please talk about football?

    I think Bachie makes the team even if it's only for special teams. He's a sure tackler that follows assignments well so at the very least he'd be good there.
  4. It's been awhile since I played so maybe things have changed quite a bit, but we had what 2-3 people modkilled? Outside of an IRL event preventing you from continuing and no replacements allowed, getting modkilled shouldn't be acceptable behavior.
  5. I don't think I actually get to use the vote, I just basically keep them from doing it.
  6. I actually forgot to put in my move last night. Though if I had it would've been a Vote steal on KSJ. I have an even night vote steal.
  7. Well either I was redirected on N2 by scum to try and kill me by making me target Blue instead, or KSJ is scum and they were just redirecting away from him to Blue. I'm going with the second theory unless told it was the 1st.
  8. Panthers sign CB Eli Apple

    Depending on the price, this was a really good pick-up for them. Apple is inconsistent, but when he's on, he's damn good.
  9. Well if it's a main character like the Dr or Jason etc then it might matter in the case of a counter claim, unless of course Orca is the janitor and the person killed N2 was one of those roles so they can't counter claim it.
  10. Why would Mwil want modkilled when the first of his teammates were finally just killed and they were still in it? Are the others too inactive for him to want to continue?
  11. Because I was redirected yesterday when i used my move on him. So either I was personally redirected by scum or maybe scum was moving people that targeted ksj to another member. Without someone admitting that they redirected me, I'm going to assume it was ksj being scum and being redirected away from.