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  1. Setting the bar pretty low there aren't you? I'm not sure the Saints would've lost that game. The Chiefs defense was pretty horrid so the Saints offense would've been able to put up points pretty easily and the Saints defense was actually pretty good which might've been able to get enough stops to eek out a high scoring game.
  2. NFL draft 2020

    The Vikings made that adjustment specifically when we were in passing situations to take advantage of a weak link on our line. You can't do that on all 4 downs.
  3. NFL draft 2020

    I doubt Brees is goign to get a big deal from the Saints. Too many other players that are in the long term plans that need new contracts and Brees doesn't have too many years left.
  4. NFL draft 2020

    Granted I think DT is a bigger need than DE in that regard as our EDGE are getting there, especially with some occasional blitzing, but our DTs are too thin to create a useful rotation after Onyemata left. If we could add one more DT to Brown/Tuttle/Rankins it provides better rotation to try and get inside pressure as well as insurance for when, not if, Rankins goes down again.
  5. NFL draft 2020

    AJ is one of those guys that if he's available at our pick you say screw need as he'd probably be BPA by a good margin.
  6. NFL draft 2020

    I think more depth at DT, especially since Rankins has been having injury concerns, would be a huge help, though not worth a 1st round pick unless someone amazing drops. I agree about the Edge position, though. I agree LB and WR are the top 2 needs. I think that this draft is pretty deep at WR so we could potentially find a great #2 in the 3rd or later. I would use the first hoping to get a good LBer but I wouldn't prioritize position over BPA either if there is a player of a higher tier available.
  7. NFL draft 2020

    Did you mean TE? DE seems solid with Hendricks, Davenport, and Jordan as the primary 3 with Granderson, Edwards, etc rotating in. I would look at DT before DE.
  8. Joe Burrow

    Apparently the competition with Haskins and Burrow was so close that they were tracking every single throw each made to see if they could glean even a minor difference between the two.
  9. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

    I agree, they are.
  10. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

    Agreed. If the player wasn't defenseless and/or it's clear the player wasn't intentionally going for such a hit, then no ejection (at least on the first one), though still allow it to be a penalty if they want to call it that way.
  11. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

    I thought the targeting call against Ohio State was BS, I think the one against Clemson is as well. College targeting is possibly the worse rule in football.
  12. After the Ravens just dropped to a 6th seed with Ryan Tannehill as the starting QB I'm not so upset to the Saints losing to the Vikings.
  13. Nope it's Alvin Kamara...
  14. Who had the best Draft of the Teens?

    I was about to say, 2006 wasn't even the Saints best year in this regime.
  15. Is Drew Brees overrated?

    Here's my question though, if Brees was the QB for those teams would they have needed to go through 5 coordinators over those years? Especially with Atlanta and the weapons they've had at WR. Honestly I can't think of a single year where I would say the Saints had a better receiving core than the Falcons during Brees' time with the Saints. With the Ravens I can't remember how their weapons would compare to the Saints.