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  1. Will Jalen Hurts be a first round pick?

    I don't why I thought Fromm was a Sophomore... who is Love? I haven't paid too much attention outside of Ohio State and a few big match-ups this season. I'm glad that there are so many potential 1st round QBs, means the Saints will be able to get one regardless of where they draft.
  2. Will Jalen Hurts be a first round pick?

    Then that means one of the other QBs are going to drop. There will be 3 or 4 QBs in this draft worth taking in the 1st?
  3. Justin Fields

    It doesn't matter if there are 7 WRs with NFL potential on the roster when at most only 5 can be on the field and normally only 4 due to having an elite RB they want to use to keep defenses honest. I mean it's like saying last year Georgia and Alabama had 2 QBs with NFL potential on their roster. The depth doesn't actually matter unless someone got hurt because only 1 of them were going to be on the field and playing at a time.
  4. Justin Fields

    He's still got some work to do but if he continues to improve he should be a great NFL Prospect.
  5. This is the final year of Brees' contract, unless they extend him again.
  6. Saints LB Alex Anzalone placed on IR

    He's had moments where he looked like an All-Star LB, but as soon as he starts getting into a rhythm and playing like it, he gets hurt and seems to start over from scratch having to build back up to that level of play.
  7. LoL you're the only one on this board that probably thinks that. Granted you're also the biggest critic, though hater is probably more appropriate, of the Saints as well.
  8. 3*-1. Games are under further review until the NFL learns what a DPI is.
  9. @ronjon1990 Didn't DelRio typically have good defenses but god awful offenses and that's why he would go 7-9 or 8-8 but when he had a competent offense he would do well? If so then Payton is pretty much the other side of the coin. Always a good/great offenses but a dog crap defense that took otherwise great teams to 7-9 or 8-8. Also Brees wasn't Brees before coming to NO. He was a good, average looking QB in San Diego, similar to Teddy B, and he ascended to the heights he's at in the offense of Payton's. I mean granted Brees' skillset is what makes Payton's offense so efficient as well though so it's probably a bit of a symbiotic relationship for success.
  10. How are the refs so awful

    I agree and why I've said it's probably still a loss but am arguing with those that say with 100% certainty that it didn't change anything.
  11. With how Maryland seems to be turning it around that would be a good spot for him too and could really help them with recruiting better talent to have him on the roster.
  12. How are the refs so awful

    I've said numerous times, I think it would've still been a loss, but that 17 points did happen when the Rams had momentum is all I'm saying. Also not all botched calls are equal IMO. Defensive TDs are probably one of the most momentum swinging plays I've seen in close games, much more so than a potent offense hitting a big play for a TD. For all we know the Saints D keeps the Rams offense in check for rest of teh half and the Saints score another FG before the half for a 16-6 lead going into the half.
  13. How are the refs so awful

    I mean I agree it's probably still a loss, but we've seen before where a single play can change the whole momentum of a team. I'm just saying we don't know how it would've affected the rest of the team and their motivation/intensity. Let's also look at Ohio State vs Indiana just this past weekend. Ohio State was struggling on offense seemed out of rhythm, then special teams blocks a punt that turns into a safety. After that the offense looks in rhythm and has little to no trouble moving the ball and scoring points. Once again, it was probably still a loss, the Rams are too good to beat with a back-up QB that had no actual game prep/timing with the WRs, but it's not impossible to think that the game would've been much closer than 27-16 as the memes suggest.
  14. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    See this man knows how to build a football team. Though since those are his stats, they are probably still worse than Eli's so it's only going to help the tank obviously. I'm not as high on Jones as Giants fans obviously are, I still think Jones is going to end up the better QB, but Jones should be your consistent average QB in the NFL, which is still better than Eli right now.
  15. How are the refs so awful

    Are we sure it didn't? We've seen a many games that have been close and one side struggling only for them to have a big play and suddenly they seem like a different team. Also pretty sure Teddy B would've been a little more relaxed if they were up 13-6 compared to tied 6-6 and eventually behind. Granted they probably still lose, but I don't htink it's 27-16 like people want to argue, but probably close to 20-19.