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  1. Embiid > Irving > Rest
  2. Sorry guys I'd love to jump in but still way too busy at work to be able to jump in a game.
  3. NBA Top 50 Players: Who Is #3?

    Was debating between Davis and Harden, went with Harden. I really think Curry is a bit overrated at this point, though that isn't saying he's not a great player, but it seems like every bad game is accompanied with "oh he must be hurt" regardless of if that's the case or not. Also it seems like it's easier to shutdown/limit Curry than it is some of the others on the list.
  4. We need to be careful with this topic due to the political nature, we all know how Webby feels about those, but I do agree with the idea of individuals having the opportunity to earn their voting privileges back after a certain time period of good behavior.
  5. I was coming to post what Lancer said. I know Ohio's leadership isn't in favor of legalizing sports betting right now though they have allowed a few casinos to be built, they are still taking the process very slowly.
  6. Updates from Saints Rookie Minicamp

    Yeah, plus it's different playing against people without pads when you can't really play as aggressive as you normally would compared to the helmet only practice they are going through as it is. I think it's great that he's being forced get reps in the 3 point stance so that it becomes muscle memory sooner rather than letting him try and skate by on his athleticism in a 2 point stance to start the season. The more reps the more comfortable he'll get and the faster he'll be able to start exploding out of it.
  7. Updates from Saints Rookie Minicamp

    -Great to hear that Strief is still part of the Org, at least to some extent as he's a great story of what hard work and perseverance can do. -Davenport looks a little rough in the video of him pass rushing, probably a combination of being without pads and still adjusting to the new stance, will get a better idea in preseason. -Not surprised by Barrett, he has the tools, I still question his mentality in a game situation, though it's good to hear that Payton really likes him and if he can get back to taking some 50/50 throws and not just 90%+ throws then I think he can easily play at an Alex Smith/Andy Dalton level. -Why hasn't the season started yet?
  8. How would Alabama fare in the NFL?

    I think an All-Rookie team could do well against the Browns, even if you take off the players that might've made the team from the Browns.
  9. Sorry guys, I would love to join but I've got a few big projects at work and really don't have the time. Hopefully over teh summer it might slow down and I can get in another game.
  10. It's amazing that not only will the NFC South be one of the most competitive division but also one of the best as well.
  11. No legal issues, similar upside to Kenny V, but without the established presence in the locker room which might've been needed. I think it would be similar to how you see coaches that are successful, always having good seasons, but never great seasons, get replaced by similar level coaches. It's not that the coach was bad, it's just that they might've need a change in the message to get players to buy in/get out of their own head.
  12. 2018 Schedule announced

    See the Atlanta game is really the only one I think we might lose. I'm not worried about Tampa, Cleveland, New York, or Washington.
  13. 2018 Schedule announced

    I don't think this really has any change on my predictions for the season. The first 5 games I expected to be 4-1 or 5-0 and this doesn't really change anything in that regard.
  14. I think a better question would be to look at the previous year's draft class and see if you could construct a team from them that would've beat the worse team of the year. Having knowledge of how they performed in the NFL in their rookie years would also give us a better comparison.
  15. 2018 Schedule announced

    Actually it's been pretty nice. I think this season is definitely worth watching as just because things could go wrong, they could also go very right. It all hinges on Brees and our 2nd year players really for how great this season will be. I'm probably more excited to watch this season than I was last year and that's even with my pessimistic view on how we end.