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  1. Those laws vary widely by state/region and there are those lawyers, and people, who will look for any loophole. But definitely a good story.
  2. Actually a bigger risk than putting themselves in risk of danger is being sued by someone if they decide that your help hurt them.
  3. Where Does Atlanta Finish in NFC South?

    I guess that's where I was getting a little confused as pretty much everyone in the earlier list, outside of Eli/Palmer, I'd put above Ryan, and I'd probably take playoff Eli over regular season Ryan. I forget, where is Rodgers, Russell, etc in those timelines? I can't remember and don't feel like looking it up.
  4. 2018 NBA Summer League

    People realize that it will likely be ugly at times the next 2 years, but it's more about his future. He has all the tools to be successful and the work ethic to get there. He showed a lot of flashes on both sides of the court, including doing more than just driving adding in some hesitations etc though he'll never be Kyrie, he has some good aspects to his game. Also the freelancing on D will also improve as he starts playing more in a system and understanding the concepts behind them. He got away with it in college, but he will learn in the NBA he needs to work within the system. I'm pretty sure I remember the announcers saying that whenever he drove to the right then it was a full on drive but if he went to the left then it was likely going to be a pull-up shot and that the tendencies would be exploited in the NBA. By the end of SL though he started mixing it up with more full drives to the left and pull-ups to the right. He also had a great move near the end of the Lakers game where he start left and Hart started to get higher and ready to contest a jumper only for him to quickly change to the right leaving Hart having a somewhat confused look on his face as Sexton was past him in a flash. His growth is already starting and it should only improve, though boy can it be ugly at times, no denying that.
  5. 2018 NBA Summer League

    Cavs shutdown their two best looking players in SL in Cedi and Zizic early on so that Sexton would be leaned on more and could grow more while the Lakers kept their SL team intact.
  6. Free Agency Thread

    SF will likely be Cedi but I wouldnt be surprised to see a lot of Sexton/Hood/Cedi/Love/(Zizic/TT/Nance) as the starting/primary unit.
  7. Vegas over/under win totals...

    I really hope the reports thats the Cavs arent looking to tank and will try to compete are true so that when they make the playoffs people will finally realize that LeBron is both a blessing and a curse.
  8. 2018 NBA Summer League

    Great game, Sexton will only improve. I wonder how the game might've gone if Cedi and Zizic weren't benched early on since they had nothing else to show, but it probably wouldn't have given Sexton the opportunity/necessity to step up like he's had to.
  9. Saints player helps save man trapped in car that plunged from CBD garage I don't remember who this guy is, but a pretty good story. Been pretty slow here so I figured I would start looking up news on the Saints and found this article.
  10. Where Does Atlanta Finish in NFC South?

    I'm sorry, I think Matt Ryan is better than the average NFL QB, but he's not even close to the same tier as the best QBs of this generation. Unless we are thinking of a different group of QBs which might be the case. Like at what year of QBs entering the league are you choosing the cutoff?
  11. He definitely needs to refine his game, but boy when he's in a rhythm does he look good and show why the Cavs were high on him and quite a few thought his ceiling was higher than Trae Youngs. Although he's a bad 3pt shooter now, he's fairly good at the FT line which has a bigger correlation to a player developing a good 3pt shot. I think it will be ugly at times over the next 2 years, but I think by year 3 Sexton is going to really blow up, possibly sooner considering his work ethic.
  12. Cedi and Zizic looked dominant in SL, Sexton has had some rough spots but is performing about as well as any other top 10 pick. Should be an interesting season for the Cavs.
  13. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Several of those lists are questionable at best. But even then if that's over 5 years, that's 19 players out of what 225 players? That's less than 10% chance to hit. Granted I think this year's class will change that as it was extremely deep and had players that would've been 1st rounders in other years going in the 2nd, but that is very much the exception than the rule. So how does that really help? There are plenty of cases of top HS Seniors ending up doing poorly in college and then not even being 1st round picks by the time they enter the draft, so why add to the risk of who to take if they aren't drafting them in the 2nd or looking to just put them on a G-League squad as a UDFA. I mean before they implemented the 1 and done rule, how many straight from HS players actually ended up being picked high and performing, let alone performing. Obviously you have guys like LeBron James who everyone knew was going to be a dominant player, but those are rare to find to begin with.
  14. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Not all 1sts are equal. Thats like saying the Spurs should trade Leonard to the Lakers for 8 FRPs and take back Deng to make the money work is a good trade.
  15. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    I understand what you are saying, I really do, but my point, as it has been, is that there is no reason for the Cavs to sell their cap space now when there is potential to get more for it next summer unless it is a deal that has some oomph to it. Like I wouldn't want to do a trade that involved Oubre right now as he doesn't fit what the Cavs should be looking to do not to mention he's about to be a RFA. Now if you said before this draft this trade was being offered and Cavs were getting 3-4 2nd rounds picks between #31 and #50 I would've done that trade as this was a SUPER SUPER deep draft and guys like Khyri Thomas, De'Anthony Melton, KBD, Mitchell Robinson, etc where available in the 2nd and would be a great boost to a rebuilding team. Now those players would likely be 1st round locks, likely late lotto/mid 1st round picks in the majority of the previous. We can't assume that future drafts will be as strong so a late 1st only has a 13.3% chance of being successful even using just the 2017 draft. So whether they sell their space now, or if they sell it later, do you really think they will get a big difference in the offer? Even if there are other teams willing to take on the contracts, they all know which teams are desperate to clear cap space and they won't be dropping their offers by much because other teams are also willing to sell cap space. Granted there might be that one really bad team that seems to always take all the bad contracts for almost nothing, but there's nothing you can do about that. I mean Charlotte got 2 2nd rounders for taking Mozgov, while the Nets got a lotto protected 1st for taking on Faried and Arthur, not much you can do about it when you consider Faried is still a slightly useful player while Mozgov gives you nothing. So if the suggested trade gave something with more oomph I'd be down for it, but taking those contracts/players doesn't move the needle even with 3 late 1sts in unknonwn draft depths.