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  1. Kyrie Irving requesting trade out of Cleveland

    @Ward4HOF with the Clippers looking like they are going to need to start rebuilding, you guys might be able to send some young players/picks for DeAndre Jordan. Putting Jordan in that line-up with Kyrie/Booker not being the best defenders would be great for you guys.
  2. NBA Trade Value Ranking

    As others have said, LeBron & KD are on 1 year deals so they are gone, Curry just got paid and honestly there are more good PGs in the NBA than other positions, AD is too injury prone, Giannis is going to be up for a new contract soon, so that leaves KAT early in his rookie deal and plays a position that is among the hardest to find good players.
  3. At the time of the Byrd signing and letting Jenkins walk, it was the right call. Jenkins became undisciplined playing for Williams and needed to be put into a new environment/scheme to get back to where he was early on. He's regrouped to the player I knew he could be all along, but unfortunately it's after the Saints have moved on from him.
  4. Looks like I'm free to pick. I'll take CB Marshon Lattimore, THE Ohio State Univeristy @whodatworm23
  5. 10 predictions heading into pre-season:

    It's called withdraw and means you need another drink. LoL
  6. 10 predictions heading into pre-season:

    @whodatworm23 Drunk has been the only proper way to discuss Saints football these past 3 or so years...
  7. @navysaintsfan He went to THE Ohio State University. Surprising the top 2 picks were both from the B1G...
  8. Kyrie Irving requesting trade out of Cleveland

    Zingas is a great young piece, granted having to take Noah back is horrible, but I don't know if that would be a bad trade even considering it gives the Cavs a promising young player to build around going forward to rebuild around if LeBron does leave. I would say ship out Love right afterwards as well since if Zingas is healthy he brings what Love can and more. If we can ship out Love and get a package that involves Bledsoe, possibly through a 3 team trade, would be ideal for Cleveland for both the short and long term prospects of the team, even if they did have to take on Noah.
  9. QB rankings.

    I'm guessing you're talking about me, and I rarely even bring up Brees topics, lately it's been a little bit more but that's because some of the discussions have been quite bad. Also most of my discussion on the topic isn't that Brees is better than everyone, but that he consistently gets dropped/forgotten and when I do bring him up it's mostly to ask why someone feels they do on Brees and I'll debate on it a little back and forth. I probably could've/should've added more to my original post but I was on my phone at work when I responded and had something I had to get back to work. I'm fine with people putting Big Ben above Brees if they feel that way, but if they do I'm going to ask them why they have Brees lower than #3. It spurs discussion and maybe I'll learn something new about the Big Ben or heck anyone else they might put ahead of Brees and hopefully I might do the same for them. It's just normally the reasons behind dropping Brees are "Too many interception", "Junk stats", and "doesn't make the playoffs" but a lot of those arguments have a lot of holes in them and I just like to point out that the ship is taking on a lot of water.
  10. QB rankings.

    But he hasn't slowed down or performed worse than a year or two ago. The dude is still putting up the same performances, hell last year was among the better of them. Like I really don't know what you want him to do that he hasn't been doing since he go to New Orleans.
  11. He's top 5 regardless, and there isn't much reviving for them. It would be more impressive to go to say the NYK and get them a title than the Lakers.
  12. sammymvpknight's Preseason Week 1 Takeaways

    If this game was opening day, Lattimore would've been out there. No reason to send him out with a tweaked knee for a preseason game. Should be interesting how they look the rest of the preseason.
  13. NFL Suspends Zeke Elliot 6 games

    So we should be seeing a civil suit then? Would seem the logical next step if criminal court isn't going to happen.
  14. QB rankings.

    Big Ben, but no Brees...
  15. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    And the Browns are going 19-0