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  1. I think the FO is happy with the Interior OL after resigning Peat to a massive overpay, but they probably think it was just injuries that caused issues there. I think the priority should probably be Linebacker as really outside of Davis and the oft-injured Anzalone no one is starter quality and with Anzalone always hurt we lack a quality 2nd LBer to put on the field as we are normally in nickel/dime anyways due to the conference. I would put a priority on a coverage linebacker over a run defender as well. RB I think is less of a priority but a definite need as like you said if Kamara or Murray goes down we are hosed so getting someone like JK Dobbins, Jonathon Taylor, or Cam Akers in the 3rd would be good value and possibly be able to phase out Murray long term. QB is a big question mark and I really think Payton is honest about his love for Hill. I don't see it but I don't see him not giving it a try. Maybe a QB in the later rounds to be a back-up so Hill's versatility can be used. I think WR/TE might still be a need. Outside of Thomas everyone is aging or hasn't really stepped up. A guy I like is KJ Hill who although had a poor run time at the combine showed good route running ability and with how deep this WR class is could be had in the very late rounds. Though if one of the top guys were to start to fall and there isn't one of the top 3 or so LBers available, taking one of them in the 1st isn't a bad idea. At TE we only have Jared Cook who although started picking up his production is getting up there in age and having a 2nd pass catching TE is never a bad idea but a very low priority.
  2. CB PJ Williams returns to the Saints

    What's frustrating about a lot of our corners, outside of Lattimore, lately is that they all give us stretches of 2-3 games where they look like legit #1 caliber CBs and then look barely practice squad caliber. I mean even Apple had those like 4-5 game stretch when Lattimore was injured/limited that he looked like a legit #1 CB that would cost $10+ mil in the offseason only to become a nickel guy again.
  3. FLOODx's Return Mock 3/23/20

    I mean let's be honest. Brees probably has about 2 years max left in him, so by the time Jeudy gets adjusted to the NFL we'll have a QB that can throw deep Also I agree on LB talent. Davis is great and I love Anzalone, when he's healthy, but he's never healthy and we need at least one LB outside of Davis that is starter caliber. I see a lot of mock drafts having either Murray or Queen coming to us and unfortunately Simmons goes in the top 8 so way too far outside of our trade up range. If he drops to something like 13 though I could see another Davenport type trade where we give up this and next year's first.
  4. FLOODx's Return Mock 3/23/20

    Jeudy seems like a great fit next to Thomas
  5. @Orleanz you should run this. You are already working on the Mock Drafts and stuff.
  6. I can assist but probably won't have time for a major role
  7. FLOODx's Return Mock 3/23/20

    I wouldn't be too upset if he becomes the player he's projected to be. Especially since we have enough talent we have enough young talent we have to pay, skipping another 1st might not be a bad thing.
  8. FLOODx's Return Mock 3/23/20

    Then how about we trade up in the 1st rather and try for Simmons or Queen?
  9. Griffen will likely cost more than $6 mil a season.
  10. My idea for an 8-team CFP bracket.

    If I was doing an 8 team CFP bracket, I would give the 5 highest ranked FBS Conference champs are guaranteed a spot. So if a Group of 5 team wants an automatic bid, be ranked higher than one of the Power 5 conference champs. From there I would do 3 At-Large bids chosen by the committee,
  11. Emmanuel Sanders Signs with Saints

    Why is that absurd? He was way below his normal standard and the Patriots barely tried to keep him refusing to give him an extension multiple times. Also the same thing could be said about the Browns about last year where people thought they were going to be a playoff team etc and were still mediocre. I'll believe the Buccs are legit when I see it. Moves on paper are just that. Even with the on paper great moves by the Saints, I'm not expecting them to be better than they were last year until I see it in action.
  12. Emmanuel Sanders Signs with Saints

    Even? Nah you need to prove it first. I remember everyone fawning over the Browns with all of their signings... TB12 might not even be a good QB anymore considering how little the Patriots fought to keep him.
  13. Emmanuel Sanders Signs with Saints

    Oh the dude is legit, I'm not going to argue that. Just saying that dissing Sanders numbers isn't fair due to who was throwing to him and the other weapons around him as well. I think both would've performed similarly in the others situation. Maybe the younger Ridley performs better as the #1 option due to burst and maybe Sanders performs better as the #2 due to his vet savvyness. Good debate regardless though.
  14. Emmanuel Sanders Signs with Saints

    Who has even thrown the ball to Sanders the past 3 years? Outside of what 6 games with the 49ers his QBs have had arms barely better than mine with no help. At least Ryan is an above average QB and Ridley has an elite #1 option, not to mention a very good running game.
  15. Emmanuel Sanders Signs with Saints

    My fandom is probably clouding my vision but it seems the Saints are still the team to beat in the NFC South even with TB12 going to Tampa.