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  1. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    Even Ingram is putting up big/good numbers. Without AP it seems like those 2 are showing up much more.
  2. [PFF] Marshon Lattimore looks elite already

    Patriots have a little bit of help with having a mediocre conference to get games in. The Saints not only have had to deal with a crap defense but at least 2-3 teams in their division looking like 8-8 to 15-1 teams every year. Whatever their record ends up being, swap 2 wins with losses and you'd get a more comparative records as I think the Saints could've won the AFC East the past 3 years if you swaped NE and New Orleans.
  3. Which of these hurt their team the most?

    The Saints have had an average defense for all but the previous 3 years. During those years there were a lot of misses through the draft and FA, Payton didn't completely neglect the defense, he just made bad decisions in regards to it. Go back through and look at the picks, there are quite a few defensive picks and even more defensive signings, he just didn't have an eye/coaching for defense which is a big part why a lot of former saints defensive players end up going to other teams and performing at All-Pro/Pro Bowl levels.
  4. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    @RandyMossIsBoss Brees has actually been rather pedestrian by the standards he's put up the past 11 years. Sure he went without an INT the first 4 weeks and had his first game with INTs, two but one could argue only one was legit, but he still isn't putting up big yards/TDs like before. He's playing a much more reserved role and that's a compliment to our defense who have really stepped up the last 3 games and are why he can play a more game manager role.
  5. Boston Celtics Thread - Thoughts with Gordo

    I though Irving finished the game...
  6. 2017-2018 NBA GDT V1: Winless Warriors

  7. 2017-2018 NBA GDT V1: Winless Warriors

    Fully recover or get back on the court?
  8. 2017-2018 NBA GDT V1: Winless Warriors

    That was disturbing, they said he broke his leg and then there was a quick flash of it and wow... that was bad.
  9. The Fire Payton bandwagon should probably be slowed down because of the excellent post I think by whodatworm, but not sure, the trade/not resign Brees train should still be in full swing, especially if we can get someone like Jimmy G.
  10. Although I'm out because the Browns lost to the Jets... Im' going ot keep track of my full preseason picks and see how they play out.
  11. I already knew that, I was just wondering how long it would take him to adjust to the requirement to play zone as well as man.
  12. Every time either team needed a score, Stafford was there to provide it...
  13. The fact that it was only 24 points given up by the defense against one of the better offenses in the NFL is pretty promising still.
  14. Neither QB seems to want to win this game.