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  1. Gophers World Mafia Sign Ups

    The problem is it isn't even a comfort of living for myself. I have too much concern about others that I need to make sure they are comfortable at my own loss.
  2. Gophers World Mafia Sign Ups

    I have 2 mortgages to worry about, the one my mom/sis/sis' kid are living in and the one I'm living in. Unemployment isn't a realistic option. Granted my company firing me isn't realistic for them either, but I'd rather be accountable for my own actions and do what is required of me.
  3. Gophers World Mafia Sign Ups

    Wish I could join you guys, I really do, but I'm swamped at work. I'm working late during the week and even working hours on the weekend. Hopefully once we get this big client under control I'll be available to join into games again.
  4. And the money we are using to pay him is what we are getting from Unger not being on the team anyways. So it's not like it's taking away from cap space we thought we would have.
  5. We wouldn't have had the capspace either if Unger didn't retire.
  6. Max Unger announces retirement

    I mentioned before that he could've been a target for a restructure/cut due to being able to free up nearly 7 mil in cap, so I guess that's a positive. Also didn't the guy we have backing up at Center do pretty well when Unger was out this past season? Obviously he made some mistakes Unger wouldn't, but there is a vast experience/cohesion difference too.
  7. Earl Thomas signs with Ravens

    I'm sad, I really hoped the rumor of him to the Browns was true... Would've just been icing on the cake after the OBJ trade.
  8. Browns sign Demetrius Harris

    Dont' forget the Earl Thomas rumor. So that would be Earl Thomas and Richardson from signings that matter, plus Vernon and OBJ in trades, which are kind of like signings since the draft picks given up would've been signed. Either way the Browns are looking to be very good.
  9. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    Not a Browns fan, though I am a Cavs fan, but if I were a Browns fan I would 100x agree. There were some hindsight issues with the roster the Cavs would've had at the time of LeBron's return, but I really liked what they had there and didn't like them gutting their future for the chance at a title and to bend to LeBron's whim all over again. These moves I think is so much better for Cleveland sports because they don't take away from what was already being built to cater to the whims of a narcissist. I'm still thankful to LeBron for the title though.
  10. Browns sign Demetrius Harris

    Who aren't the Browns signing this offseason? They are making a push from playoff hopeful to potential Super Bowl contender in one offseason if all these moves go through.
  11. Browns trade for OBJ

    I mean look at the Giants and Ravens.
  12. Browns trade for OBJ

    I would argue you can get away with not having a franchise QB as long as the QB is above average and gets hot at the right time as long as you have the OL and defense.
  13. Browns trade for OBJ

    I think a more likely, and better, option is to use their picks this year on OL and defense this year, plan to suck to go after Tua next year, and then hope for the Clemson WR the following year.
  14. Agreed. I wanted him to stay but I won't blame him for getting paid after the work he put in for us over the past few years. I wish him the best of luck wherever he goes unless it's against the Saints, then it's just for him to stay healthy.
  15. If we signed Murray at 4/14.4 then I'm assuming Ingram was going to cost a lot more than that. I'm guessing he's looking for a minimum of 4/28 which I think is outside of our price range considering Thomas, Williams, Lattimore, and Kamara will all be up for extensions sooner than later. If I had to choose between Ingram and one of those 4, I'm taking one of them, especially since we did find a back that can perform a similar role to Ingram.