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  1. Yeah he's definitely on the back end of his career, but he's still been the leading goal scorer on his team the past several years, and has shown he can still score some really acrobatic goals such as the one I posted above from last season. Basically, they identified the biggest need on their roster and I'd imagine they think this is a team that can make a legitimate playoff run this year, so they went out and got a guy that should be able to step in immediately and make an impact scoring goals.
  2. The United roster was looking pretty good at most positions, but they are just missing a consistent goal scorer up top, which they now have with Kamara. I'd say an NFL equivalent at this point would be a team needing a WR signing a guy like Adam Theilen. Likely won't ever be in contention for top 3 (elite) at his position, but just goes out and produces great numbers every year.
  3. Big move for Minnesota United today trading for Kei Kamara
  4. Looked like his ankle got rolled up on pretty bad. If he somehow is able to play on Monday, I will be convinced the guy is part cyborg.
  5. To each their own I suppose. I find that gif quite satisfying to watch.
  6. I believe a Shy Tuttle is commonly referred to as a Falcon killer
  7. Seems like a really good deal for the Saints for most of the years on the contract
  8. He flashed some potential with the Tennessee Vols, but never was able sustain consistent production. That said, this seems like it's starting to be a theme with the Tennessee prospects (Alvin Kamara, Shy Tuttle). Wouldn't surprise me if he develops into a #2/#3 WR for us.
  9. I've heard this injury can completely ruin a career if not handled properly.
  10. Man that's some next level delusion. The Eagles already have almost as many losses as the Saints have had each of the past 2 season 😂
  11. Yes because by then the Jalen Hurts led Eagles will be so scary lol
  12. Was there any doubt about it? Dak has been better than both Wentz and Goff from that draft class.
  13. Probably should focus on getting that first win out of the way and not talk big after losing to Washington Football Team.
  14. Don't think this is really a good game to draw too many conclusions one way or the other in regards to Drew Brees this season. The offense had no preseason to get live game reps, some new guys on the OL, and Tampa has a pretty talented front 7. Going to give it a few games to let the offense get in sync before I sound the alarm on Brees having father time catch up with him this year. That said we got a big week 1 win and we were about 1 inch away from putting up 40 points on a Bucs team that had a ton of hype coming into the season, I'll gladly take that.
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