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  1. Rams and Chargers will be 2020 Hard Knocks Teams

    Thought it was just an offseason series that followed random NFL teams each year. As I mentioned before never really watched it since it seemed like it was crappy teams every year, but now it makes a bit more sense as to why. Being a Saints fan I don't believe they have been on the show
  2. If Ussain Bolt ...

    He probably could have been an NFL WR if he started playing at a young age, but there is just too much unknown about his hand eye coordination, body control, and quickness. He attempted a pro soccer career after he retired from track, which he did a couple month trial with a team in Australia (low level pro league), but nothing ever came from it. Granted it would be harder to start a soccer career than football career given the general qualities needed for success in each sport. That said it's just highly unlikely he would have ever been in the conversation for GOAT at WR even with the advantage he would have being unquestionably the fastest guy on the field every week. Much like the reverse is true that if guys like Tyreek Hill, Chris Johnson, and Randy Moss focused on track instead of football they wouldn't have been the best sprinters in the world.
  3. Rams and Chargers will be 2020 Hard Knocks Teams

    That makes sense I was wondering why it always seemed to be crappy teams on it. Probably why I never really watched it much.
  4. Easy enough, it's really not that difficult to understand. My previous post was a quick rundown of how strange your responses were to what I was saying in this thread in regards to Jim Brown being compared by other posters as being as fast as guys like Ted Ginn and Chris Johnson. Here is a transcript of our conversation: As you can see, you decided to move goal posts and claim that I said Jim Brown was slow, when I never said that. I stated Jim Brown was nowhere near as fast as guys like Chris Johnson and Ted Ginn, who are among the fastest football players to ever play the game, and asked you to provide any actual verified times (40 yard, 100 meter) that would put him even in the same ballpark as the aforementioned players. You then decided to take your ball and go home saying "have a nice thread", likely because you realized that there are no verifiable times out there that place Jim Brown anywhere near Ted Ginn or Chris Johnson. So either provide me with a legit time (40 yard/100 meter) of Jim Brown's that shows him being as fast as guys like Ted Ginn and Chris Johnson or take the loss on this one.
  5. Yikes, just a bad reply. Let's go through this again: I said: it's hyperbole to say that Jim Brown is as fast as guys like Ted Ginn and Chris Johnson. You come in and say: they had stopwatches back then. I mention that: we now have much more accurate timing systems (electronic) then we did in Brown's era, but still ask for any verifiable time that puts him anywhere near 2 players that are probably in the 99th percentile in NFL history in terms of speed in Chris Johnson and Ted Ginn. You then come back with: Brown was slow then, right? Gotcha. Have a nice thread. You had a bad take. Own it and move on. Unless you can provide any sort of verifiable time that puts Jim Brown anywhere close to those guys. For the record, I never said Jim Brown was slow. I said he was nowhere near as fast as Chris Johnson and Ted Ginn. For example, guys like Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara, and Saquon Barkley are nowhere near as fast as Chris Johnson or Ted Ginn, but they are still fast players.
  6. You do understand we have electronic timing now, right? Enlighten me what was Jim Brown's best (verified)100m time or 40 time then?
  7. Rams and Chargers will be 2020 Hard Knocks Teams

    A series showing 2 mediocre at best teams that didn't make the playoffs last year. No thanks.
  8. I think a season will be possible, but one with fans is probably doubtful at this time. MLS is doing a month long league wide tournament in Orlando next month where all the teams will be at the Disney Sports Complex and the players will be pretty much on lock down during the tournament with frequent Covid testing. It will be interesting to see how it plays out as it will likely influence other American sports leagues decide to proceed. If it works well, it may be best the NFL tries to do something similar. I'd imagine the likelihood of a watered down product would drastically increase if the NFL doesn't implement similar rules having players pretty much quarantined away from the general public and have teams playing games in the same location as it seems more likely players contract it if these measures aren't taken, which leads to the concerns of a team being without some key players throughout the season.
  9. Don't get me wrong, Jim Brown was one of the best ever at RB, but come on, I've seen him labeled as being as fast as Ted Ginn and Chris Johnson in this thread. Lets take it easy on the hyperbole. Anyways the answer is Barry Sanders. He is the GOAT at RB.
  10. Panthers sign CB Eli Apple

    Has some talent, but overall is just a really frustrating player. Hit a rough patch last year where it got to a point that when he was targeted I expected to see a flag.
  11. NFL's biggest individual choke job

    I think it has to be Gary Anderson's missed FG. Easily one of the most talented offenses the league has ever seen, and seemed like they were going to be a shoe in for the Super Bowl that season. I will say that the Marcus Williams one was quite the roller-coaster of emotions being there watching it happen live. It seemed the Saints had the game in the bag after a big 2nd half comeback and given the history between the 2 teams, I must say I was a bit nervous sporting my Kamara jersey as so many of the fans around me were getting pretty riled up with how the game was unfolding. Then Marcus Williams gave them an absolute gift, which ultimately cost the Saints the game.
  12. Notable Stats and Observations

    It really just seems to be par for the course with contracts in general. People were saying Michael Thomas was making too much (strongly disagreed, but that's beside the point) within the past year when he became the highest paid WR at the time, now less than 12 months later, he's the 3rd highest paid WR. It's just the year over year inflation taking effect with contracts. That said in regards to Dak, 35 seems more than fair for a guy that is 26 years old coming off his best season as a pro in which he went for over 5,000 yards of offense had 33 touchdowns, 100 QB rating, and 11 interceptions. I don't think it's a coincidence that when he got a legit weapon at WR, he began to take positive strides as a QB. I don't think he's a top 5 QB by any means, but in the next couple seasons there will be several QB's making considerable more than him (Mahomes, Jackson, Watson, possibly Allen come to mind). As for the actual yearly total, there's always wiggle room there. The Saints are notorious for backloading contracts, which would probably be ideal for Dak, which would keep him closer to his actual value in comparison to his peers. The Cowboys don't have much leverage here though, what's their alternative if they don't pay him? It's not exactly easy to find a QB that can replicate what he did last season.
  13. Notable Stats and Observations

    45 million is obviously steep, but 35 seems fair enough with guys like Goff, Cousins, and Wentz all making just under that.
  14. Notable Stats and Observations

    If a guy like Jared Goff can make 33.5 million per year, I don't see why Dak shouldn't make more money.
  15. Notable Stats and Observations

    One of the good things that has come from this whole Michael Thomas destroying Devante Parker situation (besides the pure entertainment of watching fans get salty about it) is that it has caused analysts to take a deeper dive into just how dominant he has been especially this past season. There has been some really interesting stats that have come out since the incident, which include him still being at/near the top of the league in many stats even if you take out his catches on slant routes. His overall route tree effectiveness and how it compares pretty favorable to some of his other elite WR peers at the top of the league, and his catch rate/adjusted catch rate being the best in the league to name a few