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  1. After attending the home opener last night, I must say the atmosphere was absolutely incredible!

    At least from an athletic standpoint, Oliver and Donald are about as close as it gets similar build, explosion, and strength numbers. Both are absolute freaks at DT.
  3. Jinkies - Saints sign former Vikings G/C Nick Easton

    I suppose I probably should have elaborated a bit more on that. I'm not fond of the Odell trade from the Giants perspective. I think the Browns just got away with highway robbery. Often times it seems draft picks are valued too greatly based on what they could be rather than what they will likely be. Sure the picks could turn out for them, but the stats likely aren't in their favor to recoup the quality of an Elite WR just entering his prime. It is my understanding Peppers has been an under-performer thus far in his career, and maybe he turns it around with a change of scenery. That said, if my memory serves me correct many were down on his pro potential leading into the draft as he was a great athlete that made flashy plays in college, but wasn't really a great football player. The situations as far the players may be a bit different as Beckham has been known to be a headcase while Thomas hasn't. I don't know to what point he has been a distraction for the Giants, but Thomas seems to be the complete opposite in that regard. The distraction element the Beckham brings and what happens behind the scenes is the only way I could see that as a smart move by the Giants. Now I get that this isn't taking the trade the Browns offered, but rather one that is comparable. If it is one that is comparable, I am still not on board. If it is one that surpasses what the Browns offered (doubtful in my eyes a team would offer that much) I'd consider it. At this point, I think Thomas is just way too valuable to our offense, and would be huge for whoever we have at QB after Brees as a security blanket for them.
  4. Jinkies - Saints sign former Vikings G/C Nick Easton

    I can't get behind this logic. Thomas is a borderline top 5 WR, and has continued to improve each season with us. He likely is just entering his prime now at age 26. Say we pull in a 1st round pick for Thomas, what does that get us? We are talking about an elite young proven commodity vs. a roll of the dice in a draft pick. Sure we have done great the past few years in the draft, but the draft is far from a guarantee (Stephone Anthony wasn't that long ago lol), I get that he is going to ask for a big payday, but at the end of the day, so what? Elite players deserve to get paid. It seems that the organization has done a good job prepping us for life after Brees in regards to the quality of the roster. We likely won't be Super Bowl favorites by any means, but as it stands if Brees plays 1 more season, Teddy Bridgewater seems to be a capable replacement. That doesn't mean I think Bridgewater will be on the same level as Brees (few are), but I do think Bridgewater could be a top 10/top 15 starting QB in this offense. He will be coming into a situation where he has a very good OL, an Elite WR in Michael Thomas, an Elite RB in Kamara, and a quality TE in Cook. All this to go along with a very young defense that appears to be on the rise the past couple years. While the "high" number Thomas likely will get for his big payday may seem alarming at first, it is my understanding that the cap is to rise again, and we won't be paying that hefty Brees contract anymore. I'm also guessing it won't be much different than what other top WR's are commanding. Thomas hasn't been a head case, and to my knowledge has been good in the locker room. There just doesn't seem to be any reason to part from him and roll the dice on draft capital, which almost guarantee's we get a worse quality player in the draft as top 5 WR's aren't easy to come by.
  5. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

    Michael "The Beerman" Lewis has to be one of my favorite obscure players of all time.
  6. Read an interesting article today regarding how NFL coaches view Kamara among the top RB's in the NFL. This topic has been going on for some time now, but it is interesting to see a different perspective from NFL coaches in regards to Kamara. Some interesting quotes from the article: "So I asked a few coaches who faced the Saints whether they feared Thomas or Kamara more, and the answer, unequivocally, was Kamara. He is regarded, almost unanimously, as the most dangerous running back in football right now. Coaches rave about Kamara’s speed and “contact balance”—his ability to not just break tackles, but to do so without getting knocked off his track—and they especially laud his receiving. Great as Le’Veon Bell is in the passing game, most coaches say Kamara is the only tailback who can truly run the ENTIRE route tree from anywhere on the field." "Another said that even when Kamara is not catching the ball, he still aids New Orleans’s passing game because defenses must center their coverage around where he aligns. Look at Michael Thomas’s 72-yard touchdown in Week 9 against the Rams (remember the cell-phone celebration?)—cornerback Marcus Peters got burned on that play in part because of confusion regarding L.A.’s double-team plan for Kamara (who, in empty sets, almost always aligns on the weak side with Thomas)." ps. Sorry ET
  7. What happened to Ed Oliver?

    Here's an interesting chart I saw on twitter highlighting the athletic numbers shown between Ed Oliver and Aaron Donald. Seems like they are in a league of their own in terms of athleticism at DT
  8. What happened to Ed Oliver?

    Not sure what exactly it would take, but I would imagine our early picks this year, next year would all be gone at the very least lol
  9. What happened to Ed Oliver?

    Please let this happen somehow (chances are close to 0 percent, but I can dream lol). Wouldn't even be mad if we traded a bunch of future early picks for this.
  10. What happened to Ed Oliver?

    Welcome back to the Oliver hype train everyone. As expected he put on an absolute freak show of an athletic display today
  11. What happened to Ed Oliver?

    Considering he was literally 20 years old 4 months ago I'd say that isn't misleading at all. I said 19 to 20 as I was too lazy to look up his actual age, but knew it was 19 or 20. That means he has likely not hit his physical peak yet regardless which was the bigger point at hand.
  12. What happened to Ed Oliver?

    He was also like 19 to 20 years old when these reports came out about his weight, so I'dbe surprised if he doesn't contine to get bigger as he gets older. We don't know how much validity there is to said reports either. We do know that he weighed 287 Lbs at the combine and was able to pull off an impressive 36 inch vertical at that weight. That tells me he is still very explosive at that weight. More importantly that film though, even if he did weigh in the 270 range, it doesn't change anything for me. The guy is a beast on the field.
  13. What happened to Ed Oliver?

    And in less than 24 hours everyone will be back to hyping him up after he puts on a freakish display at his pro day.
  14. What happened to Ed Oliver?

    Yeah I've had the same thought for awhile now regarding Ed Oliver "dropping" in rankings. I think a lot of it is prospect exhaustion, but I'd be surprised if his hype levels don't jump right back up soon after his pro day. He is still my top prospect in the draft, and if he does slide for some reason, several teams are going to regret passing on him.
  15. Frank Gore vs the Field

    I suppose this depends on the definition we are using for better player here. If we are talking about who was the overall best player listed at their peak, I'm going with Jamaal Charles. If we are talking about best career then it's hard to argue against Frank Gore.