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  1. Better Player? Barry Sanders or Randy Moss

    Yeah that's not true..
  2. Who slips in this years draft?

    In college he had plenty of burst.
  3. Who slips in this years draft?

    Yes! I've had this exact same thought, and it always cracks me up. If memory serves me correct Darren Mcfadden was also the best since Peterson at one point as well. The claim certainly loses its effect when it is used just about every other year since Peterson entered the NFL.
  4. Alvin Kamara vs Leonard Fournette

    You serious? Think of the best DL in the NFL. Aaron Donald, Cameron Jordan, Everson Griffin, etc. Look at their workout numbers. Look at where they came from. Now apply this with MLB. Shazier, Kuechly, Wagner, etc. Now do this for OLB. Barr, Telvin Smith, Myles Jack, etc. Now do this for CB. Lattimore, Ramsey, Rhodes, etc. The SEC athleticism argument always cracks me up.
  5. Alvin Kamara vs Leonard Fournette

    I think us Saints fans would be in a near consensus agreement that we would not trade Kamara for Fournette either. Not a chance.
  6. Which Team Has the Best Overall Roster?

    Fournette GOAT!!!! It's his surrounding cast that prevents him from rushing for 3,000 yards per season and 6 touchdowns per game. All shall kneel before the mighty Bleedtheclock. I'm glad we were able to establish this with each other lol.
  7. Which Team Has the Best Overall Roster?

    Kamara led the NFL in YPC. That is hardly the be all end all when people discuss Kamara. Instead, people mention along with the YPC, the league leading forced missed tackles per touch, the total touchdowns, receiving ability, returning ability, accolades, and everyone's favorite...The eye test (balance, acceleration, vision, hands, route running, etc). So again who cares if Fournette had stacked boxes. A guy like Kamara can overcome that due to his ability to effect the game in a multitude of ways. Not sure what to make of the last paragraph, but if I'm not mistaken doesn't Fournette have a bigger injury history than Kamara the past few years?
  8. Which Team Has the Best Overall Roster?

    No one argued Kamara faced more 8+ man fronts. It literally changes nothing as for who was the better player this year (Kamara).
  9. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    No brainer. I can't think of a legitimate argument to prove otherwise.
  10. Odell makes crazy circus catches as well as any WR in the game. However if wetl are talking best/most consistent hands, I'd take a guy like Larry Fitzgerald, or if we're going all time Cris Carter had the best hands I've seen at WR.
  11. Alvin Kamara vs. Dion Lewis

    The bold quotes are again just silly. Much of the other stuff is fairly accurate. It is easy to look at Kamara's numbers and say he is the better player (In this case it isn't really wrong either, as there are several stat categories Kamara has an advantage). His averages per touch rushing/receiving are excellent. However it goes beyond just YPC. Kamara does things that few RB's in the NFL can do in the open field. This is backed up by stats (Forced missed tackles per touch), and the classic "eye ball test". Kamara has special balance to go along with excellent burst/change of direction ability. Next gen stats did a report on Kamara as well stating that he is the fastest ball carrier in the league running through the line of scrimmage, which suggests that his burst is excellent as I had just mentioned. His ability to withstand contact and maintain his balance is very similar to a guy like Jamaal Charles who was one of the best in the NFL at this for years. They both are very talented players, but the "eyeball test" is telling me that Kamara is the better player. To say Kamara on the Jaguars would be <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Fournette on the Saints is just silly. Kamara would still be able to utilize his versatility on the Jaguars. Bortles is a bad QB, but he certainly could hit Kamara on screens, quicks slants, etc. That's part of what makes Kamara great. He does a crazy amount of work after the catch making defenders miss on fairly simple short routes, but also has the ability to run more advanced routes down the field as well, which is where he'd see the biggest drop with Bortles.
  12. Alvin Kamara vs. Dion Lewis

    If you follow the bold statements throughout the thread, I'd imagine you can see why I got such a kick out of this. It started out with Fournette is easily better than Kamara, and you'd take him before Kamara without even blinking. Then it turned into Saints fans are the biggest homers on this forum when we stated that Kamara is as good or better than Fournette. Now it appears that you stated that if we think it's Kamara and it's not even close in comparison to Fournette, it gives you a chuckle. Think how we felt when you stated Fournette is easily better than Kamara. I literally laughed out loud when I read it the first time. I'd also add that after that comment regarding Saints fans being the biggest homers, I made a poll for Kamara vs. Fournette to test how bad my Saints bias is, as I've been called out for it. Here are the results after a couple days: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/6648-alvin-kamara-vs-leonard-fournette/
  13. Alvin Kamara vs Leonard Fournette

    Whoops hopefully fixed it haven't done a poll on the new forum.
  14. Who is the better player?
  15. Alvin Kamara vs. Dion Lewis

    He stated Fournette and Elliott were easily better than Kamara. That is absurd. I have no reason to believe Kamara isn't on a similar level to Zeke at this point in their careers, and certainly has a very legit argument for being as good or better than Fournette. And yet again after spending most of the season adding nothing to conversations on Kamara...You keep doing your same "song and dance". It's funny you say your interest is "really, really low" yet you seem to always provide a snarky remark regarding Saints fans praising Kamara..