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  1. Michael Thomas and the reception record

    It's crazy to think Thomas accomplished this with 2 QB playing a significant amount of games with him this year
  2. What is amiss

    Yeah I get what you're saying. Apple's play as of late has been particularly concerning. Teams have clearly been targeting him. I don't know what the right answer is to fix this. Other than Apple just needs to play better, if not it may just have to be a next man up type situation and see if someone else can take hold of that CB spot. I'm not quite as frustrated by Gardner-Johnson as he is at least a rookie and some of these plays are unfortunately part of the learning curve, but he has shown some flashes as well of the type of player he can be for us.
  3. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    Hey no need to get your panties in a bunch plenty of room for you on the Saints bandwagon once the Rams are out of it in a couple weeks.
  4. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    I guess thankfully I won't have to worry about seeing "special boy" Goff in the playoffs since the Rams are going to finish 3rd in their division and not get a wildcard spot. On the bright side I get to watch Michael Thomas break some big receiving records in the coming weeks along with Brees breaking the all-time touchdown pass record in the next few weeks.
  5. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    Brees got hurt in the 1st Quarter silly. Thankfully he is back playing like his normal future 1st ballot HOF self.
  6. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    Sorry man can't hear ya all the way down there in the standings. Your team beat a team without their starting QB in week 2. Sadly that may be the highlight of the Rams season this year. There's always next year with Jared "special boy" Goof.
  7. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    I suppose the truth hurts lol.
  8. Michael Thomas and the reception record

    Me reading posters comments trying to belittle Michael Thomas's achievements this year
  9. Gordon has no legitimate argument over Kamara. You are arguing silly semantics. The vast majority of people would have considered Kamara to be a top 5 RB last year. The vast majority would consider that to be a great season. If you wanna live in your own delusional world that's fine. Just know you're in the minority on this one.
  10. Notable Stats and Observations

    What happened to Leighton Vander Esch, I thought he was supposed to the next big time LB?
  11. Look you can't call me out for being delusional and say Kamara wasn't great last year in the same paragraph. Like it's incredibly hard to take you seriously. Kamara was top 5 in yards from scrimmage (rushing/receiving) among all RB's, and was number 2 among all RB's in touchdowns last season. He was undoubtedly great last year and even the biggest Saints haters (outside of yourself) would struggle to put up a legitimate argument that he wasn't a top 5 RB last year.
  12. He was widely considered top 5 last year, and his rookie year he dominated as well. He had a knee/high ankle injury this year fairly early on. He had 2 great seasons, so it's not like his rookie year is a fluke. Yes I'm aware of the status of this thread. Won't be surprised if he has a big rebound year next season.
  13. Nope I'm pointing out the huge variance in RB rankings each year. Maybe Kamara isn't the best but next year he easily could be in the discussion for top 3/top 5 again like he was by most going into this season.
  14. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    I can respect that especially in the case of Hopkins. I'm still taking Thomas if I had to choose as he has been virtually unstoppable in the short/intermediate game (and he's a Saint lol) for quite some time, but I get the Hopkins may give a little more diverse skill set with being better on deeper routes. Going forward I think may Julio drop a little below as he is almost 31 and a big part of his game is his freakish athleticism.
  15. Yikes there are some rough ones on there. I don't mind his deal too much so long as he stays healthy (always a big risk I suppose with RB's) Suppose it would have been difficult for the Rams to predict Gurley would have the knee issue so early in his career, but man does that contract look ugly now in hindsight. As one Rams fan put it in this thread, he may not even be a top 15 RB anymore. It seemed Bell was chasing the money, and may have a rebound next year if Darnold makes some positive strides. Not sure what to make of David Johnson anymore. Big yikes. His value will likely surpass his contract here. Big yikes. Probably a bit high, but still a talented RB. Big yikes. Seems like a solid deal for the Ravens. Not much wear and tear on the tires since he always split carries. Probably finishes the season with several career highs this year. This will be an intriguing situation to monitor. Payton doesn't run Kamara into the ground as he always uses a split backfield, which may work towards Kamara's benefit in terms of seeing the end of his next contract without his body breaking down. Kamara's ability to be a receiving threat could also work into his favor long term here as he will probably take less big hits then guys like Zeke who are constantly running the ball. Before the year I thought Kamara would be seeing a crazy contract, but given how this season has played out, I think he has lost some leverage.