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  1. That's the problem is it is hard to say what the meaning is. Just like most other positions get veteran days off to avoid fatigue. I'm not denying that an older player recovers as fast as a younger player that certainly isn't the case, but what we don't know is if it is concrete that it's a sign of his arm strength being noticeably going away or not. Regardless, as he showed this past week. He has plenty of arm still to make key throws all over the field. All I know is I'm very excited to see how he and the Saints do against the Rams this week.
  2. But is limiting his throws an act of being proactive as he is getting older and just simply a veteran day off, or a concrete sign that his arm isn't the same and has regressed.
  3. He's also had several overthrows this season to his WR's. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see it. Sure he has some under thrown balls (every QB does), but I don't think it's a lack of arm strength. He's shown he still has the arm to throw darts throughout the year. It becomes noticeable when there is a Manning with the Broncos type dropoff. I haven't seen that with Brees. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000843510/Tommylee-Lewis-burns-Trae-Waynes-deep-with-52-yard-catch
  4. Maybe, or he's simply just not stepping into his throws, or trying to put too much touch on the ball. He's never possessed a cannon for an arm. It's always just been solid. It could be as simple as him getting hit/landing on his throwing shoulder in a game and not being able to put as much into his throws some games. Ultimately I've never bought into the notion that his arm strength has noticeably diminished at this point in his career.
  5. I would agree that some of his bulk numbers are down, but I don't agree that everyone thinks he is a game manager only by his own statistical standard. I have seen several posts throughout the year stating that Brees as a player has noticeably regressed, and that he doesn't have the arm to make all the throws. I think this past week was a great sign to disprove that theory though.
  6. Could he have been the greatest?

    That is primarily what Bo Jackson is known for is his freakish athleticism. Sorry for not going on a full scouting report there regarding strengths/weaknesses to derail the thread too far. However when did I say he was nothing more than a Size/Speed freak? I didn't. I absolutely was suggesting he didn't have the same level of vision, quickness, and balance that a guy like Sanders possessed, so I suppose regardless, a healthy Bo Jackson still very likely wouldn't have been better than Barry. In just Barry Sanders first 2 NFL seasons he had about the same amount of rushing yards that Bo Jackson had in his entire career. Barry Sanders also had almost twice as many touchdowns as Bo Jackson had in his career in just his first 2 NFL seasons. In those 2 seasons Sanders had a similar YPC to Bo's career average, but the big difference is Sanders carried the load. Bo got to split carries with Marcus Allen
  7. Could he have been the greatest?

    Most freakish athlete doesn't equal best. Balance, Vision, quickness, etc. are more valuable than being a size/speed freak. In other words, I highly doubt he'd have been better than Barry Sanders had he stayed healthy.
  8. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    How are his arguments backwards, he makes valid points. This type of thing happens in college football every year as well with their rankings. Typically a powerhouse SEC team will have 1 loss, but still be the best team in college football...Even when another team may be undefeated. Heck even right now, I'm sure most people wouldn't consider the undefeated Wisconsin Badgers to be better than the 1 loss teams ahead of them in the Rankings (Oklahoma/Clemson). Record is a weak argument when a team is literally 1 game from each other down the final stretch of the season. It's not like we are talking about an undefeated Eagles team either. They have lost and shown they aren't some unbeatable juggernaut, and had close calls with the Chargers, and Giants this year. Basically as mentioned before, there is no clear cut number 1 team, but rather a handful that all have legit arguments right now.
  9. I suppose everyone has a slightly different definition of Game Manager, but this most closely resembles what I think when I see Game Manager: "In American football, a game manager is a quarterback who, despite relatively poor individual statistics such as passing yards and touchdowns, performs well enough to win games.[1][2] Game managers often benefit from strong defense and rushing offense on their teams. The player is expected to not lose games with interceptions, fumbles, or poor decisions, particularly during important situations near the end of a game." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_manager That isn't Brees. He has very good individual statistics, and is top 5 in several key passing categories this season. Having a balanced offense isn't the same thing as being a game manager. As I mentioned before I don't think us Saints fans are used to this style of football after so many years of being completely dependent on Brees arm to win games. https://www.thesportster.com/football/top-15-game-manager-qbs-in-nfl-history/ Here's a top 15 list of NFL Game Manager's, Brees doesn't fit this mold. He is literally 1 or 2 big passing games away from being top 3/top 5 in just about every major passing category: At this stage in the season Brees is 4th overall in passing yards (less than 20 yards away from 2nd overall), 3rd in QB Rating, 1st in completion percentage ( 71.6 which would be an NFL record). His touchdown numbers are down a bit, but that can change in the matter of a game or 2 to get him back around the top 5.
  10. Kenny Vaccaro - What's he worth?

    I agree, this is all true. Something else I mentioned this in another thread on him is that he makes up for deficiencies we have at both CB and LB. Currently opposing teams feast on CB's not named Lattimore/Crawley, so having Vaccaro in coverage is huge for us. We also have a solid disciplined LB unit, but they lack athleticism, so having Vaccaro cover some of the more athletic TE's has also been crucial for us. We have tons of depth at Safety, so it allows us to use Vaccaro as a chess piece that can give us more favorable matchups all over the field. In my eyes that drives up his value quite a bit, and is someone I think we need to bring back even if we have to spend a bit more as he is crucial to our success on defense.
  11. Yeah I think the term "game manager" gets used way too much with Brees this year. As he showed this past week, he still can be an elite caliber QB when his number is called to put the team on his back. I think so many Saints fans have gotten used to him having to carry the offense to consistently win since he got here, so this year with him not having to do quite as much for the offense to achieve success, he gets inaccurately labeled as a game manager. In reality, the Saints just have essentially a pick your poison type offense. I'm sure in the coming weeks more teams will key in on stopping the Saints run game that has been destroying teams, and we will see Drew's numbers start to go up a bit. At this stage in the season Brees is 4th overall in passing yards (less than 20 yards away from 2nd overall), 3rd in QB Rating, 1st in completion percentage ( 71.6 which would be an NFL record). I can't call that a game manager.
  12. Crucial Non Star Players

    Kenny Vaccaro- He was benched early in the year, and since has been a vital part of the Saints defense. Besides putting up flashy numbers in coverage with several Interceptions/Passes Defensed, he has been one of the most productive coverage guys in the slot this season in the NFL. His versatility has been key in the Saints turnaround on defense this season. As it stands, we have 2 guys that have been doing very well at CB this year in Marshon Lattimore, and Ken Crawley...However, it gets very questionable after those 2 on the CB depth chart. Guys like Devante Harris, and PJ Williams have been getting absolutely abused this year. So having Lattimore, and Crawley on the outsides has been huge with Vaccaro taking over the slot/covering the TE. So in a sense, Vaccaro has been able to make up for a couple deficiencies for the Saints this season. We have a major drop-off in talent at CB beyond our 2 starters to the point were opposing teams will target and feast on CB's not named Lattimore/Crawley. Another aspect that Vaccaro has helped cover up is a lack of athleticism at LB. We put Vaccaro on TE's, as our LB unit has played solid disciplined football this year, but against several TE's they would be in an athletic mismatch in coverage, so having Vaccaro there helps. Thankfully we have 2 other talented young Safety's in Vonn Bell, and Marcus Williams, which has allowed us to move Vaccaro all over the field and let his versatility really shine this year.
  13. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    This isn't correct. As stated before the question isn't best record, it is best team. Right now there are multiple teams you could argue are the best in the NFL.
  14. Kenny Vaccaro - What's he worth?

    Maybe as a traditional strong safety he isn't top 5, but his versatility to play all over is key, and he's been one of the best coverage safetys in the NFL this year. He's been huge for us in the slot/covering Tight Ends
  15. 2018 Comeback Player of the Year?

    I don't know of anyone to win 2 comeback awards, but I sure hope Berry is able to pull it off next year.