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  1. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Rodgers as an NFL player without doubt is a very high expectation. I won't say it's impossible for Jackson, but also not very likely to ever hit that level of greatness as Rodgers could be a top 5 guy ever at QB by the time he retires. However as a prospect Rodgers went late in the 1st round and wasn't the 1st QB selected in that draft even. As for your question on Jackson, the remainder of this season will be a major factor in determining where I have him ranked. If he continues to show that he's progressed as a passer, he has the talent to be my top QB prospect in the past 15 years. However that is a big "IF" and I'm not sure that is going to be the case yet. With Lamar Jackson his physical traits (Arm Strength/Athleticism/etc.) obviously are very rare. From that standpoint, I think only Mike Vick, Cam Newton, and RG3 are on that level of pure natural talent as a prospect. The biggest thing will be seeing how he matures with the mental aspect of his game as this is obviously crucial in NFL success. I think there has been a noticeable leap forward in that regard so far this season, and will be interesting to see how it progresses in the coming weeks.
  2. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    I sure am pulling that card as I'm the only one providing facts regarding these players sizes. I've provided the actual dimensions that these players are listed at. Outside of that the rest of this is all PURE opinion. Which would mean my statement is correct that we are both entitled to our own opinions on how each player is built. As there is no known factual measurements for any of these types of opinions on these guys beyond height/weight. A. That's still a negative there chief. C. We don't know what Lamar Jackson will be. What we do know is that as a prospect, he is right on par with Rodgers and possibly even ahead. You act like Rodgers is the only guys I've listed with a similar frame, but I've listed several past and present. Next.. D. No I showed a full picture of Steve Young with the Bucs...You know...When he was somewhat near Jackson's age, but yes Young's legs/arms were definitely an indicator that this whole "bulk" rant you're on is false as he looks similar in stature to Jackson at that point. E. Nope. At 215-220 he will still be 215-220. Or in other words the same size as several other QB's in the NFL..
  3. I would agree thus far in many regards we have been average on offense, but on the verge of more. We have moved the ball well for the most part. However we just haven't capitalized on several promising drives. The belief that we will eventually break out is also a valid thought to have. We have Max Unger finally getting back to full speed off of injury, we have a great LT in Terron Armstead coming back from injury soon, and we have a great RT in Zach Strief coming back soon. We also have a Willie Snead coming back who has been a key guy in keeping drives going the past couple seasons. This mean more time for Brees, and more holes in the run game for 3 talented RB's. So yes there is reason for optimism that the offense can break out.
  4. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    A. Still false C. Still false. The main point is that he has with said frame gone on to have a HOF career..In other words his frame had no impact on his career. There is no evidence to say a bigger frame prevents the injury's that Rodgers has suffered in his career either. D. Still false. The only thing laughable is you take a picture from Steve Young well into his NFL career that shows very little difference. He has a baggy jersey on you can' even see his frame. The picture I show is a more accurate representation as it is from right when Young entered the NFL. Either way you in no way provide anything that is convincing in this. E. Still false. If Lamar Jackson is listed at around 212 lbs right now. He undoubtedly can get to around 215lbs-220lbs with no issue, there is no point to this. There have been ZERO doctor's/personal trainers that have gone on record saying Jackson can't put anymore weight on, and I would imagine they wouldn't do so as he is 20 years old. Doesn't take an expert to know that the human male typically grows in their 20's. Again agree to disagree. Jackson could get hurt in the NFL, but I don't think his "frame" is much cause for concern. His biggest obstacle as far as injuries will be taking care of himself and avoiding reckless hits like Russell Wilson has done so well, and unlike a guy like RG3 has done.
  5. I think the Vikings defense is better than the Panthers. They went up against our offense and the Steelers in back to back weeks so the stats might not reflect it. However the Panthers have had bad teams in Buffalo and the 49ers. Not to say they aren't a tough defense but it's no different than going up against the Vikings defense which if we capitalized on our redzone chances could have had a pretty good game offensively. I think this is our easiest game so far this season and is our best chance to get a win
  6. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    A. False B. True statement C. One of the best ever. He's done fine from a health standpoint. D. False E. False
  7. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Again we can go in circles all day. As for RG3 as you state it would be dumb to argue he's bigger than those guys as he's right around the same size as them as his weight was in between Dalton and Rodgers. So yeah he's the same size as them. He was injury prone. Who cares? Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger are way bigger than Brett Favre. Who's more injury prone? I've provided more than enough evidence to my stance on this including some pics that show minimal difference in size between Jackson, Rodgers (in college), and Steve Young early in his career. So again there have been plenty of QB's in the NFL (both runners and pocket passers) that have gone on to have successful careers without injury concerns due to being around Jackson's size. Jackson I will reiterate once again is just 20 years old and will likely put on more muscle as he ages anyway. We will have to agree to disagree on this.
  8. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Yes look at those "bulky" legs and arms from Steve Young. He had bulkier pads and rib protectors but that's about it. Aaron Rodgers also looks small in college look at his arms and legs. As for Teddy Bridgewater he has yet to be injured because of his frame. He was injured on a noncontact play where his knee buckled. That is a big difference.. Alex Smith 6'4" 212lbs Andy Dalton 6'2" 215lbs
  9. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Nope it is really being built into something that isn't all that relevant. Lamar Jackson will likely be about 6'2" 215+ lbs by the time the he's at the combine. That is hardly cause for concern. I already listed several others with similar dimensions that were fine in the NFL. You can call it different "build" all you want but he's a similar size to pretty much all the guys I've mentioned in this thread
  10. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Randall Cunningham? There are several examples of guys that were fine. You can cite "build" but if they are nearly identical size I'm not buying it being all that relevant. Agree to disagree I suppose. To my knowledge Lamar Jackson has had no injury history so far in his career. At this point it's not high on my list of concerns.
  11. Stephon Anthony to the Dolphins

    I suppose it's better than nothing at this point. He's buried behind Teo, Klein, Robertson. Unfortunately a waste of a 1st round pick, but it happens to every once in awhile to every team
  12. The root of the problems run deep!

    Yeah I'm pretty confident others will emerge. Guys like Breaux have but can't stay healthy. Kikaha continues to show signs, Rankins has also showed signs of being a difference maker, and I'm sure others will. We will have to agree to disagree on this
  13. The root of the problems run deep!

    Getting talented players is much more important than you are letting on. We've added several talented young guys we will see if they develop, even if it isn't the greatest of systems. If they are talented it will show up. Hence guys like Cameron Jordan, and Marshon Lattimore looking like difference makers, and I'm sure others will emerge this season after a few weeks of playing together in the same system. We have so many new players it will take some time for the to adapt and get used to playing together.
  14. The root of the problems run deep!

    Here's a list of same/new players in the past 3 seasons. Guys marked same have been here at least 2 years prior to this season. Guys marked new have been here less than 2 seasons. QB- Brees (Great Player)- Same RB's- Mark Ingram (Great Player)- Same, Alvin Kamara (Lots of Potential)- New, Adrian Peterson (Still has some left in the tank)- New WR's- Michael Thomas (Great Player)- New, Willie Snead (Solid Player)- Same, Ted Ginn (Hit or Miss deep threat)- New, Tommylee Lewis (Some Potential)- New, Brandon Coleman (Average 4th/5th WR)- Same TE- Coby Fleener (Average)- New LT- Terron Armstead (Great Player when healthy)- Same, Ryan Ramzcyk (Lots of Potential)- New LG- Andrus Peat (Solid Player)- Same C- Max Unger (Great Player when healthy)- Same RG- Larry Warford (Solid Player)- New RT- Zach Strief (Great Player when healthy)- Same DE- Cameron Jordan (Great Player)- Same DT- Sheldon Rankins (Tons of potential)- New DT- Tyeler Davison (Below Average)- New, David Onyemata (Below Average)- New DE- Hau'oli Kikaha (Tons of potential)- New(ish), Alex Okafor (Average)- New OLB- Alex Anzalone (Tons of potential)- New MLB- Manti Teo (Tons of potential)- New OLB- AJ Klein (Tons of potential)- New CB- Marshon Lattimore- (Tons of potential)- New S- Kenny Vaccaro- (Enigma)- Same S- Vaughn Bell- (Tons of potential)- New, Marcus Williams (Tons of potential)- New CB- Delvin Breaux (Solid when healthy)- Same K- Wil Lutz (Great Player)- New P- Thomas Morstead- (Great Player)- Same Looking at the roster there are clearly about 8 players on offense that are new in the past 2 seasons that get plenty of playing time. Looking at the defense there are about 11 players on defense that are new in the past 2 seasons that get plenty of playing time. Especially on defense there are tons of changes that have been made. 3/4 of our D-Line is different from 2015. All 3 LB's are different. At least half of our secondary is different. Basically what I'm saying is that it is certainly not the "same old roster" that continues to fail. This is a team that has completely overhauled most positions on both sides of the ball the past few years. Whether that has made us a better team is very much undetermined at this time. However I do know that 2 games is certainly not enough time to evaluate that. Especially against 2 legit playoff contenders in the Vikings and Patriots. Lets give this a little more time. I certainly think the Panthers are a beatable team, and would just like to see some improvements as the season goes on as these young guys start to develop with more playing time.
  15. The root of the problems run deep!

    1. Possibly. That's why we play the season 2. Possibly. It's week 2 let's see what happens with a very different roster from the past several years.