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  1. 2019 NFL Draft - Interior Defensive Line

    I'm not really concerned about his weight. We have seen him blow up plays behind the line of scrimmage better than any defensive player in college football for the past 3 seasons. Let's say he comes in at 275lbs-279lbs. Does an arbitrary number of 280lbs really make that much of a difference? He's really young and will likely get bigger still as well. In terms of athleticism, if the reports of him running a 4.6 in the 40, 650lb squat, and 405lb bench are anywhere near accurate that puts him right there with a guy like Aaron Donald in terms of freakish athleticism while being a very similar size. These predraft concerns just seem eerily similar to the predraft concerns about Donald who slid a little bit in the draft despite his production/freakish athleticism that he displayed in college. This isn't to say Oliver is guaranteed to be the next Aaron Donald, but it wouldn't shock me to see Oliver ranked among the best D-lineman in the NFL in the next few years. I'm not too familiar with the Raiders system, or strengths/weaknesses on their D-Line at this point, but I'd be surprised if most teams wouldn't benefit from a guy like Oliver.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft - Interior Defensive Line

    Was just thinking about this the past couple days. It seems that Ed Oliver has been considered among the most talented college football players since his freshman season. It seems this type of thing happens more often then it should leading up to the draft where "analysts" start picking things apart such as "ideal" size, and forget about the years of gametape/freakish athleticism in Oliver's case. However, I have a feeling Oliver start's to generate quite a bit of hype again after the combine when he shows off his crazy athleticism. I have a feeling if Oliver does slide in the draft, there will be several teams kicking themselves in the near future for not picking him. I think he is a All-Pro type talent.
  3. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

  4. Tracy Porter going off in the 2009 playoffs:
  5. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    He undoubtedly played very well, but I don't agree that Foles is better than Wentz.
  6. I didn't say anything. Didn't bother me. Seems tacky you had to take it down.
  7. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    It has to be the guy that has shown he can get it done in the big game, and has also shown he can do it facing a ton of adversity in losing his starting QB.
  8. Highest-potential prospect?

    Ed Oliver.
  9. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    In comparison to their peers at their respective positions, I'll take Rice. If we are going off positional value obviously Brady.
  10. Was Super Bowl LIII "boring"?

    Yes it was boring. First time since I've started watching the Super Bowl over 20 years ago I found myself not paying attention to the game while it was on and had it on more as background noise while I did other things during much of the 2nd half.
  11. NFC next year, early predictions

    Caught teams with a surprise at the beginning of the seasons with their running game?? I think the cat was out of the bag in 2017 in regards to our running game when we had 2 RB's go to the Pro Bowl, and have statistically one of the greatest seasons in NFL history by a RB duo. There was no surprise this season when Kamara started off hot, and Ingram came back and continued where he left off from the year before.
  12. Has Julian Edelman punched his ticket?

    I almost always have the same answer in these "Is ________ a Hall Of Fame Player" threads, which I usually state "no, but they certainly have a case for Hall Of Very Good". This one however, I wouldn't even classify Edelman as that. I can't think of any reasonable argument to put Edelman in there. This is really simplifying things, but he is 32 years old, has broke 1,000+ receiving yards twice in his career, and has never had more than 7 touchdowns in a season. Outside of some nice playoff numbers, nothing stands out about him. This is truly NFL Gen at its finest lol.
  13. Yeah I've certainly gotten into it a bit with some Rams fans on here as I vehemently disagree with comparing Goff to a "young" Tom Brady. That has largely consisted of my "woman scorn" the last 2 weeks as it was an absurd comparison to me. However, I have stated that I still think Goff has great potential as a QB. Other than that I don't know what you're going on about other than probably just being frustrated about the game. May be best to give yourself a break so you don't get yourself banned. You're a fun poster, I hope you don't get yourself into too much trouble over this while you're still upset.
  14. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Welcome to Saints nation 2 weeks ago. It sucks. On the bright side there's always next year, and I'd imagine we will get back to our regularly scheduled ribbing as the Rams and Saints are both likely near the top of the NFC standings. Hopefully Kupp comes back ready to go next season as he certainly looked the part of a great WR before the injury, and will give the Rams another element to their attack. Gurley should also have his knee right by then as well.
  15. No need for personal attacks. You are picking and choosing things out of context to try and make this personal. I'm letting the play do the talking here comparing Mahomes to other QB's such as Goff. I've seen the Mahomes doesn't win big games argument used against him, and Goff "wins" big games argument to justify a difference in stats, so I was just highlighting their recent performances in big games. Did you not see where I state in this thread I view Goff as a potential top 5 type QB? Why do you need to be so salty and talk Saints in a thread that has nothing to do with the Saints? However, I do recall several "Saints Nation Stand the hell up" type comments after that game, not to get too far off topic, but is that going the classy route?