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  1. Was clear he wasn't his usual self since that week 1 ankle injury. That said, knowing his competitive mentality, he is going to come back with a vengeance next year.
  2. Not surprised he clearly didn't look like himself after the injury in week 1 this year. He should be good to go for next season, and knowing his mentality, he will be coming back with a vengeance next season.
  3. I think we will be in more of a quick revamp than a full rebuild. If Winston or a drafted QB can be even just a game manager, we should be a solid team next year. I don't think the front office views this as a tear down and start over situation either. We will have to "trim the fat" with several guys that aren't crucial players and maybe even lose someone like a Marshon Lattimore, Marcus Williams, or Trey Hendrickson as well, but I don't think we move on from Thomas unless he creates drama in the locker room. We still have a young core that gives us a chance to be a contender again if we
  4. Started really following them in 2001. They had some fun players on offense at the time with Ricky Williams and Deuce McAllister at RB. Joe Horn was a fun one to watch at WR, and I was sadly at the time really intrigued by Aaron Brooks at QB. He showed some flashes but never really developed. Then in 2002 my favorite prospect in the draft that year was Donte Stallworth and they took him 1st round, and at that point, I figured it was just meant to be. Also always thought the whole New Orleans city culture was fun, so that also played a role.
  5. You can consider it, I just don't put much stock in the older era's in these discussions. And for many top 10 all time You're entitled to that opinion.
  6. You're entitled to that opinion. That said, I just don't agree with it and don't care that much to get into a long discussion about it. If you think a QB from the 50's would be successful in today's NFL then I suppose we won't see eye to eye here.
  7. The problem is, "best ever" lists are always going to be brought up in these types of forums. With that, I generally go with the modern era players going up against more complex schemes, and much more athletic players. Then there's the whole segregation aspect against the competition level, that didn't allow everyone to play from older era's.
  8. Retires as easily a top 10 QB of all time. Been a fun 15 years watching him play for the Saints. *1st all time in passing yards *3 highest completion percentages ever in a season *2nd best career completion percentage *2nd all time in game winning drives *Most 5,000 yard passing seasons *Highest Completion Percentage in a game *Most touchdown passes in a game
  9. Even worse it was 8 or less the 1st 4 seasons when he started his career lol. Then expanded to 12 teams.
  10. Yep. I always laugh when people add players like that when they clearly have no idea how good they really were not being able to watch them, and playing in era's that are a joke compared to today's NFL
  11. Lol because a bad performance by a 42 year old Brees last night somehow means anything in this argument?
  12. I made the switch from being a Vikings fan to being a Saints fan about 20 years ago and have no regrets. In general it seems if the Saints are out of the playoffs and the Vikings are still in it, I've still found myself hoping the Vikings would finally win one as so many of my family and friends in Minnesota have yet to have that championship experience.
  13. Cook with another blunder. Not a good decision by Brees either. Such a frustrating game.
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