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  1. Round 1 (24th Overall): Patrick Queen LB LSU At this point I think most would agree that the Saints most glaring position of need is LB. Demario Davis is a stud, but after that it gets fairly questionable as Alex Anzalone and Kiko Alonso have shown they have some talent to work with, but both have had trouble staying on the field. We also don't have a ton of depth behind those 3 LB's, which brings in the importance of getting a highly regarded LB such as Patrick Queen. He is one of the younger prospects in the draft, and appears to have a very high ceiling. He took over a starting spot due to injury towards the end of 2018, and hasn't looked back since being placed in the starting lineup. He possesses excellent athleticism for the position, and can cover a ton of ground in a hurry. With a guy like Davis on the team who also possesses excellent athleticism for the position, they could form quite the LB pairing. Queen could be a helpful asset in coverage for us, and has the athleticism to chase down plays with his side to side explosiveness. It appears Queen has good instincts for the position, which seems to be a concern for a guy like Kenneth Murray who possesses equally impressive athleticism for the position and a bit more size, but his decision making/instincts have been called into question on numerous scouting reports, which is a bit concerning to me after the Stephone Anthony situation a few years back. Kenneth Murray likely isn't as severe a case in that regard compared to Stephone Anthony, but if I had my choice between Queen and Murray at this point I'd lean towards Queen. I think either one would be a welcomed addition to a LB unit that needs some added talent. Scouting Report: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/patrick-queen?id=32195155-4530-8806-168a-7e9ee3bd3f9 Round 3 (88th Overall): Devin Duvernay WR Texas With the signing of Emmanuel Sanders, we filled a glaring need at the WR #2 position. With that said, we still could use some more talent at WR as Emmanuel Sanders is likely a stopgap at that spot given his current age. This draft may be one of the deepest WR drafts ever, which certainly could play to our advantage grabbing a guy late in the 3rd round that likely could go in the 2nd round in other drafts. Devin Duvernay appears to be a very polarizing prospect by most draft sites as he does have a lot to like about him as a prospect, but there are also some concerns in his game that are valid. Lets start with the positives, he is one of the fastest guys in the draft (4.3 40 time, has run 10.27 100m dash- for perspective Devery Henderson and Reggie Bush ran 10.4 100m), he has some of the best hands in the draft, he plays a very physical style of football almost like a RB with the ball in his hands, is among the best YAC WR's in the draft, and is coming off a very productive senior season with 100+ catches, and 1,300+ receiving yards. As previously referenced, he has excellent hands and does a good job catching the ball even with tight coverage on him, he had a dropped pass rate of 2% last season, and I believe accounted for a total of 3 dropped passes in his entire college career. As mentioned there are some concerns with him as a prospect. His route running at this point isn't great, and needs improvement, he played primarily from the slot at Texas and hasn't shown if he can consistently win playing outside. I think the beauty of this pick would be that he would start out as our #3 WR, and would have time to improve those areas of his game with Thomas and Sanders ahead of him on the depth chart. He undoubtedly has the speed to beat teams deep and take the top off a defense if asked to, which likely wouldn't be all that often this year with Brees at the helm given his current lack of ability to hit the deep ball, but with plays where Hill or a future starting QB are behind center, it certainly would be nice to have, but Duvernay's game doesn't revolve around just running 9 routes. He does a lot of damage on shorter routes where he can get the ball and run, in this regard some have compared him to a guy like Deebo Samuel. This is something Sean Payton excels at as a coach, and he could work around Duvernay's limitations to put him in situations where he can truly utilize his explosiveness. Here's likely the top Safety in the Draft trying to tackle Duvernay this past season: Scouting Report https://www.nfl.com/prospects/devin-duvernay?id=32194455-5645-9005-cfce-f0b0bb8205b8 Round 4 (130th Overall): Antonio Gibson RB/WR Memphis This guy is a bit of a project, and there will undoubtedly be more proven guys on the board here, but if a team hasn't taken a chance on him yet in the draft, this seems like the perfect Sean Payton project. Antonio Gibson is an absolute freak of an athlete and looks like he could play either RB or WR. Despite the limited tape on him, I wouldn't be surprised if a team picked him earlier than this pick given how freakish his athleticism is. If he was to play RB, he athletically looks like he could be similar to what David Johnson was a few years back before all the injuries. Gibson is 220+lbs, runs a 4.39 40, has the quickness of a much smaller RB with his cutting ability, and appears to just bounce off would be tacklers. Given the Latavious Murray is 30 years old, and not likely in our long term plans, this could be a fun player to develop, and he also possesses some of same types of qualities as a guy like Alvin Kamara in regards to versatility, which could be very beneficial if Kamara were to get hurt again. Scouting Report: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/antonio-gibson?id=32194749-4241-5285-a215-d633ff9a6f70 Round 5 (169th Overall): Clay Johnston LB Baylor As mentioned earlier in this mock draft, our LB unit is looking very thin at the moment. Clay Johnston is coming off a knee injury last season, so I suspect he will drop a bit further than he should assuming he comes back to pre-injury form. He is a fun LB to watch as he attacks players like a heat seeking missile, and runs right through ball carriers when he hits them. He seemed to get better each season at Baylor, and was having a great senior season prior to suffering the knee injury. He likely wouldn't test nearly as well as Patrick Queen in combine drills, but Johnston does appear to have quality short area burst when he is chasing down ball carriers despite likely not having that great of top end speed. He strikes me as a player that could start out as a special teams ace early in his career, and develop into a solid LB as time goes on especially with him coming off the knee injury. Scouting Report: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/clay-johnston?id=32194a4f-4880-4643-e839-9677436ad230 Round 6 (203rd Overall): BPA (I haven't looked at enough prospects to give much input on a player this late in the draft)
  2. Official 2020 QB Thread

    Man what a crazy draft that was. There may have been 6 Hall of Fame worthy players in the first 15 picks of that draft with Calvin Johnson, Joe Thomas, Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, Marshawn Lynch, and Darelle Revis. Guys like Calvin Johnson, Patrick Willis, and Adrian Peterson are probably among the all-time most freakish athletes ever at their respective positions. Then on top of that were several other Pro Bowl level players in the 1st round I believe 17 Pro Bowl players in the 1st round if I'm not mistaken. Yet despite all that, there wasn't a decent QB in the whole draft.
  3. Myles Garrett vs. TJ Watt

    I was pissed when TJ Watt went 2 picks before the Saint picked at the end of the 1st round, but I suppose getting Ryan Ramczyk instead hasn't been all that bad.
  4. Saints vs Bucs Fearsome 4-some

    I'm going with the Saints on this one (even with RB not factored into this one). At this point, Brees and Brady are probably comparable in terms of ability, Brady has had the better career, but for 2020, I think Brees has the edge as he isn't coming into a new system with new coaches/players that will take some time to adjust to. That obviously isn't a concern for Brees. Michael Thomas is undoubtedly better than Mike Evans at this point. Not a dig at Evans, but most people have Thomas as a top 3 WR if not best in the NFL right now, Evans is a tier below. Chris Godwin is better than Emmanuel Sanders at this point in their careers. I don't anticipate Sanders puts up huge numbers in the Saints offense, but will be rather useful in taking some pressure off of Thomas. Chris Godwin may be the best WR #2 in the NFL. Jared Cook is significantly better than OJ Howard. Cook started out slow out of the gate for the Saints last year, but as he became more familiar with the offense, he was among the better TE's in the league. OJ Howard on the other hand has yet to live up to all the draft hype from a few years ago, and has been an average at best TE. That would give the Saints an advantage at 3 out of the 4 spots, and if RB's were included Kamara/Murray would undoubtedly be better than the Buc's RB's.
  5. Packers Triplets vs. Falcons Triplets

    Tough to say on this one. Aaron Rodgers is undoubtedly better than Matt Ryan this is probably the easiest one of the 3 positions to decide. Todd Gurley is a big question mark as nobody really knows where he is at in term health/physical ability anymore. If he reverts to form from a couple years ago, it would be an easy pick for Gurley, if not, it would be Jones. That said, I think the health concerns are pretty concerning, and until I see otherwise, I'm going with Jones at this point. In regards to Adams vs Jones, I think this one may surprise some people, but Jones is on the wrong side of 30 at age 31, and Adams is right in the middle of his prime years. I think Jones starts to see a bit of decline in production in the coming seasons especially with Ridley on the team as he will likely see an increase in targets going forward. I'll call this one a push for 2020, and advantage Adams beyond 2020. I suppose I'd have to go with the Packers on this one given the questions regarding Gurley.
  6. Who is the better QB: Drew Brees or Jared Goff

    I think Brees is the better player, but is undoubtedly on his last legs as his arm is losing some strength each season. Looks like he is going to make substantially less money than Goff under their current contracts. Suppose it makes a person wonder if Brees is getting underpaid or Goff is being massively overpaid.
  7. Who is the better QB: Drew Brees or Jared Goff

    It is a comparison between 2 players, there will be threads some people don't like on any forum. It's the offseason not exactly a lot of threads being posted, so it sounds like a minor inconvenience at worst. That said, it is ironic that every time you post in this, you are putting it back up to the top and not contributing to the conversation.
  8. Who is the better QB: Drew Brees or Jared Goff

    Lol why close it, don't post in it and you don't even have to worry about it then.. That said, wow is it ever a landslide in the poll in favor of Brees.
  9. Who is the better QB: Drew Brees or Jared Goff

    Idk ask certain Rams fans, they will try to justify anything for their guys lol
  10. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    So then do we get to dismiss his play with the Vikings when he was put in a terrible position to succeed as a QB? In other words Teddy Bridgewater thrived with quality coaching.
  11. He has shown the ability to make some pretty impressive catches with his combo of excellent hands and body control.
  12. This is the equivalent of saying guys like Brady/Manning can't be the best QB in NFL history because they didn't do everything as they weren't athletic like a Russell Wilson/Lamar Jackson. At the end of the day all that matters is results, and Michael Thomas has been getting those as good or better than just every if not every WR the past couple years. If it was so easy for a guy like Thomas to absolutely dominate the short/intermediate game like he does despite having 4.5 40 speed, why don't other top WR's do it as effectively?
  13. "Teams aren't rolling doubles and triples Thomas' way on the same frequency as others. Also, Brees has to force him the ball because there aren't other guys in New Orleans worth a **** to throw to." So these two sentences contradict each other pretty badly. So in other words, if there is nobody else to throw to on the Saints, that would undoubtedly mean teams would simply roll extra coverage over frequently to stop Thomas. Given that the Falcons have a solid number 2 WR, and the Texans had a solid number 2 WR, Thomas would surely get double teamed at least as much as those 2 WR's, otherwise it would suggest every Defensive Coordinator the Saints faced is completely inept if it is in fact true that "Brees has to force Thomas the ball" due to nobody else being good enough to throw to.
  14. Thankfully we got to dispel the myth that Michael Thomas wouldn't be putting up these huge numbers without Brees this past season. Michael Thomas played without Brees for 6 games this past season, in those 6 games, he had 640 receiving yards, 3 touchdowns, and 52 catches with Teddy Bridgewater throwing to him, which funny enough if we just took just those 6 games, it wouldn't be far off from the best 16 game seasons that a guy like Sanu has had in his entire career.
  15. NFC South