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  1. Jerry Rice without question. Moss was a much more freakish athlete. Rice was the better football player. Rice doing things like putting up 22 touchdowns in 12 games is just absurd. Rice also seemed to get better in the playoffs. If we take Rice's 1988 and 1989 postseasons, he accounted for 11 touchdowns in those years to go along with 755 yards of offense those years in just 6 postseason games. Moss in 15 career postseason games had 10 touchdowns and 977 receiving yards. So if I'm taking either of them for 1 season in their prime, I'm taking Rice.
  2. Yeah it doesn't come off that way over the internet. I've seen the injury excuse used in this thread, so would it have been so close if the Falcons had guys like Deion Jones, Keanu Neal? I'm told (By Falcons fans) that the Falcons have several "All-Pro Talents" on their defense that they have been playing without. The Steelers have been without Le'Veon Bell. Regardless they aren't winning these close games, which is the problem the Browns currently have as well. They are playing right down to the wire, but the difference between good teams and average (at best) teams are the good ones more often than not win those close games. Every team deals with injuries, unless you lose your QB and some star players, it's really not anything that a good team doesn't typically overcome. Defenses will certainly have to account for Bell more than they have with Conner. I think the effect Bell has will go way beyond stats.
  3. 2019 Game Breakers

    Bryce Love has great explosiveness even if he's having a down year.
  4. Kewl response bro...So edgy..
  5. See above quotes lol. Or I could state if you didn't narrowly escape with a win against the Falcons, we would be singing a much different tune. The "if" game is always fun. At the end of the day, they lost to the Steelers. The Steelers are likely going to keep improving as they get an elite RB in Bell returning soon, that only hurts the Bengals chances to take them in round 2. Injuries are a part of the game. Good teams overcome them. Bad teams don't. Last I saw you still have many of your core pieces (Dalton, Green, Atkins), so it isn't like there has been a catastrophic season ending injury for the Bengals. I think that is a very optimistic view. I think the Bengals have as good of a chance finishing 4th as they do first in that division. The Browns are far from the bad team they were in recent years. They had a rough game last week, but outside of that every game they have played has ended with them being within 4 points, or winning. The Ravens very well could finish ahead of the Bengals, and the Steelers at this point still have to be the favorites. They are a half game back in the division, are coming off 2 big wins, and get an elite RB in the next couple weeks. I think given some luck you might have a chance at a wildcard, I just don't see much more at this point. If the Bengals beat the Saints it would certainly be an upset, but at the end of the day I don't think the Bills are a better team than the Vikings, yet the Bills beat the Vikings. Anything can happen in a 1 game sample size, but over the course of the season, I fully expect the Saints to have a better record than the Bengals.
  6. Meh, there's little reason to believe the Bengals finish above the Steelers in their own division, let alone being a team to look out for in the AFC. Hardly any reason to get excited about a team that looks to be at best a borderline top 5 AFC team.
  7. Because they aren't that good.
  8. Drew Brees - new all time passing yardage leader

    Meh Brees's passer rating was still only 3 lower than Brady's in 2005, and Brees's rating was 12 points higher in 2004. My point still stands
  9. Payton or Brees?

    We did play in a similar system in 2012, but didn't have Payton as our head coach due to the year suspension. During that year without Payton, Brees threw for 5177 yards, and had 44 touchdowns. That would literally be considered a statistical career year for 99% of the QB's to have ever played in NFL history. For Brees it was just another season. In other words, I think Payton has allowed Brees, to live up to his potential, and be in a system that plays to his strengths better than San Diego, but at the end of the day it is Brees that has made this offense go since 2006.
  10. Looks like a win/win/win with the 3 options. Would be some incredible duo's. I'll take number 1 though. I have had AB as the best WR in the NFL for years now, and Michael Thomas appears to be making a strong case for consideration of being a top 5 WR. I also like how they both have 2 different styles of play that could be utilized.
  11. That is like your opinion "bro", so no, WE all do not know that at this time. Also I can certainly take my position at this time, as I've already stated arguments can be made for all 3 of them. Even with it being a "comparison forum", my position can be equal it doesn't have to be clear cut someone is better than the other. Maybe down the road later this season, or in the coming years it will clear up on MY rankings as a clear cut number 1.
  12. No that is me saying they are all ranked the same at this point, and I've seen it posted like this in several different sporting rankings. If that is your definition of it fair enough, but like I said I have them all ranked together as elite RB's with each having different arguments for being the best and am not going to get any further into this ridiculous semantics debate with you.