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  1. Top 10 RB

    Butch Jones/Mark Ingram (2x Pro Bowl RB/2nd All Time leading rusher in Saints history). Also, these things happen where guys for whatever circumstances have better NFL careers than college careers. Two that immediately come to mind are: Tom Brady- Not much needs to be said regarding his college career compared to his NFL career. Priest Holmes- Played 4 years with the Texas Longhorns. In those 4 years he had the following totals for carries: 34 carries, 39 carries, 120 carries, and 59 carries. He finished his 4 year college career with 1,276 rushing yards. Priest Holmes in the NFL ran for 8,172 yards and 86 touchdowns. During Priest's rookie season he logged a whopping 0 rushes. Frank Gore- Never had over 200 carries in a collegiate season or eclipsed 1,000 rush yards in any of his 3 college seasons, but has had 9 seasons of rushing over 1,000 yards in the NFL. Terrell Davis- In 4 college football seasons never had over 167 carries in a season. He never eclipsed 1,000 yards rushing in a college season. In the NFL he had 4 seasons over 1,000 yards rushing and 1 over 2,000 yards rushing.
  2. Top 10 RB

    Led the NFL in YPC last year and had 9 rushing touchdowns splitting carries..
  3. Top 10 RB

    Yes, he is bigger. It just plays into this crazy myth that Cook is this workhorse back and Kamara can't handle the load when Kamara literally has prototypical size for the RB position (Was 215lbs as a rookie, and I've read he is 5-10lbs bigger this year). Cook got injured again. Kamara had over 100 yards of offense 8 times last year, and had over 75 yards of offense 12 times last year. All while splitting time with another Pro Bowl caliber RB. I'm thrilled with that output as a Saints fan. It's also funny to me that in each of Cook's 4 games, his best YPC average in a single game was 5.8 YPC even when he had games with "limited" carries 12 rushes, and 13 rushes. Alvin Kamara over the entire season averaged 6.1 YPC, or in other words his season average was literally better than any of Cook's individual performances. Kamara's "limited" rushes are a product of having another Pro Bowl RB on the roster nothing more. He touched the ball 15 or more times in 7 games last year, and had 14 touches in 3 other games. It just seems like a silly argument that he can't handle a few more touches a game.
  4. Top 10 RB

    If I'm not mistaken Kamara on offense was hardly involved in the season opener against the Vikings (Mark Ingram, and Adrian Peterson ahead of him on the depth chart), but I'll gladly take 15 touches on offense for 105 yards and a touchdown in the playoffs against the Vikings. Obviously you only posted carries for a reason though and conveniently left out receptions. It's also an apples to oranges comparison as the Vikings undoubtedly have a better defense especially against the run. So even when the Vikings limited Kamara in the run game, he still pulled things like this off in the playoffs.
  5. Top 10 RB

    Man you know it's the slow time of the year on this forum when people start making claims such as "Cook is easily better than Kamara". Even if Cook didn't tear his ACL last year, he still wasn't playing on the same level as Kamara. It's also amusing to me that Kamara is a bigger RB than Cook, and has nowhere near the recent injury history of Cook (Hamstring/Ankle/ACL/3 shoulder surgeries), but people somehow feel that Cook has shown that he is the workhorse of the two. Getting more carries than someone, but always being dinged up doesn't fulfill the whole durability/workhorse checkbox. These consistent injuries could set him on a Percy Harvin like career path. Shows promise, but never much more due to not being able to stay on the field. What we do know is that one RB (Kamara) has shown he can play a full season and more importantly finish the season ranked among the best RB's in the NFL (All-Pro, Pro Bowl, Just about every RB ranking I've seen), and do it against some of the best defenses in the NFL (Panthers, Rams, and Vikings come to mind). The other RB played in 4 games where he played well against average at best run defenses.
  6. Saints Mark Ingram suspended 4 games

    No this past year was mostly the same Mark Ingram us Saints fans have seen for years. It was just much more hyped up with his new counterpart also doing great things in Alvin Kamara. He was statistically very similar in 2016. It wasn't like last year was some sort of crazy breakout year for him. Had he not missed time in 2015, he would have likely had similar numbers to 2016/2017 as his averages per game were also similar. As for hurting the Saints for the 4 games he misses, it might (If Kamara gets injured), but I doubt it will make much difference for that short of a time frame. We have a top 5/top 10 RB in Alvin Kamara, we have a HOF QB in Drew Brees, we have a top 5/top 10 WR in Michael Thomas, we have a great OL (That is currently all healthy...Knock on wood), and we just signed a talented number 2 WR in Cameron Meredith. Without Ingram, our offense still has about 4-5 guys that have legit shots at being Pro Bowl level players this year: Brees- Pro Bowl (x11) Kamara- 2017 Pro Bowl Thomas- 2017 Pro Bowl Armstead- 2015 Pro Bowl Warford- 2017 Pro Bowl
  7. How would Alabama fare in the NFL?

    If they took the Falcons schedule last year, I see them going 14-2, with a 1st round bye in the playoffs. Obviously they'd lose twice to my beloved Saints, but would easily win their other 14 games. The NFL (Minus my Saints...Obviously) just can't keep up with that SEC speed everyone raves about. Can you imagine if guys like AJ Mccarron, and Trent Richardson were just a few years younger so they could lead this stacked Alabama offense to even greater heights in the NFL.
  8. Saints Mark Ingram suspended 4 games

    Yeah I suppose Green Bay's roster isn't quite what it used to be, and maybe Aaron Rodgers will have a case of the yips after another injury filled season. On the bright side at least they will have the Saints 1st round pick, which should be a pick in the high 20's/low 30's
  9. Mark Ingram suspended 4 games for PEDs

    More touches for Kamara. If anything we are a better team with Kamara getting more touches as long as he doesn't get injured.
  10. Saints Mark Ingram suspended 4 games

    While I am a bit bummed that Ingram was suspended, it doesn't effect the Saints really in a negative way as Kamara getting more touches only hurts opposing defenses. Now if Kamara were to go down in the first couple games, then Ingram would have put us in a bad position, but for now we are fine.
  11. No you really can say the Vikings duo easily over the Giants. Harrison Smith was in the conversation for Defensive Player of the year last year, and was EASILY the best Safety in football last year. He also has had much more sustained success than Collins, and has had a higher peak than Collins has shown thus far in his career. Smith's 2017 is better than any season Collins has had to date. Xavier Rhodes has been an absolute beast, Jenkins has not had the peak that Rhodes has had. Rhodes 2017 is better than Jenkins best season.
  12. No they are being rated pretty accurately in this scenario. This is one of the rare times on this website where I see people saying they would easily take a combo "easily" over another, and it is actually fitting. Harrison Smith is considered by many to be the best Safety in the NFL, and at worst top 3 by the the vast majority of people. He was the highest rated player by PFF at any position last season with a 98.8 rating, which is by far the highest Safety grade they've ever given. He's also coming off a 1st Team All Pro season. I'd take Smith over Collins without hesitation. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-harrison-smith-the-pff-dwight-stephenson-award-winner Xavier Rhodes is also considered by most to be a top 3/top 5 CB in the NFL. I'd take him over Jenkins every time. Rhodes is also coming off a 1st Team All Pro season.
  13. Browns Offense vs. Jets Offense

    The Browns offense is actually looking like a unit that has potential to be good in the very near future. Solid OL. A serviceable QB in Tyrod Taylor along with a talented rookie QB in Mayfield. 3 talented RB's in Chubb, Duke Johnson, and Hyde. The WR/TE group may be the biggest question mark, but from a pure talent standpoint there aren't many I'd say are better. Josh Gordon can be elite and is still just 27 years old. Jarvis Landry is one of the best slot WR's in the NFL. Corey Coleman has flashed potential, but just hasn't stayed healthy. Antonio Callaway may be the most talented rookie WR this year, but needs to stay out of trouble. Then they have Njoku at TE that appears to have all sorts of talent. The Browns strategy of stockpiling picks was obviously a gamble as far as their production in the short term, but now after a couple seasons of utilizing this strategy things appear to be trending upward for them.
  14. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    QB being the most crucial position...Yes. QB's winning in the post season being determining factor on how we evaluate QB's...Shouldn't be. How they played should be the factor, not a W or an L. This logic promotes Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco, etc. over guys like Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, Warren Moon, etc. I just can't see an inconsistent passer like Elway (in comparison to Brees) accustomed to much better supporting casts, driving his team like Brees did for well over a decade leading one of the best offensive attacks on a yearly basis. I continue to give the edge to Brees as he has shown he can dominate against teams both on the road and at home in the playoffs, and elevating his game to even higher levels in the playoffs compared to his already stellar regular season level of play.
  15. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    Thankfully it's not all about numbers, and saying Tony Romo in the same sentence is a slap in the face to a guy like Drew Brees. Just for fun though with numbers, in just 3 playoff games during the 2010/2011 seasons, Drew Brees put up better total/efficiency numbers than Tony Romo had in all of his 6 career postseason games combined. Brees 3 postseason games (2010/2011 seasons)- 1,332 yards passing, 9 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 68% completion percentage Romo 6 career postseason games- 1,316 yards passing, 8 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 61.6% completion percentage I would rather have a QB that does everything in his power to win the game putting up crazy numbers, essentially every post season game he played (Brees) vs. Elway with "modest numbers" making some key plays. Football is a team game regardless of how great of performances a QB puts up. At the end of the day, no individual player can overcome that, so if there are serious deficiencies on a team, they likely won't be going far in the playoffs (Saints defense for many years). I could care less about Elway having "the gun to succeed". Brees has shown he has plenty of arm strength to destroy the best defenses in the league when it counts most in the playoffs both home and on the road.