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  1. Well obviously. You need to have a strong neck to hold up a big brain, which is required to quickly process and read defenses. #science Always thought Takeo Spikes should have been a QB
  2. Yeah seems the roster is going to be loaded with talent! A young CB would be nice too and I hope that is part of the plan at some point. That said, I think it's an attacking player. Heath hinted at Euro players being easier to sign with the transfer window getting pushed back this year after mentioning hoping to bring in a DP. Heath also mentioned a utility player being something the club is looking at bringing in. We will be missing Lod for almost 2 months for international duty, and Heath mentioned he wants to be able to keep guys fresh with the condensed schedule this year. Hunou has b
  3. Huge signing for MN United! Looks like we are going all in this year to improve the roster after coming so close to an MLS Cup final appearance last year. Heath hinted at a couple more big signings (DP and TAM) coming soon as well today.
  4. Yeah I think for a team like the Saints to make a trade up, Denver really seems like the last hurdle to get by for one of the top 5 QB's to be an option.
  5. As a Saints fan, I absolutely love this trade. Should hopefully mean if a guy like Mac Jones makes it to the Panthers at pick #8, they won't be picking him. Maybe even allowing the Saints to make a play for a top QB with a trade up if they fall past Carolina. This also means Darnold is going to be their QB, which is also a win.
  6. From tweets I've seen: 10'2" broad jump 35" vert 19 BP reps
  7. We will have to wait and see I suppose. As I mentioned, I think he goes higher than many "draftniks" have him going, which seems to be late day 2/day 3. I think he goes early day 2 and maybe even sneaks into the tail end of the 1st.
  8. Lawrence without much hesitation. In general I think he's the more talented player, but then factoring in that Burrow is coming back from a significant injury, I don't think Burrow is going to have all that great of a season his 1st year back from the injury.
  9. Not saying he will go in the 1st, but I wouldn't be that surprised. Likely will go 2nd round, which is still higher than most "draftniks" have him going, which was the bigger point I was making. With many people thinking he's a late day 2/day 3 guy, which I don't think will be the case come draft day.
  10. Yeah agreed, could definitely see one of those teams in play for him.
  11. Not surprised on Mond. Had a feeling he was going to be viewed higher by the people within the league than most "draftniks". Wonder if a team takes a chance late 1st to get that 5th year option on him.
  12. Doesn't look to play nearly as fast as he times, didn't look particularly explosive at the point of attack when going in for tackles. Not saying he isn't good in coverage or at diagnosing plays, etc. as I mentioned I don't know yet as I haven't dug that deep, just off first impression he didn't pop in his highlights like I thought he would with those pro day numbers.
  13. Can't say I've watched much on him prior to today, but after watching a highlight videos of him just now. Seems like the definition of looks like Tarzan plays like Jane.
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