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  1. Doubt that is the reason. Most likely burnout if anything. They can restructure and retain just about everyone. One of the Saints beat writers recently wrote an article about it and it's really not that bad of a cap situation, or at least not much different than it's been for years. I've come to realize our front office is pretty good at what they do with this kind of stuff lol. We likely will resign Winston who played well last season before injuring his knee. I'd be surprised if Thomas isn't a Saint this next season. Kamara is also a weapon in the pass game. Could definitely see us drafting
  2. A bit surprised he didn't go another year or 2 with this current roster. Think we're a playoff caliber team the next couple years.
  3. Getting some 28-3 vibes from this game right now.
  4. Hurt his ankle week 1 of the 2020 season, played through the pain for part of that season. He should have gotten surgery on the ankle right after the season completed, but opted to go against medical advice to have surgery and waited several months right before this season started to finally get the surgery as his ankle didn't heal correctly. Was supposed to comeback about halfway through this season, but had a setback on his ankle when he was about to get designated to return and I believe had to have more work done on his ankle. In other words, it has been an absolute roller-coaster wit
  5. Happy with the record given the circumstances, but bummed with the end result.
  6. Pretty sure after that touchdown I have it as Kupp>Rice
  7. Holy crap that is easily the best Rams interception of all time!!! Let's go!!
  8. Just when I thought I couldn't hate the Rams anymore...They blow that huge lead against San Francisco
  9. Marcus Williams leaves so much to be desired with his tackling...
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