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  1. It's like watching McGregor vs Cerrone all over again with Diamondbull in here destroying these poor Vick fans.
  2. Preach it there's no comparison between the 2 as QB's. Taking Lamar 10/10 times over Vick. Even his best years as an Eagle don't compare to what Jackson did this season as a QB
  3. Lol watched both play a ton as well. Been a Saints fan since before Vick was drafted. Both are almost identical in terms of explosiveness.
  4. Lamar's moves/explosiveness is every bit as electrifying.
  5. Do you like the NFL more now, or ten years ago?

    10 years ago, since the Saints were holding the Lombardi Trophy around this time 10 years ago.
  6. Jackson led the league in touchdown passes and had a QB Rating of 113, which was 2nd only to Drew Brees. He is a good passer.
  7. Cam Newton '15 vs Lamar Jackson '19

    Lamer Jackson fairly easily for me. It should be noted Lamar did this in 15 starts (closer to 14 games with all the games he was pulled early due to large leads). Cam started all 16 games. Lamar had more TD passes (on less pass attempts), a substantially higher QB Rating, fewer interceptions, a better completion percentage, and much higher YPC when running the ball. Lamar just looked more dominant out there as well. If I'm not mistaken the Ravens offense was doing some historic things with scoring/yards per drive.
  8. Is Patrick Mahomes the new face of the NFL?

    Either Lamar Jackson or Pat Mahomes. Jackson has such a flashy style of play with his insane athletic ability, it may give him the edge over Mahomes even if Mahomes is a better QB.
  9. Patrick Willis vs Luke Kuechly

    Willis without hesitation. No disrespect to Kuechly who was also a beast.
  10. Lamar Jackson

    Doesn't matter. It still shows a flaw in the argument you were trying to make.
  11. Lamar Jackson

    Saints fans for years have hated when Sean Payton calls too many passes and abandons the run with one of the best QB's All-Time behind center in Drew Brees.
  12. Lamar Jackson

    He is certainly up there with the best. Goff is not.
  13. Lamar Jackson

    The fact that you are arguing that Goff is a better passer after what he has looked like in his past 25 or so games must be a joke. Goff has not looked good for an extended period of time now, and at this point it is a slap in the face to Jackson to say that Goff is a better passer. Maybe Goff rebounds at some point and gets back on track, but as of now he is struggling. Other than passing yards last season, Goff was worse than Jackson in just about every other passing stat. It should be mentioned that Goff led the NFL in passing attempts last season with 626 passing attempts, accounted for just 22 passing touchdowns (3.5 touchdown pass %), 16 interceptions (2.6 interception %), and 86.5 QB Rating. In contrast, Lamar Jackson threw 401 times for 36 passing touchdowns (9.0 touchdown pass %), 6 interceptions (1.5 interception %), and 113.3 QB Rating. Sure Jackson's athleticism helped a bit, but those numbers are nowhere near comparable. Jackson is so far ahead, I don't see how you can even make that argument. Early on during Goff's struggles this past year much of it was blamed on the OL, but I'll just mention that Goff was only sacked 22 times this past season (3.4% of his dropbacks- Lowest in his career). Yet Goff last season was top 5 in the league in interceptions thrown from a clean pocket.
  14. Lamar Jackson

    Yep this was definitely called during the season, and I'm not the least bit surprised by it. NFL Gen never fails for these absurd overreactions.
  15. Lamar Jackson

    I mean the NFL did change a pass interference rule this past year, and the NFL did admit they missed a blatant call in that game, but yeah that's "just" Saints fans complaining about everything. Keep going with your awesome narrative though bud. Nope I was not as I don't take football that seriously. Since we are off-topic now, how about them Jets, must be rough being a fan of a team destined for mediocrity (at best) for the foreseeable future with Darnold behind center