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  1. LOL...This is way worse than the Derrius Guice prediction from a few seasons back 🤣
  2. Agreed, can't go wrong signing the best RT in football for under 20 million a year. Seems like a good deal for both sides here.
  3. Yeah the words "Gary Anderson" still seem to be quite the trigger in this area lol. To be fair though, that legitimately might be the most talented team ever to not make it to the Super Bowl.
  4. Being a resident of Minnesota for most of my life, this would have changed things drastically for me. Saints likely win the Super Bowl still, but I wouldn't have to listen Vikings fans cry about that 2009 NFC Championship game for the past 10+ years lol
  5. Crazy to think the Falcons might be even worse this season. Suppose at least they got a (likely late) 2nd round pick for him.
  6. Kamara is in the conversation for being the best RB. Hell even other's have listed him as such in this thread. Go back to weeping about losing Julio Jones 🤣
  7. Cook was good too, but I'll take the 4 more touchdowns Kamara had, over the 230 more scrimmage yards Cook had. Cook also fumbled 5 times compared to Kamara's 1 fumble Hope Cook stays healthy this year. Such a bummer he's had so many years with injuries cutting into his production
  8. A historic performance regardless of who it was against matching a 90 year old record for rushing touchdowns. I'll gladly take 932 rush yards (in 15 games) at 5.0 yards per carry, 16 rushing touchdowns, 756 receiving yards, and 5 receiving touchdowns. Seems the All Pro voters would also be happy to take him on those teams over the course of his career so far.
  9. Man I don't think I'll ever forget about that legendary RB performance Alvin Kamara had last year on Christmas where he put up 155 rushing yards (7 ypc) and SIX rushing touchdowns against the Vikings. Truly a historic performance that was an absolute pleasure to watch during yet another All Pro season for him.
  10. Apples and Oranges. I've seen Kamara and McCaffrey show off a much more full route tree and line up all over the field to be consistently utilized in the pass game. I haven't seem Cook do the same. Plus I would add, I've seen Kamara make catches deep down the field numerous times for big plays. I've seen Kamara succeed as a rusher in a variety of different ways, so I have zero concerns over his skillset as a rusher given his 3,340 rushing yards, 5.0 career ypc, and 43 career rushing touchdowns in his career thus far. Or in other words, Cook has more rushing yards in his career (3661
  11. Strange the Vikings wouldn't use him in the pass game much and have him take over games in those ways like McCaffrey and Kamara have the past 4 years. Would indicate extreme incompetence by the Vikings coaching staff or the more likely answer that Cook just doesn't have that skillset.
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