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  1. Saw an interesting article posted by USA Today in regards to RB's true effectiveness in the passing game. Kamara appears to lead the way with the metrics they used by a solid margin. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/08/ezekiel-elliott-melvin-gordon-holdout-running-backs-receiving-stats/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  2. Teddy Bridgewater

    Not sure what to make of him yet. I don't think anyone really has that answer at this time. It appeared he was poised for a breakout year prior to his injury with the Vikings, and has gotten mostly positive reviews in practice/training camp. His limited appearances in preseason last year and this year have generally been positive except for this past week, where he was certainly off the mark. Basically, I think at worst he is a stopgap starter for us that with our young talented playmakers on offense, and solid defense could keep us in the playoff hunt. At best he takes another step forward and becomes our franchise QB for years to come. Basically is a fairly low risk/high reward successor to Brees, which I think happens next season.
  3. NFL All-Time Team

    I stopped reading when I saw that Barry Sanders wasn't listed as the RB.
  4. Yeah I have no doubt there are a ton of professional soccer players that could play kicker in the NFL if they trained for it. For many though, it wouldn't be worth it as American Football to many soccer players around the world is an afterthought, and Kicker's don't generally make all that much money in the NFL.
  5. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    3 quarters for a 21 year old rookie seems like it may be a flawed sample size to determine this.
  6. Goff vs McVay

    Seems like a no brainer. McVay easily. We're talking a top tier Head Coach vs a 3rd tier QB.
  7. CLE WR Antonio Callaway suspended 4 games

    Talented Browns WR suspended for substance abuse...Feels like deja vu.
  8. When did I say HOF caliber? Definitely said Pro Bowl in regards to Ingram considering he was a Pro Bowl player and all. That said, yeah Kamara if he doesn't get injured will undoubtedly be over 1,000 yards rushing this year.
  9. It seems like it should still be an open topic. As I've said for like 8 months now, I have Barkley as my number 1 RB and Kamara as my number 2. However it's still very early in their careers and this season could certainly change things with Kamara being able to get more looks without having another Pro Bowl caliber RB in Mark Ingram to split some touches with.
  10. Because another poster brought up a comparison between Dak and Wentz, and I replied. Good call though we should get back to why Kamara is an elite RB.
  11. Kamara as a top 5 RB? Even though us Saints fans would be the only one's that could think he's better than a guy like McCaffrey? Carson seems a to be rated a bit low for a guy that "when he's healthy" is capable of "playing at an MVP level" and played in an offense "designed for the backup QB" and not Wentz.
  12. Lol and you are putting Saints fans on blast for Kamara, but then have the audacity to post this in regards to Wentz?
  13. Lol strange comparison given that Kamara has had an excellent start to his career through 2 seasons, and is regularly mentioned in the top 3/top 5 RB's by many when ranking RB's. Although the Wentz vs Dak one I suppose is interesting since it is a comparison between 2 QB's that are basically 3rd-4th tier level QB's. It's like do you take Dak who might not be as talented, but at least knows how to stay on the football field for longer than 2 games at a time, or do you take Wentz that may end up being a "quality" starter if he wasn't more injury prone than RG3. Tough decision, but at the end of the day the outcome is essentially the equivalent of being able to brag about which midget is taller.
  14. Texans waive RB D'Onta Foreman; signed by Colts

    Maybe he never regains his pre-injury form. If that's the case, then it may be the right call down the road. As of now, it still seems like the Texans are taking a bit of a risk here as he was on a cheap contract with little to lose by keeping him around. There aren't many RB's that had his rare combo of size/speed (prior to injury) in the NFL. I really hope he can regain that explosion if it's not back yet as he was fun to watch at Texas.
  15. Texans waive RB D'Onta Foreman; signed by Colts

    This definitely seems like a move that could backfire for the Texans. I've always thought he had the potential to be a high end starting RB in the NFL.