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  1. MVP Race

    Only person with a shot at catching Mahomes is Brees after the rough performances put up by Goff the past 2 weeks. Gurley also didn't help his case with 11 carries for 28 yards tonight.
  2. Patrick Mahomes II vs Jared Goff

    Goff with 5 interceptions, 2 fumbles, and 1 touchdown pass the past 2 weeks. I'm going with Mahomes he simply appears to be the better QB.
  3. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Yeah it's likely a 2 person race between Mahomes and Brees with Mahomes giving himself a little bit of a lead at this point.
  4. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Todd Gurley- 11 carries for 28 yards Jared Goff- 20/44 for 180 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions Not a good showing from these MVP hopefuls tonight.
  5. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Well played sir!
  6. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Is Goff color blind? He's been throwing perfect passes to the Bears all night!
  7. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Lol bold strategy by that LA Offensive Line
  8. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Glad to see the Saints are back to the #1 seed for the playoffs. It's even better watching an ex-Saints player help us out to seal this game!
  9. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Take a seat Goff!!
  10. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    It's crazy that Trubisky looks absolutely atrocious tonight...Yet he still isn't playing as poorly as Goff lol
  11. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Mack just destroyed that double team!
  12. SNF - Rams @ Bears

  13. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Da Bears!!
  14. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    So Goff isn't an MVP candidate anymore...Right?
  15. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Lol Rams fans still complaining about the refs in the Saints game over a month later