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  1. The far bigger concern than arm strength with Mac Jones is his WR's terribly inconsistent hands this year lol
  2. Yep he's got excellent accuracy and enough arm to make all the throws he needs to. Brees never had a great arm, but he did alright for himself over the years.
  3. Yep fine enough to beat a guy people are claiming is the best defensive player in the league for a deep touchdown.
  4. Mac Jones looking really sharp again today.
  5. Jonathan Taylor is so good. Going to be in the top 5 conversation if he keeps playing like he has been recently.
  6. Really wish the interception stat would get overhauled to include tipped passes by WR's. Lamar Jackson just hit Bateman right in the chest there, but still had an "interception"
  7. Posted this in NFL Gen as well, but might as well post it here too. Jameis has been a beast this year in the red zone for us. Despite being without his #1 WR.
  8. Not looking good for the Lamar Jackson isn't a good passer crowd.
  9. Lol Tavon Young is an idiot
  10. Forward pass...LOL yikes
  11. Why didn't Lamar Jackson try to run him down. He just jogged and gave up
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