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  1. SNF: Chiefs at Patriots

    Tyreek Hill is kind of fast it may be a good idea to adjust your coverage accordingly..
  2. Drew Brees - new all time passing yardage leader

    Definitely could have also played a factor, but he was the face of the Colts for well over a decade, and brought relevance back to that franchise, I think we see a much bigger deal out of it if he was still there when he broke it.
  3. Drew Brees - new all time passing yardage leader

    Agreed it has really grown into one of the better rivalries in the NFL
  4. Drew Brees - new all time passing yardage leader

    It probably didn't help that Manning did it with Denver not the Colts. Had it been with the team where he spent most of his career I think there would be some added effect to it like Brees had breaking it at home with the Saints.
  5. You adding nothing to the topic again, why am I not surprised. Yeah crazy when the guy in question has it as well. Let just compare Vince Wilfork to everyone and pretend it adds any value to the conversation...Perfect! The Kamara debacle, where we need to see him carry the ball 4,000,000 times before we can call him an elite RB. Or in other words you'll use a "dumb criteria that you think proves a point" You stated: "I think it’s incredibly ignorant to assume any NFL player at any position - sans maybe kicker or QB - doesn’t add substantial weight between the combine and their 2nd and 3rd NFL season." This is what we call back tracking after digging a logical hole in your argument. My question: "Is there anywhere that has verified Gurley has put on a substantial amount of weight since entering the league?" Your response: "I think it’s incredibly ignorant to assume any NFL player at any position - sans maybe kicker or QB - doesn’t add substantial weight between the combine and their 2nd and 3rd NFL season." So I'm gonna have to throw a flag on this play...
  6. It's also stupid to assume that it has vastly changed in the past couple years just by the "eye test", and because they are in S&C programs in the NFL. It is usually pretty easy to find if guys are getting bigger/smaller when anything significant changes, especially with big name players like Gurley. For example, just a few off the top of my head, just about everyone knows Le'veon Bell trimmed down quite a bit after his 1st season as it was highly publicized. Tons of people know Clinton Portis bulked up when he arrived in Washington as it was highly publicized. Everyone knows Eddie Lacy "bulked" up in the NFL as it was highly publicized. Or how about Leonard Fournette this year losing weight...Also highly publicized. Or after a quick google search how about Todd Gurley dropping a bunch of weight 2 years ago (10-15lbs)...Highly publicized. https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/2014-pittsburgh-steelers-training-camp-news-times-schedule-tickets-updates/2014/7/29/5947519/steelers-rb-leveon-bell-dropped-20-pounds-in-the-offseason http://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/eddie-lacy-weight-seattle-seahawks-contract-nfl-free-agency/vucw9z2iy1zo1pgmr5tkhdz85 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/08/09/AR2005080901488.html?noredirect=on https://jaguarswire.usatoday.com/2018/07/10/nfl-minute-leonard-fournettes-weight-loss/ http://larrybrownsports.com/football/todd-gurley-lost-10-15-pounds-offseason/306932 So yeah I'll stick with my question "Is there anywhere that has verified Gurley has put on a substantial amount of weight since entering the league?" Again your example of Wilfork is just asinine in this situation. RB's and Interior Lineman are far from apples to apples. So again thank you for interrupting with your own strawman, and adding nothing to the topic. So this notion that you stated earlier: I think it’s incredibly ignorant to assume any NFL player at any position - sans maybe kicker or QB - doesn’t add substantial weight between the combine and their 2nd and 3rd NFL season. Forget just natural growth of someone coming out of college, but they get into real programs with better S&C. Hell, these guys are training to look good in workouts. As noted above, this comment you made earlier truly is a garbage assumption with no backing.
  7. I'm not doubting that Gurley is bigger, but by how much? Who knows?
  8. I think it is incredibly ignorant to use a Defensive Lineman as an example comparing with a young RB in regards to weight gain entering the league. I didn't say it wasn't possible that Gurley has gotten bigger since entering the league, but I have yet to see anywhere state that he has. I very well could be wrong, but the last verified weigh in had Kamara and Gurley about 5-10lbs apart, which given both of their weights puts them about as ideal as anyone could want from a RB anyway. For RB's bigger isn't really better after a certain point, which is why almost all of the RB's in the top 20 all time are between 200lbs to 225lbs.
  9. I suppose their is a substantial difference in pay between Todd-Saquon to Kamara So yes, in a sense you are correct they are financially gods to Kamara's current peasant contract (By elite NFL RB standards). Thankfully as football players they all are similar talents.
  10. The numbers show that as players this year Kamara and Gurley are neck and neck. And Kamara had over 6 YPC as a rookie. We've been through this. They are all elite talents.
  11. Todd Gurley weighed in at the combine at 6'05" 222lbs Alvin Kamara weighed in at the combine at 5'9.6" 214lbs Is there anywhere that has verified Gurley has put on a substantial amount of weight since entering the league? Otherwise to my knowledge, Gurley is 5lbs to 10lbs bigger.
  12. Following this sequence of events, would this not make you a "toe sucker" as well?
  13. Nice to see Kamara on there as well. Only guy in the top 20 with less than 30 games played (21 games). Glad to see the RB position making a strong comeback the past few years, so many talented RB's in the league now.
  14. Top 5 Receiving Backs in the NFL

    He has matched up on the outside at times with CB's such as Cordrea Tankersley last year, and did have a completion against him on short route. I don't recall many big plays lined up against a CB, but I don't think there is much of a sample size of these types of plays yet. There have been other times (more frequently) where he has lined up out wide and gets matched up against a Safety. One of the best instances I can recall of Kamara lined up outside for a big play was against a Safety he was matched against the Patriots Patrick Chung last year, and beat him deep for 38 yard catch. He also beat Keanu Neal on a wheel route from the slot for 25 yards. Those 2 plays stick out for me with Kamara being covered by a DB lined up on the outside.
  15. Yeah he's definitely accumulating touchdowns at a crazy rate to start his career
  16. I don't think anyone is arguing Gurley isn't an elite RB lol. It is interesting to see Addai over guys like Steven Jackson, Deuce McCallister, and Lesean McCoy in that 2nd link, I don't think anyone would take Addai over a lot of those guys on the list.
  17. One of the biggest advantages for Gurley is I think he has more impressive straight line speed than Kamara, so when he hits a crease, he has a better chance of eliminating angles on defenders. Watching Gurley's long touchdown runs/catches last year, Gurley found an opening and was able to use his speed to eliminate angles. I don't know that Kamara does the same on some of those touchdowns, or Bell for that matter.
  18. I think there are currently 3 RB's that can make a claim as best in the NFL essentially 1A, 1B, and 1C, in Kamara, Gurley, and Bell (Barkley may enter than conversation as well). Obviously Gurley has been very good in the passing game for the Rams since Mcvay arrived to go along with running the ball very effectively. Out of Kamara, Bell, and Gurley, I do think Gurley is the least flashy of the 3, not to say he doesn't also have flashy plays (I've seen him use the hurdle several times), I just think the other 2 are better at creating something out of nothing with their change of direction skills. Also I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing, Gurley just seems to have kind of a no nonsense running style to him. He makes a cut and gets up field utilizing his rare Size/Speed ratio, and does it very well.
  19. Here's a good highlight video of Kamara's rookie year. About 15 minutes worth of broken tackles lol:
  20. For this year I'd gladly take Brees over them. I know what he can still do in the regular season, and what his track record in the playoffs is like. Obviously going forward Mahomes, and Wentz are the guys to watch out for.
  21. Yes I would still take Kamara over Saquon at this point. It is really a win/win scenario, but especially for the Saints, what Kamara does in the passing game puts him over the edge for me still (Barkley is no slouch either in the passing game). Both of them have no problem making defenders repeatedly look silly, and turning negative plays into positive plays on a consistent basis. The first 3 games of Alvin's career he was behind an established pro bowl caliber RB in his prime in Mark Ingram, and a guy that was 1 year removed from being considered the best RB in football with Adrian Peterson. We traded away Peterson who is still a very productive RB, so we could get Kamara more involved in our offense. Not an apples to apples comparison at all. Barkley was drafted in the 1st round to contribute right away. Kamara had to work his way up the depth chart his rookie year, and once he did, he was part of a historic rookie season. I agree that it doesn't take long to see elite talent, this type of thing is what I saw from Kamara early in his career last year. So yes a spade is a spade. I would agree that Barkley probably has the most freakish blend of athleticism at RB.
  22. I agree that he is a freakish athlete, and will be among the best for years to come at RB. I just find it funny that Barkley needs a 6 game sample size to be considered by some "the best RB in the NFL", but Kamara to be mentioned up there with the best this year, or last year when many stated he was top 5, the responses were along the lines of "we need to see him do it for at least a full year", "saints homers", "he is a system back", "he hasn't shown he can take 20 touches a game"...Despite similarly insane performances to ones we've seen from Barkley this year.