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  1. Saints bring back Okafor

    Great signing for that price. He was looking very solid for us last season both against the run, and getting to the QB
  2. Better 3 Man Cornerback Unit?

    Rams may be better on paper for 2018, but I'd take the Saints trio for the next few years going forward.
  3. Saints sign Demario Davis 3 years 24 million

    Hard to go wrong with his league leading 97 solo tackles last season, along with 5 sacks, and 13 tackles for loss. Also had a PFF rating of 87.3 last year. He's a really athletic LB, which we need badly in New Orleans, and is still 29, so I'd imagine he's got a few good seasons left.
  4. Saints bringing P-Rob home on 4 year deal.

    What an awesome signing bringing him back to New Orleans. I really like the tandem of Lattimore/Crawley on the outside last year/going forward, but one of our biggest needs was a slot corner, and we just signed a guy that was one of the best in the NFL last year in that spot.
  5. Love this signing. Great athlete, with very good production and is coming off a career year last year. Is still only 29 so he's likely got a few more good years left in him as well.
  6. 2018 Top 10 RBs

    No I argued that in just 1 season Kamara had more touchdowns than Norwood did in his entire 6 year career. That is clearly a red flag in your garbage comparison. You then tried to find the most extreme example possible with Bettis, but I explained why that hardly applies to what Kamara did last year as he scored all over the field not just at the goal line. Try again. You then try to deflect other rating systems (PFF Rating, Elusive Rating, Missed Tackles) that show what Kamara has done as a runner along with his league leading YPC/high touchdown total, but fail to add any substance in return. As for the total touches on offense comment. He played in 2 playoff games. I certainly did include those into his touches last year, or do those touches magically not have any effect on a player's durability after the regular season? I've pointed out impressive things he's done as a runner, but you seem to not want to hear it, and blatantly disregard very relevant things Kamara has done. You seem to be under the impression that he can't be a top tier RB with the amount of carries he had, which is entirely false. His total touches are on the low end, but his insane efficiency numbers put him right up there with the best in the NFL. If that was the case, you better send Kamara an email stating that his AP 2nd team all pro award needs to be confiscated immediately since he can't be a top tier RB due to his amount of carries.
  7. 2018 Top 10 RBs

    Disagree with the top part. It may have a different impact, but each is just as valuable. As for the bottom I'd take Barry Sanders every time. Why would I take him? He was a once in a lifetime talent that had a skillset I have yet to see replicated in the NFL since he retired. Not a great comparison for the point you're trying to make. It goes beyond simple stats.
  8. 2018 Top 10 RBs

    It is an absolute dog crap comparison. Your touchdown example is also horrible. You mention Bettis having 9 touchdowns in a season where he did little else. You seem to disregard context as Kamara scores his all over the field, and scored over 15 touchdowns which is among the best in the league on just about any given year. Even if you're initial argument was just his carries. It's still flawed in evaluating him as a RB. His touches mean all the same whether it's rushing or receiving. Hence one of the many reasons he was an all pro as a rookie, which would mean many rated him among the best RB's in the NFL last year.
  9. Offseason Rumor Thread

    I would probably question why he wanted to downgrade to a worse supporting cast on offense
  10. 2018 Top 10 RBs

    You don't understand what is so baffling about comparing Norwood to Kamara as runners? Then you go on to state you don't want to compare individual skill sets...In that case, how can you compare them as runners? You literally just tried to call me out for citing statistics saying that "its almost like you didnt know who norwood was and just went to his espn page." When in fact all you have to go on is a high YPC and similar amount of carries...As you mentioned before though...Norwood didn't take goal line carries, which certainly can skew a YPC quite a bit. It is simply a bad comparison...Even comparing them just a runners. You tried to deflect touchdown totals, but that is just lazy. If a player is scoring 15+ touchdowns in a year they are clearly playing at a very high level. You then go on to attempt deflecting other rating metrics that show Kamara being among the best in the NFL this past year. Not sure if this has to do with the whole being a Falcons fan thing, but it sure is starting to seem that way. So again the statement that "as of now hes basically jerious norwood as a runner. He played for the falcons in case you never heard of him." Is incredibly flawed on many levels. It's a flaw in that as a runner Norwood isn't nearly as talented as Kamara, and it's an even worse flaw to largely attempt to just pigeonhole Kamara's carry numbers as being problematic when he still had 227 total touches on offense last season (Jerious Norwood had a total of 134 touches on offense as a career high in his 6 year career). Is it on the low end of touches for many top backs? Yes it is, but his absurd efficiency numbers on those touches should erase any doubts as to him being among the best RB's in the NFL.
  11. 2018 Top 10 RBs

    I know you said runner, which is why I brought up how much more success Kamara has had in just 1 season than Norwood had in his entire career. As for the touchdowns argument. Kamara has shown he can get it done on the goal line, and from just about anywhere else on the field. However, if you admit that Norwood didn't get goal line carries, but Kamara did...That would certainly reflect poorly on how Norwood achieved his YPC no wouldn't it? Regardless the argument about touchdowns being opportunistic only gets you so far. If player A (Kamara) in just 1 season has more touchdowns than Player B (Norwood) in his entire career. The "opportunity argument" holds very little weight. I've been following football for over 20 years now...your assumptions are laughable about me knowing who Norwood is, but not nearly as laughable as saying he's basically Norwood as a runner. The easiest way to compare them is to bring up stats, which favor Kamara. However, if we were to break down each of their games. Kamara wins in a landslide. Literally the only advantage Norwood has was his top end speed. Outside of that Kamara is a much more powerful runner, has way better balance, better vision, better at making people miss/more creative runner in the open field. Or we could use PFF metrics where Kamara was one of the best running the ball in many different categories such as elusive rating, missed tackles per rush, and overall player score. If anything Norwood was pretty comparable to Tatum Bell (I'll give you a minute to look him up), but to say he was about the same as Kamara is just silly. It is baffling that this was even brought up as a discussion point, but to each their own I suppose.
  12. 2018 Top 10 RBs

    Lol other than the fact that Kamara had more rushing touchdowns AS A ROOKIE than Jerious Norwood has in his ENTIRE CAREER. Kamara also had more rushing yards in his rookie season than Jerious ever posted in his career. This also doesn't take into account that Alvin Kamara as a RUNNINGBACK had over 1,500 yards of offense, and 16 touchdowns (Including his 2 in the playoffs)...Norwood had a whopping 10 career touchdowns in his 6 year career..
  13. Browns trade for Jarvis Landry

    Who cares what his combine numbers were. Wes Welker had similar combine numbers as well. He also had similar stats in the NFL and was considered the best slot WR in the NFL for years. Landry is a good WR. He is at this point the 2nd best WR on the Browns, and adds an extra dimension to the Browns offense with his ability from the slot. Sounds to me Hugh is trying to add some different elements to his offense. It's a good move by the Browns.
  14. Browns trade for Jarvis Landry

    So basically one is a very proven commodity the past 3 seasons in Jarvis Landry vs. what we are calling an "unknown" in Duke Johnson. I don't buy the "one of the best in the NFL in the slot...ONLY in raw size of numbers" argument. Either you can CONSISTENTLY put up big numbers or you can't in the NFL. So far Landry has shown he is a very reliable target that consistently puts up good numbers. He possesses a lot of similarities to a guy like Wes Welker when you look at the "raw numbers".
  15. Browns trade for Jarvis Landry

    Gordon has great vertical ability if he can stay out of trouble. Coleman also possesses great vertical ability if he can stay healthy. I disagree that Duke can do "almost the exact same job for cheaper", he can't, and doesn't. Jarvis Landry is one of the best in the NFL in the slot. Duke Johnson is not. Duke Johnson is a very good receiver for a RB, but is not close to Landry in terms of receiving.
  16. Browns trade for Jarvis Landry

    People seem to complain about his low average per catch numbers, and him being a slot guy, but I remember Wes Welker having very similar numbers, and playing primarily slot WR, but he was still a very valuable player for years for New England.
  17. Browns trade for Jarvis Landry

    Are you going to pretend like Jarvis Landry doesn't have 2 seasons with 1,000+ yards as well? Or that fact that he is still just 25 years old? Or that he had 9 receiving touchdowns last year, which if I'm not mistaken is almost twice as many receiving touchdowns as Pryor has in his entire career
  18. Browns expected to trade for Jarvis Landry

    Nice move by the Browns here. I really like the potential they have at WR/TE. If they pull off some combo of Barkley, and Darnold/Rosen/Mayfield in the draft, I think they have a good looking future on offense. In theory, the combo of Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, and Duke Johnson looks to be a very talented supporting case for a rookie QB to have at their disposal.
  19. Quarterback - Brees? Is it time?

    And just for good measure, here's a fun fact: Between Diggs, Thielen, and Cook so far in each of their NFL career's they have a combined total of 1 season where they have eclipsed 1,000 yards. Which was Thielen this past year. Just this past season alone we had Michael Thomas, Mark Ingram, and Alvin Kamara all eclipse 1,000 yards of offense.
  20. Offseason Rumor Thread

    I agree. Mark Ingram is in the prime of his career at 28 coming off a career year. He has relatively low mileage on him due to splitting carries most of his NFL career. I could see him playing at this level for another 4 years or so. It would be silly to get rid of him with Brees being at this stage of his career, and the Saints being in a win now mode because of it.
  21. 49ers / Marquise Goodwin agree to extension

    I really hope he can stay healthy this year. I've thought since he was coming out of Texas that he could be a very good deep threat in this league. He seems to show flashes every year, but just can't shake the injury bug, and also hasn't had the best QB play for much of his career.
  22. Christian McCaffrey saves man's life

    As I've said on this board for what seems like years now, McCaffrey is the most versatile RB I've seen.
  23. I think Cleveland is sitting pretty well if they can hit on a QB this year in the draft. Obviously that seems to be easier said than done, but I do like the look of their offense with something like this: QB- Darnold RB- Barkley WR- Gordon, Coleman, Watkins TE- Njoku They also have some talented players on the OL.
  24. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    Who said yardage is the be all end all? It is however still an impressive accolade to surpass 5,000 yards that many times, and likely be in contention for all time passing yardage leader when he retires. Thankfully Brees has much more than yardage going for him. How about that combo of yards, and completion percentage. If I'm not mistaken he holds the record for completion percentage in a season, and has had several other top 5/top 10 ever seasons in completion percentage. Or how about the fact that he elevates his game even higher in the postseason compared to the regular season? In the postseason he averages 324 passing yards per game (13 games), 100.7 QB Rating in the playoffs, 1.7 interception percentage (2.5 interception percentage in his career during regular season), 5.4 touchdown percentage (5.3 touchdown percentage in his career during regular season). I firmly believe there is a much different narrative for Brees if he had just an average defense for most of his time with the Saints. There's been several articles showing how bad Brees has had it compared to other top QB's. Brees is certainly a top 10 QB all time.
  25. 2017 Rookie RB Class

    Such an excellent looking RB class, and of D'onta Foreman recovers from his achilles injury, he could also put up some good numbers going forward. I don't know why Clement is on the list or has any votes for that matter. Anyway this is Kamara for me until he shows otherwise. He was an absolute game changer for the Saints. I don't think any of the other guys on the list were quite as good as Kamara this past season, and don't expect any of them to be better going forward.