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  1. Sounds like he pled to a pretty minor offense in the grand scheme of things, so no punishment would be my guess. I've seen harsher Probation sentences on disorderly conduct charges. This is about as soft of a slap on the wrist the criminal justice system can give you on something like this. Also I'm sure Roger realizes this season has been punishment enough for us Saints fans to watch on a weekly basis lol.
  2. Trevor Siemian the 4th Quarter GOAT 🤣
  3. Yeah I'll take Taylor over Chubb at this point. Better stats Better athlete Shown to be more versatile Younger Less injury prone
  4. I still can't believe Jonathan Taylor had doubters. Guy has consistently been dominant every season he's been on a football field from college to the NFL.
  5. To be fair very few teams could be without their: #1 QB #1 RB #1 WR #1 LT #1 RT #1 LG And show any sort of sustainable success.
  6. Why not use Taysom Hill today with our OL in shambles? At least he could potentially create some time to pass/make plays with his legs.
  7. Analysis of the Saints season so far: (And injuries)
  8. Yes it did. Read the thread title and look at the output since then. He would have a mountain to climb to live up to that type of hype.
  9. No. I think Tom Brady skews most of these types of questions through the past 2 decades.
  10. Scrimmage yards per game among RB's tells a different story. 5 of the top 10 are under 220lbs.
  11. Doesn't seem to be giving it his all here as he stands doing nothing watching the Saints score on a pick 6.
  12. The Rams may wanna cover Samuel on 4th down...
  13. Yikes rough start for the Rams.
  14. Don't care who wins just need Aiyuk to have a big game.
  15. We beat ourselves the last 2 weeks more than our opponents beat us. Just so many stupid mental errors costing us at crucial times. Frustrating to watch.
  16. Love seeing Mark Ingram scoring for the Saints again!
  17. Honestly I think Payton doesn't trust Siemian to not take a sack and fumble on a hail mary with our OL in its current state
  18. Lol that roughing the passer was a joke...
  19. Saying Mac Jones has looked the best of the rookie QB's this far into the season is far from a hot take right now...
  20. Seems like their playstyle is very comparable as well. Both really rely on their athleticism to be successful.
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