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  1. Like it. Agree they probably keep 5 TE. If they keep a UDFA, which history tells us they probably will, I'd look to Uphoff, the DT Helflin, or Kemp. The rest are probably PS hopefuls.
  2. So now he’s bummed it was leaked? ******* media
  3. Gute taking the Wisco OL to win some brownie points back after this weekend
  4. Hence the self reflection and concurrent self hatred
  5. We made it so far without a mid round TE so I’m starting to wonder if Gute clocked out for happy hour
  6. No it’s not a bad thing I’m stoked with the draft. Just why would I convince myself theyre picking a second round DL or anything other than multiple OL and a first round DB. I just start to question my own sanity for relearning the same lesson every year.
  7. CB OL WR OL DL CB Such a packers draft lol. There comes a point where I’m questioning why I ever expect anything else
  8. FWIW which isn't a lot.. Count me in the camp that believes the trade up was for Aiyuk. Not that they didn't have a backup plan in Love or others... they've often talked if there was a significant drop off in talent they target that spot and move up or down accordingly... but I truly believe they were targeting BA with that pick.
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