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  1. 5.175 - Kamal Martin [LB; Minnesota]

    That’s the most I’ve seen from him. Looks like a solid fifth rounder. Did a little bit of everything there huh? Obviously, it’s a highlight tape but he looks like he has really good hands for an LB
  2. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    Make it three for Denver and Chicago
  3. Lol same. I trust the process. If everyone is gonna homer the same ‘best’ team is still gonna sthine thru rite?
  4. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    Clearly u put a ton of work into this. Helps a bunch honestly. Love the write up even if I don’t love the outcome personally lol. Super readable. Great work man
  5. Just to provide more depth to the analysis of the Milwaukee Admirals... The combination of Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, and Brad Marchand have combined for 778 points the last three seasons. If you throw John Tavares, my #4 scorer into that equation thats 1,010 points combined. That is not including defense, two of whom are in the top 15 among defensemen this season. Crosby, Kane, Marchand, and Shea Weber are my only four players on this roster over 30 years old... in fact 7 of the 14 players on this team are 26 or younger. The only one who plays in a different position than listed on this squad is Tavares (C) who has taken whatever the hockey version of 'snaps' is at Left Wing. The current position I have him listed. 3 of the 5 listed on the second team play on the same squad (Vegas) so they have familiarity. So there's my defense. Hoping more people provide a little analysis on their squads as well. Mostly so I don't look like I'm begging for a vote, but also cause I'm not the most versed on the sport. I think it would help posters like me out a lot. I know the team seems old at the top. They are longer in the tooth from some (most?) of these first lines... but they certainly don't lack talent or youth.
  6. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    For starters... Pardon my stupidity for the most part here if I forget anyone egregious or say something outlandish. Gonna try my best to stay realistic and be modest with my own team and drafting skills too. I'll probably go into more detail when we decide that it's time for us to defend our teams. I know 40 times more about hockey after this exercise than I did when we started the cornerstone rounds... which is to say I still don't know much. Don't hate me. Or do. A Colorado has the best goalie in the league, a top ten player in Barkov and perhaps the most underrated guy in the league in Huberdeau. The defense has legit scores as well. I give the edge to the Avalanche. B Caps and Penguins are both really deep on first glance. Those second lines read like first team lines for some of these teams. This one is tough. But defense and goalie give the edge to the Penguins. C Feel free to disagree but having three top 10 players on your first line and the best goalie in the division makes this a win for Milwaukee. D D is the gauntlet for sure. Each team has a young future cornerstone leading them and each are worth the vote. Toronto has the best player in the league. Tampa has the offensive edge. Chicago the defense. This one is a toss up. Gun to my head I'm taking Chicago.
  7. My teams dads are stronger than your teams dads
  8. Your football team is juiced. Excellent drafting. I'm honestly really happy with all my teams. Legitimately landed 5 of my top 20 players for MLB. I'll admit I know way less about the sport but think my NHL team takes the ship. NFL and NBA teams are deep, albeit not perfect. I'm excited to see how the voting turns out
  9. Build a City Draft Thread - NFL Rounds

    On mobile so my life sucks but Connor McGovern C if he’s still available
  10. I’d be happy with that team my guy
  11. Build a City Draft Thread - NFL Rounds

    Green Bay Selects Evan Engram, TE & Kenneth Murray, LB @Heymangold
  12. Good pickup with Jayon. Almost took him at the turn
  13. Build a City Draft Thread - NFL Rounds

  14. Build a City Draft Thread - NFL Rounds

    Packers select Bernardrick McKinney, LB and Myles Jack, LB