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  1. I got a guy inside. .......And buy guy inside I mean i subscribe to The Athletic
  2. Sounds like Samuels is having a nice camp. Obvi just guessing but it sounds like he's taking 1st and 2nd team reps
  3. Pretty solid actually. This is more manageable than I thought
  4. When did Pettine hype Jackson? Must have missed something
  5. Would have really enjoyed if both 'in the hunt' teams weren't a game behind in the NFC north
  6. Someone just posted the FA RB's for next offseason. That market is going to be so over-saturated... Not going to provide a crutch for Green Bay's FO (lord knows I'm not on board spending a 2nd on a RB and resigning one in the same year) BUT if we can get Jones or Williams back cheap I'm less opposed than I was. 2 RBs for a 17 game season is a necessity.
  7. U sure u want to be back and forth with all the trade block madden stuff or is it a trade block on here? down for trades. Coming after my boy @Blue
  8. Yeah but you’re given 5 (8?) opportunities to sign free agents. A lot of us don’t have that
  9. Thinking bout Anthony Harris. I overdrafted safeties and madden is already pushing the guys behind
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