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  1. I get what you are saying- that being said, the majority of the time last season what we saw from Mike Mitchell is that he can not chase down from 15 yards and I do think it's fair to agree that it's probably a bad idea to have our free safety chase down ball carriers 15 yards down because it means the front 7 already failed. It would be nice to have a Ryan Clark, we were fortunate- the point here though isn't the tackling game really. At least from what I'm seeing, it's the ball-hawking ability, Mitchell absolutely can't find the ball and in the deep, if we can't get somebody who can do it all, at least we can do is get somebody who we can trust playing the centerfielder and I see that in Jessie Bates. If we get him, it's because he can take away the deep ball that we have been struggling against. Just pray that we can do more with Evans (who I finally have warmed up to) and other players with the tackling. Also, the quarterback pressure.
  2. Group Consensus Mock 2018

    Ronald Jones and Guice. Just want to see people react.
  3. This year's draft class may not be the best, but I think we will love this one the most. I've been looking around and looking at the prospects- I have absolutely no clue who we will grab and that's what makes this exciting. We have players in place, we signed Burnett and Bostic, both who frankly are the best stop-gap players we could have got. We have the luxury of going purely BPA in the draft. That's why I think the Steelers are entertaining the trades; not because they want to trade Bell because the draft will be dictating the situation. We should be glad about this, for the sake of our team, we would be getting the best players available regardless. The Steelers are going to target everybody else; whether that's Derrick Guice, Lamar Jackson, Goebert, Ronald Jones, or other players. BPA! The way I see it; if we could get some certain players like say, Justin Reid, then I can see us going for the Texans trade. If we got Guice or Jones; Redskins trade looks good. We aren't in a win-lose situation, once Bell signs the tender we have the entire control over the situation and we can decide whether to trade him or not, again- the draft will decide Bell's fate. As the fan, you should be happy we are in this situation, unlike the Redskins-Cousin situation. Nobody wants to trade for 29 years old above average quarterback. That's just my 2 cents, I'm just waiting on who's the BPA on the board.
  4. I wanted to say Preston Smith but they will need the ability to sign Bell to a long term contract, I'd say Ryan Kerrigan. By trading Kerrigan they can sign Bell and we shave our cap room by 2 millions.
  5. 3/22 Where is Tombert?

    We may have to trade up to grab Justin Reid. I think our pick itself will be rather surprise. This is a really strong quarterback class; but only three likely will draft one in first round. Expect more quarterbacks to drop.
  6. Even if it's for Ballage? He's a running back who plays in the slot as well. Heck, he returns the kick too. I'll have him in 3rd.
  7. Another way to look at this. We have tagged Le'Veon Bell; he hasn't signed the tag. We are buying more time for ourselves to look into options. This means looking at the running backs regardless. If they truly feel like they can get somebody within a value, whether that's in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, the Steelers will have the next two options. Trade away Le'Veon Bell or let him walk, albeit Josh Norman situation. Trading away Bell for a pick may do us good in future, but not present. Letting Bell walk means; we now may have the luxury of absorbing a contract or sign somebody off the waiver wire. We got Joe Haden that way, I can imagine a team would let somebody really good walk too, this just also we have more time to add players than trading Bell away as far I'm concerned, may not happen until July. Again, Bell has to agree to sign the tag for the trade to happen, as far I'm concerned if he doesn't like where he's going he will hold out. I'd like to trade him to Buccaneers for their 2019 1st round. Realistically, we are more likely to let him walk than trading him.
  8. Since we signed Bostic and Burnett, I am ecstatic about the signings. No, they aren't the elite players I would love to have, but they are the great stop-gap players we can get at the price. That being said, I am getting more comfortable with knowing what the Steelers will do during the upcoming draft. No, I don't have the "guy" who is in the war room, but I think based on the past 5 years, the suggestions, SPARQ score, BPA meeting position of needs, other teams' need, and more. I'm not going to list other teams' picks because it will only raise more questions. I will focus on the first 3 picks; not the whole picks. None of us really pay attention to the last few picks anyway. So, While we signed Bostic and Burnett, we still have the positions of need and we still need some certain skill set for our team. Here it goes. 1st round Expectation: Free Safety We signed Morgan Burnett who is an incredible stop-gap signing, that being said he's still a stop-gap and he's a strictly strong safety. He does have experience playing at slot, so I do expect him to play there and people expect Sean Davis to move to the free safety position. I disagree; I expect him to take over as the Joker role (he will be one of the three safeties) and play as a functional safety/linebacker. We still have a dire need at the centerfield position, somebody to trust as the last link of the defense. Not just, preferably somebody who absolutely can play as a cornerback or produce interceptions, albeit somebody with mad hops. Since we targeted the players in first 2 rounds, at least the prospects scored 110 or higher past 5 years, at least that's the main trend. For the reference; lowest SPARQ score we drafted was Artie Burns at 110.1. Now, look at this SPARQ score for this year safeties: https://3sigmaathlete.com/rankings/safety/ Who we would want: Justin Reid, FS, Stanford. 6'1" 207 lbs. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2018/profiles/justin-reid?id=2560198 Justin is easily the better prospect than his brother Eric was and definitely can see a day 1 playing time, he should be at least a co-starter. He does it all, in a matter of fact he's comparable to Sean Davis but Reid is a better tackler. Having Reid will make our coverage formidable, something we haven't seen since the Lebeau days. Who we probably will get: Jessie Bates, FS, Wake Forest. 6'1" 201 lbs. http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/jessie-bates?id=2560130 Justin Reid is a fantastic player to get, that being said I don't think he will fall to us anymore. His stock is rising, he's versatile, he's insanely athletic and more. I think we should forget somebody like him, focus on the next best free safety prospect available- Jessie Bates. There are sources that linked Bates to be a 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th round prospect. Got to say I disagree. More teams overdraft positionless defensive playmakers and we have seen those picks bite them in the butt. Argumentative we reached for Bates, but we are picking at right value at where we picking for somebody with his skillset. Jessie Bates is easily one of the best free safety prospects past 5 years and he will be available. For the certain skillset, if you want it badly you should get it and I expect the Steelers to do this. A player like Bates allows our cornerbacks to play more press coverage and upfront. Oh yeah, there's a bonus- Bates return the kicks! He's actually really good at this, his agility is off the chart. 2nd round Expectation: Outside Linebacker We signed Bostic, just because we signed him doesn't automatically make him expendable but I don't see us going after a pure inside linebacker. There aren't many good linebackers after our pick or in the draft after Smith, Edmunds, and Evans. We are likely to draft an "off-the-snap" linebacker, somebody who could be a combo linebacker with experience with blitzing or pass-rushing. Preferably good in coverage. We haven't picked up Dupree's 5th-year option, I'm unsure the Steelers will either and this isn't because Dupree underperformed, I think the Shazier's situation has a lot to do with this. Dupree is actually decent, his skill set may be used better for different usage. So, with what I see, we are likely to target somebody with a complementary skill set to what we have OR we will draft somebody raw and develop him. SPARQ also should matter, while we like to target somebody who is young or NFL-ready, albeit Stephen Tuitt-like pick. Here it goes. Who we would want: Malik Jefferson, Linebacker, Texas. 6'3" 236 lbs. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2018/profiles/malik-jefferson?id=2560171 By drafting Malik Jefferson, we get somebody who is young, athletic, and raw, we can develop him for multiple linebacker roles. Malik probably will play as a combo OLB/ILB role, shifting inside as Buck. That being said... Who we will get: Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, OLB, Oklahoma. 6'1" 241 lbs. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2018/profiles/ogbonnia-okoronkwo?id=2559945 I truly believe the Steelers is a huge fan of him. He's a technician, fundamentally tackler, and one of the best pass rushers. While I expect many to want those athletic and young linebacker prospects, I don't think that's the direction Steelers will go. We missed out on some good prospects throughout years because we didn't go after technicians. I expect us to do that this year, Ogbonnia already have the moves and would match-up very well against the right tackle in this league. Problem? His size (We have heard of this before, James Harrison- anyone?) and he's really raw in dropping back. I expect him to split time with Dupree/Williams/Bostic. Yes, I am implying we will see more rotations at the linebacker positions. We ought to have Dupree on the field during passing downs and Ogbonnia during the running downs. He's a fantastic run stopper. 3rd round expectation: Running Back I know... I know, why a running back? We have to... We aren't going to keep Bell for a long-term if anything- I wouldn't be surprised to see the Steelers pulling Norman situation. I love Bell, but we can do more if we can assure our position through the draft, trade, and free agency. The Steelers are likely to holding on to Bell until they are certain they can at least get a good running back. I want Bell- I just don't see how. This is a pretty deep running back class, I expect good RBs to be gone by the beginning of a 4th round. We have to jump otherwise we are forced to make rash decisions next year and I don't expect the Steelers to make this mistake. This is just a cautionary tale. Who we want: Bo Scarbrough, RB, Alabama. 6'1" 232 lbs. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2018/profiles/bo-scarbrough?id=2559845 By drafting Bo, we have formidable backfield for when we face the inevitable situation next year. I know many fans would be relieved to have Bo backing up Bell this year as well. Thing is... Bo is a strictly running back with no value as a pass-catcher nor a good 3rd down blocking RB. Which is why... Who we will get: Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State. 6'1" 227 lbs. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2018/profiles/kalen-ballage?id=2559995 People probably go ugh with this pick. Not me, he's a perfect 1-2 punch with Connor. At the Arizona State, they split up the carries between Ballage and Demario Richard and the reason is lost beyond me. The implication is that the Arizona State didn't have a good offensive line and they felt more comfortable letting Richard running through the holes than Ballage and even the coaches wanted to get Ballage involved, the situation is just bizarre so, I'm not going to pay attention to the statistic. Read the quote below: Ballage split carries with Demario Richard last season (126 to 155 carries), but beat writer Doug Haller notes it is clear the team wants to get Ballage more involved. "Both those guys have great hands, but one of the things with Kalen, he is really a dynamic receiver," Graham said. "He can really do some things out of the backfield and really even as a slot receiver." Ballage could be the breakout performer in all of college football. Ballage also has a background as an edge rusher. So... I'm seeing that the Steelers will get Ballage for the things he already excels at, we can develop him as a runner with Connor, he will be fine. Oh yeah, btw he posted much-improved pro day numbers that make him seemingly athletic freakish, close to Barkley-like numbers. That's all, yup!
  9. I'm loving this signing every minute. While it is true, Burnett is a safety- I am pretty sure he will be our functional Buck. He's an S/LB hybrid player. Bostic and Burnett, both signings are geared toward stopping the run and Burnett himself is actually a good centerfielder as well. This tells me the ILB position WON'T be a priority (Thank god) and we probably will draft an OLB, putting Dupree in the dirt. While it looks like a free safety position won't be a need- I disagree, I think they are going to be heavy on Justin Reid and Jesse Bates for reasons. Sean Davis will be our safety, a joker role and we still need somebody out in the back. The way I see it; the majority of our dime packages would look like this: Tuitt -Hargraves - Heyward Burnett- Watt Haden - Sutton - Davis - rookie safety - Hilton - Burn. On the running downs it would be: Dupree - Tuitt - Hargraves - Heyward rookie OLB - Burnett - Bostic - Watt Haden - Davis - Burn Don't think of a traditional base; think of the multi-faceted packages. We have built our team to beat the Patriots; we literally forgot about the Jaguars. Can't let that happen again. Can you find somebody in the draft who essentially can become that Buck for us? I can't think of one that will be available to us (Unless we trade up) having an OLB makes more sense because we want the guy to blitz and drop back more. I do still see a free safety as a high priority, especially for the red-zone. I am creating a mock draft based on this, but I believe we will go defensive first three rounds.
  10. Let's talk WRs...

    call this a hunch but... I am pretty sure the Steelers are looking at the receivers who can be a beast on the special team. Looking at the receivers with certain profile suggests that. I don't think we will see a receiver in first 3 rounds at all, but for later rounds yes. They need to find somebody who can replace Heyward-Bey. James Washington and J'Mon Moore could be that guy. We are more likely to see a running back before receiver this year.
  11. If it's not a LB...

    This isn't a good draft class. In other years, the mentioned safeties would have been second rounders. This year, they are. At least it won't be somebody similar to Jarvis Jones. Because, it could be this bad.
  12. If it's not a LB...

    Fair enough. Again, like I said, Harrison will go before our pick. I think he's our currently William Jackson III kind of expectation.
  13. If it's not a LB...

    All the players aside from Dareus you mentioned hasn't been an x-factor on their teams. I'm not talking about talent-wise. I'm thinking from the perception of being an impact player. Foster- the jury is still out on him. Harrison, do you see an impact player? I don't. Elliott and Bates, I can see it.
  14. Peezy Mock 2.0 Post Combine

    I think the Steelers can wait until 7th to get Frazier. 6th at earliest. I'm pretty sure the Steelers is content with Hargraves as their nose tackle. Good mock though
  15. If it's not a LB...

    LOL! I do like Deshon Elliott as our strong safety, I think having Sean Davis' intelligence and versatility helps us choose the best safety prospect available. It's not whether they are graded in the 2nd round or not; CAN we get this player in the 2nd round and are we sure? Can we afford to try to trade up in this year draft? We don't even have a 4th, I think if anything, we could trade out of 1st only if three prospects I mentioned are available. Ronnie Harrison... Just seem like drafting him would be the unlikely character of the Steelers to do that. I can see that they avoid the players who are playing on the loaded side of the ball because it's much harder to diagnosis the player's strengths and weaknesses. Highlights will always look good- but how can this player perform when they are losing? When has the defense lapsed? Not just, many Bama players underperformed when playing for NFL, only Donta Hightower performed well and exceeding. Honestly, I'm just happy to see us doing something about the safety position, I like Bates as much I do with Elliott, while I do like Reid- I don't get that feeling he can be a leader and he's just too similar to Sean Davis.