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  1. Just hypothetically speaking; because I think we should entertain the idea. We are targeting Mack Wilson instead in 1st, not Bush? Not saying Wilson is better than Bush or anything, but I'm seeing some posters seem to think Bush and White will go in top 11. If we ever face this scenario, what would you guys like to? I do feel like we would have to reach for Mack or trade back a bit. The dropoff after Mack is steep and a dire need. Hoping we'll trade up big time! Thoughts?
  2. I don't mind Dupree moving inside IF we are playing more 4-2-5, can mask his and Vince Williams weaknesses but we are loading up so much we can afford trading up in the draft. It'd be weird to waste the 10 picks.
  3. Looking at the cap; it's quite possible to sign Justin Houston AND Tre Boston; would have to let Morgan Burnett go and trade Dupree though
  4. I do think we are going to be better. The better defense gets; more offense has control over the time of possession. I see a lot of issues where we would slow down and play it safe, apparently by leading the time of possession too many times because we don't trust our defense enough. Doing this means we can actually have more bomb plays and mix it up rather than being conservative.
  5. I wonder if we could make a trade with Cardinals, Bud Dupree for Hassan Reddick...
  6. Definitely can see Houston signing happen. If moves; I think I expect it to be Big Ben's contract extension and trade away Dupree. The thing about the whole thing; we actually can afford the luxury to backload the contracts. We may finally see the defense we have been desiring to see. Holy cow. The thought of Watt/Houston with one of the top ILB in draft playing in a 4-2-5 scheme is even more exciting. I also suspect they are hanging on Burnett until we have replaced him as a dime linebacker. Yes, I think we may go ILB/S twice in top 4 picks or sign Tre Boston.
  7. dang, it looks like Darby is heading to 49ers. I think it may be hard for us to sign a good free agent this year with all the drama. I mean, who wants to head for a team that qualifies for the Hard Knocks.
  8. Honestly, J. Peppers had similar concerns and he was perceived as "position-less". Having a FA signed LB sounds intriguing but we need a veteran CB and pass rusher more than we do at ILB, in a theory when you draft, you draft a player to upgrade and/or improve your certain situations. So, let's look at what Bush has to offer; his tackling is really GOOD. He does read really well, way ahead than where Shazier and Timmons both would be as a prospect. Sure, he's not an ideal ILB we have for the front 7- that's why we have Vince Williams. Will any of those FA LBs truly solve our problems? Not really, and within affordability. The things I think I'd like to talk about is his lack of playmaking stats. While ideally, you WANT a linebacker that can PRODUCE turnovers, I saw two full games of Bush, both mediocre tapes BUT what I'd like to refer Bush as- the hockey assist. He seems to be the guy who is always around when a turnover is caused, so his talent isn't questionable, his size is. He'll struggle against bigger tight ends, but isn't that why we got Edmunds? Bottom line I got to look at our roster and ask if this player can compliment those players really well; Vince Williams? Check. Terrell Edmunds? Check. sideline to sideline? Check. Playing behind our front 3 ought to do him a lot of favors too.
  9. Oakland reportedly offered a 2nd and 4th, still wasn't good enough, so there's that.
  10. For the #9 and Edmunds HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  11. Heard we potentially swap first rounds with the Raiders. Raiders got a cold foot on this one for good reasons but possibly goes with it. Steelers receive: #4 overall pick and 2nd round, #35 pick Raiders receive: #20 overall pick and Antonio Brown. Possibly including Bud Dupree in the package as well.
  12. Jeff Reed. Ain't nobody can beat up a paper towel dispenser better than him.
  13. Then pick Fant. Just wait, you guys will see. I'm actually going somewhere with the polls.
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