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  1. jags 5up 5down

    I'm not defending the performance of Steelers today, but the Jaguars have the exact personnel and scheme to prevent the Steelers from the offense they could. The Jaguars are one of few teams that would completely halt the Steelers- yet we won. The Jaguars actually reminded me of the early 2000's Memphis Grizzlies. Playing old-school, forcing the opponents to slow down. The point is we WON because of our defense which was to be thought as the weakness of the team, I'm seeing more and more of schemes and personnel unfolded under Keith Butler, am under the impression now that he was coaching restricted mainly due to the lack of personnel. It's crazy how much of players could affect the coaching aspect, huh?
  2. Hargrave

    Regarding his position or not; Hargrave most certain should be getting more snaps regardless. He's one of those rare nose tackle who is really excellent at pass rushing, if anything- I'd try to convey our scheme around the defensive linemen we have, especially Hargrave. It just means instead of having a pass rusher at OLB (Dupree) who were asked to drop back A LOT, we could get a Cover 2 off-the-ball linebacker of a safety (Morgan Burnett came to the mind for this season). We could have more production out of this plan because we are consistently allowing our players to get opportunities without losing the functioning of a scheme. Hargrave is probably one of the best pass-rushing defensive tackle I have seen, he just has the knack for being in the backfield, arguably better than Heyward and Tuitt.
  3. Have you seen the draft class or free agency class? Aside from Tre Boston who may or may not be a much of upgrade, would we be able to upgrade Sean Davis? The ball-hawking free safety pool is shrinking rapidly, it's becoming harder and harder to find that talent- WHO can tackle. If you have a choice, would you keep Sean Davis who is decent at everything or get somebody who is a specialty at something?
  4. I'm going to respond to Sean Davis and Bud Dupree both first. 1). Sean Davis definitely deserves a contract extension, it's not that he's playing well lately, he's been consistent whole season, more than we could say about Mike Mitchell and he's having a quiet season and for a defensive back to have the "quiet season" is a new standard now and that's a good thing. I'd definitely sign Sean Davis to an extension at 4 years, 22 million; 13 million guaranteed. That's about 5.5 million yearly. 27 million at max. While I do think Sean Davis is upgradeable, he's farther from the problem and we have bigger glaring needs everywhere else. Best to keep him and see how Edmunds progress, then we will go from there, makes no sense to pull the plug on those youngsters. 2). Bud Dupree; eh, not much a guy like Dupree can do within our scheme. Dupree would have probably played better under LeBeau's scheme as Butler require our linebackers to drop back much more. Unless we are sure we could upgrade Dupree and it's easier said than done especially via the free agency and draft, after all, the pass rushers who can drop back well is a premium luxury. If you look into the free agency for 2019, you can find a lot of better pass rushers, but none who can drop back, honestly Dupree probably has the edge in this department, we still have Olasunkanmi Adeniyi who looks like a classic pass rusher, it would make sense to resign Dupree and draft a classic pass rusher again to go with Adeniyi. I'd offer Dupree 3 years, 17 million with 9 million guaranteed. That's 5.67 annually and for those who think that's a lot- look at the money guaranteed, after second year he could be let go easily. Now, about Vince Williams- statistically he's a mediocre player but people forgot that he's the heart of defense too. He's a leader with fire, what we have so far is working, it's not broken. Vince, Fort, and Bostic look like they could be good co-starters, depends on the down and situation. I would target a free agent cornerback, that's the priority. Right now I have top 5 cornerbacks I would like to sign, here it is: Kareem Jackson, Texans. PFF ranking @ 90.1 Morris Claiborne, Jets. PFF ranking @ 72,1 Pierre Desir, Colts. PFF ranking @ 76.4 Kayvon Webster, Texans. PFF ranking @ 90.4 (Darkhorse) Bryce Callahan, Bears. PFF ranking @ 88.2 Then I'd target a backup free safety in FA. One name came to the mind: Tre Boston, Cardinals. Poor dude hasn't got the payday, been consistently good. The rests are just minimum signings and stock up via the draft. That's all I got off top of my head, will dig into this later on.
  5. Draft Prospects 2019

    Long time, no post from here, but here are my few thoughts: 1). Kevin Butler's scheme isn't working. What made other defenses so good; they had athletes complimenting the high IQ defensive players who are practically a... strictly schematic fit, albeit Aaron Smith, James Farrior, Ryan Clark, etc. Those players aren't that athletic but they are fundamentally sound. We have too many athletes. Cameron Heyward/Tj Watt is arguably our only best schematic fits on the defense and they are outperforming your athletes, what does that say? I don't think Butler has a future as our defensive coordinator. That being said... 2). Rules changed. It's becoming harder and harder for a defense to stay elite for a long time. The defense now is mostly a "stop-gap" phase in the game, it almost has the same functioning as the special team and the NFL management has a lot to answer for. I mean, for crying aloud; the "elite defense" of Jaguars last year was scored on for 42 points, Seahawks had teams scoring thirty points on them in 2014, and the list goes on. If there's one successful defense in the NFL that has a really good model that could thrive for years long- it's the Patriots. They compliment their roster with veterans, they don't really draft well. Perhaps we need to do that, signing high-caliber players for 1-2 years and find somebody else next. It works well for them. 3). We have NO playmaker that made the Steelers defense what it was; Troy Polamalu is what made LeBeau's defense. In the 90's it was Rod Woodson. We had Shazier who may have came close to it, but no cigar- and that he got hurt, we are scrambling to find the guy. It's really hard to find that player; regardless of where you pick at, especially with the rules changing which translating to possibly more injuries due to the lack of techniques (less padding practices) and physicality (when you hold back while tackling somebody, you are likely to hurt yourself). 4). While yes, a draft is a crapshoot because we have more and more role players rather than a full-time player in different positions except for the offense. Our defense is too new to evaluate at this point, Sean Davis is quietly having a decent year at free safety as he is an intelligent player we need. Terrell Edmunds may be the playmaker at safety position although it is too soon to tell, drafting cornerbacks always had been a struggle- which is why I would much rather draft certain role than trying to find somebody a full-time. You draft cornerbacks that specialize in either man on man, zone (arguably this is a Nickleback role), or press. Then switch them up depends on the scheme and match-up, the reality is this is our future. Jon Bostic and Vince Williams both are almost interchangeable as they are intelligent players, so the only remaining that's missing is a playmaker at inside linebacker. Depends on how we feel about M. Thomas- I'd say look for somebody within this position, perhaps Devin Bush or draft a top 3 cornerbacks at PRESS coverage, not a man on man coverage. 5). More of a correspondence to my #4- I know people said Artie Burns need to go- but is it really his fault? He's a man on man cornerback where we switched up to more press/zone coverage because of Joe Haden. In a sense- Butler is at the fault, what will happen when Haden does retire or walk away? Do we go back to the man on man/zone? Or do we continue doing a combination of press/zone with other player replacing Haden? We need to decide this soon because Burns is going to be a waste- not at the fault of his but our own. Which bring me to my top 3 prospects for the draft... I know too early, but I got a feeler here. 1). Amani Oruwariye, CB, Penn State. 6'1" 203 lbs. Ideal Press/zone cornerback could replace Haden. 2). Devin Bush, ILB, Michigan. 5'11" 232 lbs. Despite his size, they couldn't stop him. Unlike Shamarko, he has displayed the intelligent playmaking ability. He can make plays and when he can't, he takes himself out by doing else. I like that, allowing the other defensive players to make plays. 3). Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S, Florida. 6'0" 207 lbs. It's going to be really difficult finding that athletic linebacker we want- it may be easier to play Edmunds at an LB/S role than looking for one, which allows us to employ three safeties at once. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson whom I really like as our strong safety. Very instinctive and athletic. I do really like Devin White, but like other inside linebackers within his predigee it's almost impossible for us to get that guy unless we trade up, which I don't think the Steelers will ever do. I do hope they do though.
  6. Bell contract 2018

    With the restructured contract of Heyward (which was odd) do you think the Steelers are targeting Earl Thomas or a linebacker from the Texans? We know both teams COULD use Bell and just let him be their problem. Even if it's just rental for them, they may pull the trigger.
  7. Jon Bostic

    I understand, personally, I'm not comfortable with Matakevich and Williams, even with Bostic as our inside linebackers, but can you really say we would be able to find a true upgradeable inside linebacker via trade, free agency, or recently draft? We did miss out on Evans. Instead, we addressed the safety position and got a safety who can mimic what Shazier did for us. So, either our FO is a group of staffing who doesn't know what to do or Butler had a plan and will employ our inside linebacker in a zone/cage situation (as much I like Watt, they misused him). I would like to see Watt and Dupree constantly attack the backfield, both have the athleticism for it. Let them. Let them spill, the cage/spill concept can change how we use our linebackers and we have been using our outside linebackers to the cage concept. I can't find the article via Steelersdepot but Alex Koroza did a good job explaining what those were. Basically, we had Harrison and Woodley cage in and keep the running game to run inside instead of outside. We need to spill, let them attack the run in the backfield like how the Eagles or some wide-nine scheme would.
  8. Jon Bostic

    Did you just contradict yourself, Armsteeld2? Matakevich may not be fast as we would like, but he's not that slow. What Tyler has to offer is the intelligence in phases where he's a communicator and he not only can position players in right spots to make the players but so he would be the last man of the frontier when a ball-carrier gets out. Tyler and Vince Williams both are DIFFERENT kinds of player. Referring to your second comment on Williams; exactly, when the schemed to get open. When we lost Shazier, his value as pass rusher went down because teams didn't have to worry about Shazier anymore. On this defense without a playmaker like Shazier, do you truly think Vince Williams still has the same value? I love Williams, this isn't about whether I like him or not. It's always about what the best 11-men can provide on the defense, simultaneously based on the chemistry and communication. Bostic and Tyler both compliment each other better than Vince with any other inside linebackers. However... I could see Vince Williams being paired up with either Burnett or Edmunds. It's a moot to argue about the starting lineup as we will see a lot of rotations between ILBs and SS anyway.
  9. Jon Bostic

    One of the slowest who also is our best tackler versus... Somebody athletic who is unreliable in tackling. Take your poison.
  10. Jon Bostic

    Essentially we have three solid linebackers with different skillsets. Vince Williams- Thumper who can pass-rush really well. Tyler Matakevich- Intelligent, best tackler, and cerebral Mike who can also help with communication Jon Bostic- best all-around inside linebacker we got. Problem? Neither of them can really compliment each other well. The best pair, my opinion right now is Tyler and Jon. We have Watts and Dupree and other defensive linemen to do the pass rushing, let them do their jobs. Vince Williams is really good at what he is at; that being said, he can be very expendable solely based on the scheme, just like how Kendricks was from the Eagles. We all can agree easily; we DO want to upgrade the inside linebacker, but I don't see that as an option unless we trade for an all-star (pro bowler) inside linebacker and who's available? Are we even willing to lose somebody for that player? Would it suddenly improve our defense? We boosted our safety position with the draft and free agency, which likely will see more playing time. Point being... You want a player like Bostic sees more playing time, not the other two. Here's why: Running downs- You still need somebody big and athletic enough to play versatile concepts of spill and cage. Can't just rotate a linebacker in and out for certain situations, you need the consistency. Passing downs- You want somebody who you can mask in the coverage and be asked to do a variety of things. Bostics can do many things, maybe just decent or good at few things but he can do it, not great- we got to tame our expectation. Communication- It was problematic, we got Bostic in for this purpose and if Bostic can make the call he usually would position himself better and that's something we need NOW. Position value- we got him for dirt cheap. It wasn't his fault he played on a bunch of worst defenses in past few years and when he played for the Patriots (as some would point out he didn't get any playing time and was traded for basically free) he was playing behind this group: Hightower, Collins, Mayo, and McCellin. https://www.patspulpit.com/2016/5/10/11648098/heres-why-the-patriots-gave-lb-jon-bostic-away-to-the-lions-pretty Usually, I don't like giving players "benefit of the doubt" when they bounce from team to team, however, with further researching, Bostic seems to be a guy with really bad luck. His transaction history: 1). Chicago Bears drafted him in 2013, 2nd round. Jon Bostic led in tackles, got hurt. The Bears praised him for being a good linebacker, however, with a change of scheme they decided to trade him. 2). Patriots traded for Jon Bostic Bostic got buried on the depth chart. Bill Belichick praised him for his versatility, traded him anyway. 3). Lions receive Jon Bostic in a trade Bostic got hurt in the Lions-Steelers scrimmage game, got IR'd, became an unrestricted free agent. Lions drafted Jarrad Davis, decided to let Bostic walk. 4). Indianipolis Colts signed him as a free agent Bostic led in tackles, got hurt by end of the season. Ballard and the Colts FO praised Bostic, let him walk anyway and draft Darius Leonard. 5). Jon Bostic signs with the Steelers. As you can see, we shouldn't be arguing about the talents of Bostic. We should be only alarmed by his injury history.
  11. LB trade?

    Agree- that being said, even with the fact I do like what Vince Williams has to offer, he's been the one who does the pass-rushing and the team asked Dupree to drop in the coverage. I think that's becoming an issue, as for the coverage-wise you should have Vince Williams to continues pass-rushing and do nothing else then leaving a player like Dupree not reaching his potentials or you can have Bostic in there (he's much better in coverage than Vince Williams and we all know it) and Dupree will see his value increase as he can produce. It's an issue of Butler trying to be more versatile and Vince Williams doesn't fit in the picture. Kendricks is actually a good buck LB (however, he is technically an athletic version of Vince Williams). I'm just toying with the idea, being a devil's advocate. We couldn't upgrade the LB position way we wanted to with Evans. Vince Williams and Dirty Red both are a different kind of players. Matakevich is a much better tackler and he's more cerebral for the Mike position. Vince Williams could pass rush because he had Shazier and when we lost Shazier, Vince Williams' pass rushing value went down as the quarterback can release the ball sooner. I do agree that Dirty Red is a decent depth and that's it, but so is Vince Williams. Yet we are debating who's starting and this shows you how bad the starting position is. I'm just hoping we do make a trade for a real linebacker. Not Kendricks. First, we gotta trade away a depth LB though.
  12. LB trade?

    Nobody wants Vince Williams to be traded? Interesting.
  13. Who plays MLB this year

    I am pretty sure it has more to do with seeing what Tyler Matakevich can do than it does with Jon Bostic. We all already knew what kind of players both are, but not much with Tyler. Also, maybe it's how we will play our scheme now? Perhaps differently? For example, the next closest guy to replace what Shazier can do is TJ Watt and Dupree is there athletically, they may ask our OLBs to do more of the "spill" and play as chase LBs (They are capable of it) and leaving our two LBs in the zone as we will have a Nickel safety coming in and replace one of the linebackers for the passing downs anyway. It's going to be an interesting camp.
  14. Jon Bostic

    Exactly which is why I was actually surprised to see Red getting the first-team reps at a different position. Something's up.
  15. LB trade?

    When seeing this, you probably are thinking I'm talking about the recently released Kendricks, but I'm not. I think there is a bigger story than the release of Kendricks- here it is: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000933795/article/eagles-lb-paul-worrilow-suffers-torn-acl-during-otas Worrilow is signed as a depth player for the Lions, was considered as a part-time starter (rotational LB) and he was going to see some legit playing time at the outside linebacker position (until he tore his ACL. Yes, AFTER the fact the Eagles released Mychal Kendricks (which baffles me even more) so what if we trade one of our LB to the Eagles? Here's what I'm proposing: Eagles receive: Vince Williams Steelers receive: 5th round pick Why the Steelers and Eagles may go for it: Steelers now wants Kendricks as their MACK LB and with Bostic being a versatile LB, Bostic could be moved to the Buck role as he will compete with Matakevich for the role. Having Kendricks would bring back the original blueprint that Keith Butler wanted with his defense. The Eagles currently have nobody to play the strongside (SAM) for them, at least not anybody good. Vince Williams would fit in that role really well as he has the physicality to bring in, I expect them to rotate Williams in and out with a nickel CB. Why the Steelers and Eagles may not go for it: Making this trade means too much of turnover for our inside linebacker position, they would lose a really good pass-rushing inside linebacker and Kendricks may be asking for too much. The Eagles would instead, go look into the free agency and possibly sign some of the aged linebackers like Lawrence Timmons. If you were the GM, do you pick up the phone? What other prospects would you trade Vince Williams for?