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  1. New MMA Thread | Khabib runs from the Boogeyman

    2-1 Romero
  2. The Official XFL Thread!

    Bears might want to sign that kicker.
  3. Becton at #2?

    Tristan words has better tape and better combine at this point.
  4. Vikings - adam thielen Lions - mathew Stafford Bears - old school pick but thomas jones
  5. Random Packer News & Notes

    Packers wont just patch it with rookie ot but rather with veldheer and a rookie. I'd be ok with this.
  6. 2020 NFL Combine Thread

    How much does the combine help donavon peoples jones?
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I'm really intrigued by donavon people-Jones right now. Any chance he would still be there by the 2nd round pick after those numbers.
  8. 2020 NFL Combine Thread

    Hand size is non factor as how players grip the football has changed. In the 90 early 00's it was always coached to grip the 2nd and 5 lace making a player need bigger hands to grip the thicker part of the ball. Brady changed this as he grips the 1 and 3. They grip more of the back of the ball which has a small area and gives them the ability to get a tighter grip on the ball while having small hands.
  9. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    I tend to agree with not adding a week 17 and another playoff game. It would mess with historic records and short careers with bigger chance at injuries.
  10. Pre-Combine Mock Offseason

    2020 Cap Space: 23.7 Million Cuts: Jimmy Graham (TE) ~ +8.0 million Lane Taylor (OG) ~ +4.6 million New Cap Space: 36.3 million Re-Signings: Mason Crosby (K) ~ 3yr - 12.9 million (1st year - 6.0 million) Jared Veldheer (OT) ~ 1yr - 3.0 million Tramon Williams (CB) ~ 1yr - 2.5 million Tyler Ervin (RB) ~ 1 yr - 1.0 million Tyler Lancaster (NT) ~ 1yr - 0.75 million Allen Lazard (WR) ~ 1yr - 0.75 million Jake Kumerow (WR) ~ 1yr - 0.75 million Robert Tonyan (TE) ~ 1yr - 0.75 million Chandon Sullivan (S) ~ 1yr - 0.75 million Will Redmon (CB) ~ 1yr - 0.75 million Cap Space after Resignings: 19.3 million Free Agents: Quinton Jefferson (DE) ~ 4yr - 20.6 million (1st year - 5.1 million) Tajae Sharpe (WR) ~ 3yr - 10.0 million (1st year - 3.5 million) Nigel Bradham (ILB) ~ 2yr - 6.5 million (1st year - 2.5 million) Mike Pennel (NT) ~ 1yr - 1.0 million New Cap Space: 7.2 million Draft Cap: 3.0 million Rollover: 4.2 million 2020 Draft Picks: 1st Round (Pick 30) Austin Jackson (OT) ~ USC 2nd Round (Pick 62) Akeem Davis-Gaithers (ILB) ~ Appalachian State 3rd Round (Pick 94) Donavan Peoples-Jones (WR) ~ Michigan 4th Round (Pick 126) Jacob Phillips (ILB) ~ LSU 5th Round (Pick 158) Cheyenne O'Grady (TE) ~ Arkansas 6th Round (Pick 173) Jordan Fuller (S) ~ Ohio State 6th Round (Pick 190) Khalil Tate (QB) ~ Arizona 7th Round (Pick 202) Salvon Ahmed (RB) ~ Washington 7th Round (Pick 220) Dallas Warmack (OG) ~ Oregon Depth Cart: QB: Rodgers/Boyle/Tate HB: Jones/Williams/Ervin/Williams/Ahmed FB: Vitale WR: Adams/Sharpe/Lazard/EQ/People-Jones/MVS/Kumerow TE: Sternberger/Toynan/O'Grady OT: Bakhtiari/Veldheer/Jackson/Light/Nijman OG: Jenkins/Turner/Patrick/Warmack OC: Linsley/Madison DE: Jefferson/Lowery/Lancaster/Keke/Pennel NT: Clark/Adams OLB: Z.Smith/P.Smith/Gary/William/Ramsey ILB: Burks/Bradham/Davis-Gaithers/Phillips/Summers CB: Alexander/King/Williams/Sullivan/Jackson/Hollman S: Amos/Savage/Redmon/Fuller/Greene k: Crosby P: Scott LS: Bradley
  11. Week 17 GDT: Packers @ Detroit Lions

    Well good punt I guess.
  12. Should Mike Alstott be a HOF?

    William Henderson deserves a mention for all time great fbs. The standards should be very high for admittance into the hall. There are a few FB's in the league on the level with Lorenzo Neal. Green Bay's William Henderson Has blocked for a 1,000 yard rusher 9 times in 12 seasons. The only 3 exceptions were season ending injuries to Dorsey levens, and Ahman Green. The 3rd time was because of Bennett and Levens splitting time at RB the year we won the Superbowl. Henderson is also a much bigger threat catching the ball out of the backfield than Neal is. William Henderson has more Hall of Fame credentials than Lorenzo Neal.
  13. The defense has given up 10 points. Dont understand the huge deal so far.
  14. Makes sense to have tramon on hill if safety is over the top. Hardman is just as fast but weaker route runner.