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  1. Packers good choice. We have the best qb of todays game and already got one for the future we replenish never rebuild.
  2. Lazards run blocking is top notch.
  3. Hammer dahn podcast is the best place to get your betting picks at
  4. Mcnabb was a big name. Terell owens to the cowboys also. The one linebacker was traded also from patriots to the browns.
  5. Wasnt donavan mcnabb traded within the division.
  6. What does everyone think he saw on the tape of 2010? Seems to be holding the ball higher for the quick over the top release again instead of his side action throws he has done since his collarbone injury.
  7. He did say last tuesday that this is the first year his shoulder wasnt sore coming into the season.
  8. Rodgers did say on the pat macfee show that his break out player to watch would be jamal williams.
  9. Great to see guys getting open for a change. Making easy underneath throws for rodgers.
  10. The outside backers do a terrible job of squeezing gaps down for the inside backer and our safety's never fill.
  11. Rodgers said on pat mafee show his player to watch is jamal williams
  12. Trade away bledsoe and get a shooter and chase one more ring.
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