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  1. taking Robert woods under 54 1/2 catching yards. -110 odds. He will be matched up on jaire with kupp out.
  2. Just bet on the Robert woods under on catching yards.
  3. Parlay Packers (-3) Steelers (ml) Dallas (ml) Bears (-7.5) All bets against the money. And with vegas.
  4. Im taking the under tonight at 52 1/2
  5. Jaleon dardeon from north texas is going to be great.
  6. I would love wr kadaruis Tooney from florida. The kid is football fast and plays smart. Always making plays when they are needed. Probally late 1st or middle second round wr.
  7. Jaleon Darden from North Texas is something to look into for a late sleeper.
  8. Don martindale will be a head coach this next year.
  9. Colts plan is 3rd string qb pat McAfee. They still hold his rights.
  10. Jackson hasnt been that bad filling in for king lately.
  11. Kyler Fackeral isnt playing a bad game.
  12. Wish we would have kept Fackerall. Watching the giants game the guy does great squeezing down gaps and maintaining outside leverage.
  13. Find an idenity and find players that only breath football that fit those roles.
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