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  1. I always thought the $20 mil flying around here was way too high, 13 sounds right to me, it resets the TE market and that is what he is, is a TE. You could argue the position is undervalued but no way was the market going to be doubled from what it was previously.
  2. Bosa really only had that core injury in college where he shut it down I thought, correct? I don't know anything else that he missed a significant amount of time.
  3. NCAA and the NFL Draft

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/03/ncaa-lets-undrafted-arizona-state-punter-return-to-college-football/ So many possible repercussions from this... If it becomes a standard thing, is it only for the undrafted? If the drafted are allowed to come back how much will that piss off the nfl? Does it evolve into an NHL type draft where the pro teams draft a guy and then he plays in the minors/college until he is ready to sign his pro contract?
  4. I'm not surprised really... It seems like we never have representation on the powerful committees. Or at least I never hear us mentioned when say the rules committee is being talked about.
  5. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    According to a UGA site I frequent, this is going to be a similar situation to the Tyreek Hill thing last year. He hasn't spoken out yet but for the seriousness of the crimes the bail was set extremely low there is little chance of any kind of a conviction and from the way the lawyer sounded (I know its his job to defend the client) from Bakers side it sounded like it was a set up. 4 witnesses have recanted their testimony.
  6. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    I wouldn't have Carroll, Harbaugh or Tomlin in my 2nd tier personally.
  7. No!!!! Deep red not bright, hated the cherry red they went to a couple years back.
  8. I figured they'd say something like that, honestly I avoided all football related stuff for probably close to two weeks after the super bowl. As far as I'm concern Pat Mahomes was the difference in the game and just because he had a godlike performance in the last quarter of the game doesn't mean you have to change everything about yourself. That said Forge has a point too.
  9. A little off topic, NN21 made me think of the best hype video I've ever seen... This is it for me, its a UGA video but the speaker in it... Wow, of course they lost that game lol, but thats beside the point. Another little off topic point... With the production values of these videos on youtube there is zero excuse for a movie or tv show not to have decent ones.
  10. 49ers draft Charlie Woerner TE at 190

    As someone who watched him for years... sure he can catch, he's not super athletic where he can separate consistantly though
  11. lol, yeah, those weren't staged at all...
  12. If I had to guess, I'd say corner just because they talked about Mckivitz as a guy they thought about taking even higher than they did.
  13. 2021 early watching list

    Georgia's draft eligible players next year with my projected grade as of now Defense Sr. SS Richard LeCounte - Day 2 Jr. CB Tyson Campbell- Day 1 to 2 Jr. CB Eric Stokes- Day 2 to 3 Sr. CB DJ Daniel- Day 2 to 3 Sr. DB Mark Webb- Day 3-udfa Sr. LB Monty Rice- Day 2 to 3 R.So. OLB Azeez Ojulari Day 1 to 2 Sr. OLB Jermaine Johnson- Day 3 Sr. OLB Walter Grant- Day 3 to UDFA Jr. OLB Adam Anderson- Day 2 to 3 Jr. NT Jordan Davis- Day 1 to 2 Sr. DT Devonte Wyatt- Day 3 to udfa Sr. DE Malik Herring- day 3 to udfa Sr. DT Julian Rochester- udfa Offense Sr. OG Ben Cleveland- Day 2 to 3 Sr. OG Justin Shaffer- Day 3 Jr. OL Jamaree Salyer- Day 1 to 2 Jr. OC Trey Hill- Day 2 Sr. QB Jamie Newman- Haven't seen him play in a bulldog uniform yet but being mocked in the first Jr. RB James Cook- Day 1 to 3 R.So. RB Zamir White- Day 2 Jr. WR Matt Landers- Day 3 to udfa Sr. WR Demetris Robertson- Day 3
  14. What you said is completely fair, however you don't know how the scouts/FO graded all the receivers you mentioned. Kyle mentioned that Lamb and Aiyuk specifically were the two that he wanted, so those were his first round receivers. We don't know how the scouts/FO graded the rest of them. Theoretically, Lavishka Shenault could have been his next highest receiver being worth 4th round pick. Your making assumptions that all the receivers were graded close together.
  15. 49ers trade for Trent Williams

    That depends on what happens this year... if there is no football or no fans allowed in stadiums the cap could go down.