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  1. Joe Staley Signs Two Year Extension

    Congrats to Staley. Wether or not he gets into the hall, he is a ring of honor member. That was a high risk pick when we picked him and it was a definite homerun. Nolan might have had final say on the roster but McCloughan was draft architect as far as I know and he calls Frank Gore his best ever pick... I mean we can argue all day about who gets the credit but as it is with everything it is a collaboration I would assume as most things like this are.
  2. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Thats kind of where I am too.
  3. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Football is one of the sports where the entire team drives success much more than a single individual for the most part and some of those unfortunate flaws led to some very negative opinions for good reason imo. I'm not going to weigh in on the alligator arms portion of the conversation because my memory isn't good enough to remember. I do remember a phone conversation with a buddy of mine who is a Denver fan while TO was still with the niners where I called him the best receiver in the NFL prior to it being a common description. I also remember alot of his antics after leaving the niners including making inflammatory derogatory remarks about Jeff Garcia and also wearing the star. In short he was a guy that elicits passions both good and bad.
  4. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Hurd looks like he needs hands work in 757s clip... Dropped two easy balls
  5. 1.2 Nick Bosa DE Ohio St 2.36 Nasir Adderley S Delaware 3.67 Justin Lane CB Michigan St 4.110 Riley Ridley WR UGA 5.148 D'Andre Walker LB UGA 6.176 Lamont Gaillard G/C UGA 6.183 Justin Skule G/T Vanderbuilt 6.196 Isaac Nauta UGA Yep, UGA homer but all those guys would have helped us too I believe.
  6. UDFAs?

    Breida has proved to be a dynamic back though, he is starter material even if by some chance he isn't the actual starter.
  7. I think quite a few people had the same thought. I cant remember who said it first on the forum. I'll admit I hoped that the thought process was wrong more that I thought it was actually wrong and I'm pretty sure I said something to that effect.
  8. My vote for the next two picks are Lamont Gilliard and Savion Smith
  9. That was an impressive sand castle/structure though
  10. I didnt want any part of Thompson, underachiever. Just another guy
  11. Lol, the bears are going to rapidly become my 2nd favorite team
  12. Lol, apparently we make sure we throw as many resources into a spot as we can to make sure we fix the ones we are focusing on prior to moving on to other deficiencies.
  13. Hogwash! The part where it is too early to discuss the draft thing... But you could be correct on the positions, and the run on receivers (and corners) start when the draft reopens.
  14. No worries, I get that way with effect and affect... drives me crazy