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  1. I'd heard he got into coaching but I don't keep up with basketball at all anymore. I did see him as a player and he was amazing. Good choice then if he has been successful.
  2. Being a great player and a great coach takes such a different skillset... The greats can't necessarily teach what they did to be successful and frankly most of them these days made enough money that they don't need to grind the way you need to as a coach just to get by. Its probably much easier (and more profitable) to do endorsements, talk shows, and just generally be involved in the entertainment side of the business. It would take a special kind of person that just needs that grind to do it. Just out of curiosity who does everyone think is the best combination of player/coach to date?
  3. At this point Hurd has had two seasons and hasn't played a down in the regular season. I don't think anyone has much hope that he makes an impact with us any more. If he manages to make it back, great, but he's not someone you can count on.
  4. I would be shocked if its even that long... and frankly, with his whole tumor thing why is Urban entertaining it?
  5. Steelers 3 positions 3 turnovers... loving it
  6. What are the odds Baker plants a flag at games end?
  7. Anybody see this... I am one of the bad fans I guess, but I do agree with much of what both JJ and Pat are saying.
  8. A guy in one of my leagues traded him to me about halfway through the season... I was very happy to do the trade... I recieved: Derrick Henry Josh Allen I gave up: Patrick Mahomes Mike Evans When I initially started talks with the guy I was just trying to get rid of Evans for something useful.
  9. Wait... What? Mia wants to move on from Tua? I just saw a picture of his face sad and I gotta say I did enjoy it entirely too much...
  10. I was just going to ask who that was. It sounds like he wants to take every seahag to a hotel room for a nightcap after the game
  11. Thought I'd start a on its own thread for this so we can keep the draft thread about prospects... Here's my first one of the year. I missed Azeez Ojilouri on the 2nd round pick by 1 player and I hated that, also wasn't happy not to get a QB but a decent draft overall. 15. Patrick Surtain II CB, Alabama 47. Rashawn Slater OT, Northwestern 116. Myjai Sanders EDGE, Cincinnati 155. Tyler Linderbaum IOL, Iowa 169. Ifeatu Melifonwu S, Syracuse 176. Tyreke Johnson CB, Ohio st 193. Chatarius Atwell WR, Louisville
  12. I agree with that... Rule changes is another factor that helps/hurts depending on your point of view... In Ronnie Lotts day the smaller recievers that are excelling today wouldn't be near as much.
  13. WR is rapidly turning into RB has as far as value is concerned, just a glut of studs due to the development of offense at lower levels.
  14. Lol I tried to like your post too but either my phone or the site is acting a bit wonky
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