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  1. I'm not buying 4.32 for that Elijah Mitchell dude, he was caught from behind on that play shown. It looked like he had an impressive burst there but still no way.
  2. I'm in it more for the dynasty mode and the rosters are all editted anyway so it doesn't bug me too much. You have no idea how many superbowls Stafford has led us to. If it does get to me I can always just download a roster update. Actually I doubt I will get it next year too, I will wait until 23 and get the NCAA game with it.
  3. I think its way over reported how supposedly "raw" Trey Lance is... I think Forge is correct, his accuracy worries me but if I was ranking QBs this would be my rankings. 1. Lawrence 2. Fields 3. Lance 4. Wilson- Nothing against his ability at all, just his body size etc would lead me to worry about his ability to stay healthy. 5. Kellen Mond 6. Mac Jones- Sorry Chrisooner49er, I respect your opinion, just don't see it. 7. Kyle Trash
  4. Same for me, if it's Jones I'll always have a soft spot for the niners but frankly I'll turn into more of a fan of players than teams at least NFL wise. And I wont care how Jones turns out.
  5. Mostert seems adequate? He's like purpose built for the scheme. If he could stay healthy he'd be the second coming of Clinton Portis. Dude has lead the nfl in highest speeds the past 2 or 3 seasons.
  6. Trey looks high as #*@& at the begining with his closeup lol.
  7. There is so many reasons that is mean, I don't know if I can list them all. Having long suffering Lions fans try to get behind an Ohio St QB? It'd be a good a good way to try to have the shortest coaching tenure in league history.
  8. Barrows says Lance, FWIW he says no inside info though. Kawakami says Fields with the same deal.
  9. The second half of that video was very close to what I was saying earlier. Shanny drafts Jones and it doesn't work out he is essentially unhireable as a head coach. He also brought up a point I was thinking about but didn't write with if it does go down that way it is this is the Tebow trade and draft x1000. Fortunately, I doubt it will happen. People are saying that cousins is Shanahans ideal qb. It's not, it's John Elway. Which QBs profile most closely with Elway? Lance and Fields (and Lawrence).
  10. And you don't mortgage the future for a guy whose ceiling is not a top 5 NFL QB, you do it for an elite talent. If you draft Mac Jones at 3 and he isn't Tom Brady or Drew Brees you are tarnishing your reputation in the league in an unrecoverable way imo. And if Fields or Lance turn out to be decent at all... Either way they both are fired, Mac fails and Shanahan is never a head coach again, certainly not with any kind of personnel control. If you draft Fields or Lance and they fail, you don't get painted with the same brush imo, you still probably get fired but you get another chance at
  11. More people were pissed over Aiyuk than Kinlaw that I saw.
  12. I think we should trade for Josh Allen, no wait, Mitch Trubisky, no wait, Drew Lock... Every day its someone new. Dak isn't worth 2 1sts, he isn't even worth 1 first. He's an average QB and one highlight (I know there are mulitiple) were he makes a good play isn't going to change that. Is he better than Jimmy? In fantasy football for sure... in reality? I'm not positive. Dak has had every single advantage since he came into the league, elite targets, elite protection and he hasn't done enough to win a playoff game. I'm going back to what MM and Barrows said about a week ago, it is a very
  13. You might be right but I still think that is insane... Mac should be a 3rd round guy similar to Trask. If we go with Jones I will lose my mind the same as with Trask. Edit: at least in the first round and possibly the 2nd as well.
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