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  1. Should Kyle Shanahan have went for a tie?

    Always go for the win
  2. I think two major things happened last night. 1) Clowney had maybe the best game of his career, certainly the best professional game that I have watched him in. Seattles gameplan doesn't succeed without him but he is on their team so props to them. 2) a combination of the havoc that Clowney was reaping and the injuries to our best offensive weapons made Jimmy hesitant to start with which only grew when his receivers didn't help him out at all outside of Deebo who had a couple of issues himself. All in all, it sucks we lost, move onto the next game. I think even with the loss we've proved we are one of the best teams in the league this year.
  3. call me crazy but....

    Good finds... especially that last one. I was looking a bit and found the Simmons one but I just remember the espn shows (when it was actually decent) talking about how Brady wasn't in the same category as Manning ect. and then the team shut him out in the 2004 playoffs for the most part and then the pats offense wasn't good enough to beat the pitts D in the championship game because Brady was just a game manager etc. It did evolve around the time that Moss went there.
  4. call me crazy but....

    For the first 5 years, maybe more of Brady's career he was labeled a game manager and not that great. I think people forget that sometimes. I do think those 3 games you listed will put clarity into a lot of peoples minds.
  5. call me crazy but....

    Part of it is also Shanny protecting the defense... He obviously took that SB loss to the pats to heart.
  6. How surprised are you?

    I thought we had huge issues on the Oline going into the year along with large holes in the linebacking corps and secondary (Safety more than corner) so I while I didn't go through game by game I was thinking 8 wins most likely and 10 and pushing for a wild card would have had me ecstatic. 10 on the surprise factor for me for sure.
  7. Mike McGlinchey out 4-6 weeks

  8. Tank For Lawrence!!

    Umm... We play two full seasons before Lawrence is draftable.
  9. 2020 Draft Thread

    There is high hopes for him this year, he had a pretty steller second half of the season last year. As the resident UGA guy I can tell everyone about guys we should be interested in: S JR Reed- Fantastic player- H/W/S freak, he always seems to be in the right position at the right time. I'm not sure he is the single high safety that me and several other members have wanted, maybe he just makes it look too easy but I don't really see the range to his game that I would really want to see for us if we are going to do the single high safety coverages. Depending on the year he has I could see him going anywere from the latter part of the 1st to the 3rd. UGA has what might be the beginnings of a position group like the hogs for the Redskins at the offensive line, they have been recruiting elite of the elite talent all across the offensive line for 3 years now and I expect the next several years for UGA to be kind of like Wisconsin were those players are respected a bit more like LSU/Bama DBs, Clemson/Bama d-lineman, LSU wide recievers etc etc. Anyway, next years crop includes Soloman Kindley (LG) dude is just a baller, UGA fans have been expecting the more hearlded recruits behind him to replace him for the past two seasons as he was "just" a three star guy. Long story short he has been one of UGA's best all around offensive linemen with some very good ones as competition. Ben Cleveland (RG), absolute monster of a man who is also as strong as they come. Has had some injury issues but if he is healthy, he is special. Isiah Wilson (RT) I've heard rumblings that his future in the NFL is as a guard, I'm not sure exactly why because he has the size for tackle. Anyway if you want to read more about these guys, here is a link... https://www.dawgnation.com/football/georgia-uga-kirby-cole-cubelic-thomas-kindley-cleveland-hill-mays-salyer
  10. Dynasty League Start-up.

    So I installed sleeper the other day when you mentioned it and I didn't see a format in the drafting for an auction draft.
  11. Joe Staley Signs Two Year Extension

    Congrats to Staley. Wether or not he gets into the hall, he is a ring of honor member. That was a high risk pick when we picked him and it was a definite homerun. Nolan might have had final say on the roster but McCloughan was draft architect as far as I know and he calls Frank Gore his best ever pick... I mean we can argue all day about who gets the credit but as it is with everything it is a collaboration I would assume as most things like this are.
  12. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Thats kind of where I am too.
  13. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Football is one of the sports where the entire team drives success much more than a single individual for the most part and some of those unfortunate flaws led to some very negative opinions for good reason imo. I'm not going to weigh in on the alligator arms portion of the conversation because my memory isn't good enough to remember. I do remember a phone conversation with a buddy of mine who is a Denver fan while TO was still with the niners where I called him the best receiver in the NFL prior to it being a common description. I also remember alot of his antics after leaving the niners including making inflammatory derogatory remarks about Jeff Garcia and also wearing the star. In short he was a guy that elicits passions both good and bad.
  14. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Hurd looks like he needs hands work in 757s clip... Dropped two easy balls
  15. 1.2 Nick Bosa DE Ohio St 2.36 Nasir Adderley S Delaware 3.67 Justin Lane CB Michigan St 4.110 Riley Ridley WR UGA 5.148 D'Andre Walker LB UGA 6.176 Lamont Gaillard G/C UGA 6.183 Justin Skule G/T Vanderbuilt 6.196 Isaac Nauta UGA Yep, UGA homer but all those guys would have helped us too I believe.