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  1. I dont think that is necessarily an issue that just plagues us either, the whole mobile qb thing. Im sure you know this 757, i just think it bears repeating. Mobile qbs in general are difficult to defend. The reason they hadn't taken over the nfl prior to this was most of the time they hadn't been taught/learned how to throw properly, they were the best athletes on the field once they stepped on it in most cases by a large margin and never had to do anything else. Steve Young talked about in his book if anyone has ever read it. He learned to throw by watching Jim McMahon in college. None of his college or high school coaches tried to teach him, he learned on his own. Edit: and I will follow that up too by saying in the past 15 to 20 years the passing game has taken an exponential leap in sophistication in lower levels (high school and college) leading to better throwing techniques etc which helps the mobile qbing dynamic as well.
  2. Woo hoo yeah, pretty much all I did was add the week 1 thing right as soon as I made the post
  3. Saw this somewhere, I don't remember where but the most likely waited until now to sign him so they don't have to guarantee his contract for the year.
  4. fml... my fantasy teams struggled enough last weekend lol.
  5. If you watched Shanny's press conference he talked about how in the first half we were getting 8 yards/play and about to roll over them and then we didn't. I think Shanny just never felt really threatened with the game until it was too late to really push the envelope. Maybe that would have gotten Jimmy hot sooner, maybe that would have put us down the toilet faster, who knows? I think if indeed that was the case he wont take those chances anymore.
  6. One of the most effective things to do is mush rush. Slow the rush and and collapse the pocket from all sides at once. It takes an incredible amount of discipline and neutralizes one of our best attributes like Forge mentioned. But it doesn't allow the qb to break contain and rush for 17 yards on 3rd and 16 either. Cleveland for as much as they sucked a big one yesterday was fairly effective at it against Baltimore yesterday. Jackson "only" had 45 rushing yards and was sacked a couple times
  7. Rookie receivers generally flashed too. I saw some decent plays from Reager, Ruggs, Lamb, Shenault, and Van Jefferson.
  8. I glossed over it in the first post but I technically broke the rules and had edited my pick post. The one after me quoted it and isn't edited but if I'm out I'm out.
  9. I agree with most of your post but we were down 3 receivers by the end as N4L pointed out yesterday. Deebo + Aiyuk, and Kittle obviously wasn't himself by the end of the game. Hope that turns out to be just a strain.
  10. I saw OBJ drop at least two balls today he should have caught and had a complete lack of effort on a pass that he tipped and almost caused a pick. Hes talented, no question but for a million reasons i don't want anything to do with him.
  11. Week 1 is week 1, it is a different animal. Congrats to them, this doesnt worry me all that much tbh.
  12. Yeah, they've had them for most of thw games. I mistakenly put it in the NFL thread but it is odd that they have a security guy watching them
  13. Lol, what do they have security personnel in the stands for? To watch the cardboard cutouts?
  14. Arizona can't host the game. They have a RV expo going on https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29863930/san-francisco-49ers-remain-hopeful-sunday-air-quality-concerns%3Fplatform%3Damp For what it's worth the Cardinals' home at State Farm Stadium is hosting an "RV Super Show" this weekend slated to run through Sunday.
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