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  1. Week 1: Bills Week 2: Niners Week 3: colts Week 4: Packers Week 5: cowboys Week 6: titans
  2. Ah, yep I had the cowboys last week... Ill retrieve and repost
  3. Week 1: Bills Week 2: Niners Week 3: colts Week 4: Packers Week 5: titans
  4. Week 1: Bills Week 2: Niners Week 3: colts Week 4: Packers Week 5: cowboys🤢
  5. I've just been watching Georgia mainly... Of their draft eligable players the don't really have much for us on offense. Their O-line is a strength but the players dont really fit our scheme. Possibly two running backs I guess... Zamir (Zues) White, he was the #1 running back coming out three years ago. This is his first year back after two acls (one in each knee) and he has impressed me with his lateral agility in the first two games this season. I don't know if he has the top end speed that Shanny would covet though. James Cook (Dalvin's younger brother) I would imagine will be a mid to late round guy, he is fast enough to fit for Shanny but I don't know if he is tough enough. On defense there are players everywhere as Georgia will most likely have the nations best defense this season with talent, experience and depth to burn. On the line if you are looking for a NT type Jordan Davis might be the best thats come out in a couple years. I doubt we are, but he's a very good player. Adam Anderson is a little light in the britches but he'd be a decent later pick for a straight pass rush specialist. Azeez Ojulari is just one of those guys that you need on your team, I wouldn't say he has elite get off but he plays smart and he has plenty of talent. He will make some team very happy if he comes out next year. Listed as Jack, I suppose would be a Will for us. Secondary players though should have some decent prospects from there. Richard Lecounte could be a good fit. I don't know if hes as fast but he's a playmaker in the mold of Budda Baker and the honey badger. They also have two corners Eric Stokes and Tyson Cambell. Tyson has elite h/w/s attributes but I don't know if I would call him a natural football player, he looks a little stiff at times. Eric Stokes has all world speed but I don't know if he fits the size profile we look for. He's listed at 6'1" however I would imagine that is a little exaggerated.
  6. O-line (all positions), DBs... Is DE a possibility, or are we saying Armstead has that spot?
  7. Like for the final fantasy reference. Eh, the minute Bosa went down this season became about draft position and wrecking other teams seasons for me.
  8. Did you watch the interview and see him speak? Lol, I don't know if it was just the camera angle or whatever but his arms just looked f----- huge.
  9. Week 1: Bills Week 2: Niners Week 3: colts Week 4: Packers
  10. If you can trust what a coach says, Shanahan said to expect an increased workload for Mckinnon this week
  11. Just fyi, my week 1 was actually the bills
  12. Week 1: Bills Week 2: Niners Week 3: colts
  13. Yes, its been a concern, not near as much as Dee Ford though
  14. It will be more like Lawrence/Fields and then on down a bit, Lance. Both Fields and Lawrence are playing this year. Lance isn't. Not to mention Lance is just super raw. I see a battle between Lawrence and Fields as the first QB taken. Lawrence is a better passer but Fields is at minimum a good passer with elite physical tools (Lawrence has sneaky good physical tools too). Personally I would think no to Lance, just too raw, and I don't think we will be even close to Fields/Lawrence even if we did try to tank.
  15. Coleman just doesn't have mosterts speed to make the runs effective
  16. You can't pull him unless the game is no longer in doubt or he's injured
  17. Its kinda been a parade of injuries for everyone but we are definitely getting our share and more
  18. I dont think that is necessarily an issue that just plagues us either, the whole mobile qb thing. Im sure you know this 757, i just think it bears repeating. Mobile qbs in general are difficult to defend. The reason they hadn't taken over the nfl prior to this was most of the time they hadn't been taught/learned how to throw properly, they were the best athletes on the field once they stepped on it in most cases by a large margin and never had to do anything else. Steve Young talked about in his book if anyone has ever read it. He learned to throw by watching Jim McMahon in college. None of his college or high school coaches tried to teach him, he learned on his own. Edit: and I will follow that up too by saying in the past 15 to 20 years the passing game has taken an exponential leap in sophistication in lower levels (high school and college) leading to better throwing techniques etc which helps the mobile qbing dynamic as well.
  19. Week 1: Bills Week 2: Niners
  20. Woo hoo yeah, pretty much all I did was add the week 1 thing right as soon as I made the post
  21. Saw this somewhere, I don't remember where but the most likely waited until now to sign him so they don't have to guarantee his contract for the year.
  22. fml... my fantasy teams struggled enough last weekend lol.
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