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  1. Will have to wait and see how our boy Gurley bounces back. If he shows he's as good as he says he still is then i think we pick him up for a few more years considering how much of a fan favorite he is in Georgia.
  2. For the Falcons picking at 21 i don't hate ever taking a D-lineman in round 1. Although im not sure on Ray yet he is going to have to show me alot more than what he has shown so far to take him near the top 20. So for right now i wouldn't approve that pick but i'll keep an eye on him to see how much he improves. Depending on how Gurley comes back from his injury Najee could for sure be in play for us there. I also am looking at all the top tier safety's next year as i think it's time to possibly upgrade our deep safety spot with someone a bit more athletic than Rico. Still love rico as a player and want to keep him but at slot CB or backup FS/SS.
  3. Matt Ryan vs Big Ben

    Not only that but Shanny has been called out a few times now on his play calling style and i think even he himself says he calls plays like this so it won't get changed or have time to get changed as much. Quote from Ryan on the SB Looking back, Ryan pointed to the cadence of Shanahan's calls as one of the big reasons for the Falcons' collapse. "Kyle's play calls -- he would take time to get stuff in. As I was getting it, you're looking at the clock and you're talking 16 seconds before it cuts out. You don't have a lot of time to say, 'There's 16 seconds, no, no, no, we're not going to do that. Hey, guys, we're going to line up and run this.' You're talking about breaking the huddle at seven seconds if you do something along the lines. "With the way Kyle's system was set up, he took more time to call plays and we shift and motion a lot more than we did with (former coordinator) Dirk (Koetter). You couldn't get out of stuff like that. We talk about being the most aggressive team in football. And I'm all for it. But there's also winning time. You're not being aggressive not running it there." Shanny at times and most of the time is a genius but he also thinks extremely highly of himself and doesn't want anyone messing with his offense including his QB.
  4. Matt Ryan vs Big Ben

    Then my friend i don't know what to tell you because we see this play and im guessing football in general completely different. Ryan actually had a WR running downfield wide open leaving his guy and thats who he was throwing it too. If Freeman even stalls the guy for a second that play is for sure a 1st down and quite possibly a TD with the cushion he had on the CB. With that said theirs no reason to argue it against each other because we obviously view football way differently and it would just be wasting our time going back and forth for no reason.
  5. Matt Ryan vs Big Ben

    How you can watch that video and can excuse or say Freeman even remotely did his job on that play is baffling to me. The guy didn't even block 1 person at all like it might be one of the worst wiffs i ever seen and he knew he screwed up right away as he turned around and started running back toward Ryan. It was an awful job by Freeman and i actually agree freeman ran well that day and is why i blame shanny a ton. Shanny had a RB going 5 ypc up by 25 points and refused to use him for the last 2 quarters to milk the clock and help the defense get some rest. It's obviously me and you look at that play and possibly football in general completely different if you can't put like 99% of that plays destruction on Freeman and his non attempt of a block the guy literally just touched his back and kept on running lol.
  6. Rank every division’s QB situations: NFC South

    Saints, Falcons, Bucs, Panthers is how i have it although the top 3 are interchangeable honestly and if you put them on the others team i think they all do extremely well.
  7. Matt Ryan vs Big Ben

    Can't say i agree with that as we have had some pretty god awful ones over the years that many of other fans have blasted us on along with us lol. We have had 1 or 2 solid ones and 1 really good one. But the majority have been pretty bad and the defenses while Ryan have been here have been DREADFUL. I've said it before and i'll say it again i would trade Ryans group of players for brady's group of players every single time. Give me that O-line and defense and you can have Julio and the rest of them all day long. Ryan is more than skilled enough to make avg players at WR, TE, and RB look much better than they really are when you give him the time to with a top tier o-line. Ryans greatest strengths are his intelligence and his pin point accuracy on plays where he is throwing someone open to a spot. A top tier O-line just strengthens his greatest skills and what he does best.
  8. Matt Ryan vs Big Ben

    Thats complete BS as Ryan did not melt in that game he literally holds one of the highest QB Rating in any superbowl ever. The guy only missed 5 throws the entire game with a 144 rating. Hell even after Mack got man handled during a block allowing a sack right up the middle he threw to sanu putting us back in FG range which Matthews literally chocked someone out while holding them during that play. So instead of running the ball 3 times and putting us up 2 scores with a FG under 2 minutes or so left. Shanny decides to throw the ball 3 times which ryan actually does succeed in during 2 god awful plays by Mack and Matthews on back to back plays. Thus bringing it back to 3rd and 33 because of our O-line crapping the bed in the biggest moments. None of this would have even be needed nor possible if we run the ball 3 times and kick a FG inside the 20 killing the clock while doing so. The 3 biggest culprits to me in that loss are Shanny #1, O-line #2, and Freeman #3 Ryan and julio did amazing in that game and did what they needed to do to put us in the spot to win it.
  9. Falcons have signed Deone Bucannon

    Not sure for how long im guessing a 1 year deal he seems to be moved to WLB for us and possibly backup SS incase of a neal injury. I see he has been on a few teams lately anything good you can tell me about him or is this another Treadwell/Harris type of signing of a guy with high upside that their trying to make a hit on in our scheme?
  10. MVP’s you did not agree with

    With the numbers he's putting up if he stays on the same path it's gonna be very hard to keep him out. I'll say without a SB win he would need to stay on the same stats path until he turns say 42 to be a lock. At that point he would be the league leader in yards passed ahead of brees. If he wins a SB between now and the next 4 or 5 years thats gonna lock him in as well.
  11. MVP’s you did not agree with

    Now not to be a homer their was 1 guy who i thought had a very good chance at getting it from Ryan that year. Derek Carr before his injury scared me as that man was tearing the league up. I still think Ryan would have won it because how strong he finished but Carr was having a monster year if i remember.
  12. MVP’s you did not agree with

    In what way shape or form should it have went to brees? They were pretty much the same in completion %, Ryan had more passing TD's, less than half the int's, a higher YPA by almost 2 yards, and a 16 point higher QB Rating The only thing Brees has on Ryan that year was around 250 yards passing but it took him almost another 150 attempts to get that.
  13. Who Will Hold the Passing Records in 10 years?

    I think the one thing Ryan has going for him is his Durability. Not saying he can't or won't get hurt as thats impossible to know. But i swear with as much as he has been hit he never takes damage it feels like lol. The man is about as sturdy as it comes as far as QB's go in general i think.
  14. How does Brady's Buccaneers do this season?

    For me it has nothing to do with Brady or their offense as to if they are in the playoffs or not. They was already a deadly offense putting up 28+ a game and top 3 in YPG. Although i fully understand Winston with as many turnovers he had put the defense in a bad spot. If the defense can get stops without those turnovers from Winston and keep teams under 28 ppg like last year i think they have a very good chance to win 10+ games. If their defense still gives up points of 25+ a game then i'll say 7-9 or 8-8. Funny part is this is honestly the same exact way i feel about the Falcons. I think both offense have more than enough to make it to and win in the playoffs by having 10+ win seasons. If the Falcons bring the defense from the 2nd half of last year into this year then they are easily a playoff team. If it reverts back to the 1st half of last season then Quinn and TD are probably looking for new jobs next year.
  15. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    You dang right i would have i thought this draft was really strong in the 1st 4 rounds and crazy deep at CB. Terrell is a fine player but i still don't view him any better than Winfield, Johnson, Gladney, or Diggs. He might end up being but if you are telling me i can have any one of those guys + Gaithers at Lb with their 3rd round pick and Amik Robertson with their 4th round pick who i had a man crush on lol. Winfield + Gaithers + Amik = done deal every day of the week for me.