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  1. 2019 Pro Bowl Rosters announced

    Im with you i have no problem with ole mitchy boy i think he has a bright future ahead of him and improved tremendously as the season went on. The beard with that defense and an improving young QB will be hell to deal with going forward for alot of team as they keep adding pieces. He's actually turning out better than i thought he would be so im a bit proud of him that he's proving me wrong about him.
  2. 2019 Pro Bowl Rosters announced

    I think we actually came back and thought a similar reply at the same time
  3. 2019 Pro Bowl Rosters announced

    See i don't do the probowl based on wins and losses but more so how they performed individually. Because the rest of the team playing like garbage or the defense being junk or even half the team being injured causes alot of the losses. A QB can do alot but even they can't do everything Both ryan and Rodgers both played well enough to be playoff caliber QB's and above .500 for sure. As far as Wilson i think he played really well this year but he lacked alot in yardage overall and still came up a bit short on number of TD's compared to Ryan. Def. put up more TD's by a good bit than Rodgers though so i can see how he could deserve it over Rodgers as well.
  4. 2019 Pro Bowl Rosters announced

    You forgot the purple font my friend But it was an amazing effort none the less. You think rodgers did or didn't deserve it more than Ryan this year outside of lower int's by rodgers Ryan skunked him in pretty much every other major category as a QB that i can think of. As said im not against Rodgers winning it he's a damn good QB and is pro bowl caliber most the time i just think Ryan was a bit better this year alone not every year lol. More often than not Rodgers is the better Qb of the 2.
  5. Mock Offseason 1

    Fair enough explanation and i actually understand where you are coming from on the free agent thing. We are usually good for 1 big FA signing thats a big need then we finagle some okish players for fair prices that fit our needs usually 2 or 3 of them. you are 100% correct on that but no doubt we are always good for that 1 big one almost every year lol. last few years it has been 2015 - Sanu 2016 Alex Mack 2017 Dontari Poe 2018 - Only had like 8 mil cap space couldn't do it with Ryans contract coming lol. As said really only 1 good 1 we use big money on when we have it which this year we got a bit to play with. Then like 2 or 3 lower tier guys who are solid but work for us like you said. I actually hope we do keep beasley i still see talent there that can flourish in the right position and with a mentor like Irvin. He looked much better while irvin was here at the end of the year and his best year to date was under Freeney's mentorship. We need to resign Irvin and keep beasley and a lower price tag. If we can do those 2 things then i say a 3rd round edge rusher like oshane ximines to pair with Beasley, Takk, and Irvin would be a good group. This would then allow us to go DT and OG/OT in rounds 1 and 2. But if we lose Beasley and Irvin then Ferrell would probably need to be the pick if there for us. That and Ferrell is MUCH BETTER value there of the 2.
  6. 2019 Pro Bowl Rosters announced

    This is a fricken joke right? In what universe does Mitch Trubisky deserve a pro bowl nod over Matt Ryan. Heck even Rodgers honestly didn't deserve it over Ryan but i can live with that based on Rodgers history and popularity. But gtfoh with that Mitch BS that dude has no reason whatsoever to be in there over Ryan. Ryan Pass: 4924YDS , 35TD, 7INT, 108RTG good for 4th in the league Rush: 124YDS, 3TD Vs Turbisky Pass: 3222 YDS, 24TD, 12INT 95RTG for 18th in the league Rush: 421 YDS, 3TD Over 1400 more total yards 11 more TD's and 5 less int's It's honestly not even close between the 2 and is pretty absurd at this point how much disrespect ryan gets after being in the nfl this long.
  7. Mock Offseason 1

    Im pretty sure he won't get past Atlanta if we indeed do cut Beasley that makes DE a SUPER HIGH PRIORITY on the list even more so than DT at that point. Which means Ferrel would be a easy choice to atlanta then.
  8. Mock Offseason 1

    Would like to see the Falcons get atleast 1 new talented FA considering we lost like 3 or 4 of them as it sits I like keeping Grady for sure but we gotta add something to the OL or DL in FA as well. As for the 1st round pick im a big fan of Wilkins at DT and it's for sure a need for us so not a bad pick at all. But honestly Ferrell at 14 to replace Beasley would be a better move as outside of Takk we literally have nothing besides Beasley at DE now really lol. We atleast got Grady and Senat at DT which are talented but i want to keep beasley at a lower price tag and still get another DE to add to those 2. Plus get a DT to add to Grady and Senat. How would you feel about a Darryl Williams OL to the Falcons in FA? Even with getting a talented OL in FA we still have to find 2 more in either FA or in the 1st 2 rounds of the draft.
  9. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    What i don't understand is how come Andy never called a time out for his defense he seen how tired they looked and should have given them a breather. They didn't need all 3 of those timeouts.
  10. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Im sorry Chiefs fans the Falcons Fans mourn for you Theirs nothing you can do when it's Ot and the Pats have the ball 1st your defense already to tired to stop them by that time.
  11. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Has the Pats ever lost a coin toss in big time moments like that i feel they always get the ball 1st for some reason
  12. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Thats crazy that a offsides from ford probably just cost them a superbowl appearance.
  13. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Ah yes the Phantom Pat calls are coming in spades now Once they start you can't stop them the time has come for the Pats to pull this one out.
  14. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Who am i giving a football to my friend. I'll use mine to throw one on there for ya to double it up
  15. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Fumble doesn't matter now the ball said it wanted to be the chiefs rather the refs liked it or not