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  1. I don't mind Leal if were picking at 8 thats a good solid pick for us i wouldn't be against maybe Malik Willis as well there if we are thinking on moving on from Ryan this next offseason via trade or june 1st cut.
  2. As a Falcon fan he's gonna have to prove to me he is capable of having a good defense before i believe it. Marquan Manuel on the other hand i think would be a good DC.
  3. Ah good question and their aren't a ton of us sadly on the site were sprinkled in lol. Me and Scar are probably the 2 most active and known from the draft forums and general maybe. I like Arthur Smith and liked him at Tennessee i think he is a brilliant mind on offense and think he is alot like Shanny in that mindset. Also never knew he was such a non nonsense guy like when players celebrated stopping a play for 2 yards he lit into them saying wtf you celebrating for that should be the expectations every play celebrate when we do better than that or something along those lines. Love
  4. I think thats because how we are lined up in a 3-4 Walker is for sure a starter in a 3 traditional LB setup for when we run a 4-3 look. When we go 3-4 with 2 pass rushers at OLB then he wouldn't be a starter. He will be on the field for start amount of plays i would imagine though.
  5. I think he got embarrassed that a guy under him in Marquan manuel was a better DC than him in his same defense lol. To me that showed me he wasn't the level of DC people thought he was from seattle. You should never have someone improve your defense when you go hands off it by 10 positions in the rankings then the very next year go back to the 20's where you was the year before under you.
  6. Yeah i think you will like what you see from him another guy to watch is Mykal Walker. Pretty much our entire LB core is our best unit all of them show top tier potential and playing. D-line not so much im hoping Fowler comes back to form and Marlon davidson stays healthy. As for secondary you got AJ Terrell, Jaylin Hawkins, and Richie grant to keep eyes on. Other than that i don't have alot of expectations from the rest of them
  7. WTF you have to be kidding me Kyle Shannahan was the good coach here that did great things. Quinn's defense was straight trash the entire time he ran it. The only time the defense was even remotely descent when he was here is when he took his hands completely off it in 2017 and let Manuel run it after the SB loss. What did MM get for running the defense better than Quinn he got fired the next offseason and Quinn took it back over and it went straight to trash again. Also Falcon fans don't always hate on coaches because alot of us love Smitty when he was our HC and the only thing that
  8. Foye Oluokun is a very very good player probably better than Debo last year
  9. I don't think they should during the entire game but i think the final 2 minutes in the 2nd quarter and 4th quarter should all be done by a guy watching video that can make calls on plays like that and radio it down if not called that could be game changing plays.
  10. I can't wait to hear Skip Bayless have fun with this one XD Can't stand Skip but by god this one will have my full attention from him and Shannon.
  11. Not gonna lie Boys got fleeced a bit on the non OPI call
  12. wtf made anyone think he wouldn't continue to do that after watching him do stupid stuff like that the entire time he ran the falcons defense XD
  13. I was about to post and ask if that penalty isn't a thing anymore. Did i miss something somewhere?
  14. Thats about the best description you could say for him lol. The potential to be above avg and too very good is there and it shows from time to time but far to often he goes quiet for patches of like 3 to 4 games at a time. Then for like 2 games in a row he looks like a true pro bowler talent and dissapears for another 3 to 4. With that said as long as you don't ask him to do way to much he is more than serviceable for a team with other good talent and usually won't hurt you. His best trait is probably covering RB's or TE's in the mid range space he's got pretty good athleticism and solid
  15. I think Harmon and Harris are actually the reasons im ok with giving Hooker a try if we pick him up. Their guys who can start if he does get injured lol. If we didn't have a capable enough backup for spot duty we probably wouldn't be smart picking him up and relying on him. As for grant he was my #1 safety in this draft class and i had him as a late 1st round pick. He was in the majority of my falcons mock drafts in the 2nd round to us and if i went someone else in the 2nd to us i had Cisco or Holland in the 3rd to us. You can ask everyone in the mock draft section they probably got tired
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