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  1. Then you add in the fact that the sequence of play calls after that catch was absurd from Shanny when it should have been 3 straight run plays and a FG kick. But even then with those dumb pass play calls Mack was injured and let a defender run straight into ryan in less than 2 seconds from the snap on 1 play causing a sack. Then on the very next play just to prove Ryan could still overcome some adversity he hit Sanu to put us back to the 20 or so and in FG range which should have kept the clock going or caused them to use a timeout. But Jake Matthews decided to put someone in a chokehold
  2. Still say Sewell is the guy if there for the Falcons thats not going to change
  3. monster falcons draft in the 4th edition you nailed it for us with every pick so far. Now if we target a Safety in round 4 to add to those 3 thats about the best draft we could ask for love it.
  4. It's not bad for the Falcons but i think you made a big mistake not taking a RB in the 1st 3 rounds with the talent level there and it being one of our biggest needs. You got 3 players in Harris, Williams, and Ettiene who are all legit 1st 2 rounds quality RB's. We can't pass on all 3 of them with how big our offense under Smith will be built off the run game. I don't hate Mac Jones i actually think he is a quality QB but i also think he is a non needed pick this year since we can't move on from ryan for 2 years or so and we got multiple 1st round picks to take a better quality QB next
  5. It's ok for the Falcons but i much prefer the guy going right after us at 5. Sewell to the Falcons is the money pick if we are not trading down i think.
  6. I think you might see quite a few more 1 year deals than in years past. They will get something nice with incentives they can reach for this year and then go back into FA next year with a bigger cap hopefully and go for their big contract. Maybe im wrong but i think i would go that route if i was gunning for a bigger payday.
  7. Not once but twice from Shanny in the SB for the same dang reason both times lol. The fact people still to this day call Ryan a choker is nuts he right near the top of the list in 4th quarter comebacks and game winning drives since he has been in the league. You aren't a choker if your routinely do the opposite thing of it more than most ppl at your position. 90% of the people who say this still remember Ryan from before 2012 when he was god awful in the playoffs. What they fail to realize is his numbers now since 2012 would be considered some of the best in the business. Best career pl
  8. It was good although i might be the only falcon fan on here that says that. Im a big fan of Parsons and think he would play well for us. But the pick that would have been great went 1 pick after us in Sewell. He is the #2 player in this draft behind Lawrence and is imo another generational O-lineman. We have a need on the O-line still because it's still trash and we need to keep adding to it. Biggest need is at LG and either Sewell or Matthews could play LG or maybe even Mcgary if we want to put Matthews and Sewell at both Tackle spots. If i targeted Parsons or Surtain which would be m
  9. Looks good for the Falcons with Sewell already gone i have no problem with Fields if we can't talk anyone into a trade down cause lord knows we need more picks to fill out this roster lol. As for round 2 Harris is a HUGE GET for the Falcons he is the best or 2nd best RB in this draft and fits Smith's scheme and also a big need perfectly. Also welcome to the site i look forward to more of your mock drafts and discussions even if i don't like certain picks i'll enjoy debating it with you when that happens. If you ever need any info on the Falcons at all don't hesitate to ask or pm me any q
  10. The highest QB rating ever in a SB and only missing 5 or so passes all game and having your team up 25 points isn't enough it seems. It's 100% all on Ryan he has to play a PERFECT GAME no missed throws ever. Lets not forget he actually put them back in FG range after that Julio catch to go up 2 scores and even then after the O-line gave up that sack after that catch. Ryan actually got them back in FG range again on the next play hitting Sanu but once again the O-line screwed up putting a DE in a chokehold. Then making it 3rd and almost 30+ all considering they never should have been pass
  11. I don't hate the Fields pick for the Falcons but tell the Broncos if they would rather have the better Qb prospect in Fields over Lance we can give them 4 instead for a similar trade lol. We would then take Surtain at 9 and use those extra picks to get the massive crapload of needs taken care of we have this year since we don't have almost no cap space to work with.
  12. 4. Atlanta - Trey Lance [ QB ] North Dakota State 5. Cincinnati - Penei Sewell [ OT ] Oregon This right here alone would get an F from me on this draft we pass on the 2nd best player in the draft and take a QB i wouldn't touch in the top 15 to 20 picks. I would take atleast 4 QB's right now over Lance in Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Mac, and possibly a 5th in Trask although him and Lance are close as neither thrill me. Ojulari is a solid pick no complaints there Mcgrone isn't really a good pick as we don't need a non edge rushing LB as we are pretty good there already. Ojulari wa
  13. Yeah Williams is a great get for us but sorta scary that were losing picks to do it considering we really don't have alot of them to begin with and have tons of holes to fill with no cap space to do so. But Williams is a guy that just might be worth it to still do it on my end. If Sewell was gone what i would really love is a trade down from 4 to get as many picks as we can and take a Surtain or Parsons later if still in the top 10 or if we drop to like 15 grab a Najee Harris maybe and use the nice load of picks we get to go down that far to cover alot of holes. But as said Sewell is a e
  14. As for losing all 3 safety's i have no clue but i know for a fact Rico is gone as we just cut him to gain cap space. Neal and Kazee are Free Agents they can sign with who they want. Neal i would like to have back if the contract is reasonable enough. Kazee i don't want anywhere near the team so we better not resign him he's garbage lol. As for trading the 4th pick im all for it and i hope we do it unless Sewel falls to us then i can talk myself into taking a generational Lineman talent and the #2 player in this draft. But if we don't get Sewell i think trading down should be our move
  15. 1st - Sewell - OT/OG - A+ pick here as he is the #2 player in the draft to me and i love him on the Falcons. 2nd - Ossai - Edge/LB - Another A+ pick and for sure a need for us hopefully we can pair him next to Fowler and we can get this pass rush back on track. 3rd - Williams - RB - Imo the closest guy in the draft to a Henry replacement for Smith to work with. Williams is a straight up beast and right on par with Najee Harris for me. Williams led the ncaa in broken tackles and has everything you want in a RB his size. Once again A+ pick i love love love this pick. 4th - Ford - S
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