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  1. 2020 Mock Draft

    lol i don't know about all that our front office isn't exactly great right now either. Wouldn't surprise me if TD and Quinn both are gone by the end of this year and we revamp the whole thing. With that said i do think we have tons of talent and aren't as far off as our record says we are with as bad as our coaching staff has been this year.
  2. 2020 Mock Draft

    Chase to the Falcons is a win every fricken time lets goooo.
  3. Week 9 GDT

    I like your style here and i am 100% all for your choice. RIley is on my short list of 5 guys i want to coach the Falcons next year. He would be probably 3rd or 4th on that list.
  4. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    Ofcourse i have Lamar was my favorite QB in his draft and i thought everyone who passed on him was dumb for doing so lol. Im quite a big fan of his and think end game he will be a hell of alot better QB than vick ever was. But i think people are forgetting just how crazy athletic vick actually was since it's been awhile. The guy was literally the human joystick and highlight reel. Still though Lamar is the man and will be awesome going forward although i don't think he will end up being better than Watson who im a huge fan of as well.
  5. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    This is a joke and i love Jackson as a QB and think he will be much better than vick when all is said and done. But Vick was for sure a better athlete and more elusive than Jackson is. LJ might be great one day but he has a long way to go to even come close to that category for me. Im more excited for Watson at QB right now than Jackson for the future.
  6. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    The pats using last years or this years former Falcons to get back into this thing lol. Bethel and Sanu FTW lol
  7. Week 9 GDT

    Thats exactly what i came here to post. Dude has been getting whipped for a minute now.
  8. Week 9 GDT

    we both agree on this for sure but theirs some coaches that keep sneaking their way back in. Im guessing their good at interviews and lying and making people believe them.
  9. Week 9 GDT

    Fair enough my friend i never once looked at your name lol. I just assumed anyone talking about the bengals like that were a fan of them so i went with it
  10. Week 9 GDT

    Pfft we have lost to both of them already this year including the dolphins. You really think under Quinn their worse than us this year wE are 1 dropped wide open pass from agholar from being 0-8 right now and 1-4 in preseason with losses to Skins, Dolphins, Jets, and broncos . Our only win was against the jags.
  11. Adam Gase's Job Security?

    Him and Dan Quinn should be sharing a car and riding their sorry butts straight to the unemployment line is what should be going down. Shanny and Ryan carried our team to a SB in 2016 and almost had it won. But Quinn and his 25th or worst defense every year gets to keep his job while he throws everyone else he hires under the bus and stays on.
  12. Week 9 GDT

    Oh theirs no doubt about that my friend but trust me i live in georgia their is a massive group of people who blast on him all the time. Calls into the radio stations and say the falcons best move would be to trade him and draft a young guy every year lol. I feel really bad for the guy because if Vick was never drafted here and we were coming from say Joey Harrington or Chris Redman to Matt Ryan he would probably be heralded as a god in this city.
  13. Week 9 GDT

    Not true my friend obviously you have never been to Atlanta lol. Ryan has throw 4 TD games with 325+ yards and 70% completion but because we lost by like 14 points was labeled a scrub by quite a few of our fans. He has a alot of fans here but theirs also alot of fans that won't ever like him because he isn't Vick sadly.
  14. Week 9 GDT

    nope yall still have to play the Jets, Dolphins, and the BRowns twice. I see a few wins in there somewhere THen the jets and dolphins play each other again and the skins as well so i see a few wins for both teams there as well. THe Falcons though my friends plays Carolina twice, Saints Twice, Bucs twice, 49ers, and Jags WE have by far the hardest schedule coming up and don't play any team ahead of us like all other 3 teams do to give each other wins. Plus even though it was preseason we have already lost to the Dolphins, Jets, and Redskins this eyar. That should have given the Falcon fans a sign of things to come
  15. Week 9 GDT

    You know i really really don't like Adam Gase. He just seems like a sore loser and very weak minded to me. Doing random little petty crap all the time the jets deserve better.