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  1. Yeah the Falcons new updates picks are pretty ugly this time around i can't sign off on it at all. F for the Falcons this go around homie. I like maybe 2 of them in total and 1 of them that i like i still feel is about a round to early.
  2. Ryan probably has 6 to 7 years left in him i would say i think he makes it to 42 or so and then calls it a day. His game isn't built on athleticism and his arm and decision making is still pretty good and shouldn't decline that fast til his early 40's. If the Falcons do well next season with a better defense and o-line in front of him and a 2nd year in Smith's system. I could see the Falcons extending him for like 3 or 4 more years to lower his cap hit if Ryan really wants to stay and help build a contender around him. This is going to be his best last chance if Brady steps down too soon.
  3. So from a Falcon fan this is the most amazing news i have heard in a good bit. This is also the best thing i can say for Sean and the Saints as a Falcon fan. Good riddance i hate you and please Sean don't ever come back to the nfc south go to the afc were tired of having to face you twice every year Damn good coach and this pleases me the Saints are going down bwhahahahaha. Now with all that said i really hope the Saints don't promote Pete Carmichael to Head Coach because that dude can coach and i think he should already be someones HC. I have seen what he can do with that Saints offen
  4. I would keep Davis there over Sauce i have Davis ranked higher and like him better as a prospect. But i also agree on the no QB in the 1st i wouldn't touch one for the Falcons at all in the 1sst round. Even though Malik is my highest rated QB and the only top 15 one to me i still wouldn't want him round 1. Falcons have to many other needs that are more needed and imo better players than malik. Only reason i was on board with Malik in round 2 is the value there for him was awesome to me if he did drop like you had him do here. But yeah i'll keep Davis over sauce easily and theirs a few
  5. Overall it's a solid draft for the Falcons we hit some needs and get some solid players can't complain to much with it on the update. I will say though Malik Willis falling to us in round 2 is VERYYYYYYYY TEMPTING he is my #1 QB in this class and is the only QB i have in the top 15 picks. Wouldn't take him top 10 but in the 12 to 15 range i think he is a solid choice. In round 2 he is so far BPA that i think i might take him and sit him for a year behind Ryan. Wouldn't trade up for any QB as we have to many other needs but Jordan Davis and Malik Willis would be 2 pretty dang good pick
  6. Not a bad pick but i personally would take Kyle Hamilton there over Stingley we still need another Safety to pair with Grant and Kyle Hamilton is the number 1 player in the entire draft. So that fits our BPA style Fontenot said he is going to do and also luckily fills a need as well. Stingley would be my choice if all of Hamilton, Hutchinson, Thib, and Evan Neal are gone. Stingley would be in that next tier of guys for me of Davis, Stingley, Linderbaum, Dean, and Karlaftis. Those top 5 are in a whole other tier of players for me and everyone of them would go 1st to our pick over
  7. Great move by the Falcons a trade down while getting Davis and a 3rd you gotta love it.
  8. Yeah but we can rebuild and make a comeback and te hawks can easily turn it around they have enough ammo to trade for a 2nd superstar to pair with Trae at anytime one comes available. Falcons are furthest away but im excited for our future i like Smith as a head coach.
  9. I still think the Refs cost UGA 7 points while giving Bama a turnover on the same type of play. Im fine with keeping both plays or removing both plays but not the way it went down. Williams is a very good player but im not sure he is a 20+ point swing good.
  10. I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY hope thats the Falcons future QB. Roll with Ryan 1 more year and then trade him next offseason where his contract is moveable while grabbing as much talent as we can this offseason to give Young the best chance to succeed when he gets here.
  11. Not bad though the state of Georgia has done well the last few years 3 championships in 3 different sports in 3 total years. Atlanta United broke the curse then the Braves and UGA do it back to back.
  12. Hell Yeah way to go UGA im gonna have a ton of friends getting way to drunk tonight down here in the ATL.
  13. Oh but they did because the chargers slapped them in the face by not accepting the run down of the clock and instead calling a timeout. Staley deserves that one for being a moron and costing his team the game. Pretty sure the Raiders were going to let the game go to a tie until he called that timeout to show them up.
  14. Somehow it even got worse for the Falcons this time around XD Atleast with the other one we got the best WR in the draft even though i hated that pick as well. Also i would much rather keep that money we spent on BJ and put it toward keeping Foye. Nice job on the mock draft in general though i always appreciate the work you put into them rather i hate the Falcons outcome or not lol At that point we can only hope and pray it doesn't turn out that way.
  15. Easy win for the Falcons there i'll take Hamilton every single time. We would have taken the Best considered player in the entire draft 2 years in a row. You can't complain about that ever i would love it. Hamilton, Richie Grant, and Jaylin hawkins as your 3 safety's that can move to a few positions incase of injury is a huge win for us going forward. Just noticed the trade at the bottom and we ended up with Hamilton + Karlaftis Sweet baby jesus that would be a god tier draft for us A+++++++++++
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