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  1. Wouldn't be a bad move imo as Scoot did great work here over the last few years and im sad to see him go. Our talent level on this team is up there with the best of them top to bottom and he had a nice hand in that over the years i would like to think. Plus he is an awesome person and really good guy the jets could do worse for sure.
  2. Why are interior OL and RTs so underrated?

    Only from those who are less informed on how important any good O-lineman can be. I value every piece of the OL as highly important C, G, and OT are all on the same level to me and honestly im starting to lean C and OG as more important because of dominating DT's are starting to become. I can usually throw a RB or TE at something to help the OT's but when a nasty DT is coming right up the middle theirs very little you can do with no pocket to step up into and the running game is pretty much screwed with a elite run stuffing DT most the time lol.
  3. Why are interior OL and RTs so underrated?

    Still worth the pick if he would have hit though he looked like a good prospect i wouldn't have hated the pick coming out.
  4. Why are interior OL and RTs so underrated?

    We of the Falcon delegation got you fam we not only did 1 of the positions we did both this year for you in round 1 OG and RT in the 1st round and i hope it pays off big time because i like both guys lol.
  5. Keep One/Delete One

    General Manager or Head Coach - GM stays Head coach goes I am Keeping Dimitroff as We have a ton of talent on the team at all times lol. I would say top 5 GM. Offensive Coordinator or Defensive Coordinator - DC stays OC goes This allows me to keep my headcoach as my DC in Quinn as he is a elite lvl DC imo. Best Offensive Player(non QB) or Best Defensive Player - Best defensive player stays in Deion Jones he is young and one of the best LB's in the league going forward. Julio goes as he is much older and we have some really talented recievers behind him. I think we can draft another good WR to replace him and matt has done well without him already once. Kicker or Punter - Don't care on either of them as the punter has started to get weaker lately and the kicker can be replaced to bring Matt Bryant back if we want to. Team Jersey or Team Helmet - Team Jersey can go as i would prefer to do that anyways and go back to our throw backs full time. Team Nickname or Team Colors - This is a tough one but i like the black white and red color scheme alot and think i would rather keep it and get a different nickname if we had to.
  6. Bowser's Way-Too-Early 2020 1st round

    2nd best safety It would be Neal > Allen > Kazee at this point. Kazee is a nice ballhawk but he made way to many mental mistakes and allowed to many big plays back there. Plus he doesn't know how to get the defense setup that well yet thats not his strong suit. Unless you know of another pro bowl quality safety on the Falcons roster i can't remember us having did we sign eric berry or something and i missed it lol. Plus Kazee is going to be playing CB/NB his prefered position so if he likes it there better and has already played well there before who are we to argue with him
  7. Bowser's Way-Too-Early 2020 1st round

    Allen better not be a cap casualty that would be ignorant if we did that for the little amount he makes he is the leader of our defense and one of the most intelligent guys we have on defense. He literally puts everyone in position as the QB back there of our D and if im not mistaken over the last 2 years or so he has led all safety's in fewest yards allowed in coverage snaps. He shuts down the big plays for us and it showed big time this last season when he was out.
  8. Bowser's Way-Too-Early 2020 1st round

    Doesn't seem like a smart pick at all for the Falcons and one i don't see us making. I would say DT, DE, Center, RB, and maybe even TE depending on if we resign hooper to a good contract or not. Would be the main targets for the Falcons next offseason as it sits right now. Im not against a OLB though as 1 of either Foye could not take that next step or Campbell could be replaced if he wants a contract bigger than what he is worth. But with that said Simmons probably wouldn't be my main choice in the 1st round. I like him as a player but i wouldn't take him there over other positions and im not sure if i play him at LB at the next level or safety yet.
  9. Steal 1 Player From Division Rival?

    I think for the Falcons im taking Cameron Jordan.
  10. 2019 NFL season predictions

    That would be Matt Ryan my friend he was the 1st alternate but turned it down because of a wrist injury in the bucs game that was bothering him. Which in turn went to Mitch as the next man up. It's sorta crazy to me ryan was an alternate though and not a 1st choice he led the nfc in yards, TD's , 2nd lowest int for 400+ throws, and top 3 in QB Rating
  11. Way Too Early 2020 Mock Draft. Because WHY NOT

    lol yeah i was a little bummed although my 2 main move was getting Oliver via a small move up or moving up to 3 or 4 for Quninen Williams. Wilkins was for sure my other main choice as well as Dexter Lawrence. I sorta wish we had taken Lawrence personally but on the other hand Lindstrom was my #1 interior lineman in the draft and i can't ever be mad fixing the O-line for the next 10 years. #1 player at 1 position could be better than #4 player at another position. Both had similar value to me around the 11 to 25 range so i can't be to upset as neither was a big reach to me of those 2. Overall im pleased with the draft i just wish we had saved a little of that cap space on either Carpenter, Sambrallo, or Brown to put it toward a big time Edge rusher or DT in FA like a Justin Houston, Ansah, Danny Shelton, Suh etc.... to pair with our 2 new young 1st round lineman to fix both sides of the trenches better.
  12. Way Too Early 2020 Mock Draft. Because WHY NOT

    16. Atlanta Falcons: Derrick Brown - Fantastic falcons pick as Brown fits exactly what we could use on the D-line if none of our current players take that next step next to grady. With that said if we are legit picking 16th again and it's not because of catastrophic injuries again then i would say Quinn and Company are probably looking for work this time next year lol. We have way to much talent on this team to be a middle of the road team and someone will need to answer for that.
  13. Is it blasphemy to like more than one team?

    Im a Falcon fan 100% all the way through but i very much like and support the Jags and patriots as well. Falcons come 1st before both of them always but if the Falcons aren't doing well i'll root for those 2 teams to do well.
  14. 2020 2 Round Mock (No Trades)

    Interesting Falcons draft although im not sure we actually need either player yet lol. RB i can possibly see depending on how Freeman comes back but even then im not fully against the pick to save alot of cap space at the RB position if we can cut freeman to save alot of it. Will have to check in on this to see if he is expendable cap wise without hurting us. As for round 2 i actually love the player in Paddy Fisher but i have no clue why we are taking a MLB when we have one of the top 3 to 5 MLB's in the nfl on our team already in Deion Jones. I know some might say move Jones to WLB but i have always been fully against making a elite player at a position he is already elite at move to a different position as it doesn't always work out and he might not be as good there. I will say at some point our D-line really does have to be addressed i thought it would be this year with all the D-line talent coming out but we once again neglected it I personally might do a Raekwon Davis or Derrick Brown DT setup in round 1 followed by a D'andre Swift in round 2 setup to fill team needs better with still very good talent.
  15. I would say the last guy i really didn't care for that others seemed to like alot while he was here is Keith Brooking as he seemed to pile on top of tackles 4 or 5 yards down the field alot and when he left he talked crap about the Falcons which rubbed me the wrong way considering they let his pile jumping azz stay around getting paid for way to long.