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    Thats exactly what i was typing that was awesome The young guns coming through when we needed them i love it.
  2. NBA lottery thread !!

    Thats my worst fear is they do the most hawks thing possible and instead of doing what they should do and what everyone else or atleast the majority sees as the best players in the draft they will somehow try to get cute and fail again like they did with Marvin and Sheldon. Im not saying you have to like them i understand you don't like Bagley but i would say a good 80% to 90% of most people have him as the clear #3 in that 1st tier with the other 2. I just so happen to be in that group after watching him alot and also being a Duke Fan thats my college team so i watch him and Carter more than most people. I like Carter just not as much as Bagley and think Bagley is a better player of the 2 at the next level.
  3. NBA lottery thread !!

    not a chance Bagley is the man and will be in the NBA. Now i will say this if you absolutely don't want to take one of the 3 legit possible tier 1 guys in this draft in Ayton, Bagley, or Doncic. Then you sure as hell don't waste a #3 pick on one of those guys you listed i would even take porter or JJJ over them. What you do at that point is see who gives you the most valuable assest and picks to move down to say 6 to 8 and take them while gaining a crap ton of future assets or extra players to do so for someone coming up to 3 to get a tier 1 player. You taking one of those guys at 3 only and not getting anything extra would be ludicrous for the Hawks to do.
  4. NBA lottery thread !!

    you wash yo mouth out with soap after saying that Devil shame on you. Bagley is the truth and you take him and if you can't make him and collins work then you trade collins for something you do need.
  5. NBA lottery thread !!

    I know we tanked but our young team played really hard every night and out HC even got cussed out for refusing to tank games. Thats one of the reason he ended up leaving at the end of the year. So we somewhat got rewarded for not tanking fully i guess.
  6. NBA lottery thread !!

    Man screw that get Marvin Williams 2.0 sorry butt outta here. I have no interest in JJJ and would take Porter over him but none of them are on the top 3 guys level or tier. If we don't come away with Bagley, Ayton, or Doncic in this draft the fans need to riot With that said their are reports and interviews with Schlenk saying he doesn't care about need he wants talent over need and BPA. Collins would be a very solid center and backup PF next to Bagley as starting PF. You don't pass on a franchise player just because you got someone somewhat similar to him at much less talent in the NBA. You take both players and make it work while adding to them.
  7. NBA lottery thread !!

    Hawks with the top 3 pick is what im talking about. Ayton, Doncic, and Bagley are the top 3 guys imo and my favorite of those 3 would be bagley. He is who i want as a Hawk the most but the other 2 would be just as nice to get if one of the other 2 teams take him 1st.
  8. CB DeAngelo Hall announces his retirement

    Good Sir or Maam that would be MeAngelo Falls to you. He was all about himself one of the biggest me me me players i can remember. Steve Smith lived rent free in that mans head for years and might still own a condo in there somewhere after retirement

    Did anyone see or expect this type of power from Ozzie Albies? I was expecting above avg defense speed and a solid bat but i never expected him to contend or keep up with the biggest mashers in the league at any given time. He is tied for 1st in the MLb right now with 13 of them so far which is crazy good for a 2nd baseman honestly.
  10. ATL signs DT Terrell McClain

    Money bro we didn't have enough for it he wanted 9+ mil and until we extended Ryan's contract we only had 2 mil left. Even after signing Ryan we only went up to like 8 mil which still wasn't enough so the 4 mil a year from McClain is a easier thing for us to handle. Also we have/had a TONNNN of guys coming up for new contracts in Ryan, Grady, Beasley, Matthews, Neal, Coleman, Rico Allen and im missing 1 or 2 more probably. Their all going to want bigger contracts from their rookie deals and we need to resign as many of them as possible. All but Coleman are probably locks we are gonna try to resign and all are younger than Poe. Now with that said people are acting like just because Mcclain had 1 down year last year on a brand new team he is trash but just the year before in 2016 him, poe, and Bennie Logan were all right there together in the top 30 DT's in the league. Poe was 25th, McClain was 29th, and Bennie i think was 30th or 31st according to PFF. McClain is a very solid player and was for Dallas so for 4 mil he is worth giving a try for 1 year just to see if he wasn't a fit for the Skins which is a possiblity.
  11. Grade Your Draft

    So i have a system setup that keeps me from cheating and using bias just because i love a player doesn't mean it was the best pick for us imo. I grade it on a point system with value and need. If it hits a need i give it 4 a non need i give it a 3 It can be higher or lower based on value. If they are supposed to go sooner than we picked by a round you get a extra point if we reach for a player by a round you lose a point. If it's 2 or more rounds you lose 2 points. The 1st round i break up into 1/3's top 10 player top 20 player and 21 to 32. If the grade avg's out to a 4.0 to 5 i give it an A- to A+ 2.5 to 3.9 B- to B+ 1.5 to 2.4 C- to C+ Anything under a 1.5 is an F and a failed draft. I use Mike Mayocks rounds and grades for the most part on players because i respect him more than almost anyone for the draft. As far as Falcons needs i have them before the draft as DT, WR, RB, TE, LB, and OG. So with that said on to the picks and values. 1) Calvin Ridley - Hits a need so 4 already Mayock had him as the 26th/27th player and we got him 26th. So would consider this even value. Stays 4. 2) Isahia Oliver/CB - This was not a need so it gets a 3 but Mayock and most other analysts had him as a 1st round guy at 32/33 So +1 value bringing him to a 4. 3) Deadrin Senat/DT - This is a need so thats a 4 Mayock has him as the 98th player on his board we took him at 90 both are 3rd round values. So it stays a 4. 4) Ito Smith/RB - Hit's a need gets a 4 Mayock didn't have him ranked So have to go to other sites. Went to 2 or 3 other sites and all had him late 5th early 6th. So he loses a point to a 3. 6 - Russell Gage/WR - Hit's a need as a WR and ST Ace. So gets a 4 Mayock has him as the 99th best player so thats round 3 value he gets a point bringing him as the only 5 in the draft. 6 - Foyesade Oluokun/LB - Hit's a need at LB thats a 4 Mayock doesn't have him listed other sites say late 6th to early 7th rounder. So it stays a 4. So adding all of those up we get 4+4+4+3+5+4 = 24 divided by 6 picks is a 4.0 So This draft gets an A- grade from me The Ito Smith pick brings it down but the Gage pick brings it back up.
  12. Thats all im saying bro and i'll stand by it everytime. Ryan did afterall break the record for most reception Td's by a different player in 1 year with like 12 or 13. He has proven he can play well with anyone as his receiving option and make them work when given time. He turned Harry Douglas into a 1000+ yard receiver the year Julio and Roddy got injured. Also 2 or 3 of Ryan's biggest games and most points scored during 2016 was when Julio was injured and not even in the games that week we score 40+ points both games. I would consider him around the 4 to 7 level behind Brady, Brees, and Rodgers on any given year. With the chance of being the best Qb in the league like 2016 when he has a very good o-line.
  13. So his breakdowns have been released on the contract per year and honestly it's not to bad over all. Thanks for the info from a member on the falcons website. 1. Signing bonus: $46.5 million 2. 2018 salary: $6 million, fully guaranteed. 3. 2019 option bonus: $10 million, fully guaranteed. 4. 2019 salary: $11.5 million, fully guaranteed. 5. 2020 salary: $20.5 million, fully guaranteed. 6. 2021 salary: $23 million, $5.5 million of which is guaranteed for injury only at signing. The $5.5 million becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2019 league year. 7. 2022 roster bonus: $7.5 million, due third day of 2021 league year. 8. 2022 salary: $16.25 million. 9. 2023 roster bonus: $7.5 million, due third day of 2021 league year. 10. 2023 salary: $20.5 million. 11. All guarantees have no offset language And this is his breakdowns with cap % used of each year with expected cap raises. Y1: $17.7m (10%) Y2: $22.8m (12%)* Y3: $31.8m (15.9%)* Y4: $34.3m (16.3%)* Y5: $35.05m (15.9%)* Y6: $30m (13%)*
  14. I'll be the 1st to say he has always had good receiving options but honestly what good is elite skill position players if your o-line gives you no time to throw it or get a good running game going. I just don't understand why people hold skill position players in such high regard to a qB's performance over a really good o-line. It's no coincidence that Ryans best years have been when our O-line played like a top 10 group and our defense was solid. Ryan has performed extremely well without Julio and other top receivers many of times when his O-line was playing well. Would i give the plethora of skill players up we have brought in heck no i like them helping out but if i had to choose a top 5 to 10 o-line every year or the group of skill players we have every year i would take the O-line for ryan every time. Ryan without a doubt i don't care what anyone says is one of the smartest QB's in the game and when given reasonable time is an amazingly accurate QB even more so on timing routes.
  15. So Ryan isn't exactly the 30 million a year man i thought he was. He actually took a little less this year it seems restructured while adding the 150 for the next 5 years. So with his new contract in hand he seems to be at 6 yrs for 169.2 mil now which is about 28.25 mil a year instead of the 30 mil a year for the life of the contract. So Rodgers still could very well get 29 to 30 mil a year and still be more than Ryan if that makes the Packer fans any happier to only have to pay 29 or so instead of 32 or 33 a year? Ryan is actually making almost exactly the same as Kirk Cousins is a year he just has 3 more years added on to it.