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  1. Mock Draft, no. 1

    No thanks on the Falcons pick i don't like it much at all. 16. Atlanta Falcons –––––––– CJ Henderson, CB Florida 17. Dallas Cowboys –––––––– K’lavon Chaisson, EDGE Louisiana State University 18. TRADE: Detroit Lions ­­­­–––––Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina Swap those 3 picks for sure Kinlaw to the Falcons should be a homerun and without a doubt needs to be the pick if he falls to us. Henderson to the Cowboys is what they prefer over Chaisson no doubt. Then whoever at 18 can get Chaisson if they want him. Even if Kinlaw gets taken before us then give the Falcons Chaisson and the Cowboys henderson. I personally wouldn't touch Henderson nor Fulton in round 1 and think it's a wasted pick to do so with as deep as the CB class is. Theirs atleast 3 possibly 4 guys in round 2 i would take over Henderson and Fulton.

    Umm i think you forgot who you gave us in round 1 my friend We got Kinlaw in round 1 so our Dt spot is covered with him and Grady Jarrett. Blalock is a fine player and without Kinlaw being there would be an A+ pick in round 2 for us. But since we lucked into Kinlaw Blalock is not really needed in round 2 so i say replace Blalock with Uche and were looking pretty good and then we can target CB in round 3.
  3. Falcons reveal new uniforms

    You couldn't have liked our jerseys we just came from very few people liked those circus tent jerseys lol.
  4. Falcons reveal new uniforms

    Well they sorta did a partial frontal view im not sure im feeling the ATL yet but we will see.
  5. Falcons reveal new uniforms

    Overall their not to bad for me i like the all white ones for dang sure. I personally would have made the numbers a little bit smaller but other than that it's a sure fire upgrade over the jerseys we have right now. The Matte Black helmet is a MASSIVE WIN though and i love that and i hope Mckay can win his fight to get us our red helmets as well as he wants us to have 2 helmet choices. As they sit i give them a B+ if the numbers were smaller an A- if we got the red helmet as well A to A+ all the way. They ended up alot less busy and alot cleaner than i thought the might look im not to mad about it at all. Although i just looked at the Bucs Jerseys and the number on the back of theirs is quite huge as well so maybe it's right and since i can't see the front yet with a smaller number it's just throwing me off. I do like the Falcon talon style font though with the sharpened ends to the numbers. I really need to see the front of these jerseys on one of our players to give my full thoughts and grade on them.
  6. 3 0 Mock - Previously 2 RD (No Trades)

    Kinlaw every dang time and not even a debate. Kinlaw is an animal theirs literally only 4 guys in this draft im taking over him Simmons, Young, Okudah, and Brown. Even with Brown it's close between them 2 for me lol. Chaisson would be the choice after Kinlaw if he gets taken before us and those other guys are gone. As for Winfield i have him as my #1 Safety in this draft and i think he will be a elite safety at the next level i think he is that impressive and our Boundry CB's are not as bad as people make them out to be lol. They are young true but after Trufant got injured last year and Oliver + Sheffield took over starting we went from 31st in the nfl in pass defense to 9th in pass defense with Raheem Morris calling the shots. During that time we went 6-2 against the saints twice, the bucs twice, and the 49ers. All of those teams were top tier offenses and we did very well against them with those 2 young CB's. Trust me i like me some Johnson he is probably my number 3 CB in this draft behind Okudah and Diggs but i think CB is deeper than Safety and of the 2 i think Winfield will be as you said great and a game changer. Im actually not against taking Winfield in round 1 with a big trade down to the end of round 1. Not quite at 16 but with a trade down i wouldn't be mad. We can use both a Safety and CB and we actually took Dugger in round 2 on he FFMD this year and just took Dantzler in round 3 so even there we went safety 1st. We look at it like this Neal is in his last year and has been out for 2 years in a row injured. Kazee struggles to read defenses big time although he is a ball hawk. Rico as much as we like him has also been injured quite a bit and will be gone in 2021 probably. Both Rico and Kazee can play nickleback and has done so sorta well for us. If we can get a legit top tier Safety for our team that makes our CB's that much better because they have a elite safety valve protecting them. Im gonna PM you a video to watch from a very knowledgeable Falcon fan about our safetys and Kazee.
  7. Turtle’s Rnd 1 Mock - No Trades

    Looks good on the Falcons end we will gladly take Chaisson at 16 almost everytime unless 1 of Simmons, Brown, Kinlaw, Okudah, or Young fall to us which has very very little chance of happening outside of Kinlaw im guessing and even thats sorta small lol.
  8. Mock v1.0 (Third round added)

    I like the 2nd round pick for the Falcons quite a bit and a i still hate the 1st round pick quite a bit Cowboy fans im still offering you a trade of players in round 1 if you are interested
  9. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    You got one of my favorite CB's in this draft and imo the last really good top tier CB on the board. I trusted my gut instinct not to expect Amik to last til round 4 and take a CB in round 3 he's just too good of a player love the pick Bowser my friend.
  10. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Same and i debated him earlier when we took Dugger. But theirs just something off and i can't get my head around what it is with him that throws me off. I knew the value was there but i just liked what i seen from Dugger alot more everytime i watched both of them. But in round 3 you really can't not take the chance like they did if needing a safety i think it's a quality upside pick and i hope he proves that im just crazy
  11. FFMD 20 Trade Thread

    lol who was we supposed to go get
  12. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    My best times is anytime after noon or 1 pm til 10 pm mornings i will really struggle to get to so thats where i might need you or anyone else to get it if possible.
  13. With the 74th pick in the 2020 FFMD The Atlanta Falcons select Cameron Dantzler - CB - Miss. St. - Proving time and time again he can run with the big dogs and put up numbers as good if not better than some 1st round quality players in the same conference. Falcons finally cover their need at CB with a very talented player we covet.
  14. FFMD 20 Trade Thread

    Falcons Confirm this trade
  15. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Already did and even had a backup plan to send the leaders of this my top 10 list incase Scar couldn't Scar's gonna be able to i think though at this point.