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    Eh it's so so for the Falcons i wouldn't have taken an OG over Taven Bryan or Maurice Hurst as we have a much bigger need at DT than we do OG and i feel Wynn along with like 8 other OG's are similar talent and we can take one in the 2nd round with very little drop off. Where i think Bryan and Hurst are legit top 25 players and better than the 2nd group of DT's in round 2.
  2. 2018 NFL Free Agency and Draft 2.0

    You can add B.J. Hill to that list as well
  3. 4 Round Mock Offseason - *Updated 2/15*

    I just noticed Roquan Smith is going at 22. Dude i would offer our 1st and 3rd EASILY to go get Smith at 21 or 22 over the TE and WR we picked up and it's not even close. Those 2 players aren't half the skill level or talent Smith is and we could def use a upgrade at LB to pair him with Jones and Cambpell. Im not even a UGA fan but do you realise the amount of jerseys that would be sold in this state if he became a Falcon he is a national icon to most UGA fans around here Even though im a fSU fan i still realize his real talent though after watching him most of his college career still living in georgia.
  4. Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds?

    That depends on who Smith gets drafted to actually because in the Falcons scheme he would easily be our MLB. Deion Jones would be a better fit as our WLB because he is quicker and is probably one of the best coverage LB's in the nfl right now. He has done well at MLB being a pro bowler in his 2nd year but as a WLB he would be even better. Smith who is probably a more sure tackler than Jones would play MLB for us more than likely but either way a tandem of Jones and Smith at WLB and MLB would be ridiculous and he will be long gone before we pick lol. WLB and MLB in the Falcons scheme aren't all that different though honestly but the WLB prob. does do a bit more coverage overall.
  5. 2018 NFL Free Agency and Draft 2.0

    Fair enough and i hope the Falcons are the one that gives him 3 more years at 8 mil a year Lord knows we need him back because if not our DT group is gonna be in a world of hurt if we don't sign another good FA DT besides him and still draft 1 or 2 of them. Every single Dt we have on the roster is a FA this year besides Grady Jarrett thats a scary thought even more so when Taven Bryan is more of a big DE smaller DT than Grady. Will be a good addition to rotate with him at UT and DE. But still need 2 more of them and i would be thrilled if thats Poe back and maybe a guy like B.J. Hill in the 3rd or 4th round.
  6. 2018 NFL Free Agency and Draft 2.0

    Makes sense and thank you for taking it into consideration and im not fully against Gabriel being back as i know we need depth i just hope he can do better than he did last year for us. The main reason i said Gabriel to san fran is Shannahan has brought gabriel in every place he has went so far with the browns and the Falcons and he has showed out every time under Shanny. But as said if he can somehow figure something out here he is a solid player that we could def. use at the WR position. What was your thoughts on Poe though why would he be taking such a downgrade on Pay compared to what we gave him last year at 8 mil on a 1 year deal. From what the talk is around here from i guess you would say inside analysts the Falcons might not be able to keep him because him and his agent are wanting like 11 to 12 a year. While the Falcons are hoping to resign him at around 8 again for 3 or 4 years but saying we prob. can't get him for that which means he ends up walking to a team offering 11 to 12 which would suck because some team can pay that easier than us and he done well here
  7. Badgers0821 1st 2018 Mock (1 Round)

    6. ATL - Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan Good pick for the Falcons badger you def. hit our biggest need with a good choice in Hurst. He is my 4th choice in round 1 but still a good one none the less and no complaints with him. You actually have the DT's i would take over Hurst going in the exact order i would take them to in Vea then Payne followed by Bryan then Hurst. Saints got an awesome deal in that trade down i would have given up 26 and 122 for that trade if they wanted a little better value
  8. 2018 NFL Free Agency and Draft 2.0

    Taven Bryan is a really good pick for the Falcons in round 1. Now as far as FA goes Gabriel probably won't be back as he didn't really do well under Sark in this offense. I would probably look elsewhere maybe to spend our cap space instead of resigning him. I think Sark will bring him into SF for a little more than what we offered him honestly. But i say if they can sign him for what we offered then go for it. Now as far as Poe goes i hope thats not 3 yrs 18 mil total because theirs no way we won't bring him back for that price to ATL. He said he loved it here in our scheme and we were happy to pay him 8 mil a year this year and he was worth it. He will ask for like 10 to 12 a year in this coming contract and if the Falcons could get him for even 3 yrs 21 to 24 mil we would resign him much less for 3 yrs 18 mil that would be a steal and we would 100% have to resign him because we don't have any DT's on the roster besides Grady Jarrett making Poe a priority signing over any position right now. Also i don't see Justin Pugh in your draft or on the FA list with us needing a OG pretty badly would you be against us getting Pugh as our big time FA this offseason and shore up our OL for the next few years for our SB run window under Ryans last contract. This would actually allow us to get a younger good WR in round 2 to 4 instead of bringing back Gabriel who has said didn't do well in Sarks scheme this year.
  9. Sashi Brown's Ghost Mock !

    Really good falcons 1st 2 rounds im a big fan of it so far bro any chance we might be able to pull B.J. Hill at NT in round 3 to finish off our early trench draft.
  10. Bowser's Mock 5.0 (I may have lost count)

    Not a massive fan of the Falcons pick but it wouldn't kill me. Just think we can get much better value for a OG in round 2 at our pick or via a trade down into the 2nd if we want a OG. I would much rather take Taven Bryan there at DT/DE as it's a much bigger need as of right now.
  11. 1st stab at a 2018 Mock -2-15

    Even then if it's only 1 o 2 years im not giving a 1st for that i just couldn't do it when i could possibly get the next tom brady or rodgers for the next 15 yrs i'll take that chance over 1 or 2 years. Theirs no chance i give a 1st for Eli right now even if he had 5 yrs left
  12. 4 Round Mock Offseason - *Updated 2/15*

    And now im sad again compared to what it was It went from great to below avg at this point. Every single player we took besides Clapp i would have at best taken a round later and even then was pushing it. I wouldn't have touched them in the round we took them in at all and that goes triple for Brown ay DT in the 2nd round. Their are tons of DT's i take before him in this draft and i would have taken him maybe in the 4th round. The last draft you gave us when you added Pugh as a FA was A+ Quality i would say this one is a C or C-
  13. 1st stab at a 2018 Mock -2-15

    As also a Jags fan after the Falcons im with you on this as well no team should ever give a 1st or 2nd round pick for Eli as the man isn't that impressive at all and i wouldn't give a 3rd for him at best maybe a 4th but i would rather stay with Bortles than go with Eli for the much money + giving up a pick.
  14. 1st stab at a 2018 Mock -2-15

    My boy scar coming in killing it and laying down the Truth for you Sandy. Listen to this man today he is preaching knowledge and i like it. Da'ron Payne to the Falcons at DT = yes please and if Payne and Vea are gone before our pick then Bryan slides right in as the pick with no complaints. If we do get Bryan for DE/DT then look for that monster B.J. Hill at NT later in the draft and at OG. CB is probably one of the best spots we have on defense and lead us to a top 10 pass defense when our D-line was struggling to get pressure at times our secondary played phenomenal overall. Plus we have all 3 of them locked up for quite a few more years and im very happy with all 3.
  15. WH's crack at a 3 rder

    Not a bad falcons draft honestly as we hit the trenches hard and often thats always a plus to me plus i like all 3 guys we drafted. With that said you can tell the titans to kiss my butt for taking B.J. Hill at 89 1 pick before we could take him at 90. Man i want that dude on my team as a NT come the real draft he is gonna be a beast.