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  1. Falcons extend LB Deion Jones (4 years, $57M, $34M Gt'd)

    Yeah i have a feeling both Jones boys were on the jet with their contracts pretty much almost done waiting on Gradys to get finished. I am betting we hear about Julio's in the next day or 2 and would be a bit surprised if we didn't. Julio has already said he won't be holding out and doesn't need to saying Blanks word is golden and he trusts him. Im guessing julio is around the 19 to 20 mil a year or so avg and anything cheaper i would be crazy impressed with TD this offseason. We got Grady 3 mil per year less than i expected, We got Debo about 3 to 4 mil per year less than i expected. I was thinking 20 for Grady and 18 to 20 for Debo and 20 or so for Julio. So anything less than those numbers and im very happy which 2 of the 3 so far has been lower. 3 for 3 and TD needs a damn raise himself lol.
  2. Falcons ink Grady Jarrett to new 4 year deal

    He is actually a better run stopper than he is pass rusher he has been in the top tier of run defense for a DT the last 3 years with scores above 90 on pff the last 2. His pass rushing which is also solid is actually his secondary thing that he is good at but not his best.
  3. Falcons ink Grady Jarrett to new 4 year deal

    Rankins should be comparable overall he has done very well although i think Grady is a little bit better of the 2 as they put up similar numbers but Grady does it with less help on the D-line and has to take on more double teams. Cam takes a TON OF PRESSURE of the rest of that D-line and even your number 2 DT in Davison was better than any DT we had a chance to throw out there imo. Im not gonna lie i was quite a bit jealous of the Saints D-line compared to ours as we really only had 1 guy stepping up most the time in Grady. Beasley, Takk, and McClain were so on and off struggling it was sad. But don't take this as me knocking Sheldon at all as i think he is a stud as i think Grady is a stud. I just think Grady puts up better numbers overall while having to do more by himself. You aren't interested in letting us have Sheldon to team with him are you or letting us borrow cam for 2 years?
  4. Falcons ink Grady Jarrett to new 4 year deal

    As my pats friend said down below that was Clayborn and we actually signed him back this offseason to team back up with grady and the others lol. This might be one of the deeper rotations we have had in awhile. DE - Beasley, Takk, Clayborne, Crawford, Cominsky(drafted this year), and Odom - We are supposedly looking at Allen Bailey as well not sure how solid he is though? Dt - Grady Jarrett, Tyeler Davison, Ra'Shede Hageman, Dedrin Senat, , Michael Bennett <-- wouldn't mind adding another guy here to replace Bennett if we go 5.
  5. Falcons ink Grady Jarrett to new 4 year deal

    Not really he is a pretty bad dude as said we as fans were expecting closer to 19 or 20 mil. He has made it on quite a few top 50 to 100 lists of nfl players Think the highest he ever made it on one was like 17th or so. He as Jaguarcrazy said doesn't get anywhere near the credit he deserves and usually just keeps quiet and works his butt off so you don't hear tons about him. I know PFF isn't the all being truth but he usually does very well on their site most the time also. Here is a little bit on him from them And despite his smaller frame, Jarrett has had high-end success in both run defense and rushing the passer. His 90.0 run-defense grade and 86.7 pass-rush grade rank eighth and fifth, respectively, among qualifying interior defensive linemen. He’s now earned 90.0-plus run-defense grades in back-to-back seasons. Jarrett finished the regular season ranked fourth in pass-rush win percentage (16.6) and sixth in pressure percentage (12.3), recording 71 pass-rush wins and 53 total pressures in the process. His pass-rush ability on third down was particularly impressive, as he recorded the third-ranked win percentage (21.8) and second-ranked pass-rush grade (90.1) on third downs throughout the regular season. He has been one of the better DT's for a few years now and gets better every single year with his sack totals going up everytime. This year he had 6 of them which from the Falcons isn't all that bad considering what else our D-line gives us lol. Grady really hasn't had a ton of help around him to take doubles off of him as he takes them on the majority of the time and still produces at that high of a level.
  6. Falcons ink Grady Jarrett to new 4 year deal

    This is what i was talking about and why most of us thought 19 to 20 would be what it took. Fletcher is better not denying that but Grady isn't far off and is young and getting better every year. Im thrilled with that contract as it sits and love having grady for 4 more years. It's awesome having both Daddy Tuggle and Baby Tuggle spending most of their careers as Falcons. Jessie Tuggle is my favorite player of all time
  7. Falcons ink Grady Jarrett to new 4 year deal

    Thats actually less than what alot of Falcon fans were expecting. We were guessing around 19 to 20 a year for him and hoping for a 16 to 17 range. Grady has been a monster for us and is probably the 2nd best player on our defense behind Deion Jones.
  8. Right under Fletcher Cox value puts us back around 22 million in cap space to signed new players or give new contracts to players we have. We are already starting to work on Deion Jones contract as well got a meeting set up with Drew Rosenhaus next week. Hopefully we can have both Jones players done in a few weeks being Julio and Debo. Then im pretty happy as all 3 of the main falcon guys i wanted signed will be done.
  9. 2019 Home Run Derby

    Gotta say the 3 i was most impressed by so far are Vlad, Joc, and Acuna. Vlad is destroying that ball and the most impressive show of power so far for doing it more than 1 round. Joc for keeping up with him in round 2 and almost winning it which is really impressive considering what Vlad is doing. Acuna because he looked like the most impressive pure hitter out there and i loved the young barry bonds comparison they gave him. I don't like that Alonso got to quit without actually putting in the effort the rest of the guys did in round 1. But i guess thats the perk of going 2nd im just not a fan of it.
  10. The 2014 Draft - How Did You Do?

    @BleedTheClock Don't give up hope on Hageman yet fam we trying to resurrect him 1 last time The guy legit shows dominating performances at times and you can see how seriously talented and bad *** he is. If he can get out of his own way and put in the effort needed this time around he could very well turn into a monster DT but like always it will be up to him to take that next step. I really hope he does because even in the nfl when he is on he is almost unstoppable and it's amazing to watch.
  11. I have no problems with the Falcons being ranked 15th or the 8-8 record. Although i like most others on here think that the team i represent will do better than that lol. But can see why others want to see it proven and be healthy to make it happen. The 1 thing i absolutely do have a problem with that you were wrong on is saying Matt Ryan had a down year in 2018 compared to better seasons in 2016 and 2017. 2017 was not a very good year for Ryan with a 91 rating and 20 td's to 12 int's. But honestly that whole offense was bad under Sarks 1st year compared to what we normally are. In 2018 Ryan had one of the best years of his career right there with the 2016 MVP season. He had pretty much the same amount of total TD's, yards,, completion %, and the same amount of Int's in 2018 as he had in 2016. To me he overall played last year than in 2016 considering he had the same caliber MVP numbers last year he had in 2016 with much less help from the play caller Sark instead of Shannan, With a worse O-line, and a worse RB setup and a worse Defense to help him out.
  12. Devils Top Prospects(2019 Midseason Complete)

    It better be me or we gonna have problems >.> I worked my azz off this year to get that number 1 spot on your list.
  13. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    and in the very next sequence they change their pitcher from Gag and dansby goes hitless for the game lol. Dansby gonna come after you for jinxing him Devil
  14. Cubs to sign Closer Craig Kimbrel - 3 years, $43M

    I wouldn't be against Minter as the 8th inning guy and let him continue to prove he is back to being solid and if so then put him back in closer if we don't find one via trade thats lights out or Swar stumbles. Now on that note i liked Ynoa today that kid has some electric stuff in that arm and i haven't been keeping tabs on him in the minors. From what i seen he was a starter and had some bad innings that led to his high era. But in bullpen duty his stuff could be very good and if today is any sign of it i like what i see going forward from him. You know the minor league stuff better than most ppl i know what do you know and think about him in the bullpen and do you like him at all.
  15. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Once again another blown save from that garbage bullpen we keep throwing out there outside of Swarzack and newk when he is in the pen. But since he started this game we didn't have him available.