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  1. Steelers vs Falcons Big 4 on Offense

    Im pretty sure he was but i pray you were as well when talking about Julio's work ethic which is every bit as good as AB's. Neither of them shy away from putting in the extra effort and is the reason they are the top 2 Wr's in the league. They are both known for this and for any fan to say either of them even if you are a fan of the opposite team doesn't have elite work ethic is just ignorant. It pretty much comes down to this 99% of Steelers fans will say AB is the better WR and 99% of Falcons fans will say Julio is the better WR. AB wins some polls on who is better depending on the year he is having some years and Julio wins it the other years. Im pretty sure Julio won the poll last year but if Ab has a better year this year then he probably will. They are literally 1A and 1B.
  2. Week 2 Heroes

    For the Falcons Offense - Freeman at RB with 2 TD's and some tough yards running the clock down with a big lead. Defense - Trufant with a really nice diving interception that lead to us getting a Td with 40 seconds left before half and then a fumble recovery for a TD paying atttention when everyone else thought the play was dead. Because of him being in the right place and making the right reads thats a 14 point swing in matter of 2 to 3 minutes before and after the half.
  3. Vic Beasley out with slight hamstring tear

    It will for sure make a difference but we have prepared much better this year to still get pressure even with him out. We added Takk Mckinley, Dontari Poe, and Jack Crawford to the D-line that we didn't have last year. Plus we got Adrian Clayborne back healthy and Derrick Shelby back healthy. We also mvoed D'vondre Campbell as a pass rusher this year from WLB. We have tons of depth on the D-line with some really talented players in there we could also still go grab Dwight Freeney if need be as both Quinn and him said thats a possiblity right before preseason started so he has kept himself in good shape. Missing the sack leader of last year will hurt but we have for sure covered our bases much better this year incase of injury on D-line or O-line.
  4. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    I'll be the 1st to admit Smitty is a great DC and a pretty solid HC. But a much better DC than HC i had wished while he was here he would have taken over defensive play calls. But i am more than happy with Quinn at this point as our defense is for sure starting to get much better.
  5. Week 2 | Other Games Thread

    Them UGA LB's are filthy good this year.
  6. Week 2 | Other Games Thread

    Good lord is ND's field that bad or something? I swear i have seen more guys slip on cuts in this game than i have in a long time.
  7. Week 2 | Other Games Thread

    Fromm hasn't looked all that impressive so far either for Georgia but it is his 1st game starting so im sure theirs some jitters.
  8. Week 2 | Other Games Thread

    Thats bc UGA's front 6 is really good Smith and Carter are a great combo at LB. But that safety #24 Domqinue is giving ND all kinds of free 1st downs he is horrible so far.
  9. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 2 9/9/2017)

    Have watched alot of the UGA VS ND game and Roquan Smith has been showing up alot i like what im seeing from him. But i can also tell you who hasn't Dominique Sanders #24 Safety from Georgia. That dude is straight trash so far good lord lol.
  10. Ranking the youth on every team

    The Falcons holding on to tried and true 42 yr old Matt Bryant probably isn't helping their cause for age lol. But thats ok Bryant is still kicking strong for his age so he can stay until he proves he can't imo no matter the age
  11. Super Bowl picks

    Truthfully i think it has less to do with Shanny or Sark and a ton more to do with Alex Mack. Last year was the 1st year Ryan has had a O-line that anyone could call average or above avg. With Mack leading the Line and making all the reads and calls it allowed ryan to worry about just what he needs to do. Everyone knows ryans 2 biggest strengths would be his accuracy even more so on timing routes and his intelligence. So if you give him enough time he can and will pick you apart most of the time and has his whole career. It's no coincidence that his worst season in a long time came when he had Mike Person rolling the balls back to him from center and ryan having to make most of the o-line calls as well.
  12. Super Bowl picks

    Not really i think he is a good coodinator but i also think Sark is a really brilliant coordinator as well and we pretty much kept the exact same scheme that our guys have already run under Shanny. The big difference is Ryan can now check out of plays that he thinks needs to be checked out of and can control the game a bit more. He didn't really have this luxury under Shanny much and it bit us in the azz in the SB. Ryan supposedly was heard yelling at some of the coaches on the sideline to run the &*%^ Ball about mid way into the 4th quarter to eat up more clock. But Shanny kept calling passing plays over and over. Now i will say i think you will see a bit of a step back from last year we might lose a point or 2 a game and finish in the top 3 to 5 on offense but thats still more than good enough if our defense improves as much as i think it is going too with all the guys we added.
  13. Super Bowl picks

    Falcons over Steelers in a battle of 2 of the best and most talented offenses in the league and 2 defenses getting better by the year.
  14. After last year having the Superbowl all but won and basically giving it away because Shannahan refused to run the ball anything less than actually winning the SB will be considered a let down for me this year for the Falcons.
  15. Week 1 | Other Games Thread

    to be fair that 47 yearder went straight left and wouldn't have been good from 35 The 2nd kick he kicked it super low it was barely above his linemans head. From 35 or so yards out he doesn't have to kick it that low usually. You see low line drives like that from 55+