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  1. Sure i'll PM them to ya im not gonna go all out like you and do complete writeups your a monster for doing them every year XD So mine don't deserve a thread or anything but i'll do a list for ya and send it to ya my friend
  2. Both the Falcons and jags draft would be in my top 10 drafts and i have both of them with A drafts.
  3. Alright so the draft is done and it's time for my rankings and draft grade based on value, need, and fit. I start everyone at a B and can push you up or down based on a need or value. I lower my needs from the 5th round on because i feel you more so draft for value there but if you get some need as well then you get a bonus point. If you don't draft for need then you go down a grade but the value can add a + or negative to the grade as well. If you are drafted more than a round better than you were expected to go you go up a grade as well. So with that said here is how we did without
  4. Not a terrible choice as far as position goes but me personally i think Edge Rusher is going to be priority number 1 next year. I haven't looked at the edge rushing class nor the secondary class coming out so i don't know which is a strength the most or expected to have better players in the 1st or 2nd round.
  5. Im pretty sure this is a joke because it was widely expected by most people we were taking Pitts at 4 for a good while. Also Lance shouldn't be put in front of any of those guys right now i know fresh cuts at the butcher that are less raw than that guy. He is the 1 QB i would have hands down been the most pissed about us taking at 4 of the 1st round guys.
  6. Pretty happy about him and Felipe i liked both guys quite a bit as late round guys. Here is our complete list so far JR Pace DB Northwestern Marcus Murphy S Mississippi State Javian Hawkins RB Louisville Eli Howard DL Texas Tech Alani Pututau DL Adams St Antonio Nunn WR Buffalo Caleb Huntley RB Ball St Ryan Neuzil OG App St Errol Thompson LB Mississippi State Bryce Hargrove OL Pittsburgh Feliepe Franks QB Arkansas John Raine TE Northwestern Dorian Etheridge LB Louisville Kion Smith OL Fayetteville St Austin Trammel W
  7. No complaints from me you know im a big uglies type of guy
  8. I didn't know Ade was still available on the Edge. Thats a really good pick for the Falcons i know theirs a few sites who have him in the top 100 picks and players. CBS for sure did if i remember correctly im pretty sure he was a late 3rd to early 4th round guy and we got him pretty much in the 6th. I'll take that pick for value and need nice job Fontenot.
  9. Gainwell is who i wanted for the Falcons there i think we dropped the ball not taking him knowing we could use another legit high quality RB.
  10. No idea who the guy is we just took
  11. Jabrill Cox and Baron Browning falling a good bit really surprised to see Monty Rice from UGA ahead of them both.
  12. Mayfield wasn't my favorite choice but i don't dislike it either we got a LG for the future added to the O-line and you can't be mad at that. I'll say this Mayfield might have been one of the only guys i watched that held his ground and actually beat Chase Young and that shows to me what kind of player he can be because Young is a straight beast.
  13. Cheifs you pieces of crap yall can kiss my fat white butt lol I hate yall so much right now my god what a pair of picks by yall in round 2.
  14. Dang you Bills getting that great player >.>
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