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  1. First of the year with trades

    no complaints at all with AJ to the Falcons A grade from me.
  2. Quick 1 Rounder No Trades

    AJ is a great pick for the falcons i love it.
  3. Ozzy i think you did much better on this newest update for the Falcons. I like all of the players you gave us better in each round. The only 1 i would have changed is the WR in the 4th round as i just don't see us drafting one that early and possibly not at all. I would have went with a LB, CB, or another DE there. We still gotta find someone to replace Campbell and upgrade him at SLB. But this is still a much better job for the falcons it's starting to look good bro keep it up.
  4. Titans DC Dean Pees Retiring

    This makes no sense just because he doesn't work well with 1 team which just so happens you are a fan of. Doesn't mean he hasn't and didn't work great for another team that fits him better with better players that fit his scheme. He done pretty well in Tennesee which is why most of their fans are going to miss him so theirs no reason to say they upgraded when they haven't even hired anyone yet to replace someone that actually did well for them even though he might not have done well for your team. To me it sounds more like your still salty and whining that he and his titans defense man handled your team this year in the playoffs.
  5. J-Deereā€™s 1 round mock (trades) 1.0

    Love the Falcons pick he is high on my list for the falcons if guys like Brown, Simmons, and AJ are already gone which i expect them to be.
  6. Thanks for the reply and discussions ozzy and for your statement on vic and takk. One of them in Vic is a free agent and is pretty much a lock to be gone as someone is going to give him like 10+ million a year for his 10 sacks he almost got and think they can fix him or make him better. We for sure can't give him 10 mil a year and expect to keep hooper or upgrade another position. I personally am a huge fan of beasley as i wanted him in the draft and own a jersey of his autographed when he comes into the sports store i work at often lol. But even i realize he has almost a zero percent chance to be a falcon next year at the numbers some random team with tons of cap will give him. We would probably take him back at around 4 mil a year or so and thats not even half what he probably gets on open market. As for takk i still like his upside and he will be here next year but after 2 shoulder surgery's in back to back seasons and 2 underwhelming seasons you gotta start looking for an eventual replacement if it doesn't click and also a partner in crime across from hhim to replace beasley. Even then you need more than just 2 edge rushers on the team that can get to the QB and we really don't have many that can. Our secondary started looking a heck of alot better once our D-line started getting home toward the end of the season. Thats why i chose 2 de's in the draft and a legit DT in the 1st. So we can fix the entire D-line hopefully and provide a much needed boost of talent there to help the secondary out. As for Kenny i actually named him Winovich type based on the exact things you said about him The effort guy, good motor and high football character and leader thats exactly what i thought of winovich last year coming out and said he was a Falcons and Patriots type of guy. Which supposedly had he fell to us he was way high on our board as a 2nd rounder and we was hoping he fell to the 3rd. But like i thought the Pats jumped on him because he is exactly as you said a Pats type of player and Falcons type of player. Im not sure if kenny times as well as winovich and i honestly didn't think winovich would time that well until he did. But i see them as similar traits type of guys who will be successful at the next level based on being effort, good motor high iq dudes. Which i don't think anyone would deny about either of them. Still we atleast gotta get 1 of the 2 dudes to put at DE and since Kenny i didn't see in your draft i say throw him to us later to replace the WR and were looking alot better lol. Also good to hear about Runyan at OG that can def. work. I still see Nick as the better player and a more needed player since he can do C as well.
  7. You started off extremely strong for the falcons then completely fell of a cliff in the last few picks my guy kinlaw is a home urn every single time in that situation antoine im not actually against either at safety depending on what we do there with neal, rico, and kazee. Eno you already know im not a fan of in the 2nd round we already discuessed that before im pretty sure of. IN THE 4th round i would settle for him but in the 2nd round i want a better player than that and preferably a bigger back. I do got a question on Jon Runyan though as i haven't done much research on him at all. Is he a strict OT at the next level or does he look more like he will be a legit OG. If he is expected to be a OT then he is a bad pick but if he can be a LG im not against him. I think the better pick there would be the guy going right after that pick in Harris who would be Macks replacement either this offseason or next at center and can for sure do OG for 1 season next to mack to learn from him. and then the worst pick in the draft for us the WR which we have absolutely 100% zero need for at this point we are outstanding at WR. We were solid enough 1 to 4 that we could trade Sanu and not miss a beat. Julio, Ridley, Gage, Hardy, Oz, and Blake are more than fine at that position when we have legit other needs to be looked at like OLB and DE. Im actually a little confused how come you didn't draft 1 edge rusher or de for us when it's our #1 need in the entire draft. What plans do you have for us here im sorta interested in seeing what you think we are gonna do at this spot. This would be mine in your mock scenario at each pick for the falcons. 1st - Kinlaw - DT - Love this pick with who's available can never go wrong with him here. 2A - Kenny Willekes - DE - Not sure why he isn't in your mock he is a player i think is going to do well like a winovich type of player from last year. 2B - Zack Moss RB - He is a bigger back than Eno and imo a much better back he is the 4th best RB in this class now. 3rd - Nick Harris - C - Macks future replacement and can help at LG this year untill he takes over next year or so for mack. Unless mack is a cap casualty this year then he starts 4th - Julian Okwara - DE - I might not like him in round 1 where people kept giving him to us earlier. But in round 4 he's well worth the chance and a steal. Hit the trenches hard and get us a bit of a bigger rb with more talent. Would look at OLB, Safety, and CB in the next few rounds for depth or potential upside starters. Would not even attempt to look at QB, WR, OT, or TE right now unless hooper ends up leaving then i would check a TE out depending on FA.
  8. First crack at one. 2 rounds, now.

    NP broham i always look forward to your mocks even if we don't always agree on picks we atleast talk them out and listen to each others reasoning's on why we should do each thing. Im sure this is your 1st of many this offseason and as always if you need help on anything falcon related shoot me a pm. Zappa does it every now and then as do a few others.
  9. First crack at one. 2 rounds, now.

    #16. ATLANTA: A.J. Epenesa, DE, Iowa. Really good Falcons pick here im thinking if either him or Kinlaw make it to us their probably the picks based on value and need. The 2 guys i really hope fall to us but are likely not to are SImmons and Brown but if either do i think it's a no brainer on either of them lol. If by chance all 4 of them are gone in simmons, brown, aj, and kinlaw then im guessing chassion or Delpit are the picks since gross probably won't go this early anymore after the offseason problems. But if he talks o the Falcons and they somehow clear hims he would probably be a choice as well but i doubt they clear him.
  10. Post Divisional 4 Rounder with Comp Picks

    Atlanta 16. K'Lavon Chaisson [ EDGE ] LSU 47. J.K. Dobbins [ RB ] Ohio State 55. Leki Fotu [ IDL ] Utah 78. Damon Arnette [ CB ] Ohio State 116. Justin Herron [ G/T ] Wake Forest I like pretty much every position we took in this draft and am somewhat ok with where we took the position. I personally would have went OG/C before CB but i like Herron so im not complaining on that. I would have rather we swapped EDge rusher to the 2nd round and dT to the 1st round just based on the guys i like better for us in each round at the pick. For me it would have went like this 1st - Kinlaw - DT - THink he is a better player and better value than Chaisson. 2nd J.K. Dobbins -DE - He is my #1 RB in this draft and the guy i want most for us in the 2nd round im thrilled with this pick. 2B - Darrell Taylor - DE - Pretty big fan of his and think he might go earlier than this pick 3rd - Kenny Willekes -DE - I would have loved him in round 2 much less round 3 and i would easily double down on edge rusher over another CB. I see willekes as a similar type of guy/talent coming out as i did winovich last year and think both will be studs at the next level. 4th - Herron or Simpson at OG - in round 4 and im pretty happy. Honestly even if what you gace us 1st happened i wouldn't be mad it's not like i don't like Chaisson and Fotu i just think the 2 guys i chose are better players at each pick. If we kept your original picks and changed Arnette for willekes i would still give the draft a solid A- to A grade.
  11. Championship Week 1 Round with trades

    Made the pick before i found out my guy and i agree with you i don't see it happening anymore.
  12. Championship Week 1 Round with trades

    No thanks on Fulton at 16 Bowser. Thats not the best way to go for the Falcons at this point as we are actually atleast solid at CB with talented youth with upside and a CB we really can't get rid of in Trufant for another year or 2 who actually played quite well this year when healthy. Our main needs would be DE, DT, LG/C, OLB and maybe Safety depending on what goes down with Neal. The main guys there i would look at for the Falcons are Kinlaw, Gross, Delpit, or heck even offer a trade up for like 16 + a 3rd to go get Simmons as i think a top 5 talent like him is worth a 3rd round pick to obtain.
  13. Is Drew Brees overrated?

    I would say absolutely yes because the majority of them actually finished with good to great offense and it was our defense or lack there of that got the coaching crew fired lol. I have never denied Ryan has had a good skill position group for the majority of his career. What i will say though is Ryan has had one of the worst defenses supporting him and usually a below avg to garbage offensive line in front of him most of his career. I would trade those skill position groupings ryan has had for a top tier defense and good o-line every single day of the week and honestly i don't think theirs any person on here who wouldn't have. I have seen Ryan spread the ball to 13 different recievers for a TD in a year and have seen a #3 or 4 WR in Harry Douglas become a 1000+ yard #1 under Ryan when Julio and Roddy were out. So im not sweating Ryan can make almost any skill position player good if given the time by his o-line.
  14. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    16. ATL: K'Lavon Chassion - Not to bad of a pick considering who was available i like Chassion. I would personally prefer Gross here just because i think he is the better prospect for better value. If we do target Chass i would hope we traded down to the early 20's and picked up a extra pick in the 3rd round or so then took him. I would be pretty dang pleased with Delpit as well at Safety at our pick. For me in order i think i would go with Gross then Delpit then Chass.
  15. Rack's 2020 Mock Draft

    16. Atlanta Falcons - A.J. Epenesa, EDGE, Iowa This guy is exactly what the Falcons need. Epenesa is better than his numbers indicated this year as he was double and even triple teamed often. He is a powerful edge setter who can also get to the QB. The Falcons lack EDGE talent despite having invested in it in previous drafts so they continue to search for a solution to that issue. No complaints on the Falcons end as AJ is the 2nd best edge rusher in this draft and i agree he is much better than his numbers show. I'll gladly take him as i have im as a top 10 player and 16 would be very good value at our top need. The only way i really pass on him is if a guy like Simmnons fell to us who i have as a top 5 player at all a need.