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  1. Vegas over/under win totals...

    That would be about as perfect as a setup the Hawks could ask for next year. We would get the 1 to 3 pick from us The 6th to 8th pick from Mavs and the 11th to 13th pick from cavs.
  2. 2018 NBA Summer League

    Yup i agree although his athleticism isn't as bad as i thought it was he has made some really solid move and has a much better 1st step than i thought coming in. Handles are solid but nothing elite luckily thats something that can be worked on easily over the years. The one thing he mandatory needs to work on to me is his shot selection though thats gotta get better at this level if he wants to be a top tier player.
  3. 2018 NBA Summer League

    You act like it's the players decision to play or not in these games. The coach's make those calls and once they have seen enough they pull them so not to cause any injury so they can play in games that actually matter. If your coach told you to get your butt off the court you would be a pansie to or unemployed
  4. 2018 NBA Summer League

    That boy was looking good out there tonight he has some serious potential but i hope he tries to mirror his game more like Nash instead of Curry. His court vision and passing is scary good already for a rookie.
  5. Now as far as the 1 change i would have made it would have been not taking Ito Smith in the 4th round and instead taking Maurice Hurst , R.J. Mcintosh, Tim Settle, or Foley Fatukasi at DT. Almost guaranteed went with Hurst at this point even with his possibly injury problems as for a late 4th it's well worth the upside chance at a position we needed help at. Grady Jarrett, Deadrin Senat, Maurice Hurst, and Terell McClain looks like a good DT group to me.
  6. If Rosens floor is a top 5 QB in the nfl that is a MVP caliber player and 4th best SB rating ever then by god he is a fricken stud 1000% guaranteed going forward.

    Im not knocking his defense i am quite proud he has came around on that. Still liked watching Simmons do it better though he had more of those WOW moments when you watched him like it was almost unbelievable he actually made that play and no one should have been able to but he did. But with that said it doesn't matter if it's spectacular or not what matters is the DRS in the end game. I just liked Simmons better of the 2 when watching them and i still think Dansby will be a fine player but Simmons was one of my favs. of the newer braves players as well as kimbrel.

    Im sorry khan i really am you know i didn't mean to i swear not to do it again

    My apologies you must have got the wrong signal in thinking i value your opinion on anything. That is my fault i'll try not to let it happen again good sir.

    I like Dansby and think he has a place on a team but i still think getting rid of Simba was the dumbest thing we did considering to me he was on a great contract. I mean he was a MASSSSIVEEEE fan favorite here as was Kimbrel. Simba's defense was a think of beauty and something every braves fan loved watching expecting soemthing miraculous every game to happen and more often than not he came through and was still pretty solid with the bat. I like Newcomb as a pitcher and think he will be very good for us as well long term but i still wouldn't have made that trade considering i know the Braves are always going to draft 1st round pitchers almost every year knowing who we are.
  11. Most underrated player on your team

    My friend he don't even usually get mentioned in the top 10 to 15 DT's at times on most sites sadly. Thats why i said he is underrated by those who don't do as much research as we do. Even on this site i think only 1 person listed him in their top 10 and he got questioned about it

    Whats even more impressive to me is that was done to Albies who is by no means a bad hitter at all. Ozzie is one of the better hitters on our team in general although his avg isn't exactly crazy high right now but he puts a good at bat almost every time around.
  13. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    I'm going Biddle at this point in time based on what he has shown us so far this season against righties and it's not really close to me. You ride the hot hand until it either falters or doesn't produce results anymore in baseball. As of right now Biddle is destroying righties so he should have faced him. Screw the sample size crap GSU was talking about because 75 batter faced is enough to show me how he is doing RIGHT NOW against righties. Now he might fall off the cliff at some point against them but until that time comes you give him a chance to continue his domination of them.

    Don't mind me just doing a little cleaning up
  15. Most underrated player on your team

    By our own fans it would probably be Ricardo Allen or Robert Alford on defense and on offense im thinking Andy Levitre or Ryan Schraeder But the fans of other teams i would say Grady Jarrett is the most underrated and not known for how good he really is at DT.