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  1. Yup he's s raw though but the upside the upside is there for sure. Fowler has been injured 90% of the year as well but been playing through it and now he is dealing with covid stuff as well. Hopefully if he gets fully healthy he comes back into form as well.
  2. Liked it at 7 and like it even more at 10 we get the same player but have to pay a little less
  3. I personally hope we go back to a 3 LB scheme with the next regime instead of mostly just using those 2 all the time. Hell for all we know we randomly bring in a 3-4 guy at DC as well and we need even more LB's than what im asking for. I also feel we don't need another CB as much as you do. I like the young talent we have there and if we get another CB i want it to be a vet. or to keep Denard. Im quite alright with Terrell, Denard, Sheffield, Oliver, and Blidi at CB we need a upgrade at Safety much more than CB imo. I can't stand Kazee at Safety and have no interest at all with him being at FS and Rico's cool and very smart but his athleticism leaves alot to desire. I think getting a top tier FS prospect would help our CB's out alot more and make them look even better.
  4. The out of shape thing sorta surprises me as thats the one thing he has never had a problem with. Seen that dude in person numerous of times in the offseason and he always looked like he was ready to go and in phenomenal shape.
  5. Thats where he wants to be he has mentioned it quite a few times already while he was still playing with us. He wants to be a Cowboy no doubt rather they want him or not is another thing.
  6. Now with that said if he was healthy i have to believe he would have been traded but i seriously don't think he was healthy enough to get traded he hasn't played almost any games this year at all.
  7. Can you trade someone thats injured though? He has been out alot this season with injury and last year i believe they might have gotten an offer of a late round pick but not a 2nd round pick. Theirs no way someone is giving us a 2nd rounder for an underperforming injury prone Takk. If they offered a 6th last year thats believable but Quinn probably wanted to keep him to give him the best chance of staying and hoping he breaks out this year in quinns last year.
  8. I honestly don't believe that refuse to trade him crap as one of our main beat writers called him out on that and said they heard nothing about it. Theirs no way TD and company would have told takk if they were offered a pick for him much less tell him exactly what picks were offered.
  9. Vic Beasley was the better of the 2 players if that gives you any idea. Takk isn't useless but he's never on the field because of injuries.
  10. Im leaning toward being a Cancer in the locker room. He has been blasting the team on social media calling them clowns and talking trash about them. With that said the dude is never healthy anyways so it's not like he was even contributing to the team on the field in the 1st place.
  11. I hope more relevant means something completely different than as good when comparing the 2 because the only time in history he might beat ryan is 2017
  12. 5.Atlanta Falcons - LB - Micah Parsons - best LB for a terrible defense Love the pick i think Parsons paired with Debo and Foye make one of the best LB cores in the nfl when all is said and done. I also think our defense is alot better than given credit for Quinn was seriously holding them back imo. Over the last 4 games since Quinn has been gone we are top 8 in PPG allowed at 22.2 ppg. We have climbed from 31st under Quinn to 23rd now in just 4 games. Still think we need a few more pieces on defense for sure but i don't think were as terrible as people think without quinn screwing things up still. I would say 2 good round 2 picks or positions would be the best elite coverage Safety you can find, the best DE available to replace Takk
  13. Man that left side of the Clemson O-line completely crapped the bed at the end there that was straight garbage from them.
  14. I wouldn't take either of them in the top 10 picks though. I feel it's close between the 2 being the #3 QB but Lawrence and Fields are the only guys im using a high 1st round pick on.
  15. Do their DT's do any better than their DE's in the nfl? Grady has been phenomenal so far one of the best in the league. How has Wilkins and Lawrence from last year done so far and Watkins + Reader from years before. Or is Grady so far the only really good one from the bunch of all the Clemson D-line the last few years XD I will say though Beasley atleast led the nfl in sacks and made the pro bowl 1 year so he wasn't completely trash.
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