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  1. 29. Atlanta Falcons - Xavier Thomas, DE, Clemson Very nice we make a strong comeback and are on the right track again it seems you have alot of faith in us this year lol. Nothing wrong with adding another DE as well i like Thomas as a player and wouldn't have a problem with it at all. Wouldn't mind looking at a Safety as well there if a really talented one falls to us.
  2. For me it would be if Rice was 100 and Moss was 99 then these are my rankings at their best so far Calvin - 98 Julio - 96 Fitz - 95 AB - 95 Nuke - 94 OBJ - 93 Hill - 91 Thomas- 90 I love me some Fitzgerald and 1 of my favorite players of all time is Holt so i would probably be bias and put him alot higher than others might so i'll leave him off XD Thomas has the most chance to improve and could pass a few guys on this list over the years we will see if he does though. The only reason i put Julio above Fitz is because Fitz himself said Julio was the best he's ever seen do it. I still can't put Julio above Calvin, Moss, or Rice no matter what Fitz said but i do take into account what he thinks considering how highly i think of him.
  3. Maybe im wrong on this but i thought i remember him being talked about as a really really good ST player. For that alone i could see a team needing LB depth and a top tier ST player picking him up.
  4. Well if im not mistaken people compared him to Matt Ryan coming out and lord knows Schuab shouldn't be here anymore after this year. So why not pick him up and put him behind the guy who he is similar too supposedly and let him learn from a smart guy like Ryan for a few years.
  5. Come on back home Mo we can slide ya right in as the #3 or 4 WR with sure hands on 3rd downs and good endzone threat. The WR core here loves him and he's a huge fan favorite. It's not like he can't beat out Treadwell for a WR spot on the team XD
  6. Looks like yall came back and upped the offers again and where as yall did give quite a few bit of players to get him. I don't think yall erally gave up anything substantial as i don't see any of your top 5 prospects in there. When the Braves were asked for Waters im guessing they decided no on that as Waters would have for sure been higher than any of the prospects on that list given. Congrats on getting Clev. thats a really good pickup for yall my friend.
  7. Actually as of a few hours ago it seem they are no longer the favorites. According to multiple sources 2 teams offered more than the Padres have been offering and the Indians asked both of those teams for physicals on their players but didn't ask the Pads for any physicals on their guys. Guessing it's the Braves and the Chi Sox maybe as the other team if i had to guess the 2nd one. Not to say the Pads can't come back in and make an even bigger offer than what they was to take the lead but as of right now it seems their not in the driver seat anymore.
  8. With the Pads sending out some quality prospects do you think this takes them out of the clevinger deal or would they be willing to deplete the farm system a little more and do what it takes to get someone like Clev.
  9. Im ok with this so far as long as it's not Pache and Anderson im willing to give up some solid prosects for Clevinger. Would like to keep Tucker Davidson as well if possible as i like what the kids has shown so far. Im about the same on Pache and Waters so i know 1 of those 2 would have to go in almost any big move and im not sure which if the 2 i would rather keep but im leaning toward Pache because no matter what his defense will play and be elite even if neither of them turn into elite hitters.
  10. Yeah that was not good at all but honestly he wasn't prepared to pitch tonight. He was told he would be in tommorrows game and then the flew him in from buffalo and told him he was starting tonight in a few hours. I know he isn't great but he's not that bad on a weekly basis from what i have seen. Still think we need to add a top tier starter like Clevinger to be a legit contender this year and the next 2 years. Soroka, Fried, Clevinger, and hopefully Ian Anderson if he is as good as i think he is will be a legit top tier rotation i can depend on in the playoffs i think.
  11. Dang sorry to hear this about alf he's a good dude and a solid player.
  12. Really the only thing we have left to get is a extra edge rusher and thats about it all the other positions on our team are atleast filled or covered with solid or better Vets or rookies we just drafted that have showed promise or are brand new to the team. The only thing left to find out is if the moves we made switching ulbrich and morris to DC last year and removing Quinn will pay off for us like it did the 2nd half of the season.
  13. Ayeee yo boy is pretty happy about this one. I been asking for him for a minute now in alot of these free agent threads The 2 things i said i wanted were 1 more vet FA CB and Edge Rusher with DD and Logan Ryan as my 2 CB's i wanted. DD i think is the one of if not the best pure Slot CB's in the league and his numbers over the years back this up alot of the times. The 3 Edge Rushers i want are Everson Griffen, Clay Matthews, and Terrell Suggs I know they are a bit older but i think they would help out a bit and even more so help Fowler and Takk with their moves and to help them continue to improve under some real vet guidance. Maybe Cameron Wake too but not sure how much he still has left?
  14. For the Falcons we just drafted our C of the future in Hennesey this year who im a massive fan of as he was my #1 center in this years draft i had him as a late 1st early 2nd round player and we got him in the 3rd round. I would personally take either Harris at RB if Gurley doesn't do well and resign or maybe Lecounte at Safety.
  15. I tend to believe Ryan on this because as much as alot of us hate it he is the ultimate yes man and coach follower lol. Even if coach's are doing trash things he sticks by them and stands up for them he never throws anyone under the bus. So the fact he did this shows just how upset he really was about it and honestly i can't blame him at all for it. That game could have and might have completely changed his legacy. Whats even dumber is it looks like Shanny made the same exact mistakes last year with the 49ers.
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