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  1. Worst 2 Rounder You'll Ever See (No Trades)

    I mean your not wrong i can't think of 1 Falcon fan who would love 2 really good D-line players at our 2 biggest positions of need. This mock is probably straight garbage man im sorry you tried your best though
  2. Nas mock post combine

    As much as i like Bush thats not the move my friend LB isn't a big need for us. We actually did quite well with our LB's out and their replacements. The problem we had was our Safety's being out and some of our D-line missing. Debo's backup did above avg and is a rookie we drafted last year in Foye. We could use some Lb depth in the 3rd to 4th round on incase of injuries again though. But we have legit starting needs in the 1st 2 or 3 rounds at DT, Edge Rusher, OT, and possibly CB. We need to hit a trench player in the 1st 2 rounds of this draft at minnimum on either side of the ball. Christian Wilkins , Jonah Williams, Jawaan Taylor, Clelin Ferrell, or Dexter Lawrence thats your 5 right there to look at for the Falcons in round 1 with Ed Oliver already gone who would have been our perfect pick.
  3. The Official Forum Mock Draft (Two Rounds)

    Not to bad for the Falcons i could easily see this on draft day for us. I still would take Wilkins over Sweat but with as thin as our Edge rushing group is looking lately i might lean toward Sweat im not sure. If we can pull of a Khalen Saunders in round 3 at DT it would be looking pretty good. Wilkins in 1st + Joe Jackson in round 3 would be a great combo as well.
  4. 2019 Mock Draft: Número Cuatro [UPDATE]

    I can dig this for the Falcons We hit the trenches hard with some quality players and pick up some good picks while still drafting Lawrence who is a great pick in the 1st place. Dieter and Ferguson aren't bad picks they hit needs and even though their not my 2 favorite players at their positions they are still solid players i could see picked for us. I would say target a CB and a pass rushing DT/DE in round 3 then a power back with 1 of our round 4's then BPA from then on
  5. Predictive Post First Wave FA 7 Rounder

    It's ok this can be fixed calm down just replace Burns with Sweat and call it a day
  6. One Round Mock

    I could see Burns happening but Burns and Gary are the 2 guys i would prefer not to take at 14 in this draft. Their not my favorite prospects after watching a good bit of each of them over the last few months. Wilkins i for sure want though if we can get him i'll be really happy.
  7. One Round Mock

    Thats an interesting falcons pick and one few of us would probably take or be super happy with on draft day. It's not a terrible one overall because he is talented and it's good value there but the need isn't quite as big as a Defensive Tackle or Edge rusher would be. I personally would take Christian Wilkins or Clelin Ferrell there myself or even look to see if anyone wanted to trade up for greedy so we could take Wilkins ferrell, or Lawrence later + get a 2nd round pick or so that would be nice. But if we did go greedy in round 1 at 14 then we should really be on the phone seeing if we can trade up for Simmons at DT if we don't think he would drop to us at our 2nd pick so we can come out of this draft with 2 top 10 value players for our future.
  8. J-Deere Mid FA 2 rounder

    and on that note we actually just signed logan paulsen back at TE last night. So now we have way to many TE's we shouldn't even be looking at one now even in later rounds.
  9. Raiders release T Donald Penn

    Thats a shame to see 2 of the best in the league being cut after either injuries or age catching up to them. Penn and Schraeder fell off a cliff the last season or 2 after being considered some of the best tackles at their position for a good bit there. Penn at LT and Schraeder at RT oh well like all things it's time to bring in the new guys and let them build their legacy.
  10. Predictive Post First Wave FA 7 Rounder

    Atlanta Falcons 14. Brian Burns [ EDGE ] Florida State 45. Greg Little [ OT ] Mississippi 80. Renell Wren [ DT ] Arizona State 118. Lonnie Johnson [ CB ] Kentucky 138. Ryan Bates [ OG ] Penn State 153. Kingsley Keke [ DT ] Texas A & M 173. Ryan Finley [ QB ] NC State 187. Isaac Nuata [ TE ] Georgia 232. Easton Stick [ QB ] North Dakota State Other than Burns at 14 it's not a bad draft i personally would be pretty pissed with Burns at 14. In the 2nd round i wouldn't be against him or a trade down to the mid 20's and getting some extra picks i would look at him there. But at 14 over Wilkins, Lawrence, and Ferrell i would be quite upset at that pick. Also if you don't mind me asking where is the better DE Montez Sweat at in your draft? I would take him all day over Burns as well at 14 and not think twice about it. The only other thing i see that doesn't make much sense is we take 2 QB's in the later rounds i don't understand that at all when we could legit Lb help and a power running back.
  11. 2019 Mock Draft: Número Cuatro [UPDATE]

    Still love the 1st round pick in Wilkins and im not against the 2nd rounder we took in Dieter although im not a massive fan of his in round 2 as i have him as a 3rd round guy. Would much prefer to get Eric McCoy at C/G to be Macks replacement in a year or 2 and depth. Although the real move i would have made is offer our 2nd and 4th round pick to move up to 38 or 39 and take Burns. Wilkins + Burns covers our 2 biggest needs with to 1st round talents on the D-line. Im not a fan of Burns in round 1 at 14 but in round 2 thats a damn steal imo. You think the Bucs are still in a trading mood after that miami trade to let us slide up there via the trade i offered for Burns
  12. Pats Release Adrian Clayborn

    I dunno i sorta liked him as a Falcon and our DE depth isn't exactly amazing right now. For a fairly cheap deal i wouldn't be against having him back although i would much prefer to bring irvin back and i hope we are still looking to sign Danny shelton.
  13. Max Unger retires

    As a Unger fan this saddens me as he was a joy to watch play. As a Falcon fan this pleases me greatly though
  14. 2 RD MOCK 3/16/19

    That would be a monster draft for the Falcons to come away with a top 10 player at our biggest need and my 3rd favorite player in the draft in Oliver. Then to get Cajuste who i agree is a mid to late 1st round guy at our 2nd round pick is a no brainer. A+ for me i love it and want it on draft day.
  15. Tevin Coleman vs LeVeon Bell

    I like Coleman alot but their is 2 glaring weakness holding him back from being a top tier back to me. He goes down so quick on contact way to easily. Ito Smith who is much smaller of the 2 looked like a power back at times out there compared to coleman. I think he did get his fumble problem fixed though so that a win and he can flat out fly and has good hands. He still needs to work on his vision though as well as he has a knack for not seeing the hole or not waiting for one to open up and just running into the backs of lineman at times. If he can fix those 2 problems i think he is a top tier starter on a team and a very good back to have.