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  1. Eagles DT Tim Jernigan broken foot

    Honestly i say give Rashede Hageman a go since his suspension should be up or will be very soon. I thought he looked pretty solid overall in preseason for the Falcons. He has alot of upside and talent still. But we have some pretty good DT's already and didn't really need him over one of them with his suspension.
  2. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    You know im not sure Ryans random floater or his toss into the endzone into like 3 guys might not have been worse lol. Atleast Wentz usually wouldn't have expected a guy to have stopped in that spot by sitting down he couldn't have prepared for that
  3. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    I like the short hair on him i think it looks cleaner overall. Now Takk on the other hand might be cutting all his dreads off after this season unless he can step his game up a bit and turn all those pressures into legit sacks. He's getting a ton of pressure but not quite making it home sorta like Beasley lol. Takk said if he don't get 10 sacks this year the dreads are gone he made himself a bet.
  4. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    That game was ugly as sin on offense from both teams. Im pretty pleased with the Falcons defense though as they were put into horrible situations all game long and came up big most of the time.
  5. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    Our kick off guy and punter is hurt in matt bosher so we have Matt Bryant doing kick offs right now and as much as i love him he doesn't have the kicking power of a younger guy to get it out of the endzone or into it right now.
  6. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    Dude our defense has been doing great i don't know wtf you are talking about. If ryan could quit doing stupid things this game would be over with already.
  7. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    Did they really just drop Takk in coverage after him getting pressure all night?
  8. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    I feel bad for our defense if anything they have played a hell of a game so far and i love what im seeing from them. Problem is with all the turnovers and crap and giving it right back to the eagles without getting points. They are gonna get tired as heck and gonna start giving up some yards and points i feel.
  9. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    If they are going to let the QB's get away with that then you have to do what they just did to even come close to evening it out for the defense to have a shot.
  10. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    I'll agree with this but if they are going to do this then they gotta quit with the sissy *** calls the QB's get where the defense can't hit them or take them to the ground.
  11. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    This crap is a f'ing joke i can't even make a excuse for that garbage he is putting on the field the last 2 games. I don't know wtf Ryans problem with the Eagles and vikings are over the years but i don't think it will ever get fixed.
  12. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    Dude wtf is up with Ryan so far this year he has literally gifted like 24 points to teams already in 2 games. 3 TD's off int's on our side of the field a few of them already in the redzone. Then a FG earlier in this game as well it's messed up he has to get his crap together.
  13. Falcons finalizing extension for WR Julio Jones

    What I like about this is that it's an extension of his contract he has now which should bring it to around 5 years and 85 to 90 million with 64 of it guaranteed. That's around 18 mil a year over the next 5 years of Julio. Not to bad overall and I think he deserves ever bit of it I also like that it was only 3 more years added and not more so now it stops his contract around 35 years old incase he starts hitting the wall in his upper age.
  14. Falcons cut both kickers and sign Matt Bryant out of retirement

    Looks like both Walsh and Georgie boy are bout to be up out of here with their terrible showings. Money Matt is coming back in the morning and hopefully should be signed soon after that.
  15. Former Falcons LB Paul Worrilow retires

    That is a horribly wrong assumption you have there. Pretty much every Falcon fan wanted him off the team he was a stat padder. He would tackle people like 5 to 8 yards down the field and miss alot of plays and tackles at the line of scrimmage when he actually did attempt to come up and hit someone. Although that i could somewhat deal with but his coverage was garbage and Campbell is a much better Lb than he ever was. I would find it hard to believe than you will find any Falcon fan that says Worrilow is better than Campbell as a player.