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  1. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    LOL im not a big fan of the pitch that often either although sprinkled in to catch a defense off guard im all for them with our speed on the line and types of RB we have. Freeman is imo a better RB to run them with though as it provides quick stopping and cuts plus vision to do them really well most the time and thats what Freeman's best attributes are imo. Also for the 3rd RB thing it's because i think Coleman leaves and i don't want to put that much money into the Rb position. Letting a early to mid round RB learn the offense for a year wouldn't be a bad idea and also cover us for injury like we have now with freeman. Also it gives us insurance if freeman continues having concussion issues which is very scary.
  2. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    As for this we wouldn't be spending much on the position it would actually be spending less probably. Coleman is coming up on a contract in a year or 2 and we already paid Freeman a good bit to be our main back. Coleman will want starting money probably and i personally wouldn't give it to him even though he is very talented i just don't put that much money in the RB position. So to me getting a early round power RB maybe rounds 2 through 4 with some nice upside like a Chubb maybe if he fell to us round 2 or 3 would be getting a good RB that can provide a bit of what freeman and coleman can't as much in the power game. Giving us a 3 headed monster still for 1 more year before Coleman leaves probably for a big contract.
  3. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Sorry bro this is not just from this year. I have been wanting armstrong gone for awhile now even while weems was here I just thing we can do much better in the ST department than what we have for the most part. Plus i think Bosher's monster leg has helped us out tremendously over the years and this is the 1st year he is a bit injured and his leg isn't providing what we usually get from him. Which in turn is showing how underachieving our ST is most the time. As far as ranking needs i didn't put them in order at all my friend i was just listing the 5 things i would like to see changed for us this offseason and then anything we get extra on top of those 5 would just be fantastic. Im sure you got some positions or players you want upgraded or changed as well.
  4. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    This is what i want from the Falcons come this offseason though. New ST coach New WR / Kick returner New RG Power RB Anything on top of that and im pretty happy but those are the main 4 things i want. Luckily those are things we can get pretty easily and for not alot of money. So we could still get a big upgrade somewhere else or to add to the team and still pick some quality players at other positions.
  5. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Yeah for the most part we match up well with Seattle. Ryan has their number more often than not but overall Seattle's D is no joke. Honestly with all the drops we had tonight the 200 yard streak should have been a easy get lol. Plus we lost a possession on the kickoff turnover by roberts at the 10.
  6. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Ryans 200 yard streak is gone but atleast it went out in a win and against a defense that is known to play well.
  7. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Which pisses me off more than anything because they have been playing really well this year for the most part. Heck even in this game they were good for 3 quarters truthfully. I mean they scored 7 points for us and got put in trash field position all night long by our ST group.
  8. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    The Falcons got lucky in this game and they know it. We played 3 strong quarters and about gave it away in the 4th.
  9. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    SCWEITZER IS A PIECE OF CRAP and has been all year. We need a new RG and we need one badly.
  10. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Good god Andre Roberts is straight trash. Why not run up the middle to atleast get as much yardage as you can.
  11. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    My friends Ryans ongoing record streak of 200+ yards in a game i think ends tonight. Never would have expected it in a game we put up almost 35 points thats just crazy.
  12. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    I swear if they overturn that call to a catch im gonna go ballistic. That hit the ground all day long and was for sure not a catch.
  13. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Well now we know about Bosher and him having problems. He has a leg or foot injury i think they said and this would explain why his kickoffs and punts are not nearly as strong as they usually are. He's been fighting it a few weeks im guessing and it's not healing fast with him still playing every game.
  14. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    LOL well a top 5 fantasy Qb no he hasn't i agree with you my friend. But in real games yeah probably so just as you said super unlucky.
  15. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Ryan hasn't played that bad all year. His Wr's are #2 or 3 in drops and all but 2 of his int's are from tipped or dropped passes that should have been caught. Im not gonna say he is like he was last year but he's played like a top 5 QB or so.