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  1. 2020 Mock Draft 1.0

    I like epenesa and he would have been my choice if not for Kinlaw being avilable to us. Im taking Kinlaw everytime no matter what unless Brown or Simmons fall to us by some miracle. If they don't then Kinlaw is getting plugged next to Grady Jarrett and our DT tandem is set for the next 8 to 10 years with 2 monsters.

    2 for 3 ain't bad for the falcons but that CB can go bye bye in round 2. WE have much bigger needs than CB this early in the draft. Epenesa in the 1st is a very good pick so no problems there at all. Dantzler in round 2 can kick rocks while we have more important needs in RB, DT, LB, and LG. If we take a CB it should be round 4 or later and honestly i would prefer a safety over a CB if we are going secondary. Swift is a fine pick as well although i prefer Dobbins over him as a RB but wouldn;t hate either guy in round 2. So based on who is available to us in each round at each pick this is how i draft for the Falcons. 1st - Epenesa - DE - No reason to change a very good pick like this unless Kinlaw, Brown, or Simmons fall to us by some miracle. 2a. - J.K. Dobbins - RB - Best RB in the draft and imo the best fit for our scheme with Swift coming in as the 2nd best choice. 2b - Raekown Davis - DT - Really good value here on Davis as i think he is late 1st round pick so we can't pass up on a big need in DT when he is here. If Gallimore had fell 2 more picks to us at 47 then it would have been Gallimore at 47 and keeping swift at 55. But since he was gone i went with dobbins and davis instead for better value and players.
  3. Sweet jesus i just looked at your entire draft and OMFG what a haul lol. You literally drafted a monster draft that i would kill to have for the Falcons lol.
  4. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 02/17/2020)

    I would be pretty happy with this haul for the Falcons come draft day for sure. I personally would take Epenesa who i have as a top 10 player over Chassion who i have around pick 20 or so. I just like AJ better and prefer the bigger guy for the Falcons right now. The rest of the picks are spot on and perfect picks in the correct round where those needs should be drafted at. Overall it gets an A from me even with Chassion in the 1st. AJ Epenesa makes it an A+ and i don't think we could have done any better at all
  5. It's weird to me that the Bengals are that far down to even draft him but if i was burrows i wouldn't be mad about going to the Bengals. Someone on the Falcons board did a player by player scenario of when Ryan came into the league what the Falcons had for talent compared to what the Bengals have for talent now. Honestly the Bengals have more talent than we did then and Ryan got it turned around in 1 year. I don't see why a QB the caliber of a Burrows coming out couldn't have a very similar effect on the Bengals. From Ozirus on the Falcons board and i think i actually agree with him on most of the listings. Aj Green > RW Boyd > Jenkins Eifert > Hartsock Atkins > Babineaux Dunlap < Abraham Lawson > Biermann Bernard > Norwood Billings > Grady Jackson I would put a Turner and Mixon in there but im not sure how much everyone loves mixon compared to how much i loved turner so im not gonna disrespect people on that one I also think Ross is a pretty good player as well they have quite a few weapons for that man to do work with.
  6. Not gonna lie to you my guy im not a big fan of it top to bottom. The biggest miss in there i see is you didn't give us a DT at all and thats one of our biggest needs. And i dang sure wouldn't take a CB that early for the Falcons and possibly not in the 1st 4 rounds. Unless some 1st or early 2nd round guy falls to round 3 then i might look into it if the guy can play Safety as well. Here is what i would have went with for the Falcons based on who was available at each pick to us 1st - Andrew Thomas - OG/OT - Normally i wouldn't take a OG/OT here but Thomas is a legit top 5 player that would be ridiculous value and either him or McGary should be able to slide into LG and become an pro bowl quality OG to finish out our O-line while the other one handles RT. 2a - Curtis Weaver - DE - I like Weaver almost as much as Chassion for much better value so this was a no brainer for me. I like Epenesa better than both of them and if we didn't have Thomas fall to 16 then i was going to go AJ over Chassion and not think twice about it. 2b. - Jonathon Taylor - With Dobbins and Swift already gone i have no problem with Taylor here and think he is a solid value pick at a position of need. 3rd - Leki Fotu - DT - Would have liked to get a DT earlier like Kinlaw in the 1st or Gallimore in the 2nd but neither fell to us so Leki is my choice hereand i have a 2nd round grade on him so im pretty happy with his value here.
  7. Three rounds. Always updating.

    Thats whats up and i don't think we could have done much better at all than what you gave us in each round with who was there i give it an A+ now.
  8. Three rounds. Always updating.

    He's not bad but i see 4 other players i would much rather have and take there for sure. Willekes at DE, Winfield at S/CB , Harrison at LB, and Ruiz at C/OG Just based on value alone im probably taking Winfield there as to me he is a early 2nd round player and a steal for us in round 3. We can still get a OG/C in round 4 rather similar if not better than Ben is at OG. I highly doubt were getting anyone close to winfields talent level in round 4. I also like kenny and ruiz better as talent and value over ben.
  9. Three rounds. Always updating.

    We have the same rankings on the same exact players at their position and want the same players in this scenario SB hooked us up in this draft big time.
  10. Biggest non-QB bust?

    Im not denying what you said on that and agree he would be better on other teams in different schemes. All im defending is the fact he wasn't a bust and for being in a horrible fit actually played somewhat decent.
  11. Biggest non-QB bust?

    Rather it's above his skill level or not doesn't matter. The fact he actually produced them on the field in a real game is what matters. I have watched every single play he has played in and i know he's not a very technical player at all and relies on nothing but a speed rush. The thing is that his speed rush is so fast at times he can actually beat some OT's with it He won't beat all of them or the really good ones usually. But you are making him out to be like he is straight trash and garbage which he has not been. Jamaal Anderson was a bust Vic Beasley is not.
  12. Biggest non-QB bust?

    He's not even a bust as a pass rusher thats ridiculous to say. He might not be some 15 sack a year monster but he's far from a bust considering he is avging around 8 a year almost. I think people really don't understand what bust means. If were talking about a bust i would imagine it's a top 3 pick that was expected to be some world beater and can't miss prospect like Chase Young is this year. If he comes out and gives around 3 sacks a year and makes no probowls then i would consider him a bust. But the 8th pick in the draft and not even the #1 DE coming out giving you an avg of 8 a year is not a bust. Now if you want to talk Falcons busts with the 8th pick then we can talk Jamaal fricken Anderson 6 years and 7.5 sacks total now thats garbage.
  13. Biggest non-QB bust?

    Dude no way he wasn't even the #1 edge rusher in his draft coming out that year Fowler was. We picked him around the 8th pick and he led the freaking league in Sacks one year with 15.5 He even has a pro bowl to his name. The only 2 guys to have more total sacks than him from that draft class is Danielle Hunter and Frank Clark and beasley im pretty sure has the most forced fumbles of any edge rusher in that draft class with 11 of them. So where as he isn't some all world player he dang sure hasn't been a bust by no means and will continue to play pretty solidly for some team going forward.
  14. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    Nope you made the right move to Dobbins. He is the #1 RB in this draft to me and should be a late 1st rounder. If we can get him this far into the 2nd round thats a perfect pick for us and the 1st 2 rounds for the Falcons are fantastic. AJ and Hennesey are exactly what we need at DE and LG which are both legit needs. Now we need to find DT in round 3 and we are good to go. Throw us a Leki Fotu like Scar said because me and him both are super high on him to the Falcons and round 3 is very good value for him. After those 1st 3 rounds we can look at OLB, CB, and Safety for depth in the next few rounds and we are good to go with our 4 main needs fixed up in rounds 1 2 and 3 with very good players. As for the original pick of a RT in round 2 i think people forget we took Lindstrom for RG and traded back into the 1st round for our RT of the future in Kaleb MCgary who performed much better than even i thought he would once he got settled in. He had 2 extremely bad games against 2 elite DE's that made his season look at bit worse than he really played most of the year where he was above avg i would say 10 to 12 games of the season. So good trade off there for Dobbins to replace Freeman and give us a legit #1 RB to take pressure of Ryan.
  15. 2020 Draft thread

    lol if young went #1 then their would be no one left the Falcons would have any reason to move up for that high Also im not even sure i would want to move up that high for Young although i do like him quite a bit. I was just testing the waters on compensation it would take to make moves like that for other teams fans to be happy or thinks fair. Although i guess i could do a young for a young trade Best i can do you is 2 1sts those 3 2nd's and a Trae Young for the Wizards But honestly i think the trade im more interested in is if Simmons falls to around 7 or 8 and moving up for him as i like him about as much as i like Chase Young in this draft. And he isn't anywhere near as good as DR.Pepper thats the greatest drink of all time not even debatable.
  16. 2020 Draft thread

    Im intrigued how a trade up to #2 from the Falcons would sit with washington fans. Say we offered #16 both 2nd's this year 1st round pick next year and 2nd round pick next year. Would that be enough to make washington fans happy or do you think it would take more to get it done and would be you happy or mad they did take a offer to move down.
  17. First Mock Draft Attempt Ever.....No Trades

    That i know of no which baffled the majority of Falcon fans the whole season. It seems for some reason he ended up in Quinns dog house and got put on the inactive list every week. It still makes no sense to me at all because his rookie year he looked very promising and handled some top tier lineman at times with ease. I hope he gets alot more playing time this season so he can continue becoming a very good DT rotation player for us. As for the Kinlaw pick thats a homerun every single time i would love him at 16 in the real draft.
  18. Good lord fluff what a monster Falcons draft. I would say every pick you did was good value and most of them were needed positions in the order you drafted them. Brown, Weaver, Clyde, and Dye is about as good as you can get in this draft for the Falcons in each round. The only 2 picks i personally would have changed is in round 4 instead of the TE i would have went with Solomon Kindley at OG and then in round 7 went with Wilcox at TE. We are pretty set at Punter so no reason to take one in the draft and we need a LG more than a TE to me right now.
  19. The Plunge Mock Draft #1

    16. Atlanta Falcons-Yetur Gross-Matos (Edge/Penn State)- Matos has the potential to be a Top 10 talent. The star defensive end has the size and athleticism to be effective at the next level. The Falcons could definitely use this kid’s skill set. Like Scar said before the bullying thing and stuff came out this was probably he correct selection and i personally even like gross on the field more than Chassion. But knowing the falcons how i do i am quite sure he moved down on the board for them quite a bit or off it all together with the bullying thing. Which leaves Chassion as the guy we probably target here with Kinlaw and Epenesa already gone.
  20. Rack's 2020 Mock Draft - Updated 2/4

    yeah im not against gallimore or Leki either both are 1st round potential guys to me as well.
  21. Covington to Houston, Capela to Atlanta

    Dude this is the craziest thing i've ever seen pulled off by a GM lol. This is the witchery that schlenk pulled off over the last 3 or 4 years somehow. Schlenk traded Jeff Teague for a 1st round pick that tuned into Taurean Prince a few years ago. He traded Prince for brooklyns 1st round pick #17 in 2019, and 2020 brooklyn pick and Allen Crabbe He then traded one of those picks to move up to get Deandre Hunter at 4. Then traded Crabbe for Teague back and Traevon Graham Then traded the other 1st round pick for Clint Capela So in total he somehow turned Jeff Teague into Jeff Teague, Traevon Graham, Clint Capela and a pick that got us Deandre Hunter
  22. Rack's 2020 Mock Draft - Updated 2/4

    lol Dobbins is my favorite RB in this draft and is in my own personal falcons mock draft in round 2. The Davis pick is probably better than my own mocks pick in round 2 as i didn't expect him to make it to us Hukos won't like the pick of Dobbins i don't think but i personally don't like our RB group setup much. I think freeman is gone or hopefully he is. Ito is injured a good bit and a cop guy. Brian hill is probably gone as he is a fa i think and he's meh at best. Ollison is our power RB and is a nice pickup last year for depth. But to me we have no legit 3 down RB star that can carry a team and take alot of pressure off of ryan. Dobbins, Swift, and Taylor are all legit top tier guys who can do that in round 2 and Dobbins just so happens to be my favorite of he bunch although Swift is right there with him with taylor behind both of them as a last resort guy. Still would replace the CB pick with LG/C though .
  23. Nothing personal rich i luv ya fam but you have the worst Falcons draft on the site right now my guy. We got absolutely 0 free agents we pass on a top 10 DE in Epenesa and a top 15 DT in Kinlaw our 2 biggest needs in round 1 for a less talented player in Murray. We take a guy in Lewis who is meh at best at DE and i would probably not take him until round 3. and then you have us take a 2nd round TE when i wouldn't even touch one until round 4 or 5 at best and thats even if we let Hooper walk. All in all i hate it all around bro it gets a C- to a F from me. Here is how i would have went in each round for the falcons and by god im taking 1 FA player from the list it's not realistic that we sign no one at all im atleast getting 1 from a team that signs like 5 or more lol. FA - Graham Glashow - OL - I was gonna take one of the DE's but i figured i would play nice lol. Jets got 4 to 5 other FA's we can have this one for our LG spot. 1st - A.J. Epenesa - DE 2a - Neville Gallimore - DT 2b - J.K. Dobbins - RB That covers our 4 biggest need in the 1st 2 rounds and in FA. From the 3rd on we can look at OLB another DE CB/S depth, and a TE
  24. 2/4 3 rounds

    1st 3 rounds i think the needs were hit strong i like it. I would change Chassion for A.J. Epensesa as i have 1 as a top 10 player in AJ and 1 as a 20th or so pick guy in Chassion. I don't hate Chassion he is just my last resort guy when Brown, Simmons, Epenesa, Kinlaw, and maybe Murray are gone not sure on Murray yet lol. Round 2 if phenomenal though i love it tremendously i prefer Dobbins to Swift but i couldn't be mad at either guy. Round 3 i would replace the CB with a C/LG in Biadasz or Harris as we need a LG more than a 4th or 5th CB. Plus Tyler Biadasz is a late 1st round prospect that would be a steal for us there. so i guess in total with who is available my draft would be 1st - A.J. Epenesa - DE 2a - Raekown Davis - DT 2b - J.K. Dobbins - RB 3rd - Tyler Biadasz - C/G Thats legit 4 guy i have 1st round values on and would be the best possible outcome we could hope for come draft day at our main needs.
  25. Rack's 2020 Mock Draft - Updated 2/4

    Falcons killed it in the 1st 2 rounds. AJ, Dobbins, and Davis are home run picks i would love it. If we could change that 3rd round pick to 1 of Nick Harris or Solomon Kindley for LG/C we would have an A+ home run draft on our hands.