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  1. I'll take Trevor Lawrence on the Falcons at pick 4 thank you very much and if Lawrence goes before 4 which is almost a lock at this point. I'll take Micah Parsons at 4 who is probably the 2nd or 3rd best prospect in this draft and the #1 defensive prospect. But if Lawrence is available to the Falcons it would be crazy for us not to take him.
  2. I would be cool with Surtain in the 1st round if we are picking out of the top 5. But i for damn sure don't want to take a QB in this draft if were not taking one of Lawrence or Fields. We have a much more pressing and much more massive need at Safety in this coming draft. Safety is actually our biggest need in the draft coming up and we need to take one early. Victor in the 3rd is fine as well i have no problem with that pick either but i think i might go Hubbard here if Gurley walks and we try to fix our cap space. 1st - Surtain - CB 2nd - Holland - Safety 3rd - Hubbard - RB - Wouldn't complain about the Victor pick though as we can always use more DE's i just think Hubbard is a very good RB and good value in round 3.
  3. No way you can't be serious You gotta be joking here they had to ice him on purpose XD
  4. Man it's so weird seeing another team do some falcon type stuff. Icing your own kicker seems like something we would do to lose a game XD
  5. Yes but it's worse it's Georgia Fans. This curse isn't just for football we are state wide baby XD The United snuck in there with a win before they knew what was going on. Most of their players are from over seas so they didn't know of the curse and how to act like losers yet lol. But this year they are falling in line LOL
  6. That was some nastiness from Fowler there i love it. The penalty call i don't understand at all though as he didn't take his helmet off himself it was taken off accidently by someone jumping on him.
  7. Ain't that the damn truth that was a textbook tackle and hit on a QB. Which is pretty impressive from a rookie CB i want him doing that everytime like that penalty be damned. Nothing wrong at all with what he did good stuff AJ.
  8. Looks good to me for the Falcons it's the correct pick.
  9. Dangit man Vaughn was a good one i always enjoyed him really sad to see him go
  10. The scheme is just very basic and doesn't require the players to think to much. Theirs very little disguises and different looks for the offense to have to guess on. It does alloow for the defensive players to play faster and not think as much which is a huge plus but it also requires for said players to be just flat out more talented than the guys their going against and win on talent alone. Thats why the old seattle defense was so good it was loaded with top shelf talent and once they started moving on and getting older you see what seattle is now. It's also why very few coach's coming from there succeed is because they don't have the talent to run the scheme.
  11. Looks like Shultz might have heard something if i remember correctly he's pretty solid on getting inside info? So this could be it finally and thank god if it is im hoping Morris takes over HC or Ulbrich with the other being the DC for the rest of the season. Also seems like TD might be going with him and where as i like TD a bit and think he has done solid over the years i think a completely fresh start is probably the best way this time around.
  12. Absolutely it does when a message isn't getting through anymore and the same ole same ole is losing you games. Then a new message and a new set of ideas and schemes can completely change a team to a winning record with enough talent. The Falcons have more than enough talent on the field it's not like we don't got really solid to really good players across most of the team. Some can be replaced for sure as can every team but were better off than most teams and with the talent we have it should be a very good landing spot for a HC wanting to hit the ground running for success.
  13. Yeah but i'll atleast give the team credit for showing up in games and having chances to win them like the Cowboys and Bears game. The 2nd half of the Packers game and todays game i could tell the players were checked out and giving lack luster effort. I know what our players look like and even more so our star players when their playing their hardest. Theirs was alot of guys you could tell that was just tired of it all and done with it on alot of plays. That to me is when your have lost the team as a coach for good.
  14. I think this is it fellas i think Quinns getting the hook. Blank is on the field watching this mess and he is looking pretty pissed off everytime they show him on tv staring at Quinn lol.
  15. No one can convince me that their not trying to get quinn fired at this point XD Players can't be this bad routinely on every single game including Ryan who i know is better than this.
  16. Im a pretty big fan of his as well and lord knows we need safety's. Im not a fan of pretty much any of them we have at this point lol.
  17. About as perfect a draft as the falcons can have picking #2 i love it.
  18. Nah im good on the Falcons on this one the only QB im taking if im the Falcons if im that high is Lawrence and thats only if we pick 1st. Lance needs much more work to me and isn't the prospect Lawrence is coming out. Fields im higher than on Lance by a little bit but even him im not sure im taking in the top 5 if im the Falcons. If the Falcons can't get Trevor then im trade our top 3 pick for a boat load of picks for a legit QB needy team that wants one of those 2 guys left over. If were not allowed to trade then im taking Parsons probably. If we do end up trading down im targeting the best safety possible in this draft plus a ton of picks.
  19. With that said though Eli wanted no part of SD as they were considered a team with very little talent and he wasn't from there so it's quite a bit of a different situation. As bad as we have been we are actually pretty loaded with talent surprisingly lol. So he would be coming to a much better situation that could help his career long term to have him succeed.
  20. QB doesn't really have much say in that and the best thing going for us is Lawrence is a Falcon fan and from here. So to play for his favorite team growing up he would probably give a bit more leeway. Don't agree with the lame duck QB thing though and not even close XD
  21. If we somehow end up with the #1 which i highly doubt then you take Lawrence and make him your #2 QB replacing Schaub for a year or 2 like GB did with Rodgers letting him learn everything to be a pro and the playbook. Once Ryans contract gets moveable in say 2022 so 2 years you move him and Julio to get the cap back under control and let the lawrence and Ridley era take over for the next 10+ years.
  22. Knowing all the Falcons fans luck probably not
  23. The fact that Charles Harris has more sacks 2 at his minor pay compared to the 15 million we gave Fowler is saddening.
  24. No shame in that bud you are thinking long term and you want whats best for the Falcons going forward.
  25. Thats too funny Keith Smith's sorry butt at FB blew a block on that TD run and Ryan had to come back by and save his *** then the block ryan threw took out Keith Smith again i loved it.
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