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  1. Bowser's WAAAAY-TOO-EARLY 2019 Mock

    I know things change from year-to-year but just to play devil's advocate, what moves have the Broncos made to be picking in the bottom of the 1st while Miami is picking #1? Gase was just running the score up on Denver without his starting QB and a slew of injuries. Just curious.
  2. Still Early '19 UPDATED 4 Round Mock

    Why? If he puts up another 10+ TFL and 8+ sacks, which I think he will, there would be no reason to go back. Has all the tools.
  3. NFL Coaching Hot Seat

    How so?
  4. Breakout Players 2018

    Thank you. Would expect a Pats fan to understand. Barring Tannehill's health, easily could see 4-5 receivers over 500 yards.
  5. Breakout Players 2018

    5th? He'll be utilized more than Amendola. Stills, Parker, Wilson/Grant, Amendola
  6. Dolphins extend Bobby McCain 4 year 27 mil, 13 mil GRT

    If everyone stays healthy we could have a top secondary. Xavien really came on towards the end of the year, Tankersley improved throughout the season, McCain picked up Burke's scheme immediately and had his best season, and we get Lippett back after his injury. Add Reshad, Minkah, and TJ at Safety.
  7. Breakout Players 2018

    Jakeem Grant - He wont be a huge yardage guy, I'm predicting 680 receiving, but he'll have 8+ TDs rushing, receiving, and on special teams. Adrian Colbert - Had to rep the U. Love his hard-hitting play and the dude just makes plays. Joe Mixon - Establishes himself as a top 10 RB.
  8. Breakout Players 2018

    I did too at one point just because of his size, Raekwon imo was still the better player. McMillan was also the better leader imo and that's what we needed the most.
  9. 2018-2019 NFL Season Predictions (Awards)

    Shhh! You're being too rational. Nate Allen was our starting FS for half of the year, our starting MLB was out for the year, lost our best run-stuffing DE for the last 6 games, without our #3 CB for the year, without two of our starting OL the second-half of the season, OL coach was on that stuff, QB done for the season. Let everyone believe what the media tells them and totally disregard that we had a guy that was supposed to be a retired commentator as our QB last year. Let them also disregard that Tannehill statistically had his best season in his first year under Adam Gase before he went down with a knee injury and the team went 10-6. I think we finish around 9-7 barring Tannehill's knee. Finally some decent depth at OL, DE, and DB. Semi-youth movement on the team so a lot of the teams's success, or lack thereof, will be on the younger players.
  10. 2019 Quarterback Class

    Perhaps I'm looking from a Canes' perspective rather than a scout's but nothing even remotely impressive from Rosier. Zero redeemable qualities unless you need a baseball player. I don't think his accuracy will ever improve, its been an issue since he's stepped on campus.
  11. I think they feel good about some of the in-house interior guys they've brought in over the years. Would have preferred some more youth along the OL but that probably isn't a good ideal with your QB coming off an injury. Besides Ja'Wuan James, what would qualify the OL to be lacking in health? . The interior DL is thin in terms of impact right? Because I see four good rotational DTs, five if you want to include William Hayes.
  12. 2019 Quarterback Class

    I've been lurking for some time and appreciate your insight but Malik isn't even being picked up as a UDFA, and that's coming from a Canes fan. As you said he made a lot of progress from what he was before but he's reached his ceiling. Accuracy is horrible, can't even throw a simple slant, and shows no resilience--if he's playing bad its going to get worse. Reports have said that he looks exactly the same and while he has the starting job for now, our freshman QB could be starting once the season starts.
  13. 2019 Quarterback Class

    Surprised no mention of the Buffalo QBs, Drew Anderson and Tyree Jackson.
  14. Grade Your Draft

    Loved our draft. The first five, with the exception of Smythe, should be immediate contributors. Smythe won't be counted on nearly as much with AJ Derby still on the team and the addition of Gavin Escobar.

    Vita Vea or a trade down would most likely be the Dolphins' plan.