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  1. Do You Care About the Dolphins' 2-0 Start?

    You still came off bitter lol We're excited because we see more or less what Gase has been preaching since he was hired in 2016, the season in which Tannehill finished 8-5 and the team 10-6 btw, simple improvements like running out the clock against you guys(never have been able to do that) or scheming guys open, and our draft picks are finally working out. Not because of who we beat.
  2. Do You Care About the Dolphins' 2-0 Start?

    We had legit 3 and 4 win predictions from here and all over the NFL. Excuse me if I laugh at some of those predictions. I'm not really dismissive of that argument, I just never believed it. I've said on here countless times that worst Dolphins' team have won at least 6 games.
  3. Do You Care About the Dolphins' 2-0 Start?

    Why? I'm not wishing, hoping, predicting, etc 10+ losses on any team. Not sure why I'd deserve a bite in the a** unless you're a Jets fan.
  4. Do You Care About the Dolphins' 2-0 Start?

    Not yet. Once we learn how to properly put teams away I think folks will start to notice/care. For as much flack we've received for letting Landry and Suh walk, the offense has been moving along and the run D has impressed without them. Just going to take some time to get Gesicki involved, build comrodary on the OL, and the development on the young LBs. Getting Parker back should open up the field a bit more so Tannehill doesn't look like a statue when he faces a pass-rush. LOL nonetheless at the countless "Worst team in the league", "Top 5 pick", etc. comments.
  5. 2016 was actually Tannehill's best year statistically. Highest YPA, QBR, completion percentage, TD%. He only played in 13 games that year.
  6. Bengals- playing at home Vikings- I think, hope not, that DL will get to Rodgers and possibly re-injure him. Dolphins- mostly become I'm a homer. To be honest, it could be a toss up. Jets' D is strong and we still havent found our identity yet. Bucs- Surprise. Just to be different. Pats- even when it looks like they're down they're not.
  7. Bengals- playing at home Vikings- I think, hope not, that DL will get to Rodgers and possibly re-injure him. Dolphins- mostly become I'm a homer. To be honest, it could be a toss up. Jets' D is strong and we still havent found our identity yet. Bucs- Surprise. Just to be different. Pats- even when it looks like they're down they're not.
  8. 7DnBrnc53's 2019 season prediction mock

    People really don't understand what type of stability Gase has. I'd talk about a hot seat maybe in year 4; gets an extra year due to all of the injuries last year.
  9. Week 1 GDT: Titans vs. Dolphins

    I hope your D is ready then. Reading between the lines, Gase is about to throw a TE at the Titans that's in the same mold as those two in week 1.
  10. Week 1 GDT: Titans vs. Dolphins

    Knowing Parker he will play. How do you guys do with tight ends and RBs? I think Gase is going to use a lot of Drake and Gesicki in the passing game IF Parker is out.
  11. Week 1 GDT: Titans vs. Dolphins

    For me personally its always interesting to see other teams' opinions, especially for this season. Most are misinformed but there are a few that at least have an idea of what's going on with the other 31 teams. The media can make up a narrative(s) and everyone will just run with in; case-in-point the Dolphins. Let me be the first to tell you that we are in no way the worst team in the league. If Tannehill goes down then that's a valid statement. Even when we've had less-talented teams with Tannehill at the helm(Brian Hartline as his top receiver for example) we've been able to muster up 6-7 wins. I'm in no way down-playing the losses of Landry and Suh but only Suh will be a significant loss. Funny thing is, even with Suh our run D was bottom of the league. Landry was definitely talented but was a glorified slot WR who requested to be force-fed the ball. He's not an X or Y just a Z(slot) who is tough to bring down. If you ask anyone else who doesn't watch the Dolphins, you'd swear he was top 10 WR that can play anywhere and that we're losing OBJ-like talent. Adam Gase's vision is to spread the ball around and that wasn't going to happen with Landry in Miami. Now with just Parker and Stills, he's hoping the emergence of speedster Jakeem Grant (shorter Tyreek Hill) and the additions of Albert Wilson and Danny Amendola through free agency and TE Mike Gesicki in the draft finally fits what he wants to do. Our fans have made theories that Gase is trying to emulate the 2014 Broncos offense, since he was the OC there, and I'd say that's pretty spot in terms of just utilization--Tannehill is no Manning. So in a way, this is a completely new offense for us as well; Gase has been very secretive with play-calls and how he used certain players in the preseason. As a fan posted earlier, the OL finally looks solid and we might have some depth. For as much flack Tannehill gets for being a mediocre QB there's never talks about the terrible O-Lines he's had(or the fact that he was never set up to succeed but that's another story I'm sure you guys could care less about). From since he was drafted, 2012, to 2016, Tannehill was the most sacked QB in the league including a 58 times sacked in 2013. Back to the present, the OL's success is going to depend on Laremy Tunsil. Dude has all of the talent in the world but is too inconsistent. Everyone is excited for Kenyan Drake. He's the most explosive back we've had in some time and does it all. His health will be something to watch. The only way to describe the defense in short is youthful. With Suh gone, Davon Godchaux, the co-starter from last year, will look to step up in his second season. DT Akeem Spence came over from Detroit and will start opposite of him. LB Raekwon McMillan is back from an ACL tear that sidelined him all of last year so this is essentially his rookie season. I'm sure most have heard of Kiko Alonso. He'll be in a more natural OLB position with the return of McMillan as the MLB. Rookie Jerome Baker will be the other OLB and has impressed with his speed throughout the off-season. The guy that everyone has raved about is newcomer Robert Quinn and it was evident as he racked up 3 sacks in the preseason. Cameron Wake is still kicking at 36 and hasn't lost much of a step. The fans are most excited about the secondary. Third-year CB Xavien Howard really came on towards the end of last year and is looking to push into the league of the best CBs. Bobby McCain will play opposite after a terrific 2017 season although he's more of a slot CB. When we're in the nickel rookie Minkah Fitzpatrick, who Gase refers to as "rare", will serve as the slot but he'll most likely be playing lots of FS in this game. TJ McDonald may serve as a 2nd "LB" on 3rd downs to get the best talent on the field but he's the "FS". And Reshad Jones is perhaps the most under-appreciated/rated Safety in the game. Can't name 10 better. * A lot of the positions of defense are in quotations since we will apparently be sporting a new 4-2-5 look.
  12. Week 1 GDT: Titans vs. Dolphins

    Dolphins fan here. I'm here in South Florida and we've been getting pelted with rain for the past couple of days because of the tropical storm that's headed for New Orleans. The weather should be better but you never know what you'll get down here. Hopefully just some storms in the morning. Parker is apparently "iffy" for the game. No other major injuries for us.
  13. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    They're a bottom five team. Just accept it! The young talent isnt going to develop because that's impossible for Miami. Minkah Fitzpatrick sucks, Mike Gesicki sucks, and Jerome Baker sucks. Although they went 7-1 with Tannehill before he went down with an injury by using a balanced offense in Gase's first year, they're worst off and will start the season 1-7. They were a bottom 10 run D with Suh and now they'll be bottom 2. Ajayii was their best RB since Ricky Williams and they're trying to replace him with a scat back who isnt dynamic and doesnt fit their offense LOL. Pouncey was their best OL and they let him go. Landry was the best receiver in Dolphins history and they let him go. Where are all of those targets going to go? Kenny Stills cant run routes, Albert Wilson is at best a #6 WR, but Parker is a beast though. Robert Quinn is a shell of himself and will be lucky to get 3 sacks. Cameron Wake is old. Who is Reshad Jones or TJ McDonald? Never heard of half of their players. Gosh their team is just so bad!
  14. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    Gesicki almost broke the internet. Horrible throw https://twitter.com/AumanacDraft/status/1027699239412031488?s=19
  15. How're those Rookies Doing? TC/PS Edition

    No not at all. The staff knows that his blocking is an issue and have used him accordingly; hes been used in the slot, out-wide, FB, etc. He has gotten better at picking up blitz according to reports and that's pretty much all they'll ask him to do for now.