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  1. Darnell Savage - GB Miles Sanders - Philly Justin Simmons - Ten Preston Williams - Miami
  2. Link randomizes AFC 1. Baltimore 2. KC 3. Tennessee 4. Buffalo 5. Pittsburgh 6. Las Vegas 7. Miami NFC 1. Green Bay 2. Seattle 3. New Orleans 4. San Fran 5. Philly 6. Dallas 7. Arizona Green Bay vs Baltimore in the SB. Lamar gets that trophy!
  3. Let's etch this in stone now for other mockers, Miami does not need a WR in the 1st round. The thing to keep in mind though is that the projected three starters (Parker, Williams, Wilson) have all had injury issues. I think they would draft a TE like Freirmuth and transition Gesicki into a big WR, like Graham in NO, before they take another receiver in the 1st. If we're picking at 3 I'd hope Tua + Fitzpatrick got hurt or Houston sucks terribly. They could possibly trade down from 3 and 9 depending on who they have on their board.
  4. You have no idea what you're talking about. First, Grier officially became the GM last year. They hired Mike Tannebaum as the VP in 2015 and he acted as the GM while Grier was more of a lackey with a title. Tannebaum was fired last year and Grier was able to finally take full control. You do know that a Director of Scouting doesn't actually pick the players right? LOL. Ex-GM Jeff Ireland made all of those picks from 08-15 I will admit that I'm a little skeptical since last year's draft wasn't all that, mostly because of the wasted Rosen trade and injuries. We'll see how he does with Reggie McKenzie and Marvin Allen helping this year.
  5. No thank you. The only way Miami doesn't draft an OT in the 1st is if they acquire a LT and RT in free agency. Okwara is a Day 2 guy in my opinion and DE is a position I think Miami is going to target in free agency. Also keep in mind that the Dolphins will value a Trey Flowers type of lineman, 260+ lbs with a long wingspan and hand-size. The guy doesn't have to be super athletic.
  6. Didnt say it was going to happen but you all are in speaking in absolutes as if its impossible.
  7. Miami is trading for a 33 year old QB and passing on Herbert for what reason?
  8. Say Russel Wilson gets injured, god forbid, and Seattle implodes and goes 3-13, you don't think they would want to trade down to build around Russ? Or are they going they to take the generational talent at QB?
  9. Great Miami draft I think Flores would prefer Antoine Winfield Jr. He's smaller and less athletic than Delpit but he's an overall sound player. Delpit has issues in man-coverage and has regressed since his freshman season.
  10. First, I don't think anyone believes that Miami will have the #1 pick next year. If Miami wants Lawrence they're obviously going to have to trade up. Miami has two 1st's and 2nd's in 2021. Now that I'm thinking about it, IF they really wanted Lawrence they could trade pick 18 this year for a 2021 1st and some mid-round picks then package possibly three 1st round picks in 2021 and an early pick in 2022 for #1.
  11. Miami doesn't have to trade up though. As @praegler said, Miami can take BPA or even Herbert at 5 and keep all of their picks. They're not backed into a wall like these other teams. So you'd trade your two picks where the most value is? LOL. I'd love to see you as a GM.
  12. You're usually spot on with Miami's picks but this is not good. 1. Don't mind the trade up for Tua, the pick on the other hand is the issue. I think it would be much better to give up #26, comp 4th, and future 2nd. 18 is a more valuable spot, especially if Epenesa falls there, to get an impact player on for a team that lacks talent than 26. Jones is a great pick but keep in mind that a RT would be more valuable than LT given that Tua is left-handed. 2. QB check, OT check, LB...? Miami already has two starting young LB's in Raekwon McMillan and Jerome Baker. I also think they pull Van Noy in free agency. Maybe some depth in the 4th or 5th. Miami also would be looking for bigger backers, like in the 240-250 + lbs range that can cover AND rush in Flores' scheme. 3. Miami prefers RB's that can catch as well so Taylor wouldn't be the best fit. I also think they target either Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler, or running backs in that vein during free agency. 4. Miami just drafted a kicker. Not sure why they'd draft another one. EDIT: Just seeing your changes. My picks in the 1st would be the same but flipped since I think YGM is more of a late 1st talent. The addition of KJ Hill is perfect; Miami needs a slot to compliment DeVante and Preston.
  13. You want to see the city of Miami on fire don't you? With the board falling the way you have, Miami would be better off trading down from #5. Trade with a flashy team like Cleveland for their 2021 2nd and 2020 4th. 1. Mekhi Becton OT Louisville 1b. Justin Herbert QB Oregon - I could understand the front office being afraid of Tua's hip, but they're not passing up on their #2 QB and the chance to ruin New England's plans. 1c. Yetur Gross-Matos EDGE Penn State 1d. Xavier McKinney S Alabama - WOW! Four 1st rounders. Is that a record? 2. JK Dobbins RB Ohio State 3. Lloyd Cushenberry III IOL LSU
  14. Apologies. I was only recognizing offensive linemen. Becton would be a great choice in the teens. Miami isn't in the position to take a trench player in the top 5 since the front office has set this off-season up for the first pick to be a QB, not to mention that they love Tua. Biadasz is a good center but Cushenberry and Ruiz are probably better and can be had at the beginning of Day 2. The WR depth isn't that impressive and the RB talent also drops off after Taylor/Swift/Dobbins.
  15. So with two of your first round picks, you're going to spend it on just a position group? That makes little sense unless the talent falls off considerably. You do know that Miami has tons of money to spend in free agency right? Grab Becton for sure, but not at #5. Chris Grier would be ran out of town if we pass on Tua for an offensive lineman. And while I do agree with your plan to build the trenches, there are six more rounds and Miami has 7+ picks after day 1. San Fran's OL is consisted of three free agents and two draft picks.
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