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  1. As @Forge said, he is based on numbers. Take a look https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/mike-gesicki They both have incredible hands and make impossible catches, but Pitts is much smoother and moves like a WR while Gesicki is very stiff at times.
  2. Gesicki was 6th in receiving yards for TEs last year and is just as athletic as Pitts. Miami would be drafting Pitts as an eventual replacement because he's the BPA and to avoid paying Gesicki in free agency next year.
  3. I think I liked the previous mock for Miami. 1. Sewell - No problem with Sewell. His transition to RT will be interesting. 1a. Rousseau - Rousseau is too much of a project for me to project him to Miami. He does have traits that they like, long arms and big hands. 2. Toney - One of the reasons the Dolphins are looking for a WR, besides the glaring lack of talent in their room, is to eventually replace DeVante Parker. Toney's lack of size and questionable hands are a big no-no. 2b. Wade - Not a bad pick if we get the 2019 version. I think they'll want a guy who has experienc
  4. I think that was going to happen anyways. The defense was rated high but they could not get to the QB by the end of the season. May replace Shaq Lawson with Carl Lawson or Clowney.
  5. First, Chris Grier would be an idiot to stay at 3. With the rumors of four QB's going in the top 5. I think Miami is a prime candidate to trade down. Bateman is ok but I personally prefer Waddle. He opens up most offenses but would do wonders for Gesicki and Parker. Brian Floes likes bigger backers with versatility so a Zaven Collins or Baron Browning makes more sense than Bolton. Humphrey has been linked to Miami for so long that I'd be surprised if they didn't pick him at 36, I do like Meinerz though. Jones II is not a fit whatsoever; his teammate Weaver is more of Miami's speed. I
  6. I could see them liking Ojulari a ton with how versatile of a player he is. Collins may fit that mold as well. I'd take Bateman in the 25-30 range personally. Great player but 18 is too high for my taste. Tonga is more of a Day 3 pick, plus Bobby Brown is the best NT in this draft. Britt is a good player, he's not a top 50 player. Value is more important to Miami right now as they need talent infusion. He doesn't really move the needle in their defense.
  7. Nailed the Dolphins draft. I'd personally went Pitts at 8 especially drafting Wallace later on.
  8. Miami 1 8. Micah Parsons [ LB ] Penn State - Flores prefers smarter players. Coukd see them going Z. Collins later. 1 18. Christian Darrisaw [ OT ] Virginia Tech - Besides him probably going top 15, I think it's unlikely Miami goes LT unless they're going to play LG. They just drafted an OT in the 1st last year. 2 36. Najee Harris [ RB ] Alabama - Perfect pick although I worry if our OL can open up the holes for him to be effective. 2 39. Terrace Marshall Jr. [ WR ] LSU - Like the receiver but not for Miami. The offense built around Tua is going to be quick and we already have two big receive
  9. Miami: Sewell, Bateman, Britt, Molden, Tonga, Hubbard, and Imatorbhebhe. Outside of Sewell and Molden....meh. Everyone else is so overvalued (Britt, Tonga, even Bateman) and or is a weird fit (Hubbard).
  10. To add on, Miami usually does the opposite of what everyone assumes since Grier took over as GM.
  11. ...Jerome Baker would like a word.
  12. I think you're right unfortunately; it's either him or Godsey. I'd target a good QB coach personally. Maybe Ken Dorsey.
  13. Fitz has also has four years experience with this offensive coordinator compared to Tua's four months. The offense is tailor-made for Fitz, it's evident as he already has an idea of where he wants to throw, knows how to maneuver in the pocket, and there's confidence in every throw. There isn't much hesitation and he'll throw it up if need be. Tua is a much safer player and will only throw if he's sure the receiver is open, and or eventually will be, which is the reason he's starting. Flores doesn't like turning the ball over so the rook is the perfect game-manager. You can see Tua still p
  14. Using the Browns losses, the first game against NE was a bad loss for Flores. 21-11. They've been able to hang with KC and Buffalo.
  15. Parsons is off their board wherever the Texans picks lands imo. I think Flores will value a big LB like Zaven Collins as he's a lot more comfortable in coverage. It'd be advantageous if we took a receiver first as there's a talent dropoff after the first four. Hopefully that Texans pick is top 3-4 and we can trade down. #10 - WR Jaylen Waddle #21 - LB Zaven Collins 2a - RB Najee Harris 2b - DE Jaelan Phillips 3. C Landon Dickerson (he isn't listed) 4. CB Deommodore Lenoir @Scalamania Miami has their original 4th. They traded LAR's 4th back to them.
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