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  1. Bengals hire Lou Anarumo as Defensive Coordinator

    Bengals "tanking" worse than the Dolphins.
  2. Who ends up drafting Kyler Murray?

    Rumor has it that he's only interested in Arizona or Miami. Kingsbury sort of confirmed that they're committed to Rosen. I'm going to say the Dolphins since the owner wants to start over. Kyler and Brian Flores share the same agent as well.
  3. Which team is the biggest treadmill team in the NFL?

    Signing Mike Wallace when all he knows is how to be a deep threat yet Tannehill isnt comfortable throwing deep, replacing your aging but effective LBs for younger journeymen that were worst, thinking Suh was going to take an aging DL to new heights lol. Wallace was traded for a 5th round pick and your two journeymen were cut/traded AND you had to give up a 3rd in just TWO years. Give the Dolphins their award now. They were more of a "treadmill" team from 2013-2016; we're just paying for it now. Once they figured out that you actually had to have a system in place before you give out big money, they stopped.
  4. The combination of reports about "tanking" + Flores not being the most desirable coach + the assumption that the Dolphins will be horrible = criticism. We could hire Hall of Famers at OC and DC and would get killed.
  5. What are you saying?
  6. Its official but this has been known... Im neither up or down since this is his first gig; im also assuming Caldwell will have some say. He has been essential to the Pat's success in the red-zone. Hopefully he can coach the other 80 yards.
  7. Your last sentence is basically what I'm saying. It's a rebuild. Its just being described as "tanking".
  8. Did you read through the thread? Tanking does not meaning losing on purpose sir. Cut and or trade your hefty contracts, dont overspend in free agency, and possibly trade down to acquire more picks in the draft. That simple.
  9. 7 Rounds With Comp Picks Predictions

    Agreed. I can understand if someone doesnt like our WR group but two back to back? Better chance we take two OL or DL.
  10. I'm happy as hell. This will be the first time where we have a couple of good young players and the new HC gets to build the rest of the team to his liking. Godcheaux, Taylor, Rae, Bake, Minkah, Xavien?, Tunsil, James?, Drake/Ballage, Gesicki. The downside is Reshad and Wake may be casualties.
  11. No. He was rumored to basically have the same role as Caldwell but on the other side of the ball then reports came out that he told people that he was going to be the DC of the Patriots instead.
  12. Wonder if Bielema to Miami is still an option.
  13. It's just hearsay right now. The plan may do a 180 once the next off season rolls around.
  14. Basically lol. We've been stuck in purgatory for a while with middling players with bad contracts and the lack of a good coach/QB. Not bad enough to pick top 10 but decent enough to beat one or two of the top 10 teams in the league.