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  1. Dolphins Best: 12-5. Tua helps turn Miami's offense around, the defense builds on an impressive showing last year, and we split with Buffalo. San Fran wins 3 games leaving us with a top 5 pick. Worst: 6-11. Tua looks worse than last year, top receivers get injured, the OL doesn't improve, and the defense regresses. Trey Lance leads SF to the playoffs.
  2. https://playoffpredictors.com/Football/CustomLeague/SchedulePicker/D4CA92D4-BA81-4A0F-A1AD-FC5F5D1C1D64/?L=IwJjeTI0ulQPrFsZKkh4Ibz-AzZNHaABi11zirWhW1THIcUS1Jjnc7aurt+2EeAacazMR1pCmQ3jyYRyQA&c=cgm:1|tnptlw:true
  3. The obvious answer for the Dolphins is Tua. His biggest issue last year imo was processing too fast because he didn't trust a bad OL. I think the game slows down for him this year. I expect big things out of last year's 3rd and 4th rounders-- Brandon Jones and Solomon Kindley. Jones saw limited snaps but will likely start at safety with Bobby McCain now gone to WFT. More of a box safety but has the athleticism to play anywhere. Kindley made a big statement cementing himself as a starter in last year's training camp. He should be even better this year as he transitions back to his natural
  4. 1. KC, 2. Buffalo, 3. Cleveland, 4. Baltimore, 5. Miami, 6. Tennessee, 7. LAC 1. TB, 2. GB, 3. Seattle, 4. Dallas, 5. LAR, 6. New Orleans, 7. Washington SB: KC vs Dallas MVP - Patrick Mahomes, ChiefsOPOY - Saquan Barkely, GiantsDPOY - Chase Young, WSHOROY - Elijah Moore, JetsDROY - Jaelan Phillips, DolphinsCOY - Jason Garrett, Cowboys CBPOY - Saquan Barkley, Giants
  5. I wonder if whichever team signs him moves him back into the slot. Great attitude and never complained unlike a certain safety.
  6. Like you said, no proper offseason to properly gauge last year's class. Regardless of how much capital they had, most teams dreams are to come away with a decent draft class which it seems like Miami is doing so far. "I have been underwhelmed with their approach to the draft and team building in general, which seems to be almost exclusively drafting on upside." Well that's what the draft is unless you're picking top 10 annually; there are rarely for-sure players after that. They bet on upside last year for sure, this year's class can play at a high level right away. So your issue is that
  7. Dolphins Round 1: No. 6 (from PHI) – Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama: A - Love the pick. He starts in the slot immediately and opens up the offense, allowing everyone to eat. Round 1: No. 18 – Jaelan Phillips, DE, Miami: A+ - Miami possibly got the best defensive player in the draft at 18 plus he's a Cane. Adding him to an already top 10 defense will hopefully improve the run defense and allow them to get to the QB faster. Round 2: No. 36 (from HOU) – Jevon Holland, S, Oregon: A - If you want to know what kind of DB Brian Flores likes, look no further. Holland was tailor made for th
  8. Expound. Last year and this year were the only look at what Miami would possibly do to build their team, the Jets just started to rebuild lol. Miami's moves last year paid dividends as they won 5 more games than the year before and were one game away from the playoffs. They took three young OL who are all starting, a starting DT, starting safety in sub packages, and a starting QB in 2020.
  9. Trent Dilfer was asked last year what's the #1 thing he'd do to help the Dolphins offense. His answer was adding Jaylen Waddle to help stretch the field vertically, which fits Tua's strengths. Smith isn't as sudden and isn't the playmaker that Waddle is. Doppelganger? Fuller is much stronger and better pass-catcher than Waddle. He's also 2 inches taller. He's an experienced, and successful, outside receiver while Waddle has more experience in the slot. Miami needed a slot. Their speed is what Miami coveted more than anything else. The belief is the run game will improve as teams can'
  10. Miami traded their own 1st to SF so 22 is their's. Miami only has #27. Love the pick. Wydermyer makes sense if they move on from Gesicki. I could also see them target a LB.
  11. DT isn't a need for Miami.
  12. Miami passes on a LB who fits their defense to a T, Collins, for a LB who does not?
  13. Bateman and Brown would give the Dolphins a whopping 14 WRs on their roster. Collins and Sewell are good picks.
  14. What a haul for the Dolphins! There's been talks of Waddle falling , but if he fell to 18😳 The only question with Najee is will he be as effective playing behind an incomplete OL? The assets they gave up for Najee seems a bit much too. Two 3rds to move up 9 spots? It leaves Miami in a hole since their next pick wouldn't be until the 5th round, 156 picks later.
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