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  1. Can we officially say Sony Michel is a bust
  2. The front 7 is getting owned in the trenches tonight
  3. Double Edelman and dare anyone else to beat you
  4. This team isn’t built to win a shootout
  5. I’m a goff hater but he thrown some pretty balls today
  6. It’s almost like Gase is trying to get fired
  7. I really wanna see how the DBs matchup In this game with the Seahawks WRs
  8. They need to get whoever from the Steelers picks WRs
  9. And why did those WRs flop with other passing attacks? Because they sucked
  10. They had chances to go to other organizations and flopped, because they sucked. It’s very simple, get open catch the ball.
  11. Those Wrs were trash when they left NE though. That’s why they didn’t “blossom”, they sucked. Like what did guys like Aaron Dobson or Kembrell Tompkins do after the patriots?
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