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  1. We have to start talking about Harbaugh being an overrated HC
  2. It’s crazy how they have gotten absolutely nothing from the TE position the last 2 seasons
  3. This is a bad football team. The closer we accept this and stop hiding behind “well it’s really like a 6-3 team with the right breaks” the less upset you are. That’s what bad teams do, they lose close games
  4. This is one of the best offensive lines of the BB era IMO. It’s just being wasted on poor QB play and terrible WRs
  5. I’ve been watching since 91 and The Lamar era ravens are probably the biggest front running team I’ve seen. When they get up big on you they become the 85 bears and beat you into submission
  6. Offensive line has been great all year
  7. Just keep running the rock
  8. Harris has been a bright spot this season
  9. Aside from the jets at home I’m trying to figure out what the other wins will be
  10. Can’t stop the run and the only thing the ravens can do is run
  11. So it’s fair to say the whole “Greg Roman needs to be a HC” circle jerk is over
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