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  1. CP3MVP


    Ok previous year. Case keenum won 3 games in the 2015 Rams with the same washed up Jeff fisher. Goff just stinks
  2. It’s funny because the offensive line was supposed to be the strength of the team.
  3. Lol dude is gonna break the record for carries in a season
  4. Terrible as in one of the 3 or 4 worst QBs in football this year. He’s been awful. Mitch who everyone thinks sucks was better under the same Matt Nagy
  5. CP3MVP


    Steve young on all time bad bucs team 35 years ago means what with Goff in 2021? again it should be noted that case keenum won 4 games on the same bad Rams team that Goff went 0-4 with
  6. CP3MVP


    Case Keenum won 4 games with Jeff fisher that year no excuses
  7. CP3MVP


    He has yet to win a game in the NFL without Mcvay holding his hand
  8. I think brady has a better arm at 44 than Peyton did in denver
  9. A case can be made The Cardinals Bills and Bucs are fielding their greatest teams ever this year
  10. Yeah but vangio has been an excellent defensive coordinator
  11. It’s crazy cause he waited forever to finally get his shot
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