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  1. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Rob Lowe still looks better than me
  2. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Ryan pace will never live down that draft
  3. Mock offseason and draft 1.0

    They can turn him into a 10 TD guy
  4. Mock offseason and draft 1.0

    Send OJ to NE.
  5. What team will Cam Newton he traded to?

    How does cam not love football enough
  6. What team will Cam Newton he traded to?

    I don’t think people realize how bad Kyle Allen is.
  7. Bowl Season- Prospect Discussion

    ^The skill position talent is trash but yeah people are sleeping on OLine being a need.
  8. Farewell, Patriots

    Dynasties in sports drives ratings. People love watching great teams dominate year in and year out.
  9. Offseason Thread

    They need to revamp the offense
  10. If you look at the highest scoring teams in nfl history, the offenses falter in January. Off the top of my head. 83 Skins, 84 Dolphins, 04 Colts, 07 Pats, 10-12 Pats, 11 Saints, 11 Packers, 13 Broncos, 19 Ravens etc. why do you think this is?
  11. Is Drew Brees overrated?

    1.)Brady has a higher passer rating indoors(109 to 104) and outside(96.4 to 91.8). Brees just plays 9 games a year in a dome. 2.)The vast majority of Drew Brees playoff games have been indoors. Where Tom Brady is better. Tom Brady best playoff game ever was inside against the Eagles in which he had 505 yards 3 Touchdowns 3.)The audacity of using never been the “best QB” in the league to defend a guy who has zero 1st team all pros and ZERO MVPS.
  12. Playoffs Thread

    The offense sucked against bad teams though. The game against the giants was the first sign
  13. Lamar Jackson

    There’s a reason why you have to watch the games. 20 years from now people are going look at the boxscore claim Lamar played well tonight, and because of raw total yardage. But but 350 and 100 I mean some people are already doing this online