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  1. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    What’s the definition of an underdog
  2. But you haven’t provided any evidence to suggest there is anything special about those teams which would cause NE not to beat them in the regular season and gain homefield in the playoffs. The one “Great” team in the afc north NE has owned for 20 years. What “good” stretches have the Browns or raiders have had? The raiders have literally sucked since 2003 with the exception of 2016.
  3. If I go 7-9 or 8-8 17 years in a row but never make the playoffs that’s historically bad. That’s mediocre. Youre a acting like these afc east teams are going 2-14 every year
  4. You claimed that they were historically bad. There’s no evidence to suggest the bills dolphins or jets have been historically bad over the last 20 years. They haven’t even fielded the worst team in the league since 2007(1-15 dolphins)
  5. There’s nothing special about those divisions you’ve named. AFC north Steelers- Good team who NE has owned for 20 years bengals-haven’t won a playoff game since 1991 browns-laughing stock of the league. All time bad from 2016-2017 AFC West broncos-great team from 2012-2015. 2016-2018 mediocrity raiders-sucked this entire decade aside from a fluke 2016 season. Pats have owned them chargers- up and down team who has won 2 playoff games this whole decade. Hasn’t reached a conference title game since 2007. chiefs- 2 playoff wins this decade. Overall strong teams but not title contenders till this year There is NOTHING special about those two divisions to suggest NE wouldn’t dominate
  6. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Kurt Warner and Brett Favre come on man
  7. How have the bills jets and dolphins been “historically bad for 20 years”? Heck The biggest knock on the Dolphins has been mediocrity not being terrible. They basically go 8-8 every season with one of those losses being to NE.
  8. There is zero evidence to support this.
  9. The afc east myth has been debunked numerous times but people keep citing for reasons I will never understand
  10. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    If the saints win the super bowl Brees will be considered the second best QB of the last 20 years
  11. Chargers vs Patriots: Divisional Round

    The chargers are a 12 win team that was top ten on both sides of the ball that was completely dominated
  12. Chargers vs Patriots: Divisional Round

    David Andrews is a monster
  13. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    The colts defense played absolutely nobody during this stretch and it’s getting exposed
  14. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    Lol Eli is garbage
  15. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    What offenses and QBs have they played since week 7