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  1. Devin white was arguably the worst LB in football in coverage until the last 3 games of the playoffs where he was excellent. PFF is a big believer in Coverage>Run stopping
  2. If you had to pick 5 in order? Obviously postseason matters more than regular season but they don’t all have to be from the playoffs.
  3. I mean Washington was dead last in offensive DVOA last year. The QB play was terrible but so was teams like the Patriots Jets and Bears and they weren’t last.
  4. Dennis green played really conservatively in that game
  5. Potential to be one of the best offensive lines in Pats history
  6. From best to worst 2010 Patriots 2011 Packers 2012 Broncos 2013 Panthers 2017 Rams 2018 Bears 2019 Ravens 2020 Seahawks
  7. To put it simply who on your favorite teams roster will not be with them in 2022? patriots-Stephon Gilmore
  8. The colts are 4 because they beat the 5th best Patriots team of the 00’s?
  9. They faced one of the best super bowl runner ups ever in the 91 Bills who had multiple HOF’s. You never really explained how it was a “mirage” aside from they just stef the that good in your opinion lol
  10. One of those losses were agains that 91 eagles(who had a historically great defense you ignore) in a meaningless week 17 game when they benched their starters at halftime in which they were up
  11. Because it’s the most complete team in history the claim of competition is laughable when they had one of the toughest SOS of any Superbowl champion and had one of the best point differentials ever
  12. I’m fascinated to see how you argue the 91 Redskins are 9th that don’t have to do with names on paper
  13. 91 Washington is arguably the GOAT team. They just weren’t flashy enough
  14. McDermott was winning games when Josh allen was straight up trash in 2019
  15. His work as an offensive coordinator has nothing to do with his ranking as a HC
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