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  1. He said from 86-93. 91-93 are the only years where it was without question from that period.
  2. Your “evidence” was one quote by one player (who happened to win MVP/Finals MVP) that’s Season Jordan was not the “undisputed best player” from 1986-1993
  3. Ok so now it’s not about winning. Jordan’s bulls in the 90’s had better coaching and better teams than the stars he was beating. Jordan has zero case as ranking higher than Bird in 1986.
  4. I think the Vikings peaked 4 years ago with Zim
  5. Jordan has no case over Bird in 1986 lol. Bird that proceeded to sweep MJ’s team.
  6. Exactly. The debate during the 80’s was magic versus bird.
  7. You brought up mvps and all pro teams first. Now since it was used against you suddenly you’re not interested. Jordan wasn’t the best player from 86-93 so I have no idea this “insanely dominant peak” when he wasn’t even considered the best player during half of that time So Brady was only an elite QB for 3 years? Lol are you trolling.
  8. So you admit all NBA teams are flawed? I’m asking you what years Jordan was the best player. You shifted to mvps so I’m assuming only 5 times.
  9. So do mvp matter or not. Jordan was only the MVP 5 times, so by your logic he was only The best player 5 times.
  10. He will make excuses and claim it’s different and a BS media award
  11. All NBA and pro teams are about positions. You signaled out Brady’s “only” first team all pros. Brady’s competition during his era at QB craps all over Jordan’s at SG who had 10 first team all nba teams. Competition matters. And what era/time was Jordan better than any player at any position? During the 80’s it was magic and bird. If I cite MVP’s that they won over him I’m sure you’ll say that’s a flawed measure and make excuses.
  12. Jordan’s competition at SG(and guard overall)was utter garbage compared to Brady’s at QB lol. In the last 20 years brady has competed with Favre Manning Rodgers Brees now Mahomes. Who is the SG equivalent of that for MJ? Clyde Drexler? Reggie Miller? It’s not close 1st team pros are not created equal
  13. Yeah it’s basically Donta. The whole covid narrative on this team was the most overblown storyline of the 2020 season
  14. A spin-off of my offense thread. who will be the top 5 defenses of 2021?
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