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  1. Dammit ruined the statline
  2. Our defense isn’t good but unlike last year at least they get turnovers. 12 turnovers in 6 games already. Last year they had 18 ALL a season, one in 3 playoff games, and that nick Foles pick was a joke
  3. ThuNF Week 7: DEN @ ARI GameDay Thread

    Its fun watching Rosen fail
  4. How good is this Ravens Defense?

    I don’t think you’ll ever see a 2000 Ravens 2002 Bucs 2013 Hawks Or even 15 Broncos type defensive playoff run again.
  5. How good is this Ravens Defense?

    Did That defense really “carry them deep in the playoffs” though? The first game was against Tyrod Taylor who is awful and they BARELY scrapped by. The second game the defense got torched by the Steelers offense and the jags offense put up 35 points.
  6. Inter-conference; more balanced now?

    The nfc was massively overrated. The eagles and Vikings fell off from last season
  7. Is it good enough to get the ravens to a Super Bowl? How would you compare it to the jags or Vikings of last season?
  8. Will Marcus Mariota Be a Top 15 Quarterback Again?

    He had a spark when he started than become garbage
  9. SNF: Chiefs at Patriots

    I sat through the 1992 and 1993 seasons
  10. I hate Mercury Morris so much and shutting him up would be amazing. But no I wouldn’t trade the last two superbowls
  11. The offense didn’t even play their A game which is scary. They shoulda scored 50. If Sony keeps up this pace it’s light out
  12. Who’s the worst team in football?

    Oakland is a disaster
  13. SNF: Chiefs at Patriots

    The God going for his 200th RS win as a starting QB