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  1. 2020 Browns Hype

    I have them 8-8
  2. Patriots sign Cam Newton

    Low risk high reward
  3. Worst Teams to Make the Super Bowl

    The 85 pats were just happy to be there
  4. How do you see the TB/TB experiment going?

    They playing in great weather all year against mostly bad defenses. I think the coldest game is on the road in Charlotte which average temperature is 50 degrees on that day. And that defense is going to be bottom 3-5 in football this year. Look at the defenses, the only notable ones are the first month of the season, Bears/Chargers/Broncos. Saints play good defense and they’ll be at home Week 1. Outside of that nobody should be able to slow them down. The final 4 games are Vikings Falcons twice and Lions. I mean come on
  5. How do you see the TB/TB experiment going?

    They won 7 games with Jameis Winston
  6. Why'd the Broncos get blown out in 3 straight Super Bowls?

    The afc sucked
  7. Interesting read. They still have the 91 skins over the 85 bears?
  8. Who's the MJ of Football?

    So now it’s about advanced stats and not all nba teams and mvp awards.
  9. 2012 49ers vs 2019 49ers

    I remember the 12 49ers defense was awful from the second half the NE game till the end
  10. Most overrated individual seasons?

    Vick 2010. It was a couple of games against horrible defenses
  11. Who's the MJ of Football?

    So to recap, Jordan isn’t the all time leader in championships or league MVPs, he doesn’t lead all time in points scored assists rebounds steals blocks either. He doesn’t even have the all nba team selections all time at his OWN position.
  12. Who's the MJ of Football?

    I’ve been watching since 1991. You would take the top ten shooting guards of the 90’s over the SG’s of the 00’s? It’s really not close. The overall talent and athleticism just wasn’t there. Lol John Starks made an all star team
  13. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Yes Kobe played in a tougher era at the guard position in terms of talent and it’s not really close. A guy like Reggie Miller was heralded during the 90’s and he would struggle to make all star games in the 00’s. Heck he did in the 90’s when his competition was people like sprewell and mark price. In regards to defenses, the 2004 pistons and 2008 Celtics are better defensively than any team Jordan faced in the finals.
  14. Who's the MJ of Football?

    So now it’s about stats now.