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  1. Yeah bad QBs hold teams back. There’s lots of teams that would look elite with great Qb.
  2. A 7-9 team is bad anyway you slice it. They went 5-11 the previous season too so it’s not like it’s an outlier. Their offensive efficiency numbers were terrible btw. 23in in DOVA(6th with Tom now)
  3. Every team is talented. The difference Between the bad teams and good teams is largely QB play and coaching. We see it all the time supposedly bad teams turn around when they upgrade the QB position. The only difference in Tampa from last season is a rookie RT, a TE who everyone told me was “Washed”, an average at best RB in LF who has been surpassed by a guy who everyone told me sucked prior to 2020 and a rookie safety. Brown hasn’t played a down yet and they’re 5-2 leading the league in DOVA(lapping the field actually)
  4. Lots of teams could become scary like Tampa with elite QB play. Bears have horrible QB play and are 5-2. Baker mayfield has sucked this year and the browns are 5-2. Last season Josh allen was horrible and the Bills won 10 games.
  5. Bad teams are bad largely because they have bad QBs. The only thing really unique about Winston’s situation is the unusually long leash he was given to throw all those interceptions. Now if they don’t win they should be “ashamed”, that’s interesting. What was your prediction for Tampa pre season? If you thought they were goin 8-8 pre season, I don’t wanna here crap about how they’re “stacked” now.
  6. You can say that about a lot of teams, that they would be good with good QB Play.
  7. Bills suck against the run and the only thing NE can do on offense is run.
  8. Now the new narrative is Tampa apparently is a “super team”
  9. How many times over the last 20 years have the non pats teams been as bad as the 4 teams in the NFC east right now? All 4 teams are garbage
  10. You don’t really appreciate ball placement for a QB until you have one who sucks at it. It’s not just raw completion percentage
  11. The pats have had one impressive game passing the ball, and it was the Seahawks. The Seahawks defense had gotten roasted by everyone
  12. Josh allen ain’t great either. I’m not sold on him long term due to accuracy issues
  13. Tampa is absolutely contenders.
  14. Where does he rank among 1st round busts of the BB era
  15. I’d rather run it on every down than attempt to put the ball in the air
  16. Shanahan can create a running game with anyone. Kinda like his dad
  17. Panic as in this season is basically over, considering you have the bills next week and the Ravens in 2 weeks. 9-7 with Cam and barley missing the playoffs or getting destroyed in the wild card game was my least favorite scenario. I’d rather bottom out than that.
  18. Bounce back win hopefully 21-17. if they lose this game, then you can panic
  19. The dream team eagles weren’t 4-2 leading the league in DVOA Also will you admit you were wrong about Tampa having a bad offensive line or nah?
  20. Brady has more power in Tampa than he ever did in NE. He runs that organization now.
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