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  1. Jon Bostic

    Let me clarify, Williams and Matakevich are both A-C MLBs. That means they are ok as long as the play is from Tackle to Tackle but anything else and they’re both liabilities on the field. Timmons and Shazier could easily go sideline to sideline. Scouts rave and miss on many players every year so I’m not too impressed when an anonymous source pipes up. Cerebral is used too often because a guy can watch film for hours yet if it doesn’t match up with his onfield play then it’s useless to me. To be a MLB in the NFL these days, one must be fast and cerebral as the game has become a space battle but those A-C gaps need to be controlled as well. Williams nor Matakevich play that type of game well. I’m hyped to watch Bostic and Matthews to see how they perform.
  2. Jon Bostic

    I laugh out way too loud while reading Matakevich is a cerebral player who lacks the physical ability 🤦‍♂️Every slow player isn’t cerebral. Mata is a solid ST who looked overwhelmed in the small sample I’ve seen so far. Williams is an excellent blitzer when schemed to get open. He got there, which is a plus, but we were exotic and blitz heavy (which was often disguised perfectly and a four man rush).
  3. That’s my point. If an UDFA has similar stats to a guy who was picked in the first 22 picks then the Steelers suck at identifying pass rushers. Who was the last productive 3-4 OLB drafted by the Steelers?
  4. Like I said Jones has limited playing time yet has 6 sacks. Per rush attempt, Jones is easily the better player. Dupree just doesn’t do it for me. He has his fans and that’s cool but the on field production is less than what I desire.
  5. He did it as a 4-3 DE coming off the edge. Dupree is in a blitzing 3-4 scheme and still underproduced with a great interior pass rush 🤦‍♂️
  6. Undrafted Howard Jones has 6 career sacks. First Round draft pick Bud Dupree, chosen 22nd overall, has 14 career sacks 🔥 💩! Some players are given more opportunities than others but Dupree has played a couple thousand plays whereas Jones has maybe less than a thousand played. I’d take Jones in an instant over Dupree. Undrafted players are the same as drafted players in that they’re worth getting excited over. Whether one chooses to or not to is completely up to them. Maurice Hurst was a good player that no team wanted to risk taking in the first round, some probably wouldn’t have drafted him, but the Raiders got a terrific bargain in the 5th round. La’el Collins was in a similar situation after the tragedy that struck the mother of his unborn baby at the time. No team drafted him, even though he was one of the best OL in his class, yet Cowboys struck gold getting him as an UDFA. Damoun Patterson excels at playing Gunner, WR, and Returner. He is basically a cheaper version of DHB. A player that wears three hats is coveted in the NFL. Regarding Prince, don’t be surprised if Jerald Hawkins is cut. The Steelers have been known to cut dead weight players and sign some unknown players. After homework tonight, I’m going to watch Prince.
  7. Actually it’s not Tomlin as he used Rossum in the past. Our current ST coach is the one who’s against defensive players as returners.
  8. 2019 Targets for Steelers

  9. 2019 Targets for Steelers

  10. 2019 Targets for Steelers

  11. 2019 Targets for Steelers

    Speed at WR & excellent return guy. Played alongside Anthony Miller. It will be interesting watching him play with a new QB this season.
  12. Everyone is coachble. How easy does he retain and apply the information taught is what separates players. He spent 4-8 years or more and still struggles is a concern to me. Yes there are coaches that teach easily and some guys are slow learners but sometimes guys should switch positions.
  13. Dupree speed off the edge is impressive but he lacks the ability to redirect if that speed is stopped. Every good to great passrusher uses their hands to keep the other players’ hands off them. You can’t block what you can’t touch; Dupree doesn’t seem to understand that. Once Harrison signed with the Pats, Dupree basically called him a bad team mate for not helping/showing him how to be successful. You’re a professional so figure it out! It is well known, and documented, how much Harrison spends on training and taking care of his body.
  14. Dupree is a 4 year one trick pony. I don’t like him not getting any better. Add those Harrison comments he made last year and I see why he sucks. We all have jobs/careers and there is much self development done in order for us to get better. He blames his failures and lack of growth on a team mate. Pathetic!