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  1. I wondered the same thing. Don’t know what happened there but He looked good when he was with them. If he’s anything like that 🤞would be very nice!
  2. I very anxious to see Jonathan Williams. He’s sneaky fast and has shown he can be a nice surprise addition even catching passes out of the backfield.
  3. I noticed that as well. Wants to be more athletic!
  4. That’s not my point. I get the name change. I’m talking about what the NFL is doing to now to satisfy a group of people as far as 2 National Anthems, Names on helmets… that’s what I’m referring to not the name change. When the Cowboys wanted to put the names on their uniforms/helmets of the fallen police officers NFL wouldn’t let them. NFL is doing a bad job being divisive and the unification of people. Just keep any of this out of sports. It shouldn’t be part of any games.
  5. NFL is sure making it hard to just enjoy the game. Caving in to satisfy a certain group of people is not the way to unify people and keeping politics out of sports. I believe they will pay a heavier price if they continue on this road, since it has started already with viewership and attendance.
  6. Good line! When you have a person with the talent to make it to the NFL and you can’t get out of your own way, it’s a shame. What a waste.
  7. Brandon Scherff -- a two-time franchise tag player for the Washington Football Team reportedly turned down an offer that would have put him at the top. ... Scherff, per ESPN reporter John Keim, has declined multiple lucrative offers, adding that a source suggests regarding keeping him long-term, “That ship has sailed”.
  8. Not sure if I like it or maybe eventually it will grow on me but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this is the new name. This name checks a lot of boxes for people today.
  9. Not going to align with anything Native American related.
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