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  1. What will the compensation be to make that move and at what pick are you trading up.
  2. Ask Ace. I’m not the one who has pushed the Rodgers idea. I said Ace was persistent since he’s mentioned a lot.
  3. Expected this especially after that article. He can’t last a game if he has to scramble around. I guess he got what he wanted.
  4. Some mock drafts have us selecting him. Would you be happy with this 1st rd pick?
  5. From the teams Watson and Russ named where they would like to play, we’re not on either list.
  6. Then why say them. Back tracking. Bunch of BS!
  7. Alex spoke pretty bitterly about WFT saying they didn’t want him to return and he threw a wrench in their plans. Had no idea he felt like this and don’t anticipate him returning next season as per PFT/Josh Alper
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