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  1. Sheldon White worked for Lions for 19 years. SHOCKER! Let’s take care of our pals MM.
  2. Build the team and insert that QB! I think RR feels like this defense with the additions can win them atleast 2 games. He knows Heinicke/Allen are not ready yet but to see what he’ll do in Preseason which will determine how they will approach next draft.Throw in Fitz who I think can run this offense and play well. I guess Heinicke and Allen will battle it out for backup and most likely their future with this team. I don’t know where this leaves S. Montez but I guess he’ll be in the mix with a chance to make it. Going to be an interesting/exciting year to see how great this defense can get,
  3. Pretty presumptuous.
  4. Unless Apke has made a drastic turnaround from last year, he will be shown the door.
  5. If him or Leno can make us better. Great!
  6. Can’t believe they gave up on him.
  7. Terry, Curtis, Dyami, Adam, Cam, Gibson, Logan, John (2 TE sets) Cant say we don’t have enough weapons DeAndre Carter, Steve, Dax, AGG, Kelvin, Tony Brown, Isaiah Wright
  8. I have a feeling that Dax Milne is going to be here. I think he’s a RR type player. He has more speed than I thought. Nice receiver but I guess time will tell.
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