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  1. WSH Coaching Changes: Gray out? Kotwica Out.

    Not saying Redskins do things the right way but we go after coaches like we do free agents. We let all the top ones go to other teams and we get the scraps.
  2. Kyler Murray

    No for me. Grab Rypien with our 3rd round Comp pick.
  3. WSH Coaching Changes: Gray out? Kotwica Out.

    He’s out as OC in Denver. Wants to be an OC somewhere.
  4. WSH Coaching Changes: Gray out? Kotwica Out.

    He probably wouldn’t come here but I would like Gary Kubiak as our OC.
  5. Todd Bowles

    We have such a Class Organization. 🤮
  6. Redskins Top Draft Need?

    I went with LG. IMO The trenches are where the games are won and lost. We need to rebuild our O-Line and have quality depth.
  7. Jay Gruden Likely to Return (Confirmed)

    Either way for me. He’s not the person running this organization into the ground. Wouldnt matter who coaches this team as long as you have the 2 a*****les running things, it’s hard to see this franchise succeeding.
  8. It would be great if owners got together and forced Snyder’s hand to try to save this organization from further destruction. We all want this team to succeed and bring it back to its glory days.
  9. This is the Redskins you’re talking about.
  10. Todd Bowles

    If we have to live with Gruden, Marvin Lewis just got fired after 16 years. Very good defensive coordinator. Gruden worked under him. Role reversal.
  11. Todd Bowles

    Looks like also Steve Wilks from Arizona could very well be available.
  12. Todd Bowles

    You’re exactly right. Gruden definitely saw W.Phillips as a threat to his job.
  13. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Looks like we’re picking 15 for the Draft
  14. Adonis Alexander made a nice special teams play. Sure taking a long time for him to play in the secondary.
  15. #FireBruceAllen

    Does Allen have something on Snyder or is Snyder this f****** stupid? Just can’t wrap my head around why he’s still employed here.