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  1. You can go on and on about how much knowledge you have on how to scout players back to your Jaguar faithful. Not interested in your opinion. You might find that PRETTY WILD!
  2. Ohio St. has a LONG HISTORY for not producing good QBs! This does not give me hope if we have a chance to pick Fields, should we? What makes Fields anything different than what history has shown. They do well in College but it doesn’t translate well to the NFL. If the Front Office is going to pick a QB this next draft, put me down for Zach Wilson! After that Getting the best LT, and then LB and S. WR with speed would help McLaurin out a lot.
  3. If Dallas and Chargers win that might move us up. I wouldn’t say Turkey Day is a lock to win. Never know. If we do pick 10-12, hope Leatherwood is there.
  4. Use one of our 7th rd picks on a kicker Picking 6th right now
  5. As long as the Greek is ok, J Allen is the one I also would let go if too expensive.
  6. It is consistent on how Rivera has made decisions this year! All over the place!
  7. This game is so highly rated we have Adam Archuleta as game analyst! WOW!
  8. Private QB Coach. Worked with Watson, Haskins, Jalen Hurts and Fields among others. I believe strictly with black QBs
  9. I guess we will see Riverboat Ron going for it on 4th down since 2/3 of our ST TRIO is questionable for this game!
  10. I was watching Iowa St. and was impressed with their QB. I decided to look on YouTube if there were any analysis of Brock Purdy. I found this clip and was even more impressed. I know he doesn’t have the typical QB size but this kid can play the position. Footwork is awesome, plays with anticipation and very accurate. If you guys are interested, take a look!
  11. Totally agree. Fields not looking like the 2nd pick of the draft.
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