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  1. Super Bowl Prediction

    Saints over Ravens
  2. How are those rookies doing?

    I loved Hollywood Brown coming out of Oklahoma, but I'm afraid he won't get the amount of proper production in the offense y'all are running just like Mark Andrews
  3. why would the Saints need Throckmorton when they have Terron Armstead and Ryan Ramcyzk?
  4. we tank for Trevor Lawrence
  5. especially along the o-line
  6. now on to Alvin Kamara
  7. were we supposed to just let him walk?
  8. I never understood Seattle taking LJ in the first round when they could've moved back and got him in the 2nd
  9. I saw something on twitter the other day that by the time 2022-23 gets here this contract will look great for NO
  10. what Thomas lacks in speed he more than makes up for it with his hands; the man literally catches everything thrown his way
  11. awesome deal for the Saints, now go out and pay Michael Thomas before his price tag goes up
  12. and he's got job security in NO as long as Payton is there; he's been with Brees since San Diego
  13. one more win and Saints get homefield advantage
  14. someone from the Saints coaching staff....