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  1. GDT - Week 1 - Steelers at Browns

    Why are the Steelers distracted? 1. Because L. Bell decided not to come in at the same time as he did last year. 2. The media asked some players who are disappointed that Bell didn't show or let some of his buddies on the team (let alone the HC) know his intentions. 3. The sun rises and shines on Bells ....!@#$ "Donkey" 4. The once again has nothing worth while to talk about other than to fabricate "alternative facts." LOL This is just getting blown WAYYYY out of proportion. He is a stud, but this is week one and not the Super Bowl. This team has been through more drama than some girly teenage after school special. In the words of a famous Bible quote, "This too shall pass!" Oh, I forgot that is actually not a Bible quote. LOL
  2. Bell contract 2018

    Yep. It's that simple.
  3. Bell contract 2018

    I got you. My reply to those in the media is: opinions vary! I have heard several also say that he should have taken the deal in 2016 that would have paid him an average of $15.1 million per year the first two years for $30.2 million in guaranteed money. At the time The comparison is to Gurley's deal now two years later on a player who is younger and had his deal extended. I don't think the Steelers made a bad offer. Bell felt that he was worth more, more power to him.
  4. Bell contract 2018

    I don't think any of the players really has a problem with Bell wanting to get paid what he thinks he deserves. The problem is how he is going about it, his lack of communication and the fact that right after the contract fell through, Bell put out a tweet saying that he would report to work like last year. The media kind of twisted some of the comments as they always seem to do to make it look like it is about the money. It is about the commitment to the team. I believe the Steelers gave him a more than fair offer, but he feels like he can get more. No problem. Good luck, next man up!
  5. Bell contract 2018

    MJD is definitely a Jaguar for life and therefore a bonafide Steelers hater. I believe that they could pull the tag like Carolina did Josh Norman a few years ago. You become a free agent and are open to anyone signing you. That money (franchise tag) then comes off the Steelers books as well.
  6. 2018 Game Day Thread Sign-Ups

    I am in as well. Sunday Sep. 9 at ClevelandFirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland, OH 1:00pm ETCBS Sunday Sep. 16 Kansas CityHeinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA 1:00pm ETCBS Monday Sep. 24 at Tampa BayRaymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL 8:15pm ETESPN Sunday Sep. 30 BaltimoreHeinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA 8:20pm ETNBC Sunday Oct. 7 AtlantaHeinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA 1:00pm ETFOX Hitman Sunday Oct. 14 at CincinnatiPaul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH 1:00pm ETCBS Sunday Oct. 21 BYE Sunday Oct. 28 ClevelandHeinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA 1:00pm ETCBS Sunday Nov. 4 at BaltimoreM&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, MD 1:00pm ETCBS Thursday Nov. 8 CarolinaHeinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA 8:20pm ETFOX/NFLN Hitman Sunday Nov. 18 at JacksonvilleEverBank Field, Jacksonville, FL 8:20pm ETNBC Sunday Nov. 25 at DenverBroncos Stadium at Mile High, Denver, CO 4:25pm ETCBS Sunday Dec. 2 LA ChargersHeinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA 1:00pm ETCBS Hitman Sunday Dec. 9 at OaklandOakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA 8:20pm ETNBC Sunday Dec. 16 New EnglandHeinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA 4:25pm ETCBS Sunday Dec. 23 at New OrleansMercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA 4:25pm ETCBS Sunday Dec. 30 CincinnatiHeinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA 1:00pm ETCB
  7. Bell contract 2018

    I am soooo fed up with the Bell drama. I am tired of hearing about it. When or if he comes in great, if not, I am not going to think about him as a member of the Steelers until he does. I love the guy's work ethic. I love his talent and effort that he puts forth as a player on the field. I don't like some things he does in the media and some of the messages that he sends/tweets, etc. The media always seems to spin this as something that Tomlin isn't doing in his coaching and points to crap like this as potential reasons why the Steelers haven't won a Super Bowl since the 2008 season. I am tired of all of the bull that the media tries to spin within the Steelers locker room. Go out, play football and win. It shuts people up. Best way to get back at everyone is to win games, beat all of your nemesis and then flash the bling!
  8. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    Andy Dalton QB Bungals In case someone has him just give me Justin Hunter WR Steelers
  9. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    QB Marcus Marriotta Titans
  10. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    Sorry guys for the delay. This draft is a marathon. TJ Yeldon RB Jaguars.
  11. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    WR Adam Humphries Tampa Bay Bucs
  12. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    James Washington WR Steelers
  13. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    Adrian Peterson RB Redskins
  14. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    Baltimore Ravens Defense
  15. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    Justin Tucker K Ravens