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  1. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    I agree 100% with everything that you said.
  2. Chiefs Trade for LB Darron Lee

    I think that the Steelers would have been interested and probably offered higher compensation had they not traded up and gotten Devin Bush. They love former Ohio State players and I believe that he was a teammate of Ryan Shazier for a year or two before he was drafted. I have always liked him. He seemed like he was improving each year. He has speed and is athletic enough to play in today's pass happy NFL as a coverage ILB. I think the PED suspension definitely hurt his stock (despite how so many others have been clipped and not penalized in the court of public opinion despite their suspensions). This looks like a good move if he can have some success in KC and they can sign him to a long term deal. Something is going on in Jet-land as they have made some peculiar moves over the past two days.
  3. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    I agree. His body/size, technique and current results have shown this to be true more often than not (success as a 4-3 DE using wide 9 rush tech). Because he is a freakish athlete, he can drop fairly well as a OLB. However, with the amount of Nickel they play, he should probably have more success (sacks) than he has archived. I remember when J-Peezy was the teams best pass rusher and they would employ him in the middle of the dime defense as a drop/cover ILB. Versatility in the Steelers defense often hurts players like Bud and has contributed to stymieing the development Sean Davis as well. Sometimes the ABC is better than E=MC2 approach to defense.
  4. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    I agree. Although I think that Vince stays. He is a better back-up than starter in my opinion. He can be utilized as a blitzer in both the run and pass defenses.
  5. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    You got that right. LOL!!! Well Damn!!! For the record. I am way better looking than JZ and yet SHE (BEYONCE") married him/JZ. Correction made in the original post.
  6. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    In related Pittsburgh Steelers OLB News: https://steelersdepot.com/2019/05/steelers-release-keion-adams-five-others-in-minicamp-roster-shakeup/ According to Alex Kozora (writer for Steelers Depot) the Steelers have cut OLB/Edge Keion Adams. You all know Keion Adams, the player who was "part of the reason" that the OLB was not addressed last draft You know the player that some thought would be DPOY, an all pro, starter, Bud Dupree's back-up or at the very least make kick off coverage this year. In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury and Queen, "dum, dum, dum another one bites the dust! And another one gone........" Excuse my sarcasm as I need to blow off some steam. All jokes aside, I am somewhat surprised at this, especially after Mr. Colbert's endorsement last year. My only guess or speculation must be that he didn't improve or look the part running around in shorts during the "voluntary" OTA's and mini camp. On the most optimistic side, the team is releasing him early so that he can sign elsewhere in time for camp, but in reality, that is not good either because no one cuts a player that they think they can use or can play well. Now Keion is gone with retired future Big Ben replacement from five drafts ago EJ Manuel (yeah, I loved him in the fourth round that year). In the words of the late Bob Ueker, "Just a bit outside" with my prediction. No Bell, no AB, no Keion! We are doomed! Despite this I still wouldn't have overpaid for Justin Houston or Ziggy Ansah. But yes, I will stick to overpaying for Bud. That's right! Not because I am so enamored by him, but we really don't have many other viable options. It is also true that I am way better looking than Jay Z. Yet and still she (Beyonce') didn't marry me. (That's what I get for joking around) LOL Maybe the fact that he is a talented businessman, multi-millionare and musician are more appealing than my pure good looks to Beyonce. Maybe newly promoted, I mean demoted DC Keith Butler said not to waste his time with trying to develop Adams. Is it really because the team likes Olasunkanmi Adeniyi better. He displayed the kind of explosiveness and potential of say Keion Adams when he was drafted in the seventh round. Besides Oh-la (Ola) looks like he will become the next James Harrison. He will go from an un-drafted free agent to DPOY to trashing coach T, saying the game has passed him by and then signing with Patriots after Josh Daniels replaces the GOAT Bill Bellichik who they (media and fans) now say can't coach and isn't too bright. His Super Bowl wins and appearances are just a fluke. It could be because J-Peezy was fired the video of him with a Shetland Pony, a cat and an elderly woman are of no longer any value to Keion. Had it leaked, J-Peezy would probably say she was hot for a 75 year old (I meant the pony). "Who ride? Pony ride!" Yep all J-Peezy's fault for not developing Neion Keion "Flozell" Adams. Well so much for nicknames. Is it true as some have speculated that the Steelers just can't evaluate, find and coach up OLB talent? No. I will never admit that as long as they have Bud and Chickello. You know Chickello, the player who reminds me of former Steeler turned NFL HC, TD catching, former SB Champion and pro bowl ILB for the Patriots Mike Vrabel. Chick will make us forget that we didn't blow $10 or $12 million to sign Ziggy or Houston to spell Bud. In the end we will wait for the best, I mean third or fourth best aging veteran, salary cap casualty to be given the axe and sign them. we can only hope that he is as classy as former Steeler Arthur Moates and can provide the same steady consistency as Moates 16.5 sacks. Oh that was over his eight year career in Buffalo and Pittsburgh. I can still hear some of the great quotes, "Unleash hell! Seventh Heaven in 2012, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,( you get the point). Don't forget that we have Keion Adams." All you can do is laugh or not.
  7. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    I agreed 100! Leadership an character re important traits, but at the end of the day, they are mainly paid for how well they perform on game days. I felt like Willie could have been an all pro at RG or RT. They never really let hhim settle in on one. The game was evolving with pass protection, which was his weak spot. He would fight and maul, but those traits are not as good in the pass game with quicker pass rushers that you can't get your hands on or lay your body into. I met his position coach from Hofstra at a coacing clinic when he accepted the job at University of Delaware or Delaware State. We had some good conversations about Colon's skills and anticipated ceiling. I probably saw him too much through fan colored glasses. I can admit and I learned from it. I don't think the desire to pass was wrong, but those five and seven step drops with the maulers we had didn't help. Hey they won a SB with what many called the worst OL to ever win a SB. My former avatars have been as a fan of players. I loved LaMarr Woodley, and despite some of his success, I don't feel like he played to his full potential. I saw Woodley as someone who could be better than Washington's Ryan Kerrigan. I thought Woodley could and should have been on the level of Terrell Suggs. Not as savvy, but more physically gifted and as quick. It doesn't always translate. As far as Houston, if the money was right yes. For what he got paid, no (2 years $24 million)! Houston has skills and pedigree, but reminds me Woodley at the end of his playing days in Oakland. The juice isn't worth the squeeze and that's how many feel about the Steelers paying Bud. While it may not be a huge glass, I believe it will be bigger than a shot glass and will be pretty tasty. Keith Butler has done a solid job coaching LB'ers in the past. It is all up to Bud now. Hopefully the light comes on. If not, 2019 will be his last year here. Period!
  8. Kansas City cuts WR Sammie Coates

    Bottom line is that Sammy got some opportunities and didn't seem to take advantage of them thus far. Likeable guy who has all of the character boxes checked, etc, but if you can't play, you won't be in this league as former Houston and Atlanta HC Jerry Glanville says, "The NFL will stand for Not For Long."
  9. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    Thanks 43Mafia. We are not supposed to always agree. It is good and healthy to have and read different perspectives. I have learned a lot from many in this group as a result. I do try to use my analytical and creative mind in making posts. Again, this is not math or science as there are a lot of variables that we simply can't measure or predict. If so, Kordell Stewert would have been the next Brett Farvre, Willie Colon would have been Forrest Gregg and Anna Nicole would've married for love.
  10. Kansas City cuts WR Sammie Coates

    We did too in Pittsburgh. He seemed to be a solid character guy and was very physical as a ST Gunner. However, there is something about WR's who cannot run the entire route tree and catch the ball. He is a similar physical talent and compares in athleticism and skills to DK Metcalf. With size, strength, and speed, he wows you. With results, he leaves you scratching your head and cussing.
  11. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    I have figured out if they are incapable of drafting or is it that they were incapable of coaching up/developing? I said that about Carnell Lake. J-Peezy got some heat as well. Drafting in the lower tier does not afford you the opportunity to get premium players. Players fall for a reason. After the Combine DJ Metcalf was hailed as a possible Top Five pick. Some people get cuaght up with the Underwear Olympics and don't look at all aspects of a position. I am dead against drafting WR's who can't catch, lineman who can't block, RB's who can't hit the hole or follow blocks and defenders who cannot tackle. For as much as we all try to claim that we are experts, we miss as well. The art of selecting talent is just that: an art. It is not an exact science. There is on Tom Brady and Antonio Brown, that all 32 teams passed up 5 plus rounds. Then you have the can't miss prospects like Tim Couch, Rick Mier, Tony Manderich and many others. The Steelers had their Tim Worley, Tom Ricketts and John Rienstra as well. I agree. It is harder to find another capable starting OLB/Edge than signing Bud for a moderately high deal. I am holding hope that he becomes Keneen Lewis for the Steelers. I loved Cortez Allen's upside as well, so you just don't really know. Good thing is that if he flops, they can break away clean after the season. Outlaw was a solid back-up. He was neer going to be spectacular and he was someone else who struggled with consistency. At least you had a better idea of Jessie Jame's good and bad points. I was not a fan of the kid they drafted and I will agree that they could have drafted a better OLB prospect in that spot as far as I am concerned. I would have taken UGA OLB D'Andre Walker in the fourth and hoped that Benny was there in the fifth. Easier to find a #3 RB off waivers or whatever than a decent OLB/Edge to develop. Realistically, both Dupree and Watt were inconsistent. Watt at least made a tackle here or there whereas Bud again misses the stat sheet. He did apply pressure in some games that Watt was MIA as well. Watt is the better OLB. With Bud it is the P words (patience, performance and progress). I think he gets a lot more just based on the position. Again, Dante Fowler got a ransom from the Rams and his numbers were not any better. His best season I believe was 8 sacks on a great defense with a great secondary. How many of those were garbage sacks, junk, or due to the players around him? Not trashing the guy, but just making a point as it relates to the Steelers decision with Bud. I put Bud and Fowler in the same class right now. They are both under-performing to their ceiling first round draft picks. Both also have teams that believe they can get more out of them. Can't argue with any of that. I do believe that the team is drafting higher character players: Bud, Burns, Watt, Connors, Ju Ju, Edmonds, Davis, Bush, and Snell. There is no Combine tv test for leadership. this is where the interview and face to face comes in that we are not privy to. Hopefully they do turn around. I am optimistic that Bud will have a bigger impact on the defense and 'cautiously" optimistic that Bud will have his best season/a breakout in 2019
  12. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    I like Bud, but here is where he kind of has me scratching my head. As you mentioned, he should be able to be taught some nuances to help with his already imposing and physical stature. He has been working with former Falcon's Edge Chuck Smith the past few seasons, as well as having been coached by DC Keith Butler, J-Peezy who was no slouch rushing the passer and was in the same locker room for a few years with former NFL-DPOY James Harrison (sleeping in meetings aside). He at times got upfield in a hurry. There is not a lot of video to show the pressures, holds and chaos that he caused at times rushing. However, Bud's biggest issue is consistency and that is probably due to the lack of a pass rushing repertoire. This is Bud's craft and career, so hopefully he is busting his tail adding to it. Without adding more moves and versatility, he will be extremely limited. This is what helped Harrison who was not the athlete or physical specimen that Bud is, but learned to use his lack of height, strength, quickness and mobility to attack larger, stronger and even athletic OT's. Interestingly, I remember the Steelers doing this with Chad Brown in the 90's. Brown was a much more natural pass rusher than Bud, but again Bud is bigger, stronger and had more straight line speed. Where a lot of people miss it is the difference between speed and quickness. Many fast athletes do not have a lot of fast-twitch. This is why some football players study boxing and martial arts. It helps to develop the fast-twitch muscles and reflexes of your hands. Despite being pedestrian in terms of speed compared to Bud, look at how explosive Vince Williams is on Fire Blitzes. If you remember Larry Foote and Potzy were both effective as cross blitzes despite not being the fleetest of foot. The physical tools are there, but can Bud hone his game and improve upon those skills? You are correct. It is not only the OLB'ers getting strip sacks, but also the defense as a whole creating turnovers. When our defensive scheme was in its heyday of the 90's, it created sacks and forced turnovers. We didn't have nearly as strong of an offensive juggernaut that could put up points in bunches. If they could have gotten a few more turnovers, it probably would have put the Steelers in the play-offs. Look forward to it. I have some opinions regarding him as well.
  13. Over the past few days and throughout the off season, I have seen articles questioning Bud Dupree's ability as a starter, whether he was worth the fifth year option, and comments comparing his play to Artie Burns (another topic altogether). I realize that Bud Dupree has not come close to resembling the second coming of Jack Ham, Mike Merriweather, Greg Lloyd, Jason Gildon, Kevin Green, James Harrison or any other great OLB that wore the Black N Gold. He also has not resembled Jarvis Jones at his worst in my humble opinion. Bud has some outstanding traits. For starters, he is a high character guy on and off the field. He has quietly and very under the radar like shown some leadership in defending the the HC, organization teammates and even criticized former NFL SB Champ and DPOTY James Harrison for his behavior on the team and subsequent comments later. Bud is an athletic freak with size, strength, speed and the ability to rush, drop or play the run. Bud's problem has been consistency putting it all together for more than spurts. https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/2018/7/6/17533476/a-singular-statistic-which-demonstrates-bud-duprees-struggles-with-the-steelers-nfl-draft-bust-nfl In 2017 Bud Dupree participated in 354 pass rushing snaps and had 40 pressures and 6.0 sacks. As stated in the article, the positive was that he got nearly half of his career pressures by the of the season (total of 83 pressures and 14.5 sacks before the start of the 2018 season). Since his rookie season in 2015 up through the 2018 season, Bud has a meager total of 20 sacks in 54 games and 39 starts. However, I saw some things that his 2018 5.5 sacks did not produce. I don't want to be a complete stat geek and use his pressures and times held in 2018 versus last year, but in the 2018 games; Bud seemed to make a much more significant impact in the pass rush at various times during the 2018 season. While TJ Watt was deserving in making the Pro Bowl, improved his overall game, pass rush and run defense. At times, Bud seemed to be wrecking more havoc on many plays that he did not record the sack a la 2017 when he missed so about four sacks that he had his hands on the QB. TJ had some multiple sack games in 2018, but at times seemed to disappear completely. While he did not go tackle-less for the stat sheet like bud did at times in 2018, he had two-three game stretches in which he did not produce a sack and his pass rush was very limited and less than impactful. Maybe it is my imagination, but Bud seemed to generate more consistent pressure in those six games and was held much more than TJ was many times. in 2018 I also recall Bud being held on a play that resulted in a two point safety for the defense. While this will not show up on the stat line as a sack, it essentially was and ended in points for the team. Maybe Bud has some bad luck. I believe that luck is where preparation, opportunity and results meet on the football field. Bud has a say in that stat line. I am not delusional in thinking that Bud resembles Kahlil Mack or even a young TJ, but he has been trending upward and I believe he is on the verge of "finally" breaking out. Bud has teased us at times with some solid plays, but his problem has been consistency. After making one of the more memorable hits in the 2017 play-offs against the Dolphins, his play tailed off against the Chiefs some and then some more against the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. I think Bud has double digit sack ability. However, ability does not always equal production as is the case of Bud throughout his early NFL career. Many look at Bud as being a glass half empty or glass half full type of comparison. However, Bud needs to get out of the middle and get past that halfway mark. In 2018 Bud had five games in which he had one tackle or less and yet still produced some QB pressures, was held and had 1.5 sacks over that span as well. In the 80's the Steelers had an undersized OLB who was Mr. Hard Work named Bryan Hinkle. Hinkle was not a first round draft choice nor was he blessed with great size, strength, speed, or even instincts. In Hinkle's best season, he put up 5.5 sacks and had 3 INT's. Yet he always seemed to make an impact on the team despite his lack of gaudy numbers. Hinkle did not have the same pressure as Bud who is a #1 draft choice and a player with a decent sized salary as a #1 with his fifth year option. There is no doubt that 2019 will make or break Bud's Steelers career. Many have made arguments that the Steelers should not have paid Bud and let him go as the Jaguars did when they decided to move on from Dante Fowler Jr. who came out a year after Bud. Fowler who was recovering from a college injury, recovered the next season, teased with 8 sacks as a part time pass rusher and then cooled severely. Now he is set to make up to $14 million with $12 fully guaranteed from the Rams in 2019. Maybe I am in the minority, but I would prefer Bud over Fowler. I definitely prefer Bud's nearly $10 million salary compared to what the Rams are investing/betting on from Fowler. Can Bud take his game to the next level in 2019? Does all the off season work with pass rushing specialist coach and former Falcon Edge Chuck Smith pay dividends to the Steelers sack totals and pass rush? Or is Bud destined to be an under-achiever in the eyes of most Steelers fans and hover around the workman and hustler, but less physically gifted Bryan Hinkle like stats of 5.5 sacks per year? Most sporting/betting people would put the over/under of Bud's sacks at 6.0 in 2019. And mind you that 6.0 sacks would tie his career best of 2017. I am willing to bet that he goes over six and I will say he will need to be between 8.0 and 10.0 sacks. I believe that he will need to get the type of money that I know he wants from his second contract. Whether he gets it or remains a Steeler going forward will depend largely on his 2019 productivity and consistency. If he improves as he did at times in 2018, I think he will make it. I am not the only one as Kevin Colbert has again thrown support for keeping Bud around and him making an impact in 2019. https://steelersdepot.com/2019/04/gm-kevin-colbert-defends-bud-dupree-steelers-presumed-lack-of-olb-depth/
  14. I don't see him being anywhere near the class of Jimmy Graham and his production has dropped (in my humble opinion) consistently from year to year due to injury, team, scheme or a little of all combined. In my humble opinion, I would be ecstatic if he reached Jessie James status within a few years. I don't see him as being anything close to a starting caliber TE or someone that we could depend on if the starter got hurt in the blocking or passing game. I know that is somewhat unfair, at this point, but I don't see his ceiling as being much more than what Xavier Grimble is right now. I hope I am dead wrong in my early assessments of Zach. Not hating on the player, but just someone that I feel they could have done a better job in addressing the position with a veteran free agent (which still may happen) or as many have already stated, taking a better prospect that was available like LSU's Moreau.
  15. Steelers release LB Jon Bostic

    LOL! That's classic. That's like saying, she may be ugly, have a gutter mouth, no personality, no shape, no job, a bunch of exes, a bunch of kids, bad hygiene, but at least she's a woman. "I ain't picky," said the man during last call at 2:00 am with his whiskey smeared eye glasses scoping the local talent! LOL