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  1. Up 1. Boz - - He looks special! We are wasting a great kicker and defense with this pathetic offensive attack. Nuff said. 2. Robert Spillane - - Took a lot of heat in preseason and brought it. BS penalty on the hard hit to Derek Carr as well. 3. Entire Steelers Defense. Kept the offense in the game before getting worn down. Thought this was going to happen last week. 4. Big Ben - - I don't see the offensive woes being on him. Continued talk of poor arm strength and declined play, but the other members on the OL and some untimely drops hurt continued drives and scori
  2. P.S. You are a classy group. Great threads this week.
  3. Great win Raider Nation. You guys came in and kicked our butts. You deserve to be 2-0. Hopefully the Steelers offense will get their heads out their butts and play some complimentary football. You definitely look like the better football team this week. Wore us down and won it.
  4. Gonna need a turnover or two. The offense is limited and the defense is hurting. On the field way too long again.
  5. I greatly appreciate the discussion and insight provided to me by you and the rest of Raider Nation in this thread. You are all a very classy, well informed, and fun group. Thank you for responding and allowing me to discuss the game with you. I agree with you 100%. I think healthy that the Raiders definitely have the better overall OL and RB. No doubt. The Bills have just matched up very well with our starters on both sides of the ball and made it difficult. However with Jacobs being out officially now I am much less confident. I do believe that Drake is talented eno
  6. The best we can hope for is that Ebron doesn't lose his voice so he can't yell, "Look out!" to Ben or Najee after Abram's run right past him. Ebron is arguably /probably the worst blocking TE in the league. Steelers OL have a lot of questions to be answered. Sluggish start in Buffalo, but OL played better in second half opening holes. I think Steelers OC Matt Canada has to be creative in manufacturing some rushing success (sets & motions). Ideally every Steelers fan would like to see the O-Line punch some guys in the mouth and run some folks over. However, we have very li
  7. I knew Good was out, but I hadn't heard about Jacobs status being up in the air. That could be big if he can't go. The Steelers may be better if the Raiders come out with two TE's and a FB, because they can play traditional base. Even without Tuitt, they seem to have a fairly deep DL. However, if the Raiders come out in a spread formation and can consistently run while the Steelers (in Nickel) are playing thinking pass. I am a little nervous.
  8. Despite being a Steelers Homer, I try to be honest. I actually picked the Bills to win against the Steelers because they have beaten the Steelers the past two games and Ben's struggled passing his previous two games as well. I rooted for and thought that they could win, but I couldn't say yeah, they should win this one in Buffalo against a team many think have the league MVP and may represent the AFC in the SB. Not with all the questions the Steelers have had coming into this year. I think that the Raiders have a good team and a very under-rated QB. Derek Carr never seems to be mentioned in th
  9. I would argue that by saying that I think that the Steelers have a more consistent pass rush without having to blitz than even the Ravens. Both are very, very good defenses. I understand the confidence of the Raiders offense putting up over 30 points on a very good defense like the Ravens. However, why would the Raiders want to play to one of the Steelers defensive strengths? I think the Steelers want the Raiders to allow Derek Carr to try to throw 50 + times just like Buffalo allowed Josh Allen to do. This is especially true if the front line is getting pressure on the QB without blitz
  10. I think he will improve each week. I honestly believe that he learned that he wasn't playing SEC talent in the NFL. There were some plays that he missed that I think he makes later in the season. With his size, speed, and vision, I hope that he can also help manufacture rushing yards while the OL develops and until it gets healthy. I don't want to see them over-run him like they did Connor his first few games. It leads to fatigue, carelessness, and mistakes. They have some change of pace guys like Ballage and Snell who can also help get a change of pace timing to the rushing a
  11. Our game plans to beat one another should be somewhat similar: 1. Win the turnover battle. Don't give the game away or give extra possessions with turnovers. 2. Stay ahead of the down in distance. Avoid second or thirds and long situations. Limit pre snap penalties, holding calls or personal fouls that take you out of offensive rhythm and scheme. 3. Run well to pass well. 4. Keep the opposing offense off the field. Avoid three and outs. Wear down the opposing defense. This is two football teams who are trying to prove that last week was no fluke. I even said
  12. No doubt. This is why I am hoping that they can get some sort of semblance of a rushing attack. I think with our WR's we would like to throw, but sometimes you have to exploit a teams weakness rather than play to their strengths. When you can't just beat up defenses, you gotta confuse them and mix it up. Big Al is on the downside of his career and playing the first real game on the opposite side of where he is comfortable. Yeah, I would expect some struggles there to be fair/honest. Chuks is a LT and has struggled some since Coach Munchak left for Denver. I think
  13. TJ Watt and the Steelers defense will try to slow down the Las Vegas Raiders this Sunday GDT Week Two: Heinz Field Pittsburgh, PA Sunday, September 19, 2021 @ 1:00 PM Steelers home opener in week two Da Steelers 1 - 0 vs. Da Raiders 1 - 0 It's Yinzer Nation versus Just Win Baby Nation! Series Record: Raiders lead the all time series 13-10 regular season and they are tied 3-3 in the play-offs. Last meeting was week 14 in Oakland in 2018 won by the Raiders 24-21. Major upset after the Steelers played down to the Raiders and Boz slipp
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