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  1. Walking around with the black-eye the Browns gave us! What are we gonna do Steelers Nation? What: Steelers at the Bengals When: Sunday, November 24, 2019 @ 1 pm Where: Paul Brown Stadium Cincinnati, Ohio Records: Steelers hold edge 65-35-0 including: 9 straight wins and 2-0 in play-off games Offense: We haven't seen nearly enough of this in 2019 (celebrating a TD pass to a WR or anyone else for that matter). 1. Teams will defer the opening kick to see the Steelers offense fizzle the first few drives. A fast offensive start would help set the tone for a game (especially on the road). The Steelers are typically playing catch up and this has been a regular occurrence all year. 2. The honeymoon is over Mason. Mason has to step his game up. The offense has been lethargic, predictable and inconsistent. I realize he is essentially a rookie, but he has started a handful of games and been around for a year. He unfortunately does not get to have a Terry Bradshaw like learning curve (4 - 5 years). You can't turn the ball over. You need to be intentional, methodical and consistent. A punt may not be a bad thing always. Live for another down and series if nothing is there. 3. OL you guys have to step up. For an OL boasting three pro bowl participants, you are getting your butts kicked in the ground game. The pass protection has been solid, good or average, but the rushing attack has been below average most of the year. 4. Mason and the OL have to help one another. Mason needs to throw better and it will prevent opposing defenses from putting nine and ten players in the box because they do not respect the passing attack. Mason has to make them pay. Consequently the OL has to help Mason by consistently getting him in some decent down in distance situations. 5. Convert third and fourth and short. Not being able to consistently convert plays of one yard or less is unsatisfactory. You cannot consistently win like that. This is a huge difference between being 5-5 and 6-4, 7-3 or even 8-2. The defense has kept the Steelers in all games until getting worn down or plagued with having to defend from offensive turnovers. Steelers are the worst in the entire NFL at converting third and fourth and short. Defense: What was believed to be the team's Achilles Heel going into 2019 has become its foundation, strength and heartbeat. 1. Let Vince Williams play more. I will do another post on my thoughts on Mark Barron's play thus far. While we may lose something in team speed inside, I think the Steelers gain something in grit, intimidation, physicality and performance. Team Williams and Bush inside. Let Bush cover and Williams blitz when possible. Barron appears to be around every key pass completion for first down or TD. Sometmes the effort does npt always appear to be there either. Let Barron come off the bench. 2. Keep your heads up. The Steelers defense was not as dominant and took some heat in early losses to New England and Seattle. Truthfully the Steelers offense did not support them, particularly early in both games that allowed both opponents to gain momentum and wear down the defense by keeping them on the field more than 60% of the time. Don't let this divide the team or create finger pointing. 3, Keep rotating Hilton and Cam as the Nickel Back. Mike Hilton is like an undersized SS. He plays the run well and I am impressed with his tackling inside of the box. However, he stillis a bit of a liability in coverage (not sure why because he played the pass very well two years ago). Cam has improved in coverage, so use him in passing situations unless you are going to blitz Hilton. Cam is clearly the better coverage option between the two. 4. Have to control the LOS on defense. I think the Steelers did a decent job of containing the Browns ground attack. They will be facing a very RB in Joe Mixon. D-Line needs to impose its will on the Bengls and force them into obvious passing situations. 5. Pass rush will need to set the tone. One of the differences in last weeks loss was the fact that the Steelers allowed the Browns to convert some third downs. The pass rush was active, but did not get to Baker last week enough. A strong pass rush will go a long way in helping the offense get good field position and give them more opportunities. Hopefully the Bengals defense makes some mistakes as well. We need huge games from TJ, Bud and company. Analysis and prediction: A reverse of last season's finale when the Bengals had most of their starters healing in the M.A.S.H. Unit . Steelers offense will be without Marquise Pouncey and probably without Ju Ju, Conners and Dionte J. The offense is already bad with them and can be outright pathetic without those top players.The Bengals would love nothing more than to get their first win against a hobbling opponent that has embarrassed and dominated them over the years a la Cleveland last week. I don't think winning will be easy or pretty for the Steelers. The Steelers defense bounces back, sets the table and even clears it and washes the dishes for the offense..... Steelers over Bengals 19 - 9. Beautiful Ladies: #1 #2 #3
  2. Week #11 GDT Steelers at Browns Backyard Brawl Pt. 1

    Switzer has to be hurt or something. The explosiveness and shiftiness of a guy his size is gone. he had that early last season and looked like he was on the verge of potentially breaking a PR and a few KOR's as well. His averages have plummeted into the toilet. I don't think it is because he simply sucks/lacks ability. He was effective at times last year. He is not going to win a sprint, but he showed "quickness." That is what is missing from Switzer this year. He makes no defenders miss out of the backfield, he makes no gunners miss fielding punts. The shiftiness is gone. I would have to think there is an injury that isn't being disclosed that is limiting his movement. I would love to see a dynamic returner, but I want to see consistency holding onto the ball more. While his legs seem to be shot, his hands and decision making are not. That has long since been the problem in Pittsburgh with the return game. This was one of the reasons AB stayed on PR duties so long. Ball security is important and you can't afford to give up 45 or 50 yards turn the ball back over after stopping an opposing offense, and expect to to stop a team. It is too much of a game/momentum changer. Many returners don't understand this. The prospect of a long return or TD are very sexy, but not nearly as practical and effective as simply securing the ball to give back to the offense. He has to know to get down and secure the ball. Too many fumbles in the return game and on some of his receptions as well. Ball security is of major importance young Johnson and young Ju Ju. Truthfully, Cam has had the same problem with securing the ball. I never understood why he did not try to excel at this particularity as a rookie while his CB skills were being honed. While we may hate the fair catch or the anti-climatic PR, Switzer offers the best ball security and I will take that over seeing someone consistently putting the football on the ground. Nothing good can come from that.
  3. Who: Pittsburgh Steelers 5-4 at Cleveland Browns 3-6 When: Thursday, November 14, 2019 @8 pm Where: First Energy Stadium Cleveland, Ohio History: Steelers hold edge 75-58-1 including 7-0-1 record in the last eight meetings. Last Meeting: 33-18 Steelers win in Pittsburgh on 10/28/18 DEFENSE: 1. The Minkah factor.Talk about bad moves for the Steelers. A wasted #1 draft choice that could be used on an impact player. We could have gotten a better player in the draft. We blew a sure top five draft pick. I could go on and on .Amazing how much of an impact a smart and really good player has made on the secondary and overall defensive scheme. DC Keith Butler and HC Mike Tomlin now look pretty smart with good players to coach huh? This guy deserves some consideration for NFL DPOTY and definitely the Steelers MVP. He has made a major impact on the defense and this team overall. 2. Stop the run. The Browns follow the trend with playing teams with a good rushing attack. Nick Chubb is running the ball as well as anyone in the entire NFL. Stopping him and Hunt will be the priority of the defense. 3. Don't forget that the Browns have some pretty good receivers in Landry, Odell, and Calloway. The Steelers secondary has been a strngth with the arrival on Minkah and Nelson, but they will be tested again this week. Don't let the TE's run free either...... 4. Fluster Baker. This is a good QB with an attitude and competive fire. However, he can be flustered and taken out of his game. Bud and TJ should be meeting up with Baker quite often. If not, Baker can pick you apart or hang in there long enough to throw that last second TD as he did against Buffalo. OFFENSE: Need to see more of this from the Steelers offense. Big Ed "Da Hulk" Hochuli showing the guns. 1. It is becoming a cliche' at this point, but start fast!!! The Steelers can't keep playing three quarters of football on offense. This is the week with a physical/tough/desperate Browns team to jump out in front early. No turnovers, no three and outs, no pick six or fumble return for TD. It would be nice to get an opening drive TD and allow the defense to play with a lead for once. 2. Establish the ground game. Run to help the pass. Play action pass (just don't do it inside of your 5 yard line) will open up and will help the intermediate and long passing game. You have to run the ball to win and our passing attack has not been good enough to rely on Mason and company throwing the 45 times a game. 3. Get your mojo back or in our case our Ju Ju back. You have a great offensive weapon that has not been utilized consistently. Ju Ju is best running crosses and getting one on one running. He is deceptively fast and is good at getting YAC yardage in this scenario. 4. Hold onto the ball. No butterfingers. No fumbles, tipped passes or poor throws for INT's. Turnovers create problems for the defense and missed opportunities. You can't score without the ball. Or I should say, we can't expect the defense to score a TD or two every game. You are on the road and turnovers will doom you to a loss. Protect the football. It is prime time on a short week and on the road. You can't beat yourself. 5. Eliminate offensive turnovers and negative down in distance. - - The offense is not that good right now and they cannot afford to play behind and on the road against a talented and hungry rival. No holding, false starts, illegal motion's, illegal formations or other penalties that can hurt you. The offense has to be more disciplined. And while you are being disciplined, be more physical. Steelers have not had great games running the ball the past two weeks without James Connor. Some has been the backs not reading blocks effectively, but a lot has been just not pushing the defense as well. PRETTY LADIES: Prediction: The Steelers have enjoyed a healthy bit of success against the Browns over the years, but as last year showed, the Browns tie contributed to the Steelers failure to reach the play-offs. This is by no means a gimme for either team. With rivalries, records seldomly matter. The Steelers are hot and the Browns are coming off a big win. The key will be who runs the ball better and gets more turnovers. I think the Browns will run better based on their success, but I think the Steelers defense will create more turnovers. Close game, but Steelers squeak out a win: Steelers over Browns 23-16. Minkah factors in the win again.
  4. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    https://steelersdepot.com/2019/11/steelers-release-olb-sutton-smith-from-practice-squad-re-sign-rb-darrin-hall/ Sounds like it may be Edmunds. Connor was limited yesterday, but we have to see what happens with him today and tomorrow.
  5. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    This is my concern as well. The defense has really stepped up the first eight games and has been competitive every game. The offense is more my concern. This is a week that the defense "could be" tested and not as dominant as in other games. They have faced some very tough and physical offenses. The offense has typically gotten off to a slow start. I hope this trend continues to change. They did get a few first downs against the Colts on the first series. I would like to see the offense jump out on someone and open the game with a time consuming TD drive. It would set the tone for the defense, especially if they can get a quick three and out. The offense has to step up. They have to start trusting the TE's and WR's more. That relationship and timing has to get better. Mason has thrown some bad passes or the receivers have dropped or tipped passes that have been intercepted by the opposing defense. The defense has kept the Steelers in every game, even when the offense struggled mightily. If the Steelers are going to make a play-off push, the offense will have to improve and become more consistent. I do understand how hard this is with a back-up QB making his sixth start or so against a team who played in the SB last year.
  6. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    I loved both of these guys in the pre-season. Do you think the Steelers made a deal with them to play each of them half a season?
  7. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    I try to be an equal opportunity enjoyer! EOE
  8. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    Not trying to violate the policy. Replacement below
  9. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    I get them from yahoo.com
  10. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    When: Sunday, November 10, 2019 Where: Heinz Field Time: 4:25 pm Just waiting for the light switch to flick on with this kid. Edmunds will be the next to follow in Bud's production footsteps. Defense: It wins championships! Can it get the Steelers to the play-offs without Big Ben? Steelers defense is going Bud-zerk! - - Bud playing like the #1 draft choice the Steelers had hoped for when selecting him. His 2019 mid- season numbers are almost as good as his 2018 season numbers. 1. Stop the Rams rushing attack. Steelers have been well tested with rushing offenses like the Patriots, Seahawks, 49'ers, Ravens and Colts. The Rams OL are coming. "Regulators, mount up!" 2. Pressure the QB. - - No secret here. The Steelers have 30 or 31 sacks this season with most of the pressure coming from the front four. The loss of Tuitt hurts in both the run stopping game and inside pass rush. Show Jared what the Blitzburgh defense is all about. 3. Rams receivers will probably be the stiffest test of the season thus far. The Rams have a plethora of offensive weapons that can kill you in the passing attack. Their group of WR's are among the leagues best groups, the TE is very solid and Gurley brings back memories of Lev Bell. The Colts offense gave the Steelers defense some problems, this group can present even more problems. 4. Play disciplined. This may be a game of attrition. Be smart, think and play hard every play. You will lose some, but make the wins count. 5. Hold them to FG's and not TD's. There's a big difference in 9 points and 21 points. Offense: In the immortal words of Sho Nuff, "Play time is over boy!" 1. Open the passing game up. Dink and dunk and passes to the RB's won't always work. The Colts have athletic, good tackling LB'ers. The Steelers have been able to exploit the one on one match-ups against LB'ers and even some DB's. Gotta start getting to the ball to the TE and trusting Johnson, Washington and most importantly Ju Ju. 2. Trickery may help here. I am not suggesting going hog wild, but Samuels and the Wildcat may be able to get some run. The Steelers and Rams don't play regularly, so do some things to help open the offense up. 3. Complementary football is a must. The Rams are too good a team to rely on the defense scoring and stopping them enough to win. The offense has to do their part and maybe even help the defense. While I don't expect easy sledding in the running game, I do expect the offense to try to keep the Rams defense off balance and create opportunities that way. An early/opening drive TD for the first time of the season would help. The offense getting a few first downs last weekend helped. Continue the trend and get better. 4. No stupid pre-snap penalties or unfavorable down in distances. Gotta stay ahead to keep the Rams defense off balance. This helps the rushing attack and Mason. Second and three or four is far more favorable than First and fifteen or second and ten. 5. The Don Factor. - - Aaron Donald is a once in a lifetime type of DL in the mold of great HOF'ers DT's like John Randle, Randy White, Bob Lily, Mean Joe Green, etc. However, you don't have to be eaten up by him. The teams that have "limited" his success have done so usually by running at him and with help in the pass game. The wide slow developing sweeps and traps we like...."Proly (not probably) won't work this week." Run between the tackles. You want to get the ball outside, do it in the quick passing attack. You don't want to see A.D. flexing like this all afternoon. Prediction: Rams over Steelers 33 - 24. I never like to go against my team, but realistically..... As a fan you never want to think the other team will beat you, but the Rams are a more complete and abetter team on paper. Plus we are playing with a back-up QB who has not even played in ten NFL regular season games. Our offense has struggled and the passing game is inconsistent. I don't think throwing to the backs 10 -12 times will win for us. Our defense is good enough to hang, but will need help from the offense so they don't get worn down. I don't have confidence in the offense and the vertical passing game which will be needed to win. Please prove me wrong Mason and offensive company. I am ready to eat Steel crow. Ladies!!!!
  11. Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

    I am "football superstitious" too. I am already committed to this anyway. I am glad that you guys are ignoring the losing threads I did. LOL
  12. Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

    MOSteelers56, I respect your opinion, but I have a different viewpoint. I am not a huge fan of Snell. I will admit that he has played well and exceeded what expectations that I had for him as a rookie. I honestly didn't think that he out-played Edmunds in per-season. If everyone is healthy, you are correct, it is unnecessary. Based on Anderson's track record and even what he did last year with the Rams, that is a no brainer to me. Anderson is more proven than Snell and offers more right now than Snell. Yes, I believe that. You could cut Anderson or place Snell on IR to protect him. I would not want to put our running game in Snell's hands and feet yet. He is an unproven rookie. Our back-up QB needs help from the rushing attack. Not going to answer the cut Connor or Samuel question because you know the answer to that. I was not remotely even suggesting that. Not going to try to risk Grant or Ola especially after the Skipper debacle. Like most fans, I think he deserved to make the team or be on the PS. Maybe some fans are obsessed with making roster moves, but I am not. As stated, I prefer veteran established players at key positions rather than unproven rookies. I would have tried to sign a veteran like Blake Bortles as a back-up QB. Mason needs to develop and they need to see what he can do, but I know what I would be getting with a QB like Bortles. I didn't want the Steelers to cut Landry last year. We all have different ideas on how to improve this team. Sometimes the young players work and other times it is the veterans.
  13. Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

    He was just hurt. I thought they put him on IR and released him with an injury settlement. Despite the tremendous talent of Gordon, I don't want the potential drama and potential issues of past. I feel like the Steelers need to let the locker room settle and get back to "flying under the radar" so to speak. I would rather let the young guys settle in. I am not sure how all of this free agent formula stuff works. I think Moncrief has upside, however, we need a #3 with the other draft pick losses next year. No on Josh Gordon in my humble opinion. Johnson seems to be developing and let's see if Washington can get better. Some of it is the QB needing to throw with more confidence and better timing. I have always been a fan of having established vets as quality reserves. We were much more consistent with back-up QB's like Charlie and Byron and a back-up RB like De'Angelo. You want your young guys to develop, but you want to remain competitive. I think Anderson's straight-line, smash-mouth style suits this offense. Connor is a physical runner, but his style is slightly different from Anderson's. I do like Samuels and Connor together, but somewhat concerned with Connor who takes a beating with his running style.
  14. Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

    If Samuels is good to go, he has proven he can carry the load for a game or two. Let's see what Edmunds can do spelling him then. I don't know how much of a aste of money a guy like Anderson would be. He's proven to be consistent and reliable. If it is short term, then probably not worth it with Connor and Samuels back in the fold in a week.
  15. Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

    Saw that this morning. With Connor up in the air and Samuels still recovering, they may have to make a move. I don't have a problem giving Edmunds a shot, but not sure I would be comfortable with him starting or having to play all four quarters. As someone else posted in another thread/section, this is where a player like CJ Anderson could help.