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  1. Offseason Work to do

    What are your top draft/free agent priorities for the Steelers right now? Here's what I think: 1. Interior OL (G or C) - - Finney and or Foster will be gone. Need a powerful interior guy. Although I now like the idea of keeping DeCatro and Feiler on the right side and moving huge Zach Banner to LG. He can't pull as well as Foster or Finney, but man is he a road grader. It would also help hide some of his pass blocking by being inside. He would fit Connor and Snell's downhill style. 2. Safety Depth - - Davis may be gone and then only Dangerfield and Allen are back-ups. Not to mention that there are some questions that Edmunds will need to answer. If they can re-sign Davis, it is a little less of an immediate priority. It may be wise to try to sign Davis to a one year deal to see if he grows and he probably won't command starter money after sitting out most of the year and not having great numbers when he has played. 3. Tight End - - Salary is the problem with keeping Vance. I would try to come up with a more cap friendly number, but he could probably get some looks elsewhere and still make some money. I think Vannett is a keeper, so re-sign him and insert him as #1. CSW and Gentry would battle for #3. My hope would be to draft someone to be a developing #2 to eventually start in a year or rotate with Vannett. 4. ILB & depth - - ( I would cut Mark Baron due to $$$). That would leave Bush and Vince as starters. Dirty Red is special teams if he re-signs, so help is needed here either way. 5. OLB depth - - Ola and Skipper seem promising, but not sue that I can completely trust them in that role, especially if there were an injury or Bud didn't re-sign. Need some talent here. 6. CB depth - - Best starters in Haden and Nelson that the Steelers have had since the 90's. Lane takes Burns spot and hopefully Hilton is re-signed. If not Cam is the slot CB, but a body or two will also be needed if they lose one or two here. 7. WR Depth - - Great draft for WR's. You can't ignore that. I like the young guys the Steelers have though. I wouldn't be shocked if the Steelers selected a WR at some point this draft. They seem to be very good at finding and drafting WR's. 8. Back-up RB - - This is not as big a priority, but if a good player falls or is the highest rated in a particular round, it may be hard to pass him up. They have a solid nucleus of RB's, but there are also a lot of questions with them all: Connors and Nix - - Can they stay healthy? Snell - - Can he be a potential RB1 if Connor goes down? Samuels - - Can he be more than a third down receiver? Whyte - - He has great speed, but can he be more than a potential #3 or #4? 9. Back-up or development QB - - The Steelers organization says publicly that they are fine with Mason as the back-up and Duck and Paxton growing and competing for the #3. What happens if a good QB is sitting there at #49 or in the third round?
  2. Mariota

    I would not mind getting Mariotta in a perfect world. No he is not an ideal fit for our "current" offense, but the way the league is somewhat shifting, with some coaching, he could revive his career after Ben retires. There are tons of problems with this becoming a reality. Most involve $$$. 1. I am sure Mariotta wants to go somewhere to compete as a starter. I am fairly confidant that some team will give him that shot. 2. He was the #2 pick in the entire draft. He will not play or sign for the league minimum. He won't get $30 or $32 million a season, but he is going to get WAY more than we could afford for a future QB to be a back-up Someone will pay him between($17 - $25 million or so to be a starter and I may even be low balling there). 3. I think that Mariotta and even Jameis go somewhere to try to re-establish their careers and show they can play. Someone may get a bit of a value as far as starter $$$ (Indy who may look for a QB to compete with Jacoby). That may appeal to Marcus because he can prove himself and then require bigger $$$ like Teddy Bridgewater will do now. While I would love it and have suggested it as well, it is probably not a realistic hope. I would be extremely surprised that he went the route of former starter Charlie Batch.Why get bottom of the barrell back-up money when you can get decent starter money?
  3. Offseason Work to do

    You can never predict health. We said the same thing about Bell early as well. He kept getting hurt early in his career. I am a Connor and Ju Ju fan and I think they bounce back big in 2020 with some help on the OL and ole #7 coming back to lead the team. I think we are all intrigued with Whyte's speed and the fact that he offers a much different style than anyone else on the roster or what we have had at RB in a long time.
  4. Offseason Work to do

    I would re-sign Vannett regardless. In fact, I would start their at TE. If Vance took a pay cut or salary restructure cool. I doubt it because he would be a great pick-up for a team like Green Bay catching passes from A-A-Ron! I think that myself and some others have discussed or lobbied for the drafting of a Center for a few years. The team had Finney and felt secure, but now, they need some young guns. Their are some good centers from what the early dratf buzz is on the position. While we like the pass blockers, we need some guys who can outright bull some people over. Go Big and McNasty or go home! We may be able to get a starting caliber Center who can rotate on the OL as back-up for a year or two or compete as a LG. Ben is getting older and while I still think he can light it up passing, he would be well served with a consistent rushing attack and a great defense (a la Denver and Peyton Manning and Elway late in their careers). Ben's talents haven't eroded as much as say Peyton's late in his career, but that rushing attack would do wonders for our offense and Randy Fitchner would start to look like an offensive genius. While we may not have a Big Ben, Bell and AB of 2017 on our roster, our offense can be just as good, if not better with the following: 1. An improved OL that can consistently run the ball. 2. Our consistent and improving defense, gettting even better with a run stuffer inside to help stop the run inside. 3. Big Ben is back! 4. Improvement at TE. 5. Edmonds takes the next step forward at SS and some safety depth. While the Steelers don't have a ton of cash to sign their own F/A's let alone get a high impact one or two from elsewhere, they can get some key parts from the draft and the mid to lower tier free agent. Pass rushing DT's will cost more than the run stuffing guys because they don't put up sexy stats, but they help you win chanpionships. Early in the year it is typically stop the pass, but come play-off time, you better be able to run the ball, stop the run, score points and control the clock. This team really isn't that far off. Easier and less expensive to get solid inside blocking than 100 catch and 1200 yard receivers or 1300 yard rushers.
  5. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    I stand corrected. He is under contract.
  6. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    Not a top tier player, but perhaps some solid depth guys. If not, you have to draft someone who can provide some potential depth. It will be Davis choice, but hopefully he canstay around for some depth.
  7. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    I would sign both as well. I like BJ, but I think we have something with those two. Fieler is sneaky good and has a mean streak. I always liked this guy from day one. I would prefer to keep Rosie Nix over Switzer. Cain and the other young guys hava higher ceiling. Keeping Nix may mean getting rid of Samuels. Need beef in the trenches on both sides of the ball.
  8. Shell HOF

    Rightfully so! He was the original "Comeback Kid." No doubt, that if there was no Pittsburgh Steelers, I would have been a Raider fan.
  9. Shell HOF

    I ddn't realize that Snake got in. Wow. I don't know where I was with that one.
  10. Offseason Work to do

    Bud is playing OLB not DT or NG. Yes you need a DT or a NG to beat a double team. Bud can speed or power through the LT and at most would have to fight off being chipped. Bud also has Watt on the other side. That is the guy who draws most double teams. Sign a free agent or two who can help us get a little bigger and stout inside. It took Bud all of his rookie deal to finally break through. This is Keenen Lewis Part Two and no Cortez Allen behind Bud to gamble on. We see how that turned out. For the record, I was a fan of keeping Allen over Lewis. Agreed! A'Shaun and/or Billings strengthens the run defense. We also have Buggs and Watson to back-up at the DE positions. I like Tyson, but would probably gamble on the young guys stepping up and save his salary. That is why O would want someone who was tough on the inside. Give me Bud, Let me sign a lesser priced but, better back-up than Chickello, and I can sign Billings and/or A'Shaun to replace Hargraves. They won't give me his pass rush, but would be better at run stuffing. I am by no means suggesting that you are wrong, just discussing a different viewpoint.
  11. Finally! The Torpedo to the HOF

    Neither will Earl or any of us that witnessed that. That hit was the modern day equivolence of the Steve Atwater hit on Christian Okaye. Shell was one of the most balanced SS' that played the game (run or pass) he was dang good.
  12. Shell HOF

    Thanks for posting this. Yes it is official. It is about time!!! Can we get LC Greenwood and Andy Russell in there some time soon. I am also sad that two non-Steelers haven't made it yet that definitely deserve it: Lions DT Alex Karris and Raiders QB Ken "The Snake" Stabler. https://steelersdepot.com/2020/01/former-steelers-s-donnie-shell-elected-to-pro-football-hall-of-fame/
  13. Offseason Work to do

    I agree. Hargraves would probably do very well in a traditional a 4-3. I would guess that he would sign with a team that plays a more traditional 4-3. In his expanded role with the Steelers he put up some very good numbers as an interior DL (60 total tackles, 4 sacks, 6 QB hits and 1 forced fumble). I really like him, but I think that his play/role could be replaced. I think this years' play-offs are showing the need for traditional complimentary football (Solid defense and a consistent and persistent rushing attack). We have some very good pieces on defense adding a couple solid big men (I am all for replacing McCullers at this point as well). In a perfect world getting A'Shawn and Andrew would help our run defense and keep lineman off of our ILB's or safeties.
  14. Offseason Work to do

    I agree with this. Is Hargraves really worth $8, $10, or $12 million and we need to sign Bud, TJ and Minkah as well? Don't get me wrong, I like him, but I think that he is more replaceable and we may be able t get a duo of players for his salary that could help shore up the middle of the defense. I am one of the few who still favors having the stout run stuffer in the middle. As we are seeing right now in january football, these guys are needed to help slow down the play-off rushing attacks being used to push for winning the Lombardi. My free agent target would be Bengals NG Andrew Billings. I loved him coming out of Baylor. Not sexy as a pass rusher, but great right now!!! A'Shuan Robinson has the clog it up size that I like in the middle, but we would also need a quick penetrating type to go along with this type of big body. Tuitt is great with Cam if they can stay healthy together for a full season as the Pass rushers in the Nickel. Any ideas in the draft or free agents to replace Hargraves style in our defense? I get many people's apprehension, but you almost can't let Bud walk after the way he improved. Was it a one year wonder, I don't think so. he has been close before, but missed sacks, health and coaching have all contributed to Bud's inconsistent play. No coincidence that his play improved when Keith Butler got to spend more time with Bud and TJ had his best year. The sky is the limit with these two, both are good at rushing the QB and are effective run stuffers. hargraves is solid and right now Bud is good and on the verge of being very good! He should have made the Pro Bowl. He was a consistent disruptive force most of the season. Too thin at OLB to lose him. Hargraves is easier to replace and cheaper.
  15. Fans are at Times Very Fickle

    I definitely have a soft spot for Duck. I love the kid and his fight. He became a bantamweight trying to slug with a heavyweight. He was playing out of his capabilities (and time). Undrafted free agents need a lot of time to develop. In preseason, he outplayed and performed both Mason and Dobbs. The guy should have sat all season on the P.S. Instead he won some games and got a few of us to believe and buy into the Cinderella or Heavan Can Wait story line that came crashing back to earth. The samething happened and was said about HOF'er Kurt Warner. I am not by any means suggesting that Duck is the second coming of Kurt Warner, but I like his moxy and heart. Personally, I would like a veteran QB to back up Ben. In a perfect world, I would like to try to get a guy like Marcus Marriotta. he is still young and would benefit sitting behind Ben and getting his mojo back working with a QB Coach and having some specialized gadget plays to run. The team has too many othe rneeds to be able to afford a luxury or insurance policy as expensive as Marcus. Reality is that Duck is a third string QB. I think he deserves a shot to at least compete.