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  1. Thanks for the clarification. OL is so bad and needs to be fixed as does the defense. They have the money so it is not a bad idea to spend. I prefer some of the younger guys. I don't want the same thing to happen as with some other free agent signings or trades where the vet comes in and hi splay seems to have dropped. We saw this with Trai Turner. He was a great player for the team. He fit the line well and was a difference maker. However, it appears his head and heart may be elsewhere besides Steelers football. Losing a family member can put a lot of perspective on life and what i
  2. Fair point, but I am talking more about relationship and fit. Ben didn't have the relationship with Todd Haley that he had with BA, but I strongly believe that is why he got to play in 2020 and 2021. Sometimes it is the fit. There is also development, growth, and maturity as a player and person. That affects your career as well. Some are able to bring out the best in people based on relationship. Good managers develop, improve, and motivate their workers to bring out the best of what is already in them. No magic coaching or insight, but just fit in terms of what the team and personnel can do
  3. I think that K. Green may go to OG before Moore. They invested in Moore and he seems to have had a better payoff than Green did at C. I don't think they want to blow the entire OL up. You are going to probably have a new RT, RG (I say sign Hernandez), Center, LG Dotson and LT Moore. Ted Karris or Bradley Bozeman are two guys to consider at Center was well. Maybe Germain Ifedi at RT if you are not sold on Banner as I am. Bottom line is I think they want Moore at LT. You draft the more talented LT if he is there. I think you fix the OL with a vet or two and draft some developmental depth. I can
  4. Not necessarily. Sometimes you need the unfamiliar and something different. No that Coach Reich is bad for him or any QB, maybe not what Wentz needs right now in his career. For as much as we can hate on Coach Canada for his play calling short comings and how he didn't adjust his system to the players, his system could be what Wentz needs. He is big, fairly mobile, can make all throws, he's young, tough, and has been through some adversity. I don't think his year injured diminished his skills or talent as much as his lack of success. I think Wentz has lost his mojo more than his skills have e
  5. I considered that ($28 cap hit) Truthfully not that insane for a decent QB. But to your point, he hasn't been decent or consistent. I think he still has juice in the tank. He needs to be in the right place/situation. I am on the fence with this one. No doubt that Brissett has been more consistent, but I think Mariota has a higher ceiling. Some of these players need coaching and the right system. They get thrown to the wolves, don't develop and then are laid out to pasture inside of a few years. I think Mariota and Wentz just need to be in the right system and offenses. Maybe I
  6. With the dreams of holding another Lombardi trophy high in Steelers Nation emphatically stomped, it is time to move forward. How do we rebuild this team? Is it a complete rebuild or more of a retool? I believe that the core of the roster has to be drafted and that you can find more support pieces in free agency. Minkah Fitzpatrick aside (He is a franchise player and is a top priority to resign). I will resign Ju Ju at WR (back-up plan is Christian Kirk) and I am going to resign CB Ahkello Witherspoon. I want to bring Joe Haden back, but I don't think the high salary demand is worth the
  7. Great point and I realize that as well. However, it is now Matt Canada's watch as OC. It falls on him, not BA, Todd Haley, or Randy Fitchner. The constant is Ben, but call a different freaking play and simply say, "Let's be smart and pick up the third down!" Matt Canada and Ben have run at least a 100 two and three yard pass patterns. Just do it on third and two and not third and 15! 🤨
  8. If they are committed to giving him a second chance, then he needs to have players that fit his scheme. This has been a problem with the Steelers for a long time. When DC **** Le Beau left his blueprint and players when HC Mike Tomlin wanted to do some things differently. It has been a growing process and the defense has had its share of growing pains. One of the bad things in sometime inheriting philosophies and that. I get not wanting to blow up the Steelers two years after winning a SB in 2007 with a young HC and a veteran team. The defense had success in 2008, but it was downhill after tha
  9. I am not knocking or discounting the power of being positive. I agree that you need actions to go with the positive thoughts, motivations, and desires. Yes they will more than likely get better for a variety of reasons and a variety of changes! Matt Canada would look better running his scheme with the right personnel to execute it. That says nothing for the fact that he did a horrible job of adjusting his play calling and scheme to the personnel. I have said for many years the team tries the square peg in round hole approach with a lot of things/decisions. You want to power run,
  10. Because he (Linderbaum) is a more natural OC in terms of size, abilities, playing style, and experience. Green has more experience at OG and is far more comfortable and natural by size, style, fit, etc. Green has struggled to adjust to playing Center as he is just not comfortable playing there yet. Green reminds me of Pouncey in some regards. As good as many people applauded Pouncey as a C, I think he would have been at least top three in terms of being a OG. Pouncey's ability to move, pull, and get to the next level screamed OG to me. The draft is funny as Linderbaum
  11. Adams has been a pleasant surprise, but the closet is pretty much empty.
  12. I agree with you. I would prefer the mean mauling style of OL's. I think they need to go in that direction. That said Linderbaum is not an ideal mauler, but I don't think he would be in a liability either. I see him getting bigger and stronger. He is a more natural C than Green.
  13. @jebrick and @warfelg I am a fan of Tyler Linderbaum. He is a more natural C, than Kendrick Green is and he has the body/physique to add some bulk, weight, and strength. I think he has a mean streak as well. That can never hurt at OL. He is not going to be a day one all pro at C, but neither were Mike Webster, Dirt Dawson, or Marquise Pouncey. I will continue to say that today's NFL expects young men to come in and be experienced men from day one. In some cases and positions, the young men can compete with the big dawgs, but typically it takes time for these guys to develop, grow a
  14. As sung by Steven Perry of Journey!!!! I wish, hope and dream, but then again, I am not playing or coaching!
  15. The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the.... Are you kidding me? These Steelers?! Bad run defense, horrible OL, and an AARP QB? Yes! Those Steelers! Steelers visit the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on Sunday 01/16/2022 at 8:15 p.m. "In Prime Time!" Everyone is 0-0! I can't wait!!!! The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! I just keep winning games late! Me enjoying the ride, but knowing that it will with all probably end this Sunday! Hopefully we go out with a bang! "Say we lose again! I dare yo
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