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  1. even munchak is tired of this

    I am not by any means bashing Coach T. He had a bad year and that will happen. I support him and expect that he will do some things to turn it around. However, the drama we have is on his watch. Yes they started to become a model franchise, but is didn't happen overnight. We are in 2019 and they have been to eight straight AFC Conference Championship Games. I am not a fan of NE, but you have to respect what they have done. Come on buddy. Every team has weaknesses. This team has more strengths and talents than they do weaknesses. We have one of the top OL's. We had the best all-around RB, best WR, a HOF top Five QB, solid DL's and an average at best secondary and LB'ers. We also have had solid coaches. Yet in that same eight year spam, NE has done it with different people and less overall talent and ability. I don't like it, but it is a fact. The have the rings and the opportunities to show for it. My point is that I feel like the Steelers blew some golden opportunities. This year especially not even making the play-offs. The Steelers of the past eight years are not the Steelers of the 70's, but they are a talented group that has been assembled and rightfully had SB aspirations. That is all I was saying. No argument, but why do we and should we accept that as our cop out? I was only referencing good top three players. I realize it takes all 53 guys. I would also bet to a person if you asked Coach Dungy, EJ, Peyton, and RW i fthey felt they should have won more, they would say yes. Including the time that we sent them home packing in 2005. Agreed. No argument from me here. I have said this in other threads. I loved Cowher as well, but many Steelers fans said repeatedly, "He can't win the big one!" After losing one SB and having a 2-6 AFC Conference Championship record. I have high expectations of Coach T. I believe in him and I believe that he is and can be one of the best coaches in the league (poor challenges, two point conversions, 4th down conversions and clock management aside). I don't believe in measuring myself or others based on what the rest of the curve does. We have a different standard in Pittsburgh. We have had three head coaches since 1969. We are not the average bell curve organization or fan. Shortcomings and failures are a part of life, but we don't have to settle there. Again prior to 2000 BB was branded a losing coach. He had lost everywhere else he went. He didn't accept being there. In 2000, he was not in Chuck Nolls league. In 2019, he is viewed as probably the most successful head coach in the history of the NFL. That would be ahead of names like Lombardi, Walsh, JJ, Landry, Shula and Noll. Maybe I am a pipe dreamer, but I think Tomlin has the ability to be in that league. I am disappointed that he has missed some opportunities. The good news is next year offers a fresh start and new opportunity. As I have always liked you and respected your opinion and knowledge. I am sorry to disappoint you my friend. We will as we have always have respectfully agree to disagree. Maybe I am delusional, but I expect this team and Coach T to be on the level as the Patriots. I don't understand why we shouldn't expect to get by NE and for Tomlin to out-coach BB EVER! We can't win a SB without beating them. I am not going to say that we are screwed until Brady and BB retire. In the words of Rick Flair, "To be the man, you have to beat the man!" I will use an old analogy. When you were in school and the teacher gave an incredibly tough test and you got a bad grade, did it ease the pain to learn that most everyone failed? We all had that guy who asked how you did and was like, "Yes!!! I failed too!" While there may be solace in that, the bottom line is you failed! My goal when that happened was not to fail again! I didn't care what everyone else did. In the NFL everyone is playing for one goal: To hoist the Lombardi Trophy when the clock hits 00:00 and your team is ahead by 1 point or 35. If it is not that each year, then we have the wrong person at the HC ranks and we are rooting for the wrong organization. I know that the Steelers ownership believes this because they don't put emphasis on all the regular season wins and division crowns. It is the Lombardi's that count here. If we lose to Brady and BB because they beat us, there is no shame. We fought kicked and clawed and we gotta give it to them. They were simply better. But don't concede and tap out because we accept that Brady is a better QB and BB is just better coach than we have. That is not the Steeler way! Is that acceptable with the talent and expectations that this team had? Agree with most of that. You can't control grown men. However, you can manage them better. I am not going to fault Coach T for his approach because when the team was winning, no one said a word. However, accountability is a part of leadership. Many eyebrows were raised at the behavior of Debo and AB when both were on this team. Hindsight is 20/20 vision. I hope he learned from this and at the same time, I see he and Mr. Colbert are bringing in what many would term higher character guys to form the nucleus of this team. I was hoping the AB drama would be rectifiable, but the longer this has brewed and ABs behavior, he has to go. They decided to keep Ben. They are without a doubt hoping to groom Mason for the future. The culture will change and the entire organization will learn from this. I do sincerely believe that. I don't go hog wild when mistakes are made. We make them. I think that is a huge problem with our culture. No one goes undefeated in life. You will have some losses. We are human and imperfect. I still support the coach and how he will handle things going forward. I think that Mr. Rooney will watch and manage what he sees as well. I.E. if someone else does certain things that ressemble this type of behavior, I think as the owner, he will step in and say something as he did with the Bruce Arians "retirement/firing." See above. BB has had his failures because he hasn't won eight straight SB's. Again that is every teams goal every year. We don't expect them to win every year as fans, but certainly no one expects a team to be in that position every year with the adversity and other things that you face in a season. Again, I think you are misunderstanding what I am saying. Every one of these coaches will tell you to a man that they failed every year that they didn't win the Lombardi. That is how you keep score in the NFL. Some people give consolation prizes and trophies to stay motivated and reward the efforts. To quote Coach T, "The standard in Pittsburgh is the standard!" None of the coaches listed are happy at this point except McVay, Payton and Reid because they are all alive and playing this Sunday. I love and admire John Harbaugh. He had a great year and did a great job motivating and bringing that team back with a rookie QB. He isn't happy with the "play-off participation trophy. I am not bashing Coach T, but yes I do have a high expectation of any coach who dons that Steelers logo. If he was happy with being number two, then I would be very disappointed in Coach T or any coach who was happy with that year in and year out. I am not whining because we didn't win. I am complaining because we didn't play to our full potential. Do your best and lose and I won't complain. Under-achieve and we have a right to be upset. That is all I am saying.
  2. even munchak is tired of this

    Well said!
  3. even munchak is tired of this

    Jebrick, I don't doubt that from other organizations, but that is just not the Steelers standard. That is why I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. We don't accept that. Again, the Steelers have Division Champion Banners, they didn't trash the LaMarr Hunt Trophies they won the two years they lost the SB or throw away their runner up SB rings. Those are accomplishments and things to put on the organizations resume', but it is not displayed out front like those Lombardi's. That is our standard and our legacy is built upon championships won, not just games won. If that is spoiled, then I am guilty as charged. No denying it. I will say that I have been proud of this team when they balled out and still lost to better teams. The 2017 and 2018 versions of the Steelers have beat themselves more than other teams have beaten them. Turnovers, penalties and undisciplined play have doomed the Steelers more than the other 53 guys on the other sideline, just being better. Our Big Three could rival The Cowboys Triplets and most other teams Big Three, but we have no Championships with that assembly of talent.
  4. even munchak is tired of this

    When has being #2 ever been acceptable in Pittsburgh? It has not been by the fans when we lost SB's to Dallas & GB. No one was out there screaming, "We're #2!!!!" There were no second place parades or SB particpation celebrations. Losing sucks. It happens to us all and the lesson learned is to get better so that you don't have to experience the agony of defeat. It was not a great year in 2018 by"Steelers standards!" It was not good enough when many of us fans said that Bill Cowher couldn't win the big one! Coach Cowher went to eight AFC Championship Games, during his HC career, but lost six of them and then went 1 - 1 in Super Bowls. To steal a quote from Gerard Butler in the movie 300, "This is Pittsburgh!" We don't accept coming in second in Pittsburgh. The organization comes before the players and coaches. It has always been that way and I hope that doesn't change. New England and BB didn't say that those are the Steelers and they are in another class when they were chasing us. They didn't say that no one else is where they are or can catch them. They didn't say that Chuck Noll is a legend and we are happy being in the top five or whatever and losing SB's. No, Mr. Kraft and Coach Bellichik are coming after our winning championship legacy and trying to put their names and organization ABOVE IT. I hate the Patriots as a competitive rival, but I do respect and admire their success, drive, consistency and moxy to be the best! Bill Walsh and the 49'ers did it in the 80's and every other championship franchise is trying to do it as well. As I said earlier, we went after the Packers SB pedigree and legacy in the 70's. People didn't say the Packers, they said the Steelers. That didn't sit well in Title Town! I am thankful for the growth in this team and despite this set-backs in 2018, I expect more fire, passion, and commitment to win to emerge from this team. Call me a spoiled and pampered "Homer!" Number two is not how I ever want to view the Steelers nor is any competitor happy with that. The perception is that all 53 players did not go down swinging. Some teammates, coaches, whomever in the organization tapped out! That is not the Steelers way.
  5. even munchak is tired of this

    And that is part of my point. I am not suggesting that Coach Tomlin should go as some others are and have been saying, but he hasn't performed to expectations with the talent given and ole BB has done it and won with lesser talent at the same positions. The locker room culture is bad and that must change immediately.
  6. even munchak is tired of this

    I get what you are saying fourthreemafia, but the Patriots were at one time chasing us. BB was not the model or standard in coaching nor were they they model franchise, the Steelers were. We have lost some of that. The Steelers organization followed in the steps of the Packers of the 60's and became the model of the 70's, the 49'ers were the model of the 80's, Dem Boys in the 90's and the Patriots have been it since the 2000's. I would rather be #2 than #32, butno one wears their losing SB Rings. It says that I am the #1 loser. The Steelers have a higher standard. They don't display the Lamaar Hunt Trophy or AFC North Division Titles with the same pride as those six Lombardi's. With the talent that has been assembled with this team, BB, AB, Bell, etc,., etc., etc. there is no seventh Lombardi. That is not simply because we are spoiled pampered fans, but the expectations with the talent of this team and staff has not reached its apex. Now things are bottoming out a bit. This happened during Coach T's watch. That is all and as a fan of Coach T, I am pretty sure he is not happy with this nor are we as fans and supporters. My point is that the Pats are a rival just as the Raiders were with us in the 70's. BB has done it with less talent at times. He has won with James White and Chris Hogan and we have loss with AB and Bell during that same span. This is not a harsh criticism, but a statement of facts. Our organization weighs success based on winning Lombardi's. There are some positives and negatives that come along the way, but not making the play-offs with this talented group is a severe letdown and EVERYONE should be pissed off. When you win 13 games, some things can be hidden, but when you have the talent of the Steelers and lose to a team that only won two games and tied a team that was win-less the previous year, YOU HAVE SOME ISSUES. Last year BB caught some heat for sitting Malcolm Butler during the SB. We don't know if they would have won if he played, but he made a decision based on Butler's behavior. Right or wrong, good decision or bad, he stuck with it and took the heat. I think Coach T is doing the same thing with where the team is and all of the AB drama. He is learning from it and I actually see that he has been drafting a different caliber person/football player. They are going for more team-oriented and high character guys: T. Edmonds wasn't a first round talent on most draft boads, but he was a first round character guy as are James Connor, Ju Ju Smith Schuster, TJ Watt, Sean Davis and others. He isn't seeing all of the results today as they guys are developing, but next year and beyond, I do believe that he will. Coaching is like parenting. You can't parent every kid the same way. Some need a kick in the butt at times and others need an encouraging word and hug. You apply the wrong type of love and parenting at times just as a coach will at times misjudge players. we have seen this with BB and Tom Coughlin, Greg Schiano and others. You make mistakes with coaching as a coach. You will certainly make mistakes with spoiled, rich, entitled, privileged superstar grown azz men. Some are mature enough to handle the bright lights and spot lights and others begin to believe their own hype. What I fell in love about AB is still there: his work ethic and desire to be the best. However, since getting his money, he does not respond the same way that he did when he wanted to be a starter. It went from team to me. Tomlin let him get away with some things and it didn't matter when we were winning, but AB has abused his "privileges." Coach T has to change that culture in the organization and locker room. PERIOD!
  7. FA fits for the Steelers

    Not so sure that Barr will be cheap. I am assuming that you are moving on from Bud. Although he could be a good fit for our OLB corp. I don't think the Steelers move on from Dupree as while he didn't have a lot of sacks, I thought he had more consistent pressure throughout the year than TJ Watt. Watt got the sack #'s, but had a few games where he got three sacks. Watt came on strong late in the year, but early on and most of the year, I thought he disappeared at times pass rushing. Chickello needs to be replaced and either of the young guys should do that next year. We can't pay both a starting OLB like Barr and Bud to rotate at OLB. I think the team looks more for the Hybrid Type Safety to replace Burnett. Solid player. However, I am not sure that I get a whole lot more with him than Bud. I like him, but the team seems to be trending towards more Hargraves types on the inside. Cam and Tuitt are unique in that they can generate pass rush inside or outside and the Steelers are playing more and more four man Nickel fronts. Could we get Aaron Donald? LOL He would be a good fit for our offense and kind of got lost on the Ravens during LaMaar's development and the Ravens shift toward the ground game. With all of the AB drama, he could be a nice piece that could help in the long ball game while Ju Ju and Washington continue to develop. Do we go after a 3-4 type OLB or do we go after a 4-3 pass rushing DE? I know he will cost money, but wouldn't a player like Frank Clark fit our defense better than a pure 3-4OLB? Markus Golden has been going down the past few years. Is that because his play production or is it because of team/scheme? I am a little afraid of this pick. I like Roby. I liked him coming out of college. He is not elite or lock-down, but a solid consistent player who would fit in our scheme.
  8. even munchak is tired of this

    https://steelersdepot.com/2019/01/mike-munchak-insists-move-to-denver-all-about-family-praises-steelers-organization/ https://triblive.com/sports/columnists/timbenz/breakfastwithbenz/14509758-74/first-call-antonio-brown-teases-another-interview-mike-tomlin-tweets-about-mike I get both sides of the argument. I too am very disappointed in this team. They have wasted golden opportunities and have under-achieved with the talent this team has. I love coach T, but I am very disappointed in some things from an execution/performance and perception standpoint. Our Killer B's have been more team and morale killers' than executioners of our opponents. While Coach T is still #2 in terms of SB appearances, wins and some other stats, The #1 guy Coach Billichick is appearing in his eighth consecutive Conference Championship and a chance to bring home Lombardi Trophy #6. Most fans are pissed off and rightfully so. Our once proud and respected franchise has become a reality show of the Real Housewives of the Steelers (starring the players). To the point that those who bash Coach T complain, this all happened on his watch. Although I am a fan and supporter of Coach T, I have to agree. He is partly to blame for the circus and drama. Winning covers a lot of problems, but losing brings them to light and scrutiny. The Steelers under-achieved and now the media, fans and other organizations are coming after them. Like it or not that is the reality and those who are not fans are even more critical. Coach Munchak is a highly respected figure in the league and is a huge loss for this organization. I have been a huge AB fan and I am extremely disappointed in his behavior and antics as well. It is wrong and outright disrespectful to Coach T and Mr. Rooney. I may not agree with why AB is upset, but the disappointment comes in the way he is expressing it. Ditto for Debo who is taking every opportunity to trash the Steelers and Coach T as well. It has been no secret that Troy Polomalu has not been happy with how the organization treated him at the end of his career, but he did not come out of the shadows to bash Coach T, Mr. Rooney or do anything to give the Steelers another black eye. I learned in business years ago that you praise in public and criticize in private. The locker room is a teams sanctuary. That sanctuary is being violated on so many levels and by so many individuals. Change is inevitable and a necessity. Coach T is an intelligent man, he has pride for this organization, his family name and a passion and fire to succeed, so I do not expect him to fall down crying and feeling sorry for himself.The situation in Pittsburgh is embarrassing right now. The more AB talks, coaches depart, and the media hypes all of this, it is going to be a hard pill to swallow for the organization and the pain of losing will linger until kick-off in September 2019.
  9. Are you worried about missing the playoffs?

    I think he is still on the Jets roster as a LB Coach. If they turnover the staff, he might be an option.
  10. refs worst game for us in recent time?

    That is what I was saying. They did fairly well when a DB was on Allen, but when a LB was covering him, he killed them.
  11. refs worst game for us in recent time?

    I don' like to make excuses because you can usually find several times throughout a game that if you made the plays, you would still win. I am not dismissing the momentum shifts and changes that several poor calls helped to impact. As a fan or even if I were a coach I would point out the miscues that the team could control. Here's a few: 1. Big Ben's horrible pass to a wide open Justin Hunter. Oh wait, that was James Washington's fault for not diving. 2. Big Ben's lob pass that was intercepted in the red zone and changed momentum and again left points on the field and off of the score board. We gun-sling-ed points off the board. 3. Sean Davis' untimely time to break up a pass. You are supposed to hit the guy with the other color jersey. That gets deflected and instead of a sure fire turnover results in a TD for them. 4. Whatever happened to establishing the run? Connor and company can carry the ball on the ground a lot more than he has the past three games which have resulted in a 1-2 record. Shades of 2005 when the Steelers ended up 7 - 5 and then had to run the table to earn a wild card spot. It ended well, but we are a much better offense than we were then. 5. For the love of baby Jesus! Can we run a special teams play without getting a holding penalty? It seems that we had one every punt return or KO return. 6. What happened to the killer instinct and time possessing drives in the second half? 7. You probably want to switch Mike Hilton or another DB to try to cover Keenen Allen. Hey is killing us! 8. Adjustments! They made them and we didn't seem to or if we did, they didn't work. That is almost as many things as we could have changed or impacted as they made bad calls!
  12. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Chief, You have good taste in women!
  13. I figured since the Steelers absolutely blew a game and a golden opportunity to stay in the driver's seat, I would switch up and do the honeys (first) to ease our pain a little. BTW we play the Chargers this Sunday night. More game info to be added later. Still working on this. My power went out and wiped all of my work out, so gotta start again. I will add my comments later or tomorrow. Pittsburgh Steelers vs Los Angeles Chargers History: Pittsburgh Steelers lead the series 23-9 Pittsburgh Steelers have won four of the last five meetings. Last Meeting : 10/12/15 24-20 win in San Diego with Michael Vick at QB and the RB formerly known as Leveon Bell put up 111 yards on the ground and scored on a tough 1 yard run as time expired giving the Steelers a 24-20 win. 4 Keys to winning on Offense: 1. Good Big Ben or Bad Big Ben The Steelers are only going to go as far as Big Ben can take them. He is a first ballot HOF QB who has won two SB's and been to three. However, Ben seems to have become a bit of a gunslinger over the past two seasons. The redzone and end zone INT's have to STOP! You cannot beat an average let alone good team leaving points on the field. Ben threw for over 450 yards and should have probably had over 500 yards against the Broncos. Yet the decision to force a ball and a few inaccurate throws coupled with some untimely drops and fumbles doomed the Steelers. Ben is generally pretty god in prime time and at home. Let's hope that this continues and Ben and the Steelers offense doesn't give the ball or game away. 2. Let Connor be the Terminator again! In my Arnold voice, "Are you James Connor?" The Steelers have inexplicably fed the ball less and less to Connor over the past two games. He helps keep defenses honest and while many may say that passing for 350 and 400 yards a game is sexy, it doesn't guarantee wins, especially when you turn the ball over. Let Connor get his Mo Jo or even Ju Ju back. Feed him the ball more than 12 times a game and get him involved in the passing game a bit more. Running the ball isn't sexy in today's NFL, but it will win Super Bowls and in the end; THAT IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT! 3. Where's Rosey? Want the running game to get jumped started? Put your FB in the game. The Steelers have a top flight OL and a top flight FB. USE HIM! When we get inside of the five yard line, I'm sorry Big Ben, but give the ball to Connor or Nicks four times rather than throw the ball! You stop us from the three yard line running the ball four times, you deserve to win. News flash, if we do this, we will win more often than not. 4. Keep feeding AB and Ju Ju! The Steelers have an offense with a top three OL, Vance, Switzer, Connor, Big Ben and AB and Ju Ju yet there are games when we struggle to put the ball in the endzone. Sometimes having a lot of weapons causes you to over-think some things. You get the ball inside of the five yard line, put Nix in and feed Connor. You have people double teaming AB, feed Ju Ju, Switzer or Vance (for the most part, Ben has done this). You have a dynamic duo that is far better than Batman and Robin. They are more Batman and Kato. You have 18 passing TD's and more than 130 receptions between them. when used effectively with the running game this can make your offense as deadly as the 10-1 Saints offense has been. What's more, it greatly helps the defense as it pressures opposing offenses to keep up. Most teams could not survive a track meet with the Steelers. We seen this at its best in the Carolina game. The Steelers problems are consistency. 3 Keys to winning on Defense: 1. Force some turnovers. The Steelers are again on the negative side of the turnover ratio. Some of that is offensive ball carelessness, Big Ben gun slinging in tight coverage instead of throwing the ball away and the defense just not getting turnovers. The pass rush has been greatly improved. Despite not always getting sacks, this defense does get pressure on opposing QB's pretty consistently both inside and outside. That needs to translate to the secondary picking off errant passes and tipped balls. Over the past few weeks there have been balls on the ground and passes tipped in the air only to be recovered by the offense or to fall harmlessly to the ground. The defense has played well and kept the Steelers in position to win most every game except KC. No negative criticism, but a rally to see them improve and go to the next level. Again, look at the Saints. They don't have a great defense in my opinion, but they do get pressure, force turnovers and let the offense run wild. Last week, Denver scored 21 of their 24 points off of Steelers turnovers. We need to use that formula and improve our turnover ratio by taking the ball away from our opponents. 2. Get the Big Three Going Again The run defense has suffered some without a healthy Tuitt. Watt has been feast or famine in most games. He will get three sacks or disappear at times. Cam has not had the same stats as last year, but he does seem to be getting in the opponents backfield more of late. These three are the heart of the front seven. Hargraves has stepped his game up big time. We need these three to be on the field and playing the way they are capable of playing. This will help create turnovers and negative offensive plays for our opponents. 3. Joe Haden must become Adonis Creed (as you can tell I saw Creed II this past weekend). Emmanuel Sanders had a good game against Haden in part because of some of our offensive woes and turnovers. He has to bounce back like like Adonis did against Drago. Haden is a leader and the teams best defensive back. He must have a short memory and prepare to play against a red hot Phillip Rivers who can surgically pick apart a defense. Prediction: Steelers over Chargers 33 - 24 Team plays a more balanced offense and the defense creates a turnover or two to slow down Rivers and company. The team responds after a disappointing loss and tries to get refocused and back on the winning track. Honeys:
  14. jags 5up 5down

    I am a Sean Davis fan. Excellent kid and an improving football player (this is just his first season at FS). However, he missed a potential INT and missed some tackles that I have seen him make in the past. I am not by any means down on him, but giving some objective and constructive feedback on his game from my vantage point. I agree and usually he does hand Connor the ball. For whatever reason, we seemed to force it in the red zone and missed a huge opportunity for points and momentum swing prior to halftime. I know they were being aggressive, but you can't come out of trips to the red zone in a game when the offense is struggling with zero! Agree 100% here as well. The clock management has to improve. I don't understand why they seem to struggle with time management on both sides of the ball. I would have called a timeout after the Jags first offensive run prior to the two minute warning. They let about 18 seconds run off that they would have had another play run and then the two minute warning to stop the clock. I will give them credit in saving the last timeout because after Connors dropped TD, they moved the ball and still had the option to run. It worked out and they left the Jags with very little time. It worked this time, but more often than not, I scratch my head with some of the clock management decisions and strategies.
  15. jags 5up 5down