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  1. Bell contract 2018

    This is one of the toughest situations that the Steelers have been faced with for years. I see the Steelers side in not wanting to over-pay for the market and position, but I also understand Bell's position in that he deserves to be paid as much or more than some WR's, OL's and other positions and players who will make more, but do not necessarily do as much for their team as Bell does for his with his versatility. Bell is good. In fact more than good or even very good. He is an exceptional RB because of his versatility in the run, pass and pass protection abilities. I don't see Bell's running ability as his forte or strongest trait nor do I think he is or will be the best pure runner in the NFL now or going forward. He will be known as an even better version of the former SF 49'er Roger Craig. He is the one back who can do it all well. Bell's combined value is what makes him valuable and what he will do in the passing game. Should he be paid twice what other NFL backs are? Probably not. Should he be paid on par with other offensive stars for the impact and what he does when on the field? Probably so. Is Bell's value and what he does for our team as valuable or more so than a player like Jarvis Landry? Absolutely. As much as I do not like the distractions and the back and fourth banter, he should be paid better than some of the other players who are getting paid. It is tough for Bell because of how the RB position has been undervalued. I do believe that young elite RB's like Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliot will try to get paid a lot more than the current RB salary pool is as well. I do believe that Bell has three or four more productive years. I think that it would be fair to pay him in the $14 - $15 million range. It is a lot of money and a couple solid players could be locked up for that money, but he helps the Steelers win a SB now!!! It is hard to justify seeing a WR like Jarvis Landry making more money than Bell when you compare their value and production to their teams. How much is a SB trophy or two worth? How much would we complain if this current group of Steelers did not earn one?
  2. Steeler forum fantasy football(1 SPOT LEFT)

    I am in again.
  3. Has anyone heard...

    Chief a lot of people don't take this information that you presented into consideration. I think at this point, it is safe to say a combination of two or all that you listed. I have no idea what this kids intelligence is or if he has any learning issues like ADD or ADHD that may inhibit his ability to focus or concentrate. However being a young guy with some of the issues listed that prevented him from being drafted, I think maturation plays a big part. You hopefully are not the same person that you were at 19 or 20 as you will be at 24 or 25 in terms of your focus and decision making. Kind of a side convo on this topic: A lot of times with academic concerns (unless there is an actual disability) a lot of it is how the material is presented. Because something is boring to someone or they do not see how this matters to them, they shut down. Some people struggle with word problems, but if the same problem is given using an example of something that they are familiar with, they can apply the steps to complete the problem. Some are visual learners, others are listening/lecturer learners and yet others are learners by doing, etc... Do you remember former Atlanta Falcon and Syracuse Summa *** Laude Grad Tim Green? He was a Rhodes Scholar, high #1 draft choice and practicing attorney. Despite all of this natural God-given intelligence, Tim Green never had the football IQ of Ray Lewis. Lewis was a football savant. He used to tell his DC's what they were doing wrong. His study and comprehension of the game was on another level. Watching those You Tube videos of Lewis going against Peyton and Big Ben in pre-snap adjustments is pretty amazing. The biggest surprise that I had was the fact that Williams was not comfortable with being able to call or set the defense entering year FIVE last year. I think most teams/coaches expect young guys to take it one step at a time (learn the plays, learn how offenses attack those defenses, learn how to counter those attacks, etc, etc..). You would think a MLB playing in the same system for fours years would be comfortable enough to take over that role. We know that prior to Butler Coach LeBeau had some mad scientist crazy defenses and schemes that unless you were a brilliant football mind like Ryan Clark, you could not fully comprehend.
  4. ILB M.Kendricks

    I think the Steelers will wait and see how things go during camp. There will be more big name cuts due to salary during the camp cuts. The team may look for the surprise cut like Haden was. Even Kendricks may well be a casualty if he does not earn a starting spot and the prospect of starting elsewhere seem more appealing. The Browns LB'ers are not bad. I am not sure he takes one of those spots. How appealing is it to be a back-up or special teams guy at this point in his career? It is still football in shorts right now and there is one more OTA before the real deal starts. Let's see what Bostic, Dirty Red and Williams do when the pads go on in August. I still think Bostic and Dirty Red can be a decent to solid ILB group. They won't be the elite type of ILB crew, but I can see them being more effective and better than what we had last year after Shazier went down. We will see.
  5. Has anyone heard...

    Great points here. How many times year after ear have we heard players or positions looked great in shorts only to disappoint when the pads go on and it is for real? I think the realistic expectation/hope is that he begins to learn and understand the defense. That is huge with playing. It makes you play downhill and faster because you aren't thinking, but anticipating or reacting far quicker because you know what is going on. Our defense started out great and kept us in many games early when our all world offense was slow developing. As the year wore on, teams adjusted and found weaknesses to exploit and many times our defenders were playing catch up or the players were out of position. I hope he at the very least shows enough to make the practice squad and at best he makes the 53 man roster which is a long shot. More realistically is that he performs and learns enough to make the PS to spend a year getting comfortable with the defense and playing in the NFL.
  6. New KO rules=Quadree making roster??

    I think in theory you are correct Chief, but in application, many teams will prefer to keep the ball in bounds because they believe that they can pin the offense inside of the 25 yard line as well. I have heard a few conversations with various special teams coaches who were interviewed about the rule change on Moving the Chains and a few other NFL talk radio shows who mentioned this as a strategy that gives the coverage teams an advantage with no wedge and some other changes. The key is having a dynamic return specialist who can make defenders miss and if anyone gets out of position, it could mean trouble for the return team. Most of the ST Coaches believed the return team has the advantage keeping the ball inside of the ten and five yard line kicking to force the return. We have seen nothing yet, but "in theory" some believe this could actually increase the returns with teams who have good coverage and an accurate kicker.
  7. New KO rules=Quadree making roster??

    Is it me or has this team lacked a solid KOR man for the longest? We have had solid PR guys like Santonio Holmes and AB fairly recently, but I can't recall a time when a good KOR. I also believe that our last KOR prior to Ju Ju's this year was by AB against the Tennessee Titans in 2010 or 2011 or 2013. Special Teams has never been a huge part of the Steelers game planning going back to the days of Chuck Noll who once lost a game to the Chiefs at Three Rivers Stadium on a blocked Punt, KOR for a TD and PR for a TD. For most of his Head Coaching career, Chuck Noll did not have a ST Coach. Bill Cowher (himself a former ST coach if I recall) tried to strengthen the coverage teams hiring Bobby April. We did have Rod Woodson and AR El for some of those years, but again, they seemed to excel on PR's moreso than KOR's. Bill Cowher did try to trade up to get FSU's all time return king...Willie Reid. None of these worked out. It seemed like Coach Tomlin really tried to address the return game. He drafted players like Chris Rainey, DeMarcus Ayers and Dri Archer. None were successful revitalizing the KO return game. With some of these rules changes, perhaps a player like Q. Henderson can finally make an impact returning kick-offs for the Steelers.
  8. good humour

    I remember several posts about this in the past. I remember a few points that 43Mafia made when Landry was getting criticized. Truthfully, Landry is about what you expect from a back-up. While we would like to believe that every back-up should be ready to perform like the mystical and imaginary QB (Warren Beatty portrayed in Heaven Can Wait) for those who are old enough to remember the movie, that just isn't realistic. Back-ups rarely get first team reps and there are not large enough rosters and practice time to get and keep a QB practice ready after training camp and the pre-season. Landry has not lit it up all the time, but considering what he has had to work with and through, he has not done a bad job. Is he ready for prime time? Can he come in and there be no drop-off from Big Ben? No! In fact, Nick Foles had his struggles as well with the Eagles in a few games after replacing Carson Wentz. He struggled with t he offense against the Falcons in the play-offs as well before catching fire against the Vikings and Patriots. It is a great story that we all love to see. In fact, Foles seems like a really nice guy and a decent person, so all the better. However, it just doesn't happen that often with the fact you can't get practice reps, timing, and coaching necessary to keep your back-up game ready. I don't think anyone believes that Landry Jones is as good a QB as Michael Vick ever was. Vick had some struggles in 2016, but his issues were that he didn't get a lot of practice and timing with the first team or in our offense moreso than eroding skills. In fact one of AB's drops that season was a TD pass from Vick. AB just doesn't drop many balls. Period! The fact that he was catching a ball from a lefty that spins differently, etc (no excuse just an explanation) was a bigger factor in that drop and missed opportunity than it was a fluke in my opinion. I have been hard on Landry a times and have wished that they would sign and develop a veteran with more "potential." The truth is that he has been in our system, has improved each year, and he was not a first round QB talent, so it is taking some years to develop. Do I believe Landry will ever be a starting caliber QB? Probably not, but I do believe that he can be a better than average back-up for us because he has gotten some reps and familiarity in our offense. I don't believe that back-ups will get to develop until the NFL changes some things with their roster size and ability to allow players to develop.
  9. Jon Bostic

    I certainly didn't mean to omit Potsey Farrior. He was a huge reason why our defense began to get good again like in the 90's before getting ravaged by free agency. I can't remember all of the tandems off of my head and I don't have the tme to look them up. However, off of the the top of my head I would say they were at least in the Top Five along with (in no particular order) the Ravens, Jets, and Packers.
  10. Jon Bostic

  11. Jon Bostic

    When you draft talent based on the 3 - 4 base, your LB'ers have to be very good. Since the days of a younger Debo, a young Woodley, and a younger Timmons, we have lacked having that elite CORP of LB'ers.
  12. Jon Bostic

    Very solid and detailed post my friend. Hopefully five is a charm. I liked him coming out of college and I think he fits our scheme well. We will see. I do have fairly high expectations of him.
  13. Jon Bostic

    We have had the NG conversation on here many times. We have needed one since Big Snack left us. Hopefully Frazier will surprise. He is good at run stuffing and maybe can take this role from Hargraves and allow him to play DT in the Nickel and Dime. I don't have any confidence in Mt. McCullers. I thought that he would have been a force with his size and strength by now.
  14. Mychal Kendricks released by Philly