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  1. Over the past several years there have been a number of reasons (or excuses) as to why the Steelers defense has not lived up to the defenses of the past save the Steel Rust Defense for those who remember the year that former DC Rod Rust took heat. Over the past several years this has not been Mean Joe Green's and Jack Lambert's Steel Curtain. It is not Greg Lloyd's and Kevin Green's Blitzburgh! There have been no Rod (Woodson) is a god like posters for any of our defensive players. Mathew Marczi put out an article about all of the first round talent on the Steelers defense. See Link: https://steelersdepot.com/2019/09/defense-loaded-with-10-former-1st-round-draft-picks-time-for-them-to-play-like-it/ What has been the problem or problems? There have been a number of factors that has lead to this defense not being game ready week in and week out as well as year in and year out despite consistently drafting and in some cases over-drafting defensive talent. Correction players that play on defense. For right now I will deal with the first two games of the 2019 season. Week One versus our nemesis the New England Patriots. The biggest problem was our lack of offense. The defense actually started out fairly well. Some may very fairly argue that the Patriots just didn't get warmed up yet. I shall explain: I actually see it as our offense did not support the defense early. This is not an excuse, but rather a reason why. In the past, the Patriots have taken advantage of every opportunity given to them. Many would argue that great teams take advantage of their opportunities. I would agree. That is why New England is considered great (love it or hate it, but true) and the Steelers have not won a Super Bowl since 2008 (that is going on 12 years for those of us keeping score). They have typically jumped on the Steelers and gone up early (especially in New England). The past teaches us that three and outs and FG's don't get it done. The Steelers offense stunk the stadium up and it actually made the defense look worst than they were. The defense doesn't get a pass for some of their mistakes, but I will argue that they can't make the mistakes if the are not on the field so much. The Steelers have had problems playing together as a complete team for several years. The offense plays well and the defense can't stop anyone. Then the defense plays well and the offense turns the ball over and stinks up the place. This goes back to the days of Todd Haley and has continued into the Randy Fitchner era as well. Yes the defensive players are the ones being out of place, missing tackles, being a step or two behind, not getting pressure on Tom Brady and making boneheaded mental mistakes. What baffles me is that this is not a NEW defensive system. So why are the secondary, linebackers and defensive lineman often out of position or not on the same page? This week, I think one word comes to mind: FATIGUE! They were on the field too long. Yes the time of possession does not look overwhelming, but that is somewhat deceiving. In the first half particularly there was a point when the patriots offense was on the field and had run plays and yardage more than two to one to the Steelers. You can't win like that and definitely not against a good football team. The offense needed to control the clock better and sustain some drives. I am not saying that they would have won, but they would have given the defense a breath and who knows what can happen when they are fresher and can perhaps force the Patriots offense into some mistakes. Yes the Patriots are a more disciplined defense and seem to thrive in the system that Coach BB has employed regardless of the DC. Conversely OC Josh Daniels continued to attack and adjust. After the Steelers man slowed the Patriots, they began running picks. The defense did not adjust and it kept the Patriots offense on the field, flipped field position and methodically began to tear down and wear down the Steelers defensive players. The Steelers offense lacked identity and purpose week one. They started running Connors well early, but abandoned it early. The passing game or lack-thereof got the Steelers offense off the field. Couple that with our players inability to make a defender miss on one on one encounters, and you have a 33-3 ugly blow-out loss and a lot of people questioning how good or bad this team really is compared to the World Champs. Very humbling loss across the board: out-played, out-coached on both sides of the ball, out-performed, out-hit, out-tackled and better success and execution on both sides! Yuck!!! It all started with the fact that our offense did diddly-poo all game. Week Two: The Seattle Seahawks: This is what started the defenses slide. A missed call by an offical, a bad special teams scheme and play and another opportunity for a good QB and solid football team leads to a TD instead of a FG or re-kick! This was a four point swing and momentum changer as the Steelers were tied at 7-7 instead of being up 7 - 3 or maybe even 7-0. They lost by two points 28-26. This photo says it all! Always a step behind. Is it fatigue, coverage/scheme, or we just can't execute the defense? the Steelers defense came out like gang busters week two in typical Mike Tomlin fashion after a bad loss. They were primed to blow the Seahawks away early. Seattle was playing on the left coast, at a much earlier time and going against a hungry team longing for its first win in a home opener. The perfect storm for a win or so we thought. The Steelers defense will have to shoulder the blame for not being able to stop Russell Wilson and company after getting them in a third and 16 late in the game. In what is unfortunately becoming Steelers fashion, they couldn't stop Seattle's offense late. This game was eerily similar to last year's Chargers game in some aspects. Mental mistakes, giving extra opportunities, missed calls by officials and the offense disappearing all led to another home loss. Early on the Steelers defense was dominating! I know that sounds like a contradiction of terms (dominance and Steelers defense) Now, instead of the offense following the lead and wearing down the Seahawks keeping Russell Wilson and company off the field; they continued to stumble around without an identity. The lack of consistent movement by the Steelers offense and self inflicted errors allowed Seattle to stay in the game. Seattle then took control and the Steelers defense again began to wear down, grow tired, make mistakes and just get beat outright. Something that was also disturbing is the talk that the communication is not there on defense. I get that Mark Baron is new and Bush is a rookie. I get that Vince Williams went down. However, a lot of these guys have been playing for a few years together. WTH!!! If the defense is that dang complicated, simplify it, so these athletes can play football and not have to think so much. Complicated defenses are great for football savants. For most players, they want to be able to flow to the ball. I see the OG pulling,as an ILB, I am typically running /aiming/attacking the area he is vacating (sounds better than saying his rear, but you get me) because the ball is usually coming there. I have heard reports that five and six players on defense have not known where they are supposed to be or know their assignments. That is half of your defense. Throw in fatigue because they are now converting first downs and we are tipping passes into their defenders hands and you have a close game, but ugly loss. Playing four quarters of football requires all three phases to play together, which for some strange reason rarely happens with a team as talented as the Steelers. So why? I think a lot has to do with the offense making the defense have to be defensive about its play. Thoughts?
  2. 2019 Steelers Game Day Thread Sign-ups

    You don't have to do all of this by yourself. This is a lot of work each week. I will work with you on the ones I signed up for and we can do every other week or something like that. I don't mind helping out.
  3. Screw the 2020 Draft?

    I don't know what this team will do with a third round second string QB, but the defense got better up the middle and deep immediately. I am tired of seeing this team need defensive stops and not getting them. The Steelers should have put Seattle away early, but again beat themselves with penalties and inconsistent play. They added a play-maker, so maybe we get the key INT, pass defense, fumble recovery or tackle on third down that we have missed the past several seasons. Maybe this helps the offense, defense and special teams play better as a complete unit. Time will tell, but I can't criticize the team for not pulling the trigger in the past and then criticize them when they finally do. I think Minkah plays mainly at FS, but may rotate around at other positions. If Davis comes back, he is the third in the box safety. Not looking good in my opinion. I have been a huge fan of Davis' potential and character, but he has not played like a second round draft choice that the team traded up to get. Some of it was the team moving him around, but he has not performed consistently on the field in my opinion and as I stated, I am a fan and supporter of Davis. Right now, I would not be trying to re-sign him. Dangerfield is an inexpensive option because of ST, but he is a SS and would be better in the box.
  4. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    It amazes me how many people fall for the old trap of the best QB being the back-up QB. For those of us with history going back to the Steelers of the 70's: 1. They wanted Terry Hanratty 2. They wanted Bradshaw over the fame Notre Dame Hanratty. 3. Then Bradshaw sucked and they wanted the strong armed Joe Gilliam. 4. Then they wanted Bradshaw back. 5. Bradshaw got hurt and Mike Kruczek came in and won games. 6. Back to the Hall of Fame QB 7. Later it was Neil O'Donnell over Bubby Brister. 8. TD Tommy Maddox over Kordell Stewart. 9. The Dennis Dixon, Charlie Batch and Byron Lefwich experiences due to suspensions and injuries. 10. Joshua Dobbs over Landry Jones 11. Mason Rudolph over Dobbs. This is a double edged sword that cuts deeply both ways. The back-up comes in cold and the opposing team is unprepared for them and the back-up begins to light it up. He makes good throws, the playbook is simplified and the OC typically does some easy things to help the QB and team gain some the confidence in the back-up QB. Defenses seems to get lit up a bit and the team seems to spark and rally behind this back-up. Fans say, "Hey we lost but, (insert any back-ups name here) played a good game and maybe we need to replace the starter to spark the team. The Steelers had two of the best potential back-ups in Byron Lefwich and Charlie Batch. Both were former starters, very intelligent, but also very limited in terms of what they could do. They had mixed results (actually pretty good ones as back-ups go. Add Landry Jones name, but many fans don't want to admit that). However, they are still back-ups because they are not better than the starter. Let's not forget that our struggling soon to be HOF QB is still better than everyone that I have listed on this page. I see Mason Rudolph as having the potential to be a starter and one day replacement for Big Ben. I don't believe that time is now. I don't know the status of Ben as some word is supposed to come out today. Perhaps this is why he hasn't been throwing as well. Perhaps this is why he didn't practice or get game reps as much as many feel he should have. Mason struggled in practice was inaccurate at times in training camp and pre-season games. What makes so many people think that he has surpassed Ben and could elevate this offense higher than Ben could right now? The team is 0 - 2. They seemed unprepared for New England and like the Chargers game last year, they let the Seahawks hang around and then the defense could not stop them. How is Rudolph supposed to realistically go into San Francisco and compete and beat a 2 - 0 49'ers team that seems to be on fire right now? To use some Tomlinisms, "This team hasn't been ready for prime time. The defense and several players also haven't put forth a very good varsity effort." Right now smoke and mirrors may best describe this football team. They seemed laser focused during camp and preseason with dealing with the distractions of no Bell and no Brown. Big Ben seemed to have changed his leadership style. Coach T hasn't said, much but the team just seemed to play hard and looked to be ready to be competitive amid all of the Cleveland Brown hype by the media. Asking your young up and coming future QB to step in ahead of his time is a part of the game due to injuries and other factors. Expecting him to be able to shoulder the load of the entire offense is really asking too much of him. Could he have a big game or two? Yes absolutely. Batch, Lefwich, and Landry all had their moments as relief pitchers or fill ins for a few games. This team has so many other issues, you need a veteran leader to help right this ship. If Ben is truly hurt, rest him, let him heal whatever as this is only two games and there are 14 left. You throw your support in the ring for Mason and hope he can over-achieve for a few weeks. Things do change, but I don't believe that the time for change is right now and the so-called QB controversy that some will try to manifest is not fair to Rudolph who would have no place to go, but further down. If he plays average or even struggles many will say, Why isn't he ready?" Some may even suggest that he just doesn't have it. If he wins, then he filled with unfair over-hyped expectations that can/will only come crashing down when he struggles or faces a team that has game planned and prepared for the young inexperienced QB.
  5. Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

    I was there in support of Moncrief as well. Just not mentally there. It will be tough for him to earn a spot to make things right. He has to be relegated to the #5. I would not be surprised to see more changes/cuts/shifts in responsibility. BTW: Where has Ola been? Why isn't he out there more? We keep playing with Chick.
  6. Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

    Missed tackle there!
  7. Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

    I don't think he needs the safety blanket as much as they need to ot be so predictable. Offense is not fooling anyone.
  8. Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

    Get the dang run game going on offense to open things up. Offense woefully still out of sync early.
  9. Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

    Missed that last week in NE.
  10. So that we are not duplicating our efforts, putting it all on a few members, or stepping on each others toes....,. Pick a few games.... I will chip in and help whenever I can if we don't get a lot sign-ups. Sept. 8 at New England Patriots 8:20 PM NBC Steel Curtain 29 Sept. 15 Seattle Seahawks 1:00 PM FOX Hitman Sept. 22 at San Francisco 49ers 4:25 PM CBS Sept. 30 Cincinnati Bengals (Mon.) 8:15 PM ESPN Oct. 6 Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM CBS Oct. 13 at Los Angeles Chargers 8:20 PM NBC BYE Oct. 28 Miami Dolphins (Mon.) 8:15 PM ESPN Hitman Nov. 3 Indianapolis Colts 1:00 PM CBS Nov. 10 Los Angeles Rams 4:25 PM FOX Nov. 14 at Cleveland Browns (Thurs.) 8:20 PM FOX/Amazon Hitman Nov. 24 at Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 PM CBS Dec. 1 Cleveland Browns 4:25 PM CBS Dec. 8 at Arizona Cardinals 4:25 PM CBS Dec. 15 Buffalo Bills 1:00 PM CBS Dec. 22 at New York Jets 1:00 PM CBS Hitman Dec. 29 at Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM CBS
  11. Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

    I will get to it later tonight or early tomorrow morning at the latest.
  12. I don't know if there is an official game day thread sign-up schedule or volunteer schedule. Since it is Wednesday and I don't see one, I will chip in here or wherever I can each week. If I am stealing someone else's thunder, I don't mean to and I will delete this thread once you let me know. 2019 Season Week Two Who: Steelers vs. Seahwaks Series History: 9 - 9 last meeting 2015 Seahawks 39 -30 win in Seattle. Last Game in Pittsburgh week two 2011 Steelers dominating win 24 - 0. When and Where: Sunday, September 15, 2019 @ 1 pm Heinz Field Key Seattle Seahawk Players on Defense Quenton Jefferson DT with two sacks against the Bengals newly acquired Jadeveon Clowney former Steelers DE Al Woods MLB Bobby Wagner tackling machine The Griffin twins Shaqueem and Shaquille The Bengals Andy Dalton threw for 418 yards, John Ross and Tyler Boyd gashed the Seattle secondary for a combined 15 catches 218 yards and two TD's. While the early temptaion is to throw and throw early, I think the Steelers need to establish the run and control the line of scrimmage. Seattle did a great job of shutting down Joe Mixon before he got injured and Gianni Benard only had 21 yards on 7 rushes. I would try to go old school and use the run to set up the pass. I am sure Seattle's secondary will try to take a page of of the Patriots defensive game plan. The Steelers offense would be well served to try to jump out in front of Seattle early and disrupt theor game-plan on offense and make them play from behind. On Offense It starts with QB Russell Wilson Rookie WR DK Metcalf WR Tyler Lockett RB's Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny powerful OL's Mike Iupati and Duane Brown The Bengals had a successful defensive game-plan against Seattle in holding them to 4/12 on third down conversions, shutting down Seattle's vaunted rushing attack and holding Russell Wilson under 200 yards in total passing as well as sacking him 4 or 5 times. The Steelers defense will need to remain physical and eliminate mental lapses and breakdowns in communication that can lead to big plays. Seattle would like to run the ball to set up the pass to Metcalf and Lockett. Both have the ability to burn the Steelers, but they are not as seasoned and consistent as New England's WR's. The Steelers should have opportunity to get after Russell on passes if they can contain Carson and Penny early. Hopefully, the offense will help control the ball and clock much better than last weekend and that should help bode well for the Steelers defense versus Wilson and company. Steelers Offensive Stars Big Ben needs to get back to his TD' passing ways Need a huge dose of James Connor Ju Ju will be out to prove that he is a legit #1 WR Mike Pouncey, David DeCastro and Big Al need to play like pro bowlers establishing the run and protecting Ben Seattle plays physical football. Surprisingly, they got outplayed by the Bengals, but like a good football team they found a way to win despite not playing their best football. Seattle's defense would love to force Ben and company into making mistakes. If the Steelers get behind on early downs Seattle will unleash Clowney and company to come after Ben. Seattle's DL did an excellent job of stopping the Bengals ground attack. It will be an early game for Seattle, so try to wake them up early with establishing the run. Wear down the Seattle DL and the offense should be able to hit some big plays to Ju Ju, Holton, Vance, Washington, and yes Moncrief as well. Defensive Stars Devin Bush Terrell Edmunds Joe Haden Heyward, Tuitt and Hargraves Defensive Game-plan: No stupid penalties, no stupid mistakes, be physical, attack, attack, and attack! When the Steelers are on offense: Do nothing out of the ordinary, just play sound fundamental football! While it is chic and sexy to get pass happy and run exotic counters, resist the urge. Pouncey, DeCastro, Fieler, Foster, Big Al and Chucks can open holes. Put a hat on a body and move someone. James Connor is a downhill runner. While Jalen Samuels offers a little more of a burst, he is still best running downhill. Why get cute? Punch these guys in mouth because they are going to try to hit you in it as well. Use your best players in positions that will allow them to win and perform at their best. On third and one, don't run a sweep with Connor. Let him run the ball up the gut. More often than not this OL will win those battles. Because our passing game has been a little off, get them some confidence by establishing the run and then throwing short to intermediate passes. I believe that those completions will open up the deep ball. Andy Dalton three for more than 400 yards against this secondary, so the urge will be there to pass, but show some discipline and establish a well rounded attack by running the ball. Ju Ju, Moncrief, Washington, Johnson and Holton should have better success, if the offense establishes an identity. Don't be all over the place with your game plan. Allow Washington to run some routes other than a fly, deep post or deep out. That connection needs to get better so that the entire offense can get better. That helps Ju Ju and I seriously doubt that Moncrief has as abysmal game as he did in New England (Opening game jitters, nerves, lack of reps, loss of confidence, whatever). He has to bounce back. Get him an easy catch early and get him going. Ryan Switzer can't be a featured offensive player as a check down. He can't have more receptions than Ju Ju, Washington, Moncrief, Vance, Connor, or Samuels. There are better play makers and more skillful offensive talent to get the ball into their hands. Switzer has a role, but he is not best served getting more offensive touches and targets than anyone that I mentioned above. He leads the team with 6 catches and a whopping 4.8 yards per reception average. Gotta get Vance McDonald more involved in the offense as well. Many may disagree with this statement, but the offense made the defense look bad in New England. They did very little to keep the chains moving, sustain drives or even flip the field position. The offense was a whopping 3 of 12 on third down conversions. Some of those failed attempts where a result of dropped passes and poor execution. This gave the ball back to Brady and sent a young defense back to wolves (so to speak). By the end of the first quarter, the Patriots started asserting themselves because our offense just wasn't on the field much. Against Seattle, they will need to sustain some drives to help out the defense and themselves in establishing their own identity. Right now the offense doesn't have one with Switzer being the top pass catcher and Connor only touching the ball ten times rushing and four times receiving. When the Steelers Defense is on the field: They will need to eliminate stupid mental errors and the play makers need to make plays. In 1984 Wendy's put out a commercial campaign with a little ole lady who coined the phrase, "Where's the Beef?' In 2019 Steelers fans are saying where's the pressure, sacks and turnovers?" Our defensive play makers have got to be defensive play makers. After a preseason of lighting it up with sacks and turnover, we did very little when it was for real. No consistent pressure on Brady, no turnovers and one sack. Couple that with a lackluster offensive effort and you get another beat-down in Foxboro, MA. Bud Dupree continues to frustrate a many Steelers fan who thinks he has some skills. He is one on one against a second year OT and get stonewalled by him most of the day despite his running mate Watt being double teamed. Bud did chip in a sack later,, but did little to help an anemic Steelers offense get back on the field or slow down the Patriots. I will say in the defenses defense, they got worn down by being on the field so long and so often. the stat line is somewhat deceiving with the Patriots having the ball for 32 minutes to the Steelers 27 minutes and 67 plays to the Steelers 61. The Patriots hit some big plays, the Steelers got the ball later and slowed things down, but did nothing from a points production standpoint. During that time the Patriots began to gash the tired Steelers defense running the ball. Sometimes the best defense is a great ball and time controlling defense. That aside, I was not as disappointed in the defenses overall effort as I was with some of the mental mistakes. Bush and Kelly played decent games for debuting against the G.O.A.T. and savvy veteran QB in Tom Brady. He hit the Steelers down the middle a few times, but I also saw some plays being made by both. The secondary missed Sean Davis and for all of the great physical tools, Edmunds always seems to be a half step behind. I think he had a shot at intercepting Brady's long pass to Josh Gordon. Instead of flattening him catch the ball. Mike Hilton needs to regain the form of 2017. Seattle does not have the receivers that New England does, but they do have a solid running attack and a very good QB in Russell Wilson who can hurt you with his arm or leg. Coaching: "We weren't ready for prime time!" "The standard is the standard!" "We're gonna unleash hell!" "Wasn't a very varsity effort." Yes he said it. Those are Mike Tomlin quotes (Tomlinisms). Gone are the distractions from our Killer Bee's that stung us more than anyone else. Gone are the distractions, and the team is focused on playing football. What happened? You didn't think that New England was going to forget who they were playing nor where they going to come out raising a championship banner flat. Maybe it is time to do some things different to ensure this team plays its best each week. Every game counts. You should have learned that last year. It may be unfair to open on the road two years in a row and be set up to be the sacrificial lamb, but no one says you have to accept it. It is bounce back week. Get the players focused on playing their game, imposing their will and dictating the terms of the game to Seattle. At least he didn't challenge a play. Not one of the best efforts from OC Randy Fitchner. While the defense is faster and seemed to match up better, I think they got wore down moreso than outplayed or even out coached this past weekend. P.S. Coach Tomlin looks like he is thinking, "Ask me about AB one more damn time! I dare you! I double dare you!" run the ball and pass intelligently. Take what the defense gives you. If they stack the line throw on them, if they go dime, run. Defense, make some plays. Sometimes you have to set the plate for the offense. We could use some defensive pressure, a few sacks, a fumble or two and even an int or two. Haven't seen much of that since pre-season. I still believe that this is a good football team. If the Steelers play their game they can beat anyone (well maybe except NE in NE) ouch!!! Prediction: I don't think the Steelers start their first two games win-less as in 2018. Steelers and Seahawks seem to go back and forth so it is now our turn to win at home. Steelers over Seahawks 26 - 19 Offense tops 400 total yards and the defense gets a few sacks and a turnover. Without any further delay: Da Honey's!!!!1
  13. Eric Berry time?

    Eric Berry is more SS in the box. How much does that really help our defense? No doubt Berry is savvy, intelligent and will knock a guy into next week, but he is injury prone and his style of play is not what this defense needs. I have been saying long before he was signed that the Steelers sign a player like Tre' Boston. He was there for the signing through some of training camp. I do not believe that safety is such a weakness right now. Davis was out and Kelly was playing in his first NFL start along with going against one of the most intelligent and savvy QB's of all time. No pass rush and the lack of offensive consistency hurt the defensive play. The defense was on the field too long and the offense shot themselves in the foot more often than not (execution, poor play calling, mental mistakes and lacks of concentration). A healthy Davis helps this secondary. Kelly looks like a guy who has some talent, but would be best served as a back-up a la Jordan Dangerfield. You don't want these guys starting, but they can make a few plays with the right pieces around them and in the right role (not as a starter).
  14. Why is Ryan Switzer on the roster?

    No doubt that Spencer is dynamic and electric and if given enough chances would probably take one to the house before Switzer. However, I would also be willing to bet that Spencer also muffs a punt, fumbles and makes other special teams related mistakes before and more than Switzer will. Will that one PR TD help you win more games (games not a game) or the player that consistently fields punts cleanly, makes intelligent decisions fielding the ball inside of the 10 yard line, will give you 5 - 10 extra yards consistently and most improtantly, put the ball back in the offenses hands? I value the sure handed guy over the potential big play wildcard. Here's why: You get one or two TD's on PR's a season if you are lucky. You will consistently field 4 - 8 punts per game (if your defense makes stops). That's more opportunity to muff than what history has shown me I would get in terms of TD's or long returns from a PR (not named Devin Hester who could catch punts and return with the best of them). Spencer is not Hester in either category, so give me the guy who will put the ball back in our offenses hands and not have a high probability of making a game changing mistake via a muff or fumble. Call me conservative. Holton, Eli, Spencer and Johnson can all be far more dynamic with the ball in their hands and in space on a PR. They also are more likely to make a mistake. Not a fan of Switzer getting six pass targets a games. i would rather see our TE's, WR's and RB's with the ball in their hands on offense before Switzer.
  15. Why is Ryan Switzer on the roster?

    He has the best hands on the team of any punt returner. Everyone else who has been tried there has been inconsistent in terms of fielding punts and making good decisions on when to catch or fair catch. Special teams can change a game. The Steelers once lost a game to the Chiefs that they dominated statistically. This was during the Chuck Noll era. Noll once believed that special teams weren't that big a deal and did not even have a special teams coach on his staff for much of his coaching tenure. The Steelers lost to KC who couldn't do much offensively or defensively to stop the Steelers, but outscored the Steelers based on a blocked punt, blocked FG, KO Return for a TD and I believe a Punt Return for a TD. The special teams were really special that game. While Switzer is not flashy, fast or as fleet a foot as we would like, he is consistent and doesn't turn the ball over on returns. I do agree that his time as an offensive player needs to be cut and some of those plays could be better distributed to James Washington, Dionte Johnson or Jalen Samuels. Both Switzer and Snell seem like snails moving around. It is very odd that a smallish return guy has no wiggle or ability to make defenders miss. Remember Dre Archer? Mr. Superfast Forty. I think he ran a 4.24 or 4.25 and this guy had no wiggle. To sum it up, based on his special teams, he deserves to be on the roster. He also needs to have less offensive plays and be less involved in the offense. Switzer got more passes targeted at him than Vance McDonald. Something is wrong with that picture. Vance is more consistent and thorough as a receiving TE and I would rather have him or the others that I mentioned with the ball in their hands on offense than Switzer. Agree 100%. You just can't afford to have game changing turnovers on punt or kick off returns. It flips the field position and you are almost certainly giving up points there (usually a TD). While there are other guys who are more electric and explosive, I think you have to pick your times to do that. I wouldn't mind seeing Holton field some KO's and Johnson "occasionally" field some punts. Both of these faster and more explosive guys had some problems fielding punts and holding onto the ball in practice and pre-season. A short return or no return is far better than a turnover.