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  1. Jon Bostic

    Yes. He is not a sexy LB pick for us, but he is very solid in tackling and in his ability to diagnose plays. He is similar to Foote athletically (He is probably a little quicker), but also has a high football IQ like Foote. He will rarely get out of position and will be disciplined in his play. I have a feeling that he and Dirty Red will share some time together as Red is a disciplined ILB. The only problem he will have is the fact he is replacing Shazier who was all-world athletically. Shazier could make up for plays with his speed and quickness. Bostic can't do that, but he will be more disciplined and consistent than Shazier was as far as being in position and making plays. He should be our top tackler if he stays healthy. I think he will also surprise in his pass coverage. He can't match up one on one like Shazier could (athletically), but he will drop well enough to pick off a pass or two like Timmons would do.
  2. Pre-Training Camp Roster Prediction

    I agree. There will be June 1 cuts and training camp casualties that may raise an eyebrow and we try to sign at ILB or OLB. Timmons and Bowman are still there as well.
  3. Who plays MLB this year

    I have no idea what our cap situation is currently. I a sure that they have room for the rookies to be signed. I do believe tat they could free up money by converting another portion salary to bonus and potential June 1 cuts as well. I don't think Bowman would cost and arm and a leg in salary.
  4. Just some thoughts...

    Agreed. we lost an excellent opportunity last year and other teams are getting better NOW! We better wake up! I am most impressed with the new coaches on staff in Dunbar and Bradley. I wish they could have added a solid teacher and technician like DeShea Townsand with the CB's as well. I hope we are wrong 43mafia because we have had the talent and skill to have won another SB or two. Hopefully everything comes together and we have some players who pleasantly surprise us.
  5. Pre-Training Camp Roster Prediction

    That is my 53 man roster prediction without seeing any games or practice.
  6. burns and dupree still starting by seasons end?

    I think Hargraves gets a raw deal by many fans. We all know Hargraves is not a NG and he doesn't excel at tying up blockers. Yet we seem disappointed that he didn't excel in this area. He is a penetration type of DT and relies on quickness and not brute force. Penetration is great on passing downs and even in most every run situation. However, the problem is that he didn't seem to use that penetration ability well in the running game. Blockers seemed to get to his body and then he had problems getting rid of them. Lastly, many times he seemed to get pushed back by them. He was a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. That is not his fault, but the coaches. This is where Frazier will help in my opinion. He is more of a brute/nasty type of NG. Let Hargraves excel with what he is good at, being a DT and using his quickness to get after the QB inside. For whatever reason McCullers never excelled as a NG either. He certainly has the size and strength for it. I think we need to rotate our DL's more as well. I think the team attempted to do this last year, but we didn't have the right players for some of the roles. I think Tyson has an even bigger impact in 2018 as well.
  7. burns and dupree still starting by seasons end?

    I get what you are saying, but when you have a decent year and then regress the next, the pressure starts to hit you year three. We certainly saw this in the past with Jarvis Jones and Daniel McCullers. Burns, Davis and Hargraves will all feel the pressure this season because they regressed last year. I am optimistic they will all bounce back and have solid years.
  8. burns and dupree still starting by seasons end?

    I loved the Cortez pick at the time. He got in trouble with the coach because he didn't perform to the level of expectation. He had the size and speed to be god in our system, but........
  9. Just some thoughts...

  10. Just some thoughts...

  11. Just some thoughts...

  12. burns and dupree still starting by seasons end?

    I would be shocked if they did. I think this is make or break. I don't see the team investing money in him after putting out for his fifth year option if he doesn't start panning out at OLB. I would be shocked as this would not be a typical Steelers type of move. Years ago, I was a fan of the Steelers moving Mike Vrabel inside, but Vrabel seemed to be a more instinctive football player. Bud is still developing and has a high upside based on the fact that he is a physical specimen, but that has not translated on the field as a #1 draft choice to this point. Some guys are late bloomers and I remember Keenen Lewis going through this and the Steelers choosing to invest in Cortez Allen over Lewis. Lewis struggled up until his final season with the Steelers and then he took his game to the level we had hoped for a few years in Naw Leans before getting plagued by various injuries. I don't see Dupree and Timmons as similar other than both are athletically gifted. I believe that Timmons is a better/more natural football player in my opinion. The same with LaMarr Woodley except, Dupree is a better athlete and Woodley was a much better natural pass rusher. If Bud can become more savvy with his craft and get a better grasp of the defense and nuances that the OL's will throw at him, his athletic tools can help him. Some players can convert better than others, just my gut/opinion, I am not sure Bud would be good inside. I honestly believe that Debo could have been a better than average ILB for us in our base 3-4.
  13. Round 3 Pick 76: Steelers select Mason Rudolph

    He seems like he is more athlete and brain than an ideal QB, but those seem like good qualities to have as a QB. Accuracy and average arm strength were the knocks on him if I recall. I thought that he may be able to develop into a decent back-up, but never saw him as a franchise type QB. Truthfully I don't see that from Bake Mayfield either.
  14. Round 3 Pick 76: Steelers select Mason Rudolph

    If you see Rusolph as Elvis Grbac Part Two, how do you see Josh Dobbs? (Maybe Aaron Brooks Part Two)?
  15. Round 3 Pick 76: Steelers select Mason Rudolph

    When I hear that my argument is then why draft him if you don't see more. Camp arm, etc,? There are enough free agents and un-drafted QB's to sign that can fill that void. My biggest problem with the past few drafts have been draft value and wasted picks. Dobbs seemed to improve every game that he played in. If he has decent back-up ability, then that is all we need for the next few years. No doubt, that I trust the professionals more than I do my thought process and limited resources to see what is going on, but that is a bit of a head scratcher to me. Dobbs will take two to three years to develop, just as we expect Mason Rudolph to do as well. I understand Mason probably has a higher ceiling. If we are in win now mode, many of our decisions don't seem to reflect that. I get that you don't want t mortgage the house for the year as well, but there has to be a happy medium somewhere. Mason will sit a minimum of three years. Dobbs would do the same. They passed on Sam Hubbard, Malik Jefferson, Harrison Phillips, Oren Brooks and Ronnie Harrison. I get that none of those guys puts you into the Super Bowl, but I think that they all would contribute in 2018 in situations or special teams, etc. Maybe you have more insight to add. I just don't get it.