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  1. Mark Barron signs with Steelers

    Slated to start at ILB next to Vince Williams, but also will assume Morgan Burnett's role as the Hybrid SS/LB(Ole' School Monster Back).
  2. 2019 Steelers offseason news

  3. Steelers agree on two-year deal with WR Donte Moncrief

    I agree that it is still a position o importance. With the signing of Nelson, it is not an immediate need, but I agree with you we still need more talent at that position. Certainly if an impact player is there and high on our board in any round over the other positions, you take him. Sensabaugh is a solid and inexpensive veteran 5th CB. I hope Allen develops and can move up to a #4 this year, but I don't have a lot of confidence in Cam or Artie. Cam hasn't shown he can stay healthy and he just hasn't been what I had hoped he would develop into. Maybe this is the year, but I won't bet the farm on it. You are correct, we have to add some additional talent there.
  4. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Truthfully, glad to be moving on from all of the drama. The AB stuff surprised me as I loved his work ethic and play on the field. More hurt about him than Bell. Sometimes you have to take logical, sound and good advice from those who know more and are more experienced than what you see in your eyes. He made horrible business decisions and backed himself into a corner with the team that helped him develop. Now looks even more foolish signing with the franchise he talked down about.
  5. Steelers agree on two-year deal with WR Donte Moncrief

    1. ILB 6. NG/DT 2. back-up TE 7.CB 3. WR 4. OLB depth 5. FS I still believe that some of these may be addressed via free agency. I like BYU ILB Sione Takitaki as a sleeper pick. TE is hit or miss if you don't get one of the top guys. Although, I have not fully scouted that position yet. Tons of WR to be had in each round. OLB, we could get f/a or draft one, I am all for giving Burnett his wish and cutting him. I love and have loved Tre Boston for this defense. NG, I would target Danny Shelton although DL is deep, but I like him next to Javon. I have a secret belief that Brian Allen will develop, but he is not necessarily ready for prime time just yet. Despite signing Nelson, f there is one high on your board in any round, you have to draft him. I still have little belief in the team of Burns, Sensabaugh, and Cam. I think Hilton bounces back and plays more like he did late in 2017 and early 2018 than he did most of 2018. Cody gets some heat, but is actually not bad as a #4 or #5 CB from a value or experience standpoint. He is more game ready than Allen, but I think Allen has more upside and potential to be better. My issues with Burnett are that I don't think he is a good fit for what the Steelers are doing, both Davis and Edmunds have surpassed him and he doesn't want to be here to play as a in the box safety/monster/ILB. That is where he would be needed although Edmunds or Davis could also play that role. Get a true FS type who is more versatile like Boston. Our weakness can become a stength and we can force some turnovers on opposing passers. Huge weakness the past several years. Uh, no! We did that with LaDarius Green. In fact I love Eifort, but he has not proven he can stay healthy. Too much of a gamble. Vance can't stay healthy either. Sign someone else as insurance. We also have to hope that Grimble or Hodges can step up as well. Too many question marks and if's. Losing Outlaw hurts from a stability standpoint. Gotta have someone with some consistency here.
  6. Eric Berry

  7. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    After missing the play-off's and all of the drama of the past few years, we knew it would get worst before it got better. We are unfortunately wallowing in the turd infested sewage of our blunders. To be objective, handling the AB situation at the point that it was at, was not going to end well. We were way past the root cause of the situation. We sometimes act like this is a perfect science and it is not. You are dealing with people and unfortunately they sometimes change. AB was on the verge of being one of my favorite Steelers ALL TIME. In 2011, I saw a guy who I thought could be a good player for us. He far exceeded expectations and until a few years ago, did not remotely resemble anything close to what he is showing now. How do you make a 31 year-old millionaire tow the line? He checked out and did all that he could to push the buttons of the team. He could have been a professional, kept his mouth shut and faded off graciously to the sunny skies of SF. Instead he scared teams off, acted like a brat, and has his Chest puffed up because he feels like he did and got everything he wanted. Will he want everything that he gets though? I have lost respect for a few players that I loved based on how they chose to respond to situations that they did not like. Deebo and AB took the low road, whereas Troy Polamalu has kept his opinions and heartache out of the media and has not trashed the owner, organization or disrespected the head coach. While this has happened on Art II, Colbert and Tomlin's watch, the great teams of the 70's had their share of muck ups too. After probably/arguably the greatest draft class in the NFL with five HOF players and a free agent signing that should be as well (Donnie Shell), they laid a complete goose egg the next year, that began the downward spiral that led to the end of an era. This is also the same team/front office that passed on a backyard legend in Dan Marino to try to rebuild the team around another DT. I guess things happen. Noll, BB, Lombardi, or even Knute Rockne couldn't control a dysfunctional, out of control, diva turned anti-team. No one in their right mind would over-pay for AB. As much as I hate the deal, after he nixed the Bills deal by threatening to retire if he was traded were he didn't want to go, the #1 draft choices or quality young players were off the table. AB is gone. I hope one day he grows up. He was a heck of a Steeler and I hope he eventually gets it. As for Bell, the team did all they could to sign him. He over-stated his value and regardless of what he or anyone else in his camp states, lost money, opportunity, reputation, etc. Good riddance. This is why high character guys like Edmunds are being drafted ahead of more talented guys who could potentially become problems/cancers as we have had. Let's not forget that Big Ben has not been a choir boy in all of this. They have put up and endured a lot from him as well. Our standards are higher than other organizations. It is SB win or nothing. Still the second winning-est franchise since the Colbert and later Tomlin era began. I am not ready to write off the 2019 season before it begins. There is a LOT of off season and football left. Am I disappointed, upset, pissed at the Steelers? Absolutely. I am not going to become a fan of another team or quit watching football. We had harder leaner times between 1980 - 2005. If Colbert and Tomlin do nothing to try to change the culture and improve the team, then by all means move on. It is not going to be an easy overnight fix. Can they do it? I honestly don't know and I have lost some confidence, but I think they deserve a shot. If the team has the same issues from a team culture standpoint, then move on. The only team the Killer Bee's have killed has been themselves. The sky hasn't fallen just yet.
  8. Jets signing LB CJ Mosley

    Thanks for the input. I was actually thinking a 3rd rounder for him would be a fair asking price. After the AB fiasco, I am, if not all of Steelers Nation tired of the drama and BS. That concerns me especially since, we would need to sign him to a long term deal after next season. I know that they looked at Lee when he was coming out as the Steelers have always seemed to love Ohio State Players. He fits the type of MLB that Coach Tomlin has always loved (smaller, faster, can drop into coverage) The ole Tampa Bay MLB types.
  9. Jets signing LB CJ Mosley

    I am a Steelers fan who has a few question to ask the Jets Forum about Darron Lee now that you have signed CJ Mosely: 1. Is he now viewed as expendable by the Jets? 2. Is he now available via trade? 3. What type of compensation do you think the Jets would seek? 4. What are the pro's and cons you see with Lee? 5. Do you think he is worth the Steelers (who have ILB issues since Shazier went down) pursuing?
  10. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    I am just glad this is over with. It was not going to end well either way. Very hurt as this was probably my favorite Steeler prior to this year and all of the embarrassing drama. The team will have some short term pain in getting less than they wanted in draft picks, but long term term gain in getting rid of a player who created pure hell and embarrassment for this team. Now we see why the team did not want to guarantee a lot of money with Bell. I wonder what happened to the humble hard working kid from 2011 who raised his game and got better every year since? Arguably the second best 6th round pick in modern draft history to Tom Brady. Brown's situation is extremely disappointing because the team invested so much in him financially and other. When he acted up or had problems, they backed him. It is shameful how he treated Coach T and Mr. Rooney. My respect level would still be there had AB conducted himself as a professional and with respect. I feel the same way about Deebo. You have a veteran who fell asleep in meetings. He's another guy who is a fringe HOF type player and former NFL DPOY! A guy with HOF stats and a HOF wok ethic, but a disrespectful, selfish, childish and egotistical demeanor. He may have won the battle today, but let's see what he does on the field and in the locker room when adversity hits. I will be very surprised if he makes it three years in Oakland/Vegas. Large salary, large ego, diva like attitude does not endear others. This team has been lacking true team Captains/leaders. We once laughed at the Browns and Bengals for acquiring trouble makers and we never realized that we had our own. As much as Steeler Nation dislikes Pac Man and Vontez, I don't recall ever hearing them disrespect/bad mouth the owner or HC. We are at the lowest point since prior to Chuck Noll's arrival more than 50 years ago. The good news is we have no where to go, but up.
  11. A few quick notes about the combine/draft class

    Good overall write-up and very insightful. I agree with your assessments here. I too like Hockenson. I watched some Iowa games and Hockenson stuck out to me. I am not as sold on Fant, but I have not looked at a lot enough film to adequately evaluate him either. He seems to be smoother and more quick twitch than Hock, but Hock does everything else better from what I have observed thus far. I know we have Finney, but I think it is time to find/groom a young C to back-up and eventually replace Pouncey in three or four years. There is a lot of low hanging fruit at WR. It is a matter of who and what type of WR you like. Solid talent can be found in most every round. One of the deepest positions of this draft. I would still prefer to try to sign a veteran WR with experience as an insurance policy. I think they could use a scatt type back. Last year, I liked Nyheim Hines (Colts). I would try to find the same type of RB. Although, I may go the F/A route and get a vet like TJ Yeldon. He can do it all and has some quickness that Connor and Samuels don't have. Don't need to draft one for three consecutive years. Let's see how Dobbs and Mason develop. If concerned, I would go the veteran f/a route for a back-up. We certainly missed ole Landry against the Raiders last year. We could use a more traditional 4-3 DE. I have been saying this for years as the Steelers are now playing much more Nickel. This guy can rush the QB and is a tad bigger than the average 3-4 OLB and can better help in the run game. I also am looking to see what the Patriots do with Danny Shelton. I have liked this kid since college. He would be a nice piece to line up next to Hargraves as they have different body types and styles. They would compliment each other well inside. Very deep position with fast/quick/athletic types that Coach Tomlin seems to favor. I like Sione Takitaki from BYU as a potential second or third round choice. Not polished enough to be a #1, but with Jerry O and DC Coach Butler, they can fix some of his flaws. Reminds me a little of Kendrell Bell from what I have seen. Good safety's and the kid from DE is solid as well, despite the fact that he didn't fully participate in the Combine. I would still prefer to sign Tre Boston. We have some f/a money and I would grab a veteran like this to lock up our secondary and solidify the communication issues back-end. He would be great to pair with Davis and Edmunds when they go three Safeties. You can put Davis or Edmunds in the box. I like Byron's upside, but I am cautious as well. I do think he is better than anyone we have not named Joe Hayden. I think Hilton has a bounce back year in the slot, but I am not confident or impressed with the other CB's on the roster: Cam, Allen, and Burns all need to be upgraded, though I would give Allen another year to develop. We still need a solid veteran and a draft choice or two. Nelson will cost some money as he has some major upside as a young CB. I am a little scared of Kwon due to his injury and I would prefer to draft and develop a young guy. I would take Nelson and Boston and my weak secondary is a lot better even before the draft. I still draft a young CB or two. I get that Bud has not been the second coming of Kevin Greene, but his play improved to me greatly. There were games that he did a better job at attacking the QB with more consistency than Watt. TJ put up the numbers, but early on his sacks by and large came in spurts where he had games with multiple sacks. I get that his high salary is a concern, but I don't want to write him off as he continues to develop. We need depth with or without Bud. The Chick experiment has not worked at OLB. He is a solid special teamer, but not much else. The other guys on the roster look to be strictly back-ups and are completely unproven. We still can use a veteran cut free/agent or a draft pick. Good player, I doubt he falls this fast being the #1 or #2 saftey on most boards. That said, I am looking to fill ILB since I was against Kwon. More concerned than scared about his health and $$$. I would give Bud another shot. The Steelers have been good at selecting WR's through the draft. I still grab a veteran for some leadership and experience. Concerned about drafting three LB's and two WR's. They all won't make the roster and we need more veteran help at OLB and WR Time to get the developmental C who can fill in at G if needed. Thanks for the post. Enjoyed reading.
  12. You are on the Clock: 2.0

    I realize. I was just trying to get a little of your expertise on some prospects. For the record, I did choose Deebo.
  13. You are on the Clock: 2.0

    How would you rate his hands? I am in early stages of watching, but Hockenson seems to stand out more from some games that I saw and even what I am looking at briefly. Hockenson reminds me of Heath Miller in style and his game make-up/strengths. I will take your word as I know you study film year round, I don't have the time anymore. I have Smith rated higher. I got to see him in a lot of Bama games. He is definitely, not the prospect that OJ was, but I am surprised that he isn't ranked higher than Fant. It is not always about your productivity or system, but how you can grow and your upside on the next level. I would agree that Deebo is a higher rated and more polished than Campbell. prospect. The Combine is great for exposure for players, but is very mis-leading to those leaning to evaluate players. They think because you can lift weights, jump high, run fast, or do well in drills that have been practiced since the end of the season, that translates to being a top prospect. As I have always said, the draft is an art and not a science. Some of it is gut, being selected by the right team, being in the right situation, and being able to mature and grow. I have always said it is like pretty women, you like who you like, but just because she looks good doesn't mean she makes a good wife. Rarely do you really ever have the TRUE "Super Blue Chipper/Can't Miss Prospect." There have been many players like Tim Couch, Tony Manderich, Tim Worley, Ryan Leaf, Ja Marcus Russell, etc, etc, etc,.Yet we also see rare all pro's like AB and Tom Brady last until the sixth round. On paper Jerry Rice should never have been the GOAT at WR. He had good hands, character and a reputation of being a competitor and hard worker, yet the knock was so so speed, no after burner or next gear to get deep against NFL CB's, played against lesser competition, etc,.
  14. You are on the Clock: 2.0

    I am curious to hear your assessment. He has tools, but I am not sold/sure that he is a bonafide first round talent. I respect your assessment, and I would like to hear your thoughts.
  15. Thinking Redskins

    I could live with the pick, but not this high. He is a low first early second prospect in my mind (30-45). If you love him that much over the other talent try to trade down and add picks for next year or a higher pick in another round. I prefer his teammate Hockenson who reminds me of Heath Miller. Fant has more spee, but is not as complete in my book. Some question the CB value and I know that you don't place the value on ILB, but I think there is better draft value at 20 than Noah here. Solid prospect who moves well from what I have read about him. I haven't studied OL's and I am in the process of watching games and evaluating players. He can play LT which is a help. I am not sold on Hawkins and I like the RT prospects of Chucks and I love "Mean" Matt Feiler. I would be looking to go CB, Edge, WR or even DL because there are a ton of good DL's this year. No argument here. No argument here from a position standpoint. A little concerned with his speed, quickness and feet. On paper, he looks like he could be Richard Sherman part two, but I wasn't impressed with his hips and movement at the Combine. It scares me a little. I like Texas' Kris Boyd for the Steelers defense. I like Hawkeye players, but I a am meh on Hooker. We need more of a FS than a SS. Free Agency and sign Tre' Boston. There are a lot of quick ILB types who has the speed to drop and cover. I saw some WVU games this year and he seemed to play well. I like BYU's Sione Takitaki. I noticed him last year and I like what I have seen of him thus far. He is a maturing kid and he has a mean streak and moves well. He over-pursues at times and at times mis-diagnoses some plays, and even takes poor angles at times. However, his issues seem correctable with good coaching. Reminds me of a less polished and not quite as fast Shazier, but he seems to be a better tackler at the same point in their careers. They took QB's the last two years. Wasted pick here. Let them develop. Even by your brief scouting report, this guy would be destined practice squad. We need to find and develop a solid back-up who can eventually replace Pouncey. Not sure he is all pro, but good prospect to draft and develop the next few years. I like the punter selection as I think we could upgrade there. Again, wasted pick on the QB after getting Mason last year and Josh the year before. Let them develop. You have some good sound picks and thinking at times and then at others, I swear you put them in just to get a reaction. You are either mad scientist or the words of Doc Holliday, "You may well be the anti-christ." LOL