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  1. I learned a lot about the free agents. Excellent job with this post. I could see seven of the eight picks making the team and the other potentially on the PS/Covid reserves.
  2. I think we are essentially saying the same thing in different ways. While we may not be completely on board with his abilities or lack thereof, I think we both believe that this team will still only go as far as Ben can take them. Yet that doesn't mean we expect Ben to carry them by himself.
  3. That is what I am saying. Ben is far from a perfect QB and never was. But he was an elite QB that played at a high level more often than not. Ben is still very good and better than many give him credit for being. We could do far worse than Ben at QB. I believe the Steelers have a better chance of winning it all with him in 2021 than without him.
  4. I am not so sure. I actually think he actually is much more than a game manager. I don't think Ben was the problem. He was a major reason that the Steelers won 12 games more than he was the reason why they lost 5 games. I think the Steelers need to follow the Bronco model with Elway and Peyton winning SB's late due to a solid rushing attack and very good defenses. I think Ben is and was better than both Elway and Peyton when they won their SB's at the end of their HOF careers. For coming off of major surgery to his throwing arm that late in his career, Ben exceeded most expectations wit
  5. This is an art more than an exact science. All I have to do is look at how many top five picks fail. How many times we have heard terms like, "Can't miss. Franchise. Once every ten years." In the words of jazz singer Jonathan Butler, "There's one born every minute" "S-U-C-K-E-R!" For the first time since Daniel Sepulveda, I am excited about a punter. This guy is actually the anti-Sepulveda in terms of size, build, etc. Somehow I think Pressley Harvin III will be talked about for years to come as the Steelers punter. He is the Sebastian Janokowski of Punters and may be affectionat
  6. Nice analysis and responses by you. Good work. Overall Grade: B+. A lot of the so called experts gave C- and D. It is really far too early to tell. But I think we know our team and have watched and seen why they have won and lost games and know what they need to improve upon. The philosophy and thought behind how and where to improve sometimes differs. Going back to 2017, I have grown tired of seeing third and one or fourth and one get jammed up because we didn't have any road graders, maulers, or bullies on the OL. The Steelers like tough, hard working guys who can move. To use a boxing anal
  7. I am hoping for Ar'Darius Washington with one of the two 7th rounders and my punter Pressley Harvin III
  8. On paper it does not look real good, but we honestly won't know for a while.
  9. I vote for Ar'Darius Washington aka baby Mike Hilton
  10. He's developmental like the center, but he has upside on the left side.
  11. Not surprised. OL and they getting tough in trenches.
  12. Yeah time to make some calls. Gotta jump someone.
  13. Fair, but what would you have done differently?
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