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  1. With regards to Brandon Williams: If I recall, if you are deemed a close contact, you have to self-isolate for five days, show no symptoms and test negative each time before you can resume practice or games. With the game on Thursday, Night (4 days) anyone deemed a close contact would be out as well. Is this accurate? It is said there are now others although they aren't saying if they are close contacts or actually have the virus. Some news courtesy of Steelers Depot: Steelers TE Vance McDonald was taken off/activate from the Covid-19 list for the Steelers. Kevin Radar was signed to the roster and Zach Gentry placed on IR, but his knee is not said to be as bad as they originally thought and he may be able to return late in the year or the play-offs. https://steelersdepot.com/2020/11/steelers-activate-te-vance-mcdonald-from-covid-19-list-te-zach-gentry-placed-on-ir/
  2. The term "trap game" gets overused. This is a team that was 14-2 last year with an MVP at QB, great defense, strong rushing attack and effective passing game. They had only loss one game prior to our first meeting. Many say that they outplayed the Steelers game one. They put up some great numbers, but honestly some of that was not as obvious as it appears (as I explained in my response to Dcash4's post). This is a team that is in the play-off, have dropped two games, are playing an AFC North rival, and are looking to get revenge from a game they felt that they should have won. Trap??? Only if you are foolish. The Ravens are still a very good football team. One of the teams that I don't think anyone would want to see in the play-offs. They are a tough out! I like Coach Harbaugh, but you are correct, he does do his fair share of complaining. He seemed a little chippy at the beginning and end of the Titans game with Coach Vrabel and his team. Though both played it down, it looks like he pulled a "Tom Brady" in not shaking hands at the end of the Titans game. Both claim that wasn't the case, so I will believe them.....But? I would like to see the Steelers get up early and play a more aggressive brand of offensive football. It bodes better for our them. Short week, the Ravens have to travel, they are short some players, they are desperate to win, and they are playing a hated, but respected rival. I'd like o see the Steelers get up and keep their foot on their throats so to speak. This team doesn't do that very often. Many games they could have put away in the third quarter that they made mistakes (turnovers or drive stopping drops, penalties,etc.). The biggest difference in the Ravens passing game in 2020 is at times they are now passing from behind instead of from in front with the running game chugging along. This Ravens team is very similar to some teams that the Steelers had in the late 90's and early 2000's with the defense, running game and Kordell or Touchdown Tommy at QB. They both passed much better ahead than behind. Although I was always a Tommy Maddox fan. I think the Steelers are the better team in 2020. We will find out if I am right or not. If the Steelers improve their run defense, clean up some missed coverage assignments, and can "contain Lamar Jackson" I like the Steelers chances to win at home. Even before the Covid news, I didn't think this one would come down to the last drive as many other contest between these two have.
  3. No doubt. Everyone said that. the penalty and some of the dropped passes on the drive stopped the clock. Would have been ideal to knock another 45 seconds to a minute off the clock. It shows how dangerous Mahomes and the Chiefs are. They never panicked. Kelse and Hill lit the Raiders defense up in the end. Great teams can do that. You have to take those opportunities away. That dropped deep ball by Agholar the previous drive really hurt because that could have put at least three more on the board or scored a TD. Then they are definitely eatin gup more clock at the end as opposed to needing to score a TD.
  4. I I certainly hope that you are correct. if so, pour me a double shot and cheers!
  5. Creating/starting GDT For Thursday Night: Happy Thanksgiving Steelers Nation! After you enjoy some well deserved safe time with your family and loved ones, tune in at 8:00 pm (eat another slice of pie or a second or third plate) and watch the Steelers and Ravens battle it out on the football field. The 10-0 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the 6-4 Baltimore Ravens πŸ™ Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA (A little home cooking this time).πŸ’›πŸ’› πŸ’› Series History: Steelers lead the Ravens 29-24. Last Meeting went down to the wire with Minkah Fitzpatrick and Justine Layne breaking up a pass intended for Willie Snead. Steelers come from behind and steel one 28-24. Big Ben is hoping to eat up the Ravens defense. Hopefully it tastes like chicken or turkey and the Ravens don't make the unbeaten Steelers eat crow! Steelers and Ravens contests are always physical. Ravens are looking to bring the angry bird heat to the Steelers! Key Ravens Defenders: CB's Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters, LBer's Patrick Queen, LJ Fort, Yannick Ngakoue, Matthew Judon, Calais Campbell and Derek Wolfe, NG Brandon Williams (In Covid protocol as close contact) The Steelers offensive line will face another stiff challenge against a Ravens defense that looks like a pro bowl squad. Can they take a more assertive approach to the run game? 1. The Steelers offense must start playing with more consistency. Too often the offense is struggling, missing opportunities to go up early and or extend drives. They must focus on the little things. This is what I believe is keeping the Steelers offense from being more consistent and scoring points. A slip here, a bad pass or block pass there, a drop, a missed block, or no push have hampered the Steelers offense and kept them from being consistent let alone elite. The offense needs better execution during plays. Period! 2. Run James Connor downhill. I have said this before. Connor, while deceptively faster than his 4.6+ speed, is best running between the tackles. He made a few nice runs bouncing outside against the Jaguars, but the Ravens LB'ers are faster, more consistent and frankly better. The North running plays going forward favor Connor's style than he trying to bounce outside and beat quicker defenders outside. Be smart, run hard and if you must trap or run wide, do it quickly. You won't have a lot of time against this run defense to make let alone find the hole. 3. Protect the franchise. The Steelers will only go as far as Big Ben will take them. The OL has been outstanding at protecting Ben and keeping him from getting sacked and hit a lot. A decent ground/rushing attack would help as well. The more Big Ben drops back, the more he is exposed to getting hit (even if not sacked). The Steelers will have to be creative and physical to get the rushing attack going. Little used play action passing because they typically run and the defense is not freezing in fear of a pass or threat of solid rushing attack. The defense just flows to the ball. 4. The last game the Ravens offense wore down the Steelers defense by controlling the ball and time of possession particularly in the first three quarters. The Steelers offense has to keep the first down chains moving and if they don't put up points, avoid three and outs and flip the field. They also have to be more consistent in attacking. Pick your spots to go deep and if it is third and two or three why throw a 40-yard pass? Just get the first down in that situation. Get into a flow or rhythm early> Use the Titans first two series game plan. The one quarter where the Steelers offense played near flawless football. Move the chains and wear out their defense. No turnovers either. It is okay to punt (sometimes). 5. Don't chase after Chase. Chase Claypool is having a marvelous rookie season, but many times the Steelers get caught up with throwing deep rather than moving the chains. (I know broken record syndrome here). 😁On third and one or two, stop trying to connect on a 40 yard pass when you can connect on a three yard pass that gets the first down (see above). If the running game could add some consistency, the play action can open up and get Chase isolated one on one against Marcus Peters or Marlon Humphrey. Both are top tier CB's, but both are physical and will use their hands (beyond five yards). The likelihood of actually getting a long pass completion or pass interference call is much better getting Chase isolated and having to have the Ravens worry about the run as well. The Ravens are down, but not out. As they say, a wounded animal is one of the most dangerous. Their defense will look to rebound after a disappointing loss and they will certainly not want to lose another rematch game, especially to the Steelers. They are even more desperate in light of their top two RB's being placed on the Covid-19 List/protocol (Ingram and Dobbins). Bud Dupree and company will have their hands full trying to catch and hold an angry Ravens team who don't want to lose another game in the play-off hunt and want revenge on the Steelers. Key Ravens Offensive players: RB's Mark ingram, JK Dobbins (Covid-19 Protocol), Gus Edwards, WR's Willie Snead, Marquise Brown, TE Mark Andrews, OL Orlando Brown, Matt Skura, DJ Fluker. 1. The Ravens will seek to eat up the Steelers runs defense again. This will be harder without Dobbins and Ingram, but Gus edwards has run well against the Steelers in the past. The Steelers should be stronger in the run defense getting some injured players back. However, the Ravens will probably look to utilize TE Mark Andrews more than in their first meeting. Terrell Edmunds needs to continue playing good football. Consistency has been a problem for Edmunds and the Steelers defense is hoping he turned the corner and can build on his first career two interception game. 2. Minkah has been bringing it lately. We will need more of his big play ability and leadership at home this Thursday night. 3. Marquise Brown has a TD in each of his games against the Steelers and will be looking to add TD #4 in his career against Pittsburgh. 4. Stop the run. The Ravens embarrassed the proud Steelers run defense which has not been the quite the same since letting JK Dobbins, Gus Edwards, and Lamar Jackson run for over 250 yards last game and eat up the clock. They did play better in the second half, and this will be a huge key to a Steelers victory in making the Ravens throw when they have to. Steelers run defense has not had the same dominance as they did early in the season. They look to get back on track against a tough and physical Ravens offense. 5. Win the turnover battle. While, I hope the offense plays four quarters like they did the fourth quarter of the last Ravens/Steelers game in Baltimore, the team will need the help of the defense to create some opportunities for the offense. The offense will need to do a better job of converting those opportunities into touchdowns and keeping the Ravens offense on the sideline. Simply put, Justin Tucker is the best in the NFL. The Steelers have now slouch in Boz either, but you don't want to allow the game to come down to Tucker having to make a FG. He's deadly accurate and clutch. Coach Harbaugh was intense and chippy against Coach Vrabel and the Titans. I expect the same this Thursday night in Pittsburgh. He will have the Ravens ready to play. I predicted that the Ravens and Steelers would split before the start of the season and the Steelers surprised me winning in Baltimore. They have an opportunity to beat a rival and send them reeling in the play-off as they have been the past few years. There is a difference in being undefeated and perfect. The Steelers are not a perfect team. Coach John Wooden says, "Don't mistake activity with achievement." β€œPerfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” ― Antoine de Saint-ExupΓ©ry, Airman's Odyssey β€œI think perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things humans make, I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion.”― Yohji Yamamoto. This is my favorite quote to describe the 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers. As Coach Mike Tomlin says, "The only thing perfect about us is our record." Let's hope that that can continue. No one cares as much about going undefeated as winning Lombardi #7. I believe that #7 is special in 2020. Big Ben's number, the team's pursuit of Lombardi #7 and 7 is the number of completion. 2020 has been a crazy year for the entire world with a pandemic and the multitude of other worldly issues and concerns. I think #7 keeps it going at home and Pittsburgh shocks the hungry Ravens at home on a short week 27-19. I think the Ravens will still make the play-offs. However, Pittsburgh is a team of destiny. Will it be to surprisingly go unbeaten and capture #7 or to fall short in one or both tasks? In the end, we (Steelers Nation) don't care about unbeaten as much as winning #7. I believe that they can do it despite the harder it gets each week.
  6. I see why a lot of fans and people think that the Steelers are being ignored or disrespected. They are not getting the same awe or unbeatable team talk as New England, Denver or New Orleans when they were undefeated past week 9. The new normal seems to write absurd articles and make outlandish statements in the media to get fan reaction and people reading their bull$#!^(stew).🀬😠 Chris SImms does a show that doesn't have Big Ben as a top QB this year. 🀯😁 He has two rookies including the one the Steelers just beat and Ben torched their defense for 300+ yards and 4 TD's. ESPN puts out an article that says that Big Ben will probably be a 2021 cap casualty along with Stephon Tuitt. πŸ€‘πŸ˜– Someone else puts up a ten rookies list for 2020 that doesn't include Chase Claypool. πŸ™„πŸ’© Someone else puts up an all rookie team that doesn't include Claypool, but does mention Highsmith. I get that Tee Higgins and Justin Jefferson are having good years as well. It would be hard for me to ignore the guy who has more TD's than both combined.πŸ€” I'm just saying! I have lost a lot of respect for the media and a lot sportscasters as the integrity piece no longer seems to be important. I get that editorials and opinions are individual, but I don't think that anyone covering a sport should be so blind and uninformed about a sport and team that they cover. What they say doesn't matter. It means nothing, but I hope the Steelers remain laser focused and simply say at the end of the season, "Kiss my SB ring!"πŸ‘„ You keep the accolades and awards, just hand us the ultimate prize that we fought for, earned and won the right to be champions as a team!
  7. That is good news for Pittsburgh. Big Ben has not always had his best games against the Jaguars. Career # vs. Jaguars: wins 5 Losses 5 TD's 19 INT's 15, Pick 6's - 3 Fumbles 2, Fumble Ret for TD - 2. Rush TD's 1 I am honestly hoping that they do not get too pass happy. Although this does look like a good way to attack due to injuries. I am concerned about giving the Jaguars energy/confidence if the offense starts slow and the Jaguars can run well.
  8. This is a typical Mike Tomlinism. It is sometimes like trying to understand or interpret a poem or riddle. My translation, "We don't fear them(Jaguars), but respect them. We (Steelers) are not not SB Champions either. This is a reference to the times off the rivalry when it was in full effect. " Typical with Coach Tomlin's "The standard is the standard." One of my favorites is, "It will take a very varsity effort from our players" He has also challenged some players using the JV vs. Varsity to motivate. He's also said, "We won, but not a very varsity effort across the board!" You have to use anything that you can to get some players motivated.
  9. "I am trying to prepare myself for a Cowboys level game that just makes my blood boil. Jags went toe to toe with the Packers so its not much of a stretch to think this game is going to be a fight." - - This is actually Neumatic's quote. - - Hitman
  10. Very true. They are doing something weird now by winning some games that they would have lost in previous seasons with "so called" better talent at some positions.
  11. The Steelers haven't done anything except win 9 games so far. This is not the goal of the organization or fans. Talk to me in February 2021. Either we hold the prize or not. Anything less is not up to "the standard." Let the media keep criticizing the Steelers while they keep winning. It is all about getting in the play-offs and winning it all. That's all that matters. Who cares what fair weather media thinks from week to week?
  12. It was good reminiscing with you, but we will agree to disagree. From a Steelers standpoint, we were expected to win most of those games. We were the team that went to the SB in 95 when the expansion Jaguars upset us. The Steelers were 11-5. There is history. It doesn't mean anything, but it is there. History repeats itself when you don't learn from it. Many times the Steelers didn't. They have never really blown out the Jaguars, but the Jaguars have blown them out. Here are the 9-0 Steelers against the 1-8 Jaguars with no chance to win. Uh, sorry, been there and done that! No thanks. As Coach Tomlin says, we respect you, but don't fear you. I am glad because whenever the Steelers "expected" to win. It hasn't worked out too good. The Jaguars have earned my respect. It is not hallow or shallow praise. 1995 SB, loss to Jacksonville. 2005 SB Champs, lost to Jacksonville. 2006 defending champs they go 8-8 lose to Jacksonville. 2007 play-off aspirations with first year HC Mike Tomlin and lose to Jacksonville twice. 2008 SB Champs and barely beat the Jaguars who go 5-11. 2017 Humiliated in game one and sent packing from the play-offs in game two (Oh both games in Pittsburgh also). Steelers steal a game in 2018 only to lose the next three and miss the play-offs. History! You were saying!πŸ˜‰ They say history is written by the victors, so my view from the losing side of this 14-12 rivalry is a little different. 😁
  13. As a Steelers fan that all sounds good. Nothing that I would like more than for the Jaguars to tap out early. Only two problems: 1. Our offense has been typically slow starters all year. Even last week against the Bengals they got the ball twice near or past the 50 yard line the first quarter: Result two FG's. 2. The Steelers have played at least half their games from behind. I know there has been some drama and problems with the coaches, etc,. But your coach is a tough minded guy. It is hard for me to see Coach Marrone just quitting. These are the Steelers, so everyone wants to beat them. You have a history of doing just that when the odds where against you. I don't think that you will win, but as I have been saying, I don't see a walk in the park either.
  14. Didn't know that initially. Not sure about how I feel about this. Young back-ups can be hot or cold. I guess it is somewhat easier if the Steelers know who they are preparing to play. This is when they need to Steelers offense to step up early, and put the Jaguars behind the 8 ball so to speak. The defense and pass rush should be able to tee off and it also takes RB Robinson (the Jags most effective offensive weapon away). 😁 I guess everyone says, if they say it enough it may happen. For 9 weeks it hasn't. The Steelers will lose this week. Well, the Steelers will lose next week. Well, next week........πŸ˜‚ They traditionally play the Steelers tough. However, I believe that they will be better prepared and will not have a Dallas like game. They should win. If they play to their ability, they will. They need to start playing complete games rounding midway into the third quarter of the season (Game #10). We keep saying that and they keep winning, so keep saying it! πŸ˜‚ I do hope the defense plays more like they did against the Bengals. The offense plays more like they did in the first half of the Titans game and the special teams more like they did for three and a half quarters against the Bengals.
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