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  1. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    It changed my initial perception of those thoughts. I do think that the truth lies somewhere in the middle though. He had a propensity for liking the big OL's and built his teams on defense. Some of it may have been timing of talent as well. The difference in his Super Bowl loss was the play of Troy Aikman versus Neil O'Donnell not the OL or defense. I forgot to mention that 1999 was called the year of the QB. It was supposed to be the best crop of QB talent since the 83 draft if I recall. After David Boston went to Arizona, I thought the Steelers should have moved up to try to get Culpepper who had flown up the draft charts. They could have tried to or move down to try to secure picks and get a better draft value of Troy . The drop-off in value between Tory Holt and David Boston to Troy Edwards and Kevin Johnson (who I actually liked better). Night and day. Again, Javon Kearse was there too. Maybe they felt burned by the Coach Noll Huey Richardson pick and Coach Cowher's high pick on Alonso Jackson with the "tweener types." Culpepper was very similar to Ben is size and style. He was also probably/arguably a better passer than Ben early in their careers. Ben has grown and is a lot better than many give him credit for, so it worked out in my eyes. In my humble opinion, Coach Cowher had always had ambitions to be the HC and GM. I think that Mr. Rooney wanted to keep that "personnel guy" there to balance the power. Coach Cowher clashed with Mr. Donahoue and Kevin Colbert at times. Although it was said that he had a better working relationship with Mr. Colbert. I forgot about the Stacy Andrews thing. Again, he loved those lineman. He was also rumored to have had a man-crush on Shaun "Lights Out" Merriman and wanted to move up to try to get him as well. I personally liked WR's Roddy White and Matt Jones. Heath Miller was a more than solid pick at #30. Roddy White would have looked good in Black N Gold, but the athletically gifted Jones did not work out due to off the field issues and drugs.
  2. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    This was by no means meant that I was stating that Hampton was a bad pick. The fail means that the Steelers missed an opportunity to draft a "Franchise QB." I loved "Big Snack" and what he did anchoring the center of our defense. However, during that time I posted on different forums/sites my desire for the Steelers to get the leader and laser accurate Brees. In fact liked Brees better than Mike Vick because of his passing and leadership qualities I saw displayed at Purdue. As far as Shaun Rogers, he started out well, but fell by the wayside. Big Snack had some of those same issues, but both Head Coachs Cowher and Tomlin challenged Casey. I think that the Steelers could have either motivated Rogers as they did Hampton or found a good NT through the draft or later in free agency like Ted Washington. My only point is that often-times Coach Cowher put more of a premium on defensive players and offensive lineman than he did in attempting to securing a franchise QB. I was surprised that there was to his credit also a dearth of quality QB's for several years. Sorry that I wasn't clear. Definitely not calling Big Snack a failed pick. Just a failed opportunity by Coach Cowher to land a franchise QB.
  3. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    I took your advice and did some research on the Steelers draft history during the Cowher Era. I was shocked at the results. Not as bad as it may appear in many years, but also missed a shot at some good ones before Big Ben. 1992 - - Leon Searcy OT (Possible QB of note to draft: "Touchdown Tommy Maddox taken later by Denver) Maddox was only a sophomore if I recall and many thought he should have stayed in school another year to mature. - - pass 1993 - - Deon "Figures CB - - No top QB of note that could have been selected. - - pass 1994 - - Charles Johnson WR - - QB pickings are slim. Took a guy I liked late in Jim Miller. - - pass 1995 - - Mark Bruener TE - - No shot at Steve McNair or Kerry Collins. Selected Kordell Stewert in round two. - -He tried. I thought Stewart was the real deal and a draft steal. Athletic with a cannon arm for deep balls. Next Brett Farvre I thought. Still one of my favorite Steelers.- - pass 1996 - - Jamain Stephens OT - - Absolute dud for the Steelers. No QB taken before Tony Banks in the second round. They had Kordell. - - pass 1997 - - Chad Scott CB - - Could have taken Jim Drunkeniller instead. Ouch! - - pass 1998 - - Alan Faneca OG - - Hard to argue with a future HOF candidate/selection. Only other QB option would have been Charlie Batch. 1999 - - Troy Edwards WR - - as mentioned they passed on Javon Kearse. Nuff said. I think they should have tried to move up and take Duante Culpepper who the Vikings selected two picks ahead. - - Missed opportunity and probably best shot at a franchise QB 2000 - - Plaxico Burress WR - - Steelers were trying to pull a trade with the Jets who had three first rounders. The Steelers were said to be in turmoil because Bill Cowher wanted a defensive player like John Abraham and Mr. Donahoe wanted Chad Pennington. The Jets wanted Plaxico, so the deal was nixed if I recall. Semi-pass. Should have done that the previous year. 2001 - - Casey Hampton NG - - One of my favorite big-ums. However, I was in love with Drew Brees. As wrong as I was about Kordell, the shrimp had a pretty damn good career and is the only QB on this list that would rival being selected over Ben some years later. Could have had Brees and took Shaun Rogers to play NG round two. FAIL. 2002 - - Kendall Simmons OG - - Many Steelers fans pissed the Steelers didn't try to move up to get Ed Reed. Patrick Ramsey only QB taken in round one. pass 2003 - - Troy Polomalu SS - - Future HOF'er and they traded up for him. Pass 2004 - - Big Ben Roethligsberger - - Finally! There were a few misses, but for the most part QB pickings were slim in many years or they were drafting too low to get anyone worth while. The Drew Brees one bothered me a little, but they got Ben and it was said that Phillip Rivers was actually Coach Cowher's first choice. They did alright with Ben though, finally....
  4. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    Hindsight is always perfect vision. It is better than 20/20, Lasik, and Superman's x-ray vision. The draft is and always will be an art. I get that you liked Vander Esch and he began to grow on me a lot as well, but that was much more of a gamble to move up and pick. The Steelers were actually trying to move up to get an ILB. You can't take that from them. They have had some misfortune drafting low. Several years, the Bengals, Ravens and others took players that where targeted as potential Steelers draft choices. In a perfect world, they would have loved jumping up to get the younger Edmonds brother at Buffalo's spot. I was leery of him because of his age, ability to adapt to the NFL game, strength (19-year old kid playing with grown arse men) and experience. I did like Hubbard as well, but I also didn't think he was a number 1. However, to your point that would have made more sense from a value standpoint than Edmonds. Although, I think that he will begin to make us forget where he was drafted. He is a bigger and even quicker version of Troy. Will he ever have Troy's, timing, anticipation and knowledge of the defense? Will he also have a Ryan Clark type to play with as well? No argument there. And a lot of other potential candidates as well as trying to move down. I had them both as 1st rounders, and Edmunds was a 4th. The one thing I wondered about on Hubbard was the snap count. He seemed to think too much, and was maybe a little too assignment-oriented and making sure he didn't just go and have a guy blow right past him as we routinely saw Dupree do. That is my point, not much they could have done standing pat. I give them credit for making the move and not giving up the entire ranch. The AB debacle with the Bills backing off because of AB not wanting to play there, kept them from potentially getting Bush at Buffalo's spot and still drafting a top end edge or CB at 20. It is what it is. No woulda, coulda, shoulda. That is where I disagree with you. There is only so much that you can do. They had some free agent options and they didn't hit on any of those and after the draft, they were like a drunk sailor looking to score at a cheap bar at closing. Go back to the Cowher style of drafting where you need Polamalu at 13, trade up from 30 to get him (or w/e the numbers were). Don't just sit there and take 2nd rate scrubs as Tomlin and Colbert always have done. Disgusting. Mr. Donanhoe and Coach Cowher were such draft geniuses that Coch Cowher only has one SB ring and two appearances in his fifteen year career. (I am by no means bashing either, but they made draft SNAFU's as well. Most notably by taking Troy Edwards over Javon Da Feak Kearse. Coach Cowher was also highly criticized for the amount of time it took before he got a true franchise QB in Big Ben. I loved Shazier when he was coming out too. I lost my freaking mind. I thought they were wrapped up in his athleticism and COMBINE grades. I certainly love Ryan Shazier, but I hated him as our #1 pick. I did question his size some, but he was actually #1 on my wish list that year, of all those available at the pick. I also wanted Odell Beckham Jr, Zach Martin, Taylor Lewan, and I have to admit I thought Justin Gilbert would be good too. Zach Martin is the only other player in the draft who was available that I would've considered at that pick. I loved all of those players as well. Justin Gilbert is the best example of what I am talking about. Dude should have been a stud like Denzel Ward was, whom many draft experts rolled their eyes at because the Browns selected him over Chubb. For the record, I would have selected Zach over Ryan. I just loved Shazier's range and explosiveness, and I tend to watch a lot of Ohio State so I saw lots of flashes. (No, I'm not an Ohio State fan, so I have no anti-Michigan sentiment clouding my judgment here lol) Of course not! I don't believe that Bush's ceiling is higher than Shazier's of course. But I HOPE it is! Shazier had a damn high ceiling! Me too. I think that Bush will be game ready and adaptable to the NFL from day one. Lambert wasn't the best MLB prospect in his class either, but he turned out pretty good for a guy who was said to be too tall, too skinny and not strong enough for the NFL. The late Sam Mills proved a lot of people wrong too. Bush has more weight, explosiveness, and range than both of those greats "on paper." I believe that this kid has the heart, head and stomach to become the face of the defense like the days of old.
  5. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    Vander Esch shot up the draft charts last year. He proved that he deserved the attention he garnered. He reminds me of a bigger version of Jack Lambert, but I am certainly not ready to put him in Lambert's class yet. Sam Hubbard was a bit of an anomaly for me. Was he going to be another great pass rusher or another LaMaar Woodley type for us? No doubt, I had a higher draft grade on Hubbard than I did Edmunds. It was said the Steelers were trying to move up, but after Vander Esch was drafted by Dallas and the Titans traded ahead of us, it was a done deal for us at ILB. I still think that they should have tried to trade down at that point. My only argument with that is they would have been short picks either way. That is what it takes to move up in the draft. I was not a fan of the Shazier pick when he was drafted, but Ryan quickly became one of my favorites. I still saw some flaws in his game, but his character, leadership, integrity and fire made up for the things that he lacked. Hindsight is always perfect vision. I liked Darius Leonard last year as well. In my humble opinion, they could have moved down and drafted him. Although I had a third round grade on him and the Colts took him fairly high in round two. Sometimes we get too caught up in size, length and measureables. Can the guy play? That is the bottom line to me. Bush looks like he can play and will thrive in this defense. In the end, that is all that matters. Bush should be able to provide consistent play, leadership and can grow to be something special a la Shazier. I just believe that Bush despite his lack of height actually has a higher ceiling than Shazier. Time will tell.
  6. FS Jalen Thompson in Supplemental Draft

    I would agree with you both in reality. I just feel like the team needs to do some things out of the ordinary to get to the next level. This pick certainly wouldn't take them over the top in 2019. However, down the road, it may be a great value if they got a first or second round talent for a fourth or fifth round pick (if possible). They then let him develop and hopefully by 2020 he has increased playing time or is starting and by 2021 he is playing at a high level.
  7. You Can Do Everything Right and Be Wrong

    I welcome different opinions and perspectives. I often learn and see things from a viewpoint that I didn't consider before. While I may not always agree, I can respect someone who makes a legitimate argument for what they are saying or believe. I don't like the "button pushers" who come up with unsubstantiated crazy theories, perspectives, ideas and/or just disagree for the sake of stoking the fire or getting a reaction. I think, to many, that is perceived or feels disrespectful. Most of us come here to discuss, learn and or give a point of view, opinion, or share factual information. I think many of us get frustrated if someone takes a position and seems to ignore valid, rationale thoughts, opinions or arguments against an opposing point of view (just to be a hater). Some people hate Big Ben. It doesn't matter what he says or does, how many SB's he wins, they will always hate him. Same thing with Coach T, Mr. Colbert, other players (Bud included). People will try to put an asterisk next to people's name's that they don't like or agree with when they have accomplishments or positives. They seem to feel like they have to point out something wrong to balance it out. That is a classic hater in my humble opinion. That seems to be the way of the world now in so many other areas. The left can't ever give the right credit and vice versa. Kinda sad in my book. We have opinions and think that our opinions are fact and the gospel. Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't. Kordell Stewart never became the next Brett Farvre as I predicted. AB turned out to be a pretty awesome WR as I predicted. Willie Colon never became the next Alan Faneca, but Hines Ward turned out to be a pretty darn good football player and WR. Dirty Red did not replace Vince Williams has not become the next Jerry Osavsky in our defense. I preferred that the Steelers hire Ken Whizenhut or Russ Grimm over Mike Tomlin at the time. We have our opinions and wins and losses with those opinions. Can we admit when we are proven wrong or our opinions of a situation or player is not what we think or thought? I definitely get what you are saying. I will say that there is a fine line between difference in opinions, disagreements and outright hating though. They are different things. On the flip side, we have some on here who will bash you if you don't agree with what the majority or in some cases they themselves think or believe. We don't want to be a forum of robots with everyone thinking the same way either. It is easy to connect with those who think and believe as you do. We sometimes struggle with connecting and understanding those who believe differently than we do. Being completely objective is tough for the media and darn near impossible in a forum of people who are all expressing their opinions as fact. Sometimes we all think (or act or are perceived as) we know it all or have the answers. "Coach T should listen to me. I could do what Mr. Colbert does. What the heck are these scouts evaluating? Why is Big Ben still here?" These are some of the opinions we get and or give. I respect the opinions and views from most in this group more-so than I do a lot of "so called" professionals, experts, and insiders. The reason that I say most s there are a few who simply stoke the coals to keep a fire burning, controversy or just to see if they can get a reaction: good or bad. I believe that most of us have a much better understanding and pulse of this team than a lot of the "crap" I read about, hear about, or see published on websites and various other media outlets. We watch the games, do research, study film, discuss ideas and see things that someone viewing from the outside doesn't. Yet the vast majority of us don't have "insider" information or access to the coaches, players and front office people and in my humble opinion do a better job than some of these "professionals." Just my two cents.... For the record, our OL deserved some criticism. In 2008 it was joked about and said, that the Steelers won the SB with the worst OL in history. Our OL couldn't consistently open holes and many times got blown up by stout and physical DL's in both the run game and pass blocking. This trend continued for many years and we seemed to get better when Pouncey stayed healthy and Coach Munchak joined the Steelers. I didn't "hate" on the OL, but I think they were pretty bad 2007 - 2014 and deserved some criticism.
  8. FS Jalen Thompson in Supplemental Draft

    They haven't recently to my knowledge. I think the last supplemental draft picks of the Steelers may be from the 84 (USFL players) with WR Duane Gunn and a few others. I can't remember off the top of my head. But why not? If you can get a talent and get them at a more than reasonable future draft pick, again, why not do it? There is not a dearth of FS talent on the roster and he is young and there is no pressure for him to start or play right away. Let him get the NFL experience at practice and playing ST. Next year regardless of what happens with Davis, you at best have two FS's competing and at the very least you have great depth at the position. Put a bid in on a fourth. If someone beats you to it, oh well, if not, you may have a bit of a gem in the rough so to speak.
  9. You Can Do Everything Right and Be Wrong

    The problem is that so often people think it has to be one way or the other. Why not both? There were times in Cowher's day when we wished that Ben (early in his career) had the confidence and staff to win a shootout or could come back 10 or 14 points down. I get that passing is sexy in today's game, but on first and goal on the two: Do we really need to throw the ball or is it better to ram the ball down their throats? There will be times that winging it and Ben being the Gunslinger will be needed. Let's find that common ground. Ben can throw it and will be even more accurate and efficient with WR' running more disciplined routes. AB was great and I wish we still had him (minus the drama), but some of the wrong patterns, forced balls, feed my stats stuff got the offense in trouble at times. There were also times over the past few years that our OL could not move the DL consistently and that hurt them (Denver and Raiders last year in particular). The Steelers had a decent ypc average against the Bronco's, but at times did not effectively run the ball to control the offense better. Some may have had to do with the four turnovers and getting behind in early downs. I still think that most of us believe that this offense and team is better when they are balanced. The defense is even better when they are not on the field. Long meticulous drives wear down opposing defenses and keeps your fresh. No secret there.
  10. You Can Do Everything Right and Be Wrong

    Two points: 1. I was not initially a fan of the Watt pick. I thought for certain that needing pass rush, they would select none other than Takk McKinley who the Falcons selected a few picks earlier. However, the fotball Gods seem to be smiling as Watt has improved each year and despite still not being "a great" pass rusher, he put up some numbers and is the all-around OLB the Steelers seem to prefer over pure pass rushers. Again the Steelers often dropped Woodley, Porter, Harrison and Lloyd and Green in coverage which many of us often criticized. Dupree may actually be better at dropping in coverage than anyone other than Porter who as good a pass rusher as he was, could drop very well. Sacks are sexy and shut up fans, commentators and critics. If Bud gets even half the sacks that he has missed the past two years, we are probably having a different conversation about him. 2. Giving up big plays and not being able to stop anyone, cost them some games. Having players who an take the ball away would certainly help whether that be via INT's, forced fumbles, or strip sacks. This team was often around the ball, but couldn't secure or hold onto it many times. Having an offense that can run the clock out helps tremendously as well. The Steelers can improve their offense in this area. Back in Cowher's day, they could get a 14 point lead and run the ball 35 times in the second half and still win by 17. Great teams put it all together. That has been what has hurt the Steelers over the past several years: Solid pass offense, inconsistent rushing attack. Solid run defense, horrible pass defense. Solid Offense, sketchy defense, etc. Solid Rushing attack and horrible rushing defense.
  11. FS Jalen Thompson in Supplemental Draft

    Sorry I was assuming that Lev Bell pick. You can't offer what you don't have yet, so my mistake. Then it would have to be a fourth. I doubt he would fall that much, but if so, why not?
  12. FS Jalen Thompson in Supplemental Draft

    I think it all depends on how the supplemental draft falls. If he doesn't go early (rounds 1 - 2), I would definitely put a flyer on him round three. He had a high NFL draft grade going into this season. He is young, has upside and can sit and develop. No need to rush playing him. I would lose a third for a potential first round talent. His best years are clearly ahead of him. Great insurance for Sean Davis as well.
  13. You Can Do Everything Right and Be Wrong

    This happens in life too my friend. There are some women that I have dealt with that in hindsight, I would turn and run in the other direction. The draft is an art and not an exact science. You can check all of the boxes and measureables as you stated and more often than not you will get some measure of production. Then you have some players like Tom Brady and AB that don't have the size and numbers, but turn out to be great players. Bud fell to the Steelers and Shane Ray while more of a natural pass rusher was passed up. I still think the Steelers made a wise choice. I didn't feel that way selecting Troy Edwards over the Freak or drafting Jarvis Jones years later. I am going to ride the Bud train until it derails. I believe that his best years are still ahead of him if he can stay healthy. He will never be a "great" pas rusher, but he can be very good in his role with the Steelers defense. I am predicting that he hits his ten sacks this year and it propels him to the solid , but not real good level. This will frustrate a lot of fans as he won't be Harrison or Porter in our defense. He will resemble LaMarr Woodley, who teased more fans with his potential than his results. I do think that Bud will be better than Jason Worilds was for the Steelers before he walked away from the game. NFL Minimum guys don't typically give you pass rush and 8 sacks consistently. Bud is catching heat as a former #1 and for his salary.This is a prove it year to me. I respect the fact that many other fans feel that we have seen the best of Bud already. I just think that Bud is a late bloomer. He is a good guy, hard worker, and he competes (I see effort). If he had La Maar's natural pass rush ability he would be all world with his athleticism. He reminds me of the kid that you are trying to teach his times tables....You have to be patient. Eventually, they remember and then the light comes on and they understand. You know football and you tease us with some good common sense analysis and points and then............. You are like the gorgeous chick that you get to go to a company dinner and you tell her not to say a word or smile. And then..... At least I have fun with you my friend. Enjoy your day.
  14. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    What player are you talking about specifically? Picking at #28 had them severely limited and probably would have cost this years #1. The Steelers would have had to mortgage the farm to move up to get R. Smith in the top seven ahead of the Bears. I know they loved Edmunds taken #16 by the Bills. I guess since they couldn't get him they took his brother whom I had a third round grade on instead. Not enough assets to get up to that position without affecting this years picks. The Cowboys taking Vander Esch at #19 hurt us. I think that is who probably would have been their pick since they were competing with the Titans to jump up to get one. Picking at #28 hurt their chances to move up and give a team worth while value. Many on this site loved Rashaan Evans. Unfortunately, so did the Titans picking ahead of us and being able to offer better trade bait. It was rumored that the Steelers had a deal in place with someone and the Titans jumped a pick or two ahead of their trade partner or made them a better offer. The only player from this draft class that I think would have been taken ahead of both Devin's is Roquaan Smith. Devin White is probably #2 and Tremaine Edmunds probably goes ahead of Bush based on size. Evans was falling some due to concerns about speed if I recall and Vander Esch went from a second or third round prospect to a top 20. I say all of this to say that I think the front office actually did a great job considering that they didn't get nearly what they wanted in an AB trade and he scared the be-Jesus out of any potential suitors and caused the Bills to back out on giving up a top ten pick. I think that Bush fits their system better than Vander Esch or Evans would have. Although Vander Esch proved to be pretty darn good at dropping in coverage.