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  1. I was certainly not suggesting that Harris or Travis were going to be the RB version of Dan Marino or the second coming of Jim Brown. My point was that the team has a history of at times sticking to an outdated way of thinking. In regards to Marino, I was speaking of the philosophy behind why they passed on him. If you recall, a few of the reasons they didn't pick Marino were: 1. They had Terry Bradshaw, but he was going into year 14 or 15 in 1984 2. They had drafted Mark Malone a few years earlier 1980 (was he a better prospect than Marino)? 3. They had a solid back-up in Cliff Stout (Was he
  2. Oh dang. Big difference. Old Steelers #44.😲 As my grandmother used to say, "You know who I am talking about!"
  3. 😁 As far as the fat punter, I don't care what his waistline is as long as he can kick. I don't want to see another season of Berry. Pressy is a big boi hence the reference to former fellow big boi former Raiders kicker Sebastian Janokowski. Big Boi's need love too! Especially if he can punt! 😉 I don't doubt you. The site has 15 other IOL and OT's ranked ahead of him. One of my issues with mock's and simulators is how the player rankings are all over the place. I would honestly take him in round one depending on how the board fell. Many draftniks or experts would think I am over-drafin
  4. It has been a minute and I have gathered my thoughts and emotions following a bounce back season for the Steelers that was filled with a lot of emotion and passion. This season provided both joy and pain. After a solid start and expectations of the best is yet to come, a reality of anger and frustration set in. The disappointment of missed and lost opportunities fill your mind at the end of the season. Injuries hurt, playing in a pandemic year with inconsistencies that led to this team not having a true bye week. Playing three games over 15 days and losing to teams that you should have beaten
  5. That has always been his strength. While I think signing Kevin Green would have been a great pick-up and he would have certainly added to the one on one development and pass rushing the way that Jerry Olsvsky helps with the ILB'ers. You can't take anything away from Keith Butler as a position coach. He is an A+ as a LB coach.
  6. This Steelers team has a tendency to let their foot off the gas when it looks like they have a clearer or easier pass. Hence you hear all of the playing down criticisms. The Steelers played poorly in four games that they should have run away with going 2-2 (barely beating Cowboys, Ravens JV Team and losing to WFT, and Bengals). With all due respect, I will wait until after the game is played and if they EARN the win to accept victory. It is not guaranteed as we well know in Steeler land!
  7. I am not suggesting that they abandon Connor as the feature RB. He is the teams best and most consistent rusher despite some of the issues/obstacles. I think in 2021, I would try to keep Connor to be a RB2 if the price is right. I believe that the team needs a RB1 and that RB is not currently on the Steelers roster. My statement was that they could use a jolt. They need someone who can run past some defenders and open up some lanes: Claypool, Ray Ray, and McFarland have the tools for a gadget or specialty play. Dobbs has the tools to do some QB sneaks and RPO stuff. Open some t
  8. Steelers swept the Ravens three games in 2008 as well, when the Steelers won the SB that year. The Ravens returned the favor in 2014 after they beat the Steelers in Baltimore and the Steelers beat them 43-23 in Pittsburgh. Flacco and company dominated in a game without Leveon Bell and the Ravens won 30-17 and then losing a close one to the Patriots the next week.
  9. Who do you think will win in the other wildcard weekend play-off games? AFC #2. Bills vs. #7 Colts - - Tougher game than many may think. The Bills look unbeatable at times. The Colts are a sneaky good team. I think the Bills are on a mission to avoid another one and done in the play-offs. Can the Colts defense slow down the high flying Bills offense? The Colts will try to pound the ball with their physical OL, wear down the Bills defense which could be susceptible to a power run game and try keep the ball from from Josh Allen, Stephon Diggs and the high powered Bills offense. This
  10. #3 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers host the #6 11-5 Cleveland Browns It's Deja Vu all over again! This time the winner moves on and loser goes home! When: January 10,2021 (Sunday night) 8:15 pm Chase Claypool and other young players got a little more game time and experience against the Browns Sunday and came up clutch. It will take a more Varsity effort from the Steelers Varsity Team Defense to contain Nick Chubb and the Browns rushing attack. Steelers offense has been tip-toeing between extending drives and getting first downs and scoring TD's versus
  11. This is where position coaching really comes in. This is also why I believe that less practices with pads is sometimes bad (especially for younger players as you get simulate the same intensity and speed as you do in pads hitting rather than helmets and shorts wrapping). This disrupts timing and causes problems with being able to read blocks. This is all on Benny. Correct me if I am wrong in my Football 101 on pulls: The RB typically stays behind the pulling OL on pulls and sweeps. The opposing LB'ers are taught to go to the pulling OL's, butt and meet the RB before he gets going
  12. I have really been thinking about this one Dr. Kurgan. My question is why does it have to be one or the other? Why couldn't this team not be able to have an effective rushing attack with Big Ben at QB? I am not suggesting that the Steelers need to be as effective at running the ball back in the days of Cowher Power with Dirt Dawson and Barry Foster. You get up by 14 points and they will four yards and a cloud of dust you to death. I almost want to use the term offensive parity to essentially mean balance. How dangerous is this offense if they can run, pass and possess the cl
  13. Great points. I agree that history has shown that you can find good and great backs other than round one. That has proven to be even more true today with the success of so many non first round backs. If they are the BPA, I say take them regardless of position. At this point, even QB. I think it is that way based on personnel and ability. Add the right components and you can change that. I love a high powered offense, but if you can pound the heck out of a team and they can't stop you, you will 1). kill with the TOP 2). Wear down an opposing defense even if or especially if you
  14. Now why would anyone want any of our soft/cream-puff OL's? 😁 That is the second time this has happened. Wiz got scooped up pretty quickly by the Chiefs too.
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