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  1. Running backs !!!!

    I see valid points to both sides of the RB vs. LT argument. At age 32, Villy is not old for an OL. OL's typically can and some do play into their mid 30's. Most of the problem with veteran OL's is the salary becomes too high. That is precisely what happened with Ramon Foster. He could have played another year, but for what he wanted $$$, getting a younger free agent like Wiz made much more sense. I agree that the Steelers are in a win now mode. Picking at 49, they are not going to find the next Joe Thomas there. Even if they find a very good to a great player, that player is going to take time to develop and would not help much in 2020 unless absolutely forced into service a la Mason and Duck in 2019 at QB. I "personally"still see a need at IOL. We can certainly debate how much of a "priority" that is. If you have a solid IOL sitting that is your highest rated player in round two, three or four, I think you take him: Cushenberry, Ruiz, Biadasz, etc. They have DeCastro, Wiz, and Feiler if they move him inside. Personally, I would keep him at RT. The Steelers have three RT types with Feiler, Banner, and Chuks. The jury is still out if Chuks can be a replacement for Villy in a year or two at LT in some people's minds. They do have a back-up LT if you believe in Chuks, or they have none if you don't. If so, then LT is a bit of a priority. Is it actually better to address that with a cut or free agent signing rather than trying to draft a developmental guy? I think so. It would be hard to pass on some of the RB's at #49, especially if they are the BPA. I think Connor does bounce back, but I also believe that you are better served to have another back as well. Some argue that Samuels and or Snell is it. Others believe that one of the backs listed earlier in the thread might be better. It depends on who you like. I think Connors has a good year and they resign him next year to a respectable deal. Snell can be a short-yardage back and I see him making Samuels expendable, especially if Connors stays healthy and can be utilized in the passing game as he has before. Besides the obvious guys Swift, Taylor, Akers, I like UCLA's Josh Kelly, Maryland's Anthony McFarland, and BC's AJ Dillon.
  2. Which mock would you rather?

    I am with the group with #1. I have a man-crush on OIL/C Biadasz as well.
  3. One month till draft

    You make a fair and realistic point. This was discussed at great length in a previous thread or two. With how the offseason has fallen, this could be a very realistic possibility for the Steelers. To your point, if one of the following players are there and some other players come off the boards, you would have to strongly consider drafting one of these guys: D'Andre Swift Jonathan Taylor JK Dobbins AJ Dillion Cam Aikers Clyde Edwards-Helaire
  4. Post Combine Anti-Virus Mock

    I am honestly not as good at going after free agents because I don't get to study this as much as I have in the past. I would watch hours of film and record college games to review and scout, but I have not been able to enjoy that as much as I have in the past. In hindsight, I wish I would have thought to do that as a career. Then I would never be at work. If I got paid to watch football and scout... I have heard some good things about him. He is climbing on many boards and is now #1 or #2 on many boards. I think if the Steelers took Mann, Turk or Hofrichter they would improve our punting year one. Jordan Berry has gotten better, but is inconsistent and typically at key times. We need a big punt and he shanks one or we need to pin a team inside the 10-yard line and he booms it 50 yards into the endzone.
  5. Post Combine Anti-Virus Mock

    All jokes aside, stay healthy and keep safe my friends. The pandemic is real. Round Two Pick: Lloyd Cushenberry LSU Center - - I went with BPA on my board. In this scenario, it came down to three players: Cushenberry, Jalon Johnson, and Karl Dugger. I have Cushenberry rated higher. I was very tempted to take Dugger because of need. Signing Ebron, Wiz, and Wormley take the pressure off to pick because of pure need. I like him and he is not rushed to service. I see him as Pouncey's eventual replacement. Strong draft for Centers. 3rd Round Supplemental Pick: Jeremy Chinn S Southern Illinois - - I would have taken RaeKwon Davis, who is also highly rated on my board right here, but we have Wormley, Buggs, and Walton who all play the same positions and are the same size and body types. Chinn is big, strong, fast and has upside. He is similar to Edmonds. The Steelers like three good Safety's and this allows for more versatility with Minkah as well. We have depth and insurance. 4A - - Joshua Kelly RB UCLA - - Stuck to my board and he was my BPA here. He will battle Samuels and White for a spot. I wanted NG Leiko Futu from Utah, but he was taken in my scenario. 4B - - Vann Jefferson WR Florida - - I like Cain, but Jefferson was good value here. 6th Round - - Michael Turk P Arizona State - - Hoping to improve the punting and add a strong athletic punter. They grab him in the 6th, but don't do a Daniel Sepulveda (trade up). 7th Round - - Bravvion Roy NG Baylor. No more Mt McCullers. A player who can get stronger and develop into a run stuffer. I took a future C. I added depth and a possible in the box type Safety/Nickel LB. I got some competition at WR and RB. I got a youthful punter with upside and a run-stuffing NG. All in all, I am happy. Thoughts?
  6. Offseason Work to do

    The max that you can get is four I believe. This certainly can change with a lot of different factors happening throughout the year.
  7. Offseason Work to do

    Pretty solid mock and I like your board. I just think that safety depth has to be up at #1 or #2. No doubt that the signing doesn't make the team reach and they should be able to stick to their board and fill holes/depth regardless of whether it is second, third or fourth round. My sentiments exactly. I am also not opposed to letting Edmunds take over some of Barron's role. However, to do that, they need some safety help. Again we are kinda saying toe-ma-toe or ta-ma-toe. No doubt the team needs help at safety and we need to be able to stop the run on early downs. the Bills, the Ravens, Colts, Seahawks, 49'ers, and Browns all had some success running against the Steelers. No doubt this area has to improve. Now, how and when that's addressed won't matter as much now. The important thing is that they do fill the holes. I don't think they will anyway near cancel each other out. Hargrave's got bigger money and was a higher ranked player as well. I know the formula is complicated, but those two alone: player for player shouldn't cancel each other out. I think he could rotate in here. However, to do that, they need depth. While Dugger and Chinn are bigger SS types in the mold of Edmunds, I think both "maybe "a little better at pass coverage on the next level as they seem to be more natural football players at the position. I don't think that they would have to get strictly a pure FS. It would be nice, but those two bring some good things to the table as well as Winfield. I get it, but I almost hate moving a solid player from one position to another. Feiler is a very solid all-around RT. I see Chuks and Zach struggling in pass coverage. You want to get the best five guys upfront playing together. Different situation. The Steelers needed some defensive help and he thought that would have been better than investing in a rookie QB. One similarity is that Ben was trying to get the Steelers to win now! I think Ben knows that this is his team and that Jameis would not beat him out. Remember he also had two other former starters in Batch and Lefwhich behind him too. Jameis would be more of a threat to Mason. I disagree. I wouldn't mind Joe at all. He can play well enough, support Ben with another set of veteran QB eyes and more importantly would understand his role. We are a play-off team with Flacco at QB and our defense in 2019. Our 8-8 would have been more like 10 - 6 or 11-5 (beat 49'ers, Bills and Jets with Flacco). He's the typical Steelers type of signing: Batch, Lefwhich, Gradkowski. Problem is that I think Joe believes that he should and can start. I am probably in the minority of thinking here, but I wish they would have signed Vannett. I know that they only invested a fifth-round pick for him, but he seems like he had an upside. Ebron can be anywhere from fair to very good (as a receiver). He pairs well with Vance in the passing game, but not a huge fan of his run blocking. Vannett looked like he could become McDonald in our offense. They went for the better receiver, but I think Vannett could be the better overall TE. I get it though, Ebron can really help jumpstart the offense and teaming him with Vance could be a pretty solid duo. Oh well, I will miss Vannett and wish him the best. I think he was under-appreciated here in Pittsburgh because he didn't get to play with Ben.
  8. Offseason Work to do

    That's where we disagree my friend. I don't think that he is average. I am not suggesting using the top pick on a pure NG with other needs, but after some of today's signings Ebron, Wiz, and Wormley, the Steelers have some options. Looks like Safety depth may be next on the books in terms of pure need perhaps. I am not suggesting spending top dollar to replace him and I wasn't willing to do that to keep Hargraves either.
  9. Offseason Work to do

    Not asking him to be John Henderson, but to give me than he has. He is an upgradeable player. I am not saying to replace him with Aaron Donald. I am not suggesting spending big bucks because I think that he can be replaced with someone in his salary range or a promising rookie. Again, I am not opposed to him competing. If he wins out as he did, then alright, but give him some competition. He is very upgradeable in my humble opinion. And yes, I am disappointed with his play. I am not expecting him to be great, but to be the best that he is capable of. He has too much natural ability and talent to be what he has been. To Chief's point, that is why he was down on him. I drank the kool-aid on him. I was wrong.
  10. Offseason Work to do

    I am not disagreeing there. I am speaking off the top of my head. Again, my point is that he is not anywhere near what I thought he would be and I believe he can be upgraded. I am ready to move on from him. Again, I was one of his biggest fans and supported him like crazy. Just not anymore. Nothing against the big guy and I wish he would turn the corner but he really hasn't and I don't think he ever will. We sometimes talk floor and ceiling and his ceiling is a lot of potential young guy's floor. Bring in some talent and let them compete. That's all I am really saying. I am not resting on his ability.
  11. Offseason Work to do

    There are a few games that I remember seeing his big butt on skates: KC Chiefs the year that Landry was the QB and we lost in C and the Jags play-off loss in 2017. Maybe I am wrong, but as someone who was rooting for this guy, yeah I am disappointed in his play. My point is simply that he is nowhere near the run stuffer that I thought he would be. I also remember you saying that he was a "paraphrase" tease. I saw a poor man's Shuan Roberts.
  12. Offseason Work to do

    Here's an instance where I just don't think it is going to happen. There was not a bigger Mt. McCullers fan than I was. I realize that he is an inexpensive and decent (though not how I see him) back-up. I have been getting teased by him since he came into the league. He is a guy that I don't see the hard work, effort and or technique. He is a physical specimen. He is an underrated athlete as a big man who can move like he does and is so naturally strong as he is. He should be dominant. He is 6'7 and 355 pounds or so. He should be immoveable and should be eating up OL's like a fat kid eating Hershey's kisses watching Netflix (no offense to fat kids). Too many times, I have seen this guy getting blown off the ball and walking around on the field. He is not as bad as he was early on, but I think that I have shown a record for being patient in development and I don't believe he ever will. I have been saying this for a few years, "TIME TO MOVE ON AND UPGRADE!" A'Shawn Robinson is off the market and signed for way more than I thought a NG type would. I hold out hope for Andrew Billings. I think they try to draft someone later as well because this is a good year for DL's. I am not happy with what McCullers brings other than a reasonable salary and a lower-tier back-up. I think Buggs does have ability and versatility. I see hi making the team either way, but I think the Steelers need more talent inside even if they sign someone to replace Hargrave. They need to draft or sign someone to replace Dan. In the words of En Vogue circa 1992 "He's never gonna get it!' He may need a change of scenery or something, but I get frustrated watching a mountain of a man so talented just sort of sputter around.
  13. Offseason Work to do

    I love this signing. I remember that we were trying to get him before he signed in Philly a few years back. Great swingman and he is very solid like Finney was. Great signing for this level (not top tier, but yet will improve the team). I can't argue with that 43mafia. I am more of a Bud optimist than you are. I agree, he has to start putting together successful years after putting together years of falling short in that category. This is a case that I hope that I am not getting so enamored by potential, that I allow that to cloud the bottom line: results!
  14. Offseason Work to do

    The draft is so quirky. I don't buy into the hype as much as I used too anymore. I do realize that players rise and fall, but typically not that far off from where they were originally picked. Both of these players are in the top 100 or so. You never know how need or when teams may make a run. They are both in the 3rd or 4th round range in my opinion. Someone may take them sooner based on athleticism, potential, etc. We did that with Edmonds. It comes down to who the Steelers really like.
  15. The Texans trade...

    And then some!