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  1. What Position Should We Consider Shoring Up

    True but they have to pay him sometime I think we need to do something like the bears did but hopefully not as much draft capital.. if say we could get clowney and say lose Wagner's salary.. i know zip about cap... Stafford be willing to take a pay cut...to make it work You'd think this would be a discussion if their seat is hot... better then wanting for draft picks to come along...
  2. Slay and Snacks

    I think they should pay snacks a little more just for how he transformed this team in his little time here...hes a little unpaid anyway imo unlike slay I love slay but if I could get say a 1strp I'm doin it.. if not I call his bluff.. but I also feel if they don't pay him he just coasts through the season just to get the money.. that's kinda why I think you trade him. Jmo
  3. What Position Should We Consider Shoring Up

    Your probably right. Was trying to think of teams with big priorities that might have to let a good player go... They also need to think about paying Byron Jones as well and jaylon Smith not sure they can sign everybody but maybe they can. I'd love to see them make a splash and trade for someone.. think that might be what this team needs right now
  4. What Position Should We Consider Shoring Up

    Thinking..... with all the contracts the cowboys got coming up maybe we could snag a guy like Collins off their ol Idk if likely at all but if we were still in it before the trade deadline and say the Bengals weren't wonder if they be willing to trade aj.. really like to see them make a move for a wr.. real hard to trust what we have
  5. Is the NFL worth watching anymore?

    The bias for certain teams definitely shows more and more every year. Feels like most games are predetermined.. is it a gambling thing?? But something is off ... teams are getting way to screwed over for all this technology we have
  6. I'm not sure how you can say that van noy was bpa. Hated that draft... I woulda had Donald and Adams damit
  7. Turn it like you want.. but it was pretty likely..even if we would of made the p.o. and lost betcha he would of been gone Hope you know being a scout and actually making the picks are two totally different things..
  8. According to who... just about everybody on the planet earth... He made the statement not me that Teez was the guy he has put the most time into.. how many years this dude been scouting... soo I'm pretty sure he thought he could fit in any defensive scheme...he knew he wasn't keeping Caldwell
  9. Y'all can act like I'm mad bc I didn't get the player I personally wanted.. it's more about how many better were available... Is pineapple really that big of a need? Compared to what we really need.. then half of you act like golladay was a no body... musta not paid to much attention... I'm not someone who looks at just first rd prospects... giving Quinn the benefit of the doubt...really... ... the dude is all over the place.. he's running out of bs He's never scouted someone as much as Teez... benefit of the doubt lol
  10. Cool atleast they didn't use a 2ndrp..
  11. Van Noy was only built for a certain scheme.. idk the reason they drafted him. Bad example iyam Was always a bad pick for me.. And again obvious better talent was to be had then also Same goes tho Quinn gets fired we get what a 7thrp for pineapple... when you coulda had better talent that fits any scheme... you imo draft scheme guys later or fa jmo.. or we can continue this cycle of taking one step forward and 5 back.. we've been doing this same rodeo for years now I mean let's see what you got before you start throwing our high draft picks at scheme specific player... we need a new owner...
  12. Ya but like I said he is over drafting guy to fit said scheme... I mean you could of used that 2ndrp so many different ways.. probably could of gotten a player who is succeeding in the league and probably at a pro bowl level... he imo is just filling holes with these top pick at the expense of talent... he is not getting the value of what these picks are worth imo Drafting purely for scheme does nothing but set this team back even further if they are fired.. idea should be to get the talent not flippn body types... but hey I'm not gonna get to much into it bc I don't see him lasting much longer anyway
  13. What Position Should We Consider Shoring Up

    Idk but I'd really like to figure out a way to get Trent Williams Also think a speedy receiver is a must