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  1. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    Wtf go look. Where was I not high on Donald. You have turned this elementary.. Just in the thread you showed I valued him above fairly (Who was a high first rdp) please tell me who I wanted then.
  2. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    Been there done that..you don't believe me go look. Or ask king1
  3. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    I doubt you looked or saw it and knew da truff
  4. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    I know that I knew you would throw up a thread that could only prove your point..if there was one.. bring up the forum mock
  5. Rival Talk 101

    Ya I get all that. What did I say that made you think I wanna break the bank Couple trades?
  6. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    The way you are about this type of stuff I know you remember me fighting with king1 about it...proving my point
  7. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    I liked Ebron We were talking about the first rd mostly..i didn't put Donald there bc no one else was...then he started his rise..by draft time he was my pick. This is not the only thread I talked about donald.. I tried to talk myself out of it but couldn't Lol guess I was wrong on mack
  8. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    Keep digging bro

    Lions trade a 4thrp plus ameer for Eli Apple plus 2019 6thrp... Lol idk Something like that maybe?

    I'm actually with you.. think it needs to be some kind of package deal but think you can get something..be a late rd pick but I'd take it I got stuff rolling around in my brain just to get something out of him.. I think we should trade for someone and kinda throw him in on the deal You say he's only a million late rd rbs are cheap also
  11. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    Damn right it was mismanaged.. I didn't care if we did keep both...fairley was underperforming and had weight issues iirc plus often injured Everyone back then was talking about cj needed to restructure blah blah Personally even at the time I would of chose suh over Calvin I was pimping Donald before that yr even started And said the same things I'm saying now...

    I've seen enough ameer.. highly doubt he blows up this yr and we resign him. I'd rather look for the next guy
  13. New Rule: 15 yard penalty for initiating contact with helmet.

    Games really gonna feel more fixed now.. Judgment calls puts the games in these horrible officials hands.. How many of these will favor the patriots

    I'd hope they would want more flexibility The three you mentioned just aren't athletic enough for me anyway..servicable I guess but they gotta get someone imo

    That's what I want them to do rds 4 and 5 just dbl up on rbs What is ameers role? St..