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  1. 2018 NFL Redraft

    Well I know we had trade down options in the first so I'm pretty sure I would have done one.. I actually wanted ol here..and thought they felt the same... and ragnow was in the mix for me.. So I like this pick. I did have Wynn in my mind but soon as they said ragnow I was ok with it..(until I heard we had trade down options...) No need for me to trade up in rd 2 I would of took Lorenzo Carter 3rd I liked Harrison phillips 4th I liked John Franklin Myers 5th jaylen Samuels 7th will clapp As a udfa I really wanted jarvion Franklin
  2. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    Not really complaining about ragnow.. he shouldn't have mentioned anything about multiple trade down options.. is ragnow worth a first next year Iyo? I just read an article talking they been basically all over ragow for the past two years..so to me it does seem it was ragnow or bust pretty much. Which is fine but was it really worth not trading down..let us judge that..who is judging that...martha... I like the pick but to not know the whole story rubs me wrong..
  3. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    Oh I get it...

    This D gonna be wore out by week 8.. Probably resulting in a bunch of injuries
  5. Round 1, Pick 20: Frank Ragnow

    Put a joint in his mouth..bloated Seth Rogen lol
  6. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    And it's not like he's the clear cut best center from this class either going forward
  7. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    Well he better be a flippn probowler to give up multiple picks. You and everyone else are acting as if it was ragnow or nothing else .. So no one on here would be mad if a trade involved a next year's first rd pick..just glad to have a center..
  8. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    So our draft has been done since the combine.. nice to know Screw the trade down options tho
  9. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    So your telling me the media can't see a top prospect at a postion.. but you and I can..come on now. This just feeds into what I'm talking about... did the pats let the media know he was a first rd guy...come on now
  10. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    So this type of thing never happens then right... the patriots never play with the media.. why then do they even refer to the patriots then..oh the patriots like him media said so so it's ok..it sure isn't as cut and dry as you make it out to be..everyones not trying to help each of especially this time of year. Is what it is believe what you will..i don't believe this is fairly land... all I fn wanna know what we're the trade down options for that pick
  11. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    Big thing for me is his age and how long it may take him for nfl speed and schemes..
  12. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    You didn't answer the question or get my point..
  13. Round 2, Pick 43: Kerryon Johnson

    What are you expecting out of this pick? Anybody got a good comp for this guy? Is this Kevin Smith or Eric dickerson...
  14. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    And why was he such a late riser?? Bc the patriots troll..everything the flippn patriots say is gold.. y'all can believe this Adam *** kisser all up in crafts *** all you want ...the patriots are trolling you and the nfl.. But ya please explain why he was a late riser
  15. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    Or they overvalued ragnow.. I want answers lol