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  1. I ******* can't wait for crap storm to be over This fo may actually kill lions fb for me
  2. Id trade him but I think u should go after another proven player.. say trade slay for a badass guard and maybe a decent pick. Try get multiple players for him Like the kid from osu but not top 5 like him. Just don't like the plan of trading slay to be now forced to draft a high one
  3. I say either trade up to #1 get Young or trade down if possible as far down as you can.. let's go for future picks..gonna need us a shiny new qb soon Try a different strategy... or use these assets (players/picks) to go after the players you want/need don't treat these picks like gold... more than likely you gonna draft avg anyway... for quins sake he better buck quit filling holes 1/2 yrs later draft us one star moron... guy is flippn *** backwards... So either trade up to 1 go after who you were tanking for don't be a possy Worry about getting a Little ahead of the game go after future picks But for the love of God don't stay at 3
  4. That's my thing I think they worry about positions more than talent
  5. I think they definitely have their eye on someone in the draft. The way that this team is being managed tells me so... So imo we already are... Personally not very impressed with this draft but might change when underclassmen start declaring.. been saying this forever..but go after your guy... trade up.. It's either a offensive tackle or young all I can think of worth tanking for...
  6. I'm just gonna watch to cheer for the refs. Buy me the jersey... I just don't fn know how a call that big is not fn reviewable... my god they are fn game changing calls and everyone on planet earth knows it... this isnt even about being ticky tack with repay... Someone in fn ny or wherever their hiding needs to be in the ear of that official and tell him to pick that bs up... is it really that hard
  7. They have made this bs sooo obvious.. I said it on the packers last scoring drive before the half.. if the refs are gonna start their bs it's this drive and sure enough.. then I knew it was a rap
  8. Your not a lions fan if you didn't see this coming....
  9. I would let them have the pick of almost any player... except the obvious Stafford slay golladay and couple 2ndrp.. something like that Decker ,Jared 2020 2nd 2021 2nd... Doubt they do that but most I'd do anyway
  10. Flowers looked horrible rushing the passer... no moves not even his bull rush was laughable
  11. They were just looking at a saftey...
  12. These fools ain't got the nuts.
  13. Atleast the D scored a TD...........
  14. They should force feed the Hock Move him around...
  15. Personally I love it... get to see how good or bad your coordinators are... Flippn Matty needs to participate tho He skipped last preseason and it showed to start the season iyam and being new oc this is the time for him to try different throws etc
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