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  1. Lions @ Bears

    4 hof really.. I'd give it a shot... Look imo we could of had 2 division titles under Quinn if this guy could see anything..... We always have to wait for the right pieces because he's still trying to fill the holes from the previous year... I'd fire that turd today if I could
  2. Lions @ Bears

    ...you like Quinn couldn't see it was/is a problem till it's to late. I'm scream secondary every year..and I get told that's are strongest unit.. even if it is they still suck..
  3. Lions @ Bears

    Oh so your like Quinn..
  4. Lions @ Bears

    You just said he should of hung it up last year..
  5. Lions @ Bears

    Wait you were the one saying the secondary is fine... suppose you don't remember that tho right
  6. What Position To Draft In The First Round

    They will prolly draft for scheme instead of bpa...and will be a big mistake. For me idc what they do In free agency you gotta get some of this defensive talent in this draft
  7. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    It's funny because I personally thought the lions had decent depth at wr... I'd rather see what some of them got.. worry about getting a lb that can actually cover someone or anything at cb.. maybe an olmen...wth. This gm is killing ma
  8. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Worst draft ever
  9. Lions sign LB Kelvin Sheppard

    Think we got flowers also
  10. I think it's simply for next os. Think he's about to go all in for next year... Idk if he is eyeing something it better be on the defensive side. When I first heard Jones restructured I thought PP but guess not Sure as hell don't want dez... F that
  11. Bye Bye Tate

    Riddick can do what Tate did.. We are not going anywhere with this D this year To bad we couldn't trade jbc....
  12. Bye Week Review

    Think my biggest gripes are coaching and imo multiple guys playing the wrong positions Why they start blunt is beyond me.. Are you really gonna stay pat at TE..
  13. Potential Personnel Moves

    My thought? What about the draft... pretty good looking draft.. hard to do these types of moves with such a good draft is my thought. I'd be trying to trade guys too..
  14. 2018 NFL Redraft

    Well I know we had trade down options in the first so I'm pretty sure I would have done one.. I actually wanted ol here..and thought they felt the same... and ragnow was in the mix for me.. So I like this pick. I did have Wynn in my mind but soon as they said ragnow I was ok with it..(until I heard we had trade down options...) No need for me to trade up in rd 2 I would of took Lorenzo Carter 3rd I liked Harrison phillips 4th I liked John Franklin Myers 5th jaylen Samuels 7th will clapp As a udfa I really wanted jarvion Franklin
  15. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    Not really complaining about ragnow.. he shouldn't have mentioned anything about multiple trade down options.. is ragnow worth a first next year Iyo? I just read an article talking they been basically all over ragow for the past two years..so to me it does seem it was ragnow or bust pretty much. Which is fine but was it really worth not trading down..let us judge that..who is judging that...martha... I like the pick but to not know the whole story rubs me wrong..