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  1. Are we really as bad as people think?

    I saw they moved some guys around on the ol idk if it's gonna stick but they did have ragnow at center and glas at rg..
  2. Let's try to get Suh back home

    Makes you wonder if McCoy has anything left...
  3. Lions Select LB Jahlani Tavai #43 Overall

    I mean with prospects/rankings Why would his opinion matter over the countless others that disagree...
  4. Lions Select LB Jahlani Tavai #43 Overall

    Negative ya we don't have the right? We can't debate prospects without being negative? I think my glass overflows... What is gil brandt credited for?? What's his claim to fame...
  5. Let's try to get Suh back home

    This feels like the last thing we need.. So much I'd rather go after personally
  6. Lions Select TE T.J. Hockenson #8 Overall

    I don't get why he sees an obvious hole and almost refuse to fill it..it was corner and imo still is... then te now ol Sooo you know next year all the talk will probably be how we need ol.. And will again reach to fill that need... miss out on talent for need his story so far imo
  7. Lions Select TE T.J. Hockenson #8 Overall

    Lol he won't throw the seam pass...its a rare thing for him.. idt he trusts his arm..a lot less margin for error over the middle... I honestly don't trust him playing this game (over the middle stuff) anyway
  8. Lions Select LB Jahlani Tavai #43 Overall

    Does ne move their lbs around??
  9. Lions Select TE T.J. Hockenson #8 Overall

    Tried to tell ya... he don't like throwing to the middle of the field. Highly doubt tj changes that but guess we will see...
  10. 2019 Schedule

    Pretty much the whole damn thing..... And he is conservative as hell.. It reminded me of a few years ago when I could tell you the play before it was even snapped... He tries throwing two tes at you I think to confuse but the plays and down and distance you know what he's about to run.. he puts his qbs in bad situations imo... we don't have a guy that can move like Russell....his longer plays are slow developing plays...its just the more I watch the I just don't like... I can not see this offence in the top 15...
  11. 2019 Schedule

    Idk but I've been watching a lot of bevell and can you say predictable...
  12. Lions Select TE T.J. Hockenson #8 Overall

    This dude needs a nickname... Something like the Frankenstein... Dudes hands look good so far...made a silly catch about an inch from the ground... it's no Stafford rocket but ya.. We could call him Ritz.... The bull.. The robot... The lieutenant.. Milkman... The jedi.. The vampire... Ghost.. Goose.. Tricia Jean.... Sweet potatoe The psycho Cujo The butcher ...
  13. Lions Select TE T.J. Hockenson #8 Overall

    What number did he get
  14. Solomon Thomas--Trade Target?

    Think I'd hold off on any trade for now unless we're talking ol... I'm thinking if a team like the cards or jags start bad they could be willing to trade maybe ramsey or peterson..dolphins with howard.. I would rather hold on to my picks for something bigger...even if it is only a 5thrp A player swop would be ok tho Think they might perferr a guy like McCoy over Thomas that could be even cheaper