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  1. Generic Gameday Thread

    Typical. Think our fo only goal... is to beat gb.. sad This team makes me ill
  2. The Airing of Grievances

    Think the thing I hate is we haven't had a gm worth a ****. Why is this low franchise hiring rookie gms.. you see Cleveland figured it out. Then you hire coaches that put 50yo blunt out there really...... no one wants to see that **** show us something with some gd promise.. ANYTHING! And quit filling holes that are so dam obvious a yr or two late.. it truly makes me wonder if Quinn has even watched a game.. Oh we need ol.. let's put guys next to each other with no compliment skill set.. Grow a pair do something game changing like the bears did bc that is the only way this guys gonna make it Man I could go on all day... this some kind of therapy... I need somewhere to vent thanks lol

    But I do

    A lot of this is scheme I get what your getting at... pressures vs actually fixing a need at cb You wanna mask it I wanna fix it

    Bro hard to comment.a lot of these picks are wishful thinking.. Love the thought of Greedy. It's between him a couple others for me. Having a tough time making up my mind Feels like if you go greedy in rd one you may miss out on your dl... feels like you have no choice but to choose one in rd2 if you don't address it in fa I guess..

    Can you put pressures up I heard that's a thing... The secondary let us down again... Atleast the ol looks to be getting better
  7. The Blues mock offseason.

    Vague.. It's like saying hey he almost caught the ball.. so give him half a point?.!.. Every play has pressure.. are there different levels of pressures.... More pressure isn't gonna stop many of these qbs for shredding this secondary as it sits
  8. The Blues mock offseason.

    That second paragraph sounds like the lions... I'm not asking for a ton I am asking for 2 this os.
  9. The Blues mock offseason.

    So your cool with just more pressure.. The pressure is going to somehow gonna make our cbs play better and stay injury free... wouldn't every team be doing this if that were the case
  10. The Blues mock offseason.

    How many more sacks is good for you just curious
  11. Week 9: Lions @ Vikings

    Mp in his first year had a decent draft Imo if you didn't expect some kind of set back in a coaching change then your the dummy His best player on D gone/new philosophy A gm who is over his head Didn't have A lot of time to make a staff Caldwell vs Matty I'm pretty sure I yelled at my tv more at Caldwell lol Shouldn't be any excuses tho after this year... you got plenty of time to find an oc plenty of money to get your D where it needs to be. A top draft choice. Hey Quinn as slow as you are you might wanna start looking for a qb now..
  12. The Blues mock offseason.

    Ya..see it's sad that's my point
  13. The Blues mock offseason.

    Lawson on now a one yr deal And walker has shown enough not to have a decent back-up..i like walker but dam seems like your asking a lot. One injury your screwed..other ways to accomplish a pr not so easy to find guys who can cover people. Don't get it twisted tho bc I want some pass rushers too.. Also how can you determine value with so many factors plus we need players everywhere...value to me is bpa not oh we sucked at this this year so try to fix at the cost of missing out on better talent .teams do the same crap every year... ...thats kinda why I brought up the steelers. They invested heavy over the years in their pr now you need secondary now you overdraft on a saftey hoping for a quick fix WE HAVE NO LBS.. overdraft Davis WE HAVE NO LT.... overdraft decker WE HAVE NO RB.. overdraft 3 WE HAVE NO CBs... nothing signing guys off the streets it seems every year.. saftey ah we will just move guys around..
  14. The Blues mock offseason.

    Didn't sacksonville bring in like 3 starting dbs in one year. Bc they couldn't do it your way? All I'm asking for is at least someone better than Lawson...saftey I just think you can be more versatile with better dbs not so much the other way around strictly pr
  15. Tis The Season Draft

    I watch his tape a lot.. and something is just off for me with him.. first I'm stuck fit (where's his spot) then idk I guess get a bad diva vibes.. like a lot of what he can do but I don't feel he's gonna blow the league away and far as value think I could do better in the second rd. If they were to pick him wouldn't be mad but wouldn't be jumping up and down either