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  1. I see so many people make this argument that Rodgers wasn't good until year 3 so it's OK Love looked so bad. You could make this same argument for every failed QB in the NFL. Bottom line is Love looked really bad. Can't read the defense and inaccurate is a really bad combo. Now I'm willing to give him somewhat of a pass because he was thrust into the starting role and KCs defense looks good, but man he was just all over the place.
  2. Runyan did the right thing. Let Donald draw a penalty....which should have happened.
  3. Rams are always the story because they sign/trade for flashy players. Rasoul Douglas and Devondre Campbell aren't sexy acquisitions, even though they're more impactful than Beckham and Miller.
  4. I keep thinking about this Defense with Jaire and Z. They will be tough to stop. Sad we won't see them with Mercillus too. Would've been crazy depth for our pass rushers.
  5. I didn't voice it, but I expected it. This team is just so beat up. Amazing what they are doing
  6. Huge opportunity wasted. Would've like more running there. Dillon is wearing them down.
  7. You may be right. I just saw a post game interview with Lafleur and twice he said "you have to give the Vikings credit"
  8. Interesting that Lafleur would say "you better not give your team any credit" though.
  9. Not looking forward to this beat up line going against Aaron Donald. There are just too many injuries for this team to overcome. It's a shame. Just hope that we start getting guys healthy after the bye week and are able to compete come playoff time.
  10. I know they missed a FG but I would put this loss more on the defense. Gave up 160 yards to one receiver and dropped like 4 picks.
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