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  1. This offense is something else. 37 pts with no Davante against the Saints.
  2. Its a weird game. Feel like we are being outplayed, but winning by 3.
  3. Hopefully Im wrong but i just dont see our offense keeping up with our bad defense
  4. We are playing the NFC favorite without their best receiver. We also lack our best receiver. This game isnt a gimme. The difference is their d is better than ojrs, especially without Clark.
  5. Its odd to me. The defense, again, looks like absolute trash but theyve only given up 10 points. Maybe as fans we are just too hard on our team. There are guys on the other side of the ball paid to do their jobs, too.
  6. I feel like this was out of character for Mac. In GB he takes the 3.
  7. Stop it. Youre being overly emotional. The 9ers are a great team.
  8. Im not sure who to root for in the SB. Niners are likeable outside Shanahan and Bosa. Same with Chiefs outside of Hill and Kelce.
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