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  1. Johnson is going to tear up GB special teams if they win
  2. When you put up almost 500 yards and 37 minutes on the #1 defense in the league, we shouldnt be biting our nails in the 4th quarter.
  3. Was either score representative of how close the actual game was late? Both games were questionable in the 4th quarter and shouldnt have been.
  4. And sometimes it works out. Bears and Rams both were extremely tight late in the game. They shoudnt have been.
  5. Honestly, to just be very basic I look at the Titans game and dont understand why that appriach isnt used more often. It is painful watching this defense just sit back and wait for the offense to make a mistake.
  6. The situation is the offense absolutely dominated time of possession so the Rams didnt have opportunities to put up points. Again, the defense came through in the end but against a QB better than Goff things would be different.
  7. Theres a difference between stats and situational football. This passive defense has kept opponents in games time and time again, including tonight.
  8. The defensive gameplan of just standing around hoping the other team eventually stops itself is just so frustrating week after week.
  9. Not to mention there were serious questions about his ability to play in the cold as he aged. He looked like he didnt even want to be at that NFCCG.
  10. I don't know. Yes, nice we held them to 16 points but part of the problem with the defensive game plan is that it keeps our strength on the sidelines.
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