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  1. Texans... along came the Jags. And the season is so long now and there's going to be plenty meaningless games, bad teams will still get win(s). I don't see 0-17 for anyone.
  2. Skip will hand wave the ref stuff and give the Cowboys a moral victory type deal, so he can have his cake/eat it to: Cowboys and Brady both win in his eyes!
  3. If it comes down to kicking for the Cowboys, oh boy...
  4. All I know is Brady won without the Pats while Jordan never won without the Bulls.
  5. He's too boring to be a great heel... remember David Stern playing into it in the NBA. Night and day.
  6. I love the boo bait with mentioning their superbowl wins
  7. Nah, NFL big wigs force them to take so much time... TV Show/broadcast partners/advertising
  8. I did like Zach's interactions with the fans
  9. This is sad.grim.pathetic. so far... unwatchable
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