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  1. He's too boring to be a great heel... remember David Stern playing into it in the NBA. Night and day.
  2. I love the boo bait with mentioning their superbowl wins
  3. Nah, NFL big wigs force them to take so much time... TV Show/broadcast partners/advertising
  4. I did like Zach's interactions with the fans
  5. This is sad.grim.pathetic. so far... unwatchable
  6. The Oscars ratings tanked... so why emulate anything from them?
  7. No one is watching a freaking NFL draft for musical performances (Superbowl is different as the half time show is a spectacle)
  8. This intro of the top prospects is corny corny corny
  9. Him ending up with the Pats... Pats/Bucs Superbowl... that'd become the biggest revenge matchup ever.
  10. Right now, the only people I feel aren't bad guys in all of this are the fans of the team. But wow, what a turn of events.
  11. If he can play, if he's still healthy, if the team can contend... why shouldn't Brady stick around? Bucs should win the South next season with Saints taking a step back. Packers have never proven they are this team to fear (the amazing home field advantage, yet only one Super Bowl, hmmm..). I find it hard to believe Mahomes is just being marked in for all these Super Bowls. Nothing is a sure thing.
  12. The thing I forgot when thinking about this game was Bucs playing better as the season went on, beating all the top teams in the NFC to make the Super Bowl, also not going to allow Chiefs to win on their home field. Brady is now 2-0 over this Chiefs team in the playoffs. Then Brady never had a blowout win in a Superbowl before now, so he was due for one. Very impressive victory for the Bucs and of course, for Brady, his own personal moment as a sports figure beyond football. Amazing. MJ needs to get on with another documentary, huh? I kid I kid. We'll never see anything like this wit
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