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  1. I don't see this Pats team coming out of AFC...Chiefs are probably my best bet currently to win AFC
  2. This is a big reason for this team's struggles this season and last season
  3. Zimmer shouldn't be returning next season
  4. Zimmer's strategy to rush 3 is bizarre considering how awful Goff has been whenever he has been pressured today
  5. 180+ yards for JJ today...probably his career high
  6. Vikings would have been probably winning this game if they just were passing all game...they can't run the ball for **** and when they run, it will be called for holding penalties
  7. what a horrible play call on 2nd and 20
  8. Stop running the goddamn ball Vikings...so many holding penalties
  9. Vikings should be not allowed to run on first downs
  10. Would be beautiful to see Packers get the No1 seed and then lose in the NFC Championship game for 3rd straight year
  11. Uli Udoh stinks...dude has been a penalty machine this season
  12. A Vikings game isn't complete without a CJ Ham reception
  13. hard to stay healthy behind this horrible Vikings OLine.
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