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  1. Chiefs vs Niners...I like Mahomes and Shanny
  2. I like Chiefs and root for them (except when they are playing Vikings) only because of Mahomes. Mahomes is just an extremely likeable dude.
  3. Very very different to any GM Vikings or tbh any NFL team has had. Comes from an Analytics and Finance background.
  4. Not a fan of these 1st down runs from Chiefs tbh
  5. This has been the best game of playoffs so far
  6. Hope the TV talking heads are happy to see Bills establishing the run
  7. If only Rams didn't go into conservative offense mode in the 2nd half...
  8. Good lord..this Rams pass rush is amazing and relentless
  9. Could definitely have helped the passing offense in scoring more than 10 points...WRs other than Adams were only targeted just 2 times. Either the other WRs struggled to get separation when defense was doubling Adams or Rodgers had an absolute stinker
  10. Would Packers have won last night if they had OBJ?
  11. LeFleur deserves a lot of blame for the playcalling. Really not sure why Packers didn't go much for quick passing game...they could have done lot of those 5-7 yard plays to Adams
  12. Always fun to see Rodgers and Packers choke in playoffs...especially when their defense played a great game
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