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  1. Packers - 2007,2014,2016,2019,2020. Vikings - 1998,2000,2009,2017.
  2. Packers - 2007,2014,2016,2019,2020. Vikings - 1998,2000,2009,2017
  3. Did Lynn finally learn from his mistakes earlier this season? I was genuinely surprised to see him go for it on 4th & 8
  4. I didn't say it will totally eliminates tanking...but it definitely is better than current system where fans end up rooting for their team to lose every game when their team is out of playoff contention
  5. That really isn't true..if that's the case, then Knicks should've gotten No1 pick multiple times by now but they haven't even gotten it atleast once. .look at the teams who got No1 pick in NBA..TWolves, Pelicans are some of the least marketable teams and they've gotten No1 pick thrice in last 6 years.
  6. yeah...no doubt NFL can get big ratings for the Lottery night
  7. With how depressing Jets fans have been feeling since Sunday, it just doesn't feel right for me that fans of a team are so distraught to see their team finally win a game and avoid finishing 0-16. I also do hate tanking and in general rooting against your fav team. With ever more increasing importance of QB position and how a QB is mostly being picked with the No1 pick, don't you think it would make sense for NFL to adopt NBA stlye draft lottery system? In the NBA draft lottery system, team with worst record usually only has 14% chance of No1 pick and 52% chance of getting a top4 pick..te
  8. disgraceful from Cardinals defense to allow that TD on 3rd & 20
  9. Talib's voice is unusual for an announcer
  10. This is pretty much the main reason why Diggs wanted out...has nothing to do with him hating Kirk or anything...he just didn't seem to like the run-heavy approach this management prefers
  11. Good job Kubiak running the ball when you are down by 12 pts with just 3 mins to go
  12. Vikings ST has been absolute garbage this season..worst in the league...probably is gonna end up costing them a playoff spot.
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