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  1. Are Saints missing Michael Thomas that badly or is this just Brees level dipping significantly this season? I feel like this is latter considering how Brees is missing open receivers
  2. Man...this current Pats offense with last year's Pats defense would have made things super interesting...would definitely have been a contender.
  3. I am rooting badly for Cam to do well this season
  4. Bad decision by Herbert...should have probably taken that first down
  5. Burrow has had like 50 pass attempts tonight but hardly any deep shots
  6. Hooper has made some really good blocks tonight but damn that hasn't helped my fantasy team
  7. The one thing which I disliked about Stefanski/Vikings offense last season was running instead of passing on 2nd and long plays
  8. When was the last time Browns were having > 0.500 win% (at any point in the season)?
  9. I am pretty sure there are like atleast 8 teams that are gonna be worse than Vikings this year....unless Cousins gets injured, Vikings aren't getting even a Top5 draft pick
  10. Look...what a surprise...PlayAction worked despite Giants run game sucking really badly so far
  11. I thought Cousins scrambles yesterday were encouraging. He gained good yardage and multiple first downs on his scrambles yesterday. Something I don't remember seeing much from him in last couple of seasons.
  12. This might be the year when Wilson is finally gonna receive atleast 1 MVP vote for the first time in his career. It's crazy that Bobby Wagner has received more MVP votes than Wilson so far lol
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