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  1. List of the Movies you Would pay to Own

    Most of Nolan's movies
  2. Nah...I think that was Ward or Moore....Sherman always lines up on the other side iirc...the only big play on which Sherman got burned was the Watkins catch
  3. I think another key play which probably isn't talked about much was that dropped interception by Kwon
  4. He didn't go away from the run...you cannot run the ball on every down unless you are averaging like 6-7 ypc like they did vs Packers. They still ran the ball in final quarter but only 1 run was successful where they got like 17 yards...other than that, lot of them ended up gaining only short yardage...you have got to pass it at some point when it's still only 1 score game
  5. Right...but it's gonna be tiresome seeing cliche stuff through out the off-season about Kyle being some choker and that he doesn't want to run the ball in crunch time which is just stupid considering he even ran the ball with under 2:30 mins remaining and when the team needed TD. Just 2 big plays...the Hill catch on 3rd & 15 and that overthrow to Sanders.
  6. Kyle will definitely get blame but I wonder what the narrative would have been if Jimmy hit Sanders on that throw. It's not like Kyle completely went away from run...they still did run the ball, I think on one of the drives in the end, they didn't gain much on a first down run and then a false start happened, it ended up being 2nd & 15, you don't often run on 2nd & 15 and that's when Kyle went back to Jimmy.
  7. Mahomes didn't have a good game but Chiefs still scored 31 points in just 10 drives lol
  8. Man...that was so close
  9. Lol Kyle running the ball in that situation...didn't expect that at all
  10. I am here for Revis's comments after the game lol
  11. You need a top view for this replay...not sure how you can come to any conclusions with this side view
  12. Never write off Mahomes lol
  13. Mahomes hasn't played well so far but yeah I wouldn't say Jimmy 'outplayed' Mahomes...Jimmy has been ok & he hasn't gotten pressured as much as Mahomes
  14. It's hard to say whether receivers were open or not until we get the All-22 tape...I wish the broadcaster showed the All-22 view more in between the plays instead of showing sidelines, crowd etc