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  1. We straight up dominated them in the first half of week three, and then a botched kick off coverage got them a a little bit of success. We also dropped points and got some questionable PI calls, that most likely balanced out when the clear grounding call wasn't called. Dillon seemed more successful than Jones, and I wonder how much of the offense was hamstrung because of the Yosh Vs Bosa situation. Which was Yosh's first start, so there is some room to wonder about this team. That said, if we end up leading by 17-0 with 2 seconds left in the first half, I think we'll all take that.
  2. If Ojabo is there in the first, there is no way they don't take him - I mean everybody thought we over drafted Gary. I Like Pierce and Muma a lot. Not sure Drake will be there either. Also I think the idea of trading Z is interesting, and figuring out the value there is probably impossible. Still, I feel like a team with the cap space might take that punt.
  3. I was thinking about the Cardinals, and trying to find some light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Seriously if we avoid getting 10 offensive holding penalties and 5 defensive holding penalties, and Rodgers doesn't throw a terribad interception that gifts the 49ers a TD I think we gat this, easily.
  5. It's bad business to give excessive margins in the NFL playoffs. Mostly because 1 off games can be unpredictable. Rodgers could get hurt in snap 2 and then the numbers shift drastically. Still, you're talking about basically the only team since week 1 (and apart from the lions game) to cover consistently, which I think should be read as the GB Packers are better than Vegas thinks they are.
  6. Sure but I feel like the guy has a pretty clear idea of how we give people the chance to succeed, not like the dude in Philly. He will beat Patrick next year.
  7. Yeah putting Patrick in for Newman is pretty telling, but I really don't think rookie O-lineman should necessarily be blamed.
  8. Both passes were tipped. It's also probably not as amazing an opportunity as we think it is; only undrafted to late round draft picks against a team desperate for the win. Glad for him and Deguara, also loved seeing Cobby and Rodgers super invested in the W. Keep this group together.
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