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  1. Is he the richest QB ever? Based off all his contracts including husband monster rookie deal?
  2. 2018 NFL DRAFT

    According to Veach they wanted to focus on the front 7. Wants to make teams go toe-to-toe on offense as opposed to how the Titans bled the clock out with 9 minute drives
  3. Day 2 Draft Discussion Thread

  4. Draft Rumors

    Per Albert Breer “My Day 2 rumors ... The Chiefs are looking to trade up, and actually tried last night.”
  5. But why...? That’s their strength
  6. The 2nd and 3rd round will be full of tremendous value
  7. “As the first round comes to close, a few teams are discussing coming back into the first round — The #Bears and the #Raiders.”
  8. They lose Taylor Gabriel and got Ridley instead...sheesh. Does that move Sanu into the Slot?
  9. With so many CB’s on the board still I wonder if KC moves up