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  1. Home Opener Chiefs vs Ravens GDT

    Through 3 quarters of each game, this defense held each team to 13, 10, 13 points. I'm not concerned, if it weren't for a couple miraculous plays be LJ, the game was a 2 score game.
  2. 2-0 with Baltimore next week. Hardman and D-Rob looked fantastic so it gives Ravens more fits with those 2 balling out. 2-0....lessss go
  3. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    Only one that would worry me is the ravens game if he misses that.
  4. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    Jax may try to run the ball every time lol. I think the D-Line has a monster day.
  5. Chiefs extend WR Tyreek Hill (3 years, $54M)

    Idk why Dallas is waiting on Dak and Amari tbh when everyone else is getting extended left and right. Julio for sure loves this; hes probably gonna ask for 21 AAV after hill gets 18
  6. Chiefs extend WR Tyreek Hill (3 years, $54M)

    On Field: great deal for both sides. $35 GTD and Veach made it clear that bnb the language is contingent on Hill's off field. More importantly; Mahomes keeps his weapon and allows KC more clarity with Jones's deal or Franchise tag.
  7. Rams Sign Goff to Four Year Extension

    I was thinking about this yesterday, if Mahomes told the Chiefs; I'll take a $28-30 million AAV deal for 2-4% ownership
  8. Rams Sign Goff to Four Year Extension

    Dallas should’ve paid Dak as soon as the season ended. Good deal for Goff, that leaves Dak this year; Watson, Mahomes and Trubisky eligible after this season to be extended.
  9. 2019 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    Imagine having to defend: Hill, Watkins, Kelce, D-Will, McCoy
  10. 2019 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    He’s not what he once was but man ad that’s still speed in the backfield to join D-Will.
  11. Bills cut RB LeSean Mccoy