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  1. Yeah i mean it’s not a sexy pick, but if they can grab Cosmi, in 2 months Veach would’ve gave overhauled this o-line completely
  2. I think Cosmi is a legit target at 31, he had a great pro day. People question his strength but I think once he’s in a weight room he’ll be fine.
  3. Opens up the draft for Carolina now for BPA instead of need or trading up for a QB. Low cost they paid, good deal
  4. They’re really going after the interior side of the line. I wonder if they’re comfortable at every spot except LT.
  5. That’s a lot of cheddar. So is it the 3 extension years plus years 4-5 on his rookie deal?
  6. Great bargain deal. Jones and Reed are gonna wreak havoc up the middle. I think they go after a DE in round 1 if they don’t get the LT they like
  7. I read an article that Breeland may come back on a mother 1-Year deal.
  8. Man I was high on Jackson coming out that year too
  9. Thuney only has a 4.5 million cap hit this year so they have room if that want to
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