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  1. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    I say the Chiefs win, but man can this team get healthy already? Morse, LDT, and West are ruled out.
  2. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Was hoping LDT and Morse would be back
  3. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    "Justin Houston, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill all on the practice field for #Chiefs this morning."
  4. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    This team needs a bye week so bad lol. Luckily they're not all serious injuries to worry about.
  5. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Reid said after the game Kelce was fine he just had to finish protocol. Morse, Ford and Wilson back will be huge especially after the Conley injury.
  6. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    This game worries me. It'll go one of two ways, KC and Reid will find away to put this team out or Pitt with their backs seemingly against the wall with come in and play their best ball of the season
  7. SNF: Chiefs @ Texans GDT

    Both teams will have to earn this one
  8. SNF: Chiefs @ Texans GDT

    Shorter week doesn't help, but at least it's a Sunday night game. Hopefully Ford can go, it'll give Fish another week to get healthier.
  9. SNF: Chiefs @ Texans GDT

    LDT has a sprained knee and is day-to-day
  10. SNF: Chiefs @ Texans GDT

    Will Houston ever going to travel to KC? Lol. Well, ad news is KC isn't at full strength, need to see if Ford will be available this week. Good news is, this is basically a neutral field for KC seeing how many times In the past few years they've played there lol. Also.....MP22 vs Nuke 3.0 or 4.0
  11. The Season - an outlook after week 1

    "Next week: Ehinger back Week 6: Morse? Week 7: Steven Nelson? Week 8: Tamba Hali? Lots of help on the way in coming weeks for Chiefs."
  12. "Bears have made a QB change and are going with Mitchell Trubisky, sources tell @DanGrazianoESPN and me." - Schefty
  13. Most likely out, along with Morse
  14. Morse I'd imagine is out this game and maybe next week. And no one knows anything about Ford yet lol. Maybe a game day decision?
  15. Marvel/Netflix: Jessica Jones S2- March 8

    That's what I thought. But I guess there's gonna be a lot of flashbacks then.