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  1. To be fair, a lot of the lists were 24 and under so they wouldn’t default to Mahomes lol
  2. Feel sorry for the dude this has to be it for him right?
  3. But what if it’s: pay Matheiu or lose Mathieu, draft another S and pay Thornhill
  4. Harrison Smith just got extended and he’s older than Tyrann. If they can’t get a long term deal they’ll likely tag him
  5. Honey Badger activated for the game. It’s game day 😎
  6. If he goes in, Jamaal Charles should go in also
  7. The franchise >> hard knocks
  8. Yeah I’m just curious if they’re gonna do platinum Dex since it doesn’t look like a national dex will be included. I’m tempted to do the preorder for the double pack
  9. Arceus? I’m sure they’re gonna continue to work on it since it’s not out till then
  10. Super hyped after watching the video this morning
  11. Just starting episode 2
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