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  1. Mock Off-Season

    Nope still not good enough. This WR class is so hard to predict they have 7 WRs who can go 1st round and another 15 that can go anywhere in the 2nd or 3rd, so who knows but imagine if somehow it did lol. I hate taking the cap hit with alshon, but i also dont wanna see him be a detriment to the team anymore and to carsons growth. And McCloud is and always will be referred to as Trash. **** im not even a fan of jenkins being on the team anymore. Id rather move Rasuul into safety and let maddox take over the jenkins role
  2. Mock Off-Season

    Awwww lol dammit usually your the one i piss off the most 🤣
  3. Mock Off-Season

    Yea no Ive said it before and ill say it again, McCloud sucksss, so glad hes prolly gone. Vinny Curry age is a factor for me, rather let younget guys get playing time So tired of everyone wanting to keep mediocre LBS Big V is gonna get paid to be someones starting RT Jordan Howard i feel is going to cost at least 8 million FB why not, it would open up more in the playbook and who else is gonna contribute in round 7 We sat the last how many drafts or only made 1 trade, cmon we need to get aggressive. Fulton will be a #1 Corner by year 2 and will be a stud. Hamlin who i think is no wjere close tp available day 3 would be a steal and would give us someone electric Paddy Fisher was a 1st round prospect on a bad team, bring him in for depth and by year 2 guarantee hes starting and recking havoc at MLB
  4. Mock Off-Season

    Start Ripping Away Offensive Passing Game Coordinator - John DeFilippo Offensive Run Game Coordinator - Duce Staley Defensive Coordinator - Jim Schwartz Cap Space: 45 Million Cut/Release/Not Resigned: OT Jason Peters S Rodney McCloud WR Nelson Agholor CB Ronald Darby DE Vinny Curry QB Josh McCown LB Kamu Grugier-Hill OT BIG V RB Jordan Howard CB Jalen Mills * Believe they resign him but I don't want them to. Cap Space: 45 Million Re-Sign: S Malcolm Jenkins (2 Years / 30 Million) - 15 Mil AVG , Cap hit was 11 Million now 15 Mil - I hate this however I can see them doing it. QB Nate Sudfeld (2 Years / 10 Million) 5 Mil AVG - Can see them paying him to stay, Don't see him getting big money elsewear. DT Tim Jernnigan ( 3 Years / 10 Million ) 3 Mil AVG- Resign him due to not knowing if M. Jackson will be back and healthy in time for the season. As well as a depth piece who when healthy has been a great tandem with Cox and I don't see getting a payday on the open market DT Hassaan Ridgeway (3 Year / 6 Million ) 2 mil AVG - Was a good depth player. CB Craig James - Tendered (1 Million) RB Corey Clement - 2nd Round Tender 1-2 Million Cap Space: 28 Million Free Agents: ( I Don't see any Big Moves) CB Kendall Fuller - 4 Year / 32 Million (8 Million Year 1) Hasn't been a top Corner, But had a Solid year the previous year before this with Pass Defenses. Just feel like we need new blood in the secondary. Not a big Signing but a quality signing in my opinion. OLB De'Vondre Campbell - 4 Year / 28 Million (6 Million Year 1) A LB who can come in and take place of Bradham, Who can Cover and Rush Doesn't excel greatly at either but overall is better then what we have. This is the least likely move i see us doing. WR Rashard Higgins - 2 Year / 8 Million (4 Million) - A depth WR Signing, I don't seem them splurging on this Position with the $ Alshon has tied up. Cap Space - 10 Million Draft: ***Trade #21, #85, and #143 for Denvers #15 and #95 Pick #15 - CB Kristian Fulton LSU ***My Favorite Corner in this draft who I think is a top 10 Pick but with QB's will fall. Pick #53 - WR Justin Jefferson LSU ***A Top Notch WR whose Speed and Size will be a great combo. I do wish he had a little better Release and Route Running ***Trade #95 and #127 and Rasuul Douglas to CIN for #65 Pick #65 - WR K.J. Hamler PSU ***Somehow in this miracle K.J makes it to Day 3 with other Bigger WR's getting their name called Pick #97 - S Antoine Brooks Maryland ***Think he would fit in well in the secondary ***Trade #167 and WR Alshon Jefferey to NE For #195 - Get rid of the Locker Room Nuisance who hates Wentz now that we got 2 capable Wr's. Due to Cap # we have no choice. Take huge cap hit now however have big relief the following. #190 - LB Paddy Fisher Northwestern LB Depth #195 - QB Steven Montez QB Depth #229 - FB Jay Jay Wilson Finally bring the FB position back to philly.
  5. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Get this man a beer 🍻🍻
  6. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Yall are killing me with the trade Ertz bull****. He's not going anywhere. There is no reason to move him. We can run 2 TE sets like we've been doing as well as having 2 safety valves for Wentz. I'm not getting rid of a top 3 player at his position for a horrible *** 3rd round pick or even a bad 2nd round pick. **** I honestly wouldn't even trade him for a 1st Round pick, He's too valuable. Yall don't make any sense to me with the having 2 top TE's is a bad thing Bull****.
  7. There is Hope for next season after all bye Groh!!!! Wont miss ya, Can schwartz be next?
  8. Im so ******* annoyed they dont see the chance to get a better OC, Groh sucks period. Hopefully We can at least get rid of Schwartz, Cmon Cleveland do us a favor again.
  9. I think its more the fact that we dont have LBS that are good at anything. They're all just bodies who cant cover TEs/RBs and also dont have the skill to shed blocks and run stuff. They were horrible in all facets. We need a true leader at LB and we dont have that.
  10. Also can we replace The OC and DC...
  11. Whats yalls thoughts on just trying to do a mini rebuild the next 2 years rather then repeatedly doing band aids?
  12. 2020 - Join Total Control GM Mock Draft - Sign up today

    Unfortunately im not sure if im gonna have the time to commit yet.
  13. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Im against trading up for any of these wrs i feel like two of them will slide to us and even then as much as i like them. Id still wanma trade up for Delpit, Simmons or Hope Fulton falls to us.
  14. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

  15. Goldfish Round 1 Mock

    Horrible Phi Pick, and a reach and a half. Diggs is barely the backend of the 1st material. If Delpit or Simmons magically fall that far, PHI easily trades up for one of them.