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  1. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Seems Like a lot of work, lol. Especially for teams that currently are like that regardless. Not gonna release your top players to get under that Percentage.
  2. To Be or Not to Be. That is the Eagle Question

    Tate Stays, Darby, Graham, Gone Hopefully McLeod is gone as well.
  3. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Imo, We will most likely trade up somewhere between 14-20
  4. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Whose everyone's Realistic top 5 options for the first round? #1 - CB - Deandre Baker ( I like the idea of Douglas and Baker outside With Le'blanc/Maddox/Jones In the slot and Maddox at S) #2 - DT - Christian Wilkins (I like him the best out of the DT's) #3 - DT - Dexter Lawrence (Can't go wrong) #4 - WR - N'Keal Harry (Offense, Offense, Offense) #5 - WR - J. J. Archega-Whiteside (Think He's top 3 WR's this year, Combine he'll show out.
  5. Secondary Going forward

    Would you take a Corner with the 1st round pick we get if most of the real round 1 DL are gone? Baker, Murphy, or Oruwariye?
  6. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Maybe I missed this, How are we making the FA Bidding Max better? I remember some of the ridiculous FA Contracts last year.
  7. It's time to commit to Nick

    I thought about that trade as well, Foles for Ramsey would be the most beneficial trade for PHI.
  8. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    I hope im wrong, I just don't trust the defense yet. I think they'll do fine against Thomas but idk about Kamara or Ingram or that stupid Hill they have.
  9. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    I wondered the same thing when they used Sproles to run up the middle from the 2 yard line 3 times.
  10. Secondary Going forward

    Whats everyones thoughts on our secondary going forward. I love how Rasuul has been playing, I think he's earned a starting role next year. I love how maddox has been playing, just not liking how he looking like jalen mills biting on double moves. Sidney hope he can come back healthy. Le'Blanc has been a suprise, like robinson last year. Just hasn't made the big plays yet. Jalen Mills? Starter again, Depth or gone? I think depth only Ronald Dary? Return, or gone? I think Gone, I haven't liked him at all. McCloud? Keep or Realease? Hopefully release Graham? HE def gone IMO. Is corner or safety a priority next year? Draft or FA? or you ok with what we got moving forward? I think we need to look at Safety so we can keep Douglas and Maddox outside with Jones/Leblanc in the slot if healthy Thoughts?
  11. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Just a reminder, That i Traded for Nick Foles for JAX
  12. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    Unfortunately I have us loosing this game 27-21.
  13. I think this will be a low-mid scoring affair, something like 20-17 eagles with Elliot missing an XP and Eagles getting a 4th down 4th quarter stop.
  14. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Any idea what teams are gonna be available? Since @EaglesPeteC is going to have the SB 52 Champs on Lock.
  15. WE winning this game, and Big D Nick is gonna get revenge on NO for 2014.