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  1. Seahawks sign former Washington QB Stephen Morris

    It's partial evidence, but strictly speaking, you're right. It certainly doesn't reach the standard of evidenceto successful win a collusion. However, let's get away from the collusion charges for a second. Kaepernick doesn't need to prove collusion to win damages against the NFL. Regardless of what happens with the collusion case, Kaepernick can sue NFL teams for unemployment discrimination Kaepernick meets all the requirements for such a case prima facie, with perhaps the only question being whether Kaepernick is statistically good enough to be hired by NFL teams above lesser QBs, yet is summarily denied employment because of his political/racial views (i.e. illegal discrimination). This recent Seattle debacle establishes strong evidence that Kaepernick denied employment by at least NFL team because of his political/racial views. This runs afoul of federal law and is employment discrimination.
  2. Josh Allen

    One would think statistics controls for system differences. The preponderance of data establishes QBs who throw well below sub 60% don't make it in the NFL. Coaches and scouts can say what they want, but system doesn't appear to matter when the whole picture is taken into account. A guy has to meet accuracy threshold regardless of the system he plays. If he doesn't, it's a red flag.
  3. Josh Allen

    I agree with you as far as how important the mental side is in the NFL. But in saying that, what separates Jones and Allen mentally from a football standpoint? I don't see any difference. Allen couldn't set protections in college and neither could Jones. Both have room to grow in that area. And if Allen couldn't learn to read a defense across multiple years' starting, there's little reason to think he's better mentally than Cardale, who arguably had less experience.
  4. Seahawks sign former Washington QB Stephen Morris

    It establishes that at least 1 NFL team is blackballing Colin K for his political views. That team was open to signing Colin K then backed out as soon as he revealed his political view. Further, didn't something similar happen in Baltimore? Bob McNair also made some comments which spoke to his team refusing to sign someone with political views like Colin K's. Altogether this is direct (team) and circumstantial (McNair) evidence of collusion.
  5. Josh Allen

    Sure, but Allen doesn't show the signs of being a successful sub 60% passer at the NFL level. In Newton's only full college season, he hit the 60% threshold. Allen meanwhile has failed to do so across multiple seasons. Newton is too high a comp for Allen. His comp is more like Osweiler. Cardale Jones was arguably a better prospect than Allen too. Just as big and strong, hit the 60% threshold, rocket arm. What makes Allen a better prospect than Jones?
  6. Josh Allen

    But Allen has never hit 60% over a full season --- ever. Newton meanwhile threw for 66% completion in his final year at Auburn.
  7. Seahawks sign former Washington QB Stephen Morris

    If Colin K wasn't signed because he said he would keep kneeling, then he has evidence for his NFL collusion case, which could garner him more money than signing for a NFL team would.
  8. Mark Sanchez suspended 4 games for PEDs

    How do you know Sanchez was on Adderall? He said he mixed up his supplements. Adderall is not a supplement. Furthermore, juicing can help athletes. That's all I'll say about that
  9. Mark Sanchez suspended 4 games for PEDs

    What kind of guy juices and still sucks?
  10. Cowboys cut Dez Bryant

    Bradford to Dez would be money too.
  11. Cowboys cut Dez Bryant

    I like Dez in Tampa with Jameis Winston. Bombs away.
  12. Is NFL football your favorite sport?

    Long ago, I was once avid soccer fan, being so good at it (wink wink). But my interest waned over the years for several reason. Soccer authorities don't even test for PEDs (Messi is the PED King); I can't pay soccer anymore with my injury; and the same unfair European teams winning every year because they can buy the best players i the least competitive BS on Earth. So for a long time now, as a Canadian I only watch the NFL now. The game is more raw, there's more competitive balance and I love the nuances to the game. I only wish the offseason was shorter so I could watch more football. I'm fairly sure the NFL would make even more money if it supported, heavily advertised and stocked a good development league. A good marketing move would begin with not calling it a "developmental league". Call it "College Superstars League".
  13. Next Great NFL Wide Receiver?

    Mike Williams and Chris Godwin
  14. Chargers Offseason thread

    What's all your opinions on Geno's only start last year with Evan Engram and UDFAs? He set a rookie record with Engram after Eli failed to do so in 11 games:
  15. Chargers sign QB Geno Smith

    Good and underrated signing for the Chargers. Geno is a good QB and backup. He was better than Eli in the game he played last year, whatever delusional Giants fans say. PFF has rated Eli an average overall QB since 2012, despite a changing oline, weapons, Odell, etc. In but 1 game, Geno registered a higher PFF rating than Eli did in virtually all his games. Geno was more accurate, faster feet, stronger arm, showed more consistent footwork under pressure. I'm a Geno truther. I was a Foles truther last yea (Goff truther before it), and everyone laughed at me. When Foles won the SB, I felt vindicated. So I'll stick to my guns here too.