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  1. GWT: Week 20 Vikings @ Eagles

    Eagles fans and @bzane told me Foles is just a backup.
  2. Could Bryce Petty be a good quarterback?

  3. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    I actually meant Stafford, haha, I rate Bradford very highly. This is Keenum's 6th year but it takes a QB about 3-4 years to develop (if he is going to develop). In Year 4, Keenum's went 60%, 4-1 TD-INT ratio with an untalented STL roster. Developmental guys like him should get more chances after they've shown development is what I'm trying to say.
  4. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    Right, and Vikings would probably not be in the same position with Teddy and Sam. Would be nice if young guys like him get more opportunities instead of teams playing Dalton and Stafford every year (to no avail).
  5. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    I need Saints to score 14 points and Vikings to score another TD.
  6. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    Teams should give more guys like Keenum-- young "veteran" QBs who were good in college but need time to clean up their mechanics--starting opportunities. There are some diamonds in the rough like Keenum.
  7. Pittsburg isnt good because of Tomlin

    Whoops, I misread it. Brady's AYA this year is 8.4, his career is 7.8, still higher than Peyton but not as high. My argument doesn't change though. Peyton was never as good as Brady in the playoffs.
  8. Pittsburg isnt good because of Tomlin

    I disagree that it's a completely baseless claim to say Brady is better than Peyton Manning and Steve Young. Peyton Manning's career Adjusted Yards per Attempt is only 7.6 whereas Brady's career AYA is 8.4 AYA. Brady is on another tier to Peyton Manning in terms of QB efficiency. A difference in almost 1 yard in AYA is massive in terms of QB ability. The only QB who compares is Rodgers, like I said.
  9. Pittsburg isnt good because of Tomlin

    Edit: Misread the AYA
  10. Pittsburg isnt good because of Tomlin

    Brady is better than all these QBs sans Rodgers, so they're not fair comparisons. Relative to Rodgers, Brady is healthier and gets better FAs. You can make the argument many coaches could ride Brady the same way Belichick rides him.
  11. Pittsburg isnt good because of Tomlin

    By DVOA, Tomlin's Steeler's are the 9th ranked overall defense. By DVOA, Tomlin's Steelers are the 7th ranked overall offense. I rest my case.
  12. Pittsburg isnt good because of Tomlin

    How many coaches would get as far as Belichick with Brady? You can say the same thing about Belichick you're saying about Tomlin, yet nobody second guesses Belichick. Tomlin helped make Brown. He chose not to re-sign Mike Wallace and let money allocate elsewhere. Tomlin tagged Bell. The list goes on.
  13. Pittsburg isnt good because of Tomlin

    Tomlin makes roster decisions, hiring decisions, gameday decisions, and whatever else like Belichick does. The Steelers reached the quarterfinals. They broke offensive records and scored 5 TDs today. Tomlin's timeout at the exact right time enabled Big Ben's TD before half time. He's a Superbowl winning HCs with one of the best playoff records in the league. You're thinking he's "an idiot with a big mouth" is your bias. Evidence says Tomlin is the man and Pittsburgh is where they are because of him.
  14. Pittsburg isnt good because of Tomlin

    All I see is that Tomlin is passionate and will do anything to help his team. I don't see people slating Belichick, the high character that he is having been implicated in cheating time and time again. I bet we'd see some of the same posters that damn Tomlin for his actions praise or ignore Belichick's own.
  15. Pittsburg isnt good because of Tomlin

    Tomlin does the same thing Bill Belichick, who doesn't call offensive or defensive plays, does. That's coach the team, make decisions and win games. The same canards apply to Belichick as apply to Tomlin.