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  1. Week 4: New Orleans Saints @ New York Giants

    So is anyone willing to admit I was right about Eli or are we still pretending he's not the problem? Eli looked the same in this game, and in the last 4 games, as in 2017. A beat writer took this screenshot, whereby Eli airmailed a wide open Odell from a NFL clean pocket: For supporting McAdoo last year, I was argued down,and belittled by guys in this forum. The most vitriolic of which was @bzane, who ironically is now a Jets fan posting on the Jets forum. And I don't blame him one bit. This franchise is run like a money cabal, not a franchise team. Like McAdoo said, "Look at the tape". Eli was a bottom 5 QB in 2017 and is a bottom 5 QB in 2017. This was evident from the Geno Smith start in 2017, where he looked far more accurate, anticipatory and mobile than Eli, despite Khalil Mack breathing down his neck. But no good deed goes unpunished. There are no QBs on this roster better than Eli by design. Enjoy the season guys.
  2. I'll say Ryan Tannehill and Matt Stafford. Ryan Tannehill is going on 8 years starting in the league and has never achieved anything. The excuses for his lack of performance lose strength every year. Matt Stafford wasted Calvin Johnson's career, has a worse record against winning teams than Bridgewater, no playoff wins, etc.
  3. What should the Bills do at QB?

    Rodgers isn't available but there are backups to be had. Some of them could surprise. Allen isn't ready though if Peterman beat him out.
  4. What should the Bills do at QB?

    Trade for a free agent. Allen isn't ready.
  5. If Dalton has another bad year, Bengals should get rid of him and draft a QB or else sign a FA. But they'll probably find another person or thing to blame.
  6. Is Cam Newton on a HOF pace?

    Newton does have a league MVP. If he wins 2 Superbowls, or wins another MVP and wins 1 Superbowl he has a good argument for the HOF. All these haters will have to deal with Cam's dominance. That said, it's unlikely he achieves this way.
  7. Million Dollar Head, Ten Cent Arm

    Brady doesnt have a weak arm. He's just a statue.
  8. Which quarterback has the hottest seat in 2018?

    Marvin Lewis isn't the problem. This tendency to blame coaches every time QBs like Dalton fail is ridiculous. The NFL has this obsession with guys like Tannehill, Dalton, Bortles, etc. The coach is always to blame. Listen, Dalton has had trouble dealing with pressure since college. So it's no surprise he has limitations in the NFL. The solution is to get a different QB, not waste 7 years trying to fix Andy Dalton and firing the coach when he fails. The Bengals could have traded for Bridgewater or another high end backup. Dalton may have a good season this year but that will be scheme dependent. He's not an irreplaceable piece at the QB position. I wouldn't have waited like Marvin has for Dalton to turn it around. There are QBs that can play well with AJ Green; they just need the reps.
  9. Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton

    Shanahan could give Cam one of the highest QB ratings in history too. That's not Ryan's doing, it's Shanahan's. Cam could do more with Julio than Ryan does. Nick Foles had a fantastically high QB rating in his SB too. That doesn't make him a good QB.
  10. Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton

    If Ryan moves the chains, his team wins the SB. Ryan limitations as a passer (and runner) cost the Falcons. Newton can run the clock by himself if necessary. He can also throw far enough so that Julio Jones never only ends up with 3-4 TDs a year. Newton doesn't lose many games with Ryan's weapons, but Ryan loses many games with Newton's weapons. So Newton is better imho.
  11. Better Player? Von Miller or Khalil Mack

    I was going to say Mack but Mack hasn't performed in the playoffs so Miller is the answer for now.
  12. Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton

    Cam Newton doesn't lose a SB with Julio Jones and co. Newton went to a SB with Ted Ginn. Newton >
  13. Preseason week 2

    He tapped the B button on Madden and threw a touch fade pass into the red zone. I do it all the time. (I have Xbox One for anyone who wants this work)
  14. Matt Ryan

    Ryan will not throw for 30 TDs. And even if he does, he's not winning anything. Ryan is overpaid for what he offers and Atlanta would be better off with Jacoby Brissett/Geno Smith+ a stronger defense. A QB that can both keep things on schedule and can throw deep to Julio. Ryan only does the former well. Strong Line+Julio Jones+Top 10 D= ATL playoffs. No need to overpay Ryan so he can further waste Julio's career.
  15. Bree's arm does seem weak here. He's proof weak armed QBs can be successful given they have other talents and can develop.