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  1. Post-draft leaks

    They probably didn't want to move up from 20 because the Jaguars are clearly in a massive rebuild, stockpiling picks. They didn't make a single move on draft day itself, strictly using the mass of picks they acquired from the Jalen, Bouye, Calais, and Foles trades. Heck, they didn't even try to send a 6th-rounder they got from Seattle last year for a 7th round pick in any type of minor move up. People can believe teams tank or don't tank, but the Jags seem to clearly be in a tank mode for a QB next year. Stockpile draft picks by trading away vets & expiring contracts, stock up on young talent. If you don't win, you get in position to take a stud signal caller in 2020. If you do win, it's because your low investment QB and collection of young talent over-exceeded. Not a bad plan, honestly.
  2. 2021 early watching list

    I like Trey Lance, but I find it a bit peculiar a bunch of people talk about him, yet Jabril Cox, the former NDSU linebacker with great movement skills who considered entering the draft this year but transferred to from the FCS champions to the FBS champs aka, LSU. Are people actually watching NDSU, or just seeing 39 total TD's and 0 INT's and saying "top 10 overall pick, that's where Carson Wentz went too!" Because if it's the former, you would think they would also be talking about the NDSU LB who was good enough to transfer from one level's national champion to the next level's champion..
  3. 2021 early watching list

    Warning on some guys I have seen heavily hyped early-on by some who don't fit the bill; Walker Little (massively overhyped going into last year, think it is mainly due to the old 5-star tag, and now has to comeback from injury) Calvin Ashley (those 5 stars apparently do a lot for keeping your draft stock afloat... Redshirted in 2017, played in only 5 games in 2018 with one start, was supposed to play at FAU last year but then left before the season, and is now at Florida A&M. 1 start over 3 seasons and he is rated by a 2nd rounder as some? Clear sign of somebody just plucking names off recruiting rankings...) I have a feeling he won't declare, but Chris Olave of Ohio State is a fun watch and not getting much pub. Sound player, runs good routes, always extends for the ball, constantly making sideline catches. Not as talented as teammate Garrett Wilson (soph), but solid receiver who also plays special teams (blocked a punt last year and also caught a surprise onside kick in a game).
  4. Official 2020 QB Thread

    Tries to warn y'all. Fromm has no arm and teams are finally learning not to waste premium picks on that.
  5. 2020 7 Round Mock Draft Updated 4/23/20

    No more Trey Adams top 100 anymore eh? I guess you really wouldn't want to take that bet now?
  6. Official 2020 QB Thread

    When it comes to the people supporting Fromm; how many noodle-armed, college game-managers need to fail for you guys to figure out these guys aren't worth jack? Jimmy Clausen, Brian Brohm, Matt Barkley, Chase Daniel, Christian Ponder, Luke Falk, Connor Cook, etc. Some of these guys got drafted high (Ponder, Brohm, Clausen), the others didn't. No matter where Fromm goes though, he has the physical limitations that made these guys absolute nobodies in the NFL. The guy isn't starter quality, plain and simple. There is a reason teams take chances all the time on guys with big arms versus guys weak arms. Fromm completed something horrendous like 50% of his passes past the LOS. Miserable number.
  7. NFL Draft Prop Bets

    BetOnline currently has Lamb & Jeudy +115, and Ruggs +300. I didn't think Baun was a 1st either, but then the fact he needed to add water weight just to get to 238... teams can't be that dumb to draft a conversion off-ball LB who is likely playing in the 220's in the top 32. -140 was too good of value right after the news hit (I bet it literally 3 minutes after that. I found another book had it still on the board, but listed at -200).
  8. Official 2020 QB Thread

    In terms of physical ability, Herbert looks like a carbon copy of Carson Wentz to me. They even more similarly (big, good athleticism no matter the size, but move mildly awkwardly despite that, but still plus talent overall). However, Herbert - whether due to offense or his own make-up - is much more coy than Wentz. I won't dive too much into it, but I think the two main issues with Herbert are playing outside of a script and overall accuracy. I think his front hand comes off the ball way too early and extends it far too wide when throwing. I believe it causes the ball to tail. He needs to tighten up his release, something I don't believe is talked about much because his throwing arm motion is pretty, but throwing is an entire body experience. Brief side example, look at Joe Burrow in the 2018 opener vs Joe Burrow basically any point last season. Guy barely threw with his lower body at all to start 2018. His body rotation was poor and it highlighted his sub-par arm talent. Brady did a great job of getting Burrow to clean that up and it was a big reason for the heightened production. On playing off script, just look at any Herbert game last year against top talent. You watch any of those games and you will see him play solid to start the game - the part of the game basically 99% of offenses have set to a specific script - but then massively drops off after that. Arizona State played a true Tampa 2, dropping the ILB (a former safety) far back, generally even before the snap, and daring Herbert to pass on them downfield. I strongly believe the Sun Devils simply did not believe Herbert had to accuracy nor processing ability to beat him.
  9. NFL Draft Prop Bets

    Prop bets like this are most important to get before lines move. The value on them vanishes fairly quickly. Example; I took Ruggs First WR Drafted at +700. I still think Lamb goes in front of him (kind of doubting Jeudy does though I love him), but the value was way too good when it opened. Now the three are basically neck-and-neck to be first off the board. A couple others I got that moved a lot: 1st Round OL O5.5 -260 (now -500) Javon Kinlaw U15.5 -155 (now -300) Denzel Mims 1st Round +150 (now -180) I also bet Zack Baun not to go 1st round the other day after the water weight incident at -140 before they took it off the board entirely.
  10. Who is the single best player in the 2020 draft?

    Was coming here to say just this. The guy started the thread raving about Derrick Brown - who had a 1 percentile 3-cone drill which if/likely when he goes 1st round will make him just the 2nd DL with a 8+ second 3-cone to go 1st round - yet dismisses Chase Young because of his high school athleticism numbers. This is the same guy who had Josh Dobbs as QB1. Come on guys..
  11. 2020 7 Round Mock Draft Updated 4/23/20

    Who said the Bengals were my favorite team? I literally just scrolled see through quick to see if anything popped out and noticed Trey Adams way too high. "Talk is cheap" but you won't put money down when all your doing is talking? Your timeline for not taking a bet with me after it was initially a friendly wager has gone: "I am not in the mood to be betting money on draft pick selections in a time like this" to... "Maybe you are pretty hard up for cash at this down economic time," which is a weird turn, seeing as you said you didn't want to take a bet in the current economic climate, which strongly suggests you are not well-prepared financially for situation like this, but now you flip it onto me. Bold turn, I'll give you that. to... "Talk is cheap," yet you won't actually do something to back-up talk when you're writing books because you're so upset you cannot take bet. Consistently trying to change the narrative so you can feel accomplished for doing a 7 round mock draft.
  12. 2020 7 Round Mock Draft Updated 4/23/20

    How do I only use others opinions as my own? How am I struggling for money if I am offering you free money, according to you? The logic there baffles me. I don't need the money, just figured you were so sure of yourself, might as well go for some few dinners. You're so mad you wrote a book man, all because you can't put your money where your mouth is. Pathetic. Write me another book when your 7 round mock drafts land you a job in football, since you seem to equate wasting your time with a 7 round mock years into the future to credibility.
  13. 2020 7 Round Mock Draft Updated 4/23/20

    I tried to bet him on Trey going top 100 but he apparently won't take it. I talked with somebody I know in the league as well and said anything is possible if Adams' passes his medical, but said there wasn't a chance his team would even select him at all, let alone top 100. But he was a first team conference pick in 2016 so that means he is a stud, apparently (All PAC-12 selection translates to the NFL so well that Jake Browning and Luke Falk were the selections that year)
  14. 2020 7 Round Mock Draft Updated 4/23/20

    Offer to take a bet will stay open for the rest of the month. The kid isn't special and his Combine performance was awful. You seem to think it's a lock he will go top 100 so not sure why you wouldn't take supposed free money.
  15. 2020 7 Round Mock Draft Updated 4/23/20

    Would you want to do a bet on Trey Adams going top 100? I am not trying to be a jerk as most people when they say that, I just honestly see 0.1% chance he goes top 100. I believe you're vastly overrating his on-field play last year and hyping accolades that have no basis on actual projection while vastly underrating just how bad his Combine was. Comparing him to Orlando Brown - who is 30 lbs. heavier, didn't have major injury concerns, and despite being lighter, Adams had a worse vertical than Orlando an identical 10-yard split - is grasping at straws in a major way IMO. If you want to make a wager then you can PM me. You can set the financial mark since I am open to basically anything because I just completely do not see this happening.