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  1. Why Josh Rosen Isn’t the Quarterback You Think He Is

    I am not a fan of being 'I told ya so' guy, but I wanted to re-bump this upon us nearing the conclusion of our rookie season and these numbers: Rosen may go down as having one of the absolute worst, if not the worst, rookie seasons for a QB in NFL history. The last three games, he is averaging just 173.6 YPG with no TD's, 3 INT's, and a pair of pick 6's. Things could change, but this is the exact situation I was worried about Rosen walking into. I am still floored to this day that my criticisms of Rosen were not more widespread. His inability to perform off script and his clear drop in arm talent when forced to throw off platform or on the move were glaring to me, and being in Arizona with subpar weapons and a bad O-Line were an awful landing place for Rosen.
  2. 2019 Senior Bowl watch list released

    The first couple years they made the Watch List available, it was a fairly big deal. I could be wrong, but the old lists seemed more selective. Now, it feels like anybody who has had a blurb over the past few years is listed on the Watch List. I get they are covering all their grounds, but when just everybody is basically listed, it's really not that important of a list anymore.
  3. CW21's 2019 NFL Draft Thread (Bring On Questions)

    Woah, what? -Diontae is 5'11" and in the 180's -Jaelen Strong was 6'2"+ and 217 lbs. at the Combine
  4. Jake Fromm vs Tua Tagovailoa

    Haven't really read through this, but based on what I see on Twitter and national media, I'll offer some of my two cents. Jake Fromm did a great job stepping in as a freshman when Jacob Eason got hurt. Yes, he held onto the starting job and his team went all the way to the national title. But let's remember that Eason was originally the starter, the main reason being Eason has an NFL skill-set and is dripping with potential. Fromm is a solid QB, but his skill-set is rather lackluster and reminds me a lot of former UGA QB Aaron Murray. Just because a guy is the starting QB for a national championship caliber team doesn't automatically mean he is an NFL level QB. I like the kid, his teammates love him (part of the reason he stayed ahead of Eason, one liked to party and the other liked to work), but nothing has ever really stood out to me in regards to projecting him to the next level. I get that it's fun to hype players up, but the Tua love is insane. I see people talking about this kid as a surefire 1st rounder when we've barely watched him. Let's chill before chugging the kool-aid. He has displayed some nice flashes, but his body type is far from typical for an NFL signal-caller, we need to see how he does over the course of full games when teams can make adjustments to him, and let's not forget that the play before that title winner, he made an absolutely careless decision that forced the miracle that ensued (which only happened in large part due to terrible defense by Georgia).
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects: Members Consensus Big Board Thread

    1. Ed Oliver That's as conclusive as my rankings are as of July 26.
  6. Sam Beal - Supplemental Draft

    Beal = Out for season
  7. I searched through your originally posts for who you had listed at RB and didn't see David Montgomery or Rodney Anderson. I know Montgomery has scared some due to only 4.44 YPC in the Big 12, but he was an absolute wrecking ball at times. I love Rodney Anderson though and think the kid is silky smooth for a 6'1, 220 lbs. RB. Another big year could land him in the 1st.
  8. The talent is certainly there but he had some major drop issues at times last year, but the kid is absolutely electric. He stood out to me so much watching Woodside last year. With Johnson and Thompson, whoever takes over for Woodside is going to have one of the best duos in the country at WR.
  9. Sam Beal - Supplemental Draft

    Sam Beal will get drafted. The kid is too good not to. Ended up academically ineligible, but because he was short on credits, not due to GPA (unsure exactly how this happens, but the head coach vouched for him). Adonis Alexander might get drafted. Don't be so sure he will. I've heard the kid is a real knucklehead and it was only further proven by being ruled academically ineligible. Alexander flashes at times but has a lot of inconsistencies on tape. Brandon Bryant is hyped up strictly on his rumored athletic testing, but he missed plenty of starts of the last three years and then gets tossed from school for academic reasons. Bryant probably is pretty darn fast, given that he outran Tarvarius Moore in the Mississippi 100 Meter finals when they were high school seniors, but the guy has barely done anything the last two years. He really needed a solid senior campaign, whether at Miss St or somewhere else, to warrant being drafted. I would strongly assume Bryant goes undrafted. A team will sign him, but the odds of a team forfeiting a pick next year to take a safety with 32 tackles last year is low.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Top 2? Kyler has tons of tools, but he struggled in 2017 and in the Cape Cod League over the summer, and while he improved big time this year, he still strikes out roughly 30% of the time whereas you have a guy like Nick Madrigal who struck out only five times so far this year on 133 AB's (missed some time with injury). If Murray doesn't improve his plate discipline, he is just going to be another Austin Jackson. Not exactly the return you're hoping for at 9th overall..
  11. Sam Beal - Supplemental Draft

    I am unsure why Beal didn't just enter this past draft, as he was a true junior last year, but maybe something in his life and/or at Western Michigan has changed dramatically in the last few months. Really underrated corner though as people chose to focus on Darius Phillips getting roasted by Anthony Johnson. Also, here is what Beal said a few months ago: "I gave it some thought. I did a couple times. But I feel like I should stay in school and get my education," Beal said. "Just my family and people that are close to me, talked to them first and they give me the best advice ... It's all about the senior year. Everybody remembers your senior year - the last go-around. So I'm really looking forward to my senior year and seeing what I can do."
  12. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    So, consider me absolutely floored that the A's, or Scott Boras, is letting this go down. The slot value for where Kyler Murray got drafted (which he ended up going 9th off the board after whispers this weekend he could crack top 10) is $4.7 million. Have to wonder if Kyler is cutting a deal with them so the A's can save some money and allow him to play baseball (Murray & Boras' target was reportedly $3 mil).
  13. This seemed like the best place to post this since you mentioned Adonis with a 3rd round grade.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    That's the problem though; they likely won't. If he gets drafted high and refuses to sign, he would be taking a monumental risk to pass up multi-million days as a soon to be 21-year old. If he holds out for another draft class and his play dips at all, baseball is going to basically blacklist the guy. Henson was a unique case. The Yankees, who were in the midst of their wild string of success with the 'Core Four' and flush with money, we're okay with Henson going to college and playing D1 football while only playing pro ball over the summer. They took him out of high school with that contract and more money to come if went only to baseball after he was done playing college football, as he did. Right now, Murray is an attractive prospect because he is still young and toolsy. MLB teams want to get him in their organization now to develop him. He has little to no future in football. The odds of him ever making the kind of money in football he is going to receive strictly off his signing bonus is slim to none. If he gets drafted in the top two rounds, receives a multi-million offer to sign, he HAS to take it. Anybody with half a brain is going to advise of him of that and hopefully he realizes that.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Playing QB is certainly more exciting than strictly being a minor leaguer, but a minor leaguer with a multi-million signing bonus and then a regular salary on top of that has its perks.