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  1. Early Mock Offseason

    What do you think the difference will be in the market for these two?
  2. Early Mock Offseason

    Its a tough double edged sword when it comes to the QB situation. In order to get one of those top two guys you have to give up a lot of the draft assets we've acquired. If that ends up being the move we make then its tough to fill in a lot of the holes we have. I'm not totally sure where i stand on it but I guess watching Minnesota has made me a believer in having a really complete team rather than forcing for a QB (Maybe thats not the case after tonight). I understand anyone doubting Bridgewater but I guess he's one of the better options if you aren't one of the teams ending up with Cousins, Rosen, or Darnold. As far as the Johnson pick goes its partially because of his age and partially because I feel like the Bills have been so lucky with his health since he's been on the team. If he goes down right now we'd really be in trouble. I'm not super sure on Pryor either but I think its an awesome risk vs reward opportunity because you are getting him on a 1 year contract that is going to be significantly less than the Washington contract.
  3. Early Mock Offseason

    *Did my best guess for the contracts, not an exact science and I'm sure some of them are off. Roster Moves: Trade Tyrod to Denver for a 5th I think Tyrod to Denver is one of the more realistic trades that could happen for Buffalo. Elway is under a lot of pressure to get them back into the playoffs with a roster full of talent but lacking any serviceable QB. Tyrod isn’t going to carry the team but I think the Broncos could move back into the playoffs with him. We would have to take on a portion of Tyrod’s salary with the move but would still create some cap space. Cordy Glenn, Bills 2nd, Bills 5th for Chicago 2nd Bears have 41M in cap room and a huge need at OT. Bills could dump some salary and move up in the draft to get a 3rd player in the top 40 of the draft. Cut Jerry Hughes (post June 1st) Hughes’ combination of a lack of production and a lack of discipline should result in him getting cut this spring. Everything about him doesn’t seem to fit the type of team McDermott is trying to build. Time for Buffalo to cut ties and rebuild the defensive line. Cut Lorenzo Alexander Alexander is such an awesome guy to have in the community and in the locker room for the Bills but he plain and simple does not fit in as a 4-3 OLB. Hopefully he can sign on with a team that can use him as a 3-4 edge and have another good year like he did under Rex. Re-Sign EJ Gaines (5/$35 Million)- Gaines was awesome for the Bills this year and would be a solid CB to bring back as a #2 without breaking the bank for Buffalo. At only 25, Gaines and White could be a great DB combo for years to come. Preston Brown (4/$16 million)- Finished the year leading the league in tackles, Brown should only get better as the talent around him gets better. Seems like a good fit in McDermotts scheme. Kyle Williams (1/$5 Million)- Bring back Williams on a 1 year deal because I can’t imagine he’d play any more years than that. No brainer if he wants to come back for another year. Travaris Cadet (1/$1.5 Million)- Looked great in his limited snaps last year. Would be a good depth signing for the price. Leonard Johnson (1/$1.5 Million)- McDermott seems to really like Johnson who was pretty up and down in his first year here. I think he comes back for another year to keep last years solid secondary together. Nick O’Leary (3/$11 Million)- O’Leary has been reliable as a backup TE for the last few years. I’m sure the Bills will try to move on from Clay after next season but O’Leary would remain as a decent #1 or a good #2 TE in the league. Cedrick Thorton (1/$750k)- Thorton showed flashes this year for Buffalo. I think he’d be a good guy to bring back because McD shuffles his defensive linemen so frequently. Free Agents Teddy Bridgewater (2/$22 Million)- I’m a big believer in Bridgewater being able to get back to form. Buffalo could be a great opportunity for him with a great running game already established. If Bridgewater can get back to anything close to his 2015 form then he would be the best free agent available for the Bills. Giving him a two year deal doesn’t lock the Bills in for too long but gives Teddy a chance to prove himself and secure a bigger deal. Star Lotulelei (4/$40 Million)- This seems like a pretty boring signing that every mock has but it seems like it all lines up too perfectly. Lotulelei fits a huge need for Buffalo and McDermott loves bringing in his Carolina guys. Kony Ealy (3/$8 Million)- Ealy didn’t really produce during his time with the Jets but had his best seasons in Carolina under McDermott. Here’s another guy McD knows well and hopefully he couldrespark Ealy’s career in a revamped Buffalo defensive line. Terelle Pryor (1/$4.5 Million)- Pryors one year in Washington was a disaster but you can’t ignore the moster year he had in Cleveland before that. Pryor is a guy worth taking a flyer on as our other outside WR allowing Zay to move into the slot. Bills can give him another one year deal and let him bet on himself again Derek Anderson (2/$2 Million)- Another former Carolina guy. Anderson is 34 but proved serviceable when Cam Newton has gone down. This gives the Bills an option other than Peterman if they lose their starter. Dannell Ellerbe (1/$1.5 Million)- Ellerbe’s production has fallen off in recent years but he could be good as a rotational depth LB. He brings a lot of experience to a young LB core and has won a superbowl. Draft: Round 1: Harold Landry DE Boston College Landry would be a steal this late in the first round but there is a ton off good defensive ends in the first round to have him become available. Landry was a monster at BC with great production. He’d be a great piece to help retool our defensive line. Round 1: Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame McGlinchey would be a day 1 starter at RT and would probably stay there for the next 10 years for Buffalo. A road grader OT, he could help take our rushing attack to the next level. Round 2: (Chicago): Malik Jefferson OLB Texas Jefferson would be a steal at 40 overall and would be a huge improvement to Lorenzo Alexander on defense. Jefferson is a freak athlete that could succeed in run support and coverage as an OLB. Round 2: (LA Rams): Kerryon Johnson RB Auburn With the amount of picks the Bills have they can afford to take a risk and go with a true BPA pick. That exactly what Kerryon Johnson would be. McCoy is 29 and while he’s still playing at a high level, it wouldn’t hurt to keep the future in mind. Johnson is an awesome blend of speed and power who would be a great one two punch with Shady. Round 3 (Philly): Armani Watts S Texas A&M While the Bills have a pair of great safetys, there isn’t really any depth behind them. Watts is a great safety that seems to have just dropped in rankings because of the depth of the position in this class. Watts can play either safety position. Round 4: Lowell Lotulelei DT Utah Lowell could team up with his older brother Star in Buffalo and wreak havoc up the middle for the Bills defense. Like his brother, Lowell eats up space and should make it easier for Landry and Shaq Lawson to make plays. Round 5 (Denver): Holton Hill CB Texas Hill was suspended for the final 3 games of the year for violating team rules at Texas, causing his draft stock to fall. Hill has great size and speed as a DB and is worth a flyer in the 5th round. If he can avoid trouble off the field Hill could end up being a huge draft steal. Round 5 (Jax): Richie James WR Middle Tennessee State Richie James is an athletic freak who would be a fun addition for new OC Brian Daboll. The Bills don’t have an absolute burner like James on the roster and would help whoever is under center stretch the field. Blue: FA Red: Draft QB: Bridgewater, Anderson, Peterman, RB: McCoy, Johnson, Cadet FB: Dimarco WR1: Benjamin, Holmes WR 2: Pryor Slot: Jones, James TE: Clay, O’Leary, Towbridge LT: Dawkins, McDermott LG: Incognito C: Wood, Groy RG: Ducasse, Miller RT: McGlinchey, Mills DE: Lawson , Yarbrough, Davis DT: Williams, Washington, Thorton DT: S.Lotulelei, L. Lotulelei DE: Landry, Ealy WLB: Milano, Vallejo MLB: Brown, Lacey SLB: Jefferson, Ellerbe CB1: White, Johnson CB2: Gaines, Hill FS: Hyde, SS: Poyer, Watts P: Schmidt K: Hauschka Let me know what you think!
  4. Maxmw22's 2nd Mock Offseason

    Really solid draft. I'm not that high on Lamar Jackson but its outrageous that the national media is even mentioning him switching positions. I think he could be a good NFL QB but it might take a few years of development. I'd be fine with the Bills taking him but I'd hope we have a better back up plan than Chase Daniel. Hubbard is a guy I like because you know what you're going to get from him. Pretty low risk low reward but with our defensive line at the level its at right now I'd be super happy about the pick. I agree that Hurst is a second round talent but I think he will go round one especially now that the Clemson defensive line is all going back to school for another year.
  5. Trentwannabe's 2018 Mock Draft *UPDATED*

    Smith would be an awesome addition next year. He's been on some really solid playoff teams over the years and a change of scenery might do him some good. I think as far as stop gap QBs while we try to find a franchise QB go, Smith would be at the top of the list. Love McGlinchey in the first round. Easily my biggest draft crush for the Bills this year. I think he'd be an absolute mauler of a RT and give us one of the best rushing attacks in the league, similar to what Tennessee did with Jack Conklin in 2016. The rest of the draft is all solid although I think Cain and Phillips might go earlier than where you have them but who really knows until after the combine and pro days (especially for Cain). Really like the Albert Wilson signing. Would be an awesome deep threat addition which is something we seemed to be lacking last year. Poe and Ealy would get the Bills back to having a decent pass rush which would do wonders with our secondary. Not sure how Glenn would take to being moved to guard. Wish it was something they tried years ago. I'd rather move him out at this point (mostly because of his salary). I think cutting Richie would be a pretty huge blow to the locker room. The cap savings would be nice but he's definitely one of the biggest leaders on the team and is still playing at a pretty high level. Overall I'd be super happy if this is how things turned out this year, awesome job!