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  1. I agree with trades after keeper dead line, this would get rid of any gray area. so if that means moving up the keeper dead line so be it.
  2. Sounds like a trade has been agreed upon prior to league official opening. What should the penalty be! Post your thoughts, I think you can guess what mine are!
  3. I hope fantasy cast corrects the fumble recovery that Cleveland was awarded that wasn't a fumble...
  4. It is what it is I've a lot of crazy $h@t in this game we call fantasy football, sometimes the ball bounces in your favor sometimes it doesn't . So enjoy the win, because sometimes you have to endure the tough losses . Great game, maybe will meet up again in the play-off's.
  5. This match-up is Insane... back and forth, no matter who win's it has been an exciting one to watch
  6. Rex Burkhead RB is available for trade, If interested pm me some offers and we can go from there
  7. Thats funny I dare you to put him in your starting line-up
  8. With pick 6.15 King's Pride selects Stephen Hauschka K Buffalo @CalLionsFan is OTC
  9. Jake Elliott K was one of Buffalo Bulldogs Keepers . Try Again!
  10. With pick 5.15 King's Pride selects L.A. Chargers Def/ST @SimsZilla is OTC
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