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  1. Free Agent Rumors

    Way too pricey, glad we passed. I would have gone as high as 9M but no way he was going to accept that. Well on to Lynch and the 2nd/3rd tier edge rushers.
  2. Cordarelle Patterson And The Jet Sweep

    Good instincts, motion, & burst. Let's hope Nagy can borrow some of that & embed it our playbook.
  3. Free Agent Rumors

    Justin Houston, Aaron Lynch Shane Ray Cassius Marsh In that order. Get it done Bears
  4. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    Just a hip pocket bit of info. Soul can go toe to toe with the cheeseheads. He lived among them for a spell.
  5. Free Agent Rumors

    I have been looking at the CAP increases and wouldn't rule out it spiking to 200M next year. If the player's share increases to 50% that certainly makes a good hike for 2021 entirely possible.
  6. Free Agent Rumors

    Still some good FA's out there.
  7. Free Agent Rumors

    I think that figure is close but a couple of FA's have yet to be picked up. Spotrac has us at 18M and overthecap at 17.6M.
  8. Free Agent Rumors

    Or trade one of our 2020 2nds for Emmanuel Ogba?
  9. Free Agent Rumors

    Was just going to post, es could have matched that.
  10. Free Agent Rumors

    An AAF edge rusher mentioned by Sportsmockery: https://sportsmockery.com/2019/03/meet-the-aaf-standout-who-can-ease-the-bears-biggest-issue/ Karter Schult
  11. O'Donnell is back

    I figure at this price only 2M or so is guaranteed. So if spread out over 2 years the hit is 1M, meh.
  12. Free Agent Rumors

    Just found this as well.
  13. Free Agent Rumors

    Arob with a cryptic tweet.
  14. Rapoport: Chicago is a Destination

    It' not just the culture and environment that the league will rave about. When you have so much talent as well other good players will be drawn to that.
  15. TABT

    Boy when you add it up over and over again we fleeced them with the throw in of the 2020 2nd. We just need to win 1 or 2 rings with Mack making All Pro another 3-4 times. Then it will to down as one of the most lopsided trades of all time.