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  1. Owners propose 18 game schedule with players being capped at playing 16, 2 games off. Yeah right!!
  2. Bumping due to new positive development.
  3. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/20/tarik-cohen-matt-nagy-shows-us-end-of-playoff-loss-often/ Running back Tarik Cohen said on Mad Dog Sports Radio that head coach Matt Nagy showed the team the end of that loss “often” in team meetings this offseason. “He just shows us the last seconds of the game,” Cohen said. “He shows us the crowd reaction, our reaction from the sideline, and he just tells us to never forget that hurt. We want to get back to that place, but have a different outcome. That drives us and motivates us to get through the practice every day.”
  4. Projecting Cody Whitehair’s Coming Extension

    Soul, if Pace can keep finding starting level talent on day 3 that will help keep the costs down.
  5. http://sportsmockery.com/2019/06/buzz-grows-that-chicago-bears-defense-may-see-an-unexpected-starter/ Duke Shelley may be starter on Chicago Bears defense soon While David Montgomery and Riley Ridley have gotten most of the spotlight on the Bears offense, the three men noted that it’s been difficult to ignore the work done by 6th round cornerback out of Kansas State, Duke Shelley. Fishbaine explainedhow his play on the field and the quiet confidence the Bears brass show in him speaks volumes about his future. At that point Hoge chimed in with an interesting comment. One thing about this Bears team is they’ve come to embrace competition. It doesn’t matter how much money they gave you in free agency. Jobs still have to be earned. It’s the old George Halas credo. The best players will play. If Shelley is outperforming Skrine consistently in practice this summer, will the coaching staff start granting more snaps to Shelley?
  6. Mitch Wants To Remain A Bear, But At What Price?

    Another bit of uncertainty looms with the upcoming CBA negotiations.
  7. Bear sign OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis

    My question is can he play opposite Lynch as OLB number 4?
  8. Bear sign OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis

    Meh. Depth & discuss.
  9. Zach Miller Officially Retiring

    I too wish him the best. If he had not had that serious injury he probably had another 2-3 years in the tank as a backup TE due to his low mileage.
  10. Bears Offseason Tracker

    Whoops, started a thread.
  11. Bears Workout 'Bama LB Christian Miller

    Windy, when does your 2020 mock come out?
  12. Brad Biggs Mailbag; 4/10/2019

    I think TE is going to be a sleeper role but if both Shaheen and Burton stay healthy and produce we can focus on other needs. I don't think it is as critical as CB or SS next year.