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  1. Bear sign OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis

    My question is can he play opposite Lynch as OLB number 4?
  2. Bear sign OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis

    Meh. Depth & discuss.
  3. Zach Miller Officially Retiring

    I too wish him the best. If he had not had that serious injury he probably had another 2-3 years in the tank as a backup TE due to his low mileage.
  4. Bears Offseason Tracker

    Whoops, started a thread.
  5. Bears Workout 'Bama LB Christian Miller

    Windy, when does your 2020 mock come out?
  6. Brad Biggs Mailbag; 4/10/2019

    I think TE is going to be a sleeper role but if both Shaheen and Burton stay healthy and produce we can focus on other needs. I don't think it is as critical as CB or SS next year.
  7. I just can't see it but he has a ton of heart.
  8. Bears resign OLB Aaron Lynch

    +1. We would have to add both 2nds from next year to even smell low 1st round like picks 25-30.
  9. TABT

    J'Marcus Webb sighting!!
  10. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2019/04/aaf-players-free-to-sign-with-nfl-teams?fv-home=true&post-id=138823
  11. Bears resign OLB Aaron Lynch

    That will be tricky indeed. If Floyd plays his way out of town it will be due to the following: 1. We will not have been able to sign him long term either at the end of this season or next season on his 5th year option. 2. One of the reasons for 1 could be his lack of production doesn't not warrant the 5th year option, injury, etc. 3. He will have reached an exponential upside that we had not forecast in the next 2 years where he will demand top 5 edge rusher money. Based on that scenario the earliest we would have a 1st round pick would be the spring of 2021 and chances are it would be in the bottom 5 if we hit all cylinders the next 2 years.
  12. Roquan Smith Excited To Get Back To Work

    Mike, I agree and if he stays healthy I would love to keep him beside Smith on a 2 year deal for 2020/21. Something like 2/12M with 7M guaranteed. I know most might disagree but I love these 2 as a tandem.
  13. Roquan Smith Excited To Get Back To Work

    Question, if the tandem put up even better numbers for 2019 and Trevethan in particular do retain him? He has played to his value and I think he would love to stay another 2 years health permitting.