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  1. According to Jahns, one option is to use Foles as a bridge QB and draft one high. He quotes Brad Spielburger from OTC as saying Foles contract makes it a strong possibility that can't be discarded. That is absolute vomit if that happens because it practically ensures another season stuck in mediocracy or losing. Why the hell would you retain Nagy/Pace then? https://twitter.com/adamjahns/status/1352301665714642947?s=19
  2. I know they ran a 4-2-5 on a good % last year but wouldn't a base 4-3 require new personnel? Unless you are targetting Nichols & Goldman as the tackles plus Mack/Quinn as the ends with their hans in the dirt. Then Smith becomes the "Mike"? https://twitter.com/BRobNFL/status/1352104423175061505?s=19
  3. I believe there will be another run on QB´s before we even get to our pick, but it is all moot since I don´t see us picking a round 1 QB. I think both Trask & Jones go 1st round.
  4. See, with my armchair GM training and degree I got us both Dak & ARob, how is that for collaboration and no controversy. I did it while nobody was looking!! My 2020/21 off season mock (Front Office, Coaching, Free Agency & Draft): Bear’s needs: As we know, absolutely nothing changed apart from Pagano retiring as DC. That´s it. With the band getting back together I am throwing sh** at the wall to reflect the unwanted but sober reality of our 2021 team. Front Office/Coaching Staff: As QB coach I am willing to see what DeFlippo does for us in 2021/22. He has a good history wit
  5. I was going to chime in. Jones has played against the best top 10 competition this year. He topped it off with an absolutely dominating performance in the CFP Championship. He will definitely go 1st round.
  6. The problem Heinz as we all well know in reality is that we don´t have a snowball´s chance in hell of trading into the top 3 with our current draft capital. You are really mortgaging the future if you wan to go after Fields or Wilson with the 3rd pick, but rest assured one of the 2 will be there. I think I would rather see how Jones does in the CFP champiosnhip game and then I think we will have a little better idea of where he might land. And to be fair, mocks are so often wrong and part of that is because FO´s will reach and pick a player higher than his actual draft value. With so many
  7. You are right. You could package picks 2021 picks 18 & 20, 2nd round pick # 52, 2022 2nd & 3rd for a total of approximately 2685 points (Using Draftek´s 2021 value chart) which comes out higher than the projected 2600 points for NYJ´s 2nd pick. Then you would be assured of getting Fields. I would rather roll the dice on Jones because he has decent 4.8/4.9 speed and has played at a high level in an extremely successful program (Probably the best in all of NCAAF in the past 15 years). He can be taught to roll with the pocket, out of it, or you can surround him with the kind of talen
  8. Well fellas, I really had to cram and study real hard as an old man now for the "Creme de la Creme" Arm Chair GM Mock specialist. Here is the best sh** I have thrown at the outhouse wall in years!! Remember I really crammed for this title and degree, have mercy on me!! My 2020/21 off season mock (Front Office, Coaching, Free Agency & Draft): This complete organizational mock takes on the universally accepted assumption that both Pace & Nagy will be let go, & Foles will remain as QB1 with the caveat that we will draft the best available QB early to either challenge Foles or be
  9. RUH ROH!!! https://twitter.com/BradBiggs/status/1324372012501028865?s=20
  10. I am pretty confident about this unit being addressed in need of a massive upgrade in 2021. A bit of a spoiler as I have begun work on my yearly throw crap at the wall off season. For the Oline I would do this. 1. Cut Massie, you save between 6-6.5M depending on either Spotrac or OTC. 2. FT and trade ARob for a 2021 2nd and a conditional 2022 4th to the Ravens. They need a WR of his caliber. (I know I know - that unit needs talent and playmakers but I address it in the full off season). 3. With our 1st round pick (could fall into the 19-24 range) we draft Sam Cosmi and slot him into RT
  11. I like it for depth. https://twitter.com/MikeGarafolo/status/1302548998218276864?s=20
  12. NHL to boycott possibly 1 playoff game. https://twitter.com/DarrenDreger/status/1299040711678062593?s=20
  13. NBA & MLB have started boycotts. The NBA Lakers & Clippers want to punt the season. The Brewers have boycotted 1 game but who knows what can & will happen. Do you think the NFLPA will follow suit?
  14. OK, I am back after a small hiatus. @soulman get the coffee brewing. 😝
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