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  1. Chicago @ Philly GDT, 11/3/19, 12 CT

    Just watched part of Buiscuit's post game presser again. Really tired of the same excuses week in & week out.
  2. Chicago @ Philly GDT, 11/3/19, 12 CT

    Can't we bench Nagy too?
  3. Chicago @ Philly GDT, 11/3/19, 12 CT

    I've decided to mail this season as a fan until Buscuit is benched. 1 total yard of O on the first 3 drives and 0 1st downs. Buiscut and Nagy have both turned this season into a disaster. I am starting to think Nagy was a lightning in a bottle signing and the D really carried the team last season as they have this season. Nagy is too stubborn to realise what a mess he has created and refuses to do the right thing.
  4. Trade Deadline Discussion

    Looks like Pace truly believes in this sinking ship and is going to go down with it for this season.
  5. Trade Deadline Discussion

    Well, less than 9 hours before the TDL comes & goes. I have a sneaky suspicion Pace is gonna stand pat.
  6. Trubisky 2019 season development & growth thread

    https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/bears/matt-nagy-says-bears-will-stick-mitch-trubisky-qb No surprise as noted above, Pace has hitched his wagon to Biscuit and will continue to obligate Nagy to jam square pegs into round holes despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. For better or worse, the 2019 Bears are married to quarterback Mitch Trubisky. With no viable option behind the former second overall pick, and a general manager and head coach so invested in Trubisky's development, he'll remain the starter entering Week 9 despite a disastrous second half in Sunday's 17-16 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Nagy confirmed Trubisky will remain under center when he met with the media at Halas Hall on Monday.
  7. Trade Deadline Discussion

  8. Trade Deadline Discussion

  9. Trade Deadline Discussion

  10. This, so much this. What a pathetic a$$ O. Can't score on 2 or 3 gift wrapped Goal to go situations. I will wait for the final outcome but the D outside of one drive has done their job.
  11. How To Fix A Broken Offense......

    Actually if he learns to adjust his game calling and help Mitch grow then we have nothing to talk about. Until that happens any part of Nagy's coaching issues are fair game.
  12. Trubisky 2019 season development & growth thread

    The "Mitch is a bust" drums are starting to beat a little louder.
  13. Trade Deadline Discussion

    Extreme longshot but might Evan Engram be on the block this offseason? How much would you pay?
  14. How To Fix A Broken Offense......

    Nagy looks like he is gonna be stubborn & clueless. Not good.