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  1. WR prospects will be scuffling throughout the season. If Jets use WR right he will show up in statistic otherwise you know. Derek Stingley Jr is done this year. He is dealing with foot injury. Good chance that it will knock him down from top 10 with Gardner and Emir continue having stellar performances.
  2. BYU's RB Tyler Allgeier is impressive. 3rd year sophomore almost left BYU because of no money. Since he got scholarship he has yet to let BYU down. Good size, good burst, good hip movement, nice hands. Can be number 1 or 2 RB on every team's depth chart easily. Not sure if he will leave BYU for pro. Does anyone pick up vibe about his future?
  3. The way Wilson is connecting with Crowder and Cole JD would be frickin' dumb if Jets trade either one away by the deadline. Yes, that even means Mims is still buried behind tiny bytches.
  4. I really don't care for him having a fun with blondie but he canceled team meeting. Something doesn't add up. Like many people, I know he isn't NFL material at all.
  5. Urban Meyer Rocks but it is just wood.
  6. CJ Mosley is a true football player for Jets. Lost some weight to pick up speed for new regime and he has been living up to Saleh's standard. That could mean once Davis comes back to man MLB Mosley should increasingly produce as OLB. Barring injury.
  7. That man with sunglasses was me. cold bastard. lol
  8. Nah... too athleticism for that. Taking RT spot and move Moses to RG.😄
  9. Better run game could improve the rhythm as well.
  10. I would say Wilson. Even Davis ran full route the defender was still there. Wilson basically ignored that defender. It could be a bang action if target was on money.
  11. Despite explosive plays and 2nd quarter touchdown Jets' offense rhythm still sucks.
  12. Davis could have 200 yards had he not started the game poorly. Plus I wonder about whether or not Davis could catch football where Cole caught and fell. With TV's QB angle, I only saw Davis very clearly. I am sure Wilson eyed on Davis as well. After Cole caught that football, he became Wilson's next go to WR.
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