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  1. Around The League

    Yeah.. Jets need to make a quintessential upgrade to make the team relevant. No, I correct myself, Jets MUST. Jets need to sign new OL as fast as they can so it could make Bell not to pull Kirk Cousins on Jets.
  2. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Peterman was only 2nd year. Not all ****ed ups were his fault. Anyway, I said if his sub vision being questionable when he signed with NFL was accurate then his vision had improved during the NFL time. Mcguire just returned from broken foot in his 2nd year as Pro. Quitting on him even though OL was pathetic is a rush.
  3. Todd Bowles

    Need to learn how to say " I am Groot" right so it can help them get new jobs. heh. Seriously? John Morton the OC was responsible for the Stewart pick? I didn't see that coming. It is clearly a lazy sobbing excuse.
  4. 2019 prospects and outlook

    I just lost 10 lbs. Thank you.
  5. 2019 prospects and outlook

    http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/le'veon-bell?id=2540175 Look at his weakness. Vision part. That was one of scouting reports. Now, you said he has excellent vision. If everything was true then Bell made big improvement during his time in NFL and he was fortunate that he had Mike Munchak on the coaching staff. With right OL coach and personnels, Mcguire's vision could be better to naked eyes fans.
  6. Around The League

    https://steelerswire.usatoday.com/2018/11/15/5-mostly-likely-landing-spots-for-leveon-bell-in-2019/ Raiders? lol. They shipped best or expensive players away but they could sign Bell? Yea right. Texans? Could work but I highly doubt it. O'brien simply doesn't value RB. Stick with RB committee or exact skill set ones. Colts? They have solid young IOL. Should work there. Jets? Have to fix OL first. 49ers? Possibly but OL will become a concern some point in near future. I am sure Shanahan knows that.
  7. 2019 prospects and outlook

    He found many holes because Mike Munchak and his men did incredible jobs to create holes. Think he will have the same luxury for Jets? I laugh. Hard. His cut ability is the reason why Bell could run for more yards. Mcguire has it but OL did not create holes frequently and BAM! he is not that good. Ha!
  8. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Bell had Big Ben so Bell got beneficial for that. In other words, there is zero evidence that suggests Bell could run 1200k behind Jets' current OL.
  9. 2019 prospects and outlook

    As an individual position, Bell will surely be an upgrade. Assembling the unit is critical like you said but how will Jets assemble the unit remains disgustingly unknown. 1. Top OL stay away from Jets. Bell follows. 2. Top OL sign with Jets. Stay with RB committees. 3. Bell follows money. Jets draft kids for OL tasks. 4. Injuries variably show up
  10. Todd Bowles

    Only Darron Lee was challengable. Darron Lee at 20 over a bunch of busts. If we cheated back to Jamal Adams, Jets could have Pat Mahomes and not lost 2 2nd rounds picks(Darnold trade).
  11. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Yeah.. That is bad. Bump up about 100-150 with injury free projection. Still bad.
  12. 2019 prospects and outlook

    If Jets successfully upgraded OL, McGuire would work. No reason to pay Bell that much.
  13. Around The League

    The reason Jets had moved on from him is his injury. Because of injury, he wasn't able to catch up to NFL standard per Bowles' eyes nor prove that he could plug in and play when needed. He was struggling last season and had never showed some signs that he had NFL potential since then. Raiders may have a luck with him. Whatever. Good Luck.
  14. Todd Bowles

    Jets were outscored by 72 during 4 game skid? Only way to be another Marvin Lewis, well sort of, is that Jets have ot outscore opponents by 100 points over next 4 games. Good Luck, Bowles.
  15. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Not just Will or SS. It is more likely ROVER. His identity remains DB in 4-2-5.