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  1. I looked at official roster because I tried to set up Depth Chart.
  2. @ny92mike Why is Trade Value Chart locked as View Only Mode? During the draft! I accepted the deal with Colts quick because I could not check out value for comparison. That means I rudely ignored the first asking for my recent OTC.
  3. Saints acquire 126, 144 and 153 Colts acquire 98 @Counselor
  4. I realized that rookie bonuses are added to top 51. I hope Top 51 already included rookie bonuses prior to draft because it would wreck team salary during the draft if it didn't. According to the guideline, Rookie minimum wage is used to displace lowest salary of current top 51. Without rookie bonuses included, each NFL team's cap room should be at least 8m entering the draft. Depending on what group of picks. Anything less than 8m may face the cap restriction.
  5. Vikings take D-0213 Jaylen Twyman DT @cortes02 OTC again
  6. there are two links (one each round) in the OP of the draft board thread. Click on one of them and you know the rest. lol.
  7. Perhaps he didn't believe in Peace. That GM was very active in trading and signing I believe so there is a good chance that he successfully upgraded DL before releasing Larry O. Still, it is good for you to pick him up.
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