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  1. 2018 Jets' Thanksgiving Mock.

    I really want to fire Todd Bowles in favor of either Harold Goodwin, Jim Bob Cooter or Frank Reich but I have no clue who would be ideal coordinators for the "appointed" Jets HC. Let it slide for now. Bowles is facing the contract year as head coach so he decides to remove the training wheels from Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. Good Luck, kids. Notable Cuts- DE Muhammad Wilkerson. RB Matt Forte. Notable RFA- WR Quincy Enunwa - 2nd Round Tendered. Lost to Browns. Got 2nd Round Pick DE Xavier Cooper - Original Round Tendered. No Offer Sheet. Stays with Jets. Notable FA- Legends: BS= Base Salary. PB= Prorated Bonus. RB= Roster Bonus. GTD= Guaranteed. TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins. 3y/24m. 5m Hit -Y1: 2m BS, 3m PB; Y2: 6m BS, 3m PB; Y3: 7m BS, 3m PB. ILB Demario Davis. 4y/30m. 6.5m Hit -Y1: 6.5m BS, Full GTD; Y2: 7.5m BS, 25% GTD; Y3: 7.5m BS, 15% GTD: Y4: 8.5m BS optional. CB Morris Claiorne. 3y/30m. 6m Hit -Y1: 6m BS, Full GTD; Y2: 6m BS, 6m RB; Y3: 6m BS, 6m RB. C Wesley Johnson. 2y/7m. 3m Hit -Y1: 3m BS, Full GTD; Y2: 4m BS. OT Christopher Hubbard. 1y/2m. 2m Hit DE Kony Ealy. 1y/1.5m. 1.5m Hit QB Josh McCown. 1y/10-15m. 10m Hit Draft- //Trade\\ #1 Jets get Browns' 2nd round pick for WR Enunwa. #2 Jets get Rams' 5th round pick and Bills' 6th round pick for 5th round pick. 1. WR D.J. Chark, LSU. After Rosen, Thorson and Allen are gone by the pick, Jets settle with a potential number one WR in the mold of Al Green and Julio Jones. 2. (Browns) OLB Sam Hubbard, Ohio State. He could be taken in 1st but OL becomes frenzy in that round. Hence, Hubbard being available. He has untapped talents as a stud pass rusher. 2. CB Jire Alexander, Louisville. Strong coverage skill sets with speed. Borderline 1st prospect is always welcome in 2nd. 2. (Seahawks) DE B.J. Hill, Norht Carolina State. It isn't clear that either Ealy or Cooper can be a mainstay at DE for Jets. Hill can be thrown in NT if DE is sound. 3. ILB Jason Cabinda, Penn State. It would be a mistake to let him go to other team. He is very well around LB player. Solid leadership is shown. 4. TE Christopher Herndon IV, Miami, Fl. He has evyerthing that is short of barely 1st round talent. Will be in an excellent position to replace ASJ anytime. Just in case. 5. (Rams) CB Nick Nelson, Wisconsin. Know who is his defensive coordinator? Jim Leonhard. He is a very good football student. His performance almost matches his football education. Unlike Rashard Robinson, he is a plug and play player. 6. RB Detrez Newsome, Western Carolina. Missed on Jordan Chunn. I go with new alternative. The player of last week got my attention. 14-16 highlight video looked impressive. 6. (Bills) OL Jeromy Irwin, Colorado. LT of the future? I don't know but last year game against USC looked all right. Don't like diving and cutting he did, though 7. (Seahawks) C Coleman Shelton, Washington. No, I don't mean to get cute with the Center situation. Jets would have to trade up and get Center and they didn't. Go grab a center from power 5 school and find out. Notable UDFA- QB Kyle Lauletta, Richmond. https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/pittsburgh-steelers-nfl-features-news-blog-long-form/2017/10/28/16552726/2018-nfl-draft-prospect-potential-senior-qb-riser-kyle-lauletta-ben-roethlisberger-replacement-nfl T/G Boone Myers, Iowa. http://www.hawkcentral.com/story/sports/college/iowa/football/2017/10/03/iowa-takeaways-offensive-line-boone-myers-brandon-snyder-manny-rugamba-kirk-ferentz/725262001/ K Joey Slye, Virginia Tech. https://247sports.com/college/virginia-tech/Bolt/VIDEO-Joey-Slye-nails-a-70-yard-field-goal-46317301
  2. My 1st Mock

    Damn... You are right, Mayfield is a crybaby. lol. Will be back to make a lame feedback for your mock.
  3. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Shawm Merriman was awesome until he fell into injury and steroid crap. That killed Chargers' value. Giants' still win that trade. Barely.. I don't bother using statistic because Manning started 2 years prior to Rivers' chance, thanking to Drew Brees.
  4. Unpolished 1st Mock of the year

    Honestly, I am not sure.
  5. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2017/09/chris_johnson_has_complete_control_of_jets_includi.html It was dated back in September. I missed that. I go ahead and fire Bowles for my mock. lol.
  6. Unpolished 1st Mock of the year

    You have no evidence that I have zeroed on Mayfield for 1st round.
  7. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    Mike McCoy is fired by Broncos. It seems like he has no clue how to get offense going with inexperienced qb under center. Cross him off for Jets. About the ability to fire Todd Bowles. Bowles and Maccagnan answer to only Woody so that means Chris Johnson can't fire either GM or HC. The same goes for Maccagnan on HC. How does it work for FO with Woody being in England? Bowles' contract is up after 2018 as if Woody continues staying in England. I only interest in an actual answer, not Bobby style answer. Thank you.
  8. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Falcons need to win tonight. I don't like 8th spot for Jets right now.
  9. Unpolished 1st Mock of the year

    edit... stupid gif. thumbs up.
  10. Unpolished 1st Mock of the year

    I don't mean to tell you to stop sharing what your mind says. Just that remark of "don't touch a prospect" It is similar to the "ten-foot pole" idiom. When you use that towards a prospect you sound like an immature one who rebuts for some attention. That is not a point of communication you seek for. You don't want to spend a premium pick on Mayfield due to his eccentric attitudes. It sounds much better than that childish idiom. Back to Mayfield. I believe I have right to tell you STOP. Why? you are either misinformed or just a baby who whines senselessly. For your sake, I go with the former. Mayfield was a walk on quarterback who got lucky to be a starter for TT due to injury of the appointed starting qb. He performed well to remain a starter until he was hurt. Davis Webb stepped in and never missed a beat. Kliff Kingbury moved on with Webb. Mayfield made the transfer to Oklahoma Sooners due to the frayed relationship with Kingbury. It was another walk on opportunity for him. Kingbury did it again with Webb and Mahomes. Mayfield has stayed with the Sooners until he exhausted his athletic eligibility. All except Davis' injury part are facts. You called him a crybaby because Webb stayed with TT as a backup qb to Mahomes? What a lazy point out. Not to mention, he was one year removed from HS for god's sake. Dr. Who went the rookie qb method on Mayfield because he did not trade up and grab a qb who may start immediately. Stop being a **** about that. Rosen, Darnald and Thorson may be only qbs in this upcoming draft who could start on week 1 so we don't need to pretend that there is someone other than Mayfield who could start right away. Benkert? White? Rudolph? Browne? KU player beamed at his defenseless head. Oh yeah! I approved that antic.
  11. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    QB class is going to be difficult to figure out. So far, I think they may end up *** Return to NCAA. Jason Stidham Sam Darnold Jake Browning Kelly Bryant Will Grier **** 1st Round Lamar Jackson Bayer Mayfield Clayton Thorson Josh Rosen **** 2nd Round Ryan Finley Kurt Benkert Josh Allen Mike White Drew Lock **** 3rd Round Mason Rudolph Riley Ferguson
  12. 2018 Mock Off Season: 1st Draft

    Halfway? Want me to order extra sunflower seeds for you? lol. Obviously, Brees won't sign with Jets. Butler signing is a good aggressive move. I am not sure about double dip on OLB since Jets are abundant on that area, solid or not.
  13. Unpolished 1st Mock of the year

    Dr. Who, I appreciate few new names thrown in. I have few problems with this mock. Trent Murphy- I have wrestled for a while about having him signed with Jets for my mock. He used PED substance to have the monster season last year. Now, he blew his knee. He is not known for speed or quick twitch OLB as Jets already have Jenkins and Maudin (oft-inj) for that role. If you think he will produce 8-10 sacks without ped use then it is cool. For now, I don't like this signing. Flowers in 3rd may be marked as questionable because Bowles wants pass first offense and it has no business with FB or H-back type. I understand him being a checkdown receiver or part of creative red zone action will help Mayfield keep offense alive but I don't see that as sufficient plan for Jets. Count on him as a bruising back then should give Jordan Chunn a look for late round pick. Since you cut Skrine and did not address CB anywhere, his pick should be a legit CB. It is crazy to continue using the same secondary next season with Claiborne being still labeled as an injury prone player. I adore your confidence in that secondary but I don't get comfortable with that. Hill? He was banned for more than half of the season. How can he earn Jets' 5th round pick? The 5th year DL had offered not much prior this year. Thank you.
  14. Unpolished 1st Mock of the year

    Mayfield is just another Manziel? Ha. Not even close. Mayfield crushes Manziel as hell. Manziel ran more than necessary in order to save his face. Mayfield doesn't. Manziel acted he was a god because he saw the opportunity of gathering fast money. Mayfield doesn't. Mayfield is eccentric but he is no idiot like Manziel or Cam Newton. You can believe that. Talents, themselves, Manziel is nowhere near to Mayfield. Manziel threw football with blinders on and heavily counted on Mike Evans. Mayfield has vision skill and is able to spread all field. Run less. Stronger arm. and more. I understand you want a clean nose quarterback but nice guy doesn't always win. BtW, stop with won't touch a prospect until 3rd round or so nonsense. If you don't want him then it is fine.
  15. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Now, how about another Josh Allen? I remember Jets had put some serious thought of taking Leonard Floyd few years ago. He could be one of top targets once he comes out? No?