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  1. Solo and Episode 2 are my worst movies. My most favorite movies in order 1. Rogue One 2. Episode 4 3. Episode 7 4. Episode 5 5. Any but Episode 1 depending on mood.
  2. Which teams are we struggling to find GM for? List them so I may follow the mentioned teams' season and newcraps for next mock.
  3. Wait a minute... Will there be other Fantastic Four? Oh boy.
  4. You work in Senior Citizen garden?
  5. When I was on the break I looked up 2022 prospects. It looks like LB and QB may be strongest classes in 2022. Good Luck, Mosley. QB class may be bolstering the trading down opportunity from either 1st round picks Jets own.
  6. Who cares about Big Q since he was Mac's guy. lol. He is said to be ready for TC so I don't worry about it. Besides, JFM and Rankins are plenty.
  7. Zero interest in your opinion.😚 Wilson has played offense that Jets will run. Unless Mike LaFleur is incompetent I don't see why we should worry about him handling NFL. Big Ben Flacco Wentz pre injury Josh Allen (3 year progression) Tony Romo (3 year student)
  8. Scarlett? It is too late. She is 40 years old now, no?
  9. Happy Star Wars Day in advance. ✌️
  10. YEah... hard to get 2nd look/review those days.
  11. Both possess 34 inch in arm length but Nasir is longer.
  12. Nelson situation is a financial issue. I hear that he is very mind of money so Steelers don't want to deal with it in near future. Whatever.
  13. My God... Jets picks are awful... You are completely clueless about Jets.😇 Anyways, if there are a belief that 2022 OT class will be that strong then I may be okay with Jets taking OT that high. However, DE Drake Jackson should be better pick there. As for 2nd pick, I don't know if Jets will actually go after LB in 1st. Jets just drafted two S to develop into LB for Saleh so if they need extra time to develop Jets could opt for FA as a band aid.
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