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  1. Malone and Adams played in first week and will be this Sunday so that reaches two times up and down via PS. If they will be off the game roster after this Sunday, they will have to go thru the waiver. That is what's my understanding.
  2. Tanny was not that bad under Gase but Gase doesn't feature the run game to spread out the defense for Tanny. Tanny looked much better because he had NFL's hottest RB. Tanny himself could not carry the team alone anywhere. No matter what Gase said about Bell and Gore, he simply couldn't utilize run game right. Period.
  3. Many football mind guys know **** but most of them can't flat out coach the whole team right.
  4. Last year's free agency, Robby probably lead the WR club with 10m non franchise tag salary. Nothing JD could do with upgrading WR immediately for Darnold. JD could draft 2 or 3 WRs in first 4 rounds but they could end up on IR as how Jets have gone with WR depth. Few guys in FF pointed that Darnold looked good without under pressure and looked terrible under pressure so Jets upgraded OL first as Darnold could carry the team without marquee or proven WR. After one game, never mind. Chris said there is no playoff mandate. You believe in JD's vision to rebuild the team. Blah Blah Blah!!! No WR means Jets should quit NFL and join XFL. Blah Blah Blah!!!! Life of Jets' world is as unstable as Uganda.
  5. Responsibility for Covid-19?
  6. Jimmy G needs to be out so there is a real match up game. Sorry, I will stop.
  7. Jordan Palmer was mentioned as a qb guru. Today's meaning for guru is watered down.
  8. It is sad that Jets still need someone to wipe their butts.
  9. Now, I am curious. damn you.
  10. the translation for his comment is that Jets don't have someone to match those guys. Mims is on IR. Down to Green.
  11. 49ers can do both zone and man. 49ers have plan to feature more man to man coverage this year. And now Sherman being on IR, there we go. 49ers also can do wide 9 which that means Becton and Fant will be tested for wide split opportunity if that happens.
  12. 100 WR change thru Gase' Jets career doesn't help as well.
  13. Cowboys made zero offer for Jamal Adams last off season and during the last draft. Cowboys were thrilled to see Lamb fallen to them. Jets got more value return from Seahawks than Cowboys' deadline offer so we won't rule it a mistake for now.
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