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  1. ah bubble. He should stand solid since he graduated from William & Mary.
  2. Good luck to pry him from his beloved university.
  3. True that JD didn't officially draft anyone in Philly because Howie has been GM that made all official announcements. I still recognize JD as a drafter because he had set up the draftboard alone and there were no disruption between Howie and JD during drafts at all.
  4. I don't know if you tracked JD well or it is an accident. In 2018, there were screaming for WR help but JD drafted TE Dallas Goedert in 2nd round with WR James Washington and DJ Chalk being available.
  5. It doesn't matter what others think. Anything can happen to certain prospects. If Smith fell onto our Seahawks pick then we were lucky enough to have him like Cowboys with Lamb. That is an excitement.
  6. Don't remember you remove him.
  7. If we believe Saleh as CEO type HC then there shouldn't matter what happen to OC/DC's future.
  8. I already put up on my house and will erect everything on the lawn later.
  9. 👎 JD failed to collect talents that fit Pederson's philosophy in Philly. 3 drafts and 3 free agencies led to what we currently witness. Huge Incompatible.
  10. I noticed that few houses already dressed up for Christmas. Should I follow the tread or can I wait until the Thanksgiving weekend? I don't want to be a leftfielder here.
  11. Romeo Crennel may continue coaching Texans next season? I guess Texans won't be in rebuilding mode or whatever. If so, there would be one fewer landing spot for HC candidates.
  12. I don't believe it. System is still there. There is something wrong with Darnold. As for Flacco, I still think he can perform well against weak defense but not much against stiff defense.
  13. Roman liked Tyrod Taylor the most.
  14. Jets apparently not in for him.
  15. Sad thing that if Joe Flacco finished this season outperforming Darnold. Darnold's value is shot.
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