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  1. Around the League 2020

    Mahomes is guaranteed to get $$$ so it is a matter of when he receives real money now or later but salary cap is fluid. Chiefs use heavy roster bonus for future in case if they need to restructure the team cap. In that way, Mahomes gets new larger money as soon as the contract restructure is done and Chiefs' salary cap won't be out of control. It won't matter to Jamal Adams' situation because Joe Douglas doesn't want to give any more new money to him right away.
  2. Around the League 2020

    Now with Mahomes being UNO in performance and contract, Adams being compared to Tom Brady is almost true. lol.
  3. Around the League 2020

    oof! Maybe 50 pages to cover those mechanisms. lol.
  4. Training Camp Thread

    Are we going to add Connor Hughes to our blacklist? He doesn't think Connor McGovern is good enough to anchor at OL for many years coming.
  5. Around the League 2020

    450m over 10 years start in 2022. Yowza!
  6. Around the League 2020

    perhaps after George Kittle, Chris Jones and a several players get theirs.
  7. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    For those people who don't wear facial covering you should stop buying toilet papers and use poison ivy instead. So what if it gives you a rash because it doesn't kill you. Make sense, right?
  8. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    MLB's 60 games in 66 days plus more players with good WAR opt out, World Series should be asterisked.
  9. Training Camp Thread

    When he was signed with Jets last year, Jets used him for OL assignment. That is what GGN site said.
  10. Supplemental Draft

    AH... there is no supplemental draft this time. Move on.
  11. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    I don't think it is a good move. If the season is wiped out, everything in salary cap will postpone to next season meaning NFL teams already have cap issue right now will be in unchanged situation. No playing for 2 years isn't an ideal strategy for players. Losing the season may make players edgy because they won't see new and fatter contract until maybe 3 years later. Factor age in that situation. It is really sticky situation for both players and teams. Still, I won't rule this tactic out because they try something new to see if they get gold or not.
  12. Supplemental Draft

    no. supplemental draft value is the same as regular draft value. Although I don't expect any team will use a 1st round selection on eligible prospect, I am pretty sure 5th year option will be included. I could not find a concrete information relating to 1st round and its 5th year option but when you look at merits to be qualified for NFL's supplemental draft you may not want to fixate on 5 year service from a said prospect. I believe Rob Moore was last supplemental prospect that actually graduated from college which is in 1990. Edit: Dave Brown the qb was last supplemental prospect(1st round bid) who was graduated from university(Duke). Selected by Giants in 1992.
  13. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    You probably already did it but we could cross Chiefs out as a potential trading partner for JA. Chris Jones wants the same as JA.
  14. Supplemental Draft

    Yeah I like that but CBA's salary cap is rigid.
  15. Training Camp Thread

    Yeah... avoid behind the scrimmage embarrassment.