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  1. But do you still mean a dirty thing, right?
  2. I tried to find the "promise" information that was actually mentioned in January. I could not. It remains he said, other said crap.
  3. Not talking with Adams may rile him up in no time. Dunno. Adams had been talking too much since end of the last season. He said that JD promised him new contract back in January. Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, June, and finally in July, he was traded to Seahawks. In very same month, JD said he didn't promise him anything. During about a half of year, JD didn't bother to clear up about contractual extension to media or Adams. What is up with that?
  4. As GM, I would ACTUALLY talk with Adams.
  5. For those "professional" talkers that suggested T Law should return to school if Jets ended up owning #1 pick, you stop talking and eat ****.
  6. Bill Mathis has passed. I don't know who was he but it is for a several senior citizen fans.
  7. GM topic.. I have always overlook George Paton because he always turned down every interview anywhere. However, Paton was interviewed with Browns and withdrew his name from the consideration because one member of FO wanted different GM. Just one? damn. Anyway, Jets reached Paton for an opportunity to be Mike Maccagnan's replacement but received rejection from him because he didn't believe in BOTH Adam Gase and Sam Darnold. I am not sure if Paton was about to leave Vikings but could not find a decent situation for him to live in or he just picked reasons why he rejected opportunities so he wasn't portrayed as a sitting duck.
  8. Generally I agree but it is Joe Douglas' show.
  9. The Adams trade is arguable. Good: Jets got 2 first round picks for Joe Douglas' rebuilding plan. Bad: Adams was the first rookie that offered consistency for Jets as a former 1st round pick in last whatever number you pick years.
  10. Simple... he doesn't belong to Joe Douglas's club. JD focuses on rebuilding the team by having a bunch of good picks so if trading Q will net Jets a several good picks then go for it.
  11. Not sure about Kingsbury but Jets had other options beside Kingsbury. After the interview with Jets, he went to Arizona and got the job immediately. I don't rule out him strategizing the qb situation, though. McCarthy dropped Jets because of coaching option. Rhule walked away when Maccagnan asked Monken to be his OC. Whatever.
  12. Because he crashed last off season he will need to hit spots on double. That means he will make bad mistakes like his predecessors. He claimed that he had plan for Jets so he should stay with it no matter what fans and media said. Light signings? So be it.. Spread the roster positions with draft? So be it. Let's hope he hits spots as 3x as he misses. Whatever it happens.
  13. I call that internet bullying. lol.
  14. Mims should be active this week. ****ed if not.
  15. We just lost 7th round pick of this year due to the Willis trade. Jets sent Jordan Willis and upcoming 7th round pick to 49ers for 2022's 6th round pick.
  16. Becton and Darnold practiced lightly today.
  17. Jordan Willis gone to 49ers. Whatever.
  18. I was late on it... Avery Williamson could be moved.
  19. Jabari Zungia has to be active this weekend or he will automatically be out of season. Ouch!
  20. Ashtyn Davis already had surgery for his groin issue. Dunno if he suffers the same groin issue today. Still chronic groin issue is troublesome.
  21. Bills released Quinton Spain. Alex Lewis has played with injuries so Spain's experience may be helpful to McGovern and Becton as well as Darnold.
  22. I change my top list for 2021 HC. #1 Pete Carmichael Jr. #2 Eric Bieniemy. #3 Todd Monken. #4 Arthur Smith #5 Shane Waldron with Charlie Weis as special advisor. I expect Brian Daboll to be a Texans' HC. I get feeling that Texans want to keep Parcells/Belichick system and they are loaded in defensive coaching side.
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