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  1. Ben sprays all the field well. 3 WRs with over 500 receiving yards now. Also, Steelers may focus on other WRs more than JuJu because Steelers have no plan to keep him after this season. Claypool and Johnson are young in terms of contract. Still not sure about JuJu as number one WR many fans have been screaming for but he should solidify Jets' WR corp, nevertheless.
  2. You being retired makes sense by posting only player picture in the entire re signing section. lol.
  3. NFL HC vacancies (current and potential) with guesswork for replacement. Texans- Brian Daboll Lions- Robert Saleh Jets- Mike LaFleur Eagles- Don Martindale Chargers- Arthur Smith. Jaguars- Eric Bieniemy Bears- Jim Harbaugh.
  4. JD probably won't give him a look during first wave of FA but for 2nd or 3rd wave, he may. It is pointless if JD continues not paying someone for double digit a season.
  5. I get good feeling that Mac Jones may 2nd qb coming off the board. Also, I think there will be no longer Fields vs Lawrence debate but Jones, Wilson and Fields shall compete to be next qb off the board after Lawrence.
  6. They think they can win 5 games and get out of rock bottom in no time. Thus, they play real real real hard.
  7. He is at 5 sacks now with 5 games left. Crossing your damn fingers.
  8. I just found out that Mike McDaniels had not drunk alcoholic beverage since 2016. Falcons company and Kyle Shanahan helped him through the hard first stage of recovery. Because of that, I don't think it is good idea for McDaniels to work with either Jets or Giants. One struggle in NY/NJ and he may relapse and wreck everything inside and outside. Too dangerous for him really.
  9. Problem is he was 1st round pick. Will he stay for 10 years and be consistently productive?
  10. Okay... Starting Flacco and keeping playing him until he scores a TD before standing on the sideline for the rest of game. Deal? lol.
  11. Having JuJu will raise the level of Jets' WR corp by converting downs to 1st frequently. Plus, his height and experience will be helpful in the red zone situations. His potential back to back non 900 receiving yards seasons may make him cheaper to reinvest in.
  12. Crowder will enter the final year on contract next season. Perriman with "2nd half player" signature. Two Smiths are lightly developing. Berrios is ST first player. That leaves Mims as a guaranteed starter for 2021. Without FA results, we should go for 2 or 3 WRs in the draft. One of them has to be a top 50 grade.
  13. Last night, Darnold received good news. Wentz' popular INT is hilarious.
  14. Team decision? Does it mean Jets players voted on something?
  15. Don't bother because a hearse will roll over.
  16. Yeah... Darnold's last TD was end of last September. Flacco scored 5 tds in 2 games. Very much I prefer Jets to score TD every game.
  17. Gase doesn't bother to consider the qb change. He surely knows how to make his team one of dullest teams in all sports.
  18. Generally, it is a logical plan for someone who has set for 3 year plan. Unfortunately, Jets' offense requires the hyperspace to reach at least standard of NFL offense. Because of that, JD should upgrade the offense with a bunch of higher graded prospects. That is one of thousand suggestions to fix Jets' problem. lol. Anyway, I do believe that JD's non 1st round draftees need to successfully bolster both starting and backup qualities whomever they are. If failed, hit blue songs.
  19. https://www.radio.com/wfan/sports/jets/carton-banned-jets-reporter-stalked-gm-joe-douglas-son WTF?
  20. Jaguars and their company are idiots for not beating Browns. If Jaguars beat Browns, Jets would be almost safe from losing #1 and because of that, Jets could fire Gase tonight. Media bs is direly annoying.
  21. I feel like Titans can go the distance this winter. That means hiring Arthur Smith may be difficult to be done for Jets.
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