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  1. 4 hours ago, xrade said:

    On a team like Pitt with Ben, 900 yards is not that good. What would he do on this team next year?  If he would be willing to sign a contract based on his production and not his potential, I am good with that. I still think we could do better in FA. 

    Ben sprays all the field well.   3 WRs with over 500 receiving yards now.  Also, Steelers may focus on other WRs more than JuJu because Steelers have no plan to keep him after this season. Claypool and Johnson are young in terms of contract.

    Still not sure about JuJu as number one WR many fans have been screaming for but he should solidify Jets' WR corp, nevertheless.

  2. NFL HC vacancies (current and potential) with guesswork for replacement.

    Texans- Brian Daboll

    Lions- Robert Saleh

    Jets- Mike LaFleur

    Eagles- Don Martindale

    Chargers- Arthur Smith.

    Jaguars- Eric Bieniemy

    Bears- Jim Harbaugh.

  3. 21 minutes ago, KingOfNewYork said:

    Does JuJu leave Pittsburgh for the Jets? 

    We're going to have to really overpay and 1. I cant see JD doing that and 2. That's not a recipe for winning football in terms of team building. 

    JD probably won't give him a look during first wave of FA but for 2nd or 3rd wave, he may. It is pointless if JD continues not paying someone for double digit a season.

  4. I get good feeling that Mac Jones may 2nd qb coming off the board.   Also, I think there will be no longer Fields vs Lawrence debate but Jones, Wilson and Fields shall compete to be next qb off the board after Lawrence. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, rickyt31 said:

    lol I will fly to New York and drop kick CJ if they wait until the final two games to fire Gase like they care. 

    The damage is done and we waited too long to act like we care to save the season. Ride it out and continue to take the bashing and pray it doesn't bother Lawrence. Then hire a coach that can clean this up. 



    They think they can win 5 games and get out of rock bottom in no time. Thus, they play real real real hard.

  6. I just found out that Mike McDaniels had not drunk alcoholic beverage since 2016.  Falcons company and Kyle Shanahan helped him through the hard first stage of recovery.  Because of that, I don't think it is good idea for McDaniels to work with either Jets or Giants.  One struggle in NY/NJ and he may relapse and wreck everything inside and outside.  Too dangerous for him really.


  7. 19 minutes ago, xrade said:

    Perriman would make a good 4th option. His injury history suggests he can’t be relied on as a starter. I am souring on JuJu. He was great with AB in Pitt, but now he is really just average. He would not raise the level of this WR corp as much as we would hope. I really thin JD will look at FA WR’s in the $10M - $13M range and draft a WR on day one or two. 
    1. Mims 2. Crowder 3. FA 4. Perriman 5. Rookie

    Dont get me wrong, I would love Robinson and Golladay and any other top tier WR at a reasonable cost (no Thomas via trade type thing) but I do not see JD doing that just yet. Call it a gut feeling since none of us can draw conclusions on his FA strategies after one offseason. 

    Having JuJu will raise the level of Jets' WR corp by converting downs to 1st frequently.  Plus, his height and experience will be helpful in the red zone situations.

    His potential back to back non 900 receiving yards seasons may make him cheaper to reinvest in.

  8. Crowder will enter the final year on contract next season.  Perriman with "2nd half player" signature.   Two Smiths are lightly developing. Berrios is ST first player.


    That leaves Mims as a guaranteed starter for 2021.  Without FA results, we should go for 2 or 3 WRs in the draft. One of them has to be a top 50 grade.

  9. 50 minutes ago, KingOfNewYork said:

    This end all be all stuff is insane. We don’t NEED to spend every valuable draft pick on offense. With our first 6 picks when can draft an EDGE in there if the value is right. 

    We need to score more points but as a defense we also need to get off the field on 3rd downs and while the defense has played somewhat better recently this same thing happened last year and then we started the year giving up 30 a clip. 

    Generally, it is a logical plan for someone who has set for 3 year plan. Unfortunately, Jets' offense requires the hyperspace to reach at least standard of NFL offense. Because of that, JD should upgrade the offense with a bunch of higher graded prospects.


    That is one of thousand suggestions to fix Jets' problem. lol.  Anyway, I do believe that JD's non 1st round draftees need to successfully bolster both starting and backup qualities whomever they are.  If failed,  hit blue songs.

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